Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 6, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1930
Page 3
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UECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 6, 1930. DECATUR HERALD Emmerson Urges Passage Of State Tax Amendment MCE LURE, PLEDGE Paid In $47 j """ ifa~» He Says From 300 ATTEND MEETING K1ENCES TjWtin* of State To Indus- Governor Urges Tax Law Revision ] ·-·"'"·1'i.v.s boon, K "th him in thn trial Lines Has Shown Fault? of Old Law _ the, ad- |nck story, " company W(l)1 " having * hard Raiast It. . - -- the 1300 | (I '""t 'it suit ncern woub] f. ( , '* pay nnythlnic. muny of their l ) I n K out that p- full amount of Bei:rtii*c owners (Hilely 4 J («r ;IVL- »'f f i p p r o x i - "f I 1( ' weiilth yiiiK 80 per Named Foreman Of Grand Jury Robert 1. Hunt wns iippoliit-d) f o r e m a n i;t ibe grand Jury Mondny | ninrnini;. In the openlnu season o f , the Oetolier t e r m of circuit" roitrt.i Mr, H u n t Is one of I h r e p men called! Monday for ^rand jury service t o 1 fill vti rune lest. Olhcrs^cnllc-d fire R.! K. Klhh-r, HOT Rfiat WUIIiun street, 1 n m i Alvti Hm'inon ot Ausilln town-' ( n a n .WO De.catur btiHl- ne;ismcn and women heard fiov. I,. Envmeraon Monday wlum he discussed the proposed amendment to tho tux provisions of the Illinois constitution, The talk was made in n joint meeting of Decatur luncheon clubs and the DecaLilr Renl Estate board. ttovernor Emmerson Is ithown above wilh a group of llecntur business and political leaders at the Orlando Just before Ihe din- ner. From le.fl to Htihl they ire President Jesse M. White or Milllltln unlvc.rsily, (top. W, C. Oiyno- woth, Senator Ohnrles B. Iec, Governor Emmerswin and O, Gorln. B. V:\ent. 4 ? . . ' ..oui» i on in his M o n d a y t n vole f o r ( h r ri tn HIP t » s pro. ftoloflJ i' t h r "in" 1 More thfln "'"' ou «nl The Ihree viieunclea oot'iirrcd when ,fudj,'n .Jatui'M S, Haldwln excused TF. I-', l l l n k l i - y of \Varrcn3hnrK, lilnrvln I', Weaver f i n d ,Iac-h ' Unholloni ot llecalur, K d w n r d dnrrlck wan flp- pnlnted rm bailiff. Pftllnwlni; o r K i i n i w i l l o n , Ihc Rrantl, TM., -r i nl 1 1 j u r y H l a r l e d » ] n n . . . l l j lnve,«ll([FMIon' W H O 1 O O K DianKS 1R wo i-It. POSTOFICE WARNED OF MONEY ORDER THEFT Inspectors Trail Robbers North Amerlcn pn. "I was in. * rif the Insur- tJ'-partrncnt of e. tb,if. l',[ hc tit of t h n orj^an- |[t(.rtiey. "Where- t h t MrB.Ttose- 10 offend, Yhe teetlvn corpora, [le (hem sign mi " f t t h n t t h e pnynient of ' I ( h n t if eonrl!. Town Briefs ret! of thn [January 4. 103*, fail only ' meet tflOlftl nf I M - C I I I n r w i T ' c |U;ll'lli. fol UK Jnlm (iii-i-iitij; of h c c n l i ' t service W.