Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 12, 1959 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 5
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lelicately Spiced Hot Cross Buns Are Ideal For Special Good Friday Menu For Christians, the Easter sea- convenient "pop top" box, and * ... .ft. _«„_ *_ _ _.l*.|».« +U« VinnfriH son is a time of triumphant celc bration. But long before the time of Christ, a similar celebration • was held, Joyfully honoring the return of spring. Pagans worship„ .ed their goddess of Spring, Eos- f! tre, by eating a special kind of bun. Both the name, Easter, and you'll also be getting the brand that is stepped up in Vitamins A and D. This margarine spreads easily and never crumbles. And the foil wrapping around each quarter is marked off In table spoons (or eflsy measuring. For a special Good Friday UUllt DtJLiI LUC ijenn*-) i_»i*«jfcv,» * _.....- j, wl ^ »£./w i.r*u * >_* — -••-• --• • •• j the custom of eating hot cross | breakfast, or any time during -buna have evolved from this an- Lent, you can serve these Hot cient tradition. Cross Buns with pride because During Lent, let your family you've made them yourself share this charming Easter custom by serving light, delicately spiced Hot Cross Buns. Homemade buns are extra-delicious when made with the margarine with the most delicate, natural flavor ever. Hot Cross Buns, or any hot breads, are made Irrestible when a quality margarine Is served with them. Look for the brand in the HOT CROSS BUNS Yield: 2 dozen J stick (Vi cup) Allsweet Margarine 1 package dry yeast U cup warm water •% cup sugar 34 cup milk 'i teaspoon salt 4 cups sifted flour i teaspoon cinnamon Vi teaspoon allspice U teaspoon ground cardamofl (optional) 1 egg Vt cup currants Soften yeast In warm water (10S to 115 degrees F.). Heat milk in ft 3 quart capacity saucepan until bubbling at edge*, Add Allsweet, sugar, and salt. Cool to lukewarm. Stir in yeast mixture. Sift together flour, cinnamon, allspice, and cardamon. Add half of flour to Allsweet mixture. Beat well. Blend in egg and currants. Add remaining flour and stlf to make a soft dough. Turn dough onto a lightly floured pastry cloth or board. Knead until smooth and elastic. Place in a bowl or saucepan nabbed with Allsweet. Twirl dough to grease surface. Cover and let rise until double In bulk. Punch down, turn, and let rise again. Divide dough Into 24 pieces. Form -each into a round bun, luck| Ing edges underneath. Place on a ! baking sheet which has been rubbed with Allsweet. Brush surfaces ,wilh slightly beaten egg white. If j desired, cut crosses with knife or 'scissors. Let rise until double in bulk. Bake in a hot oven (400 degrees F.I 12 to 15 minutes. Frosting Crosses: Add enough 'sifted powdered sugar (about l'/i cups) to remaining egg white toj make a thick frosting. Pipe crosses onto warm buns. j To prepare ground cardamon, remove seeds from about 4 pods land grind with mortar and pestel. I Discard pods. .Fish-Shaped Casseroles Add Glamour -To Preparation Of Lenten Day Menus ings. BAKED POMPANO 2 tablespoons butter 1 medium-size onion, finely chopped Oi cup) 'j teaspoon salt. Few drops bottit'd hot-pepper saure pound cooked shrimp, finely chopped Here's a. tasty combination of j lobster mixture Into greased fish- Lenten foods that should make any (shaped foil casserole. 8. Combine family sit up and take notice! The remaining 'i rup cheese, cracker recipe teams lobster meat with crumbs; sprinkle over lobster macaroni, shredded cheese, and a ; mixture. 