Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 15, 1941 · Page 18
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 18

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1941
Page 18
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Page Four (Section Two)' L— ' •' ' = Life's Like That By Fred Neherj Two-bits you don't make it!" Hi! Phillips lOwrlcM) • Arizona Republic, Phoenj^Saturday Morning, February 15, 1941 Our Boarding House - : . _ : - With Major Hoople N This Curious World ATA T1AAE WHEN WALKING/ BECAUSE OF THIS PACT, AFRICAN <SA.A\E HUMTE(?S SAV THAT EW YORKERS consumed 17,973,056 gallons of hard ] i q u o r d urine 1940, the state announces. W e dispute it. Present -day whisky being what it is, we still think the consumers took one taste and threw the rest down the sink. * * * OFFER I'm a conscientious objector, And no good in war, I see; But it's quite all right for you to fight And save the world for me. —R. W. Roberts. » » * [ For More H. I. Phillips ~| See The Editorial Pate J Don't Take MY Word By FRANK COLBV Questions From Here And There Question: Will you please tell us how to pronounce PALL MALL?— Ajax Girls. n *,,.u. r. Answer: Do not say: "pawl By William rergUSOn MAWL." Originally Pall Mall was ; a pame common in Europe. Pall Mall street in London is on the site of a pall mall alley. The name has two pronunciations. First choice: pell SIELL. Second choice: pal MAL. » * » Question: What does one call the two dots placed over a vowel to indicate pronunciation as a separate syllable?—S. T. T. Answer: The mark is called DIAERESIS, pronounced: dye- AIR-ee-sis. In German, two dots over a vowel do not indicate a separate syllable, but merely change the sound of the vowel, and the mark is called UMLAUT, pronounced: OOM-lout. ELEPHANT c*w/vor W4AZ.AT. ( T. W. 1EC. U. 6. PAT. OFF. IS THE CT.S- COAST OCIA.RO A UMIT O*= THE ,-SUCTIOM PUA\P, CAN LIFT WATER. ONE/. BUT /MOTHER. MATURE CAM PLWAP IT TO THE TOP OF TREES 35O t=EET ' OK MORE- INI ..HE1&HT. are legislators SOLONS, and pronounced?— Question: Why sometimes called how is the word Mac. Answer: Solon was a wise Athenian lawmaker of the sixth century. Do not say "suh-LAHN." Accent the first syllable which rhymes with toe: SOE-lahn. . * * * Question: Please pronounce DIPHTHONG.—O. M. Answer: Not "DIP-thong." The r irst syllable rhmes with IF, as: DIF-thong. * * « This week's prize for LOONY _OGIC goes to the American- dictionary that describes pantaloons as: "A. tight-fitting man's garment": •:•. Press Port rait s Answer: lit peacetime it operates under the Treasury Department. In war, it automatically becomes a part of the navy. Next: Which is larger, North or Sooth America? Crossword Puzzle Artist Of Today Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured modern painter. 31 To barter. 12 To manufacture. 13 Consecrated. 14 Wainscotting. 16 Ever (cpntr.). 17 Giant king. 18 Clamor. 19 Preposition. 20 Toward. 21 To eye. 23 Company (abbr.). |24 There has been much - or dispute over •42 Pulpy fruit. 45 Desert train. 48 Queer. 50 Hews. 52 Oriental guitar, his" paintings. 53 To run away. pictures or . ISO To honk. 32 Fast. S3 Oceans. S3 To bury. 57 Emerald. :38 Deadly. 39 To weep. 41 Horse food. 54 Afternoon meal. 55 Struck. 56 Wing. 57 His home is in . 58 He is a painter of wall VERTICAL 2 Small island. 3 Urn. 4 Fuel. 5 Alternative. 7 Vivid describer. 8 Mover's truck. 48 Round jar. 9 Pieced out 49 To apportion. 10 Small 51 Capuchin memorial monkey. 14 Acted as ft model. 15 Snow avalanche. 20 Carries. 22 Theme. 24 Folding bed. 25 Transposed. 26 Tatter. 27 Machine worker. 28 Energy. 29 Still. 31 Upon. 34 Lava. 36 Fabulous bird. 38 Blower. 40 Double bass. 41 Seraglio. 43 To choose by ballot 44 Culmination. 46 Edge. 47 Tanning pot. "Xow, here," said the real estate agent in the Old World capital, as he showed the prospective buyer the property, "it a nice house—wasn't it?" —Los Angeles Times 13 Lovely. 