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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Sunday, May 8, 1859
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•A yesterday, \rjelsMe was done to th» feelings NEW . OaU/ Paper, pBbllabetf tnrj motnlng, acept Mondar. Tri;W*«klw Paper, M outlay. Wedn(»day ana Friday. TERMS 0* DAILY PAPER. Wsjly Paper for one year, payable to adranei).. Weekly Paper for one year, payable In advance „ 41,60 RATES OF ADVERTISING IN DAILY Ten lines, of less, of Sonpareilinak.vatqnaM. J "QUttte, 1 day, »1,00 J wjuare, 1 month..***!* *<iay» l»W 1 do. ^months., lojoo Sdaya .... £,00 1 do. 8month... 12,00 *<Iay» 8,50 1 do. 4months..HUM) 6,00 l do. amontbs.. Itfd 2week>.... 8we>ki.... 4,00 0,00 do. do. do. do. Ho. » jnorithi... SOrfW lyear. .. 80,00 ii^ foft here eW3n rt 5 on> Ing that all >h« neoeasarJ** and Inworles of We could be had in Sparta, merely MA jn what articles were absolntelr aeeeuary to' me for fishiog porposea. The committtoy was order. ed to farniihtte following snppTIes, vhion bt Rounds & L an§:tl on, ADVKKTISinrG AGENTS. IAS Baadolpb Street, are avffiorUed to receive Advfrtteaaenti /or. We and all Ou Leading Papers of the XorVaoett, and are Ou tan and'**. GLCsmLT authorized Agents in tfiie Sorfhwe&far a majority of them. mtr4 i;N TOWN AND OUT OP IT. M. M. POMEBOT, BDITOB. on. C H. Larrabee is lii town. Benj. Fergnsen waa elected President of the Board of Trustees of Fox .Lake, last Ifbnday. • It is considered impossible for a bara. footed man, when he trades horses to give boot. A GREAT TOPIC.—Picking out thorns from a fellow's big toe. Job would have been useless to a maple sugar maker, because he would boil all over. ' Conveying a raring madman to a lunatic asylum may properly be called a '-transport of frenzy." • , It is said that Mrs. Sickles,b?6ides loving her husband and her native Italy, thought a creat deal of Quito. 'Here's a Pat-run of the fine arts," as the Irishman said when dagoerrean's kit be ran away with a Ii sterns strange that Aaron's golden calf should hare been a metal-some follow, when Aaron'madesunh a "sad bull" of it. ed 'e can't see why " Uncle Ben" is call- pood fellow, when he is everybody's CHANGE.—C . H. Larrabee has purchased the Horicon Mills—second to none in the State—and will DPSS hereafter continue the bnsi- 'Hends I win,' 1 said Rath when she gleaned the wheat 8«ld of Boaz. This ia the first acteouni of gambling with " sense" that we can hear of. wenty yards of sflk will Just make a fashionable lady a walking and a ball dress- She uses eightewn yards for the former, and two for the latter. WART FIXISO.—The streets to the First' Second and Fifth Wa ds, are in a very rough did, and toe party left Magains of .success 6 gallons ryv whiskey. . 4 gallons brandy. •2 gallons bourbon whlskty. 3 gallons gin. 2 gallons rom.- 6 doz. cbampa^ne. leibs loafsafcar. 4 dot. lemons. 4 doz oranges. 4 boxus sugar. 50 Ibs. beef steak. 10 lb«. bologna ssssagw. 3 boiled bams. 1 kit mackerel, No. 1. 60 Ibs. gait pork. 12 beads early cabbages. .1 cheese, gay 25 pounds. 1 bbl. older. Nutmegs, apioe, salt, pepper, pioklea, &o., W/ti. SOOolams. . • BOO oysters. 4 game cooks, with 5 pair of gaffs. Cucumbers, radishes, onions and vegetables generally. Sauces generally. 5<fWhite fish. Half bbL Sands' ale. 50 papers obewing tobacco, Goodwin's patent and Solace, 'artVabd.'alf. 1 bo* pipes. 5 gallons sherry. 4 Datch.berrings. Lot.trinkets suitable for trading with the Indians. 6 Railroad passes to and from Sparta. 8500, Wisconsin currency, small bills. Gnu and revolver wkb 50 rounds of ammunition for each man. Medicine chest acd one Sunday school circulating library. Axes, pick-axes, crowbars, quartz crushers, &c. Order for Daily wankee papers 1 billiard table and 7 ones. 16 packs cards—honest decks. 1 bottle white mixture, with glass projector. 1 family 'orse to convey baggage to and from depoU, and to bring in trout Our Sparta friends will doubtless extend the hospitalities of the place to tbe ffshers, who we presume will be in good spirit, throughout the trip. Parties intending to make a longer stay will of course make additions to their " bill of lading," bot tbe above list is Indispensable. Owing to the war in Europe and light receipts of grain, one of the excursionists agreed to insure the above list for a deadhead ticket, which offer was accepted. 