The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 2, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1939
Page 5
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'LIVE ALONE' AUTHOR WEDS THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1939. Dark - Haired Marjorie Hillis Marries Chain Store Operator. VALLEY FORGE, Pa., Aug. 2 ( tf , Dark-haired Majorie Hillis, who liked living alone so much she wrot a book about it, got married Tues day. Not only that, but she 1. Enthusiastically proclaimed "There's nothing to beat old , fashioned love." 2. Anounced she'd "like to raise a family." The 49-year old New Yorker famed as author ot "Live Alone am Like It," capitulated to romance in a marriage to Thomas Henry Roulston, 65, Brooklyn chain store operator, while his 30-year-old son acted as best man and his two grandchildren watched the cere mouy in the home of the bride's sister here. They'll in the Normandie from New York tomorrow night for an European honeymoon. "I'm all excited," confessed the bride—whose friends kept remind ing her she once wrote that it was better to read in a bathtub than wait around for a swain's telephone call. What did she have to say for herself, falling- in love like this after all that about the advantages of being a bachelor ghi? "I've taken so much kidding I'm used to it. 'I will be a housewife—the old- fashioned kind. Why, I have already dropped all my syncidate writing. I'd like to raise a family." It was an old-fashioned ceremony all the way. There was something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue; and all that sort of thing. The Rev. Henry Woll ^ quietly coached the principals in their roles before the ceremony. Old shoes and rice showered around the retreating newlyweds. Jack Dempsey began his boxing career in 1914 and was then known as "Kid Blackie." Removal Sale Now Going On at ZACKS' The House of Blue White Diamonds «<J W. Washington St. FIVE PHOTO MEMO Swing For Strong Leg Muscles BY LYDIA GRAY SHAW. THE PROBLEM: This youngster can't walk yet, but he has. learned to stand up, with one hand for support on the top of his pen. Trouble is he's so fascinated by this new-found.ability to put all his weight on his feet, that he. stands and stands all day long. By the end of the day he's exhausted. What's more, the doctor says standing for such long stretches may weaken his bones and make him bow-legged. THE ANSWER: So his Tnother decided that here was an individual problem that needed an individual -cure. In her baby's case, this canvas swing did the trick. Sonny can exercise his leg muscles enough swinging his feet back and forth. Later on, his mother will tie toys to the swing, so he'll have playthings handy. If they drop, there's no damage done. He can learn to haul them up at the end of a string. jiven Long Terms In Robbery Case Leavcnworlh. Kas., Aug. 2 (/p).— ohn Thornburg, 26. pleaded guilty Tuesday to the $4,860 "human dyna- nite bomb" robbery of the First National Bank of Chanute, Kas., ast March 27 and was sentenced to 5 years in a Federal prison. Judge Richard J. Hopkins im- osecl the long sentence after Z. J. andlandingbam, FBI agent, told f Thornburg"s high living on the oot. Thornburg spent most of the nouey on girls, motor cars, a boat, trip to the New York World's air, and a tour oC the South, the gent said. One of the girls robbed im of nearly $400. He had otily 2.84 left when arrested hist Friday. SEARS OFFER A NEW SERVICE! & trr*&r. — Now Daily FAST TRUCKS bring your Catalog Order* to our Retail Store where you may pick them up and Enjoy EXTRA SAVINGS up to HALF on all SHIPPING CHARGES thru pur Group Shipment Plan Choose from over 50,000 Itemr at our convenient CATALOG ORDER DESK Competent Salespeople will write your order, help make selections, and take measurements. • See Our LATEST CATALOG • Examine ACTUAL SAMPLES in our Complete Sample Books • Refer to 30 Special Catalogs featuring — Cameras, Awnings, Lighting Fixtures, Pianos and many others. See them ! PHONE YOUR ORDERS when more convenient — just CALL 2825 ! Pick up package at our store. In The Same Boat FORMER ENVOY DIES,^4GED 75 Sir Esme Howard, British Ambassador To U. S., Expires At Home. LONDON, Aug. 2.— Lord Howard o£ Penrith. former British Ambassador to the United States, died last night at the age of 75. As Esme William Howard, the veteran diplomat served as Britain's representative in Washington from 1924 to 19GO. Sir Esme Howard, during a long and notable career in the British diplomatic service, had represented his county in various capacities in many of the capitals oi" Europe and twice was assigned to the British embassy at Washton, first as councillor of the embassy and in 1324 as ambassador, succeeding Sir Auckland Gedcles. Having prepared for the diplomatic service in early manhood, he took pride in characterizing himself as an "old diplomatist" as contrasted with those who had distinguished themselves in public rather. than diplomatic life. Hence, his appointment as ambassador at Washington was regarded as a distinct success for the regular service which had beea anxious to place that post again in the hands of a trained diplomat. Sir Esme, born at Greystone Castle, Cumberland, September 15, 1SG3, came from one of the oldest and most distinguished families of England. He was the youngest son of Henry Howard. A. Howard, although a Roman Catholic, played a prominent part in the defeat of the Spanish