Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 6, 1930 · Page 5
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1930
Page 5
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nand For Pies ro 1 ··ti^'or-iv an it i n · , ,., p,,]^ UtCATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 6, 1930. '' inlllt · n i i inin nn unlmli(.(| 'i| 'ihc tn a very ino?N y 'i u n i ' l d n cimtanl. ' -· mil - m i l coo), ' P I wln[|i,, ( | , ; r.nru , . i Uif- top jim V-' a i-ti I'll- I ii'i.i ii * I, . K if ihi li-innn extract * 'Jin with f l a k y IT with n. iittl* with the and · i f . isii. and the woll .di-rati' i.von until avoi dosing children 1 ! '·olds L . u *« * * A ~ *tJL- * Write a About It ronfter my little girl :1, 1 rixik Lyd~l E, i. The ncxl r 1 "** I |hcrofi.fnr 11 pound IIP wm horn, 1 kept [Urine «f hi Ik) TO* «(H t wm net vow DTK! iiiffrrtd ftom nhti'h t knew Ljdi* 'n;eiiiHe pTompouiid r- I jt.mtd takltil It · fine sgnfn. M«tiV of fan-rltou txxikonth* Mr Compourn! S«i Mn IT'. Ow-rmitw, ,;.Pinkliain's l : Conipouii(! ^v: t to (he the»tr«». Strict nud le*dl»« Inpu nt» equlptnent -- lortablc room*. tgood food. 2.50 up NEW CK AT LA » A C t .* DECATUR HERAI.O 1VO QUESTIONS'**^* Diamond Rages Silently When Offer Is Rejected By Annassa WEEKEND CRASH Back to Africa VICTIMS SHOW IMPROVEMENT Annii!i»n \Vi-st. ngalnsi the ad- vlr-c or John Dlnmond. owner of * N(-\v York ncnvpnper, and Alvn Cropsf-y, iiKinuttloK editor, lencs n dwft'itt'd cmintiy place known nt lirldc'w Iloiide. In Con- necUctif. ,i«v«rul pr«v)atiii ten- nnlr. hnvc flh-d tlu-re tn)'Ht«rlou.- K. Another, it brlilo. *trniiK«l' ili"ii|p|)p(in. The louse which A million IKT«IHI*I In ^Knlnn sjidcldts that no mutter what luimx'i t i the Lonitnt nu\t no [|ucmloni(. AnnitSKiL niovcw In. iinri Cmdx ihut n KI-MO in thf- burial gtuundn on the linn Im^n newly npriitii. nrtfi. H vli-tlm of tttriiniti 1 frarn, Elic'i native lh»l tifi if. tcnvinR. (If !«iyi jtoiwono hn» bijen rid- I Hi; [irneillii, a ttavt^i- ^Ultlnn. nt nl«h^. Annn^Kn finds Otto li\ tlif tmrn, murdered. And i:lo*t hciildi- him In a coftln, i-.ontalu- Inc n wadding clrMs unil other hdl«l finery. The sheriff (Inda in. coffin In tht barn, I'mtlicr tutiri the ip'-n KL-inn has brcti filli'O In by unknown check Ihe t limit ennil dcpaiture. Bit vcke, dveii his (ryes, wore pleading- "MtMB West, I have been at fault. When you cnmo to mo, six weeks ugo, with thlrt strange ptnn of yours, T mistook you for one of tliose young women who resort lo all sorts of outlandish pranks to koup tliom- selvM in the public eye-- a piece ot burnt tiuipkllty for which I now nsk Miss West looked surpjiaod at thla i emiijilute fhaTigr of front; but before she had thmiRlit ot anything appro- prlatt to say John Diamond had con- "Houevcr wllb m help or v,itli- lOUl It, you dill uoiun tti Bildo'u My One death already has llte result, Othdi-s may follow. ulunr younK lady, T befl of