Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 28, 1970 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1970
Page 20
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C-2 Alton Evening Telegraph Monday, Dec. 28, 1970 Try new ways of fixing yams to please him By AfctCfc DEMIOFF Some new ways of preparing yams might be a good idea to gain recognition as a good cook. So, to add a new dimension to fresh yams for any special feast, or to please your husband here are some yummy recipes. MARSHMALLOWED LOUISIANA YAMS 4 medium yams, cooked, peeled afld mashed 2 tablespoons melted butter or margarine */4 teaspoon cinnamon *4 teaspoon ginger l /4 teaspoon nutmeg 14 teaspoon salt 1 cup miniature marshrnallo'vvs Combine yams, butter and seasonings; mix well. Spread half of yam mixture on bottom of greased shallow baking' dish. Top with half of marshmallows. Repeat layers. Bake at 325 degrees F. 30 minutes. Serves 4-6. If desired, instead of fresh yams, use 2 cans yams (16 ounces each). How about gracing the feast with a dish that combines two favorites: CRANBERRY YAM SKILLET 2 tablespoons chopped onion % cup chopped celery % cup butter or margarine % cup firmly-packed dark brown sugar ^ teaspoon salt % teaspoon pepper . % teaspoon cinnamon 1% cups fresh cranberries 4 medium yams, cooked, peeled and sliced or 2 cans (16 ounces each) yams, drained and sliced In large skillet, saute onion and celery in butter until crisp-tender. Stir uvnext 5 ingredients; cook 5 minutes. Add yams and mix well. Saute 5 minutes. " Serves 4. For a real gourmet touch, even if it departs from the traditional; serve with sour cream, if desired. SPICY CANDIED YAMS 2 cups sugar 1% cups water % teaspoon salt 'J/4 teaspoon nutmeg % teaspoon allspice 6 medium yams, cooked, peeled and halved, or 3 cans (16 ounces each) yams, drained 1 medium orange, thinly sliced . Combine sugar and water in saucepan; bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Add salt, nutmeg and allspice; simmer 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Arrange yams and orange slices in greased 1%-quart casserole; cover with syrup. Bake for 30 minutes in 350 degree F. oven, basting occasionally. This serves 6 with a delicious dish. Cheese spread, popular treat for any party By AILEEN CLAIRE NEA Food Editor Cheese spreads continue popular for snacking at bridge clubs or other small gatherings, Men will like the hearty flavor of an Edam treat with its dash of Worcestershire and dry mustard. Serve on assorted crackers and thinly- sliced rye or pumpernickel, WISCONSIN EDAM TREAT 1 party Edam ball (15 oz). 1/4 cup butter l h £up lighi cream (or beer) 2 teaspoons Worcestershire % teaspoon cayenne % teaspoon dry mustard % teaspoon salt Remove outer saran wrapper and cut 3-inch circle .from the top of the cheese. Scoop out the cheese, leaving half-inch shell inside the red wax covering. Return shell to • refrigerator. Allow remaining chejese and butter to, soften to 'room temperature. Using f an electric mixer or blender t glowly add cream and geasonings, and blend until A*JB m o o t h, Return cheese j^uixture to hollowed Edam m«heU. , Serve at room tern- e r 8 5 t U r e with assorted pr breads. If in advance, cover with red wax circle, „-,„. _J return to temperature one hour STAUFFER'S PIZZAS CHEESE SAUSAGE PEPPERONI 12-INCH SI2E EACH GREEN GIANI Peas N ' Co r 27c GREEN OIANT—KITCHEN SLICED Green Beans 2 c3 ", 55c WHOLE KERNEL CORN Niblets '£'• 22c CONSENTRATE SHAMPOO Prell nt0fFUBKfT °r$1.14 SECRET—ANTI-PERSPIRANT Deodorant ?~° CORN CHIPS 1 Fritos Pkg. GELATIN Jell-O SALTINE CRACKERS Salerno " TWIGS, CHICKEN IN A BISKIT OR SOCIABLE CRACKERS "NABISCO" *£• 4 CREME RINSE TAME 17 * Discount Dairy Foods! C.W. Chunk Colby Longhorr, ,„ Rfnft's Shrcdrtprf: ; MOZZARELLA % 69< "Hungry .InrU" Better ttistln' Biscuits 2 1i£T 43c Phenix Sliced -~. **. Swiss ,. lb fra* Cheese "" Mary's Choice CATSUP. Brooks Chili'Hot BEANS son wins $' C.W. Cut Style .