Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 7, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1888
Page 4
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: SATURDAY, JANUARY, 7 1888. STUDY OF MESMERISM. VERY CUR1QU3 EXPERIMENTS MADE AT THE CAPITAL. Jotirtmll.t'« Kihlbltlou of Skill In Hjpnctlum—Snegented JliiTflmrj Committed by • "Simttlve"—Not So Sno- ecuiful with Another Subject. W. A. CrofTut has recently taken up the study of mesmerism, or hypnotism, as the scientists prefer to call It. Mr. Crolut has developed considerable skill in this direction, and the other night gave an exhibition at his house before a noteworthy audience. Among others present were Postmaster General Vilas and his family, Senator Ingalls, Senator Platt, of Connecticut; Gen. A. W. Greely and his wife, Admiral and Mrs. Russell, Mr. Coleman, the commissioner of agriculture; Col. Nicolay, marshal of the United States su- premo court; Gen. Bryant, assistant attorney general; Professor Thompson, of the geological survey, and a number of other scientific gentlemen and physician*. Before beginning hia experiments Mr. Croffnt explained that he had been very much Interested in reading, In Paris letters, of the experiments conducted by Drs. Charcot and. Luys in Europe. VICARIOUS CRIMINALITY. , Mr. Croffut remarked that the experimentation with dangerous drugs and / medicated compounds under scientific conditions would be postponed to another evening, but he would immediately make tests as to the vicarious commission of crime. After performing sortie minor experiments ond getting hia subjects Into a good condition, Mr. Croffut attempted the feat of compelling a fellow being to COM- mit a crime by the force of his own will, acting upon the will of that fellow being. One of the subjects, a young woman employed in the government printing office, Yfos told to go into the audience and pick the ladles'pockets. She manifested great horror of the act and refused, but by an Imperative command the mesmorizer Induced her to comply, and without much display of Ingenuity she got a phantom purse, not a real one, from Mrs. John 0. Fremont. The experiment was not satisfactory as to the practical employment of an agent. Another sensitive, a clerk In a department, was mesmerized, and Mr. Croffut explained to him that in a house of one of the neighbors, In an upper chamber, in a certain corner and a certain drawer In the dressing case was a pocketbook which contained $5,000. He described the situation of the house minutely, the way to go there, the arrangement of the dressing case and so on, repeating it over several times until the subject had the geography Impressed upon his mind. Then handing him two keys he said: "The larger key will open the front door of the house and the smaller key will open the drawer of the dressing case in which the pocketbook will be found." He told the young man that if he would steal that pocketbook he would give him the money. There was a good deal of discussion between the mesmerist and his ' subject concerning the liability of discovery and arrest, but when assured that there was not the slightest possibility of anybody Interfering with him, and that there were no dogs about the place, he consented to undertake the burglary. Four or live gentlemen in the room were asked to follow the subject on his trip. Due arrangements hod previously been made with a neighbor to place the pocketbook in the situation described. The young man ran out into the street, turned the corner, and when he came to the house described by Mr. Croffut recognized It at once by the description. He then began to show the greatest degree of agitation, looking nervously behind all the tree boxes and around the corners, and finally jumped -over the fence, saying to those who accompanied him as "pals"— of whoso presence ho Beemed only half conscious—that he did BO lest the gate should make a noise. NERVOUS AND CACTIOCS. When he reached the porch his nervousness seemed to increase, as well as his caution; but he unlocked and opened the door quietly, crept into the hallway. . looked 'round all the corners and Into all the rooms, found his way up stairs into the,apartment described, drew out the key, unlocked the drawer indicated and found the pocket book. He was starting away with it, when ono of those