you, b« ad- jvlsteit hy those older and wlafi- than Woman Thrown ( Through Top of Car May Have Fractured Skull ONE DRIVER IN JAIL l.'our victims of accidents in u^d around Decatur ov*i- tho wochend wtsro rocoveiliifc In hospitals ot the city Monday. Emily Zelmpfuna, who wnst thrown through the top of an automobile In which jibe wan tiding when another ear rammed It from behind, WHH resting comfortably in St. Mury'ti hospital. Her physician lie- nli'd lid pet mission to tfo home, ;ii x-ray pholosmpliM Indicated poswlbh: skull fractures. Mlas Zohnpfiiml may have u frontal fracture of the skull. CHAI'TKIt V uti-r Ihtu «atin aftertiu'in Cintllntr,, could piurly lodjc- Iwiper Of Kvrkahlri . M t m "' yourself. Pack your thlngi at once--and lenvo tills ici-uuanu* Urlvor Itrcclvw BruitTM si.ut. My «orvnnU flre at your dls-' ]i; nr | stonp, ilrlvi-r ot lliti cm pliant, my car, my hotiiij-myscU. ulilch Mlns Zelmpfuml was f-tt mo wlpt- Hie memory of t h a t othor visit from your mlnil by tnlt- liijt you hack with m« now to Berkshire Towerr." "* So frank nn effort to m n k n in \vns nuraJniT bruiser arid aprnl.i.'i I n ' hl« home. Mr, Stone's left leg was 1 have one effect on a per- Miss West 1 :; tempo ramoni. She thawed on tho Instnnt Ccotge Piiynt!. victim ol a hit LI ml run drli-er who \vi»^ pursued und oought, wus impi-cvintj: In St, Muty's tlis Injuries are believed to 1)0 uioro pnlnful Oiati hcrlous. Ho wai cut, shaken unrt bruised. Examination Monday failed to reveal serious complication'!. Driver Held Woodruw Tartar, ilrlvcr ot thn lar which sttuck Mr, Pnyne la being held in the county jail on a charge of lenvlnir the scone of an accident., W, C, Gllmoro and bis son w e l d rtoutt ot an accident In Ronto 121, west ot Tuseolu. Sutmday evening. Mi-. car turned over after npMVct ltl g«tr»i to , r n h n OUmuuum hlifh-pow*re(l "Tbnt's more Ihim K inerotii* of yuu, |.',fncli imidiiHlin- to loll out upon Mr. Diamond: nnd I iippri-datc U, ·tic itutc hUliwtiy, 'tt'ii - I enn't leave my job unflnlabc'l. ,M IP frlnfl(-i\ otii; sun pet ted (Jnrllnsr K the memory of Isnvlng br-en scar- to tip' at oilili w i t h tiln world,'cd t'woy, woultt haunt mo nil the rf)l mUrwiilit n.-i well UN ml*tinlhropo,,of mj lite," WUh a rueful smile, ivtiklr JitdKHR-nt clwor contact t-on-· "v.-brthrr I go tr whether T stay, flrttic.l With only ;t lar«o and wimc-.ll'i) stl one now A jrhosL bag wimp- w l i i i biUicrr-l fighting t'nli-r for i,d on my trull." u.inp.ijiy. lie Heart In the lod^e nlon*, Vai.1* to N»t4- Scum f Fury ·(-Ilium i-mprtflnc except In tho line 11 ml she been looking at John TJtn- i f 111,-: d u t y when, us nuv,. both IIP- mcind then Imttcnrt of *t thn leafy nnd the dnj,' stood attention, one on t'ranehtpji overhead ahe would hav* i-iilic: .M" of thr- llui'"f,'rnvel drive-.c(;»n as block a BCOK) of fttry ac-i-ost,* wm t h e mobllo eountCTifinrc us ever Dor' ,r,»l hi Mriimuholy M««d .iwtrpyed on the face of his