•' Green Beans I 303 owns $.' : 'dor Coupons Explfe Tues., Jem. 5 ,»* All Other "Adi" Items Good Only'through "Sat, Jan. 2 "We Reserve the Right to Limit 1 ' "NONE SOLD TO DEALERS" C.W. POURED MAN2ANNILA Stuffed Olives 7 £'."43c C.W. SALAD , Mustard C.W. SWEET DILL STRIP Pickles BATHROOM TISSUES "Soft Touch BATHROOM TISSUE Northern Circle's Genuine SPECIAL POLISH CALIFORNIA ICEBERG LETTUCE heads California Green Pascal Large Stalk O R AN G ES NAVELS^Siu Dozen Golden Ripe BANANAS TOMATOES Fresh Slicing " CUTLETS IN WINE SAUCB PACKED PARTY BUCKET CUT LUNCH PACKED Herring " Ja °; 69c Herring J4 ;°'$1.39 Herring SPAGHETTI/TOMATO SAUCl 40-Ol. Con BEEF RAVIOLI 1S-Ol. Con SPAGHETTI/MEAT BALLS Chef Boy Ar Dee 43c Chef Boy Ar Dee 37c Chef Boy Ar Dee 75c HUNTS JENO'S FROZEN ' Pizza Rolls PAIN RELIEVER Bufferin 59c 100-Cl. Bot SNACK TRAY PIZZA—FROZEN Jeno's FOR THE BLAHSI Alka Seltzer "LADY SCOTT" TISSUES TWO PLY FACIAL TISSUES (175-Ct. Pkg.) OR BATHROOM TISSUES (2-Roll Pkg.) PORTION Braun's STEA Rye Bread ft. PORTION o HEAD CHEESE ,'n Seafood _. Sauce 9-oz. Jar GEBHARDT TOMATO JUICE Pkg. 46-oz. cans DURKEES—ASSORTED FROZEN Hors d'oeuvres FOR UPSET STOMACHS Pkg: 89c 59c Pepto-Bismol DD C A r> " Jerse y *>"*>" DUCMLI SANDWICH 3-79 CUP 'N USE ALL 16 COUPONS You'll Save Stamps f •ALL FLAVORS" SHASTA SODAS 28-oi. $100 * TWIST TOP • NO DEPOSIT "TRI-CITY" COUPON WORTH Cfj» TOWARB 9/V PURCHASE WHITE ANGEL FOOD— CAKE MIX WITH, THIS COUPON lupliti Tu»«iay, jan, S Cu»lom«r muil any laltl la« Involvtd. TRICITY COUPON JRICITY Sm "TRI*CITY" COUPON WORTH eft* IPWMO 9UC PURCHASE KUCER-S Coffee 3 & $1,99 WITH THII COUPON (spirit Tvttday, Jqn. $ Cv|l»mir mvtl psy »ol»» IP> Involved. "TRI-CITY" COUPON WOIIM 9A« T9WAIP *"* PUtCHASf SAUSAQE -Plugs 'Sif; $1,19 g WITH THIS COUPON ~ tiptiti lutidff, Jon. } (v«i«(n«f mvil psy win \at t»»»l»td. Worth (* Toward g IW Purchase HUNT'S Pork 'N Beans 4 28-oz. ^1 cans) 9 * WITH THIS COUPON Explru TuNdpy, Jan. t Cuitomtf muil pay |pl« la> Invslvad. j o o n o MMMMMMM^ I 1 Worth 10f Toward • * Purchase JERSEY FARM BUNS 12-O. HAMBURGERS 10-CT. HOT OOO 2 pkgs. 55c WITH THI> COUPON [xplitl Tu»tdoy, Jan. $ Cunomtr mutt poy iol»i tu I TowardS Purchase FRESH LEAN GROUND BEEF WITH THIS COUPON Explrtt TuMdoy, Jan. S muil pay talt i la> Involved. TRICITY AM ~" P Worth ,GRCK ;COl, Toward Purchase JERSEY FARM THIN OR THICK SLICED BACON 2 "' 51 10 §1 pkg. 1*17 WITH THIS COUPON ,.E«Rlili Tuwdpy, Jan. 5 r must pt Involve. Toward Purchase JERSEY FARM SKINLESS Wieners WITH THIS COUPON Expjrei TvMday, Jan, 5 Customer muil pay lale'i lav Involved, / CROC CO COUPON TOWARD; CBOH HALF WORTH SOc Hlllcrest ICE CREAM WITH THIS COUPON ^ UMIT'O'NI ,'MW«f>«r CM»lon),r with additional IJ.OO 2- n»9r» purthfll, of mipU, growilo* or produc. not fiffi lg c'»wtll« v any couponed li.mi. Cofp™ ,%(,„ S* (**•*' Jaoygry S: Cvilonur muji poy >ul<t lox Invelvid. .TRINITY COi.'f'ON | Worth 1C^ Toward ; I w Purcnase : EXCEDRIN ' P4IN RftlEVEK 90 ct. 70j» hot. /7C WITH THIS COUPON E«pit|l Tv»iigy, Jon. f - CvHomor mv«i pay igiti lg> ^mmmmmmmmmmmmm Toward Purchase TIUCITY UO.YIP OETEfOiNT SU.-.Whlt. PLATiS 89e WITH THIS COUPON f»plfti TuMday, Jon. f Cvttemtt myii ppy iglei lai . Involved- WITH THIS COUPON Eipl/ii Tutwloy, Jan. f viMaur rayil poy (alfi lai *"*"**"**• U»w ;.«m^»p»: TRICITY GROC• .-• co COUPON •TRICITY 'CO'iJPON-, g Worth O(j Toward ii ' Purchase KLEENEX TONE Towels 2 rojls 75€ ww THIS coysoN I Toward *' Purcbise 5COTT J« OFF LAPH Fgmlly Napkins 3 ISO ot, OO* pugs, wTB .WITH THIS CPWQN • IwlfM Twtsx. to' 8 ipl.i to» WITH THIJ COUPON , Jan. $ C«H«m«r RIIMI pay WITH THIS ?OUFON t*p)r»i Tv«»d9y. fen, Cwioow muil pay (ait) nffm& tSFffiSiEim

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