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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Sunday, May 8, 1859
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. .^.^..^...^...^ ay's nomination for the Presidency^ --., on la aid. of this Institution, the " showing how hypocritical ig their present pre" Y The following &'itiii8 article of amendment to. the- con»t!tnUon of MassachnsettB, which on Monday, to-moirowyftlaj 9th, is to be 6nb- inltted to the people of that State, for ratlnca- : "No person ehall be entitled to vote, or ahall beeli(3ble to office, nnlesa he stall have resided within the jurisdiction of the United States for two years subsequent to naturalisa- tion, and .shall otherwise be qualified, according to the constitution and laws of this Commonwealth; provided, : that this amendment shall not effect the rights which any person of foreign birth possessed at the time of the adoption thereof; and, provided further, that it shall not effect the rights of .any child of a citizen of the United States, torn during the temporary absence of the parents therefro*."; The democrats haze steadily an<J resolutely opposed the |a4optlon;'of the : above amen 3- inent in the legislature, before the people and through the? press. They will, to-morrow, walk np'to the ballot box, i n unbroken columns and vote against it. ' We are not advised of its probable fate. The republicans of several States "have faithfully depicted to their brethren of Massachusetts the disagreeable consequences which will surely befall the republican party throughout the north-westyif the amendment prevails, but we are inclined to believe that this outside interference has not produced the desired effect. The Boston Journal, •which is the leading republican organ of Massachusetts, intimates that the efieot may be the exact reverse of that wnloh tney desired to produce. It says : " It is the spirit of the thing we look at. It is this which it becomes us to meet in a proper manner, as 'involving our own self-respect. — We can well see how. many a citizen of Massachusetts, who has deplored the fraud and corruption brought into our elect! ons^jj- the present lax regulations respecting foreign voters, but who has thought that some other -measure might be preferable, on the whole, to the two years' amendment, will now Bay substantially: ' Since this has become a matter of outside dictation, and I, am told that I shall not vote for a local measure in whose general objects I concur, without being mt&aoed with the rebuke of party associates, I s'lall vote for it now both to repel the idea of such snbservien oy, and as accomplishing a desirable end by the only means now epen to us.' " They are evidently jealous of this outside 'dictation, and we shall regret to find that the mission of our distinguished fellow citizen, Carl Schnrz, to Massachusetts, really promoted the success of that prescriptive and vindictive measure. The Journal conceives it a good measure, but intimates that they will go in for it a little stronger now than they would if no one had interfered with them. They •will vot* for it now out of spite, as well as upon principle. If the Journal U right, it is easy to see that Cad Schnrz. and those who sent him down to Massachusetts, will long regret their imprudence and shortsightedness. Cold Comfort. The editor of the Wankesha Democrat came out of the late charter election in decidedly bad humor. Ae soon as the excitement abates somewhat, he will discover that it was all right. He was in the enemy's ranks daring the engagement, and the democrats could not distinguish bun from any other Shanghai.— We are sorry that he permitted the republicans to iwe him, but 4o not regret the result, as it will prove a useful lesson to- him if properly appreciated. It is somewhat remarkable however, that on ascertaining jnst how badly he was beaten, he should exclaim, "the b'eitt is receiving cold comfort." Carney reminds us of the individual who after being knocked down, got up and inquired ''if lightning had struck any one else"!" ^tenbe of- b»ri>g].bein Tib friet^.^^He^iiljgwV ^stw? «^.tM«JsjlaiB' ; ii !?«**> W 1 * W?.trat "It WAJ ieitroTed «t the ^K^^J.« ot?5:I™^* moment when it^dapted the dootrine of mil* in : J)Wferi^(^'^^j|Jit;%..;,^.;! ": ! • ' The Worcester that the Boston Po had discovfred infien- atoVrflenr*sWihton^a>lijtter = something terrible to hunkerism, : vtb6 Vovritr ^replies: —-.,- -., . nothing tn Mr. Wit- soh'tiietter, iwd jnbthing in Sir. Wilson him-' 'f, that is terrible toAnybody or anything ^Wilson resembles "King James'* ape, of self, Mr __ _ which the roy«l Solomon 3 said:""If -iTold JftOfcoIcanmak^tim biteyott; it yon hold him yon can make Mm bite me." The party that has the largest Btore of nuto and apples can always have Jaoto. The know-nothings had him in 1855,|and triade ttm bite at thenbidding: now BOmtibody holds him tba't makes him bite the" know-nothings. Jaoko was a mischievous animal, "but by no means terrible. pie of a territory,; lite those of. a. State, shall •decide for tlremselres whether slavery shall, or not exist within their limits," they must do it by either legislating against U, or refusing to legislate at all, and leaving it without the protection of law. Therefore, JndgeDeng- las, in his J"reeport speech, said ; "It matters not what way the Supreme Court may hereafter decide as to the abstract question whether slavery may or may not go into a territory under tbe constitution, the people have the lawful means to