The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 27, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1923
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE H U T CIII N S ON N E W S. ^EPNE^DAY, cJVNE z/, She Is Happy as a School Girl, Says Mrs. Black .MRS ETF1E I iKM 'ilcfl R-rinu'lhldf: to Htrongtbon it i y n i. > r v p s .n n f 1 a]) p»"! t i E e a n (1 tri ton © uj> my \vhu]n .-iy.«ti'iii. nnd that is j-!°t \s*h;il Tun lac li.i.-- iL 'in* for mn t«- pi-r.tvili.!!," my a M:-M KTflo Black, "highly i-^l-' rosiiiMnt of 419 .'••'[Hirii li;i:-(ii'sty St., Kansas Olty, "J'ur a t.lmo I suflVrod from liif'lit;*'-'Inn. gas and lic'ir! tmrn, had ii VIT> w.'*;. k a [fju'titu, ,MH1 was bur- (!i-nt'i! u-itli s -'Vt 'rn lioadnfJioa and lii'-.zy s-pt'iis My nerves wcro on edge, 1 w :i:i In!) rvMtle?a to sleup right, an-! f'• U dnnvsy and wor11ont alI tl)o tinn\ "I was convint.'^d before I over 1 (»'-.k Tanlat; that it was a inorltorlutiti i;>> dirint'. and now 1 know from exyer- 1.'n;(* that tho trrafitvMit la Juet AVi'iidnrt'iil. My np-pctitu ami dilation •havu ti (M >n rostnrod perfectly, my U r-.'frPHhlnK. mid I am as healthy and happy n» a K -cliool girl. I believe Tan-lac wilt hf;lp anyone el«o vln> surfers lllto 1 did." Tanlae for nato by all Rood dnir.i'iist.s. Accept no subs-Uluto. 37 million l-ottlt.'H snld. Taniae Vegetable Pilly aro Nature's- own remedy f;>r constipation. For bale everywhere. AD CLUB HEARS OF CONVENTION Ralph Hin man and Charles Nicholson Report on Meeting at Atlantic City. Thn Hutchinson Advertising Club wn« given two very Intorostln;; reports of the uunuul convention at Atlantic City of the A«sociatod Advortlslng Clubs of the World by Tlnlph Hinuum and Oharl&s N"lcholeon f who vert.' thu local reprofloiitatlvoa. Tim so reports were givon at thr* chib luncheon al the Chamber nf Commerce last night following the showing of an advertising Hpoclalty film entitled, "Tho Way of Success," at tho Midland Theatre New President Installed. Ralph Illuman was instnlled as tho new president of tho club last night, Ho was honored by being made Vk*e- Preaident of Kansas of the Seventh District Association of Advertising Clubs, whioh Includes the clubs In Kantms, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana. TI HI keynote of tho whole convention waa religion and the fact that, advertising him a tiuiritual connocllon vr|th world brotherhood, acrurding to the opinion of both of the local representatives. They agreed that the convention mude thorn prouder than t .»ver to be connected with advertiHlug. Local Space Rates Low. There were 23 .separate departmental sessions at the convention and the two Hutchinson men attend N! six ot them. They made a detailed report of various meetings last night. Mr. Nicholson reported that the advertising rates of the Hutchinson newspapers'were among the ten lowest vales or tho Un newspapers that were listed. The comparison of rates was made, according to the circulation. A vote of thanks wna given to Kd ILaaa, manager of the Midland Theatre for showing tho special advertising film for tho members of the Advertising Club. story, "Long Lire the King,"" ah© has!* <*• «?