Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on September 24, 1938 · Page 7
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 7

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1938
Page 7
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Page 7 MELVIN JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, September 24, 1938 MAIDEN EFFORT By SAMUEL HOPKINS ADAMS e SAMUEL HOPKINS ADAMS WNU SERVICE Bearing his burden through the rain, the guest settled down to serious perusal. It was pretty awful, he decided. Yet through the murk and fume of hifalulin verbiage there thrust the structure of an authentic and lively, if somewhat threadbare, plot. Whether it was salable or not, the reader lacked any basis of judgment. It did not matter. He had something else in mind. Martin Holmes was going to get his much- needed vacation if strategy, flattery, and a little judicious mendacity could bring it about. It was mid-afternoon when Kelsey trotted back to the house with Flossie the Flop beneath his arm. "Loud cries of 'Author! Author!'" said he. "Have I at last found my Public?" demanded Holmes satirically. "I've read it all. And I really think you've got something." The author regarded him with affectionate pity. "Then all I have to say is that as an editorial reader you're a rising young architect." "Nuts to architecture I I'm ofl it for a couple of months, by orders. As my naturally active intellect has to have something to bite on, I've decided to go in for literary speculation." He tapped the manuscript. "I'm buying." "You've bought. Hand over the nickel." "No; I'm serious. I'm buying, for five hundred dollars." "You're crazy." "All right. I'm crazy. But my check isn't." '-'You offer to pay me five hundred dollars for this thing? Say it again." "Five hun--" "Never mind. I'm convinced. What's in your mind to do now?" "Well, I can see quite a little ·work to be done on it." "Rewrite me, huh?" The author laughed shortly. "You can't hurt my feelings." "There's another point. Most of the action is local." "Correct. Laid right here In the Finger Lakes district." "I feel that I can work better right here on the spot." "That's reasonable." "So I'll give you another hundred for the rent of the house. But I don't want you around. You're too noisy. And too nervous. You'd be a disturbing element. Hope you don't mind my saying so." Holmes cackled. "All right, old bean. Rub it in. I can stand it. You couldn't hold me with a log- chain, anyway. I'm off for the deep blue sea and way stations by the first boat, which ought to be about tomorrow. Mind you, about that story: you're buying a stoomer. I may never again be able to look you square in your sweet and simple-minded lace, but I'm just too tired to resist your subtle temptations. You've bought something." "I think so," answered Kelsey contentedly. "You've bought a whole bag of tricks. Not only several pounds of typewritten glub, but a name and personality to go with it Templeton Sayles, seignior of the magnificent estate of Holmesholm. That's you, my lad, till further notice. Exit Mr. Kelsey Hare, rich and once respectable young architect. Enter Templeton Sayles, and believe me he's some personage to live up to. Wait a minute. I got up a character sketch of my other self to go with the manuscript in case it was accepted. That was a condition oi the contest. I made Templeton out a devil of a feller. It ought to be in the manuscript somewhere. No? Too bad. It might have helped you to a fuller realization of who you are." "Maybe you modeled him on the hero of your story, Maiden Featherston. There's a chap I I can fairly see him in a noble pose, bugling forth, his battle-cry: 'I know all about women.' That flu attack left me with a sort of low and melancholic opinion of myself. I need a new character to build up my self- esteem and Featherston's the lad for me." "O. K. You've bought him, too. Mr. Templeton Sayles." "About Sayles, now. You haven't left any loose ends of him dangling around, .have you? Any secret commitments of lovelorn ex-maidens? He's got to come before this court with clean hands. And I've got to have full control of him from now on." "He's all yours. I resign any right, title or claim on him. My word is my bond that I'll never admit to any connection with such a person. Too bad we can't find that autobiographical skit of mine, though. Very spirited. I've goi to pack. Hi! You!" Responsive to this summons, a creature swarthy,. squat, and hairy appeared. Martin Holmes' combination cook, valet, maid, gardener, and man-of-all-work had been acquired from a bread line. His nan.' was approximately Glunk. His na Uonality was conjectured to be Patagonian because, as his employer pointed out, nothing less was compatible with the essential improbability of his personality. "Listen, you," Holmes addressed him. "I leave tomorrow for a couple ol months. Understand?" "Urgck." "Good lad. Mr. Hare--I mean Mr. Templeton Sayles, here is your bow till I come back. Get it?" "Urgck." "Correct Pack my things." "Just a second." expostulated the tenant. -MOW am i going 10 Know what he means?" "That's easy. Whatever he says always means 'yes* until he says something else. You'll be a couple of pals in no time. I'm off by the late train. Heaven send you luck with Flossie the Flop. And don't do anything that Templeton Sayles would be ashamed of." Thus began Kelsey Hare's new life as an author. All adult persons with enough education to read and write cherish the ineradicable belief that they can write fiction. Contemplating the manuscript of "Love Beyond Sin," the new Templeton Sayles decided that he might as well carry out the bluff he had made to the real author and have a crack at it. The first reminder of his altered personality came on the morning following his friend's departure, in the form of a night-letter addressed "Templeton Sayles, Esq., Moldavia, N. Y." Hoping to hoar from Holmes in New York and get some address to which he could forward the message; he stuck it upon the mantel, unopened. When no such information arrived, he forgot all about it. An envelope similarly addressed, which arrived on the second morning, he did open, since it was in Martin Holmes' own handwriting. Within was the newspaper photograph of the girl whom they had discussed, with a typed inscription across it: "Miss Adelina Ashcan, K. M., the Park Avenue debutter. For inspiration in your monumental work. I don't need her any longer. --M. H. "P. S. In case of visitors, of which you are likely to have some, don't let them scare you out of your character." T : '° new-fledged Templeton Sayles lumped the pictured girl into the waste basket. Thence, .on his cleaning rounds, Glunk rescued her, and set her on the mantel. His new boss caught him at it. "Do you like that picture, Glunk?" "Urgck." "Why?" "Nice gal." "My information points in quite another direction. However, leave her. She can slay there as long as she doesn't interfere with my work." In his fresh absorption, the newborn Templeton Sayles forgot her as completely as he had the night letter which she now completely concealed. (To be continued next week) fish Lives Frozen for Months In the tundra regions of Alaska lives a small blackfish which exists under