fallen ,, ,,,,,.,,,_,,. If i )i (pii-tirr of Ihr- llmou*lur suw l,i:ctf*rs, But by the Urai she liail| bruised but othctwise unhurt p|u',,- i n n f;illhful scfvlt'u'i n^ ho tnwetod tier eyes tlvi eicprftjwlon hnil, . ^ ' mi·:«((!. he mad' 1 no .'lf, r n. Hi-atrd b(. n n iitbtly transform' 1 :! Into on" of ·piiffly irwl, lil" skived bantlfi dildcd- futherly concern Ho said, "I am trtn;i iln- hniidlc of ti nidlncra w^lk- uoi r;'. mj chlkt, th;t! my nrRiimnntt; In- n l k k . tin- mlllloiialrit Id-pi nl* luwc fdllcd to move you. Stilt, .- .-j flxi-d on till' ro;il ivhcatl. To; t h(-v havp hrouKlit almiit ,1 IIIUMI- from thci frown which clouded .; t(1 te of undflrstand'nj; between w,, hi-i inn«il!y pliu-ld brow, malti ra of R;O I O tl | p llai) not hvr , f r u jn c s f l . Tn fll-niirl'lni; uiituiv nrcupk-d lilm*]futltro you will luolc upon tne ns n Tluit ihi-pi(i matter!' hud, In purl, to ( r i, mt | w lll you not'" And p|p w i t h Die ri-«ctit triLftoily at Brill's l [on-1- would linv .1 been ti »;i ft 1 ·tin . Hl« editor had lint kft a f t - i-r ivpipitlnc on the un in tin far lory nn- t i n e of bH Inttirvti'W w i t h Miss Weil: .UK! Unit, In (··mjunftlnln with an nifrli«iiitv l u m ) i i i n i (pf fried chick- fii anil NtrtiwtHTi'.v larts had a-, (i wci Witnkcl m HP''' : p i r !UP A t u i l r and M (iinirloi- ht-yiPtirt Ili-rk- 0|1( ,.j, ,it KM tjon," Oitii' TnH-ffji mnik-t Did bi-jdnuliiK of (J|) th]!( ihfi Wow! Ilotid, imlii'fiitilh i n u l i l f i l ' iiv llv people of t l a l p i Cro·"*!«.,' lie- i-ail-w- ot It4 rhlll and ilnlstcr u-ini i i t l u n Ai the lliiHPiuilnc t n t n r d In nilirlit lur.i- I'mi nl.«i ri'i-d fi, cro«i Hi.- l LI-C (if .ri-liu Uhiini.lid Not ·-') n rj ;HUTil 1«K. '-In t l C C ' i l)f K l l P ll llf-U'll MIIS, DAVIL1 WATTS Thlit plcluro nf Mrs. Wutta, tlio former Htwc! Blvcna of Dccatur, was taken In Africa where ahe and her huibuml arc mlalonarlcs, nnd where tho bl- cycln H the common modo of tiuvel for those -who ilo not walk. Mr, and Mm, Wntts are retmnlng to Africa this fall, by wiy ot Fj-antle. E. M. GOULD DIES AT AGEJDFJ3 YEARS Retired Farmer Was Resident of Decatur For Many Years Kphrinm M. Gould died in his feeling lame und soru Monday an t)n huriv-. SL!i Norlh Monroe street, Sun- for nrt nriawer, ".SuppoEO you in* w[tb me Bom-) njpht tiil» wDclt. !y chef Id n Swiai. T-Ih cooking is, Mljin Wott tiled to be as en u thuj- as the invitation seemed to ,i rnwrtrt stlf WOU | ( t love to Mt(J . , ter Ahby como, Btr. Glimore swcived (t suddenly lo avoid hlttlnc anothei car Mr. Oil- more and his son were scratched and SMALL CROWD SEES COLLECTION IN ART INSTITUTE SUNDAY Only a, smalt number ot perwna vtillci! Ilic Alt Institute Sunday on Its monthly open day. to HOC the per- muncnt collection. I( ls believed that many personw «!io otherwise would hsu'e tnlten ndvunlujro ot the open ttny were waiting until next Sundiiv, when it tms been tinnounct'ft thnt the