8HEPISO CABS oir rag LA CBOSSS. The other day we had tbe pleasure of examiniug a new sleeping car just placed on the La Crosse road. It was invented by Draper Stooe, and patented October, 1858, and ia certainly the of on* who was,:without Jier: knowledge or •Mnfent, brooglit before tbe pnbllo, and tn * manner (iowever well> meant) which place* Iwr ind ber friends in • false fodtion altogether WhenltWomwrieoeitiMary to»ppeal to UM> *jfMf«tfy of the pnbllo she trill do so !• tor awn Jwhalf,.Md uksUl tbst time, begs site way at; l«Mt hare « word U> say btfore attempts aw made to iot«n>«t others In matters wtiob relsU entirely to h«rselt, and that the <jw>»tloo ol hsr s»ce?*i or failure la her profession and all th*t ooaoern her IsidWdaally COMMERC1AJ,. 'threw out 39,255 role* on account of Infom*]- nay be left in her own hands. L.H. QUICK JIMS—The steamer "Cleveland,'' Capt. Dougal, made ,the ran yesterday, from the dock at Grand Haven, to tbe dock at Mil- wankee, in 6 hours and 20 minutes. Tbe lit- llo steamer is np and kicking, safe and speedy as her larger fellows, sad bound not to be oa- done. This may b* set down u tfce raoning . Cane M m WATC*.—Day befbi* yesterday, s little boy about 6 years old fell from Chestnut Street bridge into the river. A stranger passing, jumped In airil saved the child, bat came near losing his own life. Some workmen saw him struggling, and got him oat barely in time to save htm, He left tiw boy on tha t*nfc, sod went his way as if nothing had happened. CCTI IDEA.—" Say, Jim, yon just hand me a tootb pick from that box/' said a young gent, tc bis fellow boarder at the Newhall. " Why not get it yourself 7" " 'Cause it is tbe first of the month, and if I go near ei:ongh to Brown, or Wheeler, they will band me last month's board bill" '• Well, Dick, yon oan have my tooth-pick, as 1 dont' care about going np either)" Tm WAR.—Give tn A LEOTTTRC.—Else- where will be found a communication front tbe pen of Eev. Mr. Richmond. In relation to tbe war in tbe East We hope be oan be prevailed upon to deliver a lecture on this subject, as his "knowledge of the country, obtained from travel in it, and his style, will make such a lecture snore than usually interesting, especially at this time The Maflami Journal irtnrng from Adanw, • Bad Axe, Co. Inrabl*. Jun«*o, BtehUhd, &|. Crolr and Win. nebago .wort rejected for «H reason tbaf the t*|ta weta not attached to tbrin, *a«d Or TIIK DAH T daring U>* v . T«ni>*r.— The qurkab lB tat wheat >n ad(»ee of 2@&c wai «>re i* follcwi were rery B were DO Urge lalw, bat Dearly ten changed Lai0s at 1,0ft lor No. 2 in itorr, 1,1.'Q 1,20 for . Ho. ltn»tore«n,lf. 0 . b , 1,25 f r Extra No. 1 In stor« those from Brown, Fond -dt^ I.M, Jeflerson, fan* i,808tsjfar«tr» »uiius d*iiT«r.i. ttour.c- Uanitowoe, Ihrathon, Pierce, Racine Bock | Uve>kl " p " cti *" ttetdr ' < *°» |B « to '«P r >»em«a "• ^ •-•••-' -'-•-- • :'• ' jovet td'erday. B lei include about -'Jon bbla .1 !f,t5 for tUjernoe; 0^0^,8 Zi for Country .-prln ri- !<raf; «,80for C Ijr ."prlrg Extras, »cd *,7S tur Couotrj double Extras, all f. u b. 0»ls arc Brji, ind l@2c l«t- were rsjmtai for UM reason (hat t&e returns were noieanTMaed on tb* day fixed by tlw statute for the county canvas*.— Tbe first Toesday following ttmelscthm, wMcli wan the 12th ot Ajfil in the present instance, fa tbe proper day. The county oauvassors nay adjourn for one day. The returns from the above counties were canvassed on the 18tb, 14th, and 15th days of April. Mr. Hastings held that thosa canvassed on the 13th might be counted, as the State Canvassers might presume that though the fact of the adjournment on the preceding day was not mentioned u> tke returns, county canvassers bad complied with the lav. Messrs. Jones and Bouck vot.d to rejwn all that were not in terms strictly in conformity to the law. After these counties wire rented, the oficial canvass glvrt ibe following as tbe vote for 8n- preme Judge : Byron Paine, • 40,960 William.?. Lynda, S8,S9» iSaatterlng, 59 Paipn'a majority, 2,145. For Judge of tbe 1st circuit, fnU term : David Moggie, John M. Keep. For Judge of tlm 3d circuit : A. 8. Sloan; J. E Maun, For Judge Of the 4th circuit David Taylor, 4,479 1.8. Tallmadge^ 1,362 The total