The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 28, 1914 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1914
Page 2
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Fage Two H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, June 28,1914. GAMES THAT CHANGE THE BOYS PLAYING THEM I Decatur Know how big a th'ng * this summer play ground bus ness is 9 asked a man a day cr two ago who had watched the children on on* of the public play grounds un U h* began to catch the spirit of the thing As hf came to und»rstand It he warmed -with the zeal of a new. convert He had been accustomed to rega-d play as a habit of childhood and pup- pv-hood--more or less of a nulsani-a and a serious wastp of time but a thing which thev \ou'd outirow He began to see the value of piay as a mental mo*-al and ethical discipline The summer p'aj grounds in Decatur ar-» eisentiall \ a c a t i o n schools SERIOLS QLE=TION It U coming to be realised that the serious question Is not w h a t to rlo w i t h the children In the schools but n h a t to do with them outside the *·!»· i« 41 10 t h a t the rhlld Is l«arnlns toth In 15 hool and o if of ""hool and quite a=. much outside of school as In --Lhool It Is quite as much a problem to see that the outside training doe* rot off "«t and neutralize the training given at so much cost and care In t*ie schoo 1 room A E Winship when In Hecatur one time said of the bos s pl»y When he learns to p'ay a new team* and to play tt right he Rets a.a much mental discipline as he does when he learnt to Invert the dlMser and proceed a* In multiplication He doej n i t learn this In school but inciden'- illy--on the side How many gamss In vou know how to plai " And t h i s is one of the fundamental "let* that underlie super\ls-d pla\ Another is that U teaches restraint recognition of rules individual submission to the wishes of the cummunlty inod citizenship TWO PLAYGROUNDS There tre t w o public playg-ounds In u«e this summer One 1«* in Torrence park the other at th« Roach school ' N Ashmore for several years ath- U M c Instructor at the James \Mlllkln n U e r s l t y Is the Instructor He Is as- « st»d by M!M Josephine Kir* at the P acl school and Miss Verna Kirk at t h » Torrence park In the afternoons jtnci earlv evenings th**e summer days or*i thene places present busy scenes "T hov swarm w i t h child r en who h a \ e hlng to do but play ?ni CHILDREN THERE Th-"-** w e r e 200 children In T o r r f n ' d p-uk V, f [ p-» la\ o f f * r n ion 'it " o rlo^k Th** 1 *^ "h I r c n a" p e r m i t t e d to do Just ·m t*\t-\ p ^a^^ provide'' t^py do the - f v t t h i n g T h e v pla w h a t e v e r t h ^ v I n,, r. r ' h - \ «. t 11 t- in th «ln it T r r e a r f not man of · t a c h i l d , n a m ~ e t \ " ish m i i l It a n {-»· i n i c t l \ " ! o r a' organized £-11 t h * most par* t h e j nmcs 'hat m u s t t ·» r U lr was a X T V f o r a ' t '·noon ^"^ t n e « j l l n g pool c a u g h t a 3 r g ·· n i m ^ e r f a n t ^ plav K round" T t f - r i ° w er* 'T m f t ' f . f -i c l \ f I th*» po^l a r a SUPER* I = E D PL\"\ Moat of i h c m \ ·» * sma 1 ! r hi J ^ e n H! r l t h ^ m uni»*r t w t l *;» f fl v* n l "t; r m « i r 1 c a l l - * jri, in U i p i ' j fr Is i » ]*»ast C u p p ! \ j 3 f e i j a r m t o r l l a E I S c t t w a t r h e l t h t u a d i n f t * r r m a hon h In t*if ! ad*- a n l h" h a d an e«^\ task Th l a r g e i o\ « me not a l l o n M to ' nfla That g i r l n arrl J l f f ^ r ^ n t r n d s r f t h p T l i t h i R P f 1 111. u ! th bo\ are a l l o t t d pcol Lxe'-y kind r i 1 « i s t t I* h i ] f r i b n t h l n g t i m e s t h e H i i i I T The r leu nr* 1 » n " d ' h e · h i t t * t ' n t t ' - n r i o n ^« h / or tf t m -I »p- store is a of high quality. The aiii^ discrimination in exorcised in the selection of little trinkets that i» given to watches, precious stones, pearls, and silver. Thin f1l«Rrfrntn H M f r r t n k ' f * t krt t. l 1 ba !