Armada. The Greystoke Howards eventually turned Protestant, but Sir Esme returned to the faith of his ancestors before his marriage in 1S98 to Lady Isabella, daughter of Prince G-iustiniani-Bandini, whom he met when he became attached to the British embassy at Rome in 1S86. -They had five sons. Postmaster General James A. Farley (left), chairman of the Democratic national committee is shown with John -D. Hamilton, chairman of the Republican national committee, as they found themselves fellow passengers aboard the liner Manhattan sailing from New York for Europe. WOMAN TO COMPETE IN SHOOTING MATCH San Antonio, Tex.. Aug. 2 (/P). —Icily calm, Mrs. L. P. Bartlett, a middle-aged dress shop saleslady who can shoot a rifle alongside any man, next month takes her old rifle, lucky rabbit's foot and Texas Longhorn shooting jacket to Camp Perry, Ohio, for a shot at the national championship. The frail Southwestern region, al champion outshot men from seven states at Fort Worth last Sunday. "Usually I" can 'feel' a good score coming up," she grinned. "ThaVs'how I felt at Fort Worth in the regional. I just kntfw I was going to win it." Holder of three world's records and ranked second high over all in the national postings —that means she is rated the second best rifle shot in the country—Mrs. Martlett started shooting seven years ago. PERMANENT AGENCY WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 (/P).-~The Senate Tuesday voted to make the Civilian Conservation Corps a permanent agency of the government. The House recently passed legislation to extend the life of the corps for five years. The differences may he ironed out in a conference. SEARS.RQEBUCK AND CO. Phone 2S25 Hagerstown, Md. PROVED PERFORMANCE Kelvinator WATER COOLERS Bohman-Warne, Inc. Phone 85—35 West Franklin St. Charges Assault Alice Kuowles. (above 1 ) Calgary. Alta., nurse, charges Mrs. Ethel Allen, physician's wife, and her daughter, Betty Allen, tarred and feathered her. A hearing was to be held on the charges in Calgary. New World Record Is Set By Plane DAYTON, Ohio, Aug. 2 (£>).—The TJ. S- Army Air Corps announced last night its second world record in three clays as aviation leaders turned toward this home of the Wright brothers for today's 30th anniversary of Army flying. A "flying fortress" today carried 5 7 000 kilograms (11,023 pounds) a distance of 1,000 kilometers (625 miles) at a speed of 259.39S miles an hour. It streaked from Wright Field to St. Jacobs, 111., and back at 20.000-foot altitude. An Italian plane held the previous mark of 251.878 miles per hour. Even as the vanguard of visitors arrived from New York and Washington, the Air Corps supplied a "preview" thrill by sending its largest "flying fortress" — four-en- gined bomber—cross-country in 9 hours, 14 minutes and 30 seconds, or close to 250 miles an hour. TREATED AT HOSPITAL Roy Jenkins, six-year-old son of Mrs. Blanche Jenkins. Court avenue, was treated at the Washington County Hospital yesterday evening for a cut over the left eye. The average daily prison population in the United States totals 123.S57. FDR Names Administrative Assistants v* J? 4 President Roosevelt, naming the first three of the administrative assistants authorized under the government reorganization act, chose those men: (left to right) James H. Rowe, Jr., of Montana: William H. McReynolds, of Michigan, and Laughlin Carrie, of Maryland. They are expected to relieve the President of keeping in personal touch with officials and activities of many government agencies. New Slim Waisted Basque Frock To Make for Immediate Wear should not be thinking in terms of love. You have many years ahead of you in which to have this particular friendship ripen into love if that is its destined course. BETTY BRAINERD. 2649 SIZES 12-20 Style No. 26,9 is designed lor sizes 12, .14, 16,"IS and 20 years. Send FIFTEEN CENTS (loc)" for this PATTERN. SUMMER FASHION MAGAZINE 10 cents extra. All orders for the Daily Mail Peerless fashions should be addressed Fashion Dept, Hagerstown. Daily Mail, 121 West Nineteenth, Street, New York City. Send en name and real ;.ame in every letter. All communications are confidential. Betty Brainerd, 6SO Madison Ave., New York City. Fifteen major parcels of land have been acquired by the United States since the Revolution, the largest being the Louisiana Purchase. By burning 25% sfowef than th« average of the IS other of the largest-selling brands tested~ slower than any of them—CAMELS give smokers the equivalent of WE WOMEN * By BETTY BRAINERD In-Law Interference CHARLTON LETTER 18S Pieces of Mahogany Reproductions oniiMlnjr of UnlroofW. T.lvlnc Room anil l>minc Room rife** ON mSPT.AY SHOCKEY FURNITURE CO. Schindel, Rohrer & Co. Headquarter* For Sherwin - Williams PAINT 28-30 S. Potomac St. Phone 705 The Ladies Aid Society of the Lutheran church held their annual picnic July 26 at Fort Frederick. The Ladies Aid of the "Reformed church held their picnic July 27 at City Park. Hagerstown. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jacobs, Mrs. L. M. Stotler and Miss Sarah Basore visited Mrs. Leslie Burkett. Mrs. Guy Mongau and son, Howard, of Sparrows Point, spent Sunday here. