Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1941 · Page 5
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1941
Page 5
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16/1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Organize to Obtiin More Rural Members For the Red Cross Sterling Strtior Hi-Y Elect Officers; Mectr Talk by Rev. Doermann Mr*. Lymnn Wilgrr, rural roil call j chairman for the St/>rlmg-R< Ffclls chapter, has secured the r- viees of the following ladies who • iitrvp a* township chairmen; Jor- | dan. Mrs. Louis Zlgler; Hopkins Mrs.' Charles Reed; Sterling. Mrs. Rav-• mond Snavely; Hume. Mrs Aaron! Gaulrapiv. Montmorency. Mrs. Wil- , pon Kins; Hahnaman. Mrs Jack < Bond; Coloma. co-chairmen with; Mr? Vemon Washbumc for We*; Colomn and Mrs. Earl Say re* Inr ; East Coloma. j Chapter services have not been as well org*nired In the rural chapter , areas as in the cities, partly because there has not been n wide enough interest. However, there has been a complete coverage of all rural Schools for the pas! two years. Last year e\ery rural school participated'j in the Red Cross farm and home ar- • cldenl prevention program, with 27 of the schools earn inn flags. Last yw»r 70 per cent of the schools were Junior Red Cross members engaging In various civic projects To date thl* enrollment Is being improved. Last year one first aid class wa-s held in the country, and one will b€ started noon in Oenesee. During thf past year three tonslllectomies. three pairs of glasses, and four dfntal services were provided for children In rural schools. National disaster relief provides care for more rural than urban people during the year. During the past year the national Red Cross spent $841,000 for food, clothing, shelter, medical attenUon, and rehabilitation assistance at the scene of MB disasters, bringing assistance to 217.000 persons. These disasters occurred in 41 states and Included -Cloudbursts, cyclones, epidemics, explosions, fires, floods, hurricanes, anew storms, tornadoes, tropical •terms, train, plane and ship wrecks. tend wind and hall storms. Sterling senior HI-Y had «n 1m-j porta.nt meellng Tu^dsv fTenirsg in thr V. M. C. A dining room at 7 o'clock Pev. G. H. Doermsr.n called the meeting to order, and ne also! EBvr thr address. Mr Dorrmarm ! was introduced bv D<-\>re Leonard. , '"The t'nitv of the Mind" w»« the' topic on which thr speaker ad- dre^ed the gathering. Following the addre«* officers' were elected as follows. Ed Browne.! president: Gene Keilv. v.ce pre«i- ; dent: Glenn Ellmaker. serretarv. and Roland Kel.iey. treasurer. It was decided to collect 25 cen;< dues and 2.S cents extra for a HI-Y pin. if rie- , sired The meetings are to b* 1 held every other Tuesday in the Y. M. C A. Members in attendance at the meeting were Ed. Browne. DeVere Leonard. Gene Haryhman. Bob Hults. Merille Doden. Gordon Ben-; Gene Kelly. Keith Brown. Ed. Radkf. Jim Lnnsford. Paul Johnson. Holnnd Kelly. Kenneth Reitwl. Keith Well and Glenn Ellmaker. Ii was stated that all junior and senior boys of Sterling Township high school who -ftre interested in the senior Hl-Y are invited to attend the next meeting, Tuesday evening, October M, in the Y. M. C. A, Seventy-Six Card Tables Played at Catholic Party <; of S* Mary r rrr) for thr j Hush Ciirmn. Mr*. Anna