Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 4, 1965 · Page 10
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 10

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 4, 1965
Page 10
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10 SATURDAY ' DEC - 4 ' ^ 5 ' Loke Chorles American Press A—AUTOMOTIVE A-1 Automotive (new-used) A--AUTOMOTIVE A-1 Automotive (new-used) FORD TRADE-INS! YOU GET THE BEST USED CAR DEALS WHERE MORE NEW CARS ARE SOLD. ALL OP OUR A-1 USED CARS SHOP INSPECTED AND ROAD TESTED! WE SAY "YES" WHEN OTHERS SAY "NO!" '65 '64 '62 '61 CHEVROLET 'v ton Flccl- side pickup. Radio, heater. 5.000 milos. $1595. Small down payment and FORD M! ton pickup. 6 cylinder, standard, heater. $1088. Small down payment and FORD '2 ton pickup. Ex- ^ fremely clean, excellent.]) mechanical condition. $888. Small down payment and FORD '/a Ton pickup. 6 cylinder, standard, large box. S695. No down payment and FORD 34 ton pickup. Powers body. $688. No down payment and / r~ ~~7 ^v / <+*) / FORD W ton pickup. <r Powers body. $595. No down 4) payment and ............ SMALL MONTHLY NOTES PER MONTH PER MONTH PER MONTH PER MONTH PER MONTH 42 * A * J)' /\ I *-f | NOBODY UNDERSELLS ED TAUSSIG FORD AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT! EASY FORD MOTOR FINANCING. TWO COURTEOUS SALESMEN TO SERVE YOU LLOYD GAGE HERMAN VINSON ED TAUSSIG FORD USED CARS Clarence at Front HE 6-0511 The "Grandest" T GERS In a the Land! Two of the Grandest Tigers ever offered. Take your pick . . . both in Tip-top Tigerland condition! '64 '63 PONT1AC, Grand Prix, factory air, power steering, brakes, windows, big radio, heater, electric seats, automatic transmission. Very low mileage by local Tiger lover! $ $ $ C. Ray and $ave $ $ $ P O N 7 TI A C Grand Prix Sport Coupe. Fully equipped including factory air, power steering, brakes, windows, radio, heater, auto rnatic transmission, white wall tires, beautiful tutone finish. The Prince of all the Tigers! $2695 $1995 S S $ C Ray and Save $ $ $ DONALDSON PONTIAC "WHERE THE TIGER SCORES AGAIN" 1115 Ryan Street 433-0313 1962 CADILLAC SEDAN DEVILLE Equipped with everything including factory air conditioning, power brakes, steering, seats and windows. Genuine leather interior, Turino turquoise and white Low mileage, local on« owner. EXTRA SPECIAL $1995 WILSON A—AUTOMOTIVE MOTOR CO. 2616 Ryan_ 1964 DODGE Dort G.T. Convertible. V* engine, ttond- ord transmission, radio, heater ond white wall Wres Matador red wltn Im- moculole block lop. Leather bucket s«ot Interior. For the youno ot heart. $1695 WILSON MOTOR CO. 2616 Ryon St. __ HE 9-8801 19(VJ BL'ICK LtSotre 4 Door Horotop Factory air c auditioning ond oil power features Des- scri >ond ond while 2 tone Local one »wner. $1995 WILSON MOTOR CO. 2616 Ryon M L _ HE 9-8801 1963 CHEVROLET Biii-oyne 4 Door Sedan Economical 6 rvlinder enolne with standard transmit lion and heater. While wall tires. Tur- quo se finish. Local one owner $1195 WILSON MOTOR CO. 26)6 Ryan SI HE 9-8801 A-! Automotive (new-used) YEAR-E A-? Automotive (new-used) A—AUTOMOTIVE A-? Automotive (new-used) EXECUTIVE HE 9-8*01 1961 FORD Counlry iedan Station Wagon. 