> * <$> <j» VV • V one of her famous adventuress roloa as Counters Olga Loachek-, lady in waiting to the crown prince's aunt LONDON STORY MADE INTO BIG FILM FEATURE "The Abysmal Brute" Stands Forth as One of Best Productions of the Year. DR. HUNTER AND ASSOCIATES SPECIALISTS 'In lb* Chr n on - r*n r^rlcitl officii treatment °f •. t'l-lvie and Ht-i'tnt Indigestion, Constipation, Dyspepsia, Gall Bladder Troubles, Rheumatism. Neuritis, Weak Back. Catarrh, Kldnoy and Bladder Complaints, N«rvoutinf3», Falling Strength, Dlontlng, Pain In 6id«, Goitre, Epilepsy, Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic Blood Poison, Roctal- Disorders, Diseases of Women and Diseases of Men. •rv|t r*n cured without knife, hoa- I 11 r 1 pltnl, chlorofiirm or deten- 1 IliLiu tlon f rom W p r k or bual- Ees!). Our Atrophic method^'iireg lu a few treatments or wo will refund «ve-ry dollar puld. I ELECTRO-THERAPEUTICS Our fUjiiipmeut Includes all Electric motho-en- X-Hay, Violet Kay, (ialvan- ifiiu, Hin-.i:-;;iida! Far.nii^m, Auto-Cou- deusat hMI, I Ua thermy, 1.17.11110, Vibm- ition, l^gbt. Heat arul liny Therapy. 1 BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY jWe are equippud fnr the stdentirio ad- ministration of "006," "U14," Antl- ,Iihtmmatic, iiiood Buiidlnt; Serunift, .TactIT!as, i'ir, laccoct-ns, Autogonoua Vtiodnos, etc. 'A Most Medorn IDqulppod"Clinic. Our treatment methods liavo won ihousamlH of ttjatimorjf.tls from Kansaa mud Hum.iu:id:ng ataio:.i nuti.liliifion, Ivafl. It was inarvi'loiis llitj wsy 1 «o quickly Impn'vetl liiu .iwr L »r. Jfunter & A -Btuwla-tM' Ji'' lUnvnl f «>v Hay V 'uY ^r. 1 liuv- not had t *in '»."/.inff Hpoll Htueo takliig thalr tri-atin .5iit. A. H. THinTHIl. Consultation and Examination. Fr«a i ,14 So. Main St., entire second llooi% j Hutchinson, Kan. "Farewell Blues" There'* a full floor and everybody stalling when this livfily fox-trot is played. For the luet trickle of syncoiitttc4 ecstasy, • gst the Culumtdft Kr;ord of It |> I R y e d by The GcorciaiiB. "Snako'a Hip*" i on the othtr »K1« \*{\\ grip you like a boa-coii- atrlctor. At Columbia Dealer* A-3804 75c STARS OF THE FILM "Tim Ahyrnial Ttnitp." Jack Lon , dun 'R vivid Rtory of tha \\r\n\ rlnj; *3 : tn liogln a thrro ilay <Miiv i Konimu at tho DeLuxe theatre, slarllng tomorrow. , j TrunsrTlMiiB thn book to the ocroon exactly as it \va »sot f< l rth In the great, author's work, thin celluloid trans- Dlautation. ono of the motft. at>iiea!iag sloiii:s ever conceived, proves far more entrancing on tile screen than It did In binding. The broad scope of Iho eamera enhances the Htory with scenic value, plus a personality registered on the screen by Denny, far in excess of the written expression of even such a great author as Jack London. Tho story concerns a young prize Hni '.'.rr, who finally succumbs to the heart punches of cuptil, and becomes engaged to a social leader without divulging his life's "vocation." How she spurns him wnon Bho discovers that he Is .1 "box fighter," only to have him whisk her away in "cave man" fashion and lead her to the altar, forms a tlieino that tor genuine heart interest comedy, pathos and drama, will undoubtedly stand KLS a cinema monument. Oeuny Is perfectly at home in the title 10I0, through his former pugilistic endeavors In real life) and gives a portrayal that will win him both masculine ami fominlno admirers, and firmly esLahlisti him Us a matinee idol. Bnbel Julienne Scott Is equally as convincing in the leading feminine role, while others who do much toward making the picture tho instant hit that it \6 are David Torrence, Buddy Messenger, Hayden Stevenson, Charles K. French and others of equal prominence. Tho same popular Bcale of prices re- cei' inaugurated by the new management ot the Ooliiixe will prevail. Matinee prices will be ten cents for both adults and children until G p.m., alter B p.m. children ten cents, adults twenty cents. NS ' SALT CITY BUSINES8 COLLEGE NOTES. * <«> <?