who oc companled him called his attention to the tact that he had left the drawer open, and that he had better restore things as he found them. He replied that that was n good idea, and dolnq so, put the key in his pocket. Iln then crept around the room, looking into other places, and when asked why he did so, replied that he was looking for something else he could Hteal. Ono of the pafty suggested to him tlmt it was a had place to steal anything; but , money, for jewelry could be traced while money could not. This seemed to strike him as sensible, and he remarked that the pocket book was full of bills, and ho | had better be satisfied with what he hodjgot. Then he crept down stnirs with great caution, shut and locked, the front door carefully after him, and reaching the street, started to run like a flightened deer. One of his attendants caught him by the arm and asked him where he ,wos going. Ho Bold he was going home^ but the attendant suggested he must return to-Mr. Croffut's house and give him his •hare "of the money. The mesmerized -• thlet stopped a moment and said: "Yes, it would be mean not to give him his share; ho put us on to the job; we will go back and deal square with him." He returned to Mr. Croffut's house, banded that gentleman the pocket book and counting out f 5,000 in imaginary money, divided it equally between the two. This experiment seemed to demonstrate that, proper conditions existing, crima may be committed second hand through me.smerlc influences. ' With another subject Mr. Croffut was not so successful. He convinced a young iron that his brother had been killed by in Indian, whom he was advised to murder in revenge, and was told that he could find him on the Capitol steps. The sensitive, though generally obedient under mesmeric influences, refused to believe each an absurd story, and after a long argument with Mr. Croffut, in which the subject showed as much shrewdness as the operator, declined to attempt the deed he was urged to commit.—Cor. New York Tribune. • It la remarked that Mussulman pilgrims returning to Constantinople from Mecca bring with them slaves of both sexes, procured by them at the request of friends. The ministry of police, notwithstanding the prohibition by the sultan, feigns ignorance and tolerates this Illicit truffle. By the aid of pilgrims the regular slave traders carry on their nefarious business, .It Is believed that this convenient pretext of pilgrimage to holy places la largely resorted to for the promotion of slave dealing purposes, with, practical liupunlty. Thia Is only another among the numberless signs of the anarchy which is rupyiy gaining ground in the country. In the interior there never have been suck a want of authority, such lawlessness and' ruch wretckudntaa among the poorer classes. It is not only the population, however, which defies the governors and officials, but the officials Cbom*tlve« erijiice • • conteinptmotw disregard oC the central authority, faeiogr well *war* of tfaa condition of things in high places at St&mboul —CoaataaUoopla Cor. London Tlmea. A Now York woman hu Mas cudt ft) m trtead* THE LARGEST house in existence Is probably the oldest as it is the most perfect; and that is tho Pyramid of Cheopa. House it Is, just aa much a3 was the Acropolis or the Temple of Baalbec. Forty-Qve centuries have passed since the 100,000 men labored for 2n years to construct It. That is a seemingly remote period of time, for it was Qve centuries older when Christ was born than is now the Pantheon, the oldest well-preserved building of Rome built in the Brat 'century. It was an old, old, old building when the rhymtuically beau Iful temple of Diana at Ephesus was reared; m re than a thousand years old when the two, Hl- ratns furnished material to Solomon to build hia temple.. Yet long ago as is that period, it is not such great age, after all. An ordinary piece of gossip is repeated at Sterling by thrice as many mouths as would have been ne- ceasary to have told how .the Pyramid was built, father telling son and the son his son, etc., until the present time. Allowing 00 years to a man ot each age, and he telling his son who was 10 it would demand but ninety repetl- Herbert Spencer the great philosopher while in America snid:" The Yankees live too fast, work too much ;md catch cold too often." What a