vote M tbe State, including the rejected eounties^s 118,1«3. To this must be added the vote of 49 towns rejected for Informalities by the county canvassers, o» not returned nntil too late to Iw eoonted. These will bring the vote of the State at the last ele<£ tiop fully np to that for President in 1856 ter, lalti bring ra«d« it «Se delivered. ,»nd Uelttl, »ll!ni Tic lor t»r Corn U firm vrred. Bar- 6,303 2,047 8,587 8,710 Wra. Mitchell, editor of the Wantoma Journal was laUly made a lawyer. Be read the Revised Statutes met some legal gentleman at a hotel, bad a fine rapper, told • few good stories, and was admitted just a* easy. — They make lawyers very quickly In this country, especially in some instances. state of preservation them up. Some one should fix WHEAT.—The Sparta Herald says an unusually large amount of spring wheat has been sown in that vicinity, and that it looks exceedingly well. LACKIHC VAHIETT.—The editor being engaged in picking STOKI the last week, the Ozaakee Timtt is not as full of original matter as_usnal.' meteorological Record, for May, 1858 kept by O. H. GARDINER 4 CO., Drcgglsts, IS Spring street. B r. •. 64°a s r. M. NEVEE SATisriiD.—Yesterday we saw a gentleman owning one of the finest residences in town " repining at his lot." At least he wag taking off the old pint pickets and putting on new ones around his garden. WOOD AKO TtES BOBBED.—The Sparta Herald says that the fires in the woods, northwest of the village, caught in a pile of wood acdtira belonging to the La Caosse B. R., burning 90 cords of wood and 300 ties. EU?v. N. A. Staples will deliver a lecture upon "The Consequences of rejecting the doctrines of the infallible inspiration of the Scrip, tares," this evening, at the Church of the Redeemer, at 71-2 o'clock. PLEASANT —It is really getting to be spring- like. Yesterday we saw ladies out on the streets, dressed in summer apparel, with par- asols^nd rosy-cheeks, and gentlemen oat with spring styles of clothing on, feeling and look* ing as comfortable as yon please. . CAB BBAT THE CROWD.—We saw in one ol our eschattf •> M,,-r day an account of a woman having Jive children at one birth. Mil- waoVe° can beat everything heard of yet, as we saw a fisli-woiuau yesterday with no less than nine little tuckere —all of a sise, and age. She hat had others on the game Kale. best arrangement of the kind we ever saw. The seats are so nicely arranged that the ear is a beauty for a day car, and more comfortable at night than one half the beds now ia ose. A person can, for twenty-five cents, secure a comfortable berth, go to, sleep, and be waked up at whatever station he pleases, or at all the stations on the line. A person attends to the car, "makes op tbe beds," wakes passengers, and sees that sleepers are not disturbed or molested. In one end of tbe oar is a nice little closet, fixed np with wash-bowls, water, soap, towels, combs and brushes, equal to a private bed-room. The car was manuiaotnr ed under the supervision of Mr. Kitlridge, master mechanic, and ia certainly the nicest, best finished car we ever saw. Howard's patent ventilators are attached, so that a person can secure an outward or Inward draught of air at his pleasure. " Stone's Patent Oar Seat and Conch" b generally acknowledged to be tbe very bat invention of the kind jet got np, and our fellow- citiren will doubtless realise a handsome fortune as the reward of his ingenuity. Manager Goodrich is deserving great credit for bis efforts to keep tbe La Crosse road ahead of all others, as far as comfort, speed and safety la concerned. PASM> TO EDITOBS.— The Secretary of tha Editorial Association wishes the editors of the 8Ute to Write him at Madison immediately, stating the different railroad] the? wish to pasaovor to reach Milwaukee to attend the Editorial Convention on the 16th of June.that be mity supply them with free passes, which thcdi&iXDt raiirosdi will generously furnish for the occasion. Our uxcbangi-* will be kind enough to copy thi* notice, and let Mr Ilyer. ef tbe Madison Patriot, know at once the roadf they will pass ovw. COLLECTION LAWS or THE STATES.