Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 6, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1930
Page 4
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DECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 6, 1930. DECATUR HERALD E fi . C. v. tfonors uecatur In Gift RIVERSIDE W, C. T, U. MEETS WEDNESDAY Decatur to State Gives Library Slacks In nf Mix i 0[ LYirS. j Amsdc T HE (vtohi't 1 i»tuif of thp !' fl*icoil jiidt ifwlwit hy IS O fit thp Msl M'hoiHl, t«lla of «leel hook Ktactti ihftl havn been plaeed In the P. K 0. M e m o i l a l 11^ tirnry In Ml. Plpii«"iuit, I n . to h o n n i ' Mnt. f l i i t r l e l Mii^UI Aimtden tt [p phsl HtMe pi e«lilent The hriw liM'n jitorfil by HIP till- noli atnlP ( h n p t e r n( n cr«t of ST.non The M twlii will nd'Ormnoitnte « f book-i from thp Town l l b r n i v Whpn thp SlMOnf) l l h i n r y wnx hullt. there were plnni to IMP (hew iteel stack", hut lack rtf fund* prevents! t h « lin m e d l a l p Inslulliitlon. ThP gift (rcm TlllnoU rnmplfttM the plfin of III* sMerhootl, \ The g i f t tin'i hepil tiifiilp tn rfrcou- nltlon of Mrs Ani'iden's w o i h . She was it iiirnihi'r of tin 1 llbt'ittv Inilld- tns c o m m U t p p , nnd l i f t e r ltd romplf lion wfm named i» committee "f one hy tho aiipierne r h f l p t P r k f u r n i s h lht worn! floor The l l b i n r v It 'ii the r l l v whp|f r, II. O wnn foundPd In ISBJI liy Heven yotinc women of fowa Wewlcvan unlverilts', Tecalup wompn will IK* Inten^tfil lo know Unit the n i p n i o t t j i l lioniry wns ihp u p t t d i H fin 1 it w e d d i n g in An cu«t. The vounjf cotipU' i t u i t r l i ' d wer* gradurilM '( Ihp u n l v P i s l t v Stuait T!alM-. IS" Smith M i i l n ·ilicpt. I p f t Sunday inoi'pInK fnr CHI « g o where hp will i - n t e r HIP H t i l v e i - illy of IHlnnlt Mrdlrnl college- OAKLAND P.* t A. TUKSDAY, NOT ON FRIDAY Convention Bring Report Rlvernlde W. C. T, U wilt have Its rntfiitnr meeting at 2 o'clock We does- day In the Hoys' Opportunity home. New officers and department director* will ho installed, and report of thn stale convention last week In Kdwardsvlllo will be made by tho delegate. Mrs, Pred C, Peterson. I*. cftl and county work reporU will be Blven, a* fnr HH the time allots. Miss Wnndii d(mebrook will sing. Visitors tiro Invited to attend this meeting. Stali (Jflhwrt Mrii Bun Tluot IMwards ii[ Pink- neyvllle was elected president of the state W. C. T U. lost week In ses- »lonM attended by scvcrnl Deentur woolen. Including Mrs. Petotson and M;H. C, M. Wlkowskl of Rlveraldt nnlfn. Mr*. Hnttlc FJ4hrr of Decntur Mtilun, atid W i n . Mlnnla Hlfihlfiy, Vfis, Mill I.ockr. Mrs. AHt?e Griiffnth ff Mlie«n 'onnty union, Mnt. Minnie of Bothnny wilt with the Tfvrty. ~ M i s , K.ilwuuN wns vlfc-prcBldent tot 1 timny vpntf. The rdUi'fiif; president. Mlsi Hclni I. llnnd. was nc- tlvi 1 iiti'sldenl f n i IS yrnri!, anil In cimvi-ntltm wns niiuif iD-esldc-nt j Cnii'i'llii'i, Mrs. Frctl Ptittci'snn of[ Newcomer Women Give Luncheon Wednesday Noon October Party In Masonic Temple'Will Be a Guest Affair N EWCOMERS club auxiliary will liavo a guest Any party In Ihc Masonic temple Wednesday, Lunch- oon will be served at 1 o'clock In Ihc small dining room, anil cards wilt be In piny atleiward In the lost room, Prlxes will be awaulctl Tor high scores of gucils and m embers Mid, W, W, MeLaughlln is chairman of tho October party. Others on tho committee are Mra. R, C. M. K run be!. Mia. Frank Populorum, and Mrs, Herbert Hcndricka, MOST PATHETIC · OF TRAGEDIES IS TOLD HERE 11)' ItUTII CAMERON JUSST come Into l»uch with 4 ine of thft most pnthttlc of IKc'si triiftPrtics. T hiwo hiion awketl for advice on ,,, . . 