chance for Dr. Hulls Cough Syrup, Have you picked UP your discarded pipe ? Little Willie screams and storms with a burn upon his arm. To little Willie joy is sent, by using Salvation Oil the great llulmant. Soloman said. All- is vanity after marrying one thousand wives. Boa. Alex. II. Htrphrnn. of Ga. Darbys Prophylactic Fluid -is an article of liulo cost, but great value. Its domestic aa well as medicinal uses are numerous while its specialties are most wonde- ful. No head of a family should ever be without it. tths Paul said that women should be silent in meeting. Hut Paul was a batchelor. tions. Carefully told, as it would have been, and as are all traditions pie, it might have come of peo- down to our day In tolerably correctly told ."shape. That may seem absurd at first glance; but Hall, the Arctic explorer, was taken by the ignorant Esquimaux to a spot visited three hundred years before by Frobisher and he was amazed at fbe accuracy of their account, he having Frobisher's own account with which to compare it. When the Jews came back from the Uabylonish captivity, they found their records destroyed and the books of the law gone. Their scribes and priests went to work, and beginning with creation brought their history down .to that date, a period some 2,700 years back. Josephus' An tiquitteapf the Jews abounds in traditions cherished by his people and told from, father to son, beginning at and running up to the time of the Saviour. Homer's grand epic, the Iliad, is but a story told all over Greece of a jbrave people living in a city that was destroyed by the admission of a great wooden horse, hundreds and hundreds of years before his day, and arranged by him into a poetic drama, the delight of scholars of every age since it was written. In all old countries, each locality abounds in traditions not found in histories. That the people Hying about; the Pyramid, the swarthy Arabs, Icannot tell the wonderful story is simply due ti the fact that they are not the people whose ancestors reared the structure. Damascus is nearly or ,qulte as old as the Pyramid and Damascus abounds In traditions running back as far as the time of its occupancy by its .present races. Youth regards a single generation as a long time; but age knows how true is the Psalmist's plaint that life is but a span. A well known old lady of our city said to us but yesterday: "My childhood seems to have scarcely passed from me; its very memory is fresh as of' latest occurrence." The history-student gives no heed to time. He now cons the pages of Moses where he tells of Edens" bowers; then skips a period of thirty-five centuries and. makes the delightful Herodotus bis companion. 'He follows Ciesar to Britain and then considers the Victorian reign twenty centuries after. Ephesus with its mouldering plinths, shafts and cornices he, in fancy peoples with living beings and revels in the loveliness of its architecture. He sees the Colliseum and bears the ringing cry ofHabet sound out from the hundred thousand spectators gathered on sOme Roman holiday. What is the Pyramid in age as compared with those colossal bones found beneath the shingle, scoria; and bould era of the drift period, by the side ot which are found also bones which formed the grandest of all temples, even' man, wild as be was in that far away age. It is a fact being recognized; that man is found on earth as far back as other mammals, and it may be- is far back as when giant reptiles swam, the ocean washed -earth. Cheops : the mighty builder of the Great Pyramid, impressed with the shortness of life, and Hading no response to his soul- burdened cry, "If man die shall he live again" laid stone on stone, pile on pile and said, as he did so, "man's stay is short, but I build for ' immortality." And it was in this monster structure, destined to survive yet ten thousand years, that the linen swathed body should eternally rest, and each short- lived generation should sound his praises. He sought that immortality found in the teachings of the radical Buchner, who says, "It is the deeds and thoughts we live, and that is the only immortality.'; Time IB short; but the eternal stars point to eons of time ao great that man's mind staggers im effort to seize their import. Stars look down upon him, whose rays would require an age an hundred times greater than