The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 8, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 8, 1859
Page 3
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HT> ALLCOTT'S ADVERT'T. I'' .V:!v, /A OOMPJ.ETE and Elegant .OL and American. Hair Tooth Brushes, just re- • part CAB Twnaln a fall interest. . 20S E»M W«t«r ttreet. O LD POKT nnd Maderla Wines, Native Gripe Wines, London Cordial Gin, London Porter, Scotch; -! Ale,Congress Water, ic-fic.,justreceived by '•*<> janl * J.B.AtLOOTt. , LUB1N8- ilXTKATOTS. ' A Llithenew and choice rarietles Lublni' ooapt and .JJk. Toilet fowders, Just received by '• jam ' J.M.AI4-OOTT. - EANCV SOAHS & S1IAV1KO A OOMl'Lr.TK assortment ofCleartr's.LowXWrlght's *md liagim' Honey Soaps. Roossels * Peters' &h»T- ,ing Cream! mnil <J»le'» Shaving Compound, for f ale by - Jaul - . . *, J. M. ALLCOTT., , AJLLXJOTT'iS COMPOUND CAinriaOtt. ICE • WITH A hOBEcurefor Chapped Hands and Pace,'Sore Lips, Sunburn, Ac., Ac., for sale wholesale and re- tallby ' J.M.AU.OOTT* janl . Drngglst and ChemUtf 80S East Waterrt. ::T HAVB «.Bice COTntorMbJetiOttH «ad Ut tew B( ririf J. Btreet Dridge lotode, U I«»orft »S,««, but I am iurthorlxediooffer h fiw*2,«)0.-»nd:;to-t4ae»«»0in •HorwimlW^onao^etheriXHrsoBal property. Tht "balance can remain oe nartgage da' the presJSes. -1 ,x. i, mo. B. WKLD, •deelT. „ '- I ^ »8 Wto-onnln street. 4-OU SALE AT A KARCAsH T WILL stll * threejreaf* leMe of » nice boost on tt» J. hill, In the Second JP*rd, «t •great Btttylnce.' It la one of the mo.tconvonlent homes fora small family In U» city., .Too ownette COlnK lntfttne<w>nntry the 1st o Mar»h*nd.lhBrefore open it for sale. Unit be told n once to raise money. [ . < 4 ' JNO.-11. WKLD, » - -. i_ 1ft Wisconsin street. C O M JK A N I> S !IS3E$ A RRIVAL of an entirely new and splendid Stock French, English and -'American •" ' Of Latest Styles, at A . B. VA JV COTT'S, Car. East Water aAt mtconstn Strtett. Having, lately dlspoeed ot most of my former stock, 1 ererclsetl rarseir in eparchlnc at the J-' astern Markets for all the New Styles. asMi Patterns, Which have been Imported and manufactured since the lust panic- 1 have also purchased a large stock of ' -' Ladies' and Gentlemen's Watches, Wftfa movements acknowledged a» th«mo«t superior by the Amtrlcan pcblic. ' ; noTSO • WHO IS FOR A TUADK P £BAVJS »ome rerjr.euoice propertyi Unproved . >md nnlmprorea, which We will trade on reasona bly advantageous, terms. Only a-very little cafli wll *e required W> purchaBe some txcellent property. Wt will trade »lirlck house and ; lot In Sevcuih Wand, a corner Jot on Wisconsin street, a corner-lot lnfir» Ward, a fine residence lot on ; Walker's Point. Farms .In different stages at , Improvement, and a variety o property, all of which we. offer for-safe cheap or will «xchang«:for<|ther property. We can offeriom* rare Inuucetnents now In taal estate. • JNO. B. WELD, novlS,. . . .. 18 Wisconsin street. .a.- lot In the eltj;; She Farm Is !n Wankesba Ooonty in a good neljhborhoqd, and contains IW acres, vel jratered -ana-tlmbcredja good house «nd tarn and some Irnlt trees. A very superior tratt of land, and will be aoldlow, or ^rchanged for city property as above.— Ilere Is a rare eppOTtunlty. • JNO. OJ. WKL1), -{ i 18 Wtoconsln street. MILLINERY GOODS. .Toliii IWarquis, Architect, JU.Nli.AU BLOCK, Is prepared t> furnUii plans for all kinds of bnlldlngi at tne whortest notice. KEFERKNOES : J. 8. BARKIS,! JOBS H. SiLmm, LUUSOEB BBOTHEK, W. TEWAITS, S. FIELD, C. E. DiieroETH, UAKPORTB & PKHCIKS, Looie g. MACK, O. JOKKS. f<fb20 1859 POPULAR TJiADE. 1859 .. ,_,.. an^ 'Milltaeiy Goods, E %'EKVTU1KS requlreii lor a full and assorted stock for .-. first class Wholesale and Retail DrnifStore Is kept by Hurrin^ton, iiatl of the very best quality.— "Prlct* as low as anv other route.*' C. UARRIKGTON, 151 East Water street, lUrectly opposite the Auction Room of the fe!