9. Place casserole on bak- variely of flavor-heighteners for a'ing sheet; bake 25-30 minutes at "Let's have it again" favorite. 1350 degrees F. 10. Yield: 4 serv- The method for making this favorite of the Northwestern U.S. in a fish-shaped casserole of aluminum foil, comes from the Alcoa Wrap Kitchens. Here's how It's done. Cut a 12-lnoh long fish shape •from cardboard. Cut two sheets of heavy-duty Alcoa Wrap at least 3 or 4 Inches wider In both dimensions than the cardboard fish. •Place the fish outline between the two sheets of foil, and mold the edges to form sides that are 2-3 Inches high. This is your casserole for cooking and serving without a baking dish or pan. To make individual casseroles, cut fish shape 6 inches long and 1 inch deep. The small foil casserole idea also can be used with a recipe for Baked Pornpano - a specialty of the South Central states. LOBSTER AND MACARONI AU GRATIN' j s'i ounce cans flaked lobster (2 cups) t 2 tablespoons lemon juics J« teaspoon mace. 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon minced onion » 3 tablespoons flour '» teaspoon dry mustard U teaspoon salt Dash pepper 1\ cups milk 1'; cups grated sharp cheese 3 tablespoons cooking sherry 1 cup cooked elbow macaroni i,i cup cracker crumbs 1. Sprinkle lobster with lemon juice, mace; toss lightly. 2. Melt butter; add onions; cook until tender. 3. Add flour, dry mustard, Halt, pepper; blend to form smooth pnale. 4. Add milk gradually, stirring constantly; cook until thickened. 5. Add i t:up cheese, stirring until melted. 6. Add lobster, sherry, macaroni. 7. Pour 4 pompano fillets-x (about 1-3 pound each) 1. Molt butter in fry pan; saute onions 5 minutes. 2. Add salt, hot- pepper sauce, shrimp; saute 3 minutes. 3. Place pompano fillets In four individual casseroles made ! of Alcoa Wrap; spread shrimp I mixture on top of fillets. 4. Cover i casseroles tightly with piece of Alcoa Wrap. 5. Place foil casseroles on baking sheet. 6. Bake -15 minutes at 375 degrees F. 7. Remove covers; serve in foil casseroles. 8. Yield: 4 servings. •xNOTK: Other fish fillets may be substituted for pompano. Mince Meat Kisses Are Sweet Valentines Dessert Is Male Appetite Pleaser Want to please tha nitm? Then treat them to their dessert favorite, rice pudding, often. They'll love this apricot - pe.:an version with the tender puf'sM meringue lopping. INOREDIKNTS: 'j rup uncooked white rice 3 cups milk ] 3 teaspoon salt 2 egg yolks, beaten 1-3 cup granulated »ugar j Hi' cups finely chopp-d, i dried apricots i >i cup chopped pecang 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 egg whites (for meringue) 1 teaspoon vanilla METHOD: Cook ru-a and milk over hot water until must of the milk has been absorbed by the rice (about 45 immiioa). Stir occasionally. Stir in the salt, egg yolks, sugar, apricui.j, ppi-an* and lemon juice. Pour into a gr?ased glass baking dish. B;«ke in a pie- heated 350 degree F. oven for about 30 minutes. Pu-tding will Start to bubble aroMiiu the sides. It will be nf a creamv consistency. Top the pudding with a meru.gue feade from th« two egg whites TO MAKE THE MEKJNGUE: Be»t th« egg white* until t n • y ip«*fc. 4<W '» tup iug*r * little »t » tint*. Cutting titter *a<-h addition. Add the v»nil!a. Beat until whites are very sii'f Spiead un the pud<Ung and tmvvn in a 425 degree F. oven for about g mii\- UU5. What could be sweeter than kisses for Valentines? The ones you make yourself, with meringue mix and mince meat, are especially delicious and make charming Valentine gifts. One envelope of meringue mix and half a nine-ounce package of condensed mince meat make two dozen or