4 Door 6 ousjtnacr model Factory olr conditioning, V-8 engine automatic transmission, radio, heater o/id whlre wall tires, All Bower equipment. Silver and white 2- Tone. $895 WILSON MOTOR CO. HU Ryon SI , I95/ PLYMOUTH Station Wagon. Cream. HE 9-SW ; Sell or trade for car. 4369912 CAR SALE!! ALSO A COMPLETE SELECTION OP '66 MODEL FORDS — YOUR CHOICE OF COLORS, MODELS, STYLES! A-AUTOMOTIVE A-1 Automotive (new-ustd) A-AUTOMOTIVE A-1 Automotive (new-used) O.K. '65 OVER 200 USED CARS AND TRUCKS TO CHOOSE FROM O.K. C-BUSINESS SERVICE C-16 Miscelloncous WESTLAKE UPHOLSTRY Orld tienftd Jurnltur* sola. All t«ed. Free pick up ^.. 4592, Niflht calls; 43S-W1WI5 >on St. , .. . . GALVANIZED CLOTHBSLIHIBI PolM In- staled (city). Four w rtt. Ulflht, $17.50. heavy $32.50. H«rcul*» Fenc* Cam- IN SULPHUR NEW '65 FORDS IN SULPHUR '65 FORD Galaxie 500 4- Door Sedan, black finish, 352 cu. In. V-8 engine, cruisomatic transmission, courtesy light, group, decor group, power steer- Ing, power brakes, white wall tires, select factory air conditioning, AM radio, all tinted glass, padded dash and visors. '65 FORD Galaxie 4-Door Sedan, dynasty green finish, 390 cu. in. V-8 engine, white wall tires, eruisomatic transmission, courtesy light group, decor group, power steering, power brakes, select factory air conditioning, radio, tinted glass, padded dash, visibility group '65 FORD Country Sedan 4- Door Station Wagon, facing rear seats, tutone Caspian blue and white finish, 352 cu. in. V-8 engine .white wall tires, cruisomatic transmission, deluxe trim group, AM radio, tinted windshield, deluxe wheel covers. SAVE UP TO S1600 DEMONSTRATORS S U L P H U R '65 FORD Fairlane 4-Door Sedan, dynasty green finish, white wall tires. 2-speed electric wipers and washers. 2,761 actual miles. '65 FORD Galaxie 500 LTD 4-Door Hardtop, vintage burgundy finish with vinyl roof, whit« wall tires, cruisomatic transmission, 352 cu. in. V-8 engine, power steering, power brakes, select factory air conditioning, radio, manual rear antenna, deluxe seat belts, tinted windshield, padded dash, visibility group, 5,666 actual miles. '65 FORD SAVE UP TO $1600 S u L P H U R '65 FORD Galaxie 500 4-Door Sedan, raven black finish, 352 cu. in. V-8 engine, cruis- oinatic transmission, visibility group, decor group A, select factory air conditioning, power steering, padded dash and visors, AM radio, deluxe seat belts, tinted windshield, white wall tires, 9,932 aclual miles. '65 FORD Thunderbird 2-Door Hardtop, 8 cylinder engine, diamond blue finish with leather seat trim, safety control panel, white wall red band tires, power windows, power seat driver, auto trunk lid release, select factory air conditioning, AM & FM radio with rear seat speaker, tinted glass, fender shields, 7,859 actual miles. '65 '64 '64 '63? '63 '63 '61 '61 '60 CHEVROLET Corvair Wonza Sport Coupe, factory air conditioning, full power assists, radio, heater, pow- erglide transmission, 9,000 actual miles, new car warranty still in effect. CHEVROLET Chevclle Sport Sedan, loaded with extras, local one owner car and showroom clean thru- oil a. OLDSMOBILE F-85 4-door