The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 1, 1973 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1973
Page 2
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"lllfe MMtfMrOftT r ACTS DEAR ABBY Dad's money spoils romance APOOtSIDG PARn- washeMrwiUly at Bridge Harbor Marina with, from the left, Arden Lewis; Charlynn Av«, hostess; Hill, and Ginger Wing as honored guests. TT>e honortes and their guests later en^yed barbecue at the home erf Mr, and Mr*. Lynn Avt* ol Lake Jackxm. Picnic, meeting planned By V.n Burtn t imt, CtMW !)••»« T. MM »»•*. taL DEAR ABBY: I am • l»y*w*U 0rl with • twofcrn h»»H, I met Rkk la c«Utfv at U» tegtattag ri IN yttr, Wt tell in tort and plain**! to he marrM IM* KtmnMr. Rkfc fe • inriuMt *•*•*. My daddy UmaUMdluMcMrf MM;, but I «*h «« wet* poor hccMM Daddy's money b what ctwwd my probtom. Wh« Rkfc w«nt l» Utk to DwMy **owt marrytaf ma. Daddy u**d Rkk to m«a( him at hi* offk*. D*Wy had a lawyer there wtth Mme paper* for Rk* to *tfn, Myiag K the mania** dhtat work mrt Rtefc wouldn't get any <rf my money I'll t* fettbif when I turn 21. Hick wwktet ifcn Mjrthtac. iwtead he calM nw wp and laid ha didn't want any part ol a family 111* mine, a* tern I ira without a boy friend. My daddy taid If Rk* realty to»«d me he wwtht hav« signed thw* paper*. I toW ny Daddy h* had no right to a*k Rick to s%n anything. Mew* tell me what you think about alt thfe? ] dent haw a mother. CRYING MY RYES OUT Members of the Trans- Atlantic Bride-Parent Association will have their annual picnic at I p.m. Sunday at the Frwport Municipal Park. They will abo have a meeting at T:» p.m. Monday at the Lake Jackson Bnuocport Savings atxi Loan with Margaret MUlinton of Lake Jackson as hostess. Monday's meetinf will include a brine-buy bottle saie and DKAH CRYING; Yew tatter »a*«M ha«« U*«4 «*» y>« tint AM if Hkk i»»» jtuuf ton HW UML *»**> ttwM luv* keea, ri«lM. Dry yw tear*. fawn?. Me* • UNUUIM. .tHILL «»»T1 - CAMOCt MAKIH6 - »•€« »lfT ««*»»l*0 FU««r W U»f Week CHOCOLATE 10 C VOTIVE CANDLES eo »A ClKCtC W*T Members are urged to attend. Rowcc honors inoms Ann Jarvis. founder ol Mother's Day. sekcted the lovely carnation to celebrate the day because it u the traditional symbol of motherhood, love, and admiration. DKAR ABBY: Bevauw my huabaad and I »r* unabto to hav« children ol our own, v* appti*d an totter p*r«B*» thru our state w«iUre deparUMOt. Owr fint child was a bm»-*j* ftrl, (rtafe out d * *Jrb' correctional institution. It »a» a frurtrtlkn* «f«ri*n« (or u»~and (or her. loo. After admtttof <w lailur*. the CM*worker nrnoved b*r trow out cart aad §*<re us aaothcr fo*t*r child. Since then, we hav* bad many. mo*ity