>S Excentric and Celebrated CALKS WALL. J7~H, cQ"RDES &, co,, Gtv, ui'iict L" U.eir lm«ineHe friendi thai Ihcj hare removed their Wholesale Grocery HUSINESS HACK TU THE1U OLD STANUJ Near corner of t tv? HATKK AXD UKTUOIT STS., \n,--rth<.T «-il' cont-!Ti:i'-the aarot 1 as heretofore. -KS , KfciNTKH, RODW HOOKCS. Rent, or wiKhinp to procure tenement*, will please c&l W ILLIAMS A RODWAT will give attention to the renting of UOQRUS. Parties having Houses U) at 19 Wisconsin street. For $ Cheap ior piven. TIIK DireWnf Bouse, with lease of ground, jj ^ituated nn Uie north east corner of Blddle and jsli Uiliraukee streets, one of the roost desirable locations in the citr. Immediate possession Enquire of GBO. SOUTHWELL, Jr. JUST KKCKIVKU AT H T A I\ A: CROSBY' ANOTHER ENVOICF OF CHOICE FRUIT, ' C OMPRISING Apples, ^grafted Prnlt); 20 of Oranpes; 10 hoxen Lemons; 1,000 Ibs Raspberries; 1 caae Fresh Kips ^ barrels of Dried Peaches, all of which Inply low. e rvre sellibc at prices aitUmish- feblC RIBBONS! RIBBOfiS! RIBBONS t TO MEECHANTS, M1UL1NER6, -JOBBERS, DKAJJSm IS KIBBON8, UILUNKRT GOOD*, AND CASnun\'ER81N ALLSEOT10HBOT TUKOODNTRT, THE CASH BIB1ION 11OOSK. U6 CHAMBKK8 BTBKET, NEW YORK. JNO. FARWKLL. ESTABLISHED ISM. We have originated anev principle — anew era in the Ribbon Trade, whereby ve make this business rLira, SIMPLE, AKI> WAPLK AS IBiT Of BEOWI1 JBHKTUI08. |ja/)i(6 WE SELL FOR CA8B I WE BUT FOR CASH I We are satisfied with S rex CUT rannr. Ask-no Second Price. Have all our foods marked In PLAIN FIGURES, so that man, Uroman and child •'buy alike," and JwelTc the same valne for their money. Our Prices for best Taffeta Ribbons, all colors, are Ho. 1 li cts per piece, No. 4 SSitc-.i per piece, •' IX 15 «• « « 6 «fc «• «J " 2 20# " " .'9 sTjf " " « s ysx " " " w No. 16 »W7>< per piece. WE OFFER FANCY RIBBONS "ALL STYLES," "ALL COLORS," -ALL QCALIT1KU." AT PRIORS uKmNG CUMPET1T10N, AND FOR CABH ONLY. Our Establishment Is the centre of attraction for RIBBONB, "Quick Bales," "Light Profits," and "Ooed Valoe," for Cash. ROUCBESU EODCOES 1 1 New Styles and Patents, at a saving or 3D PEKCENT. FHOU CitKUll' I'RIOB-*. Examine our samples, and be convince*. IUXJND LACES, CDlLTlNGS, 4C , AC , Our line of these Uoodialtraji fall. We Import and "Job" them at once "for 6 per cent advance. Market! prices oi all Goods "in Plain Figures." A SAVING OF 40 PEE CENT ON THESE GOODS FROM ORKDiir PRICKS. Our intention Is to make the Ribbon Trade as staple In regard to prices as domestic .goods. To do this wr mast nell ONE MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF GOOD.-*, VER We are Cniou Men. "No North, lie rnmti get lh*m tasared ta'Utt -' "hnt Ulurt," old «*tablli*rt and is:*:-.!- •~v*-<; -* ; ' ! i w i B a t . .V »»^W Of Hartford, ConnecUcnt, ' ' O R 4 T '«» I * 1 8 • » f!i .CinpKtil and'Bhrplns",..".; ." . .V... Of,Nc» Yo«k (Sly, UOWAUi) INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New fork. •-• • biCOSMEATEt) IN 16«k • 'Cash Capital and Surplus. ..... ..... ...»8SS,I60 S2 COMPANY, • ( * Of Hartford, Connectlffot, • " . U&tib Capital aod Eur r lnj,,,, ...... .....»«»,<»4 M LA. -BAH FlItE IKSURANCE CO.V -Of New Tort-, iv w Cnj.llal and 8nrplns,i.:..: ..... ..'.|55>,068 38 RfcSOLl'iE INSURANCE COMPANV •Of New Tot* City, Ctili Capital andBarploji....... ....... »246,839 68 CITY FIIIE INSURANCE COMPANy Of Hartfoid, Connecticut, ' > . Cash Capital and Surplai, ................ »308,!3l 43 I solicit buslDeas for the above named Companies, en tlrcly upon their own merits and responsibility, an. refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Lome tteretofere* «s a guarantee for the future. - Pollclu l» mcJ wtthoet delay. W. HENRY nOLI.ANDi, ARCJII. Jons HOLI-IKD, Ati't. Morthweat cor. llaln and [>. 1*. MiunALL, Surveyor. Wisconsin its., Milwaukee 1,1 FK ASS UbtA NOtJ. Of THE Muiuiii Life Insurance Cumpaov, 'OF THE STATE OF WISCONSIN.* , . James H. Knovrlton, . - Wra. A. : folm S. tt. Peas*. Uorria C. Smllii, John P. D xon, Joslah V. Wlllard, JooKph A. Sleeper, Solomon Ilutson, (•'iin.-HI Ulmock, Benjamin t. Plalcy, Ii-.>..i Suwlu, Charlro Norton, M W follim, Jaoiei Kiel, Ji.l.u C. Johnston, Moses Prlchard. for XUwauttt, Anson Eldred J. |t. Haftln, U.H.Oamm B. U Dcnnnan For Madite*. Clinrl-j n. Kaehn, . ffimswn Hills, U J. Fanrtib For KKcine. }*•> R PoolltOe, Georre 0. Northmp, H. J. Ullxnan. Fur Etloil. . ilattl.etr H. Carpenter, John Hackett, Laclos O/. Fisher. For Grant Ocrunty.—J. Allen Barber. For riattviUt.—Jo\u> B. Bountree. Fpr Stouffhlon.— Loke Ptoaghton. For Sew Digging t — James H. lamest. For UTMfwaifT. AupuBtus II. fcoTille, g. 0. Hall. For &ivUtbar-yh.