more dainty kisses. If you have lots of Valentine*, use both envelopes of meringue mix tnat.come in one package and all of the nine-ounce package of mince meat and make about fifty of the luscious little kisses. Mince Meat Ki«»ei 1 9-oz. package condensed mince meat 1 cup water 1 package meringue mix Break mince meat into small pieces. Add water and place over heat, stirring until nil lumps are broken. Boil briskly for a minute until mixture is almost dry. Cool. Prepare meringue according to package directions for baked meringues, r'old in cool, dry mince meat and drop in spoonfuls on cooky sheet covered with white paper. Bake according to package directions for baked meringues. Prescription Specialists WE DELIVER 3 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU ACCURATELY AND AS PROMPTLY AS POSSIBLE,,, Tom Perkins LyU Mary Terrell PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED We Give »nd Redeem P»mp» Progre»» Stamp* -^"^gjSil IFP^ i •!. ft. n_dM Pharmacy QUALITY 1307 N. Hob»rt SERVICE MO 4 ?504 *jrooa ^a One Way To A Man's Heart! As A "love potion" tot a Valentine's Day party try these delicious little coconut cupcakes delicately decorated in pink. For a lovely looking centerpiece, use these to outline a heart-shaped arrangement of frilly paper rloiiies. In the middle of the doily heart, place a real Valentine, gay with ribbons ... or a heart- shaped box filled with tiny Valentine favors. At dessert time, serve the cupcakes with strawberry ice cream, to carry out the color scheme. Coconut Cupcake* I'/z cups sifted cake flour 2 eggs, well beaten ' teaspoons double acting VS cup milk • • • ' '/ 2 teaspoon vamllfl I'/, cups Angel Flake Coconut 1 recipe butter frosting l'/a cups flaked coconut tinted . ^r .„„„. Pink, if desired Sift (lour once, measure, add baking powder and suit, and sift together three timos. Cream butler, add sugar gradually, and crpam together until light and fluffy. Add eggs and beat well. Add flour, alternately with milk, a small amount at a time, beating after each addition until smooth. Add vanilla and coconut and blend. Turn into paper liners set in muffin pans, filling about half full. Bake in moderate oven (375"F.) 15-18 minutes, or until done. Makes about 20 cupcakes. When cooled, spread butter frosting over top and sides and at once dip or roll in flaked coconut which has been tinted pink, if desired. Slil fttB PAMPA DAILY . Yeaf THURSDAY, FfiBRtUft? 12, 19S9 1 ute*. Add remaining Ingredients and heat. Pour into top container, of electric blender. Cover and) blend at low speed about .15-20 sec- j onds. If no blender is available, j beat with electric hand mix Serve hot, plain or garnished parsley flakes or minced chives. baking powder Vi teaspoon salt Vi cup butter of other shortening 1 cup sugar Speedie-Do Cream Of Pofafo Soup Is New Twist To Old-Time Favorite Dish Here's a. brand new twist to an Combine first 4 ingredient to old-lime favorite ... ft quick newl gaure pan . cover. Bring to aim twist you'll love to try! Now you mertn » can make delicious, creamy potato soup starting with a package of frozen French fires! It's so easy to do ... so quick. And you'll never believe the flavor can be so good until you try it. You start with the very same package of frozen French fries you find so handy to quick-crisp for Suppers and snacks. That gives you a running start because you skip the first two steps . . . peeling and pre-cooklng. Just add chipped onion and celery for a choice blend of flavors. And don't omit that last-minute whlr-r-r in your blender or mixer. That's the secret of the