introduce'it or exclude it as they please, for the reason that slavery cannot exist a day or an hour any. where, unless it is supported by local police regulations. (Right, right) Thoae police regulations can only be established by the local legislature, and W tha people are opposed to slavery they Will elect representatives to that body who will, by unfriendly' legislation effectually prevent the introduction of it into their midst. If, on the contrary, they are for it, their legislation wilUavor its extension." Tbe Require* Patching. The republican party will require considerable patciiing ana nnEenng perur* it can be got into working order for the great contest in 1860. There is trouble in Massachusetts on the proposed amendment to the constitution which requires a residence of two years after being naturalized before a foreigner can hold office. There is a difficulty brewing in Indiana and some other states on the popular sovereignty issue; and in Pennsylvania the know-nothings, who have been made/the wheel horses of the opposition, are beginning to kick in the traces. Trouble ahead. CANDIDATES FOB LlElTTKSANT GoVEKSOB IX ELEJTTCCKT.—Hon. Linn. Boyd, who is the democratic candidate fo* Lieutenant Go\ < or' \ Of Kentucky, was Speaker of the Dnited States \ House of Representatives for four year* during \he Thirty second and Thirty-third Congresses^ He served in that capacity from the 4Ch of December, 1853, to the 3rd of March, 1655. He represented the First district of Kentucy in Congress for sixtnen consecutive years. At last accounts Mr Boyd was sick and unable to carry on^he canvass. CHABTEK ^£LECTIOK IN PHILADELPHIA..— election for cit^tofficers came off in Philadelphia on the>jSd inst. The general R suits, as exhibited by the returns, show the election of Benjamin H. Brotfrn, opposition, for City Treasurer, by about 2^00 majority over Dr. James HcLintock, democrat; and Charles Mc- NeaL, opposition, for City\ Commissioner, by about the same majority ove\ Henry S. Borie, democrat. The Opposition have also both branches of the Councils by laW majorities. The Select Council is composed ot eight democrats and sixteen opposition, anil Common Council of twenty-five democrats and sirty- fonr opposition. \ THE SOITTHERK CONVENTION.—It is saidNthat the object of the southern commercial eonve\p- Fugitive Slave Rescue Case at Cleveland. The Cleveland National Democrat of the 3d of May says: The District Court of the United States, on yesterday morning, resumed the trial of Lang- stop, charged with aiding in the rescue of a 'ngitivefrom labor, at Wallington, last fall.— The trial was in'errnpteel by the necessary absence of the District Attorney, at Columbus, at which place he attended the Supreme Court :o show cause why ia habeae corpus for the release of the prisoners should not be granted Tbe Judges of the Supreme Court having decided that they can not issue the writ until the prisoners are convicted, and as, after con vie lion the law says they shall not, BV soppes* the question is settled, and the m-n who fool, ishly violated the law, in order tbat thcv might be made martyrs of will now be tried", and, if found guilty, punished without any more efforts to stay the hand of Justice The opposition has run the thing into the ground, and that is the last of it. The punishment for the crime for which these men are indicted, we understand, is a fine in any scm not exceeding ooe thousand dollars, and imprisonment not exceeding six months. This gives sufficient latitude to the Judge to punish each one found guilty according to his deserts—grading the punishment according to the gnilt of each. THE DEED SCOTT DECISIOR.—In the N. Y. Herald of the 5th inst. we find the following clear and sound exposition of the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Dred Scott " With all the party clamor, arguments, encomiums and denunciations that have been ex pended upon the famous Dred Scott decision, all that is legally comprehended in that decision is tkis—that the plaintiff, Dred Scott "a negro of African descent, whoso ancrtstors were of pure blood, and who were brought into this country and sold as slaves," not being a citizen witbin the meaning of the potxtitation. is disqualified to sue In a United SiaU-s court] and that the case is accordingly dismissed for want of jurisdiction. Such, in ruality is the sum and substance of this Dred Scott "decision. All the leg»1 arguments of the learned judgrs outside of this case of Dred Scfltt and this decision are nothing more than the obiter aicta— the extraneous opinions of the judges upon ir relevant issues—opinions which legally amount to nothing. They would have been as valuable, in point of la*, if delivered by the learned judges in the course of a social conversation at the dinner table, over a bottle of good old Maderia " tion, to be held at Vicksburg this month, wi be to form a southern party upon & basis of opposition to laws of the Dnited States which cannot be repealed in doe course of legislation. WHO WILL BEAD IiJ— The Richmond Whig «sks who will read GOT. Wise's last thirty coj- nmn epistle? No answer has yet been given. KltOW NoTujSio BTATI OOJJVZKTIOK. — The Pittsbnrg Chronicle of the 27th ultimo says that the Americans of Allegany county, Pennsylvania, have issoed a call for a State convention of their party, to beield in the Jatter P*rt of the present month/. What on earth do they expect to dot BM.L n, PBKSSTLTABIA.