The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 28, 1914 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1914
Page 3
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' fimtdnjr Morning, JIM 2ft, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Pkg« Until mm FOR WHEAT MOVEMENT Hundredi of Cart Ready on Side Track*. A frr*r tnn*r nf th* httr wheat mov*- 0n*nf o v e r th* !f"Htur l»[vl»(on nf th* ^'»b»nh hi** ranrj «i1 Inrat ftlvlltSon off h * » In f t " nfUr f r drain oar» to h* *»( fnr inrtllMK t1*Hv at itntlonB h«- t W f * n I · it ir "' 1 *t IxtulB A Blow t r l kl«- · f ( f « if ' lam wealth nf (h* ·ftANt h '» n i ' f i t ' v ntiirtnl mnvlntt ·«*l- ^ 11 fl tt 1 I ( i hi n pen m a r k e t * nnd fl r - 11 fir »hftro nf *h«»tt with the ( j T * t o B t w r t nr*t w » r k \ M S U l t A I V CAR" I , U « iiuial n n ·« ha* I t * *li u nt »hh KI uln i ni " HlrwtcJi- InM '» ' ' " ' f t 1 " 1 R lln( nn1 wmtlnir ( | , [ , t tn i-r,-i\». thfl main after It i. ' h i i «m ti\kf it n i i tin- hi* dta- t n n! rntirVan ! Inti r to mllli and \ \ n ' i h mm §ar thai th*B» e«r« pt i »\ !n « ·(·emlnirl) «n1l*M otialn on * - v * r r *» Mhln *tiinK* track from D*- c u t ir t I'rnikUn m l imrth to I-*nd- r « M \ - t r Honn 11» srttnllowfd in th« i-it* 1 ' w of K f » D nnil WH nnt T i i t t t w r t Ih. bin mn\«im«nt 1 H r BrrnnK n i * n t « h*v* b^wn mndn 1 v t ) u nn»i tir( i tn n *!«· pat tm» nt fnr i » * a to tnki- il Ir plnce* n* tlTiy i, ,, H) t * ut n HPilfum BhortnKt \ I' Ml I 1 M I'\ I U\ HODT Thr- n'tuinp nf thin mammoth wh*M ft ,i i t u IB estirnntert by atntHtl- » t u f ( ' tu HIP i mtry In a way t) . t ) ln« ·'** r i 1 1 *. \ K · r« t K \ · «"tipln mcnt tn f i n MI**! HI ) l i i i i k N mllltni ft i * t « H ' t » i i l t« r f firmn · \ i 11 i !« f t ) r i n t r y ff-t 1 ) t « « 'I i r In i \ i i nn I K*-n«»-iil t i 1 * \! ir« th i- i I ·· i ' n»' ti ni n t M; v i t ' " i""*" oT f t rn rmcnt l , ! - i « (hp . (M urn nr-xt I i ! t n r - r Ml k n l« f « . !I ' ! · - · t i i i I in n r i i i in t n k i * i» r t i l ) »«t nn ! I i t thp 4 i r u I F I n f T I f ! f 1 1 rn HIP t , | i i t i in 1 in i il"p his J , t f i a o 11 t i i rh f nir I i auae o( w » i « i i 11 * %«mtc r %lti in N V, i' i i 11 i ·= I n i * t M f 1 * t h n t IM f ( i « w n run t t t Ir- t i th I I ' I H IM ri | f t \\ ft} n It fl ^ HIP lht*it fimt « e kn In .1 it «· \ t i i , t ! x « u mn ni'.Kf ri p M » i ti l ^ i -IT A it u of v u i M t in i i o r Ihnt 1! t i l t t» M u i fi n \ """ t train" t m r l » i n \ 1 i'i t h # thri** * c f * k f t f t hi* r ( h nf i l f f « n « h m *^\ rr In c it -If u n r- I ! 1*1 u I \ Ihc ftvi rrtttfl t nnti^* «· h t il ftiiU-tl ') torm tn re tlnn t » frt ^ ' j f ] mt \ m r Itiiitrtlln* 1 i* '·lof-k f nrm To K · I mil «.t tin r x ] 1- I nhort- nv* tti ». t i u?. \«. I · n tli*» bit: ivr=«( r ndn nr* r it It ^ nt k OKI t th«-Ir »· p* nn 1 r I t K thut f f i ^ v ln» I ir'l · ! up f » I t *, i ) n nt on r The r*t- !r of K H r T I H H nt r r " i n t k ( f * i i if (t M U i HFh "r »hnp-» hnre hvpiv A thn t K h i i Mtuk mm hav« no y t t ) »n i r r » « * l tnto Kraln STVirp on thN *1U 1«1 n It In th i«ht p-^wfhle thit t*i*v ' ' ^ ^ " ^ nr* 1*(1 w h i\ the big: r a»h rnKlnpfrii PrlrK i iinfl T\ Mklni of thf T% vhnoh « r ^ Invlnic off on account of *! kii* 1 *^ n» f h « rr« ilt of h I wt'nther P l m m f n MorrH^c^ Trnsi^nfl