The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 27, 1916 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1916
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1\ VOLUME XXVIII 8 Pages No. 292 CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI, FRIDAY, OCT. 27,1916. DAILY EDITION, 5,s WILLIlMSOMDAiDS NEVADA ·\VUjIi TtKPOKT AT MOBTLIZAT1OX HEAD QUARTE RS- Xo Kx-planation of tlie Transfer Ua.s Been Made Public--Were Sent Back to Get Recruits. Captain W. C. Williamson, com- SPEAKER, JAMES P- AT STL'ltCES---BIG The Democratic county candidates are very much, elated over the splendid nudiences they are having over the county in. their canvass °E the county. Last night was anothei sample of extraordinary mteiest and enthusiasm of the splendid a u d i e n c e -who heard Speaker James P. Boy 7 , of Monroe county and the c o u n t v candidates in the commodious hall at Sturg-es Thursday night. Mr. Boyd is an able Monroe oount lawyer and present speaker ot the DISCOVERS l 3I--OC ATTEMPTS TO EXTER .TA- Orf, HOME OX POLK ST. manding officer oc Company D, -Ho' House ot Representatives and alsc Missouri Infantry, U. S. K. G., has' one o £ the best political campaign- received instructions to close up the j ers j^ the state-. His speech on tat: local recruiting oCice and report to j issues a t sturges was full ol meat j for a time she knew there was some- Tren-1 E o r tlle consideration of the thinking one in the basement. Mr. Jacobs was Constable \Vnlden Was CsvUccl :'.vvl Ariivos in Time to Take 11 "Parting Shot :i(, iSuri^liu 1 . Friday morning shortly after one o'clock Mrs. Eugene Jacobs heard i noise in the Jjasisnient of her home on East Polk street. After listening MADE AT aiOXTHT/V BUSI-VES: S3SS1OA' AXD BAXQUKT Of CLUB. Kevad'-a, ilo., at once, says ton Republican. He will probably leave Friday evening -\\ ith his detail of three men, including Sergt. Smith, people of the issues of the present campaign, especially was the state issues and the record of the pres- away from acme and as there were only womeni in the house, Mrs. Jacobs went to the telephone and called her lilopuri. Also Made on Progress "Rcijiu'dJng: the Scciuiiig- of a Site for Couvcnikm Mull--Many Inter. estung Talks "U'ere Made.' Reservations were exceeded by almost double their minrber at lasi night's Chamber of Commerce ban- ciuet and the number of "extra's" had «·«!» $3 «· S- ·· « « «·!·' Spcalcmj; ^Saturday Xiyht. Speaker of the Hou»e James ^ P. Boyd, will speak at the ' court house Saturday evening 3- at 7.30 Mr. Boyd is one ol' ·$ Missouri's ablest speakers and ® everybody is invited to come · out and hear the issue discuss- :·· ed. ·4- of Hannibal, Corporal Dennis, of ChU--! ent state administration, thoroughly i father, Constable Walden, who inline- j Bert Clark hitting a two-step for a licoLhe, and Private Welch, of Tarkio,' anc i completely analyzed showing it j diately answered the call and ran to for tfie state mobilization headqnar-, lo ^a^g been f r u i t f u l or more genu- j the Jacobs home-, a siiort distance tors. i me progresive legislature in beha.ll j As Mr. Walden entered the house the No explanation of tlie transfer of | O f fa s people of the state ol Missouri j intruder ieard him and made a hnr. Captain Williamson has been made than any single 'four year term since i ried exit of the basement and reach- public When questioned today, the officer denied that it had any significance either so far as the soldiers' re. turn or their f u r t h e r preparations for activities on the border are concern- j Representatives- for several terms and he had a large part to do in the making and shaping of legislation in Missouri 'and he is intimately informed the war. Mr. Boyd is one of the ! ed a large tree in the back yard bo- best informed men in the state on I fore the officer reached the rear o; state issues at the present time be- the house. The intnvlor took refuge cause he has been, in the House ol [ behind the tree for a short time and as he emerged from his hiding place ed. Capt. Williamson was sent back from Laredo, Tex., where his com. pany is stationed, several weeks ago to conduct a recruiting campaign thru out the section surrounding Trenton. Since his return he has enlisted eight men, all hut two of whom have been received in the ranks of Company D. . THE AVEATilKR. Fair tonight and Saturday moderate temperature. with while, but Chef Bombergarner was- equal to