—We have been shown an advaucn copy of this work. It '» a compilation of the collection laws of th* North-wfefern States. It will include the mortgage, redemption and interest lawi »f this State ; passe<f at th H last session. Also, a complete list of the terms of court of thi.s State as BOW estab- isbed. Every lawyer and hosin«»' m»n should pos*e&9 A copy. • It will be sold by gubscrlptions Mr. Win. L. Waller will canvass ttii* city for subscribers. See advertisement in another column. ly.fije and Timothy Seed are utchaDgrJ. . W«i,»E3i>iT.— The markets were firm t.j Jij, and Hough tal(M ol »beat are fully u large a* yesterdaj, jet Ihere W« leas eaiernen on the pirt of buj- t rj I. .parchasi, nod more dbpo.iltlcD un the part of tiolden loaell, I .an ;r>terday, and at the clo.e of 'Cliae.g. sar, tliere wms a «llg(,t do»n»ard tendency observ a- We. The fev*r h«at of the , ait t»o d.ijn ha< lu a fcuature lome»tiat ,b«ted. and operations are more cantioOB. The aaFea of »beat to day inc ude 17,155 tins aa 1,16^1,18 for So. 1 In «lore, 1,20 fur No. 1 I ., b.. J.2«®U30 for e»tr» Ko 1 dell»ered. 1A,@I,^TJ4 lor e«r», »nd 1,SO for while wiuter In ilcur there w | but^ooo J«J« of SOU bblj u l * ^.t^ brand on prlrcte ttrjn«. The market i, liachan^ed, but )«•«» *c- f"*- Oat»»f« lleadj at jci.erjaj '» a«uiei fhel.eil Corn ll onder and h/f her, TAc baton oleie I and rtfaj *d. V Ulon are bardly lu Qi m. I ggi in idler r c (JaeK. Butler pltmler and tendio« dow^vud. Tsoaaoai. — Ihc uuiket to-day w»i arm «n<i charkc- lutlied *» a. Tery fair de«n> of «cUTlt>, taoath tb«re Wa<llUl«OTBocxelt*. WbeuvUI^ fair demand, and •atea Include 14.329 l,ui al followi, «l I,l5-(i I Mo. 1 in «tore; 1. for Ju r o b 1. 24 for ex 1; 1 38<i),fKl f.ii ex.r« oiillinu »nd l.S'l^l.i.' fo Winter. Anujog the •«!-«, w,, ,, ne of In, it* bu . al 1^0 fob f.oiu LaCmrae Eleviur u.,1 Ui Wmr«tiouae. Floar w is les^ activt- , (hitorfh »l* prtre. The only ialo reported w»a JOu bbL i., Spring Rllra,, f o b at 6». fiih^r luu wrrr oj 6,86, tot bayera were nut anxlou* Uj n,.er»!e Ua atemdy at ta delivered. Corn nrm, wub laiei it .h »t 16 Barley very ijulel, wuh more coming for Tlnothf Seed ia unchanged Butur and ft f * tirni •Lead/. Uia^iwtoea and BUtea tie.\dy. F«ID»T.— fh^ tuarktti wrre I. si a. tut »h-: d»y, and more active for flour The fe !in^, ).. * •M very »rm for trery thing ia«e Kitra Milhni; W •*lca of wblch were made at a lower Q*rure, IMH Uie •vttiples were of rather a medium quaj ij» .-*»iei or wheat foot up 3,008 hu.1 nearly all in ttnall p»rct.-l^ Tr'«m c^Dflifrnre'f hands it 1.116 f-ir No L m <iy-, 1 16 for No. In store, 1,70 for N.I 1 f o I, ,wiU, a coupl.- ^t« . HEttJBTfcD rOU Till- :. I I IK l i WASHISOTOV, will 1« nrrlnr, <l pup. An invfritigiiti iion, coynriiif Ili-e pprsnu-i an«i dlnnlose .Mr Buchanan's eorr-H R. I. Walker in Jajin;iry Till! Prcfjd l t t-xpri-^y. ^ h:- ! land nivans to oarry n&L IJ.T with thi.i connuy wit), r-u-ini notwithstanding "th<- op--, it'.n May 7 Comm-ncinij Monday M.iy '-)>. •.« ,lli i N ,-nr :if Sir it J 1 Burlesque M . .^ .1 [ • Opera Ticpe, r< > I i I th... M»ta .-.f Stale iu letters !>.. entertains n, doubt r ' r ..,,,.|, t of thH.inumt.ruint , /t-ss nfth.' lili-r-il party Special ilr^[..i'.-h(-4 r.-,-..-i?,-.! ,n r|.,. Legation fonrirm !h>- i-j.'>rt "( -trcni liaving passe. 1 ,il P.vrH l.-tw-~-n Lori ind I'ount W;iWwt-aki r-litiv- to i (, pursupil liy Din Eji^ii.-ih! \apol-on lliing-i thn Kni;!'ih prov-d faluM If. I| 1C prnrks.».-ij .»t.,,i f an.t .-»prcss-s cnntidflQi-H u,- Kncl pin will u-v.-r san.-Vioii th- -rii ; j^. Italy by Austria Th» approaching ailfc-tumi fu thinks, will |. r ..»- thn ,-or.K, [,, 55 "0 M A 1 » P MILWAUKEE CADETS luru... ; for N». hite ., 1 red at ard an.l IL, Coitnt .In Sartigi-s will :.- : .r i ~, inni It 'H iutlttateil that Kii-hanl i'nl bi.i rwvnt slay at thn Wli|t» H.U. hirn8«lf of tliH opportunity to ^nnml ih^ i'r--.l- d«nt on tl»»» sal-i^«t of the larn^.-»t au.V UI^TVI oin» Btntr- of i»lf;iirs In Enrop«. ll appears llnl Bri^hatn Voniu In. «,!„, •• teil a proposition tn < r-nrnp.-in y -it .-.ipi' i - . !,, »fll all riilil .^ii.i lit,',- to I'l.ih 1' rr t.>'v in | to l^»vc ih- ii-rntorv in .1 wj^j-.r'. ..... .. . . .,... "/ th- rnm|..iny *r- -..t •! l ..... - >...,.. . ..,•.. with th- Adinim-tr .[,011 v ' v I - of the Ki>v->riiniHiit MI iTirrvin..- .-i' . . i ... t.lklDU aluf it u II-IFI, | v pr.-!..,M- 'iii- • ' , -. 'l i h^ni t ; t d-- n I t , .,,[,.. v . }•*• .ir.-.-r-l .•. u,-. -.,-,, t|,^ .ii.l '..for : ...