* mid (In- J W i i i n r He:i) h^tntc toanl. which Ihe j;ovei nor Ftilclreweii. · liv .lud^i- ,l,Liue,-i s I ' u l i l s i i r i . Shlfti Itiirdeii nf 'I'lixnllon AJ e.iflaitied i- (i.ivcrnct l'!riirn''C' rv,. tlif {iii|'isal i. 1 to » h l f l th" burin vtslhli 1 jirofier- inch at Hccurillef. thnt run he ron- [ IliUll'HiioI 1 . |i..llrles conitf-r-ied I'r^NO rh-cl^red. H1 ,Vo tn* restmiiaii-k for It tin* imv aK to grind In n t i t n i m n K I F S itdo/illon. t l . A . h jirr^enled nn 'he d o l u l l o u for F\ \\' l gttftt ^ii'^llon ib/it I n u e h e w every, lio^j, kortv: 11 (ine-i'inii r i m i from l i m e Itn- (ict-iit dlehl lodwi 1 Wfhift'ini hii 11 n f f e c l e i l till rhiA'H-ji of ,\, M. Bucyrus, Kan. 4«i "f M x a i i f t i ti |y 1^ " i n l n i l K i M f s " (Toclc" nort h'iriil.. ft»!«l Itnm th' ' with 'hi* |n TODAY'S MEETINGS C . - l e s l i n l loik't 1 ^ p o. 1Rr, I, (), O. F. I j U c i i l Nrt. ;)*ls. R. of R p. A; f. H. [,n«il Nn. "'I!, C i i r i i e n l e i V u n i o n . Tior-a! No (S, Vtrlrkliiyers' union. Cecjitur review No. 17^. W. B, A. Mecca shrine No. riS. W. F!. ,1. tvnuhoe lodfte No fl. K, of P, rii-ciiinr l i - n l No. ISO. K. O. T, M. Household of (luili No. JJS9. n. O. Ohvc K r n n r h camp No. !lfl. 11. N. Shop Kmployes' (tjwioeln- N'o, IW4. A. ['. 4 ^Mxillitrv, Ith the North f'"d on account pnlil tn t h e for her (o h* f e t i u n . "Tho n.i- aJmoHt every Jr."!. Ro,iebirry. es of the eon- kntfl ror thfl ccrtlfl- ht." s not ffdln from Him due her wn.' d paid $47 In nil- North AmpHfn frn. Of the SIOr Ppvkwlntr I he b i n f o i - y nf tux Te^l*- blldn M f l l l n n E - i . ttivtrrutr Kmfti-r- Kin )*hiiwF*d tluit repent.i-d e f f o i ' ^ h f i d -,t*en niH/le 'o obtain a revision 1ft I/. r.e|ienteillv Ihe effoF-l hn.-' f a i l e d - "Tlie n-peDlwl f a i l u r e b;is heen due t* Ihe tuft htiii, altboujith p n i e t l c n l Ij (vn'V OFVP nKr^i-o t h n t liiKiiHon AMilil hi- rliuic i t l f f ' - r e n t l y . e v e t y n t i e km H illfd'M'Hl lilen n* to wlnil Hie old. the fii A, of c. board. · DEATHS MllS. KMIt.V Mr", Koiily Kno. for HO a ipsldt'til of Occiitur. die.d In the home fif her d i i u j v h t i - r , M r s ..\. K. Lnrch, 1Nlf» M u r l h rriHilwny Monitny nl i;2S o'clocl;. Mh- was 78 year. 1 " old. Heart Irohible ^-IIK ^iven ^s the cnusp of hj'r ilfitdi, She litnl been sick i'lnci- July 'JO. ^he wsia Imrii in Norlh H a t i i p l n n - 'ilill'e. l-!iiv F UiEi[l, n n Lcf, 1,$. 1K.VJ. ^lin vtim t i n - d a u g h t e r of Mr, and Mrs, llnil tllltiol,-! rapidly |i Kno In Mn^land mid x h n r t l y roirt an n ( ! f l l i i ' ' l u r i i l s i n i r cuinc lo t h i s countt-y, jnltlltii. r h i tn nn I m l ' i N l r i c l » l « l e mnltrs II Ini- (|[FI[I-|V tti Oetnlur. Her husliand l'j*r«tlv( t h a i (he problem jihculd he J» Kebnuiry, !!ll,1. tin snnn, the jtovernor pointed onl. Hlie lcavi« tin; following mns 1 "Hmmdiillc, II)|FH!» Ht.'ind," JMTONI! dainihti'i-H; [ ( a i r y Htm. Tejni-t; d l n d ami , I who fot'CMl llif- OF tS NEW SUNDAY H nnil oth^t'fl i rtt find. North fittff In, wrM* j; 1br t f K u l n J nmrnint; W. [,. U t i t f , i Wright titiil ti,s arf Tlohfrt 1st Sicwarl and Mi'i fin;! *mnnt Hie f u l l e d SlaleFi." he p|. "At |rf?ien! thi,*" *FflM Jfl I n i l u n l r U l l y , iitid w i t h i n FI ' ^Ult or I w n , H I" due to n i i a l l i (nil i jink. l-'orin Corrn't In 1H70 ''In 1-tT'). when the iiccm-nl for Kuo. niKlsi ''ii-"'h n m i dec- Mr«. Pndli- T n y l d r v l l Mr.