that of the Pyramid to reach the retina of bin age. Limited to .so brief time, saddened in the thought that he la scarcely a man ere he is called to lay down his manhood at death's Cell coming, noting the brief space that marks the history period of his race, and tilled with the thought that hia life and light must not and should not pass out, be looks up from the grave to the stare, as Hugo beautif ullyexpressBsa the thought in bis Lea Miserables, and hope tells of aa existence in which all that has been from the beginning shall be revealed and where shall be seen temples and palaces older than Pyramid, older than the tower of Babel, elder than the Ark, older than Adam's tent in Eden's field*,' older than man, older than the angels, and where hia brief stay here Is indeed but a span in comparison with the endless ages that revolve while he walk* the elyulan (ielda, whose bount- eou* ewe«U shall repay Urn for all tiiM he haa known of care and Worth Knowing. Mr. W. H. Morgan, merchant. 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Bneklen's Arnica Halve. . The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postlvely cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded Price 26 cents per box. For sale byS trickier & Boorse. CONDENSED NEWS. Burglars at Cumberland Mills, Mi, boat Mrs. Stack BO badly that aha died Friday. Bandits in Sinaloa, Mexico, ..robbed an old woman ,of 11,000 In money and than killed her. Fire supposed to have originated from natural gas destroyed three fino residences in PItuburg, Friday. A workman who fell through a hole hi a saw-rnlll at Grand Rapids, Mich., and had hia hand cut off by a saw In consequence, has recovered {3,000 damages from the proprietor!) of the mill. The body of Archie McNeil, a London journalist, who went to France to report the prize-fight between Smith and Kilrain, has boon found on tba beach of Boulogne. He had evidently been strangled and robbed. The dedication of Texas' new capitol building at Austin will occur May 14 to 19. President and Mrs. Cleveland and many distinguished people throughout the United States have been Invited to attend the celebration. A Florida judge who sentenced fifty tramp* to receive each thirty-nine lashes on the bare back has been moved by numerous appeals to revoke the sentence, but declares the pen olty shall be enforced on the next lot ol tramps brought before him. In the breach ot promise suit of Mlsi Campbell against Mr. Arbuckla in Ne York Friday, a motion to non-suit by do- lendanl's counsel on the ground that there was no evidence to show a breach of promise wa» overruled by the court The chairman of the house committee on wavs and moans announces that a tariff-reform bill will be formulated without delay, and that manufacturers or other persons interested in this class of legislation will not bo given a protracted hearing bj the committee. According to Sir Charles Tapper, the Canadian minister of finance, who passed through Chicago Friday, the people ot Canada f avo r a free interchange of the natural products o both countries, but are satisfied with their government and ore not disposed to consider any plan of annexation to tho United States. Butsl are to be entered by the workmen in (our glass manufactories irr» West Virginia against the proprietors, claiming damages for breach of contract. The men signed a scale last July to remain in force a year, but the employers have reduced the scale an< upon its rejection have closed their factor-, tea. _ A R«lto of the Temporal Power Dead. ROME, Jan. 7. — Gen. Hermann Kaazler, formerly commander ot the Pontifical army la dead. He was born in Baden In 1823, an< entered the Papal military service in '.845 continuing there until the downf al 1 of tbi temporal, power of the holy see. Hare molnod an inhabitant of the Vatican unti the death ot Pope Pius IX., after which, on Feb. i5, 1ST4, ha was given his congee on the pretext of economy In the Vatican expend! lure. _ _ ___ Brullangh Sued For LlbeL LONDON, Jan. 7.— Samuel Peters nu in •tltuteu jult against Charles Bradlaugh, M P., for libel, claiming £500 damages suffered by the latter'a assertion that Lord Salubur gave a check for a large sum' to Peter* wit which to pay the expanses of continuing tba eflorU-to uoH alleged unemployed workingmen's meetings in Trafalgar square, thus fur Dishing the government with pretext* fo repressive action. Meddled In • Divorce Case. BAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 7.