*·» I » l n ^ ^f it [ 1n» b i t pl ^ * r r t r n n m r n t " M i - p i ' "-- I ' n t - l r r ^ ( r rnij «· E. E. BARBER JEWELER ion 1 WKrr « Dr. B. L. Maenithal Phyniclnn Dr. H. F. Armstrong Dentist H»VP oprnrd their office 245 349 N Water St. Above Kaufman's nothing Store. pears that has to be broken In Th« water Is too shallow for any one t» drown Unfortunately the pool has a mud bottom and the \vater is kept oret- t\ muddy all of the time That poo! Is ·\\orth Improving at the cost of a few hundred dollars Mr Elliott says they have been using it this season since April when they actually broke the Ice to go in TTVENTT PLAT BALL. A game ot play cround ball was in progress on the baseball diamond This engaged the attention of twenty or more boss This game is baseball with slight variations It Is played with a large Bolt ball «hich Is pitched to the batter and not thrown The baselines ars shorter than in baseball When the batter hits the ball he has the privilege of running to either Hist or third provided tbere is no other runner on bases In spite of the hot afternoon the boys were playlns with keen lest CHANGED THE BOYS The game has revolutionized the boys who take part In, it Last year the games were chiefly characterized by \\ rangling: Whenever a player was declared out there was a rag chewing n itch Lsually there was some big boy \vj~*o owned a ball and bat and he wanted to dominate the game He had to pitch and bat first and usually when *e n as put out on a. close pla he would quit and break up the game Now the boys ha\e learned to plav the game according to the rules and take their medicine like sportsmen when a play goes against them There 3s no more wrangling* Big boys who dominate the game have been put with boys of their size where they do well to hold their o w n REAL BASEBALL j At 6 30 in the evening there Is real Group of Boys on Torrence Park Playgrounds. baseball played on this diamond by two "league" teams Again the rules of the game must be observed and the players, deport themselves like true sportsmen There Is really no occasion for a score keeper at these games for a dozen small boys are keeping the score so accurately In their heads there is no chance for a mistake BOYS DECIDE There Is a game called corner ball that engages the attention of a group of boys This is played with a basket ball and the matter of In or out of bounds cuts much figure Whenever there was a question on this point Mr \shmore was disposed to leai e it to the piayer himself Of course he was expected to tell the truth about It and he could not well afford to do any thing: e'se FAIRNESS A delegation from the tennis courts appeared with a serious matter to arbitrate These boys were not tennis players but they had been permitted to take balls and racquets and knock the balls about Two boys had been disposed to play a dog In the manger act and not allow the others the use of the courts There was a call for fairness in this Ashmore snatched a cap from the head of one of the contenders and tossed it Into the air "Hole or the bowl for first use of the court," he demanded The boy chose the hole and won He ·n as told that he could play so many games and then yield the oourt to the other set of boss MAKING GOOD PLAYERS The tennis courts are busy after SUE per and there are alwavs a number of plajers w a i t i n g their turn These courts are making some good pia^ers of one of the finest of American games But baseball has the call and every small boy aspires to get Into the league class There ar» eight itvlnga and these are buss, even In the heat of the afternoon In the pavilion are thirty or forty children mostls slrls, n h o are working under the direction of one of the Misses Kirlc Thev learn raffia basket making-, crocheting and various rames Whatever they plav they are expected to play hard, to play to win but to play fair The boy who grows to manhood with these principles inculcuted--to play hard, play to win and to play fair Is likely to make a pretty desirable citizen NO DISORDER There was no disorder on the play ground In the course of the afternoon There was no occasion for a reprimand There was occasional encouragement, some direction of effort Mr Ashmore was the directing authority Occasion- alb he had to stop a game which was too violent for such a hot afternoon He was called 'Ashmore ' not "Mr Ashmore' w h e n an aopeal was made to him He managed to see every thing Of course he can not see two play grounds at the same time and there ought to be two of him It is really a big work he Is doing and one which Is entitled to much encouragement A VACATION TRIP If you would like to take a trip on your next vacation, why not arrange it so that the expense will not work a hardship upon you and spoil the pleasure of the outing. Start now by opening a Savings Account, then make frequent deposits --in small amounts if you choose. In that way you will not miss the money. We will add to your balance by paying 3% interest. When you are ready to take your trip, draw as much money as you need and enjoy yourself on funds that came easy. National Bank of Decatur The "Big Grey Store's" July Sale of Summer Furniture Begins Monday 20% Discount On All Summer Furniture -I /- ^J- '· v / M -- A. .j.o v,*eiit all of Decatur has uoen waiting for. Just think, our entire