-i. Will Unmscli, '; Mi^, A. K. I f a r l , J l r e p i l u r ; Shis !"·]· ( 1 l- l f Ifnvea seven m'lindrhlldri'n and pOHlmuKlcr II, P. An- 'di-ewa, Monday asked The Herald to laid hi Ihe luliTeeptliiR of money orders xLolim In Kueyrus'. Kttn,, and ^low tudntt ta.shed hy n mmn bulteveiV tn he In t h e v i c i n i t y of Ducatur. The order.i hore numbrrs 2R-103 tn 1 £ftfflO inc-hiHive, The money order . H l a i n p , c u t t e r and K t a m p pad were iFiken al.'o. Therefore t h e thief t(f ; p r p p n r e d lo (rive the, blanks a genil- , Money (micro already have been piiaxi'd In Pedflliii, Jefferson Ctty nnd have Isecn heading for thin vloinlty. He wns described as ItelnPC nhont 3Ji yewr.H old, height. 5 ft, S nr 9 Intheo: hulld. Blender: wolBbt, 150 pounds; 'dressed like n laborer In brown s w e a t e r , brown fedorn h u t nnd dark Iron Fie rs, The |iost o t f l u e deparlment offers a HUuullnlr reward not to exceed KOO for Hervters or Information leading {lo t h e arrest nnd conviction of any person on Ihc nhnrite of Btcnt nr iknowln^'ly hnvlnt; In Ihelr ponaeaslon, stolen iminey order fornis. WOULD CHECK BUILDING WALKS FOR DEUNQUEN 'Contractor Says Receiving of Vouchers Discourages . Bidding On Jobs S. F. IVrry, sidewalk eontrnclor, urxed the Clly Conuell Mondny to r e f n v l n from bulldlni; walks on which p r o p e r t y owners were delinquent. Contnidorn are pnltl for t h i s work wllh voucher*, and tlnsy are hard to hnndle. Mr, Perry snid. l i e wanted t» V t n n w . Mondivy, If then 1 WIIH noi some other way by which llu- c l l y could piiv for i h e \^ork, and was In formed hy Corpor- ill Inn Counsel W, J. Carey, thn nv.' Hijfcfries anly His) niellioi; WIENERS REACHING FROM HERE W THERE CONSUMED IN PARKS] Nine hundred feet of wieners fire n dozen In Nelson pnrh, Itftht the poKed on sticks, rousted before, o p e n ' SO J"\^ v ^ 1 '; j ' rn , ;1 , 1! ,,,,,, l l w b t t ilw' fires, and eonsitmed by autuinni (jf s ( a [if,tlcH, the measuring of liver-. nppotltOM In l)*catitrl aK g wiBnorii, mid (lit c u t l m s i l l n s of iiccnrdtoif to I'll- tiveniKC itp|H!Lit«s, Ibe mtlrtiKe con- park H ei-h jiorlH of the Dctatur pm k offlelals. About 'tOO pounds of tnurshmuyowa and no lulling how much :offvc und ot.hiir "trimmings" nn uaeil , During t h e height, of the wiener roust sin)iotl, which (jrew a i i l n m n skies ond (;hll! evenlnRS to^idher with th* first f u l l of lenvF 1 ?; hnv/i brought lo tlie parks, at leosl ·l.'i roasting liros In Fai»-vlftw,park Bnd sum«d jimy he iTiwhcU. Unt what JIUCJJK j)in it workers busy i, 1 - fi|{iirtiu! tlwj nmcHtot of winid to be used. .V new autonmllc. HIIW, powered by Ihe intrlc dlsiU-lct tractor! in:niiiKi-» to lieep ivhe:id w i t h the wnod