Sedan, factory air conditioning, full power assists, radio, heater, hydra malic transmission, just like new. CHEVROLET Chevy II 2- door Sedan, radio, healer, powerglide transmission, double sharp, VOLKSWAGEN Sedan, radio, heater, like new tires, you want true economy you just can't beat this buy. FORD Falcon 4-Door Sedan, radio, heater, thrifty 6 cylinder engine, economical standard transmission, cut to the very bone at ... CHEVROLET Corvair Monza Sport Coupe, bucket seats, radio, heater, 4 on the floor, all of the goodies. CHEVROLET Corvair Lakewood Station Wagon, radio, heater, powerglide transmission, Immaculate throughout. FORD Falcon 4-door Sedan, radio, heater, nice car and a good color. RAMBLER Metropolitan Hardtop Sport Coupe, radio, heater, beautiful turquoise and white tutone finish, should sell today at... $1995 $1795 $1495 $1395 $1095 $895 $795 $695 $595 $495 i C-18 Insurance^ anc« anyone? SR-22, Finance XtX'?'^ blllty bonds. Acm* insurance. 3108 Ccrm _man. 433-3282. ACCIDENT, AUTO, llf«, ..... zaiion Indurance, pay momi elmo Insurance and Real =»™"t 1 ."»i-" cy, 434 Klrby Street, LaK« Charles, Louisiana, 439-8341. p—ANNOUNCEMENTS D-1 Good Things to Eat 1 TRY~OUR Dcncious home-mod* Plwo. it's wonderful. For orders to flfl can ««• 9255. 2711 Ryon, Posqudle's T««ini*«. WANTED DAILY ride from Maplewoo*, to Lake Charles, Hours 8-5 p.m., can Mrs. SpnrVs, 439J7JI1. D-5 Lost and Found LOST! K Borrenfin* Aluminum boat. Gum Cove area. Coll 477-8708. D-6 Public Announcements we papershell 30 cents Ib. In 10 ID. lo»}M« llu !"i. pee ff5i 20 cents—cheapor In 500 Ib. low. 4011 Louisiana Ave. 477-5789. Bert .HeHpmilr. FRESH HO 'EY, locally produced, 75 cent" a" ..jrl, $2.95 qoilon Chris Hung- crford'i Bee Form. 1417 Shaw 51. 434-3187. D-4 Personal Notices FOR SALE 1963 CHEVROLET 2-Door, V-8. Sedan* Sucer Sport, 409,, Irnpola/leoded, power equloed, and air condlflonlna. 1943 FORD V-8, Falrlane, 2-Door, Hor* top, Sedanl automatic transmission. TO BE SOLD TO HIGHEST BIDDER — Scaled bids can be delivered o the C.S.E. Federal Credit Union Office, or mailed to P.O. Box 1562, Lake Chorle*. Lo. 70604. Bids received until 5:00 .P/A. December 13, 1045. THE C.S.E. FEDERAL CREDIT ONION •stains rlahf to relect any and all bids. CARS can be seen at C.S.E. oHIce on the CMIesServce __ GIVE~GIFT~ certificates from Woody's Coin Shop. Buy, sell, and trade coins. 520 Miller Avenue, Westlake. Open 5, p.m. weekdays. 9:00 a.m. Saturday. 439-96U. ____ _ D-7 For Women Only __ BEAUTIFUL BLACK heavy knit coal, Valued at S80 selling, for $45. Worn only 4 times. 434-4900 after 6 p.rn.^ ___ i LOVEL71EVEN ING Gown. Silt 12-T4. $40. 436-9481. E^EMPLOYMENT O.K. "YOU'LL DO O.K. AT" O.K. E-1 Mole Kelp Wonted _ I MANAGER TRAINEE ' Excellent opportunity tor hlah school ! graduate to obtain permanent position i with national consumer finance com- • 1 panv. DONALDSON EAST NAPOLEON FORD PHONE 527-5222 S-U-L-P-H-U-R NEAL Complete stock of PLYMOUTH VALIANT'S BELVEDERE'S FURY'S BARRACUDA'S GET OUR PRICE BEFORE YOU BUYII 1963 CHEVROLET imoaia Spods Coupe, V-» engine, rtand- ard transmission, air conditioning, radio, heater, and white wall tires. Roman red Imish with block Interior. Low mileage, local one owner. $1695 1 WILSON MOTOR CO. i ! 