the moss and which spends UF vacation frozen solid for CAVIWR JHP.M. /Wi WEMDAYS ALL DAY SUNDK/S en LONG DISTANCE CALLS The C. P. Tel. Co. Denton 9900 LL-POEK SAUSAGE In ORQRED BOWLS Try ESSKAY Afl Pork Sausage in the New re-us- nble bowls. Still finest in SAUSAGE in BOWLS TIIK WM. SCHLUUBHBEHO-T. J. KUHDCK CO. Banking Protection FOR YOUR HARVEST MONEY Farmers appreciate the security and dependable service of this bank -- especially at harvest time. We not only provide a safe place for crop money, but our checking and other facilities give the farmer quick, easy command of his funds without worry or risk. We are actively working for the interests of the fanners of this section, and will welcome an opportunity to cooperate with you in financial matters. The Peoples Bank of Denton, Maryland Boys First Phone Operators The first operators of the telephone switchboard installed in New Haven, Conn., in 1878, were boys. Ahoy-ahoy was used instead of the customary hello. Construction of N. F. Railway The Northern Pacific railway was constructed under an act of congress approved by President Lincoln on July 2, 18C4, and was completed in 1883. 1938 PROCLAMATION OF THE GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND PROPOSING AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE S7ATB -WHEREAS, at the January session of the General Assembly of Maryland, held in the year 1935, an Act was passed, to wit: Chapter 4G3 proposing an amendment to repeal Section 36 of Article 3 of the Constitution of the Slate of Maryland, title "Legislative Department," said section prohibiting the Gcncial Assembly from authorizing a lottery, and providing for the submission of said amendment to the qualified voters of the State of Maryland for adoption or rejection; and WHEREAS, at the January session of the General Assembly of Maryland, held in the year 1UI17, an Act was passed, to wit: Chapter -104 proposing to nnieml Section 21 of Article 4, title "Judiciary Department", sub-title "Pari. Ill--Circuit Courts", of the Coiibiilution of this State, to provide nn additional judge in the Second Circuit and to provide for the submJrsion of said amendment to the qualified voters of this State for adoption or rejection; and WHEREAS, at the January session of the General Assembly of Maryland, held in the year 1937, an Act was passed, to wit: Chapter 525 proposing nn amendment to Article 15 of the Declaration of Rights of the Constitution of the Slate of Maryland, authorizing the General Assembly to impose taxes on incomes, and providing for the submission of said amendment to the qualified voters of the State of Maryland for adoption or rejection; in words and figures as follows : CIIAI'TKII 4(3--1035 AN ACT to propose an amendment to rental Sorthm 'M of A r t i c l e 3 of the Con- blHiltlim uf Urn StalL- of Maryland, title "!.itlic Iup.irtmc'iit," siiil Hrcllon prolillillliif: t i n ' ( Assembly Irom aiitliurl/.ltiK 11 lillt.ry, »nd providing lor tliu hulum-'.lon of xnld Riiipmlini'iit to tliu (juallliud \nlern of HID Slate of Mnrj- huul for adoption or rcji'ttliin. Si-ctliii 1. lie It umcti-d ly tliu General A!»unlily of .Maryland (tluvu-lifllis « a" tliu mcmlM rH of uneli of t l i u t w o Houses conoiirrliiKJ, That Sei-llon .!U uf Article J of tliu ConstItutiim of tlie Stnlu of Maryland, tltli- "Legislative DuparlliiL-nt, pro- hlhltlii^ tin- icneral Assembly from authorizing lottery itrants be nml it la hereby rL-]eulc-il if a.lmiti'il by thu legJlly jiuallucil voturn of tin- Slate, aa herein provided. Stc. 2. And l»u It further enacted, That the urori-Kolii!,' uineriiliiieiit to tlie L'oiiutltii- tlon of thL Malu uf Maryland slmll, nt the next t n s n i i i K KU'tral rli-ctlon for members of tlic- Assembly of Maryland, be BiilmillUil t n the lejjal and diialllkd voters of Ilio M-ite for their adoption or rejection, 111 pur nance of the illreetloni contalni-il In Artii 1» uf tin- Constitution of the Stale of Marjlunil, and at tliu Bald jjunerjl c l i i t i o n tin- vote on the Bald proposed aim mlment to tliu Constitution hhall tor by billot, uiiil upon each billot lli.'ro shall In- p r i n t i i l Hie u i i n N : "for Const till ona Aim-n.lmi-nt' and "Asaliiijt Const tnlluiia Aiiiciidineiil." at now provided b j la\\. aim liumuillati-ly afti-r said c-leutloii due ret u r i i H Miall bu made to the Governor of Hie vote for and ntfalnst proposed a m e n d m e n t , OK directed by hold r.mrtt-eiith A r t k e of Flit- Vnii-Ullulimi. and further |ir..ceidln S i» had In awonliiiu-u w i t h sold Article 14. Approvi-d: .May 17, 1'J-Io. · CHAl'TCK 491--1937 VN ACT ti) amend Section 21 of Article 4. " tlllL- "Jnillelary Department", Hull-title "I'.irt III--Circuit Courts", of the Cons t i t u t i o n of thin State, to provide an additional Judge In tliu Second Circuit and to provide for the milinilihloii of h i l d amenilinent to the i|iiallllul voters of this Sl.iti- for adoption or rejection. Section 1. lie It enacted by the General Assembly -' M a r y l a n d (thn.-Ufths of all tliu members elected to each of t i e two lol.hos i-onuirrlni;), That the following H.-cllon bu and the.- tamu li hereby I'TM!'?*/ 1 aa an amendment to Sictlon .'1 of Art c e i, title "Judiciary Department", sub-title ·Tart III--Circuit Courts", of the Constitution of the Stale, and If adopted by the liKal and (inallllfil voters tbereof as lierc n prmlikd, It Hhnll mipersedo and stand n tliu pluce and stead of Section 21 of said Article 4. "1 For each of the Bald circuits, er- ceptlnt the elt,-lil!i. the Kccoml. the I i n and the blxth, theru Hlull bu a chj-f J u i P and t\u associate- JudueB. to be Htylec Judges of the Clnull Court, to be selected or uppolnteil as herein provided, timl for the bLLond ilriMilt. the- third circuit and the sixth circuit, there Bhall bo a chief Judge uiid three associate jnl»-s to be alylcd Judges of the Circuit Court, to bu eleeted or appointed as herein provided. Aim no two of said associate judge*, for any of the t-nl'l L l r c u l t n , except the third and sixth Llrcults bliall. nt the time of their (.kctlon or appointment or clurlnB the term for which lln-y may ha\e been eleeted or appointed, n-sldc In the K.