the otcassion and had everybody served in good order. · The meeting from a business point was the largest of the year; there Tv-ore three subjects up for consldcra. tioii--Convention Hall, Farm Congress .reports and the report of the U S. Department of Agriculture on Grand River drainage. do not compare with tho splendid condition of roads in adjacent counties and every one should take it upon himself to be a commitles of OK_ to h,elp eliminate this evil. Ed. O. Welch, the newly appointed chairman of the Convention Hall committee made report ot progress made and that a numtber of options were being secured on a cite for the erection ol' the building. The Drainage report consisting ol nineteen pages, type-written was read by Charrmain J. T. Milbauk and same ordered published in both papers for the information of the community in general, which will appear at an eaiii date. The discussion on this important WILSON WILL INVADE KWYHjprWEEI TKEMKXDOCS KECKPTJTOX IX IM WAS GRATIFriXG A Mighty Conikleiit Party of Democrats Are Returning; to Shatl_ o\y Jjawn Today. D3 Uiiltvi] PFCMM.) Drafton, W. Va., Oct. 27. -- -Presi- 'dent Wilson was returning today to Shadow Lawn to prepare lor the final fireworks 01 the campaign. Tomorrow is Wilson Day throughout the nation and democrats -will observe it generally, reading at local meetings tlie same message that the president is to deliver at a gathering at the summer white'house. Next week President Wilson goes to New York for an address t 0 swinj; 'the empire state into th© democratic column. He will leave Shadow Lawn Tuesday lor Buffalo where he speaks November 1st, following a cay in New York City. Both days promise to be full of action and qualified to spoak on the record I escape. aad made a run for the alloy the ol-1 president T. C .Beasley presided fleer took a shot at him. It was dark i wl tji iia interesting list of speakers he and the would-be burglar made h i = l h a d selected to lead the discussions. and condition. of every state department and matter pertaining to the business ot the state The big audience was delighted with the splendid speech of Mr. Boyd and gavo him liberal applause in their hearty approval. Mr. Boyd will speak at Farmersville this evening and at the courthouse in Chillicothe i Saturday evening at 7 : 3 0 o'clock. Married !y Rev. Cia»i:. I FARMER AND oTOCKMAX IX- V. R. Holbrook of Easton, Mo., ana | AirGURATHy. SUUSCRI I-'TTOX*' Miss Beulah Moore of Brcckenndge, j CONTEST iy were married at the home of the ot ficiating minister. Rev. Wan en P. Claik, Tli-ursday evening at o'clock. The Missouri Farmer and Stockman, recognized as one of the leading farm j o u r n a l s of the country lias arranged to put on a subscription There evidently were two men working in that part of town at the same time, as a short time after Mr. Walden shot at the i n t r u d e r in t h p Jacobs home another man was seen running from Jefferson street into Polk and cut thru a vacant lot and made his esca/pe over to Calhoun St. For the past two weeks the neigh- I b o r s in the northeast part of the city (have been bothered by pro-vvlers who have attempted to gain entrance to homes. A committee is being organized among- the citizens of that section of the city and a close watch will be kept for these 'intruders and topic was taken part in by F. L. A thaud, W. H. Ellet, D. Stewart, Harry - Metmer, Vern Piper and others. Mr. j President WHstonTs reception in Milbanlt announced that-Jater a gen-1 Cincinnati was a pleasant surprise - . i , t _ *** 11 · .. +,1 Tiln liii-iitrt-nn nitc "Df-ilitijiinnc tVl«=V(3 eral meeting would be called oE all tlie counties of the Grand River VaL to his lieutenants. Politicians there had never before seen such politica ley that are interested with a view of j demonstrations, leaders predicting -erarins J. complete survey. , that after t h e President speaks in Among visitor* present who made Kew York th « betting odds will swing talks, of Interest weie A'. Macdonald, t r o m even to favorable odds, father o£ A. B. and George Macdon- Tll * President delivered four stren- \n extra, however, appeared by Uie presence of Sam Jordan, the "Corn I\ran," who chanced to be passing thru the city He was prevailed upon to take a later ; train andI maKe an | --^ £ "' £. ^oTmpor^ChH- "ous addresses yesterday in which address at the banquet. Mr Jo, dan I ^ ^ Mluneapo- U»"y of purpose. aUcgiance to the Z H^?n e ^r^ H'e