— The Native, a know aothing paper published in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, tag run npthennme ,of John Bell. of. Tennessee, for President in - 1860. Mr. Cameron must come away from the - oo»l heaps and begin to look around. • SOOTTD DOCIEIKB. — The democracy of CaU lowmy county, Aissonri, at a recent meeting; adopted, among other resolution, the follow- - Th'ateTerjr right protected by the should be, &itfifaH» aooorded to notioed, said Franklin, a mpchanir, among a nnmbcr of olhere,at work OD a honst-i erecting but a little way from my office, who always appeared to be in a merry humor', who had a kind word and a cheerful smile for every one he met. Let the day be ever so cold , gloomy or sunless, a happy smile danced like a sonlnam on his cheerful countenance. Meeting him one morning, I asked him to tell me the secret of his constant happy flow of spirits. "No secret, Doctor," he replied, "1 hare got one of the best of wives, and when I go to work, she always has a kind word oT encouragement for me, and when I go home she meets me with a smUe and a kiss.and then tea is snre to be ready, and she has done so many little things through the day to please me.that I cannot find it in my heart to speak an unkind word to anybody." What an iufluem-e then, hath woman over the heart of man to soften it, and make it the fountain of chwrfol and pure emotions. Speak gently, then— a happy smile and a kind word of greeting, after the toils of the day are over, cost nothing, and go far toward making a home happy and peace- th'e'oonni ^ • c.- .-,'»7^-'H**1«lni8 -these,the &oreUiy of-the -Board, Mr. 3.fc Turwr, has prepwwd •nd published an .«d- drets to the chncchet.of -th« United States, nrgincr AMU to co-operate in the good work.— Already «i ore than/our tnndred clergy men of all denorniaAtltins hare inbscribedU) tbeiund offtfce institution, and thodsand« of their cjeri- cali»etlir<in will leara from this addrefs the Jobject fUid claims of the Inebriate Asyinm. , Indged thfa eahject is one of peculiar inter- es4,to clergjinen, u th«y themselves are jiot emempt from the ditease—*or.»nch it may be considered. : Oar eccfetiagtieal annals show too oftea that even the most excited position iu the church dees not prove a iafrguard from .temptation'to ejjfess. Bv»in venerable bjbubpa, who U»VB for yevs deserved ati.4 receiTei the reverence and love of their people, hare dropped'the crozler for the wine cup, and forgetting both' their dignity M men and the sacredness of their holy office, have, by yielding to that disease for which there has hitherto been no hospital.bronght diagrace upon themselves atid scandal upon their church. , . Tf ,«, k Ite »ddre88 of the trustees of the Inebriate .—ii me peo- Asylum makes mention of many sad instances of .the fail of clergymen. There was a pastor, who suffered from tscnia which bad produced emaciation.— • ''For Ibis malady his physician recommended aleoholio stimulants, which were taken Tn large quantities, and for a loug period. The result was that this prescription, instead of bebefitting the patient produced the more fearful disease of inebriety. The patent lost self- control, and became a harden to Jiis friends, who made every effort to restrain him, but in rain. At length, conscious of his inability for •ell-control, hu voluntarily snrrenflered himself to the custody of tha suparintandent of the Alins-liouSe on Black well's laland. He remained there but a short time,, as hts.beOor nature revolted at the drpraved surrounding.— Finally, as «. last resort, hU friends have sent htm on a sea-voyage, from whioh, be has bot yeta-etorned." Another clergyman, 6f high position in the church, became an inebriate, and in a at of delirium .tremens aotu illy atlemptfd to kill his own child, and would have guncewied bat for the interposition of l)js wife. In the legal profession many are the instances of blasted reputation and ruined hopes, resulting from the same rani*. There is, p»r- baps, no lawyer who luis been for any long time engaged in practice, unable to recall to memory some early associate who, with titrenu and education quite as luilliant as his own,and with prospects fully as promising, has been prematurely cut off by indulgence in drink.— Within tb« past two years only, the State of New Fork has lost by death two of her Supreme Court judges, and one of her county judges, all of whom diwl lij inebriety, and all of whom were applicants for admission to this asylum. Within three years'' says the address, " there hare been two applicants for admission to this Asylum, who afterwards committed euicide while laboring under delirium trsjnma. One of these was an oHioer in the Dnited States Navy, who distinguiciird himsulf in the war with Mexico. AJtat he had returned from a cruise be b*«an to stimulate to excess, became diseased by alcohol, an<l lost 8»lf-ooutrol He told us ; when Le appli-.l for.admission to th« insiitutioji, ' that he should Boon die, unless controlled and treated in an asylum.' On being informed that tha edifice was not built, he left in despair, and, tUree weeks after, while suffering under an atta.