-IIHB ciiuiiiy If t\\o »r minx- persona nlmll be candidates for «sMc!ate JudKe In the same county In a n y of the circuits, except the third anil hixth circuits, that one only In said count hliall be declared i-kclccl who lino the lilBb- ist number of w.teft In the circuit. In cabe any two candidates for associate JIIUBIS In any of the circuits, except the third and sixth circuits, residing In the game count* xliall h a v e an eiiuul number of votes creator than any other candidates for asso- tlnte Judu-u 1» the circuit, It shall be the duty of the (iovcrnor to order a new election for one associate Judcc; but the per- hon rusldlujr In any other county of the circuit and who lias the hlk'hest numK'r of votes shnll he declared elected. The Bald Judges shall hold not less than two terms of this Circuit Court In each of the counties coiupuslni; their respective circuits, nt guch limes ns are now or may hereafter lie pro- hcrlbed to which jurors shall be summoned; and In thobo counties -where only two such UTIIIB aru held, two other and Intermediate terms, to which jurors Bhall not bu summoned; they may alter or Ux t h a times for holding any or nil terms, until otherwise prescribed, and Bhall adopt rules to the end that nil business not rr- nulrliik' the Interposition of the Jury shall be as far as practicable, disposed of at H.ild Intermediate terms. One Judso In each of thu above circuits, Including the second. Ilia third and sl^th circuits, Hhnll constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business; and the hold Judges or any of them may bold special terms of their courts, win-never In their discretion the business of the Kuveral counties renders such terms nectbsary. The additional associate Judge for the third circuit elected In accoulnucu with ttiu terms nf the Con- stltiitloiial Amendment heretofore; submitted and adopted Hliall bo subject to the same constitutional provisions, hold bin nlllce for the Fame term of years, re-ceUe (lie seme compensation and have the samu powers as are herein provided for the other BEscidate Judges In the third circuit. The additional associate judge for the second circuit herein provided for shrill bo a resident "t (Veil County, shall be appointed by tlu iovernor after the oxplrii- (bin nf Rlx ((I) months after the adoption nf this amendment and shall berve until the HfMt general election for members of the ( Assembly that oliall be held In tald circuit siibbciiuent to the adoption of thin amendment, at \vhlch election his hiiccusbor shall be e!e-teil by tliu qualified voters of Caroline, (.Veil. Kent, Queen Anne'H nnd Talhot Counties, constituting the Ei-coiid circuit. The judge so ap- polnti d Hliall be subject to the same con- -tltiitlnna! prnvlNloiis. receive the same i - c i n i p . n - T l l n t i and ht'.e tb( KJIJIM powers is n-c hiTein provld(Ml for the other asso- -int,- Judges In tiie MXIIIU) circuit, and the mlgi' HO r!-i'lo,l hlrill be Hulijii;t to the nui c o i i N l i t i i l l o n a l provlKlon, hold his l i e tin- Mine t e r m of Jl'lirH, receive 11 j ·ji]'. i-r, up I|M atitm, and have 1 the » n- ] .. I :i: ii.e In leui provided for the i" -i c ·. · .'' !;:'S In the becond clr- i ' n l ' . . il Jn.'.^e for OIL' sltth clr 'i ' n i 1 '11- id rl-i'trd liy the qunllflcd voters of Prcdcrlcli mid Montgomery Coiinths nt the lil.'IS election In accordance w i t h the; lerms of DIP Consll- tntloniil Ameniliiient hernloforu snbnilttril and adopted shnll lie HiiAJect to the Fame rmislltiillntiBl provlKlons, receive the Fame comp ·nsatlon and have the tnmc powers uit arc herein provided for the other asxo- rl.ilo jndgos In the nl^tli circuit nnd his Riirrpssor Hhnll be npiiolnted and/or elected In nccordnnre with the constitutional provisions relating to Judges. The Chief Judge may lie olecled from either Frederick ir Monlgomery Counties, but when the Chief JiiclRp Is eleclod from Fredi-rlck County one of the nssnclite Judges nlmll be n rrsl- dent nf paid county and the two remaining associate Judges Rhnll lie residents of Montgomery County and when the Chief Judge Is elected from Monlgomery County one of the associate judges nhnll bo a resilient of eald Montgomery County and ILe remaining two aaioclate ludoci. reil: elFhts of I*r77lrrfrfc foTinty. In nsc any t a n d l i l a l p or for ns-nclate luilge nt any jndlclnl o l e i t l n t i bchl In lln n U l l i judicial circuit shall r r c c h p culllrli n t v u l i s to ( f i i ^ p such rnnilliliti 1 or n n i l l d i h s to be ilcelareil i In-led, but I hi- i-lrdloti of KUi-h i i n d f i l a l c or i.indblalcs \ \ n i i b l i ni-e more nsooehtr- Juilns linn IIP rein pi r milled to reside In a n y c o i i n t v of v i l d circuit, then and In (hit event only t h a t randld.ite or those cindldales, ,is the VIM- m n y be, residing In vilil comity In t h e n r i l i r of the \otea received nh:ill be d i c l i n d eli-cled whose election would p r o v i d e the IKTinlttud number f a ^ ^ o i l i t i ' Judges from said county anil the candidate or randl- dnti-s ns the cahc may be. residing In tin- other county, nnd not similarly disqualified, \\lio shall h a v e the next highest mini ber of votes In said e l i r t l m i shall be declared elected. If, by reason of bucb a condition or by of nn r| v o t e for two or more cniidbhitcs n Milllcleiit number of nssorlnle Judgci duly qinllHed as to residence 1 as above het out u l i n u M not be elected at nnr clertlon In sabl iilxtli Judicial circuit, then It Rhall he the d u l y of the (lovernor to order a r.e-ft clr clInn for such unfilled attlco or offices. Sec. 2. And bo It f u r t h e r enacted, That the aforegoing section hcroby proposed ns nn amendment to the Constitution of t h i s Klntc shall bp, nt the next general election to be held In this .State In the jear 1!U8, BLiliinlttcd to the legal and q u i l l l l e d voters thereof for tbelr adoption or rejection In pursuance of directions contained In Article 14 of the Constitution of this Slat?, and st the said general rlcrtlnn. the vote on the said proposed a m c n d n n nt shall be by ballot, and upon each ballot there shall bu printed the words 'Tor the Constitutional Amendment" nnd "Against the. Constitutional Amendment." as now prescribed toy law, anil Immediately after said election, due returns Bhall be made to the Governor of tin; vote for and ng.ilnst h.ihl proposed amendment ns directed by eald Article 14 of the Constitution. Approved: May 18, 19.17. CHAPTEH 511--1937 AN ACT to propose an amendment to Article 15 of the I)i rlarntlnu of Hlght-i of the Constitution of the Ntntc of Maryland, authorizing the General Assembly to Impose taxes on incomes, and providing for the submission of said amendment to the qunllllcd voters of the. State of Maryland for adoption or rejection. Section 1. He It cnartcd by the fiencral Assembly of Maryland (three fifths of all the members of inch of the two Houses concurring), That the following a m e n d m e n t be nnd the flame' Is hereby proposed to Article 1!) of the IVcInr.-illon of Hlj,'hts of the Constitution of the State of Maryland, the same. If adopted by the legal nnd quiil!- lleil voters of the State, as herein provided, to become Article 15 of the Declaration of Klghts of the Constitution of the State of Maryland. Art. 15. That the levy In jr of taxes hy the poll Is grlevoiiil and oppressive and ought to be prohibited; that paupers ought not to be assessed for the support of the Government; that the (iunural Assembly shall, by uniform rules, provide for separate assessment of land and clastlllcatlon nud sub-clrsslflcatlon of Improvements on land and personal property, as It may deem proper; and all taxes thereafter provided to be levied by the State for the support of the general State Government, and by the counties anil by the City of Italtlmon- for their respective purposes, bliall be uniform as to land within thu taxing district, nnd u n i f o r m within the class or Mil.