Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 6, 1930 · Page 6
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1930
Page 6
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DECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 6, 1930.' DECATUR HERALD H E R A L D ' S P A G E OF I N T E R P R E T A T I O N A N D O P I N I O N E d i t o n a i s 1 One t the (iitftlnt but puslitent notions thnt outsldois huvn uhoill a newspaper office IB, that Hcliwors play it larpo pttit In the scheme of operu- tlonn, ovoikM-.klnj,' entirely the inoio spuetty anil practical methnd of cutting paper Kith a mctnl ruler. Whtn the IranscontlnenUtl poason^er crashed Into th« sllu cf a mountain we that wo wtiiild conm nt lo KO up In tho future ut in a dlrlKlble, and now wo hn-vo tindly but (Inn ictjiitvid to remain pi-rtiuim-ntlj on tin WHY CALL IT INSURANCE? 1 o old line insurance men, M well n to holder* of old line mnirnncc com[)any policies it hai nlwnys seemed am«i- ing tluit the itats slioulcl (five ncogmtion to beneht If a Ktoi'!' of pttsons with lo club together, with llic under'ianding that each will pay m a dollar when a member of lh. f[ou| cliet, tltc tolitl lo go to lite family of ihc deecn*ctl, lhit should he their |invili({(, but v,liy ilus should hi c,illid itnuc.tuce and why jucli clubs should come under the jurisdiction of the department of Trade and Commmce is nol eWy tinflmtood By the d t p t r t m c n t of Commerces ri*Mi admission. ~ j reported in I he ( It-raid Siunliy h a l t tlic mutual nisociiiiioni ftrc insolvent If ihn n Ituc it is *Kort of shameful th.vl the sUlc should he loaning its prestige to thru- K,un!)l '" or un (|u est ion n lily an argument used lo hoolc llie poor nnft uninfonnctl. n thnt thcic nssocintion) opcrnle undtr *latc !w .md are sulijccl to state mi pee I ion. Pout 01 five yews af(o the law governmg *uch asso- cintion wru revised wiih ilic iden of doing away with aom? nf^the evil* and phcing tliesc eonccrni on a former footing It is a lonfr ,-\nd highly te*.!inieal ilatule winch few persons vcr h i v e read. Hut the tsseniial llnng ^as omitted, it tlid nit prfrtwlr (or n le(((il rc'me mlh which to meet death elanw The n«onnlioni remnmcd usenimlly wKal they wrre heftire An old ctimpldml sgiiii'l (hose a^ocintions i* that i!ie fall !nck on leehmculilici to nvoit! pavment of claims The um il exeue 11 thnt the injured failed lo pay an assess* m i n i when it wu ordrcd Old line insurance comp.imei m i k e it Hear thai ihey arc under no obligation to notify policy holdm when th- picnuum w due, but us n matter of f i d , tlirv u« every effort to prevent n pohcv holder from filling into 11 n f i r s nnrl moil of them are veiling to put in i c I uiic w h i c h provitlfi for ·uiLomnlii, renewal of the premium I f .in old hue p t h r y lanse', ihe policy holder ran fi t nit th o I'll t ilur Ttie holder of n muluat ben · lit (irtlicv ((''t* nothing if the (Ciinmtion iinpjien* to be in ll\i i InfuU iF uniciupulout u x n I he poluv is dcvcr It cW* not prwnw .1 guir- interd Mini i dr.ilh It 1iulfii |iirniiising benefit-, lo be ( d l l i t t t d 1 I v ar«innit Since nnt all of the ffroup i- hkdy in p,iv the .i^t^mciit, the nmoiint Ktili/cd usually n di^ppoiiitinc Tint tin m-.t)lv(tit H^ocntmu can Innt! MI and con- tinuf lo (In WIIM-M n expl.umd by tin; fact thai it hns not Ind i iinnv dntli tl.iitm In 'i,iv in a short period but tluit it e,\n ·.[iut!