-k of delirium tretnens, hi? threw hioaseJf from Ihe third story window of his bete), killing him instanlly. The other case of self-deslrurtion was a young man of wealth and position. H" was iccomplis'hed in mind, polished in manners benevolent $n heart, and a universal favorite with his associate*, both young and old. This painful dUcase in him was hereditary. Hi« tetter, nature" revolted at the idea of being an inebriate. When we told him thai the asylum ,. was not completed, he turned away in. despair, . | and said. ' Then 1 must die ' S*x months' had scarcely elapsed wh»u, while In delirium tr«m -ns, he took a bottle of 1 miannm, which i- unfortunate career." Nor i- 'T men alone tbat this disease is con- or fnr whom an Inebriate Asylum is wanted. Women are subject to tha samo calamity, and nee.1 the Kaino remedy. There am numerous cases of wives and mothers women brought npin luxury, refined and wrll educated, who hare been degraded through the influence of stimulating drink. We know tba,t tUv«^ tliio^o, thou^la the faota are treri- erally kept qo'et, are too true- iverv house they my, has a skeleton, but What skeleton c*n be as bad—what infliction to a fond fami- •ly «s terriMe—as that ol a drunken mother, wild and delirious without the exciting cop! and drugged to stupidity by its use when she can get it! In Charlotte Bronte's remarkable n ovel tbe great mystery on which the story hiriges Is the mad woman, imprisoned in tbn ol . country house. But there is more than one house in this city that has quit* as terrible an inmate as the delirious maniac that Rochester so unceasingly guarded, and whose ex. Utenoe and action It is quite u desirable and as difficult to keep secret, as U was to retain from Jane Eyre the knowledge of the crazy prisoner. W? could mention several .estimable clergymen, as well as men of secular professions, in whose familj the wife and mother is an inebriate maniac—a disgrace to herself and her relatives. In one instance, a prominent clergyman was recently prevented by such a domestic affliction, and by that alone from accepting a proffered ecclesiastical pol sition of the highest rank. It i» for persons like these—for people -from the more favored as well as the poorer classes of our populace—that Ihe Inebriate Asylum is intended. And wJiile these individuals themselves may be reclaimed, there ig another tiling to be considered, which is, that inebriety is a diseasa,constitutional and hereditary ^^'5*;^^'y|^^?^«r-.*;-£4'i.;»*JtS-'-"»f-j whirring Totetl»«HMl»-I»U* r! B«*<tariUb 0 ddln ? tb«i*.. i . T bright one» el <heY»ll«yl>rt»* -..'*" , -,,,- . ,_/ .. To welcome btck It •Cl»Tfnlteat5«»r»l«, --. Itioanopj of learn; ; •!,:.;- .' And from lu darkened (iaioirt flou ' fairer »nd T8ettei»e»ofthe»ood», . . With the light dallying vltk tba «r«it- ' .Ai: gtaUjritptheir goal tnej run,- ,. H«ll th« returning son. . *9~"&U, is »nntygot bee. in Iwr month?" No—why do yon Mk such a (jaestlao I" "Close, thnVleetle man with • heap o' hair on his face cotch'd hold of her, and said he waa goiagto take the honey-from her lips; and she said, "Well, make haste 1" NOTICE- Cm OonrnoLLXi'a Omoi, I Contract Department, Mil»aa»«, May «, 18J». f ' mHB folkjirbii 4e»cribed loU and part or lots In the X 8th Ward, of the Oily of Milwaukee, by raol«Uen of tteConmon Connoll, adopt*! Hay ft, 1869, were de- lared public noluneea by reuoo of. itacnant water and. Otto therwjn, antl »»!d Dolsaaca ordered to be obatqd,ni: i Low 8, 1 and 5, block 63; lot 1, b ock 113 and alley In re«r Sf tooU hstT of same; loU It, 11, W, 9 and I, In oloek UO; iota 6,«, 7 and 6, block 122; lou aaatb % of «, 7, 8 and S, block 128: lol », block 118; north b lot* 10 and 12, «ocki82. Owners, occopanla and «geoU of abort deierlbed properly are hereby notlfltrt to abate laid nuliancej within ten dan from tb* date of thU noUee, or U» St. Ugmmlsilonen or laid Sih Ward will came the lame to be dune and charged to tht reapectlTe loti and part of lota according to law. K. L'H. OARDIN8B, Comptroller. ClTT CoKPTEOLL«a'9 OlTIOX, I Com«ACf DEPIEIXCIT, May 4, '59. ) rapoiala will b« recelvoj at thli offlee, un- tn Turtday, tie lOtft Inal., at 10 A. x., lor tb* Incidental Oitj prrntlnj. Propoula to ha mada aa foUowi: For compoBltloa p«r 1,000 etna—to fee couoteifln ala* or type and Uf> to aad Inelndlnff plna—all ti^e larger than pic* to be couaUU u pic*. VOT pre*a work per token. PafHT io be Furnlatieii at cowt. E, L'U. OARDINtR, Comptroller. \^f Sentinel, Wuconsin and Democrat, canr. niaj-6-dtt CITT CoMrrnoujB's Orrraw, I Oontriet Department, Milwaukee, May «. 1359. f |\HE following described lou tad p»rt of lots located 1 In the Third W»rd or the City ol .Milwtukee, by resolution of the Common Council adopted, M»y 3,18i9, wera decl&rtd public nuisances by reason of stagnant w&ter and filth thereon, and said oatsances ordered tn be abated, viz : ' ^ Lot f>, block 7; lots 1, 2, 8, S, Oyand n, bloct 41; lots 1, '1, 8 and 4, block IMi; lot a block 40; lots 1, 2, 3, 4, J, il and », block 164; lota '1. 2, S, 4, 6, 6, 10 and 11, block 46; lota I, S, 8 and 4, block 42, lots 1,4 T 8 t 10 and Ii, block 4*; lots 1, 2, 8, 4, 6 and 6, block 81 lots-1, -,8, 4, C, 10 and 12, clock 44; lota 1 and t, block SO; lots 8, 4 and 6, block 79; lot 13, bloc k S6; Ion 8, 4 and B, block IT; lots 6 ami 7. Mock 87; lota 1, 18 and N S ol S, block S»; lots 1 and 19, bloc* S6; North if of 8 11 and 12, block 10; lol :i, block 16; lots 2, 4 and 11 block 43. Uwnoa occnpaLts aud acenu of Uic above described property are hereby notlned lo abate aald nuisances wlttiln th-rty daj a Irum the publ cation ol this notice, or the Street Comtaisslonrrs n! s*ld Third Ward, wlil catuw said nuisaucea to be abated and charted to the respective lots aod part of lots according to Taw. may6-dCt K. L'H. ftABDlNBH, Comptrollfr, NOTICtf. Crrr ConpranLLmi's O»nc», I Contract Department, iltlwaoke*, May 6. Isi9. ) T UE Common Council by rcsolation adopted May 3, 1859, granted the request of the pet tioners — Owners of property situaleu; in block 2S, fiath Ward of the City of *lliwau*ee, lor the consiru'tion of a aewer throairh alley In sud block 23. aud ordered tfcat a aewer be conMi ueted in ace .rdaoee with the plan and specllciulcns .