-olnsi of Improvements on land and personal property which the respective taking powers may have directed to be subjected to the tax levy; yet flues, duties or taxes may properly and justly be Imposed, or laid with a political \low for the good government ami benefit of the community. Taxes may be Imposed nn Incomes, u h l r h may bu classified, graduated nnd progressive and the exemption of a reasonable amount of hi come from taxation may be. provided and such taxes may be In lieu of (aies on any class or classes of real or p u r s d i i n l property as the General Assembly may determine. Sec. 2. And be It further cnactccT, That the aforcgoluc amendment to the Declaration of Rights of thu Constitution of the Stitc of Maryland shall, at the election to be held In November, 1038, be submit tod to the legal and qualified voters of the State for tliclr adoption or rejection. In pursuance of the directions contained In Article 14 of the Constitution of the State of Maryland, and at the said general election the vote on the said proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be by ballot, upon each ballot there Hliall be printed the words: "For Constitutional Amendment" and "Against Constitutional Amcndnn nt", ns now provided by law, nnd immediately after Bald election due n turns shall be made to the Governor of the vote for and against proposed amendment, ns directed by KOld Fourteenth Article of tho Constitution, nnd further proceedings bad In accordance with Bald Article 14. Approved: May 18, 1037. NOW, THEREFORE, I, HARRY W. NICE, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND, in pursuance of the direction contained in Section 1 of Article 14 of the Constitution of Maryland, do hereby order and direct that this proclamation containing 1 a full, true and correct copy of the text of said Chapter 4G3 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Blaryland of 1035, and said Chapters 404 and 625 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland of 1037, be published in at least two newspapers in each of the counties of the State where so many may be published and where not more than one may be published then in that newspaper, and in three newspapers published in the City of Baltimore, one of which shall be pub'»'icd in the German language, once a Ceek for at least three months next preceding the general election to be held in the State of Maryland on Tuesday, the 8th day of November, 1938, at which election the said proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted in form and manner prescribed by the General Assembly, to the legal and qualified voters of the State for their adoption or rcj'ection. GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND THE GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND. DONE AT THE CITY OF ANNAPOLIS, THIS 20TH DAY OF JULY, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD, ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT. HARRY W. NICE By tAo Governor: E. RAY JONES Secretary of State. 1938 PROCLAMATION OF THE GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND STATE-WIDE REFERENDUMS WHEREAS, at the January 1937 session of the General Assembly of Maryland, an Act was passed known as Chapter 91, fixing the time within which marriage license may be issued; and WHEREAS, at the January 1937 session of the General Assembly of Maryland, an Act was passed known as Chapter 30G, for the purpose of licensing dentists which licenses shall be issued to individual dentists; providing for a State Board of Dental Examiners, its organization and duties; providing for the giving of examinations and licenses by said Board; providing for the issuance of new licenses in place of those that are lost or destroyed; providing for fees upon taking of examinations; providing for the revocation and suspension of licenses; prohibiting advertising by dentists; providing appeals from the ruling of the Board; defining dentistry; creating certain exceptions to the Act; providing for penalties, and providing other mutters incidental to the general purpose 01 the Act; in words nnd figures as follows: CHAl'TEK 01 AN ACT to repeal and rc-i^nact u l l h amendments Keetlon D of Article J of the Annotated Code of Maryland (I'.Ut Edition), title "Marriages", to 1U the time w i t h i n which marriage license may be Issued. Section 1. He It enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland. That Section fi of Article 02 of the Annotated Code of .Mnrj- land (101*1 IMItlon), title "Marriages", be aud It IB hereby repealed and re-enacted with amendments to rend as follows: D. Nefore tho Clerk of any of the Courts aforesaid Rhnll Issue any license be Hhnll examine one of the contracting parties to Ilio marriage, under oath, who shall appear personally before the Clerk and make application for the same, and the Clerk ihall fuU_ nams. of tb£ ties: Kfi'ond, their plin- of residence; third, their .1,,'e 1 ; f o u r t h , thdr color; fifth, w h e t h e r m n r r l i i l or single; sixth, ivlic-ther ri'l.itcil fir nut. If MI, in vvhleli degree 1 t rel i t l o n ,hl|i, l e v e n t h , If r KT d i v o r c e d ; vvhle'h facts upon the p mn"iit of one doll i r (^l.OD) ai nn a i i p h i a t l o u fee shall be bet out In printed form tu lie sinned by tin' penon mal.lng the application, and no Blic-h llcinse to m a r r y , tlrill be- ile'Ilvered b the ClirK u n t i l after the expiration of 1'orty eight (48) hours from tlic t l m u app l l e n t l o n Is made 1 therefor; provided, how- i v r r , tint a n y J i i d p o f t h e Circuit Court of the e n m i t y In T\ hlch ll» a p p l l i a t l n n Is made or, If made- In I!altlinoru Cllj-, any Juilgi" of tho Court of (Viriiinon Pleas, for good and snlllcli nt lau^i- s h o w n , may, l i j an order In w r i t i n g signed by him, authorize. the Clerk to dcllvi r mich llroiiM- at mi v time after the application therefor. It Khali be u n l a w f u l for the- eterKs of nn} of Ihr courts iifun said to mal.i- public- the f.iel nf nn a p p l i c a t i o n for n marriage II- ceiiKe u n t i l bucU license bhall hare been Issued. f-''c. 2. Anil lie It further enacted, That this Act Hliall take . f f . i t June 1, 1UJ7. Approved: .March 2J, 1'MJ. AN ACT to repeal Actions 1 to n. Inclusive, if Article .·;.' of tbe Code of Public General I.ivvs of Mar} land, I'KH .Supplement, riarl.'n IMItlon, title "l)cn- tlKtry", and to re-enact in place and In l i e u thereof t w e n t y - t h r e e new sections to bo Known as Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, !i. 0. 7, 8 0. 10, Ida, 11. 12, IS, I I , in, Hi, 17. 18. 1!, V», 21 and 2J, for the purpose- of licensing dentists, \vlilch licenses shall be Issued tri I n d i v i d u a l dentists; providing for a .State Uu.-ird of Dental KT.inilnerH, Its organization and elntie-s; providing for the giving of examinations and HC'HFPS hy Mild Hoard; providing for ttirj Issuance of new licenses In plici" of those that are lo^t or d c s t r o j c d ; providing for fevs upon t a k i n g of o x a m l n n t l o n H ; pro^ d l n g for the revocation and Biispeiihlon of licenses; prohibiting advertising by de-ntlbts; providing appeals from the ruling nf the Hoard; d o n n i n g dentistry; creating certain exeeptlona to the A c t : providing for penalties, anrl profiling other matters Incidental to the general purpose of the Act. .Suction 1. lie It enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, That Sections 1 to 13, Inclusive, of Article 32 of the Code of Public General Laws of Maryland, 1033 Supplement, Flack's Edition, title "Dentistry", be, and the same are hereby, repealed; and that twenty-three new sections, to be known as Sections 1. 