53 Remote. Cranium Crackers MARKED MONEY Some people complain that they :pend their money so fast they ion't get a chance" to have a good ilook at it. Maybe you're one of j those. If so, you'll probably be istuck by the following questions •about what appears on our everyday U. S. coins and bills. I 1. What five words appear the Lincoln side of the penny? 2. What appears on the "tails" side of a 50-cent piece? 3. What men's names appear on a current $5 bill? 4. Whose head is on the new quarter? I 5. What man is pictured on the 510 bill? Answers Below Mopsy By GLADYS PARKER r WOW COULD VOU Be AN ACTRESS? I ' YOU DON'r KtKW THE FIRSr ^^i^. THING ABOISACTING' "MAYBE Millican, Ore., has no neighborhood squabbles. VV. A. Rahn is the \vhole population. ahvays seems to be coming Franklin D. Roosevelt says wry fate places the budget on i ing through the wry to the tune-of IT'- billion. 151 . We're that the di «-ence between being guns that shoot «—, * -• -«*..., unuvju The cows furnish the butter. feeds his herd 224 loaves of bread daily. >.* Cranium Crackers Answers 1. "Liberty" and "In God trust appear on the Lincoln side ol the penny. 2. The American eagle appears i the "tails'" side of a 50-cent piece. 3. Names on the $5 bill are: Lincoln, W. A. Julian, treasurer of the United States, and Henry Mor- Eenthau, jr., secretary of the treasury. •3. George Washington appears on the new quarter. 5. Alexander Hamilton, first Out Wickenburg Way 1EW--IMOMA 'HAT'S ONE FEW PRIVILEGES A SOLDIER GITS/ I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO BED ALL NIGHT IF I DON'T FEEL Him IT— GOSH, VOU MAKE ME DO K1TCHEM POLICE FEB BElW BAD, AM TAKE A\WAV MY PRIVILEGES FEfe 'GOOD--vou AiNrv WO CORPORAL i^v.'~-/ A JAILER./ VOU'RE <5OIMG R1SK1 UP TO BED— VOUVE ' SOT TO BE 1M BED AT VFCOM\MS,25 j BARBER/ A TORTUNE AWAITS THE INVENTOR WHO PERFECTS A«SHftfA- POOINS DEVICE TO KEEP SOAP VOU JOI WED THAT BB& PARDON? NO,MO! NOt2500LLAR9! THIS MORSESTTHAU DRILL OUTFIT AMD IM 6OIMS TO SEE THAT VOL) LIVE UP TO IT— THAT'S WHV HE MADE, ME A CORPORAL/ HOWASOLTTA SHIELD AND TfiOUGH TO DRAIN! WATER BACK INTO TVe BOWL? IlEVV stock! Is worst , r 'ee moni Snts gen jji isolate The list •vived un< Brindled iclced up •iich the ssion wai ,jre scatt itotatt round the The Ass< stocks d n ew hot was r the co: Transfe: jrcd with volume DuPont OH 2 to teel, Bel heet, Cri •nion Cart Silip Mt jnerican J Case anc tesser d feneralMe ennsylvar conda, Ke hone. We I Edison, ircraft, I uration. Higher _j;the st icity opei lined in ere unab ie fact th IT? was 01 ie week I Bonds f ans of Ai ilng. Spi ibber, zir antially i I away bicago w Ja cent ; ,, to up a fto 55 ce :Among actions 1 ere Colts lelan Pe umble 0 1 Lake ties. T: she By Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuite; IVE BEEN DOINel-IHArS SWELL JUITEWELL! HAVETHEN-IF VOU <THE OJJ2LSON CAN GET THB <CONSTOUCTION LASr ORDER...! 1 COMfWMV COME ON! LET'S SEE HENDRICKS > JUNE!-HOW I GOT A COPY OF THE LIST GIVEN TO VOU. I'VE BEEN SEARCHING ALLOVEC TDWN.TCVIN&TO LEARN HOW VOU MAKir4GOUT{ LAUBENCE HENDRICKS THE LAST NAME ON THE LIST" ByGusEfa The Gumps DRE&^\Nfa LIKE A BEAR WAVE faWEM THE ACT JUST yiMEM THE AUBIB4CC CUPCTAJH CALL'S,: TH1NX& THE ACT^S A FAKE Boots and Her Buddies >ls An Inventor, Thomas Edison Had Nothing On Jeff Mutt and Jeff IT WILL AFPEM NOTONWTO CHU.OBEN.BUT : irs NOT suppocep TO \nomt IT'S A TRAMP— AND TRAMPS NEVER. WORK" h MUTT, LOOK AT THE MECHANICAL tRAMP I INVENTED. Ili CLEAN U? KxrruNE ON rr! WASHEi ers m'or< c and .year ew loa "repay end o tstandinc Sergei Relents By Frank Rentf row and Don Dick* Sergeant Stony Craig COLONEL SERGEI. I AM PROFOUNDLY SOMV A MEMBER OF MY COMMAND WOULD. ACT AS PRIVATE WISE WD TUBE K NO TELLING WHAT PUNISHMENT HEADQUARTERS MAY DECIDE- DEATH GOOD PLACE E SOLDIER MINUTE E A6ANDK SNEVKRMW MOTICE-IT< WRITING- . A REPORT OF OUR FAILURE TO AND WHERE SHE IS THEM FIGHT- FELLOW NOW? The Fabricator In The Sunday Republic MO, 1 KNBW Sue WAS SOIK16-SHE IS A SENTIMENTAL TRICK.™5H£ JUST CA.WT TlAAMK POLKS FOR. TWQR. CQN- 51DeRATIOM OP HER. -SME. ASKED ME COMVEV TO ALL. OP VOU MET3 GRATITUDE HERE LIKE A DRIED HER-JBLESS ARGUMENT, DID VOU

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