2616 Ryor, St. HE_MW j 1961 RAMBLER i frosii Country Station Wagon, economical 6 cylinder enalne, overdrive, radio, heater, solid white tlnlih. $495 : WILSON MOTOR CO. ; 2616 Ryan St _ _HE »«M1 ; 1964 RANCHERO SIX cylinder. Deluxe '. '' trim Radio, healer, while walls Low i mileage. J1.250. 436-4J21; 4/7-5457. EXTRAORDINARY 1959 Bulck two door I hardtop iport coups. Like ne* tires, bod/ ana mechanics, tops. See ot Bell's i Lines Service. Call 4773856. l»6i THUNOERBIRO. Fully loaded.! While. 439 553^ - days. 436-0719 — ! 1958 CHEVROLET IMPAIA, like newj lir&s 348 engine. 3, two borel caroue- i rotors, slick thlfl. >250 cosh. 882-1544. ' 1962 FAUCON V^AOON Like new tires, e/.ira clean In and out See It to appreciate il. 252S Kirkmon. 436-2743. : BY OWNER: 1962 Corvoir Monia Super Sport, bucket seals, radio, heater, stick shitl. 1850. 477-1457. ' EXTRA CLEAN 1964 Chevrolet Impolo, fully equipped- Low mileage. *66 monthly payments. 477-8299. * * I "WE FINANCE THROUGH THE BANK TO SAVE YOU MONEY!" NEAL PLYMOUTH 914 3rd Ave. 436-6641 BOBBY GIST PONTIAC IN SULPHUR '65 PONTIAC LeMans 2-door Hardtop, V-8 engine, standard transmission, console, solid black finish. $2395^ '63 PONTIAC Star Chiel. beige finish, factory air conditioning, full power. $1995 '63 CHEVROLET Nova 4-door Sedan, factory air conditioning, full power, real nice; car. ' $1495 '60 PONTIAC Star Chief 4-door j Sedan, fully equipped in-1 eluding factory air condi- 1 tioning, full power, nice car j and a good color. i $995 BOBBY GIST PONTIAC !lw>. 90. Sulphur .IA 7-6393 1964 DODGE DART 270 four door sedan. Economy VJ engine, automatic (fans- mission, air conditioned, radio, heater, back-up lights, two speed wloers with , washer, stone shields, undercooling, I brand new best line white wall tlrej, ! and clear plastic seat covers. Still plenty of warranty left. 11650 or will consider Jrode^in. Phone «3-MM. _ MY OWN cor. 1»5« Cadillac. Loaded. Prlctd 10 W". 439 XK. 19 Shopping Days 'Til Christmas OPEN 8 A.M. - 8 P.M. For Your Shopping Convenience NEW '66 Pontiacs '66 CMC'S NICE SELECTION OF MODELS, COLORS, STYLES! CAGLE CHEVROLET 2202 E. BROAD ST. HE 3-3364 A-6 Bicycles-Motorcycles HONDA Have you noticed the number of professional men riding Honda's to work and for pleasure. You can't find happier riding for as low ' as $239. R & H, INC ! 1412 Broad 433-8579 | B—FINANCIAL B-2 Loans No experience necessary. Our ^r proaram fully prepares you 'or advancement and greater responsibilities. Good worklna conditions, excellent employee benefits, good starting salary* rcaular Increases, and llbtral auto el- lowance. Must be M to » hlah school Gradual* and own auto. Apply In Person I FAMILY FINANCE CORPORATION 338 Puja Street Lake Charles, La. 8—FINANCIAL B-2 Loans CASH FOR THE HOLIDAYS The holidays always mean extra expense. With an Associates Happy Holiday Loan you can get the money in advance, eliminate year-end bills. Phone or visit Associates this week for sure. CASH YOU RECEIVE $1000 $1500 S2000 12500 J3000 24 MONTHS .... $ 51.23 .. ... $ 76.84 .. .... $102.46 .. ,... 