Dlctown,' Arthur RU-hafd Ebrrtey Dr. WHIttm Per- . Ar *" ur Hom*? name 13-d*y furlough from urtny Hie *t Camp FtnTPst. Tenn. Art Is fine * nd niddy . . ri.v Pf»rl Flvnn. August GabrM. f)fi FiirinimK fmm ArniV . Mt Vrra Graham. Bfrnice H«n-i Mn rUrfOUgn from AF!liy io{ , tor , M ftbout ftrTny 1Jf , and thp •ron William Htnw. John Jsurf7. ' Arthur McGinn. con of Mr. and j msncm-frs fhrmiizh which h Ftierr.p Krlly. Wnitfr Korhlrr. Ron- Mr-= A. W. McGinn of 4A3 Wp^t'in Arkansas ami rrt 1/endman. Clrrr.pnt Millrr. Jo- Si.*:h strrct. arrived Sunday on a r-rph Murphy. Man?*rPt McCUP. . L^J!^l'llii_-LlLL-ii!iiL! - ,"""" ----- L!!!™-J.!!! McFacJrirn. Frank McKcnM, Ann Ni^msn. Mary O'Rourkf. PrrTy Tort-;. Jorrph Rrs-an. Ssntineo Ri;:r. Anthony Anlon - f ! nr .,, r i.., v pjj,;-,- oth, Eugen^ S'.it'.on, Guido Vitu ':?vr-d Mr and flnd Jftme«; Wiilsarr.'. Mr' ,toV.:: ?-! !")"• :\ r '.'. r:-.ruimrn. snri Mr sr.d ^-': ! .'<••"•:':: B^nne. rochalr- mr:: werr ;:- f;.arce of arrnnge-, rriT.' ! The p:irr< •,•• r ; >-.;r n,f;\* <o Mt*-S Ella M'C'.".: :i : < ."::ri .'nim Regan. and 1:1 )-:;•/• /.: Ha:t ;•.•••::; ar.c! fl\r '.V.lV.r'/rri N' Irxin P:Tf wr ftucVirin line;.'' ;• Mrs Ci-.a:>-. C< tel and the r":: Hair-'ii p.v.d P '.'• '.<-> Mr- Donald .''T,r, Dnwvon. F'or 5:^ B Mfkerl nnd •:: ti'.e lionois Thr •: -..TI; w ne taken by j :..-•- and J E. Bar-j ::.v. >v. Mi= J. B. s .1 Pfe-v. M. B. j u.r.rr of thr special pri/e. 'Ilin<;e nn 'he corn:r.i!lec for the party were Hardri Abbo:;. Joseph ArnifH-kn. Lawjfiii'e Ba;,!!?, Helen Blnnding. Leonard Brodcrick. Frank Carev. Leo Ca!> e.<-. Elton Conley. Two College Prexies Address Teachers at County Institute About 450 teachers attended the annual Whiteeide county teachers* Institute h*ld at the Morrison high _achool Thursday. Dr. A, M. Harding, prealdent of the University of Arkansas, and Dr. I. J. Good, president of the Indiana Central college, were the guest speakers. Coun- 'ty Superintendent R. M. Robertson I presided at the meeting. The program wax carried out as scheduled. Hunters Exceed Ducks Resident* along the river from Sterling up put Shore Acres and -the Rock River country club were awakened at sunrise this morning by the many reports of shotguns as An army of hunter* began their • aeason's shooting. From some it is learned then were "more. hunters .than ducks.' Rockford Lions Here To Visit Sterling Club Lions had a surprise meeting Tuesday evening. In the first place dessert was served first at the dinner Soon after dinner quite a delegation of Rockford Lions came in lo cement the fellowship the two clubs as the result of the traveling gavel which the Sterling Lions received at Rockford last autumn. A treat was the interesting talk bv,Alex Haglund, who is home on a'iS-day furlough from army life In the maneuvers of the army recently completed. Scott Williams also was guest of the club. After the regular meeting the board, of directors met and they voted to sponsor a basket ball team this season. Arthur Weir WM appointed chairman of the committee and manager of the team. E. W. Fester was appointed treasurer to fill the post vacated by M. L. Johnson, who has been transferred to Aurora. Kenneth Swartley was named lion tamer for the remainder of the year. Ask Bids for Position As Superintendent of County Farm and Home In keeping with the orders r-' the 1 WhlteMri* county board of s.i- pervisors bids for the position r>: s'.iperintrndrn' of the Whltrsi-*i r countv farm and home will be «s'<- fsd for the coming year. In another column o! The Gazrtte is an adverti'semen'. m^rted by County Clerk Joseph Mann, askiniz applications lor the position for the year Dcr 1. 