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Kriuer. of Ashton, visited Mr. and Mrs. Km- mett Kriuer. Miss Helen Shupp visited her sister, Mrs. Clyde W. Aukeuey. Miss Geraldiue Buchanan visited her aunt, Mrs. Richard Boppe. Miss Nellie Ankeney visited her .Grandmother. Mrs. Howard Ankeney. Mr. and Mrs. William Stouer and children, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Farrow and children, Imogene and Junior, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Hege. • Mrs. Calvin Myers, who had been ill, shows improvement. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Myers attended the Forsythe reunion at Blair's Valley oa Sunday, "Dear Betty Brainerd: "I am a youug man of 27 and have been married six years. 1 have a wonderful wife who is 24, and a five-year-old child. There is a situation existing in my home which you may be able to remedy, "My -wife's mother and father are residing with us and they dominate the household as if it were their own. 1 really do not mind this but I do mind yieir telling my wife how to run her life and mine. We were getting along nne until my in-laws moved in. Granted that they may be right in what they say,l believe I cau manage my own household property. "My in-laws got a job for my wife and I do not approve of this, as I feel that my wife should be at home with my baby and see that he is. well fed and clean. Here is another angle: I am dependent on my in-laws for my living, "if I should move out of my home and leave relation in order to earn your livelihood. I have the utmost sympathy for you and my first suggestion would i be for you to get yourself a job independent of your lather-in-law. 1 know that jobs do not grow on trees but I would make an earnest effort for the sake of my wife and child to secure an independent position. If you yourself had money enough, you could suggest to your in-laws that they move elsewhere and you would pay their rent for a short time until they got organized. I am aware of the fact that you say they have plenty of money danger to your and her future happiness. Your wife's parents would listen to her favorably and if you know a concrete, unkind thing your in-laws have said about you, I suggest that you tell it to your wife if you have not already done so. Tell her how much you love her and how loath you are to bring up anything unpleasant about her parents but the situation is making you so unhappy that you cannot keep it to yourself any longer. Talk to her when there is no chance of your in-laws interrupting and please be as gentle and kind as you would want your wife to bo, under similar circumstances. you both. "EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS-yet so J— i inexpensive to smoke. Recent im- Your appeal to her love will help ; partial laboratory tests of 16 of the largest-selling brands show: 1 CAMELS were found to contain MORE TOBACCO BY WEIGHT : than the averag<for the 15 other of ! the largest-selling brands. BETTY BRAINERD. Dear "Shorty": You are very fond of 7.. fact that you regard him The as a friend one minute and then think that you love him gives me the impression that your friendship may ripen into real and abiding but this would be a tactful way of! love. Just because, he loves you ridding yourself of them. When once you get a job not entangled with your in-laws, you also will be in a position to have your wife stay at home and take care of your child. It is just such sad experiences as yours which prompted the old saw: "No house is big; As vonm don't try to make yourself love him. It should not make you unhappy that you like him as a friend—it, should make you very glad. Love, my dear girl, is based on friendship, companionship and admiration and esneciallv my in-laws, they will cut off my enough for two fami , ies/ means of supporting my family. TTere is another suggestion: You This would force m e to leave uiy| say that yonr wife is wondcrfn , wtle and chid for them to sup- Then if you havc nflt donc go ^ port, and this is what they really cusg yom . siuiation as tK . as want to happen. possible with her. Tell her' ex"My in-laws call m* 'son' but| actly how you fecl and ask , behind my back they call me other | what she su _ ests to avoid th names which are very unkind, to put it mildly. My mother-in-law and father-in-law hnvo, money enough to move into another apartment but they are too cheap to do this. What shall I do? "Philip." respect. vou both are. m PU*^MON.TUES.^WED. w W.J.E.J. 6:I5PJ* 2 CAMELS BURNED SLOWER THAN ANY OTHER. BRAND i TESTED-25 % SLOWER THAN i THE AVERAGE TIME OF THE 15 ; OTHER OF THE LARGEST-SELL: ING BRANDS! By burning 25 % slower, on the average, Camels give smokers the equivalent of 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! 3 In the same tests, CAMELS HELD THEIR ASH FAR LONGER than the average time for all the other brands. For cooler, milder smoking.., and more of it per pack... smoke America's favorite—long-burning Camels, Dear "Philip": Apparently you work for your i father-in-law or he at least con-' rrols your job. Therefore you are in a very tough spot. Your present arrangement is just as binding as a business arrangement—you may be working for a man whom you dislike, and who dislikes you,, and ; you might also disapprove "of his; ; business ability, yet you would have i j to grin and endure your business; Do n't Miss Our AUGUST FURNITURE SALE! We're inviting you to avail yourself of these values in furniture or enduringly fine quality—designed in decorator approved styles— priced for your immediate thrift and long enjoyment! MEYERS & BERKSON 41-43 West Franklin St. — Opp. Post Office i.

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