«l .ilotiy I In day of reckoning is hound 10 iftmc 'ooncr or l.ilrr I he «in|ib f id n that tlif scheme 11 itol icIiMnnlly loimd It i- not rcnl insurnnce, and ihosc who join tlie'c (i'iociitioni Mioutd o uiidcrshnd, I ' l f l n l l v H H K wen i O t n | i l l ( i t t l i i n we do nol IUICH tii,iiit l i i t m t l i i tiun dt itiliifi 11 tuema eu rjou i 1 I t i i i I'mitf ni ph. i tluit n j u i v took 03 hoiiii In dteld uln Ihei Uio t i n d i i l n f , rt«nt V,M of iiiliiK 'i iiulsinine in account v.i have ft tluil our mind uould 1 u iniide up nt (ti( \vlilff n utmilng d[ eouiMo thnt It wni (irn flr«l Hi i I n n i n g Jii"i IMI \ e n i a C L I O f"as Tiiuu Mtunltt n f e u l i ' ( l i t f i r m e r beit tn lo (to down wlili h foi nil we Ifno* in ly be cxnrt, but we h u \ h i n i,lmi to unilrrtitniul 1y wnie w hn have ilwit t li ) ( f j i Inn tltinn Hint It ici ms like 100 OUR RECORD IMPROVES by re dun UK I be number of its automobile (a- tilmci from ICt, m M'28, to l i in I'W. him wen « place on tlic M f i t y lionor roll of llie Ndlioruil Aiilomobilo Chamber of C oinmcr»e, with only *lfl rthcr cities of the counlry An ,itu IRC of one deilh ,i monlh by reason of automobile-. (-. KMVC enough, but n reduction of 25 per cent in the, nuttitci. fioin one v ir t» ihe netr give* encourage- imni lo belme tlwl lontelltmtt effective » being done about » (l i» uiurli Imrett r to It rn how nn net! tent hn* lccn ]rc- icnlwl, t b n n how^one hfl been cjiu^d t-or tin* reason, nobody nmv lie f t r t a i n just winch ol llic safety rneniurc! tecentlv tnntKitrUed here h u e roninbulctl most to ihe of life We know ilint traffic control liv outomalic ttai litn c\leiided to mnny ndditionnl inter^eclioni o( special ttanper; thnl truck drivers of the city have been enlnied in n safety i unp.nsn lliat ]m» sliown them highly considcrnlr of the lives of ttieir fellou eiti/eni. thnt sJiools have been protected by stop nnnt. and school children drilling in caution when crossing streets All of these innovation" nro rtHni, nnd some of ilwm may have been imtru- nicnlal in l'iiii((ni(! lJu nmiunl ncndent death low to a !o\;er figure Illinfn ,i » wliolc, it i discourntfirtf! to ohime is not tmoti([ the nine stalls that reduced ihe number of fatalities in the Mine frriewl It wnH jit'ii oiu lutlf on the firtlrth aiinlxersnrv o( rtn (inorltn nowintiiier that the onl). lenllv »\ nrlJintt pungent, « t t ( v nnl npt parnniTipli we ooulil think f( w i t miUnlilr onU to n centennial, Mid non ise w i l l tm\f in wiitl unothci CO jenrsi tvft re uo rnn vpilnt. It Tiie nicest sill 'n nur Mock mfiVtei It n point nen r to er iect liei mntln'i In putilli WANTED--MORE AND BIGGER JAILS Senior circuit indues of (ho United Slntts, debating «bal lo (Jo lc i n n i f l y ihe congestion of thrir cnleudar*, have airneJ nt the rxopotn) thai five additional district courts should [if el u) The «iggestion u understandable, and by plncmtt the number of new jucla^ flitted for at only fivf, H n mridfit In the exlrome It i not long since n of federal court calendars revealed tbnt 25.000 of inohibitioii violation had been long delayed, willing trial j. IE nil of this woifi, -wVucVi trie present federal court! hnve not yet been able ^perform, i divided equnllv timong tho five new one-t, cnt(i now judge will be nb!c lo open ibop wild a docket of 5,000 L C*M^ ready-made, to go to md Jii- patch, the new courts would be a long lime cleaning up thit business, even if new cases ot the same sort did not continue lo roll in at the same rate Unfortunately, the senior judgti appear to have overlooked one imiwrlant detail when they recommended thu plan for clearing llie docket! Assuming that the new courts are established, and begin grinding out their verdict) with all seemly speed in an effort to catcli up, w|jat it to b^ done with the new streams of bootleggers that are icn- tenced 5 Every prison in the country it now shamefully over-crowded. The Government institutions at Leavenworlh and Atlanta are being compelled lo house twice as many convicls as they were built for Fatal riots and other disorders are continually breaking out, as n consequence of* intolerable conditions What we need, before any new courts, would wem to be some new jails. Ihe logical procedure woutdibe, to construct five new federal pemtenliancs of