11 i ,»i mi I 't find T don't know wlinl to sny. I Chk-iiK,, h vlef-i.tpslrtciit; Mia- Ethaj h()p(l ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wt10 weil \s tlil.H car, help. And yul It In as It one wore Mai'sOuiH WIIH re-fllocti'd cm-respond In^r seci'otury; Mln« I*ols Snyder of f'li'mi|iilf;n Is t r p K s l l i e i , tind Mts. M l n c t t c H(j«wnst.ecl Id rctortllng sec- re In ry. TWO MUSIC EVENTS 1 IN. SPRINGFIELD OF INTEREST HERE Two evcnH in told llmt two chemicals having been mlxnil produced a certain result and wove. Hiked to ittMsc how to mis thoie chotiilcalii and avoid that result. The chemicals should not have boon mixed In that way In the first place and any advice must run Irack fnr Into the pnst. The ti'attcdy Is that of the widowed mother and her only daughter and the latter'a hiiabnnd, PcilmpB this i you nun guess if nil from that, for TAIIK Onklnnd Ptirent 'iVnchcr (lon wilt lifive I t u OrtoWi' nieetltiK nf a o' t(« k Tii'"*liiv n f l i ' i n i m i i Mcin- heri nve (ished to nole Hint t h n t l n t e li (hniii'i'd f i o t n Krldnv tieffti)nc 'if I h e (' T A, n e c l l n n of I In* P*Mllllv week N I P of InfPrctl tn Dccatni' mti-j yrnrs the dt\ugli(pr nnd mother lived i\- (intriMiri The first Is n roncfit | lot- each iither. The child wasn't In Kllt-i chili a u d i t o r i u m at 8'1Si strong nnd the mother sacrificed ii'rlnclt TiiPScIny by Miss Otddyij evci'vlhltiR tn brlnK lier hack to Swnrlhnut, whoip rnrccr It followed \ henlth. Ttion the ninthor herself Mini Swarlhmit h the 1 jfiiw out and the Rlrl took us tender cm e of lior. lletlcc tinier came, Hoth of Itwrn werp fairly well, rirtd tlie (,'lrl wit* ulile to go to business oolldfte und VOiinKCit nii'xxn Hoprtino of the Mct- riipolltiut fi|ipia. and litis been heard 1 dffen ftt linvttiln and Chlrafri Civic ujicrit hv Pncutnr ier?oni. The Hii'oni! s f f a t r Is Ihe I ir f r t S m i t h . Hty tH'iilth iihyi elan, will i-jn'iih on n pluiif nf child hi-iilih, nnd Mis" MutUc VVnddltiulou [ u l r c l f i f i l , will rcfidil Hita Mt. Klon i n d i s l i k i (viiwpnlloii. Mm llobi-i I PF SylvciiliT will leal n tihtirl il IMC tin-don ii[j fioni thr f'tilld VVPlfiirn maK"^ne i\ti i - n l r r t n l n i n e n t wilt 1m fuvnltthrd )i\ in nf tlin r in in i H. music ( I t ' i i n i U I / n t l n n "f "Jftsi'pH" In the ttiiM- n i i n i i n t at S oVlock Thimdfiy.' [lollln t'ciuui of Chlriij,"', who snnK In WeitiulnHlei 1 Prcihyteilnn c h i i i p h ji vehr (ii;n hiiH Ihe loading part. Plo^ uf M ptlnrlpnls (t|]iearctt In H|rlnBflelil p n j i e t t Hnminv The liliteri of Amerkftn Kcvotutltm ·uri I h o Ttuumlny concert, anil r \ n u i t i u r Music club tile Tuesday out «t home und things looked lirlfchter. And then «am« vhati the HERALD PATTERN DELTA DETLA DELTA SERVF5 100 IN TEA One hundred KUeiisi nttemt' L d the lelta Delta Helta so- Sundny uftprnoon (o nn Klven In rarity honNe , Imnor Mit. I 1 '. J, Wllion of Sprtntr- 1 fIpld. new house ho^tem Mrs. R. N, l^ftKletnn. ftlllnticc lupsldent. poitred. j unil Blii'stn were reeelved hy Mrfl. \VlljJon, MlH4 K n l h l e p n Klnnnman dec- and fur- ' u^'tlvo preside nl, nn.d M!*JH I lull I" ril vkn-preNldent A u t u m n color.