-,. xl • .,.,',-...„ ALBANY IKri«i!f»> 1. » rn i u •;. HALJ, ->7 Ih n rn^nt wi i ' I- i r. If itr.nn. r»rk Tbn Th- price .l re »ci \ ol .J J46 J f o t) Li e ss f •qpen .r pcing at the §am. Ir-i-i for Eitr* No l.l,3Uf.,r •rhtle wmier. Kl. ur wu m, UDpiote*! f<£lOr, wuh *al< fur Counir/ *(jd Oil; tin bbli of a City brand, »..Ki DOW tt ;nttr W h^tu t>r» «oi ] at wtlh a small l<ii of the r*vor»t< ">"< 7^0. 0»U arf firm and t»-n't;njr u,»w< 6 &97 bui at 43^49 rid-ri?rr>1. nn-l 49 f dy »Dd uncliiffr-l B.irlr) nirt Ji j H firm and in ,r""d r^ju^si *t ^ur ^uut^t to«j >vre doll for c imtnnn qu&: itn-fl. IMJ pood request titn V- fe-l I . hi i.4:. a u: v ' r y r, rm. . 4 »t rt,-.l.(ti,« .r I. [ ,,f I, J aoc \n. c • <ii : ,/tj i .> • A wicked wag sajs the reason Pharaoh would not let the children of Israel hare straw to put in their brick was because U was warm weather, and be wanted it all to suck mint juleps fhrongn. We doa't know bow that is, but we read that he bad lots of Jew-lip about those days. HoBsa.—Persons visiting Bei 1 ;. iiniwill find the above named Hotel a good one . ti stop at. A free bus rung to and from thft depot, and the-stages for Stevens Point start from there, also. We'are making oat a Its! of the good hotels in the -northern part of the , State, and put the ' 'Fox Elver House" down as one of them. of TA*UB WJU.L.—If yon wont a good article rage, (we take lemonade^ just stepjn- to the "spiritn»l»<department of the Newhall, and ask Ln. Ostrander to put such and snob. | Mngredienees "' ^together for yon. People's tastesdifier, and his style of mixes differ, but each one fatriy fxcels the other, and everything looks so neat about. MAPISOS PATHOT.—Since the accession of air of ^^ 'sirU/editorials, that pve iu Bu^gertions and ;airjiJ|^|^ RICH MVSICAI EHISKTAIVNXHT.—The celebrated and original Buckley's 8erenaders and Ethiopian Burlesque Opera Troupe, from New Fork, in conjunction with Miss Julia Gould, the great American Prima Donna, will five one of their rich, racy, funny, side splitting, inimitable entertainments, at Young's Hall, on Monday night, 9th test. The laughable bnr- leaqneof "Luoretla Borgia" will be given. Which, of itself, is worth twice the prtoe of admission. The troupe numbers eleven performers, all of more than ordinary Ulent, led by R. Bishop Buckley.the unequalled tambon- rinist and Ethiopian delineator, whose saile even brings down the house with langbter.— Their entertainments are characterized by {he most gentlemanly acting and choicest mnsio, free from inelegant jests and allnsions,so common to many like oonoerts. Tbs pianist is a splendid operator, and we look for something tit*. They will remain here bat three nights, not half the] time , we wish .they would. Poors .will be open at 7, and the performance commence «t preoissly 8. EoitoaiAL COXVBXIIOM — There will U> a large gatherint of editors her* on tho IBrVi June, not onlj . ; rrom this Si • from adjoining BI^ICJ. »V» will ends.,.,, . see that our visitors are properly eared for,an thsir stay With us made ai agreeable aa pose ble. WELI MSBITID —Tl e SUdison /'arr.oi, in speaking of the American House in that city, holds the follow.nif taognagH . The American House ia as Weil kept and or derly conducted an establlsha,fnt aa tonr* U in th» Stale, and its proprietor ia a po»i.«hrd and ean&tcntlftcs c*4>n-r, and this ia »aymi( a good (real fo*. a hotel keeper, hat non« too much for Jeff He k«x.-ps noe* Lot n^at and Well behaved attendant!* in lirn -rnploy, and Uis ooustaut effoit is to give ih- traveler the case and roDvenieBru uf a c-omfDrtaljlH hn m >*. Irapro Vrilirrit but lea* In fio j .ound, Vi tm\: Ih ,-M J. 1 . J •ptCtcJ ^^ I in Uorr, I, S3 for extra NM I, 1 , bblj tf & city hr yckterdftj at 6 ; of I'.'.aVH* t-u« to .I ,\ v Th'- Lark En March, report, UIH xtnrt- -!r p fi-r April |-. !; with l.m ,r' til-*-1 Tl.- S,0.i,;.- f<-'W -KIVJ fur tli Th- Krmlv F.ot.c 3.S. ] »'. T f..iirr-~n 11vi ! Boston Lit- a.|vi.-..« the [i mmi.-«n w'th an A m-ri. rnii)-!i '-r Th.- l.i-t ports h,v; tl,-' iT-l, u! Th,.-- «•. ^0 j, .-on.)- Th. I p ' 'it v of" VV t - 'i ' , A| . m M .: -in -I !'