-1 the City tjigtoeer. o» file In thli office, owners e>[ proper); on aald alley are hereby nouaed to c«nst^u?t snch sewer wtthin twenty da) a Irtmi this d»l«!, or the Street i ommiufoaen of the nlxth Ward will cause t e aaffle to be dene and charged lo Ihe re- 'pectJTe lots, according to law. EH.VST I1KRZEE, CHAR). HOSACK, ma}6-d6t CounciDors and ftr ct Commissioner!. Ctri Co*PTaou.L«'»OrricE, I Contract Department, Slay 7, 1H£9. ( ^EALED prnposals will b« received at this office until 3 Friday, M» r 13, 1S59, at 10 t . »., ,or cradlne tn the established gradr, J.n-rson street, from Detroit street to Chicago St.. 3 I Ward; also for plaaktop, cart- nj; and relaying plank stdew Iks; the same hsvioi; been ardered by the Hoard of Oonnc-.lloni, Jnne »). ~*yi, and concurred In by the Board of Alderman uly !«. I95S mayi-rttt E L'H. GARMNER, Coroptruller .CHANDLER & H1CKCOX, oirneys &QunaelIorB iit X> aw BLOCK, i [wprlSJ unsncmoos. PAHB1.1H, ATTORNEYS & COUNSELLORS AT LAW. - '-'-. .... Wo. to, Albm»F UnliaiB9» *&.., WISCONSIN. imi» runt*. .aurexL j. cmooia. jixuoi a OUWJT Elniore, € rooks &. Uridlcy, Attorneys at-Law, BFFICE, MO. 8, RIABTIN'S BLOCK. WISCONSTtl. * III.OODROOO, AWOBNBTS & COUNSELLORS AT LA*; ' Areait Bidding, 173 Sail Water it., Xiltcauku. 6' W. ttasuit, formerly I PMIBiUs * OoLT^ilbany, V Fiiicra BLOOOGOOD. N*wYot^. J V. Biobooooo U U. B. Court Com'miMione.- and Uom- mlalonef for leveral itatea. . novl»-d6m » JO8BUA BTABK. MKK & STAKK. Attorney* & Cotuisellon at Law. If Office, No. 9, Mitchell'i Ne» Bank Building, corner of Sllchjgan and Ea«t Water Itreeta, Uilwiukce. tnnuji,.^ < w. osLUUia UPHAItf A GRAIIA.T1, »to*uej> at Las/ and Solicitnrs in Ohaneery, No. 1 Wisconsin strea*, Mllwankee. j *n 1 - '. V. VJL5 MTKBH OIUZXT t. rAA1T PARK A VAN Attorney* and Counsellors at Law. STgrxxa foiffr,.... Wisconsin, Will practice la the varioos Courts of the Seventh Judicial Circuit of Wteeoialn, and will faithfully attend t.. all bosinesj intrusted to OH, remittances promptly Bade. Lacd Warrants located hi selected lands fnr those at a distance. SPECIAL NOTICES. . HATHAWAY & BELDEN, BANKING, Land and Collection Office, UIL WA VXXX. It LOCK. WLat ; - __ HATBAND CAP? ~H A T V- < ' A I • ^ STRAW 'u.M,i Than ran JM- Pnr.-b- J b ii at h a n i r <> u t h , ..UNUtlKTAKKit Spring SI., Opposite American lio»«« KEEPS CONSTANTLY on hand a large »asnrtmsn af Habogany, Black Walnut and other Woo.i i .un™ together with Visit's MeUUo Barial Cases. The office of the forest Home Cemetery Cumim'ij ... it my place, where I have the plata of the uroomlj. ! m always ready to accompany palrnuj to Lh? »'ciue- frey to select tola or place" for burial, »o.l ra. »<• rroray place of business day or night. Cntfm Trim »nirs of all kinds for sale. «.-p«> ANY OTUKIl I I \« .VI TDK SIB JAMES CLAKKF/S Female ed from a prescription of S'»r ./. M. /)., Phyxicinn Krtrntyrd'i'nfTn/ t» the (/'*r- Thin lavalaAhle medltMne isanf:iilinp in the cure <>f those painful and dangerous diae.i-iea to which ir^ male constitution a subject. It motJ**riu-i ill c x. . and removes all ohatructii>nB, »nt* \ >{.,. r ,i v cur e r.\ be relied on. TO ItlAUKJUO I. A HI IS it U peculiarly lulled. It irtU, in i j^ort timi>,\nn« the monthly pertnj with re«Tilarity. Each bottle, price One Dollar, r«*ani Lhe iit,v-rnrr. 8 tamp of Great Britain, tn prevent count erffi^ f><)N N T I!' ' N \ I'.' > N N I! < > N N r, i ) N \ J,,,I .. .[.r -I I' A I I I : I- l: TJJNT03L, T- HeTBaa i Saranu, Bankera, flu-v.n» Palm. J. R. SQAarsTKiB. bq-, Mllwaakre. Ltrrxu. A BAUB, Milvaakee. n*>l f>« Uit«m FIRST TURKS XO&1US „/ are sure to bring on Jflaearriwys, t, ltl ti tiimti t\ay are ita/e. In \J1 rases 01 Nervoaa *nd 3pm-»l Aj^rtio the Hack »n«l Lira ha, F»tlfra« on ih/r:r +»eri, titjon of the Heart, HyAt-nrs, anil Wruc-s, will efftrot % cure when all other ra«-ans h^v^ .' .lilhrjQifh » piivtfrfal remetly, do aot contain mn\, intimoajr, or any thing hurtful :., tt\- . full Jirections ;n Lh« pamphlet tr.>an I -i whirh ihopl.l bf r-arefirlly prrflTv^.I •i- *^ r f-nt f ,r the L'ntt^d -Stfiti i %n I C^;. *- RUT Ail. 1 •»<> i , MATTOCKS A HAUO*. Ohlc^go. Hon. J CATOH, Ottawa, 111. JNO. A. Attorney and ROOM NO. MI LW A OK El, IsOommlnloncr for M. T., Pean and Iowa. United &otet and clrcuK Court Je6 SAVAOh:, JR., Councellor at Law 5 ALBANY BLOCK, JOB MO8KS, ( pilla, by rfturn mail. Fnr .aii. hy - f I, SEEN * BTTTn 0 UARKINuT » KO-*W()U I'M t '* ' J. M ALiVr: s F T Ohm, Indiana, in I'll I' AH L'N Kit »- or aileni. In a ln|( hasiDt-a*) jlrpsi'ly i-*Labi ( •*apn» will rin.i * first-rat*- VV.\ N'l Kl urcjrtiablr TI ,• OaO. A. BtAAXWXATHKX ... J. o. "TAUT VKA fleorpe A. Starkweather (lat? of Co.ij.rfTr - wn N has this day entered Into partnerxiil;) wii; • ^ John C. Starkvrather. They will |<raoti< • , r, trict Coort of tfie 0. 8. and in lh# afV»(-\. On, this State. J. 0. 8. Is Commissioner of Deeds for nil the ?u ,-s BtT~ Office—(c State Bank Buildioz, Eai« V, *lrr jylB OLJSTAV VON Ufcl.'TSCH ATTOUNET AND OOtTNgF.LI.OB AT LAW. OFnOtV-fcnpIre Block, WT East Water »t. my80 J. V Attorney HOTELS, &C. H 1 U II V lr.lCli is H o r ^ 'I-OIIIC IS I 01 IS. r-i*l ttat« ,tr^t. T',.- L. J V. PLATTO, &. Counsellor at Office in Mitchell's Bank waukee, Wisconsin. , No , Mil ALBANY RESTAURANT LAW SIMON LEVY. t'OI'KSCI.I.OU. ATT«Ii.