-t were used In oiatlnnw The t;mm« wiiii fillet lidiketrt i\nd vimei of floweii . hitternwert. iim* oran«^ ranillc'i r,l;ihfd llftlit. Pleilftei served | t^iutdp rritilino lind clint^n of L^ie tt'ii. Ihe first H i i i o i i t y social nflalr on I l i c ranipu* Sinn 1 i ishlnir rjiifir!! were the faculty, friilernlly nnd sorority officers imd iioiise liostesfiei", iinliotvi. nnd TUSCOLA LADIES AID PLANS PUBLIC SUPPER TIWOLA - Mm Benjamin C Kelly wft«t hastens Krlilny afternoon to nvnnihot'N of tho ladlen' aid ot the I'letiliyterlan chuich In her home In the mftnse. Thirty-two members were prpienl anil a very delightful after* noon wan spent Mrs t 1 . M. Moore I ('hpmiSnltt. led tlie devotions Assistant host eases ci'eiy woman (or every normal ivonuin) looks forwurd to--love and mtiiTlHKP At lint the mother wa 1 . pioiirt nnd Rlad (hat this child whom she had hanllv hoped to raise ill nil, should hiive the f u l f i l l m e n t of ti normal life. Then tho tragedy Thf fttrl cnm (o mo in tonrs. "I don't hnow whal la KOlntr to happen to IIH all." she said, "mother Li bitterly Jealous ol my huibnnd. It's diftfltlful. Of ciur«n I expected we would all live together, b\it WP don't get along al nil. I don't BKP how wa can support her outside, nnd besides I love her iintl wnut her with me but both she nnd my hiwbnnd are unhappy over It. Whnt shall -we lo?" What could I answer? «mri-|e,it for Whluh My beait fali'ly at-hcd for all three of them. ,Fnr the husband appalled at the unhappy atmosphere In his new home. For the girl with her licftrt fairly pulled apart hy the two who loved her besl. For the mother who has been everything to this ilnughtet, who has g'ven e and who now has lo take second pi nee At least I suppose that Is the way she put It to herself. But If she only wouldn't, Tf she would only see that It Is a different place, not see- on.t; on the same level only of a different ktnil. As for the chemical! that never ihnukl have been mixed, well sup- pone you let me talk about that tomorrow. And suppose la the meant i m e If you hove any experience Hint will help. If 'TM liave 1iv "' through something like, thii and 1LIR, AIKHN wail almost right, "· Several we eke ago he wrote In to say that the birds foretold a front about Oct. I! or 1S, And It fronted on Oct. 1. The subject had been brought up by n news Btory In The Paper to tho affect that katydids had sung, or whatever they do, ID Into August and that an old saw said that frost would come in six w«cks afterwmd. But It didn't. Mr. Alken thought the birds wei'n much belter forecasters, and so they were. The katydids missed being accurate by /our weeks, and the blrda missed, it by only two. We aro curious to know just how tho birds foretell fi'osl. IB It by'the dale of their fllghtV W. P. H. wrote the othei iliij ahout a magazine that is jiutv- lishcd for the purpose of com- R. N. A. DISTRICT MEETING TO BE IN CERRO GORDO Hoyal Nelghlxira of America ^wlll have their annual district convention In Cerro Gordo, tho home of the district oracle, on the Tuesday of Oct SI, Mrs, Ida England was elected oracle in the district meeting of last year conducted in Decalui-, Five hundred women woie picscnt last October. Thu scslong In Ccrro Gordo will not lost all day, us they did In Deca- lur, MeotlngH will start al 1 o'clock In K. P. hall. Mra. Mary E. Ai-uholt of Hock Island, supreme oiacle, will be an honored guest. Mra KatE* ]£i- hclman of .Dccutur js dtsitlct deputy, nnd Mrs. Margaret Van Meter of| Docatur is district chancellor, A banquet will be served in the Me t bod in t church al (i o'clock, and Ihe public will be ailmllled lo thn pro ((rah at 7:M in the High uchool gymnasium. Two conimllltc meflt- Intfh have boon held In Dtcattir recently In preparation for Oio convvn lion, Mi's. Lulu Fort of Clinton is vlce- oraule; Mrs, Gussiu Craw of Ccrro bating women and their uppity- nesa, partlcularty In bualnem, Oa that same 9ny, by » curious Incidence, there came to this desk ·. Utter front Now York tolling about a new rnagaxlno for women In business. .The magazine Is liclnj? published for Hie purpose of promoting the further success of women In Wall street, bunks, commerce and the other