enormous capacity first, and only when these arc completed, create the new courts nnd let them go lo work filling tip the new prisons. Jail building has not nearly kept pace with the oul-put of the present court*, and one new jail for each new court established should be a minimum requirement of decency. Of the 7000000 miles of impioved hlghwavo in Hie worltl tho United States has more than aooOQ.00 but the old law ot compensation IB iorh- IIIR In c v n \ t h i n e and probably w o have moro of tins fool drivers too WVienevei we hit tho little ball on the top these iind It Jumpi only 10 jardi or so we always niy to ouracJf 'Goodness, on the miniature that drive would hnve beun cluu o\er the green 1 ' · T h i s a n d T h a t NEWS OF 23 YEARS AGO TODAY FROM THE HERALD OF 1905 W M Black wa« re-appolnled master In chancery of the circuit oourt )n Mn^n county hy Judge Johns ycster day Mr Black glue bond In the sum of $13,000 Tho opening ot the now Guards' Armory Eait Main and Franklin stieetM, next Monday night promises to he a big atfnlr Tho American Hcma Circle has chaigc of lh» dedication and will give a big dance to the public A meeting was held at llie St Nicholas liotsl Thursday evening to Inks atepa toward tho formation ol the Decatur Choral Symphony society A score ot ponons Inteieetod In the moMimnt wero piesent Tho organization la to bo In- eorporaled it. choius of 150 or 200 TM!ccs organlrcd with the ptim ot presenting two ot three blj; choial concerts and three concerts by tho Chicago LS^rnphony orchestra \ct\i One nmn who wont to Spilngflcld nnd icturn on the Inlcruib.m \eatordav coimtorl tho panscnKtri In the car on the rctuui trip and found that they numbered 148 At that- rate I n t e i u i b a n cam are certainly n. profitable biMl- Hi 1C 1 Evnn« fell oft h!n blcyrte last night iwd brotte hiH urm 'Iho doctor was rldjng In Weit Wood wtrcft wlien In front of Llruliey H barn tho wheel slipped nnil tin was thrown to the pavement Iho accident was an unfdtlunjilo one for piobahty ho will lie unabJo to attcnil to h i t dentistry for 6lX wecka CREAM OF THE JEST PILING IT ON R \\hat more bo thlnttx of Inn" general Iv ore of Lliom waa arrested and fined at Battle Octk for speeding driving rccJtleisly in traffic-, tho m u f f l f r open running a otop street » nillio«.d while tlvo llgMs were flashing having lour In tho dilvn s scat, and botnjr wlHioul i lien P--and oil nt tho Ham t lime -- Mlnn"iipnlis J ji inftl ASK ANY TOURIST Fnrmer Senator IJm Rted dlfferi ftom mosi tourists In thinking that n man traveling a«iotn it country cimnot form any Intelligent oplnloni of that country's economic or political condition Omaha Wwld Herald. A LONG WAIT IN STORE Ni w that tho tree sitting season Is over nml tlif liltli are back tn sehonl. *« confidently txpefi to hf nr, almost any dnv, of a Ktudy-cndurance cr n tc«t--Loiuln Journal A NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT After arguing lila Bldu of tho question an lioui ^csterfla; tho town cynic made a stunning dlscm- ftiy, ho found he had convinced himself --Delrfeit Newt HUMAN BLOOD HOUNDS OF THE SMALL TOWN --Fountain Inn (S C ) Tribune. You can t fool the gossfpa In Fountain Inn, and If you have anythlnK of the kind tn mind, you might a* well think It over and decide to remain hi paths of virtue Thc know what la happening Once they smell a mice, thej follow the scent with n keenness that would shame the most enthusinatto bloodhound They sit up all night to watch If necessary They follow where tho suspects lead And when they lm\e seen a few things and added two and two thoy have tho light answer ten times In ten During the Inst 20 jeuri I ha\t said ICOIOM of times "I don't bo- llove a woid of I t " But In every Instance the gossips knew their sinners and tlmo vlnclleatod their Judgment You simply can't get «wa with It You can drive far and fast