The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 28, 1966 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1966
Page 9
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Monday, February 28, 1766 Cub Scouts In Highlands JwinS Swap Hold Blue-Gold Banquets Qo||egeS 1>~. Tt AX?» A.-D A T 1CT»¥ I TVT 1 * AirE^ETlAr/^ 1 ^* _. _ For A Week By BARBARA LIST! Highlands Correspondent Cub Pack 107 of St. Jud; Catholic Church held its Blue and Go;d ban /^et in the church hall. Cub Scouts who received awards were Kevin Warren, John Warren, Kyle P.eed.John Wilson, Joey Bianchi, Charles Ashley. Jerry Elrod, Chris Culpepper, Craig Flippo. Kevin Roberson and Gerald Smith. Father Maurice Dho was principal speaker. He spoke on the PTA MEETING ; Highlands Elementary School! Parent Teacher Association Ob- i | served National Founders Dayj at their meeting in the school; auditorium. The meeting wasj presided over by Mrs. Barney' Webber, president. Mrs. Carl GiUhert, vice presi- CAMBP.IDGE, Mass. (AP) — Two New York City twins, Joe and Ed McDermott. secretly swapped places at Yale and Harvard becaue each wanted dent and program chairman. in-, ar - jnside view of the other's iroduced six past presidents of {university. the unit and presented them cor-! They also wanted to see sags. The women honored were j u f, e iher they could stand in for Mrs. Travis Craig Jr.. Mrs. M-1 each other without being spot- L. Doss, Mrs. W. E. Dunks. Mrs. C. A. Bedinger, Mrs. J. M. Wil- ted. Edward T. McDermott is a Harvard junior and his twin, p. McDermott is a jun- importance of scouting in theft" ~' ^TVr ' ^ Y * .V,. J v, • *>,*»» ,. hams and Mr. Marvin Edwards, building of a bov s character. j wind _ Ensemb , e sectjon : CDBTimitteemen and their wives 1 0 , ^ Highlands Junior High{T or at Y ale «* oat ?^ ed ^ h f,?5!L^, t . ! ^JBand, under the direction of Jiml' 0 ^, U v"ed in each other" _oom, ate in each other's dining '"v^'cal program. Ted Richards was!f, a u and attended each other's ; featured soloist. L lasses for seven days, and then R. L. Creel and Alton Laird j . n ; s W eek returned to ihcir re-j ^:^ve a brief talk on the Lee C° ! -jspective campuses. j !ege bond election. f g^ sa jd the first few days] A special projects committee ! went smoothly, that no onej Ted and Mrs. James and Mrs. J. J. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Keyes, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Culpepper, Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ashley. LC Nurse Course Deadline! March 7 Deadline for applications for I at least two years of high school) Mrs, Mamie Reeder is the Lee College School of Licensed vocational nursing course will be March 7. Entrance tests will be administered at 9 a.m. March 7-8 ar«3 at lordinator and instructor in the or its equivalent. A student satisfactorily pleting the LVN training pi-o-jer^are "registered nurses, gram at Lee College is qualified 6 p.m. Harch 8-9 in the Lee tc take the state board examrria- College auditorium . The LVNition for certification. The LC class will begin March 28. i school is accredited by the Tex- The nursing programincludes 20 weeks of pre-clinical classroom training and instructions and 30 weeks of clinical training in a Baytovvn hospital. San Jacinto Methodist, Baytown and Gulf Coast hospitals are affiliated with the LC nursing program. Age limit for applicants is 1750 years. Applicants must have' as State Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners and the Texas Education Agency. During World War H. Liberty ships of prefabricated welded steel construction were built at seven shipyards on the Pacific coast of the U. S. Special guests included Mr.' -ornposed of Miss Noreen Ros- s-eemed to notice a thing. APPLICATION'S TO the Lee College School of Vocational Nursing; will be accepted at the college prior to March 7. Mrs. Mamie Lea Reeder, RX and school coordinator, said. Capping ceremonies for students completing the first phase of training were recently held. Mrs. Reeder is shown presenting a cap to Mrs. Shirley Smith, center, and Mrs. Margaret Martinez. Hospital training is the next phase of instruction for these students. The next LVN class will begin March 28, with entrance testing scheduled for March 1, 8 and 9. HORSE AND WINE MEDAH, Yugoslavia (AP) — Farmer Stevan Dubajic waited] nine years but he finally got his stolen horse back with interest, j The horse showed up at his old I farm with two barrels of winei strapped on his back, Dubajic told police. PINCHED NERVE by Dr. Jeffle Hoisted Some people are bothered by the outer portion of the hand being numb and a lame feeling in the arm. This weakens the arm considerably. The cause of this condition may be traced to the shoulder, but more often to a pinched nerve in the neck. Scientific Chiropractic corrects causes and thereby clears up affects. If you aren't well, investigate! What can you lose except bad health? 