p°S ». "^ere they do things." Mr. 1 country and determination to save out several new reasons and used that such a structure would serve the city and com.munity in addition to it is done needless to say what will be ·with, them if the committee is those being considered locally When he had flni hod every one present was thoroughly convinced that Chillicothe cannot longer go without this build- A resolution was passed condemning t'he trading stamp, coupon anj i ontest in Livingston county to increase the circulation of that journal successful in capturing them There are a number of y o u n g men in the city who wear good clothes and seem to plenty to eat and Tho Coon Hunt To-m'Jrro-w. Tomorrow (.Saturday; n.ght is date of the Elfc's third annual coon j ln ttls county . p r i ze s to be given hunt. The mulligan is on a boilm away wl n include a five passenger i plenty O f change in their pockets wl and the eats will be rushed to camp I au t o mobile of standard make, a $100 | are known to have never dono a day's s-hoitly betore the dinner hour t o - ' n-orrow evening. It's going to be one of the biggest stunts ot the present Victrola or Edison and $105 in gold work. A special representative of the Mis- , Kift evil s'o serious a menace "retail merchandising, costing JJs, wins re me.) 1 u.u UJ.IIUQD. J.AJ. . i M Y. Rusk of Brookficld m a d e an \ to « country from the worst to be interesting talk complimenting Chil-1 cone after the war, were the three licotke's enterprise for doing "bis | Principle points of emphasis which things" and conceding to Chillicotbe | received hearty applause and con. year for Elks and is expected. Kul pi) Jjozier Here. Hon. Ralph Lozier of Carrollton was in Ghillicothe Friday shaking hands with friends en route to Sullivan county where he -will make a series of speeches within the next lew days on behalf of the democratic state ticket. Mr. Lozier has just completed a speaking tour of Chariton, Monroe and Randolph counties anrl reports enthusiastic meetings even- where. Xews From the Front. The Constitution has received a photo postal car from Capt. A. M Ellett of Company I, Fourth Missouri Regiment, now stationed at Delores Tex., depicting a "flock" of Mexican kids scrambling for the "leavin's" from Company I member's mess pans. Capt. Bllett says: "They eat what the men throw out of their mess pans." Aniomg the familiar figureL in the photo are Joe McHolland, Herbert Da-nielson, Fred Ireland, Max Woods and several other Company I members. souri paper will remain in Chilli. full attendance' the _ ihis offlce location to be an [nonnced later, and he will take personal charge of the contest. The contest will he conducted under t h e GARCIA SENT BY OARRAX- ZA. OX A PEACE HfSSIOX. Tho Coon Hunt. ye Elks forget, tlte big coon hunt which was to have been celebrated last Saturday night, but which was postponed on account of i-cleni- ent weather, will bo staged .next Saturday night. management of the B. F Brady Contest Co. of Kansas City. Mr. Warrington of the Farmer and Stockman arrived in Chillicothe Friday to take direct charge of the contest. Hot:-.!] Grocer's. Association Meet. The Chillicothe Retail Grocer's Association held a special meeting last night for the purpose of discussing the conditions which confront the retail grocer. In order to protect themselves and assure themselves of a sufficient supply of nearly everything in their stocks they have been compelled to purchase large quantities and pa greatly increased prices. This requires large sums of irjoney Selling these goods on credit and ·waiting from sixty to ninety days foi ilia pay tor them v.iill put the retailer in a hole where he can't get out. Plans for putting ths retail grocery business on a strictly cash basl^ wer" discussed and unless collections Improve greatly in the near future this is the only solution they have for the problem. J. T England, Pres. H. B. Hunt, Sec'y. It TJitr reduction, in all millinery. En loe Harwell, 2nd lloor Ncv fork O25tl3-,v1 El !5y TJliltcil Pr Paso. Tex., Oct. 27 -- Andre? Garcia, inspector of counsel ror the defacto government started for New York today on an urgent diplomatic mission tor first chief Carranza A few days ago Garcia returned f r o m Mexico City following a conference with Carranza. "This mission is not concerned people of Missouri millions of dollars annually, from which no ono derives any profit or benefit except_t'he _ owri-ers ot