2, 3, 4. 5, 0. 7. 8. », 10, lOa, 11, 12, 13, 14. IB. 10, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22, be, and they nro hereby, enacted In lieu and In place thereof, said new sections to read as follows: 1. It shall bo u n l a w f u l for any person to engage In the practice of dentistry In the Ktatc of Maryland, unless such person shall have obtained a license from the State Board of Dental Examiners of the State of Maryland as hereinafter provided. cxce-pt that the MCCIIMJ of any dentist, existing at the time of the passage of this Act. shall continue In force unless suspended or revoked hy tho Board In the mauucr hereinafter provided. All licenses Issued by the Hoard shall bo Issued to Individual persons, anil It shall be unlawful for any dentist to practice In this State under any name except hla own true name. Xo license shall be Issued to any corporation, association, partnership, parlor, or nny entity or association of any kind or character. It shall be unlawful for any Individual or group of Individuals to practice dentistry In this State as a corporation or under a corporate name; or under a partnership name; as an association or under an association name; as a parlor or under any parlor name, or an entity or under the name of any entity of any kind or character. 2. There shall be a State Hoard of Dental Examiners, hereinafter called tho Board whose duty It shall be to carry out the purposes and enforce tho provisions of this Article. Said Board shall consist of six registered and practicing dentists of recognized ability and honor, residents of tlio State of Maryland, each of whom shall have been In active practice in the State for at least five years Immediately preceding hla appointment. No member of the faculty or teaching staff of nny university or college In tho State of Maryland which offers undergraduate courses In dentistry shall be eligible for appointment. The members of the Board aa at present constituted shnll hold office for the residue of the respective terms for which they hare been appointed. On the expiration of the term or terms for which any one or more of the members of the present Board may have been appointed, In pursuance of this Article, the Governor Bhall appoint a successor or successors from a Hat of dentists duly MuallUed as hereinbefore prescribed of double the number of vacancies to be filled, proposed and submitted to him by the Maryland State Dental Association, and chosen by a majority Tote of the members of said association present at a meeting of said association called for that purpose, of which meeting at least two weeks' notice. stating the time, place and purpose thereof, shall be mailed by the Secretary to the members of Eald association at their respective addresses appearing In the records thereof. Tha term for which the members of said Board shall be appointed as aforesaid shall be six years, and until their successors shall have been appointed nnd qualified. No member who has served two full consecutive terms shall be eligible to succeed himself. In cUse of a vacancy occurring In said Board by reason of the death of any member, or oi his Incapacity. neglect or refusal to act. or In any other way, tho Governor shall, from a Hat of duly qualified dentists of double the number of Tacanclei to bo filled, chosen, submitted and proposed to him ai hereinbefore provided, appoint a successor or successors of sold member or members, who shall hold office for the remainder of the uncxplrcd term or terms of said member fir members. Any member of said Hoard, who, without adequate reason shall be ah'cnt from two successive meetings thereof shall cease to be a member thereof, nnd the Governor shall have the power to remote from office, nt nny time, nny member of the Board for continued neglect of d u t y required by this Act, or for incom- potrncy, unprofessional or dishonorable conduct. , 3. Said Board shall choose one of Its members president, and one secretary thereof, whose duties Khali be those usually appertaining to their respective offices, and shall adopt such rules, regulations. or by-laws aa may he necessary or pTpodlcnt to n?slBt It la its organization under this Article. The Secretary shall also he the legal custodian of all the property, monev, mlnutoc, records, proceedings and fhe soal of said Board. Said Board shnll hold rcgulir meetings In the months of June and November of every year, and special meetings ns It may deem necessary, upon call of the president or secretary thereof and upon due notice. Meetings may bo held at any time and place- nnd without notice, by the nnnnl- rnntiB consent evidenced cither by writing or hy the presence? of any member whose consent Is necessary. 4. The Bonrd shall ftlvp an examination twice each your at a Riiltnblo plnco In Maryland to he decided by the Board, to nil persons whn may ek-slrc to qualify to practice dentistry in this State. This examination shall be at such time, place. under such conditions and of such kind or character as tho Board In Us sole discretion may determine. K. (a) Any person of good moral character. twenty-one or more rears of age, who has been graduated nnd admitted to tho degree of Doctor of Dental Furpcry, Doctor of Dental Medicine, or other equivalent degree hy nny university or collogo dnlv Incorporated nnd authorized to grant slid degree by the law« of thp United Riatos or nny of Its territories, districts or possessions, or bv the laws of any State of the United States, or the laws of any province of the Dominion of Canada and recognized by the Hoard ns requiring ade- qunto pre-professlnnnl collegiate training nnd aa m a i n t a i n i n g nn acceptable course of dentil Instruction, may make application In writing to mild Boanl to rw 1 examined by It with reference to his or her qualifications to practice dentistry, anil upon his nr her passing nn examination satisfactory to said Board, which examination Bhall be In writing pn far .as sold Board shall deem practicable, the Board shall causo the name nnd residence of such person to be reglstercel In a book kept by It for that purpose, and shnll Issue to such person a certificate of registration, as pvl- donco of his or hor eligibility to practlco dentistry. Bignod by the oflloors of the Hoard and noalod with Its official seal, which certificate shall nlno Btnto the name of the person to whom Issued, and the date of such Issuance. (h) Tho Board may, In Its discretion. register w i t h o u t examination, tn whole or In part, and Issnc a certificate to any per- hem whn has been graduated and admitted to the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery or equivalent degree by nny university or collc'gu Incorporated nnd authorized to grant such degree by the laws of tho I'nltcd States, or any of Its territories. districts or possessions, or by the laws of any Stato of the United States or by the laus of any province of tho Dominion of Canada nnd who has been duly registered and licensed to practices dentistry by n Hoard of Dental Examiners created and ctlstlng under tho laws of the United .States, or nny of Its territories, districts r