Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 12, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 3
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ntique Show Can >e Free For All Bv MCtCJRMAtlt NEW YORK (UP!) — the na- •ional antique show !« to America lyhat the flea market 1* to Paris i Knd what the Roman market >laee 13 to Italy. i »But to mild-mannered Nat Ma- 1 if, who's been directing the' for 15 years, "bruising" is ".he word for what happens when; ;25,000 antique lovers descend onj Itadison Square Garden for the 'Annual foray. j -"Pound for pound," he said, (•''antique addicts are more dan-! gerous than lady wrestlers." "You'd have to understand women to know what I mean, ihey bore into crowded booths With elbows akimbo and can deliver a body check with the ferocity of a wounded hockey player. '"Year after year, their footwork among tables laden with | furniture, weapons, charts, contracts, clothes, jewelry, pottery, and -~ a medicine chest stolen from the White House Irt the British raid of 1812. Ike Expected To Fly Out Last Two Greenbaum Heavy Loser In Jewel Theft By MfcRRtMAN S*fttH tJI't White House Reportef WASHINGTON (UP!) -- Backstairs at the White House: Some top figures in the nir transportation industry have been picking up interesting straws in the wind about President Eisenhower's travel plans for the re- MOT MOD£ftr\i DESIGN —The rapid development of the modern aircraft hasn't resulted in a pretzel-shaped propeller like this. Blades bent when the four-engined commercial airliner crash-landed in a Lansing, Mich., field. learned the buslne.«| glgf from thfl pavement up. Born D'ec. 30, 190?, in New tfork (Sty, he attended public schoolsj there and went to Dartmouth. Hej In 1955, the Hertz firm bought was graduated with a Bachelor of Metropolitan, and Oreenebaum bei Science degree in 1929 and went; came a director and vice presi- ! immediately into the Metropolitan ; dent, and later chairman, of Hertz, THE PAMPA DAILY .. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1939 3 i Available for fentlflf. Wti 1 posed of IS iHWd fficdet-T F CJreetiebavim brought Itf Ihi nes.i t.he knowledge of one of th*f country's foremost exp*rts in tfti field of lruc.1: rentals, the com* Tour Strenuous For Omaha Queen fine sandwich glass and priceless, . china is reminiscent of the early, mainder of his term in the White days of Willie Pep." Mouse. Balance Essential With the President's plane crew Ground rules hold that any thing, now in the process of looking over Mnashed must be paid for on the;his new jet transport which is Spot, so grace and balance are;scheduled for delivery in the! United Pre-* International < M] . g Q lialset , 2 J, hopes to get essential in the battle for bric-a-jspring, the industry hears thisj NEw YORK (UPD—Stirring up,back up to her normal 112 pounds arac, Mager noted. j rather authoritative speculation: !, nlercat in physical fitness is a when she resumes "the quiet life" "When the eight-day show opensj Eisenhower during the nearly mi g nty (j,.j n g experience, acrord- of a working mother. March:?, all sorts of "priceless" two years he has left in office,' obfects from the U.S. and abroad is expected to fly more than he Spotlight t'r-PM tniftCnatlonrtf t.KO.V (!. CitlKfctffcRAWt Victim In JKW.OOfl ,Je\v*lry theft Leoh Charles Oreenebaum, victim in what police described as. the bigg-est jewelry theft in the history of jewel-heavy Miami Beflrh, is a tall, athletic, genial corporation chairman. He bosses a business that lives on wheels, that exists only to move. His rolling stock includes 26,000 passenger cars and 25,000 trucks that operate out of 1,300 locations, .including 390 airports, 275 rail- 'road terminals, and 135 hotels. As board chairman, he oversees policy and finance of the Hertz Corp., the country's oldest automobile rental organization. Mr. and Mrs. Greenebaum and Mrs . Arthur Cole, Mrs. Greene- immecuaieiy mio me. Meuopoiiian ciem. ann inipi unau man, "« nc.i/.. Distributors, Inc., the truck-lea*- The present company grew fromipany now has expanded troni ing firm founded by his father, '•. a business started by Walter Ja-i street find highway to the Air. It the late Charles L. 