Pert JV (nm« in 1 I ' r p ^ h r l nre t u k l n g " nick ln\«. F l r r m n n F ir«n*r hft» hern sot to T nnlnic t \ t h ^ fttmfnce of mnny d l \ I in »n r m t r i f ^ SEALY Mattresses 20 YEARS GUARANTEED Will put nn owl to sleep. Get them at Beer Furniture Co. 332-338 N. Main St C. H. rke IWrri-l unit Short Line to the E««t. Attractive Summer Trips BY mil,, A'NO RIVER, I, MtE A D OrHA\ STEAMERS. $18 00 to Now York City good rat u r n i n R 30 d n » ISt 15 to Now York City, going iJa. W n n h l n f f t o n D C returning via \lni?ara T*nll« Rood 60 tla** Similar Ixvw Tares to AH Eastern Mountiln Lnko and Seashore Summer Rcaortfl. MIIRR.*!, STOP OVERS. P«rlor-Cn(e Cam to Indianapolis connecting with All Lines For literature anil any Information coll on or addren J. 8. PRRRIS, T. P. A., Dccitnr Hotel, OccatBr, III. 1EWSP4PERS .^ru-x^iwt^^rw^jrXtf^iri*-^^ Choice Of Colored Millinery $21 This Means No Exceptions-Any Hat Regardless of Its Regular Selling Price ·· ' ' ···-----· · ·-· -- - - - ··-- -· · ~ · " . _ . . . - r N T O start our July Clearance of millinery, we make this sweeping offer that should rush out these beautiful hats in a short time. The collection is a large one--far too many hats for this season--hence this- extremely heavy sacrifice, There are beautiful, imported hats and exquisite model hats from the most exclusive New York designers--hats that were designed to sell *£ "* as high as $15, $18,50, $20 and $22,50, The regular prices are still in these hats in plain figures, Your choice Monday Ctosmg Notices Mid-week half holidays begin with Thursday of this week. Closed all day Saturday, July 4th--Open Friday night. Closing Notices Our store will close all day July 4th. but remain open Friday night, July 3, nntil 9 o'clock. Annual July Clearance Sales I J2i^^SSSiBi!5i^SSiii!iiiSS«ii«i"^5Si!^ ^* Start Tomorrow Morning Throughout Our Store T HIS announcement marks the opening of a great Bargain Festival in our store--our Twice Yearly Pre-Inventory reduction of stocks, This Summer we have planned our sales on more decisive measures than ever before, In other words, we are going to force out merchandise with more rapidity and in greater volume, than ever before, That means we must drop prices to the lowest level, We assure you the one big economy event of the year, Our determination to reduce stocks can be easily seen in the following! FEATURED FOR MONDAY ONLY [On Our Second Floor Tomorrow $5,00 AND $6,00 SKIRTS $1,98 This assortment of sixty skirts consists of black, navy and white serges, neat mixtures in grey and tan, pin stripes, shepherd checks and black and white stripes, All are plain tailored, straight line skirts in desirable models, dj 1 QO $5,00 and $6,00 skirts, July Clearance price «P 1 «i/O $7,50 TO $12,50 SKIRTS $4,95 This lot consists of black and navy crepe skirts with overdrapes, black, navy, tan, grey and brown chuddah skirts, black and navy fine serge skirts; also a few whife diagonal skirts, All sizes up to 34 waist measure, $7,50 to A $12,50 skirts, July Clearance price «P^« $27,50 TO $50,00 SILK SUITS $14,95 We have fifteen fine silk suits in black taffeta and moire, navy taffeta and moire, Copenhagen silk poplin and brocade, green poplin and tan brocade, Sizes 16 misses' to 38 bust measure, PPrices range from $27,50 to $50,00, d» 1 A QC July Clearance price «pl*T«c/*J $20,00 TO $37,50 