—Qtorfc W. Lee. J. A. SLEEPER, President. H. W. COLLIKS, Secretary. A. GuBAirr Vice President^ M. G. U II.StM, Ajtent, septa K Wisconsin street, Mllirankee, Wi 5 . "no Booth We , solicit the patronage of Merchants, In every section of the United States, and are the servants of all who favor us with their trade and patronage. JNO. FABWELL, ; CA8B ^RIBBON HOrSE, 116 Chambers street, Nesr York, a. w. vruxxx near the Uaoson River Kalhoad Depot janl8-d4m / *^ LIKK INSUlfANCK. T HE Trust, n of the Mutual Lire Insurance Company of Iht- Slate of Wisconsin will meet at their office n tlu- cu> i>f JuneSTille, on Mond%y, the ISth day of November next, at 3 o'clock f. M. Section 15/>( the charter provides a> foUows: The operations and buclnees of this corporation (thall t*c carried on In the city of Jnnejvlllc, at such place a< the trustees shall direct, •» tar as the same can be done, al a principal office. Dated Janesvlllc. Se|.t 16, ISM. By order, JOHN C. JOHNSTON, »ei't2G. General Apenu , BIT »naeri'»«oA,"WiitliiJ Ink arid i>sji-on;l!»n4 W iarge qaaotitln. In Tfic niatcst style. . "-, '• Ho. H» BAST WATRR St., SNKSLAND'8 Bl«C«?,' apM ? K[1 1^ W A U K K E '. w OK, ANOTIIKU « WOOD, , MODERN PLLGRIMS, &C. The Ministry of Life, by the author of Ministering Children. Mela Gray, by U. J. Mclntoah. iiora l)cane and~Ua;gie Miller. ThcJnlia. • . I'rlnce of the Bouse of David— new edltlen. idvtngston 1 ! Afrt. a — 12 mo. edition. For sale by [feMOJ E. TtRHT 4 CO. '- : A NEW SUPPLY. N ATURK and the £plrituaj, by Dr. Buahnrll. The Land apil the B&ok, by W M. Tlmin|uon. The Powty of Prayer, by a. J. frime. Memoir of Bioddnrd. Ullttr Sir i el, by Uollanii. Foi sale by K. TERRT i CO., :»eb20 167 East Water .trert. •IUSTICK 1>OCKK'1-S. M AMOFACTnttKP eiprtstly for Uiat parpo», o«t of Oral qualHv p»ner E. TKHKV t CO., 167 Ltuf i*ur,- .1 A NEW BOO I by John S. AKbott.'i Th« Empire ol Ufe 6f l>(.ngla> Jrrold Tbt M.O'.riry ol Ulr. Meta (9ray. Dovnlngg Prmlu and rrnlt Trrei. R, T«»H] fc.lilim Tht House, a Manual of HOLSO ArcLiirclurt for »ale by K. mar'JS J67 E»»i W W 1S( JO.\.SIN I A T i; D 1 K K 4; T 4> K V -AND- FUlt Tl\« l»0l,l, V!£S. THIS WORK CONTAIN- 1UK iNA»H. AND AODRE.SS OF f.VEKY I>GHS()N KNQAGKD IN BUSINESS \N hi> own accouui In tin .Kt»te of Wiaconsla, from J the Wholenale Merchant and Jobber to the &maJi esjer. Representing botli the Mercantile, M.nuf.c;- urlng, Mechanical an.l Prcleesinnal l.ranchen c,f t,u... ea» alphabetically arranged ai,d C:i.A.SMHIiI> I M>i |t Aff'KOffUATS I in MU^WAUKKK CITY IIVS17RATVCU t;«»., In irnicbcll Bnlldlnir, IHIcblRaii. Wtscovara 1 . ORK BCHP8, In store, for tal M^TON A PLAN K INT Of tf i»oclor O. Lander, Tj AVING .located himself in Milvaukee, offers his JLA' services to th* 1 poJilic. Dr. L. has served in the British Arzn.r for fiftetb years, In India, Barman and In the Crimea t3ET~ Surpcal caser promptly attended. Office corner Huron and Van Baren SL BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! mjtr t are prepared in uur Bindjry u> Bind Magazines, \T Periodical! or anything else in the form of a Book, in neat and durable styles, &t low rates. jtai'iu STRICKLAND i CO. SCHNOECKEL A- BRCJiOTTO, COMMISSION MKKCHANTS. Real Estate and Money Broken, NOTARIES PDBUO, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. -No.4 Market Square, opposite the Old Postmark? Orncs Office. L>. CORSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HAS removed to .Office, No. 5, State Bank Building, comer of Rast Water and Michigan it-reet, Milwaukee. ' NEW P ICTUEE8 OF OOCNTET lift., by Alice Gary. The Methodist, or Incidents and Characters from Life In the Baltimore Confrence, by M. Fletcher. For sale by K. TERKV A F No. 167 East Water street. CtREAT EXCITEMENT ! The best assortment of the finest WatcDCB. Silver Ware, Jewel rr and KANOV OOOD8 Ever brought to Milwaukee. Just the thing for Hoi! day presents. Just received verv cheap for cash MAT>ON t LOOM1H, 201 B»st Water street. Mllwankee. Wis. CITY NURSERY. D IANA, Concord, Dnion, VUlape, Rebecca and Delaware Grape Roots. L&wton Blsctbcrry's, and Bottot) &»« pi jerry's. McAvoy'i Superior, Peabody*B, Haatboy^ Wilson's Albany Hcedlinp« aod Early Scarlet Stravberrya, ai wholesale or retail, on comel" of East Water and n IB streets. Orders solic ted aod promptly filled by CHAS R. 80UTHMAID, apr2t>*d3t* Ag't Elm City Nursery. "CAPITA LISTS W ILL find at my office 8 Register, open to their Inspection of Bonds and Mortgage* and other Be- offered for sale. Persons wishtnp to obtain Loans or having Bond«, Mortgapefi or oilier §ecurlties for sale, may find it to their Interest to file wilt me their application! or statements a SOHLET, ylfi Opposite Walker Houne. R « O K S . O DE stock Iff the largest in the West. We sell erery Book at the