The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 1, 1973 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1973
Page 1
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o Tihe fami/y daily paper of Brozoria County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS OHT «Ml» Year, N», •» Fr**t»«r1, Trta» FrMiv.Jntwl.it7J M f**ff* WHAT to read TW WOMTft p**e <4 »•«« H**4 tw» «M«* M to U W**« Sky and Sea Industry feeling fuel cutback here (tltitj Iwri C* SI* (be in Cw Wirfh, «rt*«f> fawn So rfrai ".Jail CIOD^^ L.. ».j._*^» A* • ,.l fel ibr <>jae !* U|3U to M*) S«<ar*H«. Tr* U> Irws Port KWb* «< £*al twcirtt is Allocations begin JrtlJ V«1B. Pipeline easement granted by board 4 S, .> • fc» » 11 « -;<ii<J br J.e J«T»f t-J A if »ft«»«M«f* tu Hit 1« S.1 «J* f(:t«ifi! fjatfij ?, «K (itu't a 1 .*.».». fcMUttufr ».«$ <i,; S; '.iic intnj iSa-l •<>.*.-'. !>j ^-f A:si<K»E- w-I •rf J'ijl at JK» <nnC, ilic tC Ui; ifticto v,-s*j < H •» SS. 4,-llJ J '!!} J ts, 1»»V'I. it. ti » at *mj- it i', & *. Dtoi-A^foytr | t»t Search extended for missing man j>4t,!,"j.". jiftftcKt; .tail! wjll. I'.'-cw'ji'.i"; ika^ig (,'a>3!jl! ll.:u J'U J.^i?. >,'.il^K fir^jr'ri*?*r.'j.5 '.*/* H-.»KlV!.tf, J"i{J«i:J.* < •'.• li'.ttcr* t'i.'JM i» >.<*T !af ".«' 1 '.ll ifjl'l ;if J*ic ',i!i-!< «Ui4*ex«t;i\ ««J Mi J.ilt/Jiiti t('.;r 't* i {w-irt 15; ;it v.^w litK ;' '.,*IC.'T w ;.t Urn >'«•;<• U fossil symposium i.rtj Titt- few »^|F ' Extortion try nets FP youth it 5* Trtvi civ 1 »'?.;. ;-i. *> * i ')|;»U:a 7V::.",JV'-: s ittt.tuu, pi'tr. it :in-U.fft rif-vJ fc-.t tf«.; c i :.-* rr,jf.r! i !..: f Si»r.r.r5 J r f. t s ; r -.«••}..•! s»i«-s,t r 'i iT.-i ty.t.'-. .;.»!. t-r, J« U f'Jif^ jif^y^r i*- *C-;fl^ Ar>« J.'. ,.r*,J«i »'TT.»'*.V JL-B^I; nrjiitiirjft •> W "* jw ; r.*il A *.Tif. c "i«i&r; '. !* vj inf 4 tfiT-,-'r..f ft,;: tar*>.r t-.t M.l'.'lt a! 1 {>»ft-.--.;Uf iv 4 !-. vt'xtj;r,;I*c*^ <^ J'Aft fciv^c.t» <•-,!;:, iiM sV ali lr.r.- It* Si U *rt.« ct,tM lie ji.c-v Tlhr ttiifirt «*•«*»? A I'ftl wiij '.Jar » si w-.*n jtar «*4 Iwi » <"*» J *** *«*.» <J Jl»»ii<* Kl t« !,-»!*» «*• f ti IUrAtSi». Mt is » At hs« liar '.he ntKf TJ'.c «»r,«i,iur,! !<>,- the s >.'rof»i,>:-j:rj )» Ur Kr-E tiA-ifl 1 ''-*"'* 1 * piWWfcU'WJ^.iU .'«• KiitrKi *'« I" S n H^Ui^^n Thf fv»:(,cipir,i» in !!vr fev«£tini iwljtic Mr atxi Mn r, W l.joivt",! «< Hc«»V(sr, *rd *' «a< I J, - <v!j » U» * IMjtar »:nnt »:. pt*» War? « In River standards may be upgraded: Young Offices to daw (Invrr I .went* (H(t«o u; t»ih AngUton «rvd at will be Mutiday and (hr al*o «n dur lo (*f lime The oldfri *l both and AUui will br Uw> KRKKPORT Tfe* lUtvr may be uj tlatui «s( <«nu uwtmmtnf and *»itn|t May«r Tobej UafMipart *M tt»(ofm«d Tliuitday by Ccngrcunvan John Vou«< Th* cangrauman WM ORC o< w%«r*l contact* mute by Uw mayor m carry ir^ out Ih* May It CUy Council <Jw*cti»* to Ukc actual CD u«ft