possessions, or under the laws of tny Stale of the United States, or who may Imp absolved any part of the requirements of examination under the authority of a rccognl-.eel Haard generally accepted as · reputable agent of the profession. (c) Students of dentistry at a recognized college of dentistry who have ceim- idttcd the regularly prescribed prc-cllnlcal I n s t r u c t i o n In dental schools recognized by the Hoard, and who may be certified by the dean of tho college at ulilch they are* In attendance as having gatlsfnctorlly complulcd certain subjects Included ID the I'Vimlimtlon given by the Hoard, may on application be admitted by eald Hoard to Its regular examination upon such subjects and upon passing such examination fihnll bo deemed to have absolved the requirements of the Board In such subjects. (d) Upon application of the Board of Managers or executive head of any bonn lido general hospital or Slate hospital or Bnnltorlum In the State of Maryland, and upon the payment of a feo of five dollars the Board shall Issue a certificate of limited registration to any Individual of ffftpfl piorftL character Boarrr with" prnor rnirfllrTg" KuiTi pTrsTm to !· examined for n g i h l r a l l n u uiuh r nib- iiir.-iKrnph (a) of this M I Hon. K n r b l i m - ited registration hliall IIP fur one } only nnd the dale, of e x p i r a t i o n Mi ill bu plainly nk.i!d on tin- f i n - of t h e d r l l t i n t " of reg- I h t r n t l o n S u r h J l i n l l e d registration H'lall i n l l t h - the- s ltd n p p l l c i u t tn p r a i t l i c dm t l s t r v only for tin- v,|,l I n s t i t u t i o n i! s!j: n u t i d on h!s cvrlllk i l " nf n y l s t r a t i n n nnd only on buna (Id,, p u l i - n t s of said l i r t i l u - tloii. Sueli certlllc it;- may lie revoked by the- Hoard at anj time for cauRe*. fi If any HM-IIH- herein provided for IR lost or destroyc-il. and If t h e holder thereof shall de-Hire a new license to be Ifisiud In plice- of the license lost or dostrojul, he- slnll make w r i t t e n application to the B ere-- t.iry of the Hoard for re Issuance- of the s i m e illicit r atndavlt, bcttln« forth t h a t Mich I l i i n s c Is Iciht or de-strocd, and the I re u nisi,i n res under nhlch hucli loss or di'Stnu (Inn occurred, and upon receipt of Niidi s j i i s f i i i o r y a p p l n a t l o n and nin-Uvll. the t - f - i r e t a r y K|I ill l^ue to Falil applicant a duplicate I l e c n s . , f,, r w ],| cll u, ( , re Bliall be paid a fee of live dollars. 7. A fee of t\vmty dollars shall be paid fo the secretary of tin- Hoard at the- time of application by each npplirunt for ex- ai.ilnatlon, or registration, or both, an often as ho or hhu hhnll apply for hame; proUded that PEJ m e r i t of fcaidfioof t u e n t y dollars by nn a p p l i c a n t who may n|rp]y lor examination upon certain Btiliji-cts as provided In S. cllon fi, Article- 3, hereof shall entitle him or her to take tho examination upon tha remainder of the prescribed subjects, no part of t-ald foe to be rcfuneled under any circumstances. 8. The fees collected by the Board shall be used to defray the cos,t of executing and enforcing the provisions of t h i s Article, including a salary to the secretary as flxed by the Hoard and a per diem to each member of the Board of tncnty-flva dollars for o\cry day he Is actually employed In the discharge of hla olllclal duties, necessary expenses of the secretary and members In the performance of their duties, and such other expenses as the Hoard shall deem necessary in carrOg out the pur- posei of this. Article The- K' crctary shall rc.c-1-he anil disburse nil moneys of the I'e.ard, nnd sl.all are otint for tho B.ime to the- hi ite Comptrolh r In tho m o n t h of Do(ember In rai h and e-vcry y i n r ; end should the a m o u n t In his h i n d s ai of I)i comher H i s t in any jear, niter deducting all expenses paid or Incurred, exceed live hundred dnllnrs, the excess shall be paid over to the State Board of Health. 0. Transcripts from the aforesaid book of registration certified by the secretary, M'alicl with its seal, and all certificates liu-i'd In pursuance of the terms of this Article, shall be- evidence of the acts and proceedings of the Hoard In any court of this .Slate. 10. I'ollowlng a hearing, as hereafter provided, the Board taay revoke or suspend for such period as tho Hoard In It) bole discretion mny determine, the license of any dentist practicing In this State upon i finding by the Hoard that tho dentist whose lle-cnse was revoked or suspended; (1) was convicted of a crime Invoking moral turpitude. In which casa a certified copy of the docket entries by the Clerk of tho Court wherein the final judgment was entered shall be conclnslvc evidence of the same; (2) baa presented to the Board a false diploma, license or cortTUcatc, or one obtained by false or Illegal means; (3) Is by reason of persistent Inebriety or addiction to drugs Incompetent to continue In the practice of dentistry; (4) la by reason of Insanity or contagious disease* an Improper person to continue In the practice of dentistry; (5) has practiced or offered to practice dentistry as defined in this Act under any name except his proper name; which It the name' as sot forth In thu license! granted ' to him or has used the njine of any company, association, corporation, trade-name, parlor, dental clinic or business name In connection with the practice of dentistry ns ilol'.ncil In this Act; has permitted, directly or Indirectly, nn unregistered or unlicensed dL'ntlfit to practice dentistry under his or her direction; (0) has employed or made use of advertising solicitors or free public press agents; (7) lias used nnj- sign, or who=e name Is upon any sign, In ·violation of Section 13 of this Act; (6) has violated Section 14 of this Act; (0) has violated Section 10A of this Act; (10) has been found guilty of dishonorable or unprofessional conduct. Unprofessional conduct bhall mean: (D) the obtaining of any fee by fraud: a d v e r t i s i n g to guarantee any dental service, or to perform any dental operation palnle-ssl}; making use of nny advertising statements of a character tending to deceive or mislead the public; (b) advertising professional superiority or tho performance of iirofetHlniiil services In a Mipc rlor manner; advertising prices for professional horvlce; advertising by means ef large display or glaring light signs; using In any hlgri the representation of a tooth, teeth, b rid-re work- or any portion of the hmniu head; employing- or making use of advertising solicitors or fn* publicity pre'ss agents; or advertising any free dental work, or free examination: or advertising to guarantee nny dontal ser\lce; or to perform nny dental operation painlessly; (c) advertising to use any nncstiictlc. drug, formulae, material, medicine, method or system; advertising by public exhibit nt ri-sbleiice of practice nny applhnces used In restorative dentistry; advertising any free dental work or free examination. This Section 10 and Section Id A shall not be retroactive, and no license Miail be suspended or revoked for any violations of those sections, which vlti'.itlons occurred prior to the taking effect ot this Act. 10A. All advertising by dentists Is prohibited