Publisher's price. We can f nrnlsh to order any book which exists, either In the English or other Lanpttages. We receive nev books as Issued from the Press. jan20 STKIOKALND * OO. DR. H. W. RRHUEAD, •»T5TERIJIARir S17UGEOK, POKMKELT OF CLEVELAND, O , respectfully Inform* (he the rluzens of Milwaukee that, harlng located In tlili place, he Intends practicing his pro-, fei-ooo. All diseases to the liorse treated in a most scientific style, and general sat- faction warranted. In con. nection irtth his practice he will Prick and Dock Talll In i» the most approved style; and, |Mi tbigain the confidence of the ,,'" public, be refers to the following gentlemen, who have employed Mr. Bedhead many tunes professionally in the course of ten years. We feel justified In saying lhat his practice Is superior to Ihe general mo of Veterinary Practioneers. John C. Brodhead, Wm. Jamison, Mnrray, Fryer & Co., Jo dec Wilson, " Bishop, " Kelly, M And-etrs, •• Vjlden, Bocl. n. A. AcVlc.v. " M. L. Wright, " M. L. Bewtl, . " Resner. Jno. Klrkland, cmcieo. | James Kelly, W m . Downac. CVBOSBA. nRftorr. N. A. Brown, C. Bixdford. James Foley^ LIVBBf IICS Or OLKTRLAHD. W. J. Gains,; Geer A Harrington, White A Kewel, O. H. Seymour. snr»BSKS or mmousi naEEnca's gocnr/. J.K. Curtis, 'Wm. Patta, Bllas Merchant, Wm. E. Adams.' Hr Office. Kirby's Livery 8tabU, Male street. •ap-16-dtwtf CHARTERED CAPITAL, - - Ittooomi Cash Paid in, $1OO,OOO. D1RECTORB: U. L Piuiit, c D. Divit,, w. A. PKSSTUW, «. TDWBB»I>, 8. 8. Conovtx, H. E J. II. KEU..->OO, J. UcupHBrr, Jn*i J.B.Hi*m» J.H. Counts. JAR. Oai£. GEIIIICKO, C. COKSTOCX, tiso. Drra. F TOWNBKND, President. A. L. WALRATH.Pecrrtan H. L, PALKU. Kur-mi-y. CF~ Fire and Marine K...!,•. taken at COTTHH rale* .024 !TIAKl!\l •> r«HK 1NMJH t - < rWTHE nnderslfrij. .-d to take U M- and Fire- Risks ut. . , ^uuce In store. In i.. . Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New Tork, at as low rates as by other reliable Companies. The teputatlon of this well-known, long established" Company entitle* l ito public confidence. • HORATIO BILL, Apent, nov3 at oflSce of H. A J. f. am. BY STATE AUTHORITY. WISCONSIN QENKKAI. INSURANCE AGENCY €HAKTRIt 4i/tK riRF. INC. C<l., Bartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS »841,&S« »S ROMTn AMERICAN Ff BE INK. < «> ' Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS. tsM.seo oe WESTERN MASS. FIRE IWS. CO., Of nunfleld, Mass. CAIH ASSETTS ;...»2<B,699 41 COMTAV FIRE INHrRAJVCE CO., Of Conway, Mass. CASH ABSET8 »2«,4il 41 E inxCRAJiCF. Springfield, Mass. nformatiin relaute to Bank., ^howlnp tli<-ir capital »u- of nreaiiiaatin-.. clreiilatii-n, kind an-1 value ,,f ecnritie« dcpoSMr.1.) l!ailro»,(, .„,! ol t, c r lucorporat-d omnanles. Agricultural nml .Mannfariunng Statlitirp r.f thr ate; a fketrh uf thr Mav hr C untie»; a Ili5:nn<-il ketch of Ihe State, ai.! a full ai,,i conip'rrhenslrr Aj.- endll. Aitvertisenien » <J Ihr lea'; I'lumrin h<,ns» insplcaouxlj di^pUte.l on imi^.t ptties, >nt^Tl«»v^.i UOUfl, the l-odj of the B-,T4-. D.e Bo..k u .if fall oclirci siif, lia^diomely prim-,!. Containing about BIX l.undr*-.! [>H;'r> Tt-v a,J\ .nta-^* the business COfntru&'ty n.u.l.lrnvr 'r'ira us i-^n^^, circulation, ai > U.oli of r»frrrn-r, lhr,.ocli..ui II r Stale, an.l the pnnri, al Ka,t,-Mj Cnl- ». allor.lltip u it does, a true exhibit of the proirUi, hnu.'i r<-onrr,.s statistics, wmfth. In l«ct, a p«-rfi^-i rolrn.r ..t i.^ hu*i ness, liof lni-«t!m»bie vilur, and n>n». t h, to . e-ntr ally appreciated. t3T~ Tbe nook w.ll be lent bj mail, free of ,^.,IK.-. on receipt uf TWO Uol.LAJiS. Law and Library Binding, f4^u. AddreM p rRICKI.AND A Co mar« Book«en«-r«, Milwaukr-, Wi>-. ,,.. n fneMlowlnirLlstofBnsinejrHonsin and Msimfic rlBR JstabUslunents are •monK tb« best and .mos prominent in their fespeeSve li apr?3 . J, M. GROSSMAN, i SITPE RINTEND f'. NT OFTCilt—NO. M VOCKti'S NEW BLOCK. Flans and Specifications for ail kinds of nnUJIn« (•nibbed at ttort n'cticeanJ on the moat liberal term: JeH, W ilk. f AM prepared tn-farrcih the cllizi t.i of : I'rur r»i.\TIJV com the well known I*alry of M. BAKtlKR, Es<i "at n Alrprtcc anil In quantities from R pint to a pun cheon. Thoae wishfag to be nupplied, can leavr t Orders with MKSXTS. tiufen A Croaby, opposite the V ker House. T. f. AilfJOTT. myM Yankee Miltma AMERICAN CORNET BAND r. .\J.F.X. NCOTT, i.R.tiiEii. y A I.I NOW PJtADTTO FURNISH ANY , ; ~* number ol Instruments, from ..