ttding tbt> Br*io* River » qualily •'I about at thu Unif ' (hr mayor »*id The <iiifut-non» roavlnced him that the cruri problem in w<ijfi< Hra»i» «aler quality M«ndards «a» the Udal (km from thr liuM and Stmtlar gtvcu Mayor IJavto^iort Ui « May U di»cu»»*oo with rilktol* U the Tewu W«l«r QuaUty Board Ttw »«mc day, Ih* nw>*f utkni with the D«U*t oflk* of lh« US Envtr«am««ul I'rgtecUou Agency »bout the "In iU rulural Hate, lh« Ui»iw» River u unwliy cither utty or muddy." be Mtd The e((orlt tn!(an with cam menu by rcvi- ronmenUh»t» «t (he <«unci)'t May It ntevum They Mid that U Do* cw>luMted it* prt*e«t waMc control »UivUrdi. "*« «U1 hase a ckwt. hMlihy river by 19«" St*nd*rd» »c« not twcrcd (or the S*n Bernard *wl ;. tht> UK!, tut thr ilawtartto c«uld ctuiv^f if local aff^nctct dido I Uw ittocTtn They carai^air(«l rt Utk of notkv «t the ttmrlir^ The couofil a»krt1 the mayor and city nvaitafrr to Udc un media ir action MI thouim cuncerR !« the uatvr iiaoJard* "Th« cvWKil and I iut»« up»rt by the Uci oi not kcw than *n> thm^cb* the mayor MM) "They U4d me there had brro legal txiUoe* In thr Houatoo |i>prr» But i !«•! now that we'tT r*{ir«»»«d our po»ilioti. they'll ootdy u» ui the luture about anything coooerotBg the Brauw ' UM» May s conver»*iiam *Hh UK TWQB and El'A dealt mainly with cwewn »l UK lack o( iUftdank in the tidal pjfK-viaUy Uw vfiecti «i Ae\ eiojMnettf of she Hryan Wcs»cti Pari. he wsd The mayor »a* !i4d b> both agenctet that tbey •- vuld hu rxijup»U rart »i!h John n Ikm'a nuiujt-r ol water quality, vihat the un^utal itaodardj »<fr «)«d Die dfcvl ol IVft i toM thr vusutcil that the IV* duch4rg« ihoukl not aitevt the rnvtxMjlioo Uaniardi <or the llrato* iJayor Utvrnport Mid At the ma.vuf i the TTt»: rourr srrKF Is ttfj>rfc*r!«i n Mrt Mrs re»dy for . aad * J"«cs| Mr T W Oag IhaJ Mr* Thu chtldrtn to tfee !r«Vp^r^4crt4 ScixwJ District Elifftbte arc five year* of age on or i Parenu »to ha« oat y*t rrgt»t*red us*tr children (or kMdergArteri ar* ait«i to do 10 before Jur*- ? OstSdren iheuid be rttMertd at !i»e «&!&*nury neboo! they will attend. Casey: FP logical superporf site tl> OUK rwj*t^1 .-:< ll', ••<>£. td The *zr.*n ffcsfc Kreepori at no o(f»hore <A»*7Tftl that Asjperpoet ute. the record tittle political i«ppnrt«J by (<c?ni! napport («r tL •> Cic^n^tnia^ Jack L-ui Prktay'i cxittiiyf ia B^actK»cct a»i J<fc2, fialvenae »ai lfc«t la^t erf a Garpga OartUi., but s«w3 of four pobSJc (crunu by tfcc C«i» «rf H-t St* State rests case in AAoragne trial •-'. JW» Alter fI.d A-s!)-Ur. »:!r/«-u ir. r.'v !>>»trtc! !tw the »tjht- >ur> Lhil l uito the iixj sfaf bulk Bata. Wn Ccm tax) that she i atwui V>cti\ Ltm Corp r»s IK Hniaipcrt to isv«t all her so ihtt I *',-uk! have nvuCjty to V.»*p rae S«rjj! jsjrf »:< have to ccs tr.) children " She *atd aitrr Xtcragne m 1»». he toJd her : , .