supjdy Ihjji yen)-, thai, hint year wif ··*· hauled In rnldseasnn. lint park off l e l n l n hHve nsk*il I h n f . patrons h* ns with ibis prwilous fuel an COUNCIL BEGINS STUDY OF WATER RATE REDUCTION Auditors Complete Work On Accounts and Turn Over Books MEANS CUT OF $40,000 A irmiferenee on wtiter f H i e s opened in Mayor O. W. Knihh':i office ft 2 o'clock, Tvii*»dny nftijrnoon, belweei the c l l y coimct) nnd Murphey Nash, ticcountunis who have !e(n working mil. new rnti 1 ?, based on it reduction uf $40,000 In UK wiili'f runl s, Kltiures liave liton turni'il ovi-r to Mayor K m i l h by the dceonnlani?, hni he will withhold I h e m u n l l ) :ii:er Tin- con Terence, 1 1*? hnrj hoi ^one «v/ei Iheni Mondny moinidp. hut w i l t study t h e m for i h e conference. The m a i l e r wns not InnufrlX up before the cliy council, Mondny, dtie to I lie nosence of Commit loner A. A, H i l l , heiid of the f i n a n c e derart- nu'dl. who i.i in PI. J.nitls for (h» World series Ijuiwbiill,". ]le in MACON COUNTY STANDS THIRD IN SEAL SALES $7,147.71 "Received Here During Christmas Campaign Last Year IVcfiliir \dth Alucon county, stood lal* iuitumti wlmmerH, but. the dlv- t h i r d In ! lfl r cuiilln mile of Chnsimui- MUNICIPAL BEACH DIVING TOWER IS PLACED IN STORAGE Park workmen have removed tlie illvlnfr tower from the M u n i c i p a l Bencli us f i r s t step in propaHnff III' 1 place for winter's fF'CcP.Int;, Plerfl remain tn Iht w a t e r for convenience it loivcr hus bein tali en loow f i o n i UK moorings ond hnulcd to shore tot an- bnsl He.'llFh Drive* Rr bolnn repaired In son pai-k. Paries Find Lincoln ] mostly w i t h cinder repairs. Tin 1 m i n i lull Inspect Inn of drives beon made, and nieasiires lo pre-l ft( | Maeon vent damage to park d r i v e n durlnj!, ()ei . liilccn. bad weathor ure $z t 48o PAID'LABORERS ON HARRISTOWN ROAD Workmen Draw From 33 To 75 Cents an Hour From Highway Dept, if t l i n t Mine M'lin ^f.l e ^ t n ( e . jitore.j T»it*n]i Terin ef »i-t fnr ttmt tltne I r u h t i r n l c o m m i i n - nieasme of WF'FIIth pli'.-slral wr-alt li; and 10 on The . Inn It l:i on Icor- IIIIH lo csirry t h e m for five The Miicnn county hlf.hwny de"- p.'trlmenl hn.-i d r a w n 5-V18f)--17 from e Ibe slale ffas IKJ; f n n d lo p n v eosl.i 'tit Iftbii!' nnfl inolerliLl on the H n r H . i H a l o w n roil'I for the half month e n d - ir Inn last Friday. More than S-1.000 i r l h n s been drawn for Ihe Harrlslown II(S. KKANCI'IS COll I, 'I'M II I-M, l''rani'i'.H t ' i n i l i e r - . 'J,*(isi fleviriuii 1 K i m n e i ^on has m a d e an Kluin.