frteat Enpllsh pictmo will he on exhibit. The picture, painted day ul ii.15 o'clock Death was caused by compllciitiona. Mr. Gould was Tit years old. Hi- waa born In Oskalooita, la., April IS, 1«S7 He was married to Miss Nettio Hitter in Sullivan, ID., Dec,, 21, 1S8L. He had moved to IHl- nnlH an a. boy and later took up farming near Lovlnglori.' Aflsf many yoais of auecesaful funning, Mr. Gould moved to Decatur He was u member of the Con- trnl Cluirch of Christ and of Mod- ein Woodman camp Wo. ItBB. Besides bis willow, Mr, Gould leaves four daughters They arc Mrs, Laura Shobe. Mrs, Mfiticl Potts and Mis, lionnlc llowerton ot Docatur and Mrs. Sylvia Williams of Winnetka. A brothel, .lames Gould of Decatur, mid tlu-uc slfclera also nurvlve. The Hhteirja tiie Mrs, Martha New- lau of Piedmont, Mo., MM, Mary Switzcr of . tlm B"' 1 " 11 1 cook, tew, hut Inclined to think over much nbotil what u-a? Koorl for _, T , ^ T ,. .-., ^ ~, r r»i ..,-, H tT 4V I iL^V4 Ul i/UV H1^ Ltri | (]| KOoii by Mark Synions unit (Ito propoHy t Hauser of Fowler, ICun. nnd Mrfl. Jane . ot Otto Spaeth, ia oxpccled to arrive. A iiephew, who wsMwl In Mr. this week, and wilt be MW.WII Sim- GouldS, Home nnd lo whom Mr. they p.irtud. Tho rf-d-headril (tlrl waved her hand'on Oct. In fiuvwell. Tim m l l l l o u n l r c liowfld vrfth Oil! U'orKl rourUino.ifl. Tt tnok lorn* 1 time for HIP chauf- i l c w of tlv A% ciMilliiK i-vrn (in a iniiinv . i f l i itiHi'ii thf t-fft-fl nf I'urly l u l l k l i l Tod.-n- the KliKPtu ivu.i| »t\[;lrpti I'lu i l i . u i f f . n ' . (in iiii[pti-*ilonalilc lli!lc L - i n h i i i j . ;u«! On- fraitinmi. on wbdtn Hi" ' l ( p i v (pf thi- r.eroinn tiiiblc ti(pv' uiitlnu'lv I'Xll fuitn (Iff hud a iwmi ncrvF-rarkltiK effect, looked »l iMdi otlifi \ l i i u c l i u i ' i l t i l l 1 at t l i h motiu'tir would l.f ti (pit of lnnl luck w h l f i l llr-lthfl r.-iic tn ..... i i c t n i i l n l f Tin' '-Icht of K t i t i n l-Uii-.);niy nian plcklnp,- It 1 ' »-\v nlriiiK the i i p a d jusi nhitnd tnitin *. 11 wfii-rimi.1 fiiiiti !i,ii n thx wiiuinn whouc tinrlillni: nwiumn In no tt-,iv |-tt.;iciri| the liiilr iiin i f r t ii.iiinlcd future, and Hoih fliuiklet «-at .|v .11 llu-v piiii^d. !o HOK- tempern- up eoii- Thn errfinrt whlrti hnJ tnken her to town tiad be ft n pvcompthitwl- thu sending of n t n lf-Krurn lo a New York employment if;enry ?ir^p chiliad mmle mi hiT mind In ·'tny. *h« would need help, two nv-n. Two dny nml luuct week. Tim f h s t loan, Goll)li ',,,,,,, EV ciitly nil ached, also Is tlic Art Institute wlll opeii|i llft . Thll ncp h|. w \ s F. Newlan. 1 Bt'Hldf-s Ihu for^Kfilnp;, Mr. p3o«ld *",, iciivcn plpfhf nrrandchltdj-pii Tht body OFfH,KRS TO JSNTKR'I'AIN W1 , H U i, en Lo Uawson Wlkofrs Offlti-ra of Tlieta Aljilui elnw-i n f . liineriil homo nnd will be taken to ''.'TjCracR Methoillit Snnitity Mcliool will Hie floiikl bomi- at .) o'clock Mon,1. !,,,. «ntert«ln 'fitrFilii ,· hi t h p homo o t j (lay nfl(i noon vvhstc friend mnv MM, Jp'-red l-'lusi, West MiuiottrJ ctill u n l l l noon Tuesday \vhcn U will Mticet bi- removed to the viliaiic). Funeral services will be conducted TitfMUiy aftninoon at '2 o'clock In the Diw.'