SILK COATS $12,98 This assortment includes about twenty garments and offers you the choice of any silk coat in ou rstock, Black, navy, Copenhagen, wisteria and tan, Sizes up,to 42 d» I O bust measure, $20,00 to $37,50 silk coats *P 1 «· [On Our First Floor Tomorrow j 25c TO 75c WASH GOODS 15c Silk striped poplins and Bedford cords, silk striped crepes, silk and cotton brocades ,all black embroidered swiss, plain and figured Windsor crepes, embroidered rice cloth, Egyptian tissues and 9, lot of odds and ends of fine wash fabrics; widths 27 to 45 inches, selling regularly at 25c to 75o, to be closed out at, per yard 25c PRINTED VOILES 15c Printed voiles, Imettes and organdies; an elegant collection of pretty printed fabrics, in white and tinted grounds, 27 to 30 inches wide, regularly sold at 25c; to be closed out at per yaid. $1 TO $1.50 RATINE 50c Every piece of imported ratine and crepe, in solid colors and self colored brocades, a good assortment still in stock, 36 to 45 inches wide, selling regularly at $1.00 to $1.50, to be closed out at, per yard 25c TURKISH TOWELS FOR 19c Extra heavy round, double thread Turkish towels. Extra large and our leader for 25c each; special for this sale, each 50c RICE CLOTH FOR 25(5 Extra fine rice cloth, full 36 and 40 inches wide. The new and scarce white goods, worth 50c yard; special for this sale, only, a yard REMNANTS ONE-HALF PRICE Throughout our north aisle, Monday, will be remnant day; all of our short lengths of ginghanag, percales, outings, calico, muslin and white goods. We will have hundreds of standard brands of this staple merchandise. Come, take ^-h r\Y\r(* your choice at '^ jpriCC $1 SILK GLOVES 50c Women's silk gloves, Meyers' make, 16-button length, in tan, pongee arid black. Double finger tips. $1.00 value...'. ,, lOc AND 15c HANDKERCHIEFS 6c Women's linen weave handkerchiefs, full size, one corner embroidery; lOc and 15c values, Monday only , D. M. C., Always lOc, Monday 9c D. M. C,in all sizes up to and including No. 20, tn white and ecru; lOc values, Monday only ,, T.i«. 25c RIBBONS FOR lOc Persian, plain and Dresden ribbons from No. £0 to No .150; 25c value, Monday only, a yard WOMEN'S $1 UNION SUITS 50c Womens' union suits, lace neck and lace arm holes, lace knee. $1.00 50C value, Monday .WOMEN'S 50c HOSE 19c Women's silk lisle hose in black and black with white heel and toe, with wMte garter 1 Q(! stripes; 50c value, Monday J-«/v Monday Curtain Sale 3rd Floor July Sales Open On This Floor With Two Remarkable Values W E call housekeepers' attention to a wonderful s ale of high-grade, beautiful curtains here tomorrow, To stimulate July sales, we purchased 250 pairs of these fine curtains at a price' that ^nables us- to actually sell them at what merchants usually pay for them, Many of them have been displayed in our windows and have caused much comment, They are perfect curtains of scrim, voile and marquisette, They are 2 1-2 yards long and full 36 inches wide, trimmed with.reaHinen Iac6 edge and deep hemstitch, Others with insertion and edge to' match, We have 25 patternsTn two colors only-- white and ecru, Sale opens promptly at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning, New curtains up to Si 1 ? *3 Q New curtains up to ' $3,75, a pair... ..... . ......... .qKS.^O $2,5,apair CLL | qH.

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