5128.07 .. .... S1S3.69 .. MONTHLY PAYMENTS 30 MONTHS S 43.01 S 64.52 $ 86.02 S107.53 S129.03 36 MONTHS S 37.58 S 56.37 1 75.15 S 93.94 $112.73 BICYCLE WON'T ROLL? See us. One day service. Rosco's Bicycle Shop. 413 W. Prlen Lake Road. 477-0805. _ ! 20"~BOY'S~BTCYCLE! Balloon tires, 1 chrome fenders. Recently overhauled. , Phone 52'-6937_alter 5 p.m. A-10 Trucks & Trailers These payments do not include insurance. ASSOCIATES FINANCE, INC. IN LAKE CHARLES Ryan Street Telephone 477-8121 1 FOR SALE: 1960 Chevrolet, Half ton pickup with camper and air condi- SAVE $ | TWO 1938 CHEVROLET pick-up truck!. ! 433J224. i»55~~FORD PICKUP with 1960 model en-; alne Four forward transmission. Five; Tike new tires. J19S. Contact Curley Ron- j ers, 425 Beaugh Rood, 477-4967. J962~CHEVROLET CORVAIR 4 door panel truck. Cleon. $300. 527-6408. ON¥~WHElL~~utllltV trailer. Flherflloss covered. $45. 436-2004. | 1957~'/j~TON FORD truck. Heater, flood | condition. 1275. 205 Arlington Dr. 477- j 5776. ! B^FJKIANCIAir ^' B-1 Business Opportunities BE~IN ~¥usiNESS~F6R YOURSELF AND REALIZE GREATER EARNINGS AND A BETTER FUTURE Malor Oil Company Service Station for lease. Presently doing flood qallonaae and excellent service and labor. For further Information coll . . . 436-3361 days D—AN^NOUNCEMENTS D-1 Good Thing to Eat D—ANNOUNCEMENTS D-1 Good Thing to Eat FREE CHRISTMAS TURKEY (if vou qualify) COMPLIMENTS OF COLONIAL Just mail this clipping to COLONIAL. BOX 5545 Name Husbands' occupation Address Phon« BOBBY GIST PONTIAC I Highway 90, Sulphur, JA 7-6393 i FOR~SALir~1962 CHRYSLER, tour door with oil power and olr. Vtry cleon. 434-9918. 1«58~IMPALA SPORT Coupe: Tinted gloss- 348 V-8 engine, automatic, A-1 condition. 1595. Will consider trade. M, 8298 : _ _ _ 1954 FORD, LIKE new brakes, tires, and ' battery. Good running condition. $100. ; 439-8H9. __ . WE PAY cash for entire stocks of mer- | chondise. Any type. Contact "The Big : Dollar Discount Jrlousf '_J. nc ^l 477-7489. j FOR SALE: Drive-In dolno aood business. Cal^_477-7493 j^fort 2* p rn. MAJOR~oiI~~s»rvlce station has aood buslness^_Col[_433-9951_ or _<"•*]«•_. OPPORTUNITY FOR o person with wood j working experience to own a complete! cabinet shop for Vj Its worth. Machln- ery alone worth over »12,000. T It e i building ond property located In the rapidly growing area of Westlake, I should be worth over »16,000. The whole thing priced by owner for- a quick sale. 433-0138. D-6 Public Announcements /D-6 Public Announcements NURSING HOME CARE at NO COST to you PLUS J 17°° B-2 Loans if you qualify MARTIN DEPORRES Nursing Home 436-5386 I960 FORD. GOOD condition. Six cylinder engine. Good tires. 1275, this week. 4TI- 1961 CORVAIR FOUR door station wagon. Very good_condmon. tSM.^Call 477-MU; 1965 FORD XL $00. loaded, 10,000 mllesT ._.- .