HMO•ten. Many *«'»« hetpwd A lew *» ha*v cw*, txjt ttrae we've helped have more lhaa competwated tee the ethers. Ahhy, ytm »o«Wr»l betteve tht number vt trfefld* aad relative* who «•» at: "Why do J<KI take ta thane dftA*c«I kid* who haw be*a atmaerf and kkko) around *ad U»«tU TIE HIT CASTLE 111 •Men Us* Our Uy-o-w«y Summer Playwvar and Swtmvrtar - »-rr - *»X-T SM Our Maternity Wear Tops Panto Swimwtar Has* Drtsst* Gift Ctr«ficat« Dinners sold at FP church KRIXPORT - Xt. Emmaflufi tiapUtt Church will oiler barbeew. frk«l (feih and iamisp (or wk «t she ctourth. t-i« SWth Slr«rt, an Kor deiivme* caU £» law AH prwvctb wili go to t&e fund. FHUKS. - FRI. - SAT., 5-31,- 6-1, - $-2 — GRAN TIE IAIN IF AHEIIM - INIEPENIEIT IAUAM CENTEI ABC BARGAIN CENTER 1 102 BR AZOSPORT BL VD FREEPORT TEXAS ?7541 ? 13 8171 IHN 8 3JAM Illl m AU A JAKAIH am* A CAITIN IF CI6AHTTK Sf •ITI A 125 N imir L PAY IS A VISIT. . . IT Hill IEAN MINEY IN YIUI PICKET. LAKES MESSES UNHEARD OF PRICES tEC. SI9.95-I39.95 NOW $16.66 133 Lilies Iresses ODDS ft ENDS SU.95 TO $29.95 AN UNHEARD OF .99 SHIT SETS NAVY ft BEIGE ONLY SIZE 0 9/10 TO U REG- $9.95 NOW $3.66 IF Yll H NIT NY CINE IN ANYIII ANI LIIK AIIINI! •ti * lei Fits lei $14.11 •ill $11.11 iircim Boyi Slocbt-Jtont ley* Shirti Girli Jtoni ft Shirt! A Topi 5 il III MEMS SHIT SLEEVE SUITS Patmo-Prati BUTTON DOWN COLLAR 6 FOR $5.00 HENS PEIMA PIEST PANTS Small Siict - 6 for $5.00 HESS MATEIIAL 2.3 *4 Yerdcwti VALUES TO 99< A YARD NOW. .15 A YARD BIG SAVINGS LAKES PANTS SUITS Coming in Daily Going Out Failll ESPECIALLY PRICED II Ciffti Pets Pets I Pus lisies Semi's trapes NO CHARGE ACCT5, But Wo Do Hovo loy-A-Woy .25% down sna MI * $11« to tie and cheat? If they wtr* jwir OV»N, yoti'd haw to p* up with them, but ywi'r* craiy to uk for u«n«re*«ar)> headache* Can you realty law Ihttat kkta?" Our repiy: ' M«t »< our eKtUr«n art kwl Uko your chlKtrm, wtth o«e Wfepttcti Our rhlbirea h*ve t*en denied the kive and uaderitandini of their natural parent* We h*v* tried to provide Uwm with lh*t k»ve and wderttaMl- tn« If ywi and y«tr «(wiiw were to *udden)y «tte, aarf (wither frtewb nor r«Utl»w wanted to lake on ury headaehM,' what wouM h*tn*n to y«*r (uaratic* yw, w« mtiki lev« thetn ** e*si{ji' at we tew the «hiW*«o w« no* haw," What eU* <?an w« »ay, Abhy^ roSTTJt f'ARK.VTS w«at to Iht tj? («»« tia« NKW OWH *:n» tl Kii-4 J.t-Ctg, my wU« and eeaeaiNMy. DKAH ABBY o<tVoe o< a phy«kian by there. M wa» a ai*v uasmto*. I »*Sd. "CUwti n»»tan«, »*r« ateu< * no* a theutft* t*rh*f» t had cv»»* upjfl t tfwtjj «< ik»< aiftd dumb people, but itwy tU w)aw«rft] when ihrU a<4«w» w*t« rafted by the tcctptinMtMi My tpjr»tioo KM U fu*wo tit