|je to i'_ twenty-two, [or Balls, Parti.-*, I'am.l rates. Apply or aildrriu Capt. ALM. SCOTT or il llero|.»l.'J' JIuiicHlorc, 178, Kait VV&ter it an? 11 MI1KKAY. I'KIOH & Co., 3>-aman'« Mammoth Hoas« Fumiahmff ltlo<;k, lll'HMM STISFF.T, HjtHmcrnaK&s or, AHD DAILLKBS IK STOVES, TIN, i GALVANIZED IEON BOOJ'INO, Goiter anil Conttaclnr I'ipc. Also, ajrenw fiir Collins iUil Vrntilauin Mi,l rhinm.-y Capv HotA-t efi aoj JiefTU4ef«, Ventilators, Ac. cra thantfully r».- c ivul iaU |irum|itly jtten. .^a* A Meuial liln-r. ISAAC' KlN(iSI,KY, «AS * vrn.aH I'irK FITTKU, NO »1 EAST WATES STREKT, .WBOLSS4LB 4 • O asTAIL n K A 1. • a I • OA8 AND »TKAM PIPE.-", OA3, MTKAJI AND WATEB COCKS, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVK.S, ur.uiK riH.-KH, .*,- , • .AN fl\ . I It I -' «, W .Vli,- tp a worHl.i&niiM rn.inrirr, it *l -rlni.uri Mid li>we«t f.rn t-v .y ij] y Ifilllunl Tin ii it I in In ri-r lUl.f.I Mtl» TAHI.lX Tl.iM I II illj:i \V I 1.1 1 KTivf ffl K M r-. H, 'or. FiftU .V pruirir -I., K ilbun rii I.MKI KI.ATE A* I* •>! AUKI.I: TOI- BIL.L.IAK.D TA Hl.Krt, Vith Dime, Tn\n(fular \n.l Cushions Lhllutnt T.iJ-'.- Cur«, Bills, Ac., alw <«.)•< c. n liln.l f.^r «n!r- a ,-.,,,.: ban.) Taines rt-\>*.\tt^l a; low rai««. 137" OmCfc— tWiirT of oaeirfa »r,J W fcrtr-'. ,iivri my 1ft tOOCi%. . Ji N. HCTA.L L>I I. A DIES'. GE.VTLFMKN T M O |i (» o my., '" AN OHILORKN % MI <. 1 1 r; T .; h >; T , .1 I k r i || .i IN UK K N N 1 F U R N I T U RE SAL E~S7 NOTES, PLERZHEIM & co., -* re "rve. The best and largest itock of * " """'"" FURNITURE EVER 0?PZP.ED IN THIS CITY XT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NP:XT SIXTY DAY-THE Vl'iWK IS Hi:\VV, AND Til*! BJ Mil 218 and 220 East Water Street RAILROADS. VV.)t r & Bariib-,.0 RAILROADS &TRANSPOK KAlLJ-tOAJL). ( v N *n-l fiMi-r M n.Uy, April 4th, in.i until ^ui 't. ' lice ^ I'arfs, t.; . r Train will lea vp iM-r iuk-- I* in* l.a lie, Ocnnomowic, >V»i,-rtuwti. I,.iw-,i, uiiibus at 4,20 p. m., :i.rrj/in.( .R \I I w iuk- • -u 1 Passengers .-irrivyn^ at \ii|«"»u»*-r- Dy thf Miju ucaK" K K., LA <'r-,.Hsr .k Ml It U. , m-t Mil onnectinna arc ruaiii: si Wat^rt..wn *nf-. ,1 e^Milijt, Jtjtfffr^ko, Waterloo, Hanrhftvilte, .•* '.'(ttta^c l-trnvi- ami M.vlisnn. \^,, >u r LoUi, .Mt*nmar, Atae^o, Kill -Rive , !,<•• il'i Hamdcn, L-.WTIU*-, Dekora, YorV. Ariln.rt'>n. lln all points u, th,- W e rn.»n«i North W-si i# ,ii Ihe Jun<*tlnn fr-.m ih rn;ike C'< t. Hilivaukcc & Hurirou K. K. AND STEAMBOAT mm; ONLY RUI TK i-, vh.n, ; ,, nly ' , .M TUA1VS I.K 4 Vh H. l.w \ ; Al 7 2n A M. an.l 1 I '. V M i „ I ARRIVK AT MILK \( K *t 10. -II) AM si. t t •_'!» P M A-U f.-r t-. «.-T.J • y Mi.lT'lu. ^ ,•! ! H N I i M M K K i •».><> AKKA N ( -VIA MKTIIOAN V.'l.N [ !; N , . AND r. Western (Canada) Rail\vay i lRAlN.S Irove •.•,«li r .«tCrntri, [)_,,,,, |,. <trt-^i Ct.' ;i< . i» ; i,.«s -i.-.inuiT BiXi'l s. • S i '. O p p ct * t I I0t * \ MJ I. « | ] | |jx .-I'KIM, .-TR>.K.T. •t i>i f r I < it n II ci u . i MXTH Vol.1 ^ 4 U % i. 'h a ml • i •. PKk.. C. n.- f} ii.irmi ,1 j 1,01 J . • I i. A 1 . .-• Ok!!I* N >' i l.AI'Ih'.v HiiuT- »1 ' lit. I'll <>|I : i; WISCONSIN For Bale at HKPOHTS co. < I. II t 1'IlvK'S PKAK A NEW MAP, •bovine Ihr It plnn« In Kansas. )P*I r»-ceire« ulc to Ihr (T, i I ( oil ,V ;i 11 M.19 STltlCKI AND k C.I 124 feist « tier -I,-.. SMOK1.D I1A1.1.IUU 1. HOICK Fm.ite.1 Hallihui »i """^ HL'NN * CUOMO ••< «wt-4»IC<.I. KAI.l, OK 186H. UVEK A 4 «., W \ Tl-'.ll STKF. KT, r vll I r ii i» u -loSl-.i'H i! *- till.I I•., Ii t K > : MM'l Al 1 l i.- .. ,t I A ti n <> j Si' - N K..A-T U Al M. i. < ; ill<^ /X X> T"> T M JZSH. "S" ' V f '" ' W OlHJ) respectfully MinotiDr, to it.r.r .,1 I ,- n=lo ra. : n • K '. Ji'' u "-I'-' ei^hai a j -tin r,-,nta.u- t., ,.,., it,. i f .„„, \ l/eieoratcd Lnion woi •:= Cyli.. J(-r Gl.tsj, and belt selecbRl Stock o.'-Oo,>,l< , n ih.ur l..->^ found in th« State, ai.t will rondu-i it,,-, r hn»in..« u I "><•>itfi t},,- lnl«jn,.n „( pv, n( r .»;,.f»rti,, H '._ ( e:.