In your automobile and hide In tho depths of the woods, but when you cct there some goaslp from Fountain Inn will bo standing behind a tree. EVENING SONG r»enr lo\e w h a t thing of Ml tho things that be Is net tvoith one thought trom jolt nml me Siwo nnlv T o\! Sa\e only Love' Tho dnv 10 short tho nighls so quick lo (lee. The world so wide so deep and riaik the soo, So rtnrk tho sen TM So far the sum and evcty listless star. Beyond tholr llpht--Ah 1 dear i\ho knows hoiv fiit Who knows how for' One thins of all dim things I know Is true The heart within mo knows, nnd tells it you And tolls !t you So blind IsJIfo to long at last la sleep And nono but I^ove. to hid us Inugli or wcop And none but Ln\e. And nono but Love GATHER As I View the Thing :BY S. A, TUCKER; THE ANCIENT GAME T OBIAS SMOLLETT, that robust and diverting old Scotch novelist whoso "Expedition of Humphry Clinkoi" wo linvd been reading with so much pl«on- uio of I a to, la uuthoi of the earliest reference to the gam* Of golf wo have ever happened upon In literature. Uumphiy Clinker and hla 'flqulio ate presumed to hove made lh«li w/iy up into Scotland In about tho year 1TBO Smollett wrote tile m,ount ot thcii jomney, In tho creaking old coach, with BOrvunt outildcrs armed with pistols (or defense uyulnat highwaymen In 1T71 This description ot Bolt tbtuefore, must be accepted as evidence of what the game was liku, and of Us popu- Ituity, years befoie our own Revohuloiuuy war It will bo obseived thnt tho (folflny ftrelathois did not enjoy the modem advantages ot equipment Notwithstanding alt differences on this sooio, modern golferi will bo struck ny the points of similarity The hcuHh-glvlng benefits of the gome (Do not all golfets play miloly foi the milco of the exorcise'} Its suitability for peruons of alt ages, the astonishing skill Uovelopel by practised devotees, and even tho Iflth hole, all are to be rcccgnUtd In the descilptlon of this ancient authority But \ve shall let' you read lor yojir- ·telf Haiti by In tho fields called the Links, the rlt- teens of EillnburBh divert Uiontselvci at a name called Salt, In which they Hue e, cmlous kind of bail, tlpt with horn and small clastic balls ot leather, stuffed wllli feathers lather less than tennis balls, but of a much hnrtlei consistence This they slilko with su(.h force ond deiterlly from one hole to another thnt they wilt fly to an Inerodlblo dlstnmo Of (.his diversion the Scots ue so fond that wtv n the weal her will permit you mav see u multitude of all ranks fjoin the senator o( Justice to tho lowest trKdentnnn mingled together in their shirts, and following the balls with the utmost eagerness--Among others I was shown one partlculni set of golfers, the youngest of whom wai turned lorescore --They \vei e all gen llemen of Independent fortune who hod amused themselves with Ihls pastime for tho best pait of a century, without havinp e\er felt the least aluini from sickness or tlljjjii'jt find they no\er went to bed without havlnft caeh the beat part^t a gallon of clirot In his belly Such imlnten u«jted exercise, co-opertttlnK with the keen atr from the sea must vUthout all doubt, keep tho appetite olways nn cd|re ard steel tho constitution ngalubt all tho (.omniou attacks ot dlatompor Should any modem golfei fail to s,ape distempers, ns did these hoitly old Scots, the fact must lie set down, not to any essential change In tho charnctoi at the same but lo tho lade o£ some of tho things thnt went with it In that day We tire ictcirlns naturally, to tho keen nea air An one who has beoomc only very jeccnlly nn addict we confess that wo have suffeied on the links at tlmos ncuto attacks both of "dlasuat 1 * nnd distemper," In which evil moments we have been halt persuaded to glvo up fordvu tho HtrugRle to biromo proficient. Thanki tn Tobias Smollett In tho Inline ve shall understand our CUBO