601 West Gulf - 582-2382 •*Tilit»_l Kl_» Ai.'-'tiV-^ « I~iiiii^_ , Then Joe got a telephone call! and Mrs.Jerry Elrod. Mr. and , e r, Mrs. Ruth Clark. Mrs. Sam. ^.^^ „„. o _ _ .__..,, Mrs. A. A. Bianchi, Mrs. E. T.j^ryor Jr.. Mrs. Fanny Geaslin,if r o m ^a girl at Cambridge whom! Flippo. Mrs. S. Robertson and J Mrs. Ladell Hilliard and Mrs.| lx)th he an a Ed know, and shej Mrs. E. M. Smith. The tables were decorated in the blue and gold theme by Den Ken Donovan was appointed by Mrs. Webber. A nominating committee to Mothers Mrs. Thelma Wilson and j help select officers for next Mrs. Faye Warren. The menu j year's PTA will make their re- included fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans, relishes and hot garlic bread. Soft drinks, coffee and cake topped off the meal. isked, "What's wrong with your voice?" Joe said he had a cold but he saw her again the next day. She said she thought she wasi port at the March meeting. bcing taken in and demanded Membrs of the committee are Mrs.Eugene May, Mrs. Charles Jeftcoat, Bamert, Mrs. J. C. rsianchi Joe's identification. Whereupon Joe produced Ed's wallet. , Meanwhile Ed began to have The pack committee gave! Mrs. A. A. rsianchi and Mrs.; troubles of his own. He said he PSnexvood Space Derby sets to]Joy Bryant. 'slipped up and introduced him- March the 16th was given as; se ff't o a "student at dinner and the date for the sixth grade par-i t h e student snapped: "I know ty to the planetarium in Houston. w h o you are . i W as in your room each ol the cubs. ANOTHER BANQUET Cub Scouts of Pack S7 held! Mrs. Webber reminded the a few nights ago-" "Oh, yes. Excuse me," Ed Big 1966 Pageant ol girls. Joe said neither one had any trouble in classes. There were] no exams. They said they managed toj loo! m.:»y of thi-ir fellow stu-i (Jen's ri.jiit through lhe week, j Ud sL.ia n crr'jup of Negro chil- uren, with \\h-.;:n Joe does part- time S..H L>1 wi,rk in New Haven, i '.vas tho first to notice the their anr.ual Blue-Gold Banquet • parents of Public School Week, in the Fellowship Kail of High-j March 7-11, and urged them to| sa j(;i. lands Methodist Church. C. G.j visit the schools. j Ed said two things that struck Samford, Cubmaster. welcomed! Refreshments were served to;jjj m about the Yale campus the cubs and their parents. !;he group by Mrs. Wanda Stutes, ;« ere j.; friendliness and its lack The invocation was given by hospitality chairman. Burrel Holcomb. Patrick Con-< ley led the pledge of allegiance.; ^ which was followed by the Star PriTpC Spangled Banner played by Miss j I 1 1 At J Beverlv Threo.dgiU on the piar.o.! i ft- • fL * A pantomime skit a b o u t\ \f\ 5^106 JfiOW S George Washington and the cher-; rv tree was acted out by Keith CL=us and Randy Samford, Member? of Den 1. The audience, di-': -vcted by Barney Webber and; HOUSTON — A two-week ap-:switch. c-iccomuanica by Miss Threadgill.'pearance at Houston's famed "Right off they noticed the via- a musics; version of the Cork Cuub, plus auditions in Las ' har.-e in glasses, hair, face skit"to' the tune of Yankee Doo- Vegas and Hollywood are the -"« even teeth. I found it very d'e Dandy. : grand prizes lined up for the •"••"•tfvins because it showed the "Guest sneaker was Marshall winner of the giant talent show <'lose relationship Joe has with Haas who "is active in Boy Scout at the 1966 Shrine Crippled Chit- them." he said. work in the Baytown-Cedar Bay- dren's Pageant and Search for ou Area. Haas stressed how im- Stars. r-ortant scouting can be to aj Shriners of Arabia Temple are RayfAU/n \AlfftF "bov and uointed out how many j currently searching for the uut- l*Qjf IV fi II «JUlLUi famous men were in the scout-:standing talent that will appear ins program. He used some of|on the pageant program which our astronauts as examples. jis scheduled for March IS-IT at Also on the program were In- the Sam Houston Coliseum, dian dnncers from the Owl Chap- Houston. tcr Order of the Arrow. East The two-night spectacular will Harris County District. They did be emceed by George Jessel, a number of Indian dances in- .America's most famous toast- cludinc an original Sioux Indian master and taScntrnaster. "t r a •>> ;• e r j.-.:••!.•••." At the •,..' n-i The Cork Club date will besrirs elusion of their program the cubs,Sept. 10 Is Stationed In Catlo, Viet Nam Lt. Murice Simer of Baytown! has been stationed at Catlo. j South Viet Nam, since Feb. 10. i Sen of Mr. and Mrs. A. R.j nd will be part of the Simer. 