-. majr fc-l To »• CASH ASBET8 «1RAB1» riRE Ifffl. COlfl PA It Y, Of Philadelphia. CASH ASSETS •|2S4,789 78 Js W. Grain* Agent, OWIOB, NO.». JLaHTIN BLOCK. OT BTAJRS, mar2» MUwaukee. Wisconsin. LEDYARD'S ADVERTISM'TS AQKNOY FOK THE SALE —or$an<i»' Pale Cream Ale, W E have i-very ^ t them )an20 Itookw. Book *u demand, and se retail STRICKLAND A CO. H. LORD A: MARBLE WOKKS, Oorntr Spring and Third streets, MILWADEEE WISCONSIN. T HE subscribers execnte all kinds of Marble Work for Dulldings, Tiling for Floors and every description of ORIVAlttEfVTAL MAUBI^E WORK.L We have in our warerooms MA.RBLK MANTL.KS Of every description constantly on hand, at prices rfcnginc .from $16 and upwards. MONUMENTS AND gTATUAEY of all kinds executed tt the shortest notice. -febtt-dly A. U. LORD A CO. REMOVAL, L ADIES— your attention Is now called to the bat stoclt of JiOMfJETS, RIBBOtfS AND FLOWERS, Ever brought to Milwaakee, to be f»nnd at BLANCH A R JD ' S , YOTJN ^'S ULOCK, WAIN ST. aprZl _ • _ ' JflACHItliFS. E TJIEEAB 8BWI5G MACHINES. That tbp)c the PKJEM1DM & DIPLOMA, ' for Family use, at the Wisconsin State Fairi October 8, : are for Mle at the ' _.' . " Sewing Machine Emporium « YOUNG'S BliOOK. octW t I8AAC A. HANCE & CO. IRON FOUNDRIES. EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, MACHINE WOKKS TEUTON dt 8EUCUMB, Proprietors. No». 288, 298, 3OO, 3O2 and 3O4 WEST NVATEK STKBET Two blocks bdow the La Orosst i- B. t 8TBAH ENGINES, GRIST h SAW MILLS, * ... Limr SHAFTING, MILLOEAEUJG, . HOBBK POWCB8-' FIU DRIVING MAOmN«», - BRHKiE, EAILROAD and STEAMBOAT OAgTINOS, f EON COLUMNS, for Buildings, and every variety of JOD WorV, In the best manner, and on the ojost liberal terms. Ihe attention of MM-owners and owners of Water- Power, Is particularly called to the . .. "rUTTLli \VATKK WHEEL A» being by far the most powerful, durable and economical Wheel ever inr.enteil — not liable to get out of order, not affected by Ice or ; backwater, and using less water In proportion to the power prodoced than any ether Wheel In the market. A descriptive circular for . warded upon application, free of charge. ~: . *~t J»nST-<l*w ... - ' " ' OWCA6O, ....... t ........... f I HATE constantly on hand, a (nM supply of tills celebrated Ale. Orders from the Country and Private Hootea ans> be aecoaspHshed with cash for ALE AND CASKS.. On tke return of Casks, the price paid for then srHI be refunded or allowed for In account. JOati W. LCDTAKD, Grocer and Win* Dealer, mar£4 101 East Water street, Milwaukee. WINE. * CIIAIVVON." . -f f\ OASKS.f this Celebrated W na, In qnarti and XV pints. Just received by JOHNW LtPYARD, IMM Orocer and Wine Merchant, 161 East Water street. ._ . L.AYKK KAI8INS , Nsjuarter, halves and whols bvics, k large lot just . Nodr'edM JOHN W. LED¥»KD, ^ jaoM Wine *nd Tea etore, Ifl EaM Water street, MQwankeo. TURKISH I. \TAKIA TOBACCO ; TOB • MKKHSOHA U M PIPK M ANCFAOTURCD expressly for the London dabs, • a superior article for Smoking,'just received and foraaleby JNO. W. I.EDYAKO, > ' feblt .Grocer and Wine Dealer; 161 East Water «t. N EWARK'OIDER, Ohamptgiw Cider, In quart bottles, better than half of the Imported Champagne, price 24s per4oten. teblt , J«0. W. LEDTARD, •t. j; Orocer and Wine Dealer. BOOKS! A NEW History of the Oonquert of Meilco, ny R. A. Tfce Austrian Emplre,lU rise and pretent power, by John S.«. Ablwtt. . .. . " "' Jor.s mart by !rZEBT'.»«iEAVEK, 16TEalt Water street. O PPOSITK THE JAIL. Street Tbonsft The aieher Christian Ufe, by Boardiaan. New and good Bonk* ati B.TEM Y A 00- 1«T£»etWat4»st. mar* A§ 0 N S COOK WANTED.V GOOD one Immediately, at 261 Main street. , NE ease ot fresh -Hga,.rec«l»»l this day at t-'~, n*.VK* bi BONN *.OBOSBS^. ..;,;. HIINN * CEOBS'3-^ GOOD OHANOK. JHOUSE ANDtOTFOB SAfcE . - _ : HE nnderslfntd will »aUW» House and lot, -now J occnpledas aTavia by.Um, sltuatrfensiainat, aadne, Wisconsin, near the SJ«amW>«Land D g ana the B. A tf. B. K. Bepot. The tpnse Is loc**cd on the best business place, and the House as well a» the sitn»- Oon of the Lot,»oald answer for any. bran»h «f Mui, atrvau^ ww^fingjwMfui .^s*-*«l**' 'W^^yv*"**'^ 7A 1 * 1 ™* who like to make » g»o4i>ar«ain,a>eTixpiesled'tyapiily; '-^S.^^w*^'?^^**'^^'"' 1 '^-^^'' N EWBUEO, N.T., XX Ale, In pint*, a fresh lot inst rec«ved at '•• ' . r . VUtD.TAED'8 i' feblt Wine and Tea Store. I TAM1N HACOA801H, • tery soperior article Jtut receiT»d»t. , * ^LK>TARD-8 febl».'- -•" -• ••- • Wine and Tea Store. HIKBBO MOKID BALMON, Josl received M " : ;•.".:; ;v-f- ""•"• •• ixuiuur* -• :, Wlneacd Tta fiiore. »* .*•*: amolpUd Ll»ery»l,>epla,l toJteonr ZKM&&&***** ^s^m^m^^m^^ •'•-•••^Ji!aaU>^i»Jj!i»laiai;a^«^a3iiC- l< ai*^VArl'j-'' -,:.-M IfwW^ed^rtji.- •••••"••.£-'*•'-*'- - |-VHl!ca»e of Jraih Braoked B us a call, we would sav on^ of our ft/in* in NP» l York, ac I we hf,ve facilities for ll.» p u rrli»r an.l man ! ufactnri- of that e»n n«i br i-i.