so-called exclusive provinces of man. tt Is a very serious magazine Indeed, containing shoit articles aho\tt worne.n who have achieved success In these linns, and hints about how the rest of us nmy go about It If we enru to, Wo read It all avidly and then pitched it In the wastebaslcet for Andy to carry nway and burn, so W. F. H. wouldn't ever sec It and lose his Illusions about womanly women r,, it. .WIFE PRESERVERS A safely pin und tor t lingerie tape puller wll keep ihc tape ufe ana not alow it lo bKomc loow whoi holf wty thfot^ 7.ETA MOTHERS AND PATRONESSES WILL MEET WEDNESDAY Zi'ta Tmi Alplm sorority's Molhern and Palronisftns clul) will huvt u called mnollnp at 10 o'clock Wi'dnesdiiy nicrotnfT in the chapter house. North Fnli'vlew avenue. The women are (tordo Is recorder and receiver f o r 1 inked to take sandwiches Tho gioup Many Attend Women 9 s Council Meeting at 2:36 Nlnety-on* woman's organ lullcnh w«r# reprwented thl* nfternoon in the flrat meeting of the year of the Decatur Worn in '« council. The meeting was called at 2:30 o'clock in the TT. W. C. A. The first report to ho made to the council on the milk fund wan made. Phn Woman's Council Hponnors the fund, but it wan started since the inst spring meeting. Corporation Counsel W, J. Carey talked on the ))ll for women on juries, and Mrs. Elsie M. Wagen seller conducted questionnaire on the sub Joe t. Question and answer literature prepared several weeks URO by the Rue of Women Voters on Hie mih- Icct of women on juries, was Jin- ,r I billed In council JiicetlflK. The Kiio is urging all orttunliatlona rnacnled liy the council, to con- skier the literature in one of its pro- grama soon. The Frost Is On the Pumpkin and That Means Ifs Time For Pi ARE APPETIZING ARE BENEFICIAL come out victorious, you wilte n lel- Ipr and tell liow you did It. Tonhrtow--How Not t» Mix wtTf Mr*. Orn Warttm, Mrs. Welch, Mrc Anns Hanla and M I M . r, K Til I eh Pluni w r t e made for a public sup- pei' tn he held later un. At the clote of the nieetlnn an exchange was hold to which each member con- t t l h i i t e d , nnd the sale (if lh« articles TAYLORVILLE, MORRISONV1LLE COUPLE MARRY TAYLORVIU.13--Th(! secret mar- tinge o( Vestal Lotd of Morrison- netted nhout $10 which is applied to| vllle to Mrs, Dom Shivers of this city the special f u n d of thf organ lint Ion. 1 was announced by friends Raturdai mnrnlnc. The couple were msirled In ft. T,out.H on May 4, Tttey were attended hy Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clow- Joan Shirley Stine Of Moweaqua Is Bride Julit ixn ensy to miike nx It 1« lovr Iv to v/?nr, I h h lilonmcr fioek In (ol- M O W h A V J A -Jeiin Hlihley Stine. tt'rful colton j n l n t . The deep culhir l M o n l y t ' )llul " f M l " n(l Ml ' 9 ' R ' r - nxti'pniplv hecomlnp. nnd the ^ni.'^ 11 " 1 'was martled to Chester Hod(te toped Mlde {rlmmlnj! iiildi n chk "' lto '' ltftl tl I" H'-r home Wednea- 1 ''"" *' noon by Uev. P. N. Walte- the Methodist church, Dorothy Gi e^ory acted as nd i.yte Yost of Bloom- touch, Pattern BUO IIIHV b? obtained ntily In sued -I, «. f and, 10, Slo 4 requires 2 1 yurds of 3rt-Inch material. Transfer rtittern "01 fniiHlsts of in dog niotlfn In three d i f f e r e n t potl dny »t i rk '; 1 . " f "" 1 tlon,- They are thr npplltiueil| m l i k , .c brldo wotc pale blue chiffon cnriled pink toics. The brides on pillow tops. May also he used for, Bttta(ry set*. 1'rlcc fifteen C«nt»i. S*itl KII'TKKN' CKNTS (t.V) In wor(1 lnk rhit(on ttlto catrled plak roses. Mlas M n i y Dob- non plnyeit the wedding march. Thu house wiis decorated In las- coins t'.irefillly wrapped, or stamps.