.on Wlkoff chapel. Rurlnl will be In the KHIer were llnbln lo ntmrf Olio's than one. tilio wai nnxloni now to Ki-t homo to Abby, Stritnen rlRiire* HallM Itcr liuMs had ncareely duft into tho roan's HiiiM. however, when u npfiti fmerited from n thicket of white hlrrh closo nt hand. HO o!«)t It looked tu though ha muat havr been hkllnft there durlnp her Interview with the vnftitcr of JJerkshlri- Towera, nnd sRt-amblert down the Htoep bunk, calling out that he had 9omi|hlnpr Important he wfahctl In way to hrr. ·jmile. "Vyhut pkui of nctlon otlu-i thnn tpyinj; upon me ,xnd my KUCJIJ. hrlnnts you lu-rc?" SHU Hie sLninKft' did not lultc of- funsc. "I tini the v r t e i l n u r y , Dr. Ilo- tl(,k Cranaon," In- umiountcd with almplo dignity, "You sent for mu " "t)h of course!" Miss Wt-;it \von-i ,,,, » , , ~'_ , ,, .. dcr«,J how .he could Imve ftn t-wtlrT,. "Th" Hlfihor Security ' ww the I've u number ot hor-ie^ hciv w i i h ! a u l ) rcl ot tlic Ia11c vcn Sllni "V i ^ o niimuLi- or noi.jra nci, «» n : m o l n l | 1 f , ln r|rst MethodliiL church by Dr. F, .S. T3oyer of MUllkln University fnciillv I^i". Boyer It bond ot the F,\Ur ' FIRST METHODISTS HEAR DR, BOYER PATROLMAN IS HURT IN CHASE FORMERS Tom D i l l m a n , Escorting Driver to Station, Run Into by Second Car MIX-UPRESULTS Tom Dill man, city juotorcyclc patrolman, received Mlight InJurksSun- Jay night when, escorting a apccdot to |olico headquortcra, ho wan run Into by another apeeder. A general melee followed. DIllnmn'R tnoliircyclc ran Into a, curb, spilling tho* rider. The (second 8pc«dej-'N automobile uwung acrosfl East Wood street, the rear ond striking an automobile in which two women were rldinff. Crowd into Jlttrol U'ngon An attendant of n nearby filling station obligingly called the gralica patrol wagon. An assortment of spoedera, witnesses and complain' utits went to headquarters, Uie speeders In the patrol wagou, Tho Epeedcr Mr. Dill man wns taking to licsdnuurterfl when the mix- up happened was Kan ford Bo we, of rural route !S, Decntur. Mr. Rowft waa fined $13,10 by Justice L, H. Balrd. Iplned S2S.10 The speeder who ran down the motorcycle officer was James K«n nard. H« was charged -with rcckleSK driving and wan flood $28.15. Unable lo pay tho fine, he was locekd up In tho city Jail, Mrs. Mamlo Flhk and u woman friend, riding in thu cur dtimipjfed by Konnard's machine, appeared In police, he!id([ua.rtfrH n gain HI him. Nursing n lame. le(f, Mr. Dlllmon climbed bncn on his motorcycle and went out to look /or mcru speeders, MISSIONARTfo"" INDIA ADDRESSES LUTHER^ GROUPS Ansedote» of his aervlco In southern India, Mid on account ot the work and neoiln there, wero told to member* of