-rni-1. u , a r^ VI all Umes rea<ly to take «d»axiune of KjwWrn Marlru and nave been enabled !.• reduce the nn,-,- ,,i m»nv ' kinds of goods, which w<- ->,all continue u. -el »i u,r I lowest prices In Western v. rkeu. We are constantly rcreiTin^ a'-M-ticnrf I., nur stock and will keep it so complete aj to W able at all nmr-i I to fill orders for any kind of Ra<ldt*n', I'amare Trim I men' or Tnsnk Makers' ."tork, an.1 ..II do 9 o ,n a man- i ncr to give satUIaction In respect to »n,l one.--. We also keep an a»«ortraent of Uent ht^ll 1'oir, .-haft. felloes, fpokra. Hubs, *<:.. *c.. an.] |,», r r,.n,limly o,, h.nd, or wUI make to order, »ny tmj ,.! O..»rh Car tlage, Wagon or Team Harness Call and sat for youmel»e.. 0<1 PNITED KTATF.N nAH»HAl.-x~s.\t.V* Th« Farmers Loan A Trunt Com 1 M.:,c/a.-nr c ,l K •\O. 15 E,-| airr.l. > |>.«r I i i.« . I . K S ,V li A I . 1 /,.:../„.. , vportin- \ |> Ac. 'I i n Uiti, 1. \ > J> »•:•• M. C. O< • » n M i s s i o % the Milwaukee A Saporlor B ,11- | road Company, , In tn l Co c s ^ .,rt f,,r the ' . A. Allr-rdiD Christian Hahm and Gottfried Wootacn. l Inlqunv. j j I >K t V <•().. >l t 1C ( II \ N T > KORK1O.V AM) DOMESTIC KKI'ITS Also, agenU for tbe l-ile ol f'lrv \%ork«. NO. 19 WISCONSIN s T |{ l t \ . I4f' Domestic Fruits nf evrry -leflcr-pti-.i: rr. nv-.l i advance of all cotnnetitlon. «. ai.r. 11 . n -1-. y I -.i. i-t •a. I * i ri H I' A A N , of Wisconsin, . a the nlnetetoth ilar of JUrch 1SS9 u, the above enU Ud came, I shall sdl at Public 'Auction , l», fresh pyrry piorning, ilr »ny part •>! the my, »D,I i. I >.!». SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. •lilunnkre iV >• i«.»i-.»i J.JM and In future to he acquire,!, real s-xl personal proper '{Jfo 1 "*! e * l » t<! o' f« »ai,,.-defendant, ihe Mllwaoke, luperior Railroad Company, t at I8to say. all of the flrs: division of ihe Railroad of said Railroad Com I pany defendant, frem the City ol MUw uk.-e, to u,e city of GreenTlaj In said giate of Wlscomin, a dl». tanceol one hundred and twenty mlle«. Including the rlg»t ol way, and land oocnpled by nldflrst division, of said road, (Subject to the right. Hue OT claim, which the a«1d defendant, Stewart, Allerdlng, Uahm and Wootsch, or eithw of th«m, may have had ai tile tim« of making laid decree, to land upon winch tald Railroad Company tils located itsw»/,«nd for which no compensation has been made 10 tiism,) together with the superstructure and track thereon, unit all rails and •ther materials used thereon, bridges, Tlaductj, culverts, f-OTes, equipments, necessa. y depot grounds and felgkHnga thereon, belonging to the iald Ra Iroad Com»any, an4 all rolling stock, engines, tendeis, cars tools, materials, machinery, flitutes, and all other personal properly appertaining to said first division of said rosy], and all rights thereto, aha Interests'to be acquired by aaid defendant, the. Mllwaaite* and Superior nallroad Company, logeifcer wlih the name asd functions appertaining to thr said first division br said road all lolls, rents and Income to be had or It Tim! there' froat, and all corporate and other franchise,, rights and r rivl*ge»oT Ihe salil 'Railroad Company in OP to or concerning the name." : Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Wls., April 6, IS59 ' * M. J. 1 THOMAS, United States Marshal. District of Wisconsin Esmoiis, Vm Dr<» A UIMILTOJ, Oompl'ts SoUeitors apt21-dtt RAIL U( >.\f >. TH1-: S ')<)> r i \ A i r i-: u •*, S A.\'l> M U, bo I \%-1- 1K)NN Kl.l.Y i< A i .\ i: u s , i DI rioi TO Particular attention paid to Kalsomlnrmc Cnl- II a r |M- r It F o I h i- r •. , A \inirr. i Wmona, Read's Landing Red District Court of the United States for the District of Wisconsin. In Equity. Ttte Farmeri Loan A Truit Company, The Milwankeest Superior Sail- road otnpaoy, City ol U Iwankee, John Stewart, Johann 0. A. Allcrdiog, Christian Uahm and OotWrlrf Wootschj I T haying been referred to a MasUrof thin Court, by a JL decretal order of reference made hi tits cause on th« nlBeteeot!) day ,«I March, i. D., 1859,te take an account «f the oatsundlng bonds of the Milwaukee and Superior Kallroad Domuasty defendant, sect red by a certain trait died on mortgage executed by the said Sstlread C'omoany defendant, to the Farmers Loan «nd Trait Company. In trust, be.trlag date first day of January, i, D., 1S57. and which, are 'a lien upon tbe tno-t- [a£ed premlees described in the «aid mtrtga^e; and of the number and bolder* of laid bonds ; i.r.the amount