— John D. Wai then was shot aud killed at Covello lost Mou day by Clarence White, a brother-in-law and cousin of Wallben's partner, George K White. The last named is one of the wealth last men in northern California. He recent sued for divorce from hi* third wife, and Walthen helped him In procuring aviden against the woman. The shooting was in revenge for this. The Vacuum Company Responsible. ROCHESTER, N. Y., Jon. 7.— The coroner 1 jury in the case of the naptha exploslo found a verdict Friday that tba Vacuum Oil company is responsible for the presence of the naptha in th» sewers to which the loss of life woi due. They do not censure the company, however, in toe absence o proof of criminal carelennes*. An Octuple UanglDK In Raul*. LONDON, Jan. 7.— A telegram from tiw Gorman rrontier ot Rutila itatas that elgh Nihilists, Including the Cossack, Ewrnofl, who attempted to take the life of the i during toe emperor 1 ! visit to the Don Cos- stdu country , will be hanged e*B«. P*Un- burgon Friday February lib .A Goad Btd4a««e for Mexico. NODAL**, A. T., Jan. 7.—B«roAl, tbe eiioM Uuidit, wo* killed with him mother _.. , . , •Offering and thn» or f our ot hi* follow*™ in. a Bgh htire. This mortal »hall put on Jramor- with u«xi<*a u«>p» Thar«uy our co»«l«. tulity. Tbiu end* oar Saturday eteu-'BinaW Th* u*» <» beta «ti*i i* »*id to lag•» tlwirght nod talk. bar* been baarjr, bat partiaular* or* iMkiag. Thirty one out of forty seven is a on's share and thn South is happy. Renew* Her Vonth. Mrs. PhrrbR Clu-nlpy, Pot.fir.ion, Cl;iy ",. Intva. t«ll3 the folk'Wing remark.- ble story, the truth of which Is vouch- d for by the residents'of the town: "I m 73 years old, have been troubled ith kidney complaint and lameness or many years- could not dresa myself ithout help. Now 1 am free from all ain and soreness, and am able to do II my own housework. I owe my hanks to Electric Bitters for having enewed my youth, and removed com- letely all diseanfi and pain." Try a ottle, TOe. and .51. at Strickler & Boors Drug Store. Chicago's natural gas supply still eeps up. WOULD YOU DEI.'IKVE it? We are aily/guaranteehigKeinp'sSarsaparilla o thepeople for cleansing the blood. nd giving a new lease of life. Trice 1. A II. 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Qa.: Gentlemen—1 hvm- Been afflicted wk% ulceratlon of tba )efn» ever Bluce 1 w«a % child, the dlgcas* undoubtedly being »«sia- dltary, an my mother fcufferod from Bcwfiujfc Otis symptoms. AH£ advanced to luauJunj' j niy afHk-tlon faorc^jied until the luijjur jy became hiirra£tfluK aud painful btiTt»»d .hi power r,f words to di-scrlbe. My llghr i»J particularly Wvnran fearfully InTojWj the left leg belueleBB painfully artecvtd.. Y.nallv about fourteen ytnra » K o, Ih* ulcrr-jonmy right leg fed enti-u. throiifih the 0 eshliito the bone. In order to nave r<y lit. thedoo- tora detemnlned to amputate, my leu below the kne». The operation VT^ i jS-tifullT perforroril by Dr.ll. V. M. V,mjrr nf Atlnnt^ and Dr. W/P. Boud, of-LJuSii ?' tu"tSi Ipaioeniy lex Rare r/,o ooty t« iporarr relief.. The poison was Mlllii* ro y ,y»tem and eooubeRan to Bbow^lat'lf ax;i^» •- - - 1 * time after lurev ulcrrs aprauoaij lf^, ooverlnK it froai UIP k3iatt-« Brmiuently while at work I'omrf by the blood whirl! ooiedi nx ulci-rj, and tho toien audi nil were BO offensive that my- duT ' cxluM not stand Uio Nteucbi tuv Kway from me. Laat winter 1 waa penuwllj , to try a S. 8. tf «,la>t effort I conaentwl lo ,|o , to. end •bout xivoii months a«o n'» jj, m toltlna th» &p<-cinc. 1 soon uvgnu t»i ft>J {[ ie KlMK i t .fl e t:l» of the medicine. U\t urfenjKl' . running beuao, to grow Iras and U.-M niiaii m iij- crii»» uli'i-rt healed, my R.-ui, •. . ia ,u s nrm and aolld. and to-ilay, alum- .' JK ii, K twenty one boltlea. I am an hale wills tout a man of tar a i-ars*om"uut°f " " 1H3 * : * 1 ' "'" ""veuty-on* than 1 tllu when t VitairivV enty tlve. 1 wcltfb •bout IjUuoulull. JK.ilUl i 8 u to be seen of tbe terrible til/eas9t.(<irjl rvuilnd maof the- 58i'i!. r ^ I .^'?i*™' U .?" f ' 1 S : oiany jeur.. 