by this Act except the following: (a) A dentist may use n personal profession il cird of not more than S'A" by 2", upon which may bj printed ouly his name, title, address, telephone number and office hours. Such card may be printed In newspapers or publications of this State, and that which Is set forth on the card may be announced over the radio. Not more than one card shall be In any edition of any newspaper or publication at one time; not more than two radio announcements shall be made In any one twenty- four hour period. (b) A notice may be mailed every thirty (30) days by any dentist notifying any bona ficle patient of such dentist that thirty (30) days have elapsed since any dental examination has been made by such dentist. (c) Signs arc authorized aa set forth In Section 14 of this Act. (d) Removal notices may be mailed by any dentist notifying any bona fide patient of such de-ntlst that said dentist is removing his olllces from his present od- dresi to the address set forth on said notice. Such notice shall not be more than 3',i" by "2" and may only contain the name, title, present address, telephone number, office hours, and new address of the dentist who Is removing his office. Such notice may be printed In any newspaper or publication. Not more than one notice shall be In any edition of. any newspaper or publication at one time. (c) Notices may be mailed to the general public by any dentist who 1s about to begin the practice of dentistry notifying the public of this fact. Such no- tlce shall not be more than 3!V by -" and may only contain the name, title, address, telephone numlKjr. anil of lice hours ef such lU-ntlht. Such notice may be printed In nny newspaper or publication. Not more than one notice shall bo In nny edition of any neivpaper or publication at one time. This Section Is ccvcrublc. and If this Section Is declared unconstitutional, the decision so holding the B.ima shall not bo construed as Impairing any other provision of this Act. It la hereby declared an a legislative Intent that this Act would have- lieen adopted bad this provision not been Included therein. 11. In tho event tho license of anv dentist Is revoked or suspended, sue'i fact shall be noted by the Hoard upon the record of registration, and tho registration and certificate nf the practltloui-r so offending Hlrall he. suspended or revoked ns the' cane may be-; and any person nhosc registration has boon so suspended or n- voked nniler the- provisions of this Section shall be deemed nn unregistered ncr-on and subject, ns Fue'h, to the- penalties prescribed for the pr.ictlc-o of dentistry by persons that arc not duly registered. livery Ilcontee- whose license has been suspendeel or revoked by the Hoard may nppc-nl tu the- llalthuore City Court of ll.iltlii.oru City or the; Circuit Court of the County Tvhrrcln the licensee has his or her olllcc v,here the matter shall be heard elc novo, nnd where either party shall be entitled to a J u r y trial. Tlic decision of the i.alrl Court nhall be final and such appeal nhall operate- as a stay of the order or eleclslrm of the Hoard from which the appeal was taken. All appeals must be taken within llftien (1T) days from the date of the decision of the Hoard. All costi on appeal *hill be paid by the losing party. 12. The proceedings to revoke or suspend any license unelor Section 10 of this Act may only be taken by the Hoard upon the complaint of another. All complaints must be In writing, \orltled by gome person familiar with the facts therein chargoel, and two copies (hereif must be filed with tho Fccrct.ary of the Hoard. AH complaints in list contain the rei t ucst that the Hoard take/ action agalust the offY'iidcr. Upon receiving any complaint tho Board Bhall. If it lU'oms the complaint sufficient following nn Investigation, pass on order petting the Fan if for a hearing at a specified time and plaev, and the secretary shall cause a copy of the order and of the complaint, or of a complaint drawn by the Hoard, to be served upon the accused at least ten clays before the day appointed In the order for said hearing. Service upon the accused shall be by elellvery of a copy of the order and complaint to tho accused In person. In the event the Hoard Is unable to serve tbe accused In person, the service shall be bad by delivery of the nania to hla last known residence and last known business addrcci, or by sending a copy ot tho same by reg- Istored .mall to the accused at his last known residence and last known business address, any of which moans shall con- ln?s rrltn a Tearing "of thd cnargCK--Tna' ncciiEcil must apju-ar at the time appointed In the order eml answer tho cbarrca and i innka his flrfen'o to the same, unices for Milllclent cause the Hoard may assign aa-' other day for the purpose. If the accused dor-9 not a p p r a r tbe Board miy» proceed with IIio h e a r i n g and finally dcterfflln* tba accusation or complaint. In tha absence | of tho accused. If tbo accused pitadai Kullty, or refuses to answer tho charge*.! or u p o n a hearing thereof the Board anal] I find bald charts or any of them true, thai Uoarcl may proceed to suspend or rerok«' tlic license of tLo accused tot such length? of tlmo as the I!onr.J, In Its discretion. shall deem proper. Tbo Board and tha' accused mny have tha benefit of counsel. 1 Tha Hoard shall bare the powor to admin* Ister oaths, tako the depositions of vit- cesses In tbe manner provided bv lav te civil cases, and to compel Iba attendance ot witnesses by subpoena Issued orer tba denature of the secretary of the Board. Tho Board shall IESIIS for any and all witnesses requested In writing by the aoanaeo. Wbcncccr any person subpoenaed ta ao-i piar and giro testimony shall rcfnaa ta appear or testify before said Board, or to answer any pertinent, rotative or proper I questions, be shall be deemed In contempt' of enld Hoard, and I* shall be the doty Of tho presiding officer of said Board to n*, port tbo fact to the Superior Court of Bal- 11 more City In tbe event the party guilty of contempt resides in said City, or flss a placo of business In aald City, or to tba Judge of tbo Circuit Court of tba County wherein the party guilty of said contampt resides; thereupon the Court shall Issue aa attachment In the usual form, directed to the Sheriff of tho City or County command' Ing eald Sheriff to attach said person and forthwith bring him before tha Court*Oa the return of said attachment and the pro-) ductlon of tho person attached, the court shall have Jurisdiction ot tbe contempt, and the person charged may purge himself of tba contempt In the same way, and tbe same proceedings shall be had, and tba barae penalties may be Imputed, and tba earns punishment may be Indicted aa In the case of a witness subpoenaed to appear and give evidence In tbe trial of a civil cause. The Uonrd ahall have the power In Its discretion, to authorise the payment of fees and traveling expensra of witnesses calliJ before tbe Ifoarel and examined In any proceeding properly before the Board. 13. All stgna prohibited by this Act shall ba removed within three months attar the passage of thla Act. Any person or persona wbo shall prohibit, neglect, fall or refuse to remove any alga prohibited by this Act is guilty of a violation of thla Act and subject to the penalties thereof. 