-tlU'fi Hhidv nf (hi- t u x s i t u a t i o n In 111 i noli, and to emph'i*l/.c h!' (mint W K'tllni; H f n l r denl, c i t e d «M*1t\cil (ti ii H t m l v f,f ii'i'oiilii lo IS,KIII,, nnd O^'le e n u n IK One of tin-HP fi nn t n d i i s i i i j i l nnnilici 1 I H liiM-i 1 Knit ttm Ihir.t n limit liitlf (111 ,tnd hilf . Kenl r-Mnlii "In (Lf]e eoumy. n xl mlv of ft ^nr nf i-i'ni i-itM". s e v e n pt'r eelil. rlttllli nmi ,111 pr i-i-nl. " I n 1 a n i ; l f t r - . ' Ill c.'it i v i F i i i i , h;t.I ( i i Im.ili nvcinii 1 , illeil |ii Hi. M dry's ho;t- p m n i p l l y p l t n l at 4:30 oVlin-k Mondny m o r n - for )hem. I n u t i f t e r havmi; t i r e n r n n f l t i ' - d to h e r tied f u r one n u n i U i w i t h heai i tron- j t h n t reason, bids for the sidewalks ' r o n d to dale. have lo be much higher Limn under The pay roll shows Ihjit Itiliorers where t h e property ownersi on (lie Harrislown load nrd No nctlon stloil- build the ivnlk» ami pay was lulu'n on Ills MUS, it fir, Cul home of h I ' i i t v r - r i - l l v 1uitf l i i i l n . t l I lie · !· ee|U. m t r l r a n n ' i the 1 Of I l l f l of a. menibur o( Ihe CO*- M fnr ,,,,], flit 1 ' "nl Tile :iv»r,i::f y to ricl Meet iiiin of of the It I M . I n s t e a d , it pav t h a t mon- wi'iil.1 he h u r l , hut It r" lflsll 'lp' In miike e v e r v h o d v ' * She w;i-i tnii'ii on Ocl, 10. IK71. She lived for t\. Irjn^ Hme In A s H u i n p l l o n , fv lining lo 1 ^e^nHii 1 a h o u L f i v e ypai v lien Jtlif! lin« tlvi'd here alare Ih/il n i a r r i e i l VV'tllluoi J3. ("'milter In Mr. C.'nulivr d i e d In IWft. Khf one diniKhter. Mi'N, Kllr.abetli ,,f watfes r n n f t i n K from S3 iitid one-third c:ents an hour to "n cents nn hour. SUB- '('here were .18 men employed on Hie road diirtnir Ihe two weeks. Of Mie iroliJF, seveni I also di'ew HUNDREDS LOOK AND I^^^^Sr ll(1 ' 1 " rimt " 11 LISTEN TO GAME AS [t"pi. c£iVh H vin E . /if /\imO TI.JDC ATCKJ ' P^ 1 '^ ^ wfi time on the CLUUUSl I H K L A I l i l l I job and part of the time in oilier Despite Iraer-i of rainfall, i h r n n f e n - work, Imt i i u t i i t n i i shins, nmi temperatures " "* f n them fl of WORK STARTED ON NEW TENNIS COURTS The luidy WIIH inui f/ Son* ehnpi'l l e m n l n u n t i l f u n e r a l t nlionl fib decrees, hundredFi P l e f e r , Find a ^r^ndyon, Gale, n n d nien and a few women wtood before uii'fc. Mm. M a r y P t u f f o n l . nil of DC- The Heriild M n n d f i y afternoon lo c a l u r , wateh and hear ll\e reprodncllon o f ' -. - · removed to J, ,f. H 1( \\'orl,l fie.rle 1 ; ramf In SI, Louis. 1 !,, ,,, . -her,- it will I.-,,,,., w ho drove to St. T.oiiiM MFin- KlWaniS Llllr) 1 OLU'lSl viee.«. ,| n y morning to «ee Hit last samo i n ; (hi, 1 ! I n i r l l o r y this season, w . i t f h e d j ihe sky willi fornbodlriss hnt tool: Ihe eiuince. f-'rleniis wlio stayed he- hind hoped thnt riiln would hold fiff u n t i l n f l e r Ihe Ratue. ' Wni'k IIFIH been started on the In fact wealher Monday wns i,':ilrvlcw piirl! t e n n i s onurls, west n[ thoiij;hl. nf only in tr-rmn of the [(,, tourt.ti ennip in Fnlrvipw, nnd worlds Dories frame. It wrta n c i l h e r i gmdtiiK will bp e.ompleii;il Ihis fall j too cold nor too warm for comfort [ s o j^t r | 1( , rourts wilt hnv« ;ill ^[Wherever (V fan mlpht choose to wil-] w!rit er to Btlilu before flntil surfitc iOL'(F Find f o n r l h from! blnniinoinl of money raised In Ihe sale, ncconlfOK to reports from ule entire stale of Illinois, published ly Ihe Illinois Tuh«n:iilOfllK nnd I'uhlic H e n l l b asHoetFillon. Mnson Find DuPaye counties hr-nn- county lai"t year w i t h B Hills of 10.4 nnd 0,2 cents · ns i-oinpim-il to Mnron S.8 (.