· kets n( yellow roaeg. A two courie (or eaeh p n t t e t n , Write plainly yourjbrinkra4t wan served fcy Mrs. Jeff name, address nnd iityle number. UK StJflK TO STATK SlXtS WANTED. Pan h Ion P»catur, closed If* Trad lost No Add r MS Editor of TN Hcrdid, III.: Plcnjci find #no for which send n'» -f , JurvlH. a f t e r which the young couple left on their wedding trip, l,ln' tn lloekfnrri They will live In Rockford, where the bridegroom has a home already furnished. The guMts were Mr. and Mrn, WlllUni Kolge, Mr. and Mrs. , Herbert GnrllnK and daughters, l,ols and Genevleve, Mrs, John nilari'o "nd Lyle Yost al of Bloom, Inglon: Mrs, tilla Graham of Al- I toomi, Pa., Mr, sad Mis, E W. Sltne 1 of Tryonne, Pa : Mrs. R. M, Stlnc, 1 Mr. nnd Mrs. Bert Dlckerson and Mr. and Mrs. D, R Coulter of Decn- lur; Miss Mary Dobaon, Miss Dorothy Orogone, Mr W, F, Armstrong. Mrs, Tresalc Goodwin and Rev. and 8, -N. er of St. Irfiuls". rouslns of Mrs, Lord The couple \vlll reside In Mort-lson vlllp, wheie Mr. Ixird opeiatcs a poo room / Mr. onid Mrs. Herman Rhodes en tartetlned In t* miscellaneous shower Thursday evening in honor of Mr and Mrs. John Hughes. Mrs, Hughes was Miss Leah Rhodes before h*t man lage. CUIld'n BlrUiday Mrs. (1, L. Armstrong entertained o number of little guests Saturday af ternwm In her home on West Mali Cross Btrcet, in honor ot the fifth birthday anniversary of her dauglv ter. Nancy Jane. Nothing Is more wretched than th* mind ot a man conscious of guilt,-Plant us. the district. Mrs Eleanor Ttlmm n r o( Decalur IG pusl disUlct oracle, GIVE BABY JUICE OF ORANGE FOR ITS VITAMIN C MYRTLE MKYKU KLDItKD T HE AI^MOaT universal UH* of orange juice In the baby's diet very early In his life cciYKii ubout becuu.tu of tlio Increaswl number of babies who nrc now bottla fed, even befoi-e the sixth month. Babies who are nursed have a live food, one containing all the nutilth'G elcmenlH, The. moment baby is put on the hot- tic, hia food la more cr tees deprived of some nf these live, clcment.i. This cannot always be helped, hccaune In clllfi« CKpcclnlly (lie milk supply Is mfido safer by pnsileurlwitlon. Somntlmca In addition lo this the mother bolts the milk, both of thc-jo piocesiaes rolibinp the milk of much of Its vitamin C uonUnlf. Prevonts Scurvy Citrus fruits aif the richest sources of vitamin C It ie rjulte commonplace lor a baby In be Riven milk In willed there ifl lemon Juice, This increases baby's abillity to digest the milk because of Its iicldity, and In addition he gets a.good supply of vitamin C. Moat babies get this element In their daily otatiKU juice or tomato juice, likewise rich In vitamin C, When mothers understand that or-j unge juice Isn't given because their hnblcs ant conntlpnted, but becaiimr of the vitamin C content which prevents scurvy, they are more con- Detentions about Its use. Diet Ncudn Chung** The Age of the ftaby makes no difference at all In the need for orange juice. HI-) diet is moat Important and It ho Is R bottle baby he mujtt h«ve orange. Juice dally. All other Information about feeding IH Included In our regular feed- In^ leaflet which discusses formulas and add III ona to the diet from nix weeks to six yearn. You may hnve this by enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelop with your request, sent to me at The Herald. Tomorrow: "ConBlstttnt Treatment »l Child Adults," will sew on now linen recently purchased for the sorority honsu, SLIGHT DOWN "", HAD BETTER BE IGNORED ivr problem In Family of Louisville Couple Marry Wednesday LOfJISVILIiE. --Melville Fowley 63 years old, a farmer of Clark county and Mrs, Emma Reynolds of this city, aged 58, were united in mar- iloge Wednesday afternoon at the Methodist parson(ign here by the