1941. to Dec 1.M942. be filed with him .on or before Nov. S. The applicants bid price must, include the services of a matron. WASH For » food ear w»sh try nv We (five yon <hf hes( }oh In town and quirk Mrviff. We'il r»ll fnr and deliver rour r»r. Phone us today. SINCLAIR GASOLINE and OILS CHUCK CASTLE SUPER SERVICE STATION 3rd St. & 3rd Ave. Phone 718 Track Owners! USE OUR OFTH5IIL GLASS A TRUCK TESTING LANE We now hov« fh* new stickers for October 1941 test. VANETTI'S Philpas Stovpp. Fripidaires, Crosley Radios, H. C. Little and Spark Oil Heaters, Cadillac Sweepers and Haap Washers EASY TERMS — GOOD TRADES Phon* 386 N. Locust St. HAVE YOUR MUGS AND CAEPET8 CLEANED THE TROJAN WAY HUGS UPHOLSTERY Wall-U-Wall Carpets Cle»n«4 •»* RcJ«. In yomt hvme, ' GlM ilmtof a«t KMMTCC Twtet weave* n«l ••twisted. GuraatM* W«ttu MichcIV Point Sfora 1 E. TkM St. rhw* INt WUNDERLICffS fcl ( S • III 1 1 *l I B : i . i • a : i M i U 41 ,?J i. CURTAINS FOR FALL! Lace Panels — 44 to 51 inches wide, 2*4 and &/* yards long. Several patterns to choose from. lach^panel, $ « t , n i • > *•!••• tl' Ruffled Curtaiiu and Cottage Sets Assorted colors. pair NEW TWIN PICTIIESETS Modern floral and character subjects in the new ivory and pastel colored frames. Some with glass, others in oilette finish. C4 a QQ Your choice, per pair JL COTTON OATTS 30x44 15c 81x96 ..69c 72x90 3 lb. ........ 69c (Unbleached) 72x90 31b $1.00 (Bleached) Genuine 80 square, 36 inch wash print Ideal patterns for dresses, aprons, quilts, etc. 91 C Yard ....4EA •ILOL1TI 46inch ...30cyd. 54 inch 39cyd. rtaral. btock a«4 »•»«! 4e«if»a ta MBMH, jr*»»i. r**". *te. Ala* •Ml* awl IAIV WEAI Knit Sets Cap, sweater, leggings and mittens. $1.98 to 12.98 BUNTINGS pink and blue. $1.09 to *U9 Fine quality hat, coat and legging sets. Size* 1, 2, 3. $2.98 Sizes 4 to 6x. $3.39 to S6.98 DRUG STORE CWmiETTt FAMOUS PENIAMKY BXAND , lOe MCK •-^rH [ALL TAXIS IOW PRICES lUMLCESW BALM SOAPS IS* TINS JMCCALM_ — —^^ww^^^Bi ^^^•VI^Mwv v VELVET OR RALEIGH lOc SCOTT Y LYONS TAII rr • _ •••wliv TOILET TISSUES L U A S b! S 0 TISSUES ^ST A. IROS AHl t 1 S HALO FITCH MAIM Oil 1100 Sit* ' LQ.S. JP10HNS ONM^W '24 159 roii I v*nii*M» coo urn OM.TAMXTS ~» jhjk —-^ - Stearato 2^ £2*r4* HgXpHM 80 §|C MB ^9__ m^fSs 'PERlNHf ••—"••- lto*fc Tt«ie I «««««• m ACHES U PAINSjPlLLS (^TABLETS JcOUGHS B COLDS|Shaving U Dental F: i """ • w^ ran .n*< T^Utts $ ROUGE Oil TOL : HHH 1 3JRII OF HOMf NiEDS ~— ••HHBBnMHJ KITCHEN I VALUf . _ ISTA1 COVSUO ®ssm HOMt BARGAINS! Electrical Needs IBHlSTLlr GOODS Shoppers Sptci als .flWALLCLOCK^tLJL >VA?fViltMl J VALUE PUfWRS^fl rUHCTIOWAL Taci Tttrs 1WMOO POUCH 2, fj« VnAMMS PLUS viti TAMPAX ^V^-^BW^^ W W^p SUPPLY imftvacmr +** LANTEENllf um*m^^mmmmi**u M««^ «* fibMUtck? OMkrs ZONITE mf TT HOROOQl BUY , CARDS ^ N****LS~" tf£ liTi WOODBURYS FACE DESK LAMP, $1.29 Otfitft $1 -69 ART rtU$ HOUIRY $1.10 SALT Md rWift SHAKU $ff», <c 59c ICIt

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