dn* thereon fofltrttrcit and principal; of the number and amount «ls ild bonds, which are pledged or held aa eollateral -wear ity for debts or •bligitioni of th. said iailroad Compaayi and the amount .ot principal and cterest4ue upon Ui* debu or ohirg'atlous for which uch Mods are *o:p!ri<ied or held as security; and also to examine any of tbe ftoldera o; such bonds an*of th«(iai«esto thusol»,and any witness thatjna-r be prodocol p/ any party interested in said Cumranr de- Tendant, M a. stockholder oi°,cr<*Utor thereof, or In ib«saldmorlg»i:eortrs«tdetdj , , ./ > f i A»d Itbelag t orlter ptorideil Jn; andny the laid order, that all peiaoot holding or olalmJng to b'old arr of ** a '** tr>oa '*' t M r*tto*tnumtot J» M iea. T .-to and *e heard ypop >he nit' - • ">*"«W«n>brac«!4lntB« iald'arder el rtefer- no in charge by the Complataant's UOfJSK SIflN.SHIP, CARRIAUK AND ORNAMF.NTv i'alni^m, ninzirrk A- I'aix'r.llaiiii r» 1M1TATOR8.OF WOOD ANO tIARBLK, 1M O. 30 O IV E I n A s T R E K T , AFSW n^olliiEAST^F TBS ilARKST] UuCSS _lyi_ : _ ' Wlnen \ l.lfjuor*. NK.I.SON WKHSThK. (Late Webnttr ot Artrelii ) NO. 19O WEST WATER .STREET, DRALRa I BT . Also, dbl|ille^of Pure Spirits and Whiskey. »pr*> Urnl l.nUitc ..&.. ; . l,>i.nriiiir JONK« & \V~iilTKHKAJJ General Land and Insurance Agents NOTARIES Pl'RI.IC, At., OFFICE, corner of Reed and Oregon >tre«u Mrymse'j Block, Fifth Ward. • Will attend to the buying and selling of Real Kstate, Insuring Goods and Buildings In responsible Comua nlcs. Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making >ut of Deedst Mortfrages, Contracts, Leases, Ac. ^All Colleetions made on accounts placeil in our hand PRLSCOTT. ?T. PAll. »N.'- I tinner ol Time, tliinil '>, 1ST TKAIN l.i-v\rt 'I II "0 A M., Arr.vmg \: Jtn-,.-.l , ; •I-W P M . I'rnr.r I I'.'nnrolm* w th /i P- i SI. P«ul Pi. k-l.«, «n .-. Chit-n o'l itiv *fl» »i il ' ' SD THAI'S I.KAVF.S HII.W »l K I K S:05 P. M., Arrl»ln|T «t J«nvf»vlllH - '.1 f \l tu i -, • 10:011 f. M. t2gr- p ar , ti all points -tn th.- \l.rti-v..i. It . ,. low aa any other h»ut~ W1LLI >M JKKVM aplli (T^-I'I .•4n| f. I -,1 LA CROSSE AND -MILWAUKEE HAH. KOAI >. T.., 'i"» it > promptly paid over. .BOHXBT WH1TSJJ1AJ>. Teas ...- it < offces WHO'J^KSAI.K & KKTAII, - —AT— Kob«r( Gurney's r WE.STEKN TEA STORF. 17^ EAST WATER STREET, Retail prices from 10 to 25 pertt lower: than any otRsr store In the city. Coffee Rousted and'Groond on th» premise* by the most lmprov«d methods, Java 10c EIo IBc. St Domingo 13%. Remember the number 174 Kut Seaman A Wing's Old Store.; jyli .Manufnctu rcr» j PIANO MAKERS, STREET NEAR MARTIN, ,«ii T ^ ntoe done <*eap. Plan is constructed with a new grand action, which U inknown to anjrothernianafaetnrera ~ (, a^oj kept constjuitly on hand tor »*l*. or ...... .. - . Wtieh «» o(er to Abe trade at wholwiht. or Co the pob- tuatHKatLTeriovU*. •- <. ..:- ?, .- • AKKANCrKM ! .N 1 UKRAT NOKTH-W> t \IT| I) STATES n Al I. A I-. X I'll 1-:.\S AND ONLY ALL .RAIL H< T t: TO I.A CROSS !•; (In Iliu I fl'F.K .IIIVM.XMITI Idvi-.H, On and after Monday, April -M't Two Through Express Trains Daily, : MIL.WAUKKK, DEPOT FOOT OF nUESTNCT jiTii>kT, [ ** FOLLOWS: *2:45 A. ill. and f 2:4.1 P. ,,!. Trains arrive at Milwaukee »i 9:3O A. M. AND ii;3() I'. M Clo« connections are made at LnOosse. ' .Jj Twice daily cnch way with ihe Mtu-\'j3 uCKOta Pitckct t om^Hiiv'^ >ew and I 3? Splnndid I niti-d Stnt<-« Mail vt StPamers to A from St. Piinl and luteimciliiitt* points. ¥SP~ Passengers, by taking this route, will ,«ve urn tulles In distance and 13 hours time, from Chicago <>r MIlTaokee to La CrOsse or SI. Paul, over anr othtr route. •Mondays eicepteil. tSundays excrpte.l. Milwaukee, April 24,1829 EDWIN H. COODHICM, ap>34 x Manager. GENTLEMEN'S FU. o o 0 0 f 0 Lumber Vessel* Tor Male. 8ch«oner Fashion, 224 tuns. Schooner D. Newhall, 1W tuns. 8cow Schooner Rugby, 163 tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. j . TATLOR * JBWKTT, Buffalo, K« W York. Inquire of B. B./ojas, Mil aukee, Wisconsin. FAM1L.Y "KTIW Tork Mais flour, eonstantly an hazJ, at il martl HDNN * OBOS OBOSBY?. M M H 0 (D O Q H . »« R U S S STATIONKKY. o r K N T <» t; K i. TI B a i , E „ ERYTniNfJever kept In , (r tr ,t Clas, P» P ,r »n.. Stationery Kst.ihllshment, which wo ,iir,r « pr.,-.. which make It the. Interest for all to try us. J an2t) 8TBIC8LA-VD* CO. E kCOIIOt 38 p«r CL. at Manufacture's price.

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