stock of Summer furniture at a straight 20 per cent discount from our already low prices. Come early while selections are best. Swings, canvas hammocks, tables, chairs, settees, rockers, all Summer furniture included in this sweeping July discount sale. Begins Monday. All merchandise in the usual good quality of the "Big Grey Store." Freight paid to all parts of the state on purchases amounting to $5. Canvas Awnings at Bargain Prices d3£i«ifaWWJMESi A A Are Away Porch Rocker, Special 95c Thli p^cellent porch ro'-kT Is but an example f f the n n n \ bargains to be tiari here Has split r»cd fit a n l shaped back Un' n; I l l u ' t r a t e d He-« la a bargain Item In good canvas awnings Com plete with ropes hooks brackets etc. 90 Incb Onovas nwolnirft. 86 Inch cmnTa. avrnlnK*. 40 Inch Oa«VM fl 48 Inch Cnnvas a $1.35 each Let Us Decorate While You The logical time to have your house redecorated is during the Summer months, while you are away. Think of the troubles you avoid. Even a single room can be taken in hand to better advantage in the vacation season. We gladly submit plans and color schemes showing the finished effect and at no cost to you--you see the completed work at a glance in advance and we give you the estimated cost. Our designers and decorators have had a lifetime of experience at their chosen task. A post card request will receive prompt attention. At Last--A Successful Oil Stove for the Home This Famous "Quick Meal" Range This new Quick Meal' oil stove Is carefully made, all well known ob- Jftctlons to oil etovee have been overcome In this new etoT*, A.I1 parts are easily cleanable and construction l9 auch that vou are Insured of a clear blue hot flame at all times Pries as shown NOTICE: Wo have secured another new shipment of Kleansall Soap and will now be abla to fill all back orders Special This Week 'pf-ldl tnr thle week onlj f u l l I* S q u a r t * of Rogers Stalnfloor finishes all col- "r» regular 85c standard value for . 66c DRIVE AWAY SUMMER CARES Equip Your Home witb A "Caloric" The "Caloric" cooker saves time, fJel and worry It obviates the strain, mental and physical, of standing many hours over a hot stove, and in summer In an overheated kitchen It makes possible the dally appearance upon your table of many foods containing ths highest percentage of nutrition too often ruled out because of the time required for ths long, slow cooking that brings them to perfection It prevents odon in the kitchen Utensils last longer because food never sticks to the bottom, and In consequence they are easllv kept clean The 'Caloric' as Illustrated here with automatic steam vent and seamless aluminum lining, 8 qt size, complete with pie CO *7C Join the Hoosier Cabinet Club $ i Enters Your Name for Membership. Cabinet Delivered at ones. PORCH SHADES Vudor porch shades let tn the light but keep out the heat They are extremely durable, for their light strong, wooden strips are lock-stitched with fish-net twine so they can t loosen at the ends Colors--Green, brown, mottled t ft wide »2.85 6 ft wide (3.25 8 ft wide f4.3tl 10 ft wide *(«W All shades are 7 ft 8 In long racks, cake racks, cook book, etc $1.00 Wool Wall Dusters 65c ipcrlal bargain item for i h l * week $100 wool wall rtuntcrs complete w i t h hand!* Packed In carton BachmanBros 65c $14.00 Adjustable Head Canvas Hammock $9.95 Extra hea vycancas hammbcks, with adjustable head, heavy felt cushion and all metal spring frame A good value at $14 Special price, complete with chains, cooks CO OC etc., at 99*99 You can search the world ev*r and not find a n y t h i n g that saves 1 to much labor as this beautiful new Rooster. You can Mt do\in at work with this Hooaler and save miles of steps It combines Three Big- Cupboard* a lars;* Pantrj Special Bins and Compartments and dozens of Labor-Savlnr Feature^ around a roomr metal table that slides out 16 Inches. Your Need for It ^r. 1 !,^ when % ou know Its total convenience! \nd now with so many new feature* and Its much larger sUe, at the present low ca-h price, tt Is a wonderful bargain which you can eastlr afford. You May CKoote models-- 'Whit* Beauty," which has a waterproof Ivory-white enamel upper cupboard and the models with merely an Oak Interior, at slightly less price New Domestic Science Book Free "Torn and Your Klttfcw," by rMrs Christine Frederick, former National Secretary of the Assosclated Clubs of Domestic Science, describes the other Hoosier features fully and treats Tosv kitchen problems In a «·»!*. Broad, SdeitWie Hammer. Send for It DOW Too do not obligate yourself by accepting.

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