. T N f-.r f , r fhellrJ. ar. ! ;„ 1 „- HOJJITO ROOST. — The Senjiwl labors Lard ta Bhow that Mr. Kerr.nn «mployee of thU of floe, to whom waa awarded th« city priotrog,! an irrasponsible bidder. It way be that he U but how much leas so is Mr. Brown, a mail ing clerk, ta tho Sentinel offloe, who bids fo that establishment 7 People living in glass residences should not violently project iitU rooks. What the Sentinel finds fault with and denounces aa dishonest one day, it en gages in the next. HIOH SCHOOL.— The Summer term of th Seventh Ward High School, under the charg of Mr. MoKlndley, commences on Monda; next. Pupils desirous of retaining seata during the term should not fail to be present at the open ing of th* school. No seats will be retained There are yet aweral vacancies in the Second Ward High School, Mr. k. P. Larkie Principal. Applications for admission may be made to Mr. Latkln, at tbe School, or the School Su perintendent, at bis offloe in Cross' Block, cor eer of Huron and East Water streets. . — We learn that soma wer* led to suppose, from tbe tenor of Mr. Richmond's letter b the ffewt yesUrday, that be attributed the anonymous letter to Judge Miller. Such i* not the fact. Mr. Richmond Is convinced Uaat Jndge M-ller did not send it to him. Snsuia CBAVOB.— The new proprietor, Jias changed tbe nama of the Wtttern Tint* to Ripon Timte. People will now know where the paper is published. t^ Pete— erery body knows him— has open •d tbe Mesiomonee Bew- Hall, on East Wat,* Street, when be will be glad to see his many friands. The "Old Munomtneo" js always right • • •• . ':. • ; jin theNewhall Block, bas lately received a magnificent assortment of spring goods for gents, embracing all the late styles and fashons, suitable for either thfl wui'al, business or ft lesiure. Dntton keeps'a large stock, makes garmaats iox>fder in a naat, strong and fftshionabjo style, aajd a« a reasonable prica. No matter whether a man bas money or not, b« must k«ep »p appear- anoes, even if he starve to deatb, and whooau blame bin for what is his own basinets. To be in 'tbe f-shion and to get your clothing of Dntton, aw one «sa ih«\s thi«g, as-lots Call and see bis varied assortment. A LIOTIB BLmssnrd.— f roma qntoaleep by a ^ On going tx> iw what iras wajrted, litUe boy, about a week aid, -lOu npiB>a_psj41ywxmisUwi: Ancta theshawl, gave JUwo^ of his birth; Betook tSf The Waeonnn states that Mr. Bich- mond,-was e^gbt year*In Italyi' He was- not in Italy 'eight /ears, but la Xorope, Asia and Afrioa that length of Urns. . . M0HOIFAL C«caT.—His HOBOK, ^trn Foo«, PKESID'IHO.—SATDBBAT, May 7. 8. M. Bergmann, drank an3 disorderly, lined $1 and opsts, or fi days Impriaonment, execution to Issue. Orville Smith, assault and battery, adjourn- fld'to the SlsHnst. • Theosiseof the State agaiast XathsJs Lang, Jobs iMg, and Nioboh Jiang, «w.eo»pl.Jnt of Tkaddeas Ross, eooupted the Ooart this fore- HOOD;' '' ' •'•' -•" ''--.'• •;.-> - j Tbe aurket yesterday was.aetive. and ftrm, aodvb««t brevgbt tip-lop prices, A lot of extra was sold at $1,88, and ttwaverage oij &.' l.W^ fl,88s;;»c>. 1 wiaat .^ Ev.* a iirtjof uninspected wheat breraitbt $1,18. A cargo of 13,000 biish. jrU*f; oats, f. o. fc. was iwld at 60 cents. '<' "- Testerd^yVafternoon a about b^ i.iuii«4 WHliam ^^.»i' *•{<•>"« ' m : '"• • '•. ^««'* bnt wu TbiM wtf H- aii a*d i he doabtleai TH« ErrccT or IT.—8ioc« Sickles si Key. DO lcsa than ihlrtv four rt>-6 hav« bee ', or sbot a« by Injured w .--H) Account of. row in a bonre of ill fame in M i»on resulted in tbe proprietoress getting be head badly smaahsd. Too LAT«—Tbe commanloation of was received loo laU> for this iain? II B TBS Boss or MALTA—CUBT* IN LJCTUBS — The following " curtain lecture " on the Soo of Malta, will douUles-H be appr^ctat-d l.y ih. members of tbe order. It contains perera ftmbiguonj phrases which are ab ut aa " olf» as mud" to outsiders, though fully nnderstooc by the initiated: Mrs Lornpkins having bwn abed half ao hour, determined to ka-ep wid awake and wait patiently for her lesser half who was gone to attend the initiation of a brother. In due time Tompkins comes home and creeps quietly Into bed. Just as he in about quietly snoring off. Mrs. Tompkins commenced :—"Sons of Malta, indeed! A pretty tnstution. I'd like to know what i. means I What do say, ' the rough and ruggue road 7 ' I guess I've travelled that pretty well with you coming home at this time of night 1 Condition 7' oh, of course yon must be in Rood condition. Every Son of Malta is, I btv Uav*, but I'd like to know how long they wil will remain so. What, when they've resignec the offloe of Q. R. J. A. 07 Oh, of course, of course, any man who holds an office with such a lot of initial.