better iccoftnl/tnn that the only thfnjr wnnllnjt to keep us a healthy and en thv stable Roller until wo past 80 IT a. V!R- oious breath or two ot that keen air from the sea Golfers will rcflopnl/e Immediately that one important factor In the game icojns to he omitted from Smollett s account As ho tells It ono In lr(t to assume that the golfcri of that cally day ranlctl their owl clubs and located their own bulls which they "followed w i t h utmost Oftfrci- nens " Tho eaKOtnoss of n Scotchman following his ball on (i crowded links we ran v c i v well understand. havlnR had ono or two unpleasant expciloncea of our own Still It ID to be recollected thnt n bull stuffed with fontheri prnbnbly did not fly nearly as far (is o Rllstcnlng white Blucmoih of iodaj Tho Introduction of the rubber ball, at n little latci datr undoubtedly wrna the happening that canned the thrifty ScotT to enlist the services of raddles And tho caddy ai wa leirn also from Smollett, was at hand, waiting only to be called to this new employment In tho novelist's description of the caddy of J7BO, the ancestors of a great ami useful we have a poitrnlt rccorjnta- able today In some of the detnlli, but lamentably Inaccurate in others Fut hora they aic, an Smollett saw them There Is at Edinburgh a society or corporation of enand boyj, called cswdies who ply In the strecto at night with paper lanthorns and arc very serviceable at eairyhig mesii/ipea--Those fellows, though shabby In their appcniance md rudely familiar In thcli address aie wonderfully acute, and so note* for fidelity that theie la no Instance of cawdy's having betrayed his. trust--Such as their Intelligence, that they know, not only every Individual place, but also every stranger, by that time nn has been to\ir and twenty hours in Edinburgh i and no transaction, oven the most private, can escape their notice Should ever a modem golfer have occasion to observe an Instance ot a caddy betraying his trust It will be a dearly-Indicated duly to point out to the lad the auolent and honoiDblo tiaditloiii ot the iole he has undertaken to play and the treason committed against a noble reputation, liy hla short-coming AB for the rude familiarity ot address--and li not every golfer accustomed to heailng himself hailed by hla first name as often AS he drives rtael a knot ot mchlns on the street- 1 --that will simply have to bo accepted ns one of the oldest traditions ot the yame Likewise, golfers must reconcile themselves to tho fact that nothing escapes a caddy's notice, even though some caddlos may refrain from comment until they aio bick In the company of their fellows, or peihsps seeking favor with a member of another foursome. This goes especially for all a player's eriois of ailthmetlc One nioiE quotation. a« we leave Smollett This, too, is a lovelatlpn of Seotch folk wnys After telling that tho Lowlnnders arc addicted to "a thin, yaasty beverage, made of malt," he gives us this Inslgltt of tho more robust "The Highlanders, on the contrary, despise this and legale themselves with whisky, it malt spirit a* strong as geneva which they swallow in gicat quantities without »ny signs ot inebriation They ar used to It from the cradle mid find it an excellent preservative against tho winter cold, which must ba extreme on thoee mountains. I am told that It ts given with groat success to Infants, as B cordial " Attending ti Scotch wake, tho young Englishman records "The squire and I wore, with some difficulty, permitted to retire In tho evening, but our entertainer wu a Ulttd chagrined at our votrent, and afterwards, eeemed lo think It a disparagement to his family, that not above ft hundred gallons of whisky had' been drank upon auch a. solemn occasion " There were men to those day*' CAUTION--PASSENGERS ARE WARNED AGAINST STEPPING ABOARD BEFORE THE BOAT ARRIVES By Dinfe Group Insurance Grows