<-,'ir,u*O>:<c-, l'j| Plans progressing on new water plant of by Sou! J572 tr.illton. Corn ilio laid Moragn* p^TTiorjilj toM h«r h« *a* worth f3 bdlixx and that his primary iat«r«t *»s in getting "a cuccber el small tcveatcn ut Ihc am He said b« bad »tartrd olhtr CQtnptimm and tKal be could t^ aU Lhe bif taooey be wanted He uud »hal be I !?.»:•;» i'.lt DEADLINE FOR FESTIVAL BOOTHS NEAR K K K K PORT Ik-jAliw-i arc rwjnrsg. and Kl*rjx.>rt Ja>mr» are far »iwrt o< she » booth goal (or thcsr Shnrop Ke*Uval — a |un c^ the Jur>c X> Jul> i Tha. is moi«vt (r-otu Ftwpcrt to the Hark the same location at the Kubm' Kiriij Thu kfdulu^ UK cruvid twi t«u c4««u, acvwdj&g to K«itival Co Chairman Ttsc (cc (ur booth* li a (Ui $-.1 aod Uvc vkaJUta- (or cn(nc* u June 15 Hootiu »tll he k<cat«d in the Mrwi an?a txrlwvtrti pjvihoo and »«ttnnung pout wo at S j> m ), JUIW 30. itttd ) p m Sund*) , Uvtiu^ as Laic aa Utef« U Uisjjtsss Kt>rrvatt«w» can be uuiie wiib BuuM at work, J» •»»; or»lh«we, IB KUKKl'uRT Though wcs.xnpictc' a! thi» tim*. pUns (or th« per.TuneR! *atcr '.rr j!,i plant are pro|{rr»»>ng *ali»{aetority ru> Manager 1* M oid Tt»e Kacts Mcjr.-hik- poruWe »at« irrjl r;-,rr.t plant* borrowed (tair. the iUte health ment arc at pUcv and to tx- put into u&e The t>ow CherntcAl Co , * bo will Jurnith the city'* iuppVnu-nul 4<jppl) until the tx'» » atrf irtatmrr.; (ioiui** arc cotutructed, has lo delivrf the »altf {r«Ot iU !rtn»h *atcf c«ival. Prcnui^ton >atd "AJi that w Uciw*, 1 " the city nva.rujg«r eipiaiccd, is the Uymg at iiu frtt u! u.x-iacfa t«l* to carry the water (ram the portable utaUnent pUnU to the duperval Uri It ««o'i Uic kxi^J." he cucUmtcd, "to £vt it h>*ird up," Whtn aiked (or a more ipcciife: tinte that liw *ould b« aa*«er«d. "t He emphasuie-d that Krwport hi> BO probkiiu vitth tu water ouppiy al thu luivc This u )u>l utiurance," he 14 td. With Uw *hut do»a of U* federal government'* dcaAlis^ijttiaci plmt,, UMI ctiy lainx<di«U tjjteii to obtain (he Jiiisutx* trf Dow in pfusttiing an enKTgtecy wjppJ) to be tapprd \t acd «two ceetied. lo rvpurtutg to the city council oc a itudy made by the engioeefu^j; firm ol Turner. Coiiw. and Bradeo. Robert S. Braden cited a treattaent plant and Miriaot water u like ody (eajjbie naJutiOQ. At that Urn*, be rccomnuMaied a plant viesi^n capacity of two million gal loos that could b« expanded to thr«« milUoa galiotu per day. Recreation program set at Clute CLUTE - Tb* eily- spoosuf ed rccnealiaa pr«fnua will t«gm Monday, utd continue through July 13, director U*iUe Levin* taid toddy Acliviu*» c«Urr around tht Clutc luiertuediale Schooi c*mpu» aad gym and feature* iupcrvo«d play (or oU ichoot- <Mfi9 chiMtwi oi the city. Clu*«» wiii b* oltered in to Mr* cwute (« any tf the a«jv»S*i, , Tb* tctatute i* « to u » m. and » to 3 ?.«. U vferott^ Vntoy (or «ix

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