the conRregatton of St. Paul's Luthi-ian church Sunday by Rav, F. R. Zucker. Rev. Mr, Zuclt- cir is a missionary to India, stationed at Trlvandriim, Travancori-. In the south, and is in this country on furlough. Members ot Titnity^and St Johannes Lutheran congregations attended Iho service also, Rev. Mr. nnd Mrs, Zuok«r have long been personal friends of TUv. Walther Obcr- mcyer, pastor of St. Paul's, and visited him and bin family In Baltimore some years ago, FATHER OF DECATUR RESIDENTS DIES G. W CratJ!~Jr.r"iTM East Clay street, received ivortt Sunday of tho death ot hl« father, C. W. Cralz In Concord. ArrnnRomcnls for the funeral -wore not learned by rtlntlvos here, Mr. CrMis nlao teiwoa two tlaUKhlfii I, Mrs. H. H. Dallon Of Washington, Mrs, Pied White of Oklahoma City, Ok., and another won, B. A. Crntz of Concord, T, B .T ,CLUB TO MKI-T Members of tho T .11 ,T. club will have a husinam uiectlnfr at T o'clock Tuesday night In First Methodist church. All mcmberx aro urjfed to attend. mu on tho stable hoy have farm, And ·"you ir,v I Tho little nmii nodded. "'Yen, the llyht Of tho wicked aholl l)c puf (.it; and the apnrk -of his (tie ,h.ili mil shine"' «lrl TlllH'B OffrllM! "Otto wns not wiokodi" - h l n n ^ to of this attack. "Hn w n a ;i j^ood, lion Va"poMtlon where It would br,,TMt hoy: TM'l the person w h o mur- wy enonfih to B rt away should th^ I'"; 11 hl , n ' ! 3 " ot W in « \° fix ^'\ : eiwy Sister of Warrensburg Woman Injured in Fall MII, James .Btuwn of \Varron«- HHK Imn been called to Tyler, Ten., hy thn injury of lur t.isti*) 1 , Mrs. WM- lam Ealnn. Mis ICnton hnd the ml«- igh to Brt awny should til? «"·''" nmi « ,.m B om B i« ,TM»pr. fnr iune to n l l p on nri-io. It Reemcd there could! She might hov« snaied hcMcK Hirj ft t)uw st ^. c ^ w the tllfi floor of "-111(1 tn n itt'fi (I,Ml l.ll.l'll lllPlc IP C h i r r . Wlillp- tlii-i,' 1 r-iti'li up b .I!P (·"11 ir ^tiJ t i . - '·Ttir.lnti mr. hut lin't lids MlM!) W "" Tlic cd-1 I in m i l :uul liiokiul duwn ^01 due «|i(uii|r, her eye* almonds 5 . ' I M'n-t nn my «'ny (« eall upon mi ' tin 1 inllllonnlrn continued. V-'t'i attltiitle wn)i »i' ymi in.' i l M e t t u l n r i l to n-mtitn n t ' ·ii-lili', U.nw" Tbcri' brhiK no mi- ·wcr- \f- Ibli |i f-tintliiiii'd "II ti .111 riit|ivi- of mine full' 1 td I'll' tuv ni'ili'i'*." " Tl« vr-en i-viii aptnltkrl, rtiin^riiusilj, "IUI T undti·itnnd you, Thn fpy,iiM- nt HIP llniOUBlnn tow- «r«t tlic window t h n rfjit of the way *ml Indued one J-lhow nn th 1 * f-ltl 'I'll* 1 'W i;ftvi c v c i y promls* of bo- heM'-il. "1 told Mr. Cro|M»y Ken Hint ycp (1 IVPI-C inov"(l ottt of ·ro I'tiiillnlrl)*. There b n cfiinforl- fiiiiii c.vt-i- in VVeitjH.rt whli'li t« me, Vim mtiy have It ri-nt (or ttir i ctiminder f t thr sum- road ond walled until (ho newcomer had nuvde the descent. Me wan old and i|iilte Iwrnik-ts liK.IdnK. uioro n cmlciitur« than n man. wlllicred and pluclcml heyonri description, j-H