\E» A r A^ID NOTARY Pritl.IC. Ornoi—121I« Fmpire U' •<-*, Eui W»ter «tr-et, M., •ankee, Wis. , f j £;. . t "11 — HOOKKK.«fc HPA-NUKN LJKlUi. lltoriiO>s A. foiiiisrilors al l,nu. J/scAio-tn (4~ J/OIM oJtrf-I'. Opposite th* Nepali H"ui- M;| tt %u«*r- W.». o. o. aooCKa a. SPABQBXOKBO. JanlA-dly hi. J. KAKWKl.K. Attorney and Counsellor at Law EAST IV A T 1C It S T It 1. t. T , tflLWACKEE, ... [.epUKij .. WISCONSIN d«4-.:ly H Y A T " >ILLK i|Mllr .-PL. 1 M'll/ i JL pn«-t. rs ITC'I-T Mrtsn KLi'YU «ui-.-. Tbe >lr»»r> K ,,. I A'i j. V r n Hj»ti Crrr CoMrntou.i;a's Orrica, t Contract Department. May 7. 18S9. r ^ F.AlED procoaali will be received at thla office, un- I ill , M.j 12,at 8 r p., Tor fr.dini-to the eatabllAbed RTftde, Jackson atreet and «ld»walt-n rrom Detroil vtrecl lo trie atreet In the 8U Wari], alao Tor planting. Curbing and reHiytnt plaok ildew»lkv the aame kiTtni; bee* ordered bjMhe Hoard of AUerman, Aug.e, 1SS5, and conearred In by the Board or Cou a- cllorg. Aug. 16, 1S5S. f. L'H. QARDINER. Comptroller. Cm CoMrraoLUa's Omca, I Contract iiepartmrnt, May 7, 18^9. f prof.olAU will be recclTed al thll office until » J Ttior»d»y, May 12, 1S59. at 10 o'cloci a. m., ror fridlBK to the eatahllihed irrade. Milwaukee atrerta and aidewalka dom Detroit atreet lo Chicago atreet In the 3d Ward; also [or planking, curbing and relayed the aldew»Ik>; aald work harlnz been ordered by the Board or Councilors, Jane 12, IsM, a-,<1 concurred In by the Board or Alderman, Jane 14,1S5S. may7-d» £. L'H. UAHDINEB, Comptroller. .JOHN M. C</K, «llonioT al I.a iv and Land LAWEENCK, KANSAf, WTLLaell warrants on cocunlsaion, nr | t )*n t tort anrh afl m*y b*- <em him, i^ n **• r^» owner from C<l Ui >t per I-«OL. \iton' L"'.K HF.KI-: L> I N J N L OCA1 MI --ir •• jn.i in. ;.,a. i M.II \ • S A TK \ S 1 l.H..- J . < > I ' \ F U K i L f T* t.- orU \ M) ». \ '1 I ry ,tjl. jam w. c*ar . St H_LAC^ PB »TT OAKY A HKATT, Atlorncj-a and Connvelior* nt I,mi Office ID Young's Block. Comer Main anti \Vi»- Luucli Ir Qi I u. r i rs\i conain street. MILWACKT5F., W [SCOV3IN I *.' . *i n ii LE PROPRIETOR * M AN C t. OHIO CATAWBA Chase &. Bradley, FAPKK AND RAO UKA1.KKS, ,\ i> > , ' TC it»R • i Y v<~ BRANDY, i .\ i . i thus iffonlintT Am eric AH ente ^ hmj he»*n manuf^i'tur . if ^ fur- jm«-e .*r ir.c L a-Uitionai *\ '.icm. ,,' - r prir*r on- 1 lodastrjr, nn.j i ful. Green Bay Itonu, from tbe Advocate. The Berlin Citj (Green Bay and Fond dn Lao) has fairly "struck her gait" this spring, and in speed, management, aod everything which goes to make np a tip-top steamboat, cannot be beaten on these waters. Capt. Lynch runs her, Mr. Doah transacts the business, and the engineer, whose name we do not hare but -whose skill we can vonch for, handles tbe machinery. Good luck to the Berlin City. AT KEWAITKI-E.—We noticed in one of our warehouses, a f ew dayg siDee a complete printing office marked Jo E Decker Kewankee, which we learn is to be taken down to that smart, enterprising town, for the pur- poge of starting a paper. Now, we will wager • best pony that if Ed. Decker has the gement of this concern it will •prosper. cw PAPEB AT OCONTO—A GOOD JOKC.— A yoW gentleman from Racine took down to Ocont& by the steamer Queen Citj, a few days Einte, » printing press, with which we learn he proposes to print a reprtblioan piper Pecnniarily\we wish him the Iwst of success ; but we shonM as «oon think of taking cnll Inmoerinto tliM market for sale, as to try to and that it produces insanity, idiocy and death. How necessary, then, that parsnu should enjoy" every opportunity of recovering from a disease that necessarily entails such a fearful heritage upon their offspring ! Every other system including even prohibitory laws, has failed to arrant inebriety and ft is bat fair the proposed Inebriate Asjlnra Should hav» a trial. Oar churches of all denominations are now in»i te d to assist in tbe work, and aaoh to place a sjone on' the walls of foe new edifice of Bingh*mpton Tbat gucli an edifice ls of vital importance who (tan doubt,. when, even before iu flr»i story ic completed, more than twenty eicht hundred applications have been made for admhtanee many of which are the patients themselves •' "Atton« the applicants," «sys the address • "are twenty-cight clergymen, Crrr COHPTROLLM'S Omca, i Contract Dcpartmen*, Milwaukee, May 6, 1659. f S EALED propoaaU will be received at this office, till Tuesday, Hay 10, lf>59, at a o'clock r. M., for a lot In the bit* or 8lh \Varda on which to eract a house for Engine Co. No. 7. Peison offertag proposals will state Noa. of lot and block. B. L'H. OABDrNRR, Comptroller. may? TUOS. H. EVISTO.N, Chief *n(riD«r. James A.. Swain, OF T11E LATE FIRM Of MAQIE & SWAIN. WILL remain at the old stand where he will be pleased to welconw to-r!pairons of the otablUhment. aprlt-dtf _ »'J8 \VKST MILWAUKEE, WAIFIl STHKtJT, WISCONSIN ' other nai*n The Ohio b^ Br^n.iy J Br*n«i vs. . DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Line ! SUMMEH PLEAJSURE SAILING I peddle off Sh article. , hai principles for the char , wary «lus of men to whom its provisions ex- IS 4 " "withoat regard 10 geodon, HrUi w - tJWonofth* entittea to -«ach rights; - ' Two beautiful large white swans were killed light LonAa few days ginoe, and have been tandsomelyVstnfted and preserred by Mr. Louis Scheller. GREEN BAT AHB GODEKXCH LINB-O*-PKO- t ELLEE8.— Messw. Carter two gen. , . tlemen rrom London, EnglandVand Goderioh f^jtnniin •*r!<i>T*-A>l AnM-jtt*w • «. - %a ivi_ a _ 3^ •* • -* ne : of pro£ 5t ?."4. .,..»