creamy-smooth consistency of the soup. Once you've tried sklp-a-step cooking with French fries, you'll find a dozen ways to add it to your meal-making routine. Casseroles, salads, soups. . .when your recipe calls for potatoes, reach for a package of frozen French fries. Chances Hre, you can skip those first two steps In preparing potatoes and turn out a good recipe with loss work. Worth a try, isn't it? SPEEDTE-DO CREAM OF POTATO SOUP 1 9-oz package frozen French j fries } ii cup chopped onion 1 cup chopped celery 1 i cup water 2 tablespoons butter or margar ine 2'i cups milk 1 teaspoon salt Vj teaspoon pepper About three out ft! 19 famine* dd not gel ienotlfh for daily requirement*. fixpe'rti point out milk hS9 100 Or 86 dif* ferent food mitrietns for vim, Vig- 01* and vitality. Milk can help build and repair tired and frazzled muscle and nerve tissue and pfts* ...._.. „ vide "go power" needed to meet and cook 4-6 min- today's working and living dS- WALL PAPER Sea tmpftriai New Olen Style Washable pflpr-f SMERVV1N-WILLIAMS P«lflt Co. S. Cu.vl*r MO 8-B822 Yield: 4 servings, about 4 cups ATTENTION ALL SCOTTISH RITE MASONS The Top 'O Texas Scottich Rite Association needs the help of all Scottish Rite Masons in this entire area. We need your assistance in planning some very important projects that can benefit the young men Of this locality. All Scottish Rite Masons, regardless of which Consistory you may be a member, can, and should be anxious to contribute their knowledge and time for such a worthy cause. The association is plan- nine to have a combination Bar-B-Que and meeting this February 20, 1959 at 7:00 p.m. at the Top O' Texas Sportsman Club. All current Scottish Rite Mason's in this area are cordially invited to attend. PLEASE MAIL THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION TO BOX 760, Pampa, Texas NAME *• ADDRESS CONSISTORY. Our Store Is Decorated Our Stock Is Well Displayed WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU ! PRODUCE MEATS Ruby Red Grapefruit 5 Ib bg Fancy Avocados each 39c 9c Simkist Lemons Ib. New Potatoes 2 Ib bog Swifts Premium Wieners pkg Butt or Shank End Horn . Ib. Home Made Pure Pork Sausage 3 Ibs. 49c 45c 98c FOLGERS COFFEE ib.can 73 25e Wisconsin Longhorn Cheese _.. Ib 45c HUNTS 300 size cans QVOQ Fruit Cocktail 5 for w Red McClure Potatoes 5 Ib. bag Friskie Dog Food 2 cans - 35c 29c Pork Shoulder Roast Ib. 39c Cube Steak Ib. 69c Shurfresh BISCUITS 3 cans 25 HONEY BOY SALMON large can 39c HUNTS HO/ TOMATO SAUCE 2for19c Grade A Large EGGS doz. 45 HUNTS TOMATO CATSUP H-oz. bottle 19c ROXEY TALL CANS DOG FOOD 5for39c NEW ENERGY POWDERED DETERGENT PATIO FROZEN 12 02 BEEF INCHILADA DINNERS ca.49c FOOD KINO GIANT SIZE BOX Energy Giant Size Can LARGE BOX QLEO 3 lbs.49c MACKERAL 2 tall cans 39c I Liquid Deleft C3H 49 C AMERICAN OIL SARDINES 10 flat cans $1.00 HUNT'S—2"., Su» C«n TOMATOES 6 cans $1.00 Frionor Fro/en 10 «/.. Fish Sticks pUiis. (U £ 3pkgs. I $100 SHURFINE--303 Six, C»n APPLE SAUCE 6 cans $1.00 Banquet Frozen Cherry PIE SFAMILF SIZE EACH AMKKICAN BKAITV KKI.NKI.KV 8 oz. EGG NOODLES 2 pkgs. Carnation MILK Stall cans Svvansdown ButlersroU-h, White, Devil CAKE MIX Carnation 8 quart size box INSTANT MILK " D "" ^ r c box25 Cut Kite 1W Ft. Wax Itoll WAX PAPER Snowdrift SHORTENING 3 Ib, can 72' ftc»t MtUu Iti oz. WAFFLE SYRUP bottle 19c ••••••••••••^WP^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^™* - j -- -• • MITCHELL'S GROCERY and MARKET DOUBLE STAMPS WEDNESDAY WITH «.SO PURCHASE OR MORE 638 S. CUYLER PHONE MO

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