drefloed after the manner of gentry In a Nwallow-talkd coat and n tilgb allk hat. The hat wna baltured. the coat, ttreen nnd tthlny ·· the Mklit of an fivncado pear. Ana mollotiivl him lo draw closer, , MIV thnt ho barnly ronchcd lo tho pommi'l of Bht* Oiillct's daddlo. '"With the pure thoit shtilt show Uiyiilf pure,'" wns Ihc poor ereii- turii'H extrtiordlnnry Rrefitlng. "'And ivlth the wicked thnu shalr show thVHftf ten-ward " Therpi wns no uitatnklnB whnt was mtnnt liy thtti nly allusion, Mies Wont said, with ;u» assumption of severity. "So you wcr« llsten- InB." The budrd eyofl blinked up st hei, blandly umibnahed. "Bv llftcnlnc one learns; «mt by lenrnlnK one ict« t am a man of action " The ftlrl retitiulned ft ilotiri* to h*i vlbrnnt point wheie it had left oft: 'for ho la wi-st Into a net by hi-' own feel: and l-c wnlki-tb upen « week, i uer-h-od word Inter In the week that the Injitrlci weio serloun nnd left tif once. M I H , Eaton ts a ulster of IVIT.-, f-'nv Hut it i- is foolish to at'HUD the jiolnl. Thu vet- tl'nnry WIIH nppiitenllv unlwilincr I on the auhjeit of rr-llfilon, Ma in ISinfs Crow* !!-,,,· I bey lind told her lie !ne,\v his buslnci.s, nnd that wa-i nil tli'if matteicil. "I own a all-Inn of hin-nest," pin; vx[.lnlnu(! pa tie tit ly-- "(borough bra da One nf llio mm-es \s )'i toft). T'd 111(3 t'J havo you show mo how tii (hko cnre of hoi- »in(H I e-in find nitoUicr 113V-" "That's why I'm here Thai's why I'm hero." Dr. Cinnson buttoned his coat with btisinij!i:i-llko brlttlcnuii, Iti- sCEjmcd anxious to create Iho ImprcF- .slcn thnt It was Miss Wcat nnd not I 1 * 1 who delayed the ^timc. "Shnll we $175 Delco-Remy Automobile Radio Batteries, Loud Speaker, 6 Tube*, Instrument Board Dial and .Control Absolutely New A Sacrifice at '7542 they wcr.t down the road, Aniwa aleitiy erect on the roan's btiek. the veletliuirv along nt her stirrup with the oslllty of a mttlh-eatpji black Baptists Hear Talk On Efficiency Methods Dr. Prc(h'r[ck~A~A(rii 'Ill-id Hie pulpit of Flral Baptist church Sunday. spwikltiK on church efficiency antl ntewnrdHhl|i. Ho Is Hie efficiency representative of the Northern Baptist origan lotion. He addressed _ memliei-ft ot the Sunday seboot In thi j morning nlao, imA confoired with' licaih; of church departments in the uftuinQoti. (CopyrlKbt, IfM, hy Ihc Hell Syndt cute, ll tt1ir [ ii m mi! nn otpjoct My ront It vnld hpre. to wi:i a |ifiunc tlngllnu with emotions. At taut Dl»- "Sujipose I fore* you to in w«t threw back her head l*ughed: but th«re wan no mirth *» sound "Try it." she urged, t.p the rein* from h*r ·Muted, He put cut on* htnd tc When y*u motmr o keep (lie skin in good ecu. Anoint with I'MtUnm Olnt- nent, Utbt with Cullc«r« Soap noiwiter. CiKlcnr* Talnun i* »n Idwl toilet pewder. si. OliitM«itar.HdH« TUnnXi KiDnH*** fii, ··!