__ FOR SALE: Two Plymouth outomobllts. J2SO. Coll 477-67S6. A-2 Foreign Cars MY PERSONAL 1964 Volkswagen Less than 12,000 miles. Will finance. illJO. •Call BORROW ISO for 30 days ond only pay j 11.75 Interest. Consumer's Cr«ctl1 1 Corp. 117 E. Thomas, Sulphur. Phon? j 527-7073. I C-2 Appliance Service C ~?y5)NESS SERVICE C-8a Garbage tr Trosh GARBAGE AND TRASH pickup service. ; Residential or commercial. Dally or ! weekly. iCalcosleu Sanitation, Inc. 4361 7229. BREAUX'S WASHER REPAIR: Ken-iC-9 Painting & Papering more and Whirlpool exclusively. $5 per' house call. 2300 Lilly Street 436-U87. CARTER APPLIANCE Company: Repairs all home appliances. Largi or llW - Prle Lol(e Road ' 1966 FIAT, NEW, Immediate delivery, J39 per month, R & H, Inc. 1412 Broad St. 433-8579. IMMACULATE 1964 Volkswagen. Cost J1850 sixteen months ago. Priced to sell at J1250 477-1065 otter 5 p.m. : 1960 SPRITE. GOOD lop ond running condition. «50. 477-3753. | 1963 VOLKSWAGEN, »789. 1964 Walks- woaen, JI174. Coll Bill Roberts ot 433 1451, Lakeside National Bonk. A-4 Tires- Parts- Accessories USED PARTS for all moke* and models. Turner's Wrecker Salvofte Service. 2501 Borod. 4360247. _ __ _ _ _ USED TIRES: *1 50 up; tube*. »l on<* up. Pap's Gulf Station. 427 Hwy- in. __--_C 3 Bldg. and Contracting CONCRETE DRIVEWAYS, potloj, walks, carports, additions, brick work. Remodeling, new buildings, estimates. General Contractors. 439-9257. C-4 Bldg. & House Repairs EXPERT CARPENTER work done. Small ond large lobs. Free estimates. 882-6487. C-6 Lawn & Equip. Service YARD CLEANING: Rake, work ond edge beds. Experienced. Coll 43.1 8982. BULLDOZER WORK. Lots cleared, road building. Either side vl Ihe river. Free PAINTING, SHEETROCK finishing and papering. For free estimates call H. P^. Orlcgo. 439-8997. C-10 Plumbing-Heating CALL WILLIAMS plumbing and Heating (or aulck, efficient service on oil your plumbing needs. Phone 436-2334. All woik quaranier-d. FOR COMPLETE sewer service coll Rolo- Rooter Sewer Service, 4392130 C-12 TV-Radio-Musicol .../..._ ; QUICK SERVICE TV. House calls S3.50 Twonly-ltjui yco. 5 servicing L a k •* Charles Area. Your Used TV Head- auurlers. Instant Credit on oil niuior TV repairs. 439-4295. PRIEN T.V., INC. proudly servicing this area since 1951. Licensed technicians. Manager, Dallas Fontenol, 477-3452. estimates.__*«*»»»• _ _ r 1C o T UOTTiveUNG,lroclo'r njowlna, wench C-15 RentoU-ToOIS-EqUlp. truck, dozer work, fence building, tree removal, custom mowing, weed control, steam cleaning. Erik Pedencn, 1126446, 433-8911. NEED SOME Parly goods. Rent It hero and save I Rent-It Service, 3400 Ryan, 477-2168. E-1 Mole Help Wonted CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER Expanding, medium - sized construction company needs college graduate civil engineers for permanent positions in Lake Charles, Lafayette, and New Orleans offices. All Inquiries held confidential. Send your name and address to Box 29, care of American Press and we will contact you for interview. Salary dependent upon experience. An Equal Opportunities Employer RELIEF CAPTAINS NEEDED Capable wheelmen needed with txotr- Icncs on o» lows. Brownsville to Florida. Good oav gnd working «jn<JKIon6. HARMS MARINE SERVICE, IN«. RE S 3SM Bridge City, Ttxat WANTED: Young mon tor night work. Must drive ond fcnovy elJy. tty»t hgv» references. Apply in person Hoku« Poku* Liquor Store, 1(24 Brood Street,

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