the stamp, coupon or prcm-1 o n n J" · . Tvr i- R ,»n r mm schemes. The resolution passed, leads as follows- Resolved, that this organization go on record favoring the enactment 01 an anli-trading coupon and p r e m i u m law, by the State Legislature-of Missouri at its 1917 session, which will have tho effect of eliminating these trade evils from, this state. The Greater Missouri Move-men! being prelected by the Federation oi Missouri Commercial Clubs, the Business Men's League of St. Louis and numerous other organizations and ,1st. the right to "maintain North Missouri's Farm Congress; that Brookfield had entertained some idea of starting a similar affair, but observ ing ths groat importance and sue cess of the Chillicothe enterprise to join hands and co-operate w i t h Chil. (.J-P licothe in making this show a "greal ' ' N o r t h Missouri event." Mr. Rush was heartily applauded tor the friendly spirit shown by our nsigh- friends that there was no doubt about which way Ohio will go on November 7th. A party of ·mighty confident democrats are returning to Shadow Lawn today. Great Reception RTere. Cumberland W. V., Oct. 27.--They sprung a new one on Presidet Wilson and "his part yhere this afternoon. It was a banner reading: -"It's not so much we're for Wilson as it is that Wilson is^%3r us." Tt was one of several banners declaring Wilson's stand on labor, held aloft in the crowd of several thou- announeed that ho 'had come to | sand which met the train with men, Chillicothe to "feed its people a n d ! music and cheers. At Piedmount the people of its trade territory, fand Keiser, W. V., great crowds of bread." Mr. Bench is putting in an railr.oad workmen greeter the presi- ?8,000 bakery plant on Martin St., dent. While he was shaking hands Mr. Bench, a son of James Bench of Green townsffip, was present. Mr. Bench is an experienced baker and business firms o,f St. Louis to rai $150,000 in St Louis for state de- with the American-Mexican media- i ve ] O p men t along all lines, was brot ·bdore the meeting. A request wa"- m a d e by A. Lyman Danlin, directoi the "campaign that the busmesr tion commission," he said, "but does concern peace between the United States and Mexico." Tho movement of Pancho Villa are being directed from El Paso by s juncta of Mexicans and a few Americans, according to Garcia who declared that Ms secret service mer had such evidence. Money is also being furnished from the American cdsi to pay the soldiers and attempts have been made to smuggle ammunition across the border for Villa. These attempts have been frustrated. AXOTFTER U-BOAT FIjAYIA'G IX XTXITED STATES WATERS'; my UiiitMl FreiO New Port News, R. I., Oct. 27.-The report that a Gorman submarine had passed the Capes could not be verified by the Weather station ai Cape Henry or Port Monroe officials. Truth of the report was' doubted at Cape Henry. ot ._ . . men of Chillicothe who buy in SI afl rnmeilt Louis, -write the firms they buy f r o m , ) 1:L . 20 in that city, complimenting St. Louis for taking the initiative in this State development movement and otherwise letting them know of their interest in the success of this project A motion was passed expressing the appreciation of the Chamber of Commerce t 0 St. Louis for its offer of furnishing experts of proven ability in any development work Chllllcolhe equipping it with the latest modern machinery and promises to produce a product equal to any bread being received on the market from, the cit- At the conclusion of the meeting e secretary was authorized to enter mto contract with, the publishers of (.he Automobile Blue Book for a page of advertisement for 1917 The meeting was pronounced by all who were present as being t'he most ieresting A PLOT TO KAXB BORDEiR TOWN* TX ORDER TO EMBARRASS -WTLSOVS MEXJCAX POLICY IS FRUSTRATE!) UU'h Hill toiMisliip Xoticc. Meeting for members of Farmers Mutual Ins. Co. on evening of Wednesday, Nov. 1st. Everybody welcome. Roy O. Byrd. 27.4 TVPT h-.t in our stock at .1 areatly reduced price. Enloe Hart-roll. 2n floor yo-,v York Store. otS3d3wl Fail-view Grand River Twp- Notice. Meeting for members of Farmers,' Mutual Ins. Co., on evening ot Mon-' day. Oct. 30th. Everybody come. 7-2 Roy Byrd. An immense stoclc of trimmed hrvU nt an amazinprly low price. TJnloe * Hartivell, 2ncl floor Sew York Store. DEMOCRATIC SCTlAKtXG DATES. The following dates are for County Candidates. Wolfskill's String Band will be