pastor, Rev, T, B, Sowers, just before ho went to his new charge In Merrin Witnesses were Mrs, Ruth Havs Sowers and Mra, Harriet S, Cooper, both of here, It Is the second matrimonial venture lor both the bride jind ji rj d egroom. Perfect dyeing is so easy! .DIAMOND DYES eonUin th« h,.h.. t quality anilines money t true, bright, rww colon to Irj8se«, drapes, lingerie. The anilines in Diamond Drei iMke them «a»y to UM. No ·potting or rtreakinf, Jugt cletr, even colors, that hold through war and -wtthing. Diamond DTM mm ravi tbinn that n^lyttd look. They are juit "torn. j . P*rt«t dyeinj coat* no »ore~ii mondoDtyes 50V M rt By GLADYS "Amerit-it's Mnht Fnmons 'ANY WOMEN exaggerate the linpoi tnnce of the slight down on their faces. T)iey become, almost frantic at the upitouriincc of the finest bit of h'tlr und recklessly under- K operations Unit often result In a heavier und liurkcr growth or In in- repamblc damage lo (he skin. I»ct no one persuade you to lub- nnt to modified X-tay treatment for tho removal of superfluous hnlr. The X-ruy ninuhlne Is too powerful an inidrument to b« toyed w i t h In- oxix-rtly. The method is unsuccessful, for M h Imiiosfliblc lo determine Ihc accuialc dOMiKf tn remove the hair. If the X-ray ap plfoailon la not of sufficient strength, the hair will he removed only t«m- pomrily. If It Is too strong the hair will be jiermnupnlly removed but the skin will be greatly endangered. X-rny p r u o 11 tlonarK Hntend that nu posulbtc modification of the X-rny machine could pei 1 - menonlty destroy hnlr without itlun destroying the surrounding skin. It l' logical to suppose that treat men I* strong enough to kill the hulra will also be strong enough to mar the skin, "When the specialised tissue Is destroyed the skin ncqolri'H an odd "lend" appeacftnne, tt becomes Kurd and puckered, and In home Instances, given every evidence of a skin cancer, This In not mere supposition. There are a number of women who have undergone modified X-ray treatments and who are now bewailing their rash nation. Every one of them wouht much rather have th« hnlr buck again than the obviotialy damaged skin 17)at resulted from the hair removal. If yon have only n light down on your face, keep aw*y from nny form of hair remover, whether It be temporary or ·permanent. In nine c«se» out of ten tho hnlr Is not nt noticeable and not as disfiguring ns you think tt In. By LOGAN CI.KNDKNINii, M. tt. B BOCCOJjI, although known In the United States for only a few years, has been a favorilo v«Re- lc In Italy nnd Spain for jjfmcra- tlono. Some of the most scholarly dleti- clanti on earth nrfs hdard waiters. They know far more about diet than hnrbet-H do about hair. Most of the Information which follows has been aned front one or two ornnmenla of thlB learned profession. Old itiillii" OiiMnni The first one I questioned told me he had *nlen broccoli nil hl« life-fifty yenrs -ever since he was five years old. It grown most luxuriantly between Home nnd Naplen, and has been n staple dl«h th»re nlnfit Ihn memory of nmn runs back. It woa introduced Into Am* riot about 20 years ago, mostly for consumption by the Tlailan colonies. A Spanldh head wni(er f)lend of mlnn sneero heuvllv ul (lie Idea nf rullan broccoli. H« say* thsy do not hnow whnt hioeroH is in Itwly. In Spain there are Ihro* varieties green, white and mnilve. The niauve variety Is t.hc best, nnd tthotild lie the heulthl»«t from Hie Vlewiiolnt of pilt- mnt contfint. The ^pitnlnriln mnfci soup out of the iiwiuve broccoli, Whilt! Vurple Sini|'' "Perhaps the senor does not like Ihe Idim of purple notip," said my friend, "but I aflfwre him It Is delicious. 