> *. ^- ^ A <$> $ <?> *3> ^> <$> iMInnlo Laird is visiting: with homo- folks in Harper. Mnrorio Grove of I-arnod, enrolled in tho Combined Dapartmont of &V school this wofek:' *•* >• Frank L>. Grtmwood, a former student, la now working for tho Safford- •vlllo State Bank, Saffordvillo. Perl Tumbloson has taken up work In tho College Banking Department. TSrnost Stuckor, a tormor student, who is now with tho First National fiosemary Thcbj. Rosemary Theby is now playing' her 000th role in pictures as Uountoss Olga L ,03chek lu support ot Jackie Coogon in "Long Live tho King." This sounds like a very long record and Induces ua to visualize Rosemary as a tcttorlng old Jady worn out with ago and work. Her picture certainly does not look that part, now does ItV Twelve yearB ago—imtho old atock days—pictures were turned out in less than a "week, and the mombors of those stook companies often worked on two or moro pictures at tho same time, so it can be seen how Miss Theby got a good start for her 500th role without adding materially to her weight of years. In the old days with Vltagraph her associates Included Norma Talinadge, Edith Story, .Maurice Costello, Karl Williams, Lillian Walker, John Bunny and many others. Later with Meyers she co-starred in a serleB of domestic comedies which had their part In popularizing the California typo bungalow all over tho world. Two of her later ylays have been as tho wicked Quoeu In "The Connecu^ut yankoe," and aB Nina, the Spanish damsel In "Tho Olrl of tho Golden West" In Mary Roberts lllnehart 's i'-aaMiau *~ —~r- - We Doh't Have to Kid Ourselves That'. It'n *x>l in Here —IT ISi! TO-MORROW Until Saturday Night— Hello! Watch Me Raise Cain! ANTONIO LS ^MORENO Bank of Holslngton, was. «, pleasant cailler at the college last week. . Lura Otll hits been doing stenographic work for U. 3. Employment Agency of tills city. Vlrsric Elblo of Lyon«, TTOS a pleasant visitor at tho College "Saturday afternoon. Ilonry Baker has accepted % position with the White Grain Co. of Oklahoma City, OkiaV- Dan Schwleger has n. position with tho Fidelity State Bank ot Cleveland, Okla. BUIa Ballard, a 'former S. 0. B. C. .Iw..,,w.h? has ,,licorj ..Atifiagcd ta....01yU. Service work, and is now located at Wiclilta, called at the College last week. Hutu ZolglGT has accepted a position with the Koyatdno Milling Oo. of learned. Fldelis iLeikam has a position with the Hutchinson Boxboard Co. A saving of from 12 to IB per cent* in power and bolter control of the car, Is expected from t'he new noiso- lese trolleys which are equipped with roller bearings. S.S.S. stops Rheumatism "\/f Y Rheumatism is all gone. I iVA feel a wonderful glory again in the free motion I used to have when my days were younger. I can thank S. S. S. for it all I Do not close your eyes and think that health, free motion and strength are gone from ? ou forever! t is not so. „, ... waiting to help you. When you incrocse the number of your red-blood-cells, the entire system undergoes a tremendous change. Everything depends on blood-strength. Blood which is minus sufficient red-cells lead3 to a long list of troubles. Rheumatism is one of them." S. S. S. is the great blood-cleanser, blood- builder, system strengthener, and nerve invigorator. S. S. S. U cold >t all good drug- .tore, ia two alxe,. Tha larger .tic I. mor« ecODomicaL ^eWorld's Best >. 'SloodMedlclne L IBERTV THEATRE JL Today and Tomorrow Dustin Farnum "The~Buster" A Western Story Packed With Action, Romance and Adventure. Also— "Roaring Lions on a Steamship" ^ A Snappy Sunshine Comedy.