• viaibeu.XHTP'city on ., m»ke arrangements for placing pellers, after harvest, between ii Qoaericb, in connection with and ifiuflilo Irallrcid. They BJU,=, selv-es that thiSiWonld be their best fatnre operations, beliering that the |°J*^e ; niain point ~" *nd that a trade coold , physicians, forty-two lawyers, three judges, twelve editors, four array and three navil offl- cers. One hundred and nevenlj-nine merchants fifty-flv* twiners, fiye hundred and JUlcen mechanics, and four hundred and Jen women who art from Ihe Wgber walks of life. - Of the rotation- of tfa« remaining twrtve hundred •pplicanlg we h»vt »o knowledge." IthasteendemonstratBd, ffom aoearate da- to, that gevwnty'per cont. of all Inebriates can be saved by a special asylum. If the asylum should d« nothing more than reclaim thli, or even a less proportion of the twenty-eieht hatred aroUpants above rnenUoned. there- snlf would be enougli to repay for all theex- penseand labor o! its erection.— JV. }'. Eve Pott. O N and after 23 X»y next, parties will be carried b» th* rwlft and elegant «eamer» Ctly ff Clndand and Cfacdarui, to Brand Hi Ten, thenee fcj trains to Grapd goplds aod back at ches4> ejrenrtlon fans, anul t<me afforded to view U.e beantifail and romantic scenerr on tbe Grand River around the CUT of Graorl Bapid»,Vith Hi ertentiTe bYPSUM 8808, and »ther iDtercitlsit features. Pares (locladog rooms or berth*) for parties of HT»— to Oraixl Haven ao(l bao ............... 412.SO Vor pirtles of Ore to Grand Rapti>a and back .'. ' 18 IS . Meal* can be had on board at flity cents each. TIME. P.rties can letre Hllwankee twice dally, and bare tlckexs made valid to go and return any time within one weeii. Hoar* *f SaiUnsr * KuBnlBr «fl Trialas. U»T« Htt^aakte ............ 42JO A. •. Leave Grand UaT«n >....:. . '8,-45r M. Arrive at Grand Rapids ...... 10:30 T SL Leave Gfiid Bapld.. ... ..... 2:S A. M. Leave Oracil Daren ..... .... 6:80... •. ». WILUAHa w B annwiv VVilliniiiM <fk. Hod way, Auction" 1 and Commission Merchants, LAND AGENTS AXD MONEY BKOEF.BS. IViO. 19 WISCONSIN STREET, \\r ILL prre particular attention to thr sale of Furnl- IIT tore, j>ry Goods and every description ff Mer- chandife, at their Sale room or in an/ part of the City orCounty. J3F" Liberal a vancea on co ' stioiments, an u prompt returns made, N. B,—Bonds, Notes aod Mortgages neirntlated. jan)9 A <CARD. D BL TRACT takes pleasure 1 In annoanelni: tn his former patrons, and the public irenerally, that b* has retained in mach Improved health, ao<i solicits i renewal of patronage. Al the same time tenders bit .thanks for past favors. Drs. TRACT, and PERRIN17S Omc-e, after the drst c; Hay, will be found at Yoonir's New BalMlnn, No«. 1 an.l 8, on the corner of Wisconsin and Main streets ff Di. .Perrlne'a realdencr la on 4th street, RH boose oorth of Spring. Mllwaukee.Aprll 14, 1SSS. , pr iT MILWAUKKK HAXAAK. ' C, DELORME& OUENTIN 159 Xait Water Strtrt, j NECT DOOR TO M1SSR8. ftRADVORD nSO'8, I . nrroBTus i«t ouujms n fancy Goods, Toys, Willow Ware and Yankee Notions | Also, Embroidery Goods and Zephyr Worsted, my*) corr..oonur<l by u.e crrtirl.-»i^s .f iur ni>^'. 1. -'.-:.-. .• e<l chemists. The w-vntof Pure Brnmly haa lnn h - br«n r^li n :rt\- eountry, *nd the Intrixiurtmn -tf an »rtu-l..- ..f 1Ul n lU i,, ly as to snperscedr ihe sale an.l us. of those v ^ • . i, bo reiTSTdetl a (Trent pi>6Bc<jyroo<i. Tt.e 'Jatair i , nrv. I. posj**s&*fs all ihr ijiKul- 'iualiu^5 riaiine.1 r ,jr •• - •..-. imporxeti ll<fluors, »n<l '..^ "f perfect pur'ty in.) «.jt • r flavor,*ov?ri^nnn.lsurerfine,ly i.r ,>,- . •.-» , n.\tuli-nf v. Crmm(., C.ilir. I^ l...« ,^,i i- •. .,. • r al DrhUllv. ic M) KAlill.V SHOULD BK WITilnl T IT Heluil I'ricf, »l,.'.j Ter Honlc. t^ Reoominen.le«l hy iht physi.-:aiis in I lr.i k -j-si. | or the Dnitetl States. i G 1 . Simmon-Is has *ppt.mte.| J P i F ^ 101 (. V v I 141 Kiwt W»ter street, sole »(r«ntt 'TT lh^ ^t.v-.,- ,i '.V , cunsm, where dealers an.t ^ustonrers »t,: ....-M.- I ward their orfier*. ' By calling on the asent.t, Uie puhm--x;ll rr r v e i ^ m . East Water o t i it,, 8«0 P. M. 4.-fOi ». k£u » . M 3.-05 .. «" 9:00 r. ». the Rajliray Pepot ct Qr»u< Haren, Partlei (lairing to spend a few boon or ODtbwBeacn which Is qalle cloi« ArrlTe_«t Milwaukee......,.,JiWI9 *. «. Therels^* new aid cosoforUble totel abova and lo ,.- ~-.. «- — — ~ ^ ... ^ »bere Excursion rs at Grand Baven, - . - s« to Deyot,) m»y tote every sUt»ntl«n».. • „ . » t3T~ rartfesfrom Colleges, Scbovlsimd other kindred InstltaUens, will be carried on Tery low terms which Cfjobe h»d on application to the subscriber. ' (•r- Tickets can be bad at Dock Office, or from Pursers outward Steamers and W. K.tlCIR, W. GRAHAil, General Superintendent, Dock Office aprSO-wilm , Detroit. *•— BBTWUEN'THB « M-- ^ e •» tionedthat Mr Ama» Walker of North Srook- field, has published a letter in fevor of the " ' ' o e "-irnerfcan" amendrncnt' to 'the constitution U waiddremd to Senator Wiio* intended to be Senator Wilion.nd was for ?