It* (-«lot la •Sctv Sweeny Club installs officers my t'lub h*U K>? t'i'.j to <u*:& Kuc^M tail pra*«.arji kali* MT< ««a U«k ta »:*»• VTW* h> AUYi tot H+. mm, U A.. CMl HMI. hf tt AMOfrt ~Mv« r* Mn M i) f'! :'„:•«(*» tCiim W»t t group fo perform of crSvrcrS Inflation alert avoids $ crises »f IS «Vtrt."i *«• Sl4Kl4>? in > f, lift OLtttni! STATION Aim fcjie "k&t'f t KUl crtwr», to 4 bora* "Re- <»»«»(*« Jft* » wr* sf AiM ifjnt if OK "8<r ««•« .s «*<•/ §<;J|O<j^ Men. WomWs Dq , 0 b-tfn set in Baptist chyrch To fulure, tfc* «« fc«»>* favr krm < tit V|*!J; J'l.J « t IHl : ; fiitftti* •} AS t th"f iN<- fw t* h'» o^c&D^n. ?'^r **ttt ••'•- feiyw t&JHItt ff^ In "(A ku*ieg 4! USE litaatien. tiSS war* la «f»ic r»Ttyw»r 1-40 do M«T ihr ttvUAen c»«4l«i tfcr cran. nwak* a Un mjjnr} (tut hiu <r*«h vaiuc tuhtbtid A»ur»r> « i," th» "To tut Sryu^ bt :hirmr« Sftan Ifw'j cjn "AH n»a«*r at rouv'h f'.ftj(5«:vit U Lutherans announce begins STvic. chon^ Qn Mon< , ay I* Trw Birthday Mr* H MA VS. Mr* JIM SCOTT. H BROWN, JAMKS K ROBKHTS. THOMAS H K N K Y r L O W K H S . SANDRA H A N Z t K . MILDHEU EAST. DAVID MKNAHD. OKBORAH HHODrS. BfU-NDA SMITK, BONNIE OHAKI'. JONKUXN D1KHK5. DAVID KOHNECAY. KKITII C1.OVKH. I-AUHKN SUK STANKOV1CII. K L. fREK Happy A»ntver»»r> CRICKET and JIMMY COLLINS, Mr and Mrs GEKAU) Itl.TIEH, Mr aad Mrs JAY BACON Sr «(U» Happy Birthday Saturday I'ATTI KNAPK. DKE MclLHKNNY, MAHCilK COUSEH, CiiHISTOPHKft WEfc'MS JENKINS. Mrs MARK KAHQUHAH, CHARLES COLKMAN. CLAUDBTTK PORTER . Havtn| » Saturday AAttiversary: Mr and Mrs JAMES SHUMAN -,a 1? Jwrw, AA t* »<ji*l»rda they « ihj? »Uodard»." FP church plans spring cUan/ng sa/t fc«<e*T t » Shade your drapes »rack» la a multitude (4 rotor*. pattcrm and ttytat pctxrct draperin from tb« two (,'<»tdi»wtr Uuck» and dr*pn for 2 (tsbionabU window Ueatmr&t. wdgmu Patrkria A Bradahaw, housing and home I'RKKt'OKT Cburrb t* itt »UK (g* f tir*« ^' "r¥A "IX>' »UK (o» « tprwg V^j ktW m Mooia) (rwn •jj ^ HU 4»rt to Uw J|» . i Uitkfcml il IJN9 fci, I m ull 4*rt Service, Tetat A*M Broad in Ih* itctna iar Mk *r\r *<nd (oMing crwirs. « ran<* mim*«fr*pb rruxhiw* Uo. $*» bMicr. rritig»ralor «od K*» at othrr *>* rniMplUnpou* itrnu k',vcf >«w u invited to cwnt and BRIDAL GOWNS t(M» tttor i J Roses for English The Engliah. with trauUr affection, ha*« tang favored rw*» M their brMtol flower, hence the popularity of Ju&e j, the month of roee* IAY fune For Father'* Dty c«a»U«r tbc three »ccnU MC have /«r atta. Gh« Dad • «cw *c«Bi till* White »i (lie C«wmclk CM ner wkct MiU«r CwmcOra. (Mfccr MMJIW gUU »rt >Mirt »!• 1:30 U;30 a.m. I Her* !w»»k«» . II.O Jul)».n AnacUt

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