-No Serials. Regular Admission. Here's melodrama on Hying wings. Scorching- land, sea and sky with its teeming thrills and rapid romance. Hebe Daniels and Tony Moreno as a pair of thrill-seekers—flash- --iii-g through breathless adventure to each other's arms. AND- TONITE BOBBY VERNON In "Plumb Crazy" A NEW CHRISTIE COMEDY EXTRA— "The Rustle Of Silk" Betty Compson Conway Tearla Comedy— "HOLD TIGHT" PATHE SPECIAL PICTURES OF PRESIDENT HARDING'S VISIT IN HUTCHINSON XigfSummerJareSs Aeration Ruradise & country of do-te-you-please in the "Lami of Sky- Blue Water." Ia ia hundfeds ci vacation resorts you are BOI « to find the *)rt at place you want * There's fishing— rtai Sshinfr gulfing, hiking, swim- v roiog, cunning* boating—most anything your lancy ^ dictates. There are milt* oi deep, pine forests* ten ? . ihoucand clear, blue lakes. i Well be glad to assist you with your travel plans —tickets, reservations, information as to hotel rates, locatkma, etc Send lor our Illustrated booklet "The jLand oi Sky-BIue Water,'* telling where to go and iwhai it costs. Make your plans now. Write, telenhone at call on Geo. Sristow, A. G. P. A. E. M. Peck, D. P. AV 715 Walnut St., 'Phone, Main 7000 Kansas City, Mo. Chicago CrealWesfern ^Petey Dink The Poor Fish - DM- WHAT 3 , ~TU#r F OUM V -B IRP S OP"IUCRE,?E1EY -TllAT 'BIRP op ~mtRe — f -TlHAT '5 A PI5K- i HAWK- FUWHY A "BIRD, "THAT—' | -?15H.-HAWK' — MY—ISN'T HE "S fUHHY , /—NEAH.WCH HIM— 5WCIS ?vmH= —He's A - 5 £E HIM Clt?ciR ABOUND OPlTfERS" UKC"THAT-T Big Show Little Price Oood CrowdB That's the liis PROGRAM CHANGED DAILY Evening 10* MatiViM S»—10« TODAY HEDDA HOPPER IN "CONCEIT" A story of smart aocioty and a, t V-""..„ ... / .,-'.. : t,' M ,.,i Humpt- ously atagrfd In Naturo'a fairyland — lav V. Ml lUK IH>:J, "CALL A COP" Comedy - TOMORROW "THE RIGHT WAY" A powerful drama. rnor« animator* tliH n N'1 -ic -ii.ra Falls and »a Tnnt- Urn! as llf« Itself. Real life nnr- traypd from inra:>i',t day i.-mdttiona In the biff <;ltjes nnd the prlnons. "OH PROMISE ME" Comedy MEET ME AT THE IRIS WSSM LAST TIMES — TODAY — DE LUXE Metro's Sensational Success "The Famous Mrs. Fair" DONT FAIL TO SEE IT 3 DAYS STARTING TOMORROW PERFORMANCES CONTINUES ! TO 11 A Great Story— A Great Picture! One of America's greatest authors, Jack London, traveler and studjgt of life, wrote this latest screen triumph; a colorful, gripping stST-y that Is nothing short of sensational—nothing like It ever In pictures ( befcre. ' Reginald Denny plays the leading role, in this his greatest picture. Women will love him, men will admire him. Two of tho year's greatest picture successes, "The Flirt" and "The Flame of Life" were directed by Hobart Henley, who also directed this one. This Is his greatest picture. 'A big, clean, Inspiring story of real men and women. Rugged action Is interspersed with love moments and dramatic situations as fine as any you could wish for. CARL LAEMMLE . *. presents JACK LONDON'S THE ' ABYSMAL BRUTE STARRING V REGINALD DENNY with a great cast including MABEL JULIENNE SCOTT CRAUFURD KENT HAYDEN STEVENSON BUDDY MESSINGER and DAVID TORRANCE A Hobart Henley Production. Pre - War Prices- MATLB »*' UNTM B P. M 10 c rre v» or M. After 5 p M ,_ ch n dren; 10c . Adu , ts ^ By C. A. Voight^ HE'S A SMART CUY. THAT-BIRD — ^-AWAV UPTHsrRE HE CAW SCB A F «H WAV Doww HERE IM TRe WATER ANO HP. MAKES one-Dive AT "HIM sv%r ~T UK&l&tS-. 2l «.'-5TRAWHT

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