-TMts for each person, til'iitte l-onnly i^'iitlit ..o county headed t h e list in j n mount of money raised IhrmiKh 1 ] 'e, 'utoatt ii«uniul anil U'innchUKo c m t n l y t h i r d In lotnl sales, Mniriin county shrnvi-il n, m w l p L of SV.I 1 )?,:!, t u l f s i n p UKI lead hy less llviti *')». I The aiiniiiil nieijiintf of ilw I M f n o i x , Tuberculosis and Public J l e n l i h an- Sf ic in Don will bi: In J a c k s o n v i l l e on Nov. fl and 7. Busiiu^s sesjiioiiM will he in Ihe oiornlnK 1 of Ihe f i r s t da,v, The rcnittindor will Tie devoted tor jji'OHrj'm disoitsslon, I ifdcw'les frotn! the M i i r u n (,'oimly Tnhei-i'iilnsis in"!l Visiilnt,' Nurses ussuviiiLion will a t - i lend. NO PLANS MADE FOR M'CORMICK RECEPTION Republican Nominee Speaks In Y. M. C. A. An»cx At 7:30 Tonight i No phins for Fl reception of Mrs. i R u i h Hmina MeCormiclt, olhcv iluin !her public n i e e l i n u t o n i g h t IFI t h e V. M, C, A. muiej; h n v e heen niadt 1 . 1 iieeorcllnpr lo Ira lliisher of t h e Re- lpulillc:in l n - a d t j u n r f e r s . l-'ollowfiifir THREATENS SUIT IF SEWER ASSESSMENT (S NOT WITHDRAWN .Tulin LrtM'lon, 2*)l2 V,a*l Eldnrndo (dreei. t h r e a t e n e d sull n f f n l n P l ihe c i l y in n letter lo Ihe r-oijncll, Monday, If n.ises :meii IS mnde n c n i n e t him for 1 he Southeast Se^'er were not refunded :iml f m t h e r ii»'iei!S- i i i f t i t H wllhdruM'n, ' He htis paid one tisnessinenf. J!la properly docs not Utt In I h u tn (i in ifi'wet' dlulHc'f, htn will lie 1 nei ved by a Moral, w h i c h ha* yet in he h i t l l t , T! In for i h a s reason t h a i ; he v.-nnls t h e refund aii'l withdrawal; of auwsKtucnt!". His dlrtlrlft, Miiyor Snillb e K p l n i n ^ . will have lo bf or Kiinb.ed lo hulld Ihe Inlertil oi) till 1 samr b;isli' as Pomh Mnrelnnd Place ii ml n l h e r h i i c m l dinlrkli 1 , and the ;i»ses.HmentK will not lie w l l l i d r u w n . hocniise t h e Inlernl will have lo b* ItKV, i. M. Hev. (1. M. Myerc wns i-lectcd president of Mm IWndu 1 M i n l ^ 1 e i l n l n^=oi-|^1 Inn Mondtiy morn- lnr. He Ktjcreedx Tt",'. OitT'l IV. riew'cDinc of Ihe f n i r n l (.'hnicli of c'hrjsi. The neiv iiftlen- in fiiii'- inr of Fircl United Brelbren chiiit'b, · THREE DAY VACATION FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN [Children Gel Holiday While Teachers Arc In Inslilule tVcnliii- .ichoo) e))l)'lrf-Fi will Isv fl.tldo th»ir hook" nnd CM-* W m l n - H*v. Thi:r?dFiy and Ki irjay i\-hl!