'Greenebaum.Jcobs, the present Hertz president, j rents airplanes--wilb of wllhoW a He became president and chair-i in 1918. His first fleet of cars | pilot in 100 citiel. ^ ___ ^ m , ijm ^.^.^^^^^.^^c^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ta^iamfa^^^^^^a^^lfUffUlfMIH^ 1 ^ 111 ONLYBMoreDaysalZole's Woman's View By PATRICIA MCCOIWACK United Prens International be on display: Mager said did during all as chief of his first executive. baum's sister, were victims in B hotel theft reported Sunday in the fit mvself at this point. I lost Florid * « sort three 'pounds during the tour." i Oreenebaum, now 51. entered the car leasing field at 20 in a truck-leasing firm founded by his you when you tell them that they can walk their way to fitness. "I think that's because most men and women have an idea Dixie Qualset, of Omaha.: c; he is a profesional masseuse. Because her title is "Miss man -j e d (n a professional mas- * , Phsyical Fitness." she just wound sellr anc j former Golden Gloves l()at p hysica i fitness means siren' up a six-week nationwide tour boxing champion. Bryce Qtialset. umls exercises L.«.^ —, up a six-wecK IIHUWIIWIUC ""••• ; Doxing i:iwmI.UUN, ui.)>.c V<<IO..T,I. | 1O1 | S exercises or w<i " .. ,. 'aimed at publicizing fitness. iThev have a 1-year old daughter, p| . e! ,n|ration in a gym. The jet transport ^Mll enable ^ ^^ ^ ^ g ^ lraVBlec ,- Jod y. » -".Actually, if you w, '."} f.°. vlsl t,..^ 8 . 0 '.!!- !!.„'_ 12.838 miles. Bv shoe-leather ex- M,. a . Qualset works in her yourself to walk just a or working up they areins ured for20m da fo years they are Insured for 20 million dollars. ! The jet transport_«;,,, B n«,,,B Blane and laxi , she traveled Jody. '-Actually, if you would for, Prices range from less than a ; him to visit the racmc Loasi ^ g . ^^ ^ shoe-leather ex- M rs. Qualset works in her yourself to walk just a little bit dollar for knickknacks to "what-|with little more flying time tnan < ^ tl ^ aded 2fi4 miles,; molhe|aWs massage salon. more pac h day. in no time a- ever the traffic will bear" in the;is now "^'"d '" " ™""° m ost of them across newsroom ; she walks the H-blocks t.o the al , , t WOU ld make a world c.t case of one-of-a-kind objects., flight in proptHoi-driven a re ran lobbies. 'salon every morning:, making lha difference. Walking's the best ex- Most of the items are In the $20 to Augusta or Thomasville, in ., . -. . „,__ I Under the banner of physical trip In about 20 minutes. She e ,. c i se there to $200 range. ueorga. fitness Mrs Qualset massagpd gets home at day's end the same Mrs. Qualset was named Miss m pr r ;,rux:K^xsrl-t LX^^-"i'irr^:"'- Mlw ,„„,„„ ssss mr^ uss -^s-s«, Se _.-!Hi^lH"»'i£s-,»=.