«», UIM. Get Rid of Your CORNS Quick--Sure--Safe Use KND-0-CORN tonight. tn morning ]nln will be (ill yonc, In a coii])]tj ot days your corn or callous irou- blc^ will .be ended. Don't cutter ii minute longer. KND-O-CORN In worth »W but every Dmgfflwt sells it j*»- fifty ocntu. Get a jai- TODAY and have happy feet.--Adv. PILES I C U K E WITBODT KKtFE- LtCATUREMCAWSnC NoHo«plul-No Duc«v»« CMontotm by MILD OFFICE TREATMENT CUM GUARANTEED ' Caniullttluu OK C V WILSON, MIGHT COUGHS |^ Positivelyutopped-atmoetin- :isc atantly with one swallow or eoe THOXINE Irwln Coiad Drug Co., and Quaker Drug Co,, and all other good drug titorcs, iN'f ENDURF TORTURING PILES USE RESINOL If on1v » f«w of thows who have u*ed kctlnol Ointment could tell you if the immediate rclitf it Ki VM from itching, bleeding, painful pile*, you would bBConvtnccd how unncc««ary it i* for yott to ·uffer. So «ende mnd htabns, « curt be w»«d «afe!y on the mow in- fU»edp»rt». Miny women find lUwnol i n v a l w a b l e forrditf of local itthini cauwd by ««d or «·· riutlnc »eer«tio»», SAMPLE MIEEl Write tod*y_to Reiinol, Dtpt. M, Biltittore, Md. 6 6 6 30 mlnut* cheek* · day, the In In 666 *Uo in T.Meto L O W P R I C E S O N Q U A L I T Y G O O D S Business Is Better Here You Too Can Save Money Here and Be Happy! "mrr "'""'" 39 Inch Hop* MUSUN lOc Pull bleached Hope iminlln cut from full, tabeleil b o 11 r, per yd. J(te, --Bucment Idothes Pint 6 Dozen I Acme 4| Inch [wooden d o t h e » I iilna, oiwclal TUCH- [d«y, down 9r. --Third Floor 9c I. * r. VOATK 3Spoob 9c 100 yard «pouU ·tni » to W In blttek OT whit* B|M«ltl to, I6c Flrtt Fall^Winter DRESSES Out Of Ordinary At A tpecial ihowinR of highest type drennet in *uit th- dreuntrs of Decatur, Crepe* Satin* Georgelteit Chfffent Black Bluef Brawn* Coppertene* Wine lone* Afternoon Slfect Sport 14 to 20 W t e f t O 14) to 26i Flw RJROOATJ Use Our Lay Plan Away Htffh Grade fur cant* of Black Settling (tor^oun- ly trimmed with iti-if nnd other luxuriant furs, Cent of ripRubir tlW vntue prtiied h*t. Kl-wr Hats Clever New Tip Felts B« aurn ro ser ihiif nTM- ijbowlnt! of New York'" latent fineiett. Of French Felt --Second w.u Black Dmwns t-op|Mr 7)» wl»«to»«H etc. In latot tthkpoa, --itvctnii Floor Juvenile SUITS 98c Woolen mixture printtHi hroadeloth f«*tiir» them flnp nultn In KlKnit 3 to 4 yearn prtcod it OR* 1 . --8«*«n4 Plow (llrlit' anil Boys' Woel Sweaters .69 *1 Slip over (ind coat style sweat u? In fancy mi* I urea fur dress or ticliool wear priced tn sizes 20 to 30 nt $169. --Second Floor WOMKNS NEW FAM« Wash Frocks 79c A special shipment of the jiMvost styles in women* fine quality wash frock* rant col- ora In sizes 18 to 62 at TBc. Floor B4SEMENT PoflixJ Quilted t+\\ BtHt 74c Firm *iimlliy n n o w whtii eutton butt* that ufold to 90 priced 74c. t! V* Pamls 47c (rimmed with Imlilon frlnut vnry *p«eUl 1 I,b. Ctiw Floorwax 49c ST Inch WhH* FIWMl 9c Sort rinl»)t«d p u r * with lent p«r Full blftotwd and fm from DECATUr? DRY COODS CO

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