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B. Hubbard, located In' Iowa and Boutkern Minnesota, with TITLES.WARRANTER- PERFECT. While many of the lands now owned by speculators are under a cloud ot title. These lands' are sr.ld with PERFECT ABSTRACTS. BRTOES FKOM BIX TO TEN DOLLAES PER ACHE. I have also a F ARM WEST oi EMPIRE F-or sale cheap, nn which a. good property -In S terlbK or Kock Falls wtU be token as part pay- •jiont. Now IB the time to get good bargains. . ,• MAttS ABTI> ttKSCKIITIOSf* Can be had at my office, and cheap tickets to show western lands. I>elay* are Oanmeron* OB Tlieoe Bar..... F. B. HTJBBAJBE. Land office opposite Mannenihor Hall, III*). WHEN YOU TRAVEL Take tbe '. Lir»Mt«ct«d by the United State. Government te nity the Fart Mall.—the , . Who ever heard of a man buying u Gold Watch for 30 cents; and yet ft flrm down east had the audacity to head one of their advertising sheeta In this manner, and did it simply to catch the eye of the public. Now, while we don't believe In deception of any sort, still we have such an anxiety for a sight of the *-CHEAT•• EY-E OF THE PUBLIC," That we have been making all .this talk simply to get you to looking our way . , .and shall be willing to take your punishment, providing we fall to SHOW YOU BARGAINS 11 Almost equal to Gold Watches for 39 cents. Don't take our word for it * but come and look for yourself, upon the most astonishing chance ever shown •TO'THE PEOPLE OF THIS .TOWN, In all sorts of useful, every-day household necessities. Look at these bargains AND COME AND SEE THE REST. Japanned Waiters, from 6 to 25c: Bread Knives, lOc; Butcher Knives lOc- Stew Pans, 6 and lOc; Japanned Foot Scrapers, lOc; Tooth Picks, larae i)ack- affe, 6c;'Mincing Knives, 5 and lOc; Carpet Tacks, 8 packages for 60; 2-Hole Mouse Trap. 5c; 4-Hole Mouse Trap. lOc; the most fashionable Neck Scarfs only 25o, worth 60c; Fine Parlor Broom, only 22c, worth 35c- Clothes Pina i doz. forse; 16 inch Lamp, complete. Burner and Chfmney, only 25c- Lamlo Chimney, only 5c; and hundreds of other things. Call and see for yourself. - MSeWsn etaifilKJB^BS) _^._ - - ._ As Hit th* Line running Through Trains to and fnxn *• lolowfcg cities and towns on It* own UnesJ OHI6AB8. AURORA, OTTAWA, - STBEftTCa.ROEXrORD.DOBOQOE, U CROSS., ST. PAUL, •IIUAP01 ML MEIOOTA, PEOBIA, . UWMM. Ki^tf •ASTDII', «T. JOSEPH, ATOHISOI, KARSA* ein, «BR ASIA Bin, OMAHA. eOURBIL BIBIM, /- URCOLBADEIVER, • - •< Making Direct Connectiorb TO AND FROM HEW YURI, , BftltlKOBE, WASHIIBTDi, TO6 Third Street, Sterling/ Ills. S. M.BEEOHER, PLUMBER, STEAM —AND— GAS FITTER. Iron,, Culvert and. Sewer 1*ipe. A Fall UBC of Broaa Good*, Engine Trimming*, Ao.' Pumpi and Pump Bepalrs, Giu arid Oil Fix- tares. JtHOP OPPOSITE POST OFFICE ON FOVBTn HTKEKT , . BAIialBBJi IBS AB&EI ES. BUT UIE 6ITY .WM MM Mft Witt* BBAST 8ES&W BITt ••!• MUlBa. PORTUBB, OREBBR, MARITBIA, VICTSBt* AID PUBtT S88MB PBIBTS. Good Equipment, Cood Service, Oood fa WwmrtlW «onc*min« ** th. M*<.«t Tic*« Aj.nt rf th. JR,ed I^ioe IVo. 1. IB WIN MoMANIQAL HAS HTARTED A 1 *0«r dray, and la prepared to do all kind* ol Moving household go - goods and plaaoi Ltare orders at Meltln & Boa* vaA Heary Jeoiuon's grocery. We«der« eilai ID thousand of arms, hut are surpaaw] by tie marvels «(ta>*entlou. Ttiustf who are ID ncnd ol runaUe word that cmi twdoiie whll« living at a\ome«fc«UM at once send their address to Hal •i«tt 6>Oo., KirtUuid. M»luc, w»d recelvn Jr«e, full ludinoaUca now either sex. ol »ll ag*s, cmi c iran •> 1^ (34 [Mr day and upward* wjiere toey »K* Vou ar* aUrtcJ free. I'apttai ii«t te- a!r»3 »st«* h«T« made ov« |69 tu a »ln»t» B. B, FAOEY & CO. PLUMBERS,. STEAM &. ^ HITM, o employ oj J. 8.John.tOQe „ PluK. y w?al8o have arrancempnta with WALTKK A FAOKT an expert Plumber, now with E. Ba?got In tha test plumbing establishment In OhlSfo li case M any line or extra work, to assist us \V\Tarfl o make contracts and furalulTnm™ work '" "'« PlumblnETBteSi and OM F«t n umnEte and OM fnLi s J ine \ and kei 'J ) lu 8t «* Iron, lead aud sewer pipe, brass goods, pumps, &c., &c. •every-thing to be lound To a first-class eslabllshmenl a^ : reasonable prices, and we are now an work Jnd mL', 8 '^', 017 ma " ner an - too well 'known o need SHOP AT TBE HTAN1> FACfY BLOCK, STEBLINfl, ILL INVP,Nnn\'! ms n ivo i uUon J zc<ltl "i world <Jur- lUIULllaUlljnRUie last half i-eptury Not •M . f 1-BSCRlBf

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