-! can't b«lp but be in bad condition. Don't talk to me. What does It all mean 1 that's what I'd like to know. 'Swim 7' No, sir, I can't swim. I suppose you can though You've got along swimmlugly with me, because I'm snob a fool but it won't last long, sir; no sir. You can swim as mueb as you please, but yon shan't swim with me any longer Be off, and don't touch ma I'll hav« nothing to do with you or your 'solemn conclave ' I have not 'departed' nor do I Intend to depart. I'll just lire if it's only to plague yon. Do you hear what I sav Tornpkin«7— Keep you hands to yonrself; I'll hsve nothing to do with yon. ' Expedition I' you're smart now, ai D >t yon 7 as if such a set of fellows as the Sons of Malta could ever >oin an ezpedi tion. Fiddle on your regalia. What do you suppose I care for thai7 Dasrie my eyes would It? I don't know that. After looking on snob a naszllng Bgnr* as you are, It must eer- trainly appear a very brilliant spectacle.— What do yon say 'oats, oats7' I don't know what yon mean, sjr. No, Mr Tompkins, and I don't want to know, either.. Go to sleep, sir, and let that be 'recorded I" 1 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS^ •7NITED S SATES I*IAB8HAI,'a Barj Ann Adaoc, admlolitra-l trix of Frederick W. Adams, | David P. Hall, Marion Alton Hall, Idwtn Palmer, trruteo, Ulchaet Oonghlln, loihna Hathaway, Irron W. Clark; oharlcs B. Clark, t lobert B. Bell, Mie Fanner* t Mllltr* Bank, Jfnry Ii. Palmer,' Barman Sdiwaruni and Ao- pit Ornllch, AiMinecs of the tooplt> Bank of Havtcl, becnleaf * Oornpan/, Uward u. Tj)«r, £ 'abrsH. toter, Ibraes B. Bono, In tie D. 8. District Court for tbe Djtrlct of Wlicauln <; In Equity. Indrlei Pomes and TUllam J.Abram*. fH porsmnoe and lrj v ttrUi» of a *ecrft>madeb* thv L District Court of th« CnlUd BUtes tor'tlw DUtrict of Wliooiula.oDlhtelttiUidar of April, 1809, intbe above entitled eame, I shall Mil *t PnbUe Auction at Dnltad states Mirahal'i offlce la the City of Milwaukee, op Wedattdaj, .he iratb day of A»pat, 18W, at tbn* e'clodt-tn tn* aftcrnooB, tbt follovlac dcesrlb^d pn,.. icrtjr,.to wit: ; .-. •' . .i ;.....•- ,Mtotsnmksr-[«lsM-tlM weitttr.tMI ffcet of ,ota 8SJ, In BBermap'k Addition to the rUthiWani of tfe« City of Milwaukee.^ • • • .-7. sla-ahal-s pan, Htfwaakce, llay t, l&U. j ^ r ^-; j| i ^THO»S>0.«, A.O. MAT, Oocnpi'toBolleltor.. ' itrtSSOisllXTION. i * «">*" tte Ibm . . The books and •«»»«*"• l««*«<n tbiiaod».f Obkrlek BY larra*, bce.aod fc« only ts aoUwrliNi to«etu«ojnbe tWoM*. I'.jUr— tirra » 6>i ( „ L. i I I. \ A Rje . .U »l . .UA.1, l J Ir .' t l • r ~ r - r 11. 1 tCJ"—lo t-ctirr r«-<(u-»i » Butter — tower unj Hi jc fresh Tull l-it^-J Fruit—Or»r gea iu btfttei 1&&JM per box L* man* Jn ^aftmf*—common tu fair ' i^6*i P im.mM loaf (O) 11 ^ , c tiered do II®! 1 S : n-floed low(\)Vl|; refined >«-ll.jW Coff«Jr — 3t Duimu, n 11^ tnil I » It <i.iUQ4 mi .hed Jo 11 » X \ X l 9 « olUse*—Muacovi-lL B«srch«n Syrup in bbla,—65, Jo m kr*s < ; o Lumber—Betnl lr*Je l> icUre. Cumm,)[i $9; [] >..r Ing, beBt clear $2?>; do itrcond $1^, do common $14 ci*Jtr iffllaK lift, do *ecomi $10, cl«»r .octj luo«%tr $'^. <Jo l>t and 21nch |o*i. .froTUtoai—heavy mrs» pnrk IIT^ITS. litfhi J-> prime de $14, mrt-i t-*e* t^^lO: l»rJ II V» •ap»r cured hunj IP ^ d!0\, amuked ihool- der 7 %<Qt~^c; imoked beef 10^10.* c , b iv. - o i '**: Be- j n^nea 40c each. Candle*—advanced and tirm ai ll *>. i£& 1'<! M Leather —the followlnz artr ihe et>rre--t *hf lt««.k- pncef. Spafttah io.e 27^.'iO per Ibs; SltuirhtT .lo 55'^ *i; ifarossMi >S&&4; BHdlc PC-'S,^; 10^20 p^r font, .:, l v .'Oil T! i "'• '-r iii'- I .1ml iiur :,trj Mr. \r t .) 1 ' I .;» nii \ri-l :U Collar U@16 do; Calf ilrmlork Frrwch lj00^1,2.V French K p %£<&r,00 i p*r Ih., ; Ktp h«- NtftJ Storet—T»r 4,50^6,00. pitch 4.Wta3.W — &Diln 4,r30. Bripht vamiih 83c p« r K* ] HfallroAd lfece*|»l». R BCD FT* BT MiLWAtmiti A MiBfttnturpi BAiLBOiD — Ut bbls Uonr; 2,970 bos wheat; 02 do oatr, 19* do potatoes; 4o Ibs bolter; 1 bbli c£gs; ^^31 Iba hides, 7,SOU do sundries; 10,000 do itoue; 3 caJrea. .icxms BT L*Caos»« <t MiLWiCKiii R*rLanj»n Sfi^ ktM wtieat, l.OOtTdo oa>«; S3 dn potatort; fl do & •e«<!; 7 bbtt *Kg«; 1&3 bags Qour-, 6.900 Ibs hlde«; 1>, v Hook. 1'f r^iiru... I' At quarter pasl Ii .1 dr.