14. Each person holding a Ucensa under this Act shall exhibit on tha door or tbe wall of the building wherein ba ahall practice dentistry, not more than two signs on which shall be placed tha name and title or degree of sucb person, tba lettera of which shall not exceed tbrea Inches square. Any person practicing dentistry In any building may exhibit such algn ea tbe door of bis office In addition to those on the door or wall of such building. 13. Any person shall be deemed to ba practicing dentistry, within the meaning of thla Act, (a) who la a manager, proprietor, or condnctor of, or an operator In, nny place in which any dental serrlca or any dental operation Is performed within tbo mouth of any person; or (b) who for a fee, salary, or other remuneration or reward, paid or to be paid to himself or to another, or gratuitously or otherwise, performs any such serrlca or operation; or (c) who diagnoses or treata, or attempta to diagnose or treat, any disease, lesion, meioeclnston, or malposition of a tooth, gum or Jaw, in any person, mechanically, medicinally, by oso of X-ray, or otherwise; or (d) wbo attempta to perform IB the mouth of any person any operation incident to the repair or replacement of a tooth or teeth; or (e) who publicly or privately applies to himself the title "Den- tlst" or "Dental Surgeon" or nses tba letters D. D. S. or D. M. D, or any other titles or lettera In connection with Ma name which. In any way, repreaant him as being competent or ready to perform any dental service or any dental operation in any human mouth. Thla anb-atctloa shall have no application to any person who Is the bolder of a dental degree who docs not, either directly or Indirectly, practice, or attempt to practice, dentistry as hereinbefore sot forth, in this Section 15. 10. Nothing In this Act ahall apply to a bona fldo student of dentistry In tha cllnia rooms of a reputable dental college; to a legally qualified physician or surgeon unless he practices dentistry as a specialty; to a dental surgeon ot the United States Army, Navy, Public Health flerrlee or Veterans Bureau, in the discharge of his official duties; nor to a lawful practitioner of dentistry of another State, territory or foreign country making a clinical demonstration before a dental society, dental convention, association of dentists, or dental college, or In performing professional duties In connection with a specific caaa oa which he may have been called to tha State of Maryland. Nothing In thla Article shall apply to public school clinics, to state Institutions, to eleemosynary institutions, or to business corporations which ay maintain clinics for pupils. Inmates or employees only which shall employ only legally qualified dentists. Ho such pnblle school clinic, Stato Institution, eleemosynary Institution, or busineai corporation shall advertise In any manner or by any method, either directly or Indirectly, anything relative to tho practice of dentistry. Such Institution* are prohibited not only from advertising in violation of this Act, but are prohibited from advertising la any manner anything relative to the practice of dentistry. Nothing in thla Article ahall prohibit the Dental Division of tha State Department of Health, or tba Director of the Public School Clinics of tba dty Health Department from broadcasting educational programs orer tba radio. IT. All persona now authorized to practice dentistry In this State, and thoaa who may ba hereafter registered under tha provisions of this Article, shall ba exempt from acrvico as Jurors in any of tha Courta of this State daring the continuance of tha practice of their profession. IB. The Board stall always ba dcatr- nated as tbe "State Board of Dental Bx. amlnera", and under thla name It «i»«n have the right to sue or ba sued la tba Conrta of this State. 10. Any person wbo shall practice, or attempt to practice dentistry witiila tha State of Maryland, without having a 11- conse as hereinbefore provided or daring] tha period of suspension or revocation oc such license previously granted shall ba deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and npoa conviction thereof shall be fined not baa than fifty dollars nor moro than threa hundred dollars, or be confined not mora than alx months in Jail, in the dlacretioa of the Judge or Judges of tba Oral* Court of the respective counties of thla State, or the Judge or Judges of tha Crlml. nal Court of Baltimore City, before whom the matter shall ba tried; and npoa conviction of a subsequent offense, abaD ba confined not marc than alx months la t*'1 or fined not less than threa hundred dollars or more than five hundred doQara. Any violation of thia Article by a peraoa convicted under the then existing- lawa of this State of practicing dentistry without a license or registration shall be included In the term subsequent offense. Every conviction of unlawful practice subsequent t* a first conviction thereof ahall ba a eoa« vlctlon of a subsequent offense. 20. It shall ba tha duty of tha State 1 * Attorney of tha City of Baltimore or at the various counties of this State to proao-i cote any resident of the City of Baltimore or of the Counties of this State for a Tlo- lation of thia law. Tha Attorney Central or ono of his Asslstanta ahall ba tha legal adviser of the Board. a. CONSTITUTIONAL CONSTRUCTION. Tbe provisions of this Act aia a»T« erable, and If any of ita pro visions ara declared unconstitutional, tha decision aa holding shall not ba construed aa Impair* j Ing any other provisions of thia Aa£ H is hereby declared a* tha leglalatiT» la! tent that this Act would hare been adopted bad such unconstitutional prorUtoaa Bot been included therein. J · 22. Nothing contained la thla ArUaki shall prevent, or ba construed aa la way to hinder tha prosecution, or punishment of any person wbe attar I offend against any of tha prorieVuia ail Chapter DM of tha Acts of tha (Saaaral Assembly of Maryland of 1D33. I Bee. S. And ba It further enacted. That this Act shall take effect oa Jon* let, 1MV Approved: May IS, WSJ. + , NOW, THEREFORE!. I, HASRY W. NICE, GOVERNOR OF THlj STATE OF MARYLAND, p " to the authority and direction -- i-in- ed in Section 5 (a) of Article 16 ott the Constitution of Maryland, do kn*' by order and direct that this Pro*. tarnation containing a fnlL traa *p«tf correct copy of ChapteriH Md BOfi of tha Acts of the General Aswmbb/ of Maryland of 1937, be pnblithad IB at least two newspapers i the Counties of the State wun* ·*, many may be published and when tut more than one may be published fheaV in that newspaper, and in throe onraJ papers published in the City of fffJH- more, one of which shall be published! in the German language, in aueh THETt- ner and for such time as is pnridkdi in Section 1 of Article 14 of th» Con* stitutlon of Maryland. GIVEN DK-i DER MT HAND AND THE GRBAl; SEAL OF THE STATE OF MASY-i LAND. DONE AT THE CITT OF! ANNAPOLIS, THIS 2DTH DAT OF, JULY, IN THE YEAR OF OUBl LORD, ONE THOUSAND NINH HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT. HARRY W. NKB By tk» Oennuft E. RAY JONES Secretary of Stab.

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