present. Farmers-fine, Friday, October 37, at 7 : 3 0 p. m. L'eaton School House, Saturday. October 2S, at 7: 30 p. m. Hon. James Boyd of Monroe county, Speaker of State Legislature, will also speak at the Sturges, Farmersville and Leaton School House meetings. Hon. Roy Rucker will address the voters of Livingston county, as follows: Spring-hill, Monday, October 30th at night. Sampsel, Tuesday, October 31st at night. Moores-rille, Wedneday, November 1st, at night. Hosman School House, Thursday, November 2nd, at night. and Livingston county may have in view to co-operate and assist in carrying it to completion. The business men ot Chillicothe were asked to bear -'these facts in mjnrl and m a k e men' t i o n of them in their business cor respondence wiiUh firms of St Louis. Chairman A. R. Coburn made an extensive report on (he success of Ui e Farm Congress, including a vote of thanks to t'he people of Chillicothe, Livingston and adjacent territory for the remarkable assistance rendered in making the Farm Congress the great success that tt was. He particularly ill- ot any session yet held and was not taken until pep and vim anil the highest ideals for Chillicothe's fu- from the rear platform, a small boy who could not pee what was going on, climbed upon a car and yeled: "Yey, Mister, what you giving away?" He got a laugh from everybody including the president. Cnltnt Pro Washington, Oct. 27 --Secretarj' of War Baker and Secretary of State Lansing both declared today that .1 Mexican, not American, plot is responsible for the border raid danger outlined in Baker's startling statement of last night. "I cannot imagine any American cibizeD so unpatriotic and wanton a? to join in such an action," said the Secretary of State. of tha Secretary Baker, "would o£ course be glad to complicate relations between the United States and Mexico and my in- "The Mexicans opponents tlefaclo government," said success taat re wa.=. ^~ ,.~ ne aes emphasized that the ladies should be I toniiatJ on is that they think this is included in this vote of thanks, who o n appTO ,priate time to do so. The did wonders in their'departments. He insisted that the time is now here for spe»dy work on the erection cr n Convention Hall in which to hold future Farm Congresses. The Cham, her of Commerce gave the executive committee a hearty vote of thanks for their efforts in the successful management of the Farm, Congress. The-Highways into this city came up for discussion, calling the attention of the members to the great necessity of overcoming the reputation this county is creating in the existence of undragged roads. Our roads Statement made by the department ought to \discourage any venture on their part in this direction " El Paso, Tex., Oct. 27.--Representative? of the state department on the border claimed to have no knowledge of a plot of 'Mexican revolutionists to raid the American expeditionary force in Mexico but military authorities say they have been prepared for such an eventuality for a month past. Just received new patterns in picture moulding at Sauer Book Store. TIOOSEVEM 1 REFUSES TO BE GAPIJED BY THT3 POWERS BACICEVG KCGI-rES. BT United I*re»»i, Chicago, 111., Oct. 27.--Answering published reports that he was bein 1 ; gagged or was to be gagged into "pussy-footing" present issues and that as a result of coolness had arisen between himself and the powers behind the Hughes campaign, Col. Roosevelt today said that he would probably deliver live more speeches in the interest of the republican pres. idential candidate. Besides Baltimore, Roosevelt will speak before the Cooper Union in New York probably next Friday even ing and in Toledo and Cleveland, O., earlier in the week. CONGRESSIONAL OAXDT. DATES REPORT . Washington, Oct. 2 7 .---Congress. ional candidates' expense account filed today include Missouri -- Moul. ton $ 3 . 4 0 ; Rucker 5 4 3 1 3 5 ; Bowker J 5 7 1 1 0 ; Ferguson nothing; Boo- here ?571.00; Lauglin nothing, DAXXY SHAY, mSMAXTI/ED BIATJ3 LRADKR, Wjyj, MAX- AGE TFTE SUMVAUKEE TEAM (Br UnlKMj PrciK.1 Milwaukee. Mis., Oct. 27.--Danny Shay, former manager of the Kansas City club of the American A=socia- tion will manage the Milwaukee Brewers in. 1017, the president of the Milwaukee club announced to- daj. i Ths Slaughter Shoe Sale is still so- ins on at ICillinf; Prices at Hawley'«. Try a Constitution Wani Afl. iNEWSPAFERr iNEWSPAPEr

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