Amazingly; Low-Cost Protection For Workers Dj ETJIELBKRT STEWART CommliMloFMU', Labor StotlKl!.» Group Insuiance, although a com- ]M»ratlvcly recent addition to the field of Industrial relatlonsi is an- nuallv becoming or increasing Im pot lance Oroup Inttn. uncu ^ as tlrst written in 1011 nnl Its tl eve ^op- men t WOK fairly Btc(nl until 1010 At the end of 1912 the amount of such Insuiance In forej WTIB $13.172 10S Of coulee t h e f i g u r n la much h)ghci now approaching (10- believe It contributed lo the stability of the working force Many of them jjtlvince the reason tint It I* their desire to tlcmonsli ate thcli appreciation for lojnl nnd faithful service tliflj often conslJer II ud- to protect their n e i k e i M , 01* man f of the lattei, because of catc- leanest, Inability to paa» n physical i xtini I nation 01 cxpennc, ilo not cany intjurunce and when they tlic the company frequently h»« to acHlnt the family or n collection hut to In- taken up lo relieve the family $ J!n- one* Ynfio dUpro\ e th« theciy that older men aie lenit offjejent snfl eapnbli*, but mnny induwtrles Bill! hnld out fTM y«un(fer emploie* Some ot them tire not tn reluctant la dl* elmrRe tile olJer l»en when tlii y con find IL rtvul) cxeuie In (he fuet tiun they Inerende itremlumn f'ji The movement has been taken up » largely hccantia they Employers, however beginning to mise qtiCKlions about ffioup In- surnnec jn connection with their older workers Th* amount of the i pi einlom depends partly on th« KVCI · nfio ««c of tho force, and a group In* nuraiKe policy therefore glvt* n com- Iany an Incentive to hire younger woikerm mid discharge th« older moi' 1 It lit tmtiillv th" older inint ID whom the innurnnep mo t «|)|HM)H, itnd ()]( p]nn e n n w rjuentlj ViOuM oeem to \1ti\t H. ftilhll blMn rffen on thofii' emplojM wh« nu iiKuilly weiilid and mwt oontein to mulntiiln ihoir potililonn Whili Riourt tnnuranco li*)' lie less of 111 inducement to youftK'r ^mplcyeg io icnialu with n Dim octvnfllan of the Insuinneo by disability nnd enilo\\- rttent clnuwex \\lll iinriueitttrtntiblv mnke the plui more attrieth* 1 for them t Mm ( hi Oaten ni vntu bom In HCI gen, Noiwny, Sept 17, MOO Mt« no« mahi i her honii* in Minnesota H t llo\ «ln HI e Wild t«e»e," ' Dm If J0«wn," 'The Mud CpireViK," anil Muy Moon ' OCTOBER 5TH TO 11TH IT TAKELS BO little--a mere spark--to turn stately building*, lovely homes into flaming infernos. Proper vigilance exercised \fj all of u» con prevent this appalling loss by fir«. Thw is FIRE PREVENTION WEEK, Protect yourwlf oi»d your neighbor by throwing out inflammable old rubbish, etc, and starting n new era m Fir« Prevention, * Insurance Replaces Losses Caused by Fire A Fire is an expensive education! Profit by others costly experience by insuring your home, your business, your factory in Stock Companies to-nuch on extent thnt if fire does visit you, you will be fully protected It's the cheapen! sort of Insurance and everybody should have it. Any Agency listed below will gtndly give you full detail* regardinc the nmount of Fire Insurance you need insurance- to be su Biy Protection From The* Reliable Agencies Who Are Members 01 the Deeatoc Fire Casua lly Underwriter! Association 8WAK1U.BHU88KA04ANB8, fee. 200 Standard Llf« Bldff phon« MIS AI.EX4NDKB.BOHON.PUN81NOBB 4KWO Minikin Bldg Phone 2 DCRFE, CLARK « MUtlOLSON JAMBS O*»ARA I2T W Main DON phone 2-2W* DBCATUH TITLE * MORTOAOR CO. 114 N, Water St Ptioh* 3-12W ALLEN * CO. IMC «! B. Wmltt St Phont «1M J. 8. HeULBLLAND M MlHlMn B)d«. PboM AJLLEN A W1LEV B1J-614 Ullllktn Bids Pben» OOBB ft ODOR CO. 3W W, tUIn Ptatmt M1M BUBTBCID * TAUBEB m a pwk at pttoM a-oiH Be Certain That Your Policy U Backed By o Sfocfc Company gi^--n--·»!·--i 4 lit li, K» l i t I*,i r II , r f \tllt. If I p ' u n 1 Crowi revival , tb« Prei » *op of tl

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