•>"- «• -M,; 1 ':.v^r";;r^,s ^-^r^^ doo-dads carried'Air Force Constellation set aside van at Tanforan racetrack (the physical fitness." she said, "but the honor, including two from O u/te~nderly~by women who think (or the President's use. day before his turf comeback,. mflnv persons just don't believe, Sweden. they've struck a real bargain. Hej The question of jet travel to She also »' acle rtil lAcapuIco is academic in any debut at the Dallas Many Resold I event because the field down Club and opened the Kansas "Invariably 'many are resold!there can't handle the big new City ice-skating season on a be- during the year to antique deal-icraft that requires plenty of land-. low-zero day. ers and wind up on display at ing space. " llre " the next year's show — to be sold iij>m ! ,no^. Sain'to V^er targaln Scvera, other ,ong air trip, are "and even a HHle physicaHy un' ! hunter" : possibilities this year-Alaska in. The 15th annual show is keyed!July, the likelihood of a aummlt.such ambitious travel plans, hut to the 350th anniversary of Henry I conference somewhere in Europe | the reported destinations uiuler .,..., . ^i .n_,, ,.„ Kof^ro novt u-intpr A trin to; discussion represent more than Hudson's voyage of discovery. Mager said members York's most historical have given permission to show their tradition-stepped curios. before next winter. A trip to; discussion represent more than of New Hawaii has been discussed fre- : pipe dreams. Eisenhower plans to families'quently in White House circles, get around the globe a lot before also. South America. Nationally, there is no January, fixed domestic 1961. world conditions, affairs and hia own! 121 JBteum i 1-fcora Britliont Hamilton watch ii lur- rounded by 121 pr»eioui dio- mondi in UK white gold caie 72-jewet movement, flexible bond. )Mr*v catch. Over 2 C*rxts of Diamond* time table or definite .schedule for, health permitting. BALE'S ya BMV ONE Sterling PIECE OR 100 SAVE START HER HOPE CHEST TODAY NO vx MONKY H^ DOWN 'S&f • ;/• WALLACE STERLING Cntmntottt TJ5RMS Available WILL Selection SPECIAL OFFER Violet Pattern SERVICE for 8 KKG. $200.00. ,.no\v $1 *) A TAX Included !124 Unbelievable! These Wallace 4 Piece Place Settings Never Priced So Low "DISCOVERV" Reg..26.50. .now 19.88 "STRADIVARI" Reg. 27.30. now 20.55 "(irand Cnlonial" Reg..26.,V). .now 19.88 "KOSK POINT" Reg..2fl.50. .now 19.88 "(iraiul Baroque" Reg. 3").20. .now 23.40 "MY I,OVK" Reg. .26.50.. now 19.88 "Sir (,'hrl«ti>plier' Reg. :n.2i> 23.40 "Meadow Rose' 1 Reg. 24.50. . now 18.38 "Waltr, of Spring" Reg. 27.45.. .now 20.59 "WISHING STAR' Reg. 21.25 15.94 "SIM'KR S\VIRI/ 17.33 "Romance ul S«a" Reg. 34.85. 25.99 FREE BRIDAL REGISTRY Sole Ends Feb. 14 Layawoy now Mail Orders Promptly Filled X: .^.t. ».f~ -• Pillsbury Assorted CAKE MIX PILLSBURY, BLUEBERRY PANCAKE MIX With 8c Coupon Old Fashioned Hickory Smoked PICNICS9Q ib. mm\t BACON MOHAWK 2 », 98= U.S.D.A. Choice Beef T-BONE STEAK ...... Ib. 89c CHUCK ROAST ...... Ib. 49c ROUND STEAK ....... Ib. 89c CLUB STEAK ........ Ib. 79c Armours FRYERS . . . . Ib. 29c Lean Ground Beef . . . Ib. 39c White Swan, .liimbo 803 can ^Or BUTTER BEANS 3 cons ^*C U-Oe. Can RANCH STYLE BENAS 2 cons Del Monte, 46-ox. can Pineopple Grapefruit Drink Klmer's pronomy large size EGGS doi, 35c Tomatoes Concho 303 Can BAKERITE 3 Ib. can 69c Pel Monte, 303 Can Golden Cream Style CORN 3 cons KI l> S C H III 303 Can com 33c 59c Bordens Serv. for 8 Instant Potatoes 29c OLEO Sun Valley M ^\ 3- 49 C «-w. Jar Pure PiACH PRtSERVM [or k 18-oa. Ji»r Pr§sery«i ar FLOUR 25 Ib bog 1,59 4*orte4 Colors Tylir Roif Bushn BISCUITS Borden'i 3 Cans Ui-Tone STATIONERY H<'Hiil»r .'S-V Si/e 1-m. hotllc LISTERINE 14-or. Bottle Regular 89c Size Costal Bran«l 8-o/.. package FISH STICKS Chicken or Turkey POT PIES ea 45c 69c 19c 9HMPV ^^^W^ F D CCf $1.00 Size Melrose IVCC« Hand Lotion With Or More Purchase 200 SIZE Kleenex Box BANANAS 2 Ibs. 25c Ripe TOMATOES Ib, 23e Radishes & Onions bu, 5e Colorado I'.S. N'o. 1 POTATOES 10lbs.29c White Swan New Low Price Coffee Lb. 65 SUPER MARKET

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