«4:oai«i^,iWthetTOetept8«f .» ; ity iof men to tha lanjoymintcf thei . oiottfxena... • " •'Is thiB'lis..gia8^e wortbjr^>rii.i L f Amwa W»lker ? » ' S r « WiUflii, Jn 1 8531 SHERIFF'S SALE. fNewi STAtK OF WIBOON8IN, 1 l ' CTrcnlt Conrt, Milwaukee County, ( George W.PeckauQ,! Judgment of foreelorare and / afalnst >ule. Dtria P.Hull. f . I N virtue of and purmtnt to a judgment rendered In ufd Court, In the above entitled action, I shall expose for «»le »nd uB at Public 4-actlon; at tha Conn Home. So ; the City: of Milwaukee, on Vaturslsav. (he t»ltt «ar of Mart 1BU, atlhe hour ofi F.B., of Uiatd»y, the' following. detcrlbM mortgaged premtoeiior M mnch thereof M may be necessmry to raise tbe'aaonnt dtie to the pl4l»ul8 for principal, in- Unit u>a eosts, together »ltn emepcef of tsJe, to irttt "All (hat lot or parcel of lada *D«lro -»nd d«- Krlbedaj lot number eleven (11), In bio* one ' 'tomdrtd and Hi MJMV'ln tHeWevtnth Wart, , (fornierlir t6»Kr«t Ward ) of UM ( atd City of w ; Mflwaoke. tod sow a* 1 ' "' •• • i. i. n'oaiTB ». r«io» WALL PAPER J. J. UIcfrRATII A: tO., 21 WISCONSIN STREET, nrronxu, WBOLISAIJI un air AIL Dauiju? i> Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c. Oonpeteot workmen sent to all parts of the City ami Country for Decorating and Paper Hanging In all In branches,all work warranted. febiS ANGUS SMITH & CO^, Storage, Forwarding & Commission Mb^KCWANTS. , Proprietors of the LARGE ELEVATOR WAREHOUSE At the terminus of the Milwaukee A Mississippi and the HUwaokee, Wat«rtown A Banboo valley Railroads t3f Liberal advances made on property in store, or for shipment to Eastern Markets. o<ttS3-dtf m:\uv nin I.AOKH BEER i > n n i 1. 1. i t H i> I5O Kii.t ,Uator . A VAKIETt or Dishes prepare.l »i v ,; Jllr , • Lnnches or Suppers, coosi r stint/ -f MIAT8, SARDINES, PICBUJID F1.<H, HY9TSR3. *c. Musical Entertainment eTery ; Saturday jr-n i.< I QltttAnce free. ROOFING, HARDWARE, &.C. .^1 . ill K A C L E cV s 41 ^ .' SHrN Oh THK BIG KEJD KETTLE : OIULKES IN Stoves, Shfeet Iron, Tin. Hardware 'H \^ liKii M \ Iron, Tin. —AND— LTl iUJ, Cor Ea^t w. a. ouoosr.'. , M a. o. laAOL \Vl B. Gregory & Co., COMMISSION MEKOHANTS. NO. 208 WEST WATElfc STREET. Personal attention given to Conjignmenu of Flour and all kinds of Produce.\decll t,e G. PFISTER & C6. •' lUaafaetaren and Dealers in tber« FJudiU^a), Hldei, dec. A t !<• Bart Water ilreet, Milwaukee, Wl». tuglJ , , 0«ihp»Jd for Hides, Pelts, Wool. Ac. .' -•• --- ••- .- DMcdclberUr'l OiBee,Mllw»ulte«,Rov.««,lS». fnonf, tm>| A «niM, I HCKMAK L7A&E f PfclTEK'S PATKNT rVon-ExpIo«ive «as Lamp. rmHKpa'bUc'Ii now favored with tbe BEST. 8ATEST A and jmort. ICONOM1CAI. JJGHT ever produced, equl If not fcperlqr to the beat Goal Out. It Is •d»ptwd to Chureues, Hotels, Stores, Beading Booms, rrlrUt Dwclllnp, Railroad Can, Ac., *c. A trial will ptore IU kmsirlorny bver all Portable Lights now In . o»3nifengerm«nge, cnilunt, economical, free from smoke or smell, and wb»t Utnore.'enUrotr lafe from aU danfer of eiplo- Ilo*. Apply l* . JOHN GOODMAN'S, ••••!•••• - street, to _ B.W.FABNUM, Agent for the Bute of Wisconsin. EAST WATER STREET, , , JlOuxmJttt, mteouvn, -'' 84 Hwjit«rwe«tved » large Jnrolee ol II A/TS admU8th*ttnepriricipl80f .proposition em tfe' pottrioneiiieait for a Wier .veria<Iort.i.e*pabUc«aieR «t Ute land office at 8nperior Citr, Wiicou*!*, *r rotilnattilip»Ho. 088. ; one who is BO longer In love; s laUe woman U one who w already in love with another person; "fickle woman to she who neither Knows \wh80wr4.1i«;?loT« ot nov ' doet aot »iw1iiiiaa'£i> '•>?! " -lf.> *'»i ffow TO "von too o» StnsBAT viMToms.— Thi ««nt, sad John opposition, are *£&-:.'~ : SALMON. • — • nil'LKtiEXTS, W OULD respectfully Inform their frieniU in I L: c public generally, ihal they liav,. ,.i^(.^.l « *tion- M 3O8. . WEIT WATKR STRKKT i()ll TOT the sale of the above named articles. ;. ,j-if <• Witt) 8PADE9, .ailOVT.LS, RAKyS. nnE>, And Agricultural Implement^ a;ener«lly, u v^ll 14 41! sorts of SHEET IBOn AKD TINNERS' \VOHK, etc, etc. etc. Stoves pat ap to order. f3T~ Roofing. EKPAJETSaof all kinds, ami every tort ,f irork n enr line punctuallj »tt«ncle.i to. Orders left will be attended to without delay. UEAOLE * SON. Wr tl I A -•> \ . I'' A M 1 1. Y ami 5 «••>..) l j < TK.ll, si t. M > > I i 01 \ -> BOOTS AND SHOES. DEFY COMPETITION PRICES REDUCEU —ON— BOOTS A i\ D S H O E B, F. CURTIS & CO., 141 1-2 East Water .St., ~*. Invite th. ittr our Can Krum n,,i them, noit-are hnun.i plele v-aurtin^iit .r K A M 1 I. i f comprising cv-rj :.ii.i ARE Best rrinch Calf Sewed Boota... American Oaif Sewed Boots.., American Calf Pegrg«'l Boots.. Ladles' Congrdst Heeled Boota Ladles' L»ce Heeled CooU.... I*dlcJ' Congress Gaiters Ladles' lleary Uoled 8no» 8bit>e». tA.OO 8,13 to 4 3.UO .. 1,M . 1,30 . 1,00 . MO WANTED, A fflTUATIOS u Salesman or Shipping Clerk, In a Grocery or Warehonse, by a man who has had many Jtart experience tn the buiineu. Wages no object, hut constant employment. Addrea L. M. L, Milwaukee P O. octafi HJ..MK.ni5Kii. And. thai wt.. liav.j ihi- iniD'* tor 7'iurieivt. Milwaukee, l>vc . K. • C tl 0 W HICH Ketm: Stereoncopic Views. "VfTB hare recfred a fin* lot of Sterescopln Vletrs Iff embraslnjTlews of InWrestln j localities In BVSSIAt SWITZEtttAMD, SPAIN, JSOYPT, JSIUBJA, Tffxsxr, TRBLAITD, so., j,c Also a large rarlety of new 'American Tievs. New and *er j desirable stf U» of Stereoscopic Instruy: BttUCKLAITQaVCO., i i!L i-- B ??** ! "«'»»n<J Stationers, '"'f •_••". 1M But Water atreet. gooils apr'JO ltroi-,T mil W •enta. /^UllFHCfB,Banitnr V/ w«ytooB*niJit M* 8pWu Tarpeotlne, al. . ^^ <UKuaaT09iv. K. Donifstic JL v*?r Com and t-uamn. Kxchantjr> canstaoiiy lur *:•)** n t-i- l.i^r^st ^rtcr- Aa I tn»lcff (tcaiinj; in rips^K- .in.a K tc.'iAu-fe my , and exclusive businrat-s 1 »m abU; ;o 41 v •• !n y .. mers*A »dvan.age*uv.,-r current iiK-ir-a. » ,jf . will be fumialieJ -it my I'liicr, ivo. S3 wiscorwsiar STKKET, Ca<ler the Baptist CUuroh. nearly opp uf ,, tt . lfl- , (]

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