1 ' ' * Another noiithern Kuropean vegetable hardly known In the United States Is fennel, The Itnllnni* call It --perhaps my spelling Is incorrect-- fenpuli. It tantfli aomthlnp like celery nnd something like nspnragu* nntl something like itself. It Is tmu- «lly served, much like brained celery. Again I offer the suggestion that It would make a valuable nddltlon to OUVK M. VOUNU i*mv* MllllklH UntviTHlt) O CTOBKJt days i) nun My muftn that the front In on t h e pumpkin, but at any rate It inians thai the pumpkins are ripe anil It In time for pumpkin pies. M u n y hnusekcep-, era ntlll prefer to cook their own pumpkin In place of uslnx (be commercially tunned variety, and If ymi have many pumpkins pethnps you will can some for later use. Pumpkin In very wutery tind for thai reason It i.i ;i ^ood t b l i i K t o ' bake it an you do mjuiMlh !n*iead nf oh Ins U ID water, for then It tiikes so long to cook'out Ihe wuter Cut the ptimjihln in btilf or r)uri- ters and snoop out seeds and n t i l n K V membntncx and t u i n upside down In a shallow pan. Koke in a moderute oven until tl« inside is son. Then, carefully scooji out aiid ma'th well! and use. ' j If you wish to cui] It, Jiuclc in Id otuun jars and Hteiilixc for 20 minutes ; In cooking In wuiw moM, )nople peel tho puni|liln flrn(, but if the Dhln in left on nnd then removd when this p u m p k i n is strained, it will jjlvc a color and flavor in the pumpkin -that rannol )e hnd In unv other way, cut iho p u m p k i n Into ftntull pieces nnd add just a l i t t l e water. Cover closely.and cook slowly until very sofl. Tahe from the fire and rub through a fine £f»v» which V.'ill i i ' i n m o I ho , t l ( m i..,., t . .,, .. i i . . . . . . . l m ' '*) th* hclll's und c'iu|( drj c'in*JHln'v l Kiluin will .-(vnr-h ,,,,| i,,, Oil" cup MMU-.I ] . i , t i i | l i i u On.'. M u l l , iif, j 1R hi i,«iv.n ,,,.,, TV.O .;;«· Otl' l.rlj|-s|Hiiin ll'ilil one fontih i,ii.j,,(in i ihiiiiiii-,ii OneOl'lIf tiMiigi'iijn villfi.i O t f - e f M l l I j I lr.c))iiiHt -nil Gnu find inir-}i.i|l i'it|i nth t »t:tiMi'il Mix «··!! -in,! n u n i n i i , . !n ui u a i t t i y » h i l l nii,| Imh,. ,,, ti ^ ry tnrtfl e i H t i ' nvin n- i,im wuu],| a rimttril Whrll J i n n , ink.- mil .,,,,! fwa ' ,-j. ( - ,,i wlii|,j,,,| .,,,,,,,,' ,A.-J Ihc 1,,,] J U ,, ,,,,.' MKNU Pork Cdo] (Joodici! Potato Surprise Stuffeil Tomato Snbd Hot l^Ollj, l i l i l l f T Oiramv) Uwwert Cookies This dinner menu In a little un- tisunl. hut not expcnshv or to prepare. Tuilny'H IteclpeK I'urU Chap fiiKMlh'K · ])"i(i inoumlif of your favorite tlrcscint; on pork rhojiH, I'.onsi to ;i soldeti ))fown and SMve. I'olutt) Snrprlw - - Cock nnd mash potatoes, fill with ronlted jipns. Roll In crncker crninb.4 nnd (·Kg and fry in hot fnt until browned, ' !|tlNKl I'll, One c up l».t ·lli-i ,.jil,i |i One t;iiji i-i,-;ijn One i ujj ,iU|{iit Thi'-i t-KK* One le.'i'-jjii'jii inn D-I.III One irii!.jiiiiti j;in^i i O l l i - l l l l l f li:i-j}'in|l l]l,l[|li,; On-half !·!!· (i-i-.H ill If ii,,, ^,,,, lin« iinl tjncn ·-.ilii'l in conliint; Oni'-fiiuiih tenv] nfin |iDirn ixttnei M n ;i ,li-f|i jjie |,jni W |ih ]ia.-«iiy nnd t j i i i - h v-r wuli w h l i of *xg and -pilnldi. vflt d i y biwiil f i t i n i l i t Mix thn i i-iij;.ii :ihd :M:ii[iiiln;-H lnifiliP add till- bi-tiMi-il n':iui, nn.l bciti w»ll iinii ndil i l n well h*ai*n gjjttn. H.ili ID » UK K]O, -iii, iffen until firm ti»i] ;u'i\i v.' u i t i r To "Point-Vp" Appetite Just Stimulate Bomb Whuiiuvui L.IU unit ni the tluy find* you out-of-sorts; food doesn't tempt you and won't digest; breath IB bad; tongiia coated, just chew a candy tablet before bedtime. Tomorrow you'll b« a new person) A candy Cases ret clears up a bill ous, gaaiy, headachy