- I rnx- Sir U-nry G»tf, «hi<'h .juickij I-H to adjoining boatd, and ici IP** th. utes ten nUamer< w«r« <nvi'li.j»-,t soon proved a loss, Th.- followintf tu.aia w. r- .l-alr. Ili-nry (i.irT, P.iro'.i. J.-tnii- 'i Bluff. Junes Woo. I. J H ''nun I'.-lmont, L'ri-tuou.i an.l rmiiiii-r . Th- iKmt 1 ^ .aprea-i With '.-ri : I'l ' •: i ij-'-at, aii.l iVars t.iin^d for war-houses on W,it-r «: Th<> IVnnsvlrani.i riilnm.l -s.' l Q o o O ^rx c r- r 1' -1.1 Lake Recetpln. ftrcurTs BT LACS FOB m PAST rwuTT-ri.cB HOU oils (either, 32 sacks glu«; S3 hbla hair, SO cords itffe; 34do wocJ; 1,800 shln(d»i. g tact plaster, &50 .lies; 14tnnl mdt; 3% cheat ten; M IMS hlifhwTnel; 4n alcohol; 101 ta tobacco 23 hf bbta ale; 'tS ire hides. mbrrs if LAKK roa rai PAST TWEVTT-POCB HOU — 45,903 bai wheat; 2^00 do oats; 50 do potatoei; 6 nni mdi; 32 bbls beef; 12 do whuky; 1,000 do flnnr, 9 tuni icrap Iron; 4hf bbli beer, 2 Heid < attl,, 2 bbli (uadrlcs. I By Teleirraph,) "l««w Iforh nnrtici. Nrw Toai. May 7 n6nr—narket SftlOc better but iccrcdy so actlre; 13,000- obis u 6,80®Q4,S5 for superflne state; » for «Wr» lUte; 5/*8«^3 for laperflne n. 8£0at,46 for common to (rood extra vejlern; >0ai,10«crlo round hoop Ohio. Mmrketolo«lna;bnay- aat. Oaattaa Boar nomln»4-»l 8^007,60 fur extru. Bje Flom—«t 8,TS(a4JB Wheat—tiu adTsjoeed lo per DOT; sal«a 27,000 l>a> at OOl^SUr H U club; 1^131^6 for winter red w«- era -iMl CM. §prlqffon p, t. MARINE RECORD. 1859. fmtt «t ' .'.' i AUB1VRB. Slmj OtertUndt IJoajsJ, Or»nd H»»en. ton City of Sl»tel»tiiJ, gqnler, Orind Htva. Btstr Tr»THler, Sweeny, Ohlesgo. Blmr OneCe, Batlln, T»ro BTren Pr.p IfoanUloCitT, Pick, OonWgwood. Behr bnr tf. Ikthirn, McDomM, Chi<SM. |«br€raMd.J<>hiteo,Two OreeH. 8cbr Co) GloTer, KotbJ«r,M*nlt<iwo*. •' ''• ''] • CLCABRB. fltmr.CIt]! M CkreUn*. «qoi(t, Otud Iteno- Btar Tr*T«U«r, Btmr Ol^uM*Dn«ftl,Q ftivSi: Prop rovottin OK/* Peck f Cijictfo. Prop O«J»iof^ »irid« r BaBWo. —^ ^^jiii^' McI S^ 1 Of ^^ Hiatrtee. * H-r shipment* of Mer.-h. ircre on t«>«H th- Kt'nii.itiiv ii-a. which escapf.l fnrlnnatply <fHam- of 'avine -\1! 1^^ , li.-r*. from total ile nlir-li-, th. up, .in.) > Jud^p L)avifl i in v^npr-ni" I'onr'. to. 1, ssed s*?nt*-tir^ upon six murc|..r-r^ The jouni? rhiiraniitn. Quunl.o Appo.ivh -^i Mr*. Fl-tuh-r. wn <,-nt.-u. . ,| :i> ' liang. Jean Basque, the lulian, wh.v m'irj r ! fellow fountryman, to th<- P-mt 'n Michael Flinn, who kill Kr.oraan 10 years Imprisonment. John Gls.-o, ex policeman, for th- Wm. Decker, an aci-omplict'. i»-n' imprisonment, Jno. D, O'Framer. who killed i in a restaur-jnt. four v-ar^ ur.i-r 'h- Tho Cod rt also sentenced i;-o. ('olnirn. fighting man, to tlirve years in th- l'Hiiit-- ftry for marderons asHault upon A pojii-Hi while in the discharge of IIIM duty - riri I,A \V S North OP tllK Western VVf E will puhti.ih about the 20th of Slay, thf ''-'.I . »T tlon, Special Property, Banklo^ in.i lni»-r. «t Laws ol Illinois, ImlUu , M.clvsirn, IOWA, A ,%c->n*in and Mmna*ota. Tbe work wdl c»nt:un four^il pa^es, botmd In law stjie. It will m< lutiv <M the late fiesiloo LAWS and Terms of Court. Also th- >>Vw Mortgage Retlemptlon and Interest LAWS I »v H » on-m. i rice 13,00, payable on delivery. It v\\l h- i,,,,l JntT by labsrrlpiloDa ss the edition is linnteit. Mr \\ m. ~. \» liter is oar on y nathorizo-l ag-ot to rt*c.-i - *qt>- »cr1rtlncnin Wisconsin Fie will canvws this city. may8-dlt« JA». T- HuV r A CO . Jft-i.- K TALL 4>1> a: A i) . ' Hark —TUB— LATEST STYLES -AT— BUTTON'S! aprH mBCflau* to Hr 0rM*«(ca> M 1, j 11 I.-.IR ^ A- ( l UY .l-.AVr-U. srtn<»».:nv, W Ehav., juit rer... v.-.l « lull ..HM>I> hr> P.,n.:ili 'rocn Hi- -11,1,, ,..- . Rellbaeh, In ltt-i:-nshiir«. llavtnii rh. aaa>.>ctiHl, and each )jr*ile.i^ IIHIID^UI^IIK.I hranil. Partlculur ^iieiuion ^ -Allnl •.. lion Pencil,," (roun-l nH.'K <n.-> ,n,l t.i IVncll," iroil'iil r -I <iH,- clt," Chexagon irlt I Ail or to any other penc I In- Hie market. Always on haml a complett; %3^orttnent eoloreil lead pencll.i of nil the dealrablo ^r couat allowed to tau Trvulo proportioned orders. »Urd in. I es. <i .H»- eXt«Ot »f

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