300 Bolster, Lt. Simer isj wrre askod to win them for an:engagement here of Jessel who j n the Navy. He is serving with; Indian community dance. iwill appear at the club. This will ^ e per Division 103 I Cubs receiving awards w e r e be followed by an all-expense-; I:N GERMANY 1 Larry Enderli, Tcrr\- Wingate.!paid trip to Las Vegas for an! Arrny s";>-5 Gerald Willis son: Randv Scott. Mike Newman. ; audition at the fabulous P.:viera :ri j ^r r " a " nc j -^jpj. Tvi e it OI1 Willis i Dane'Listi, Keith Coble and Ran- and then to Holl.v%vood for a sec- ^3 AT M " ain " Hi g pj an ds partic-l dy Samford. . ond audition and tours of the ip3ted in a ' three . wee £ field:I Refreshments of cherry F'f major motion picture and te ; e- lra i r . inE r exercise with the Fourth! SAUSAGE NERS FOOD STORE NO. 3 710 W. MAIN DOUBLE BIG BONUS STAMPS EVERY TUESDAY and ico cream were served. 'S FINE FURNITURE * TVs 6206 Bayway Dr. vision studio lots. Armrred Divsion in Germanv.! -We are seeking talent of.-^ 2 0-yea r old soldier is a! every type for tne Pageant, , nnk dr i vcr - m Company A.! said E. T. Preston of 1301 Bay- Fourth Battalion. He entered the! shore Drive. La Porto, presi- ^ rrnv j n July. 1963. dent of the Baytown Shrine Club " R.-VDAR OPERATOR j and talent coordinator ior the. Va , v . Crawford Jr.. a radar! Baytown area. _'operator at Malstrom Air Force; no ase limit and Base in Montana, has been pro- 'amateurs and professionals are nlotec j To airman'first class. He 'eligible. I have audition appli-;;, t h e son of Mr. and Mrs. John-j 'cations for anyone who wishes to; nie T_; nton o f Barrett Station. Aj ;try out," he said. ^ ! graduate of Drew High School.: ; Preston noted that auditions he attended the college of Medi-j are being held every Tuesday • ca) Technology. Minneapolis, and! and Thursday at Arabia Temple Texas Southern University. He! : in Houston. Here are being chos- is a member of Alpha Phi Alien tfie people who will actually pha perform at the pageant. " MAJ. HILLEDBRANDT j This year will mark the 48th. Maj. L. G. Hillebrand. son of ; annual Pageant in Houston. Ail L G Kiiiebrandt. 907 Linden! proceeds will go to the Shrine \ voo( j t is attending the Air Force ] Crippled Children's Clinic, local- institute of Technology at led in Houston's Texas Medical.Wright-Patterson AFB. Ohio. i Center. ^ • He entered a 15-month pro"" ~ i gram lending to a master of sci- i ence degree in systems manage- jment. A graduated of Robert E. i Lee High School he hns a BS de• trree from Texas A&M Univer- Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain K«~ Tork. M. T. <Sp«eUl> —For the i so thorough that safferers mxde first time science has found a new astonishing statements like "Piles BAR STOOL BLISS bealittg substaoce with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, and reliev* pain —without surgery. In case after case, while pently relieving pain, actosl redaction (shrinkage) took place. Moat amazing of all—results w*r* have censed to be a problem!' The secret ii a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*) —discovery of a world-fsctons research institute. This substance is now available In ruppoiitory or ointment form under the name Praporaticn £f9, At all drug counters. HVNTSVILLE. Ala. fAP> — \ Charles Tumbill and Marian Bol-; ton picked a tavern for their, wedding because "it was very; appropriable to our good times; together here." On top of that, j no one had to go very fa r whenj it was announced that drinks i were on the house after th e "II dos" were exchanged. } the kejs to tne new i, exclusive Zenith sales and service cen- l'ln« for business use or pleasure Chevrolet Come in and get Buck Turner's No. 1 Peal. the duty truck for you. Blade Cut. Lb. Good Beef Sq. Cut SHOULDER ROAST Tender Young Yearling LIVER - ^. 49c U.S. Good Beef Shoulder STEAK S" e LB 59c Rath's Blackhawk Sood Beef Rib or Brisket 49c BACON a** ". 89c STEW MEAT Lb. 39c STORE NO. 3 OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY LITE FLUFF scum CAN OF 10 PINE-C-PINE Pt. Btl. Ranch Style 35c BEANS 2 ISs 33c 3-Minute Quick or Reg. OATS ,18-oz. Box 25c MAZOLA CORN Oil 24 Oz, BOTTLE Tuxedo GRATED TUNA White KARO SYRUP 5 V*. Cans Scot 1.00 TOWELS j.mbc HO,, 29c Sioux Bee 33c HONEY _ 24 25.69c Sta Fio SPRAY STARCH __. 18 & 49c 45c MORRISON CORN BREAD OR BISCUIT PKG. Texas Grapefruit 5 Lb. Bag 47 Fresh Crisp Cucumbers Peter Pan PEANUT BUTTER Renown TOMATOES Kleenex FACIAL TISSUE Nabisco Premium CRACKERS 12 Oz. ..-- Jar 2 2 .1 Lb. Box 31c 49c 33c Fresh Home Grown Mustard ..Lb. Greens .Bunch 19 ONIONS 2 ~ 23 1 ORANCES -19

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