condition every time. Put* appetite on edge. Helps 0 Iges t Ion. Activate* howelB, Caecurcta arc mnUo from caicura, w h i c h authoritien snv actually strengthens bowfll muscles. So, take thea« delightful tablets ax often us you please; or give them freely to children. All drug stores »«)! Cits- carctn for a dime, and no dolUtr prep am t Ion cowl I do belter work, our dietary, lioth from t h e nomlo and hygienic viewpoint. HP II** a Hunch T have a himch that vi'gi'iahles of this nott- with 11 great denl of JiiC- menl or nlrontf odor or t-i^tn as «spiiraBUS, cnblinn* 1 , onion, coll ami fennel have Inherently In those ()iialilies rcitaln vltnmtn-llk" subHtanren necessary lo life, «!· though n« yet uniU«civ*i e.l by science. P E O N I E S I for lt*d. Wbfto nr I'lnk STROCHER BROS. HI N, Mnl» lhon» HEARTBURN? Curtains Laundered METHOn- Cuitom Curtain PHONE nn Could Write a Book About H MKN'S HATS, * 1 f\f\ Cleaned and Keblocked *f 1 »UU ALWAYS CALL 4493 CLEANERS Ml N. M«ln St. Any plain Onrment 11 JO (.CAIN'S THE STORE OF BIG RUG VALUES Nurses Rarely Over-Fat Because They Know "Nine y8t» nfo nfwr my little |lrl wm burn drmt, t took LyiJli E, Plitkhnin'i VmrtnHf Comp"imd fw nrrtiiit four mouths, Th« ntxt ytir I bceanittlicmothcrofiifinf 11 pound lial))' }toy. Afar he w« Iwrn. f k»()t On with the McJldnc to btilU IM up. Font moinhi »gt I WM nervogi nnd rundown tnJ inffered from oiher trouhlti which I kncv Ljdll E. rtnLh»m'i V«a(t(il)le CompoiinJ would rdloT no I it.innl taltltif It aiiJ now t f«| fine. »goln, M»ny rf my fritml* coulJ wrlw »Iwok on (he (jfUKl die VeHctilik Owpouml KM ilonr t)«tn."~Mnr. W, iiifl JltRinit A\f, St. Ijtttlt, M* ^Lyfjia E, Piiikliam's Vfigetabfe. Compmi! F R E S H as new-laid eggs.,. In the trigintl vatttum pick D«tort, nursMi (irunRitts ini oilictt in IMich wit It modem medical practice are rarely over-fat. Not arc people who eon* lulr good itoctort. They know that a main tstut liei in a el»nJ wcitnesf. And they romliat it wiih the factors u)cd in Marmola prrieriptinti tiblcit, Marmot) it made for thme wlin wisli to employ tliit new-day methoil at fttnill coil. It it prcparcil hy a world-fammii nettle at laboratory to fit the avoraKi' rise. I'eoptc tuve utcd it for H yt an--millions of hcrtictof it. U«ti havctold oihcie, anJ the use hai ^riwn and grown. Now al) can tee un every tiile tint excel: fit ha* met a for it mtlc «n rtiitt. All bccaiiM Kiente ha* found ihe jlim) leu too niucli fnoil (« to fat. Ir hit founJ thr riiht trMtnieni in feeding what thar |tanil fiili tn tuiiiily, Thn it what Marmola JAH, A book m cicli box jpvet tlie formula anJ telli how and why it act*. No abnormal exereite or diet it required. Simply t»k« four (ililei* daily until wcijlti eomei down to normal and vitality com«t up, Let Marmola «i(l«' your itvtf«tielt in thit right way. Do ii tn look irnrni)! and feel nurtnal,' IJun'tr wait tanker while w many tnjov iin good df«n. Telephone your dtuigttt now fat a fit box, Convenient lo th* (hopping dlwrlet and todlM office butbttop. Uott modem «qu(pm*Dt -- FAOMMW for food food. AH Outride Roomi $2,50 «| CONTROLUID ROMTINU glVCS Hills wot, Coffee · flavor no other toffee h«. And bee»use Hill* Bro». Co*fw t. A * |\ L J **k I A HM.H '^AA "A" !· » «euum piek^sir, which dt.lroyt M A R M O L A B|^A4 AD| chenanorofcoffeditcoinpleulruken * T i * *" I T * ^^ ^ » » ^mmJjmQM* _, t _ _ f -L^ % r^'-*"M^lfclfcijr IKK«I ^te^ilfcTlrttl T^BI tTI? Hi^ ^B^^ ^ T ^·^T^^T oiic ot the can anil ktft tat. Ordinary air-tichi an* w(ll not keep coffee treth btc*uie there » aji in the can. PRESCRIPTION TABUTS THI nrw HOTEL R A N D O L P H AT 5PAPER1 VJEWSPAPERI 1

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