^ Uielr lefieher* * n k e fi t u r n fii K-iin£ io nclmol. The n n n u n l M » " i ' i c'l'in- f y 1n"ijiute will he In ^e^don in i h e school MIOM* i h r r e d:*n^. FOUR YEARS OLD CHANCERY CASE IS DISMISSED Crocker and Company Sonfht To Collect $2,890 Note On BarnetU 68 DIVORCE SUITS UP An old ehancnry r«»i in which * rnmpany »ounhl to M( n)'ri(tn(t* on hM iwntd by A. And Non r. B«rn«tl of wan dtimlnwrt Mont»y tty tAnies S. Huldwln in Hrcijji court, upon motion hy cotinwl (o» the eomi)ltiln«nt. The nult wns filed in 1911(1 nit.l hnl been I'onlIttiied «)tnv f i n m 'errn to term. !' WHI c|aln;pit liy Oorlcep A , comptiny th;(i ih« o ' f e n d n n t u K»V» it nioriKHS" 'o fh.'V snn Orv«l F tlnnwi(, sfl ,1 HliDin in orrter li) »p- i-npA JiM^nMnt fin * K,KfK not* heM by the complaining company. ItaiirnKi* Stilt l)ivi|i(H*t A daiimfte Milt hroitaht by W l l h u r ){. HitiMlcsfon H«Dfnst ihe Hlf|c)t eortiortitlori \vnf ilifnit,*,-iei|, upoit mo- ilin lit eoiinfft fur l):t'M!i*Mfn, whrt Informed Ihc eoittl Mint the Of h^i" lwin .·"I'ftli-il, The ^ n j l »»» fonndncl upon rillcjicd i i i j c i y MIS- i:mv.4 by J lurl||.-jt,in \ i h i l " );'· w;i* rniplnycd In ihe Iliflcv ]iltitit The ] ) ' . , X r t ' M i l ' r t f I ' l i l F K P t l ' ' V r ncsm"i PHI i r ) l B i ' k * i ' »l*o wn" in: Murtdnv, fin, JO. »-. (oilov lllltll school lhos'i Illri-e ilsij-i. will; :ipenker,» of sl:i(e n n d ' n n l l o i n i l prom-' inenci' on the facnliy n*» Int+lructnvti Mo 11 ! teachers will uiFike rr ^|::n ibe t - RESUME EXCAVATION .bv ,i,e OF ARMORY BASEMENT Begin Digging Trench for Rifle Range In New Building a c e r p t w ) i i ? i e rr ^::n i oxer Ibe vnviMvi pei iod. how. 'ind will dolsn t h e m fn Hit 1 ' ibe putiiu will he liepi bucy ;it l«;iui pnrt of Ihe (!me diiF-lojtr iln-lr leisur n t Ihe leaeher'ii expence. This t d«ne on (he theory i h ; i i , noi hdin FI bt)n:ifl(le linlldny. ihi H i l M i ^ n lihoitld noi he csciiyi'd ft "in nil fftn hlanec rt* woi k. Tenfher.i d r i i n Fill nvcr Die i ' , n i n i v will aswniblf In lie, ·aim 1 on \Ved- The day will h» m a r k e d s-lons of (he I n x l l l l l l e . nn and openlnc w»- W Mniy fil.Tilyy ,lobn^Mn. I luhcM K , riftfiin.'i Irene. MIIWH . l^nihne, i \ f x \ n t i t t n l p h . 'I'iiiiehet, l.nnljip. :tijp|ttii Jiteoli. Snniinn, Miiinie. iinnln^t tfenry K. Kl'li-r, NelH". plii;lln-t (inllll'itl Mennie, t.ewtri. .1«i*fn*l Sophia. Shmi. ICKxnbeih. .leniivi ",,in, K V. Jl. l l l M K l n r t , Dnnvv, n i i n l n i i i;u."ie Donah. Vern B., a|!:iini"i Thnma for Ihe new N n l i o n n l f i t i i i r d armory in llcrntut' was resumed .Mondny morning, a f i e r n de. lay of several d n y s clitn to n breuli- down on the motor of t h e hnjfc nhov- i:l used for the dljiffinj;. The w, Cl. Travel Supply company h:id I lie new parts installed in t h e motor. Sunday, mj no f n r i b e r delay would rerruli. H is expected the e\- cAVtitiiiK will « i ) t l n n e wlihoiti another slop from the sami" trouble. F l*lie e^ca\ r alion of the pits for t h e rifle [iriiiHise raliK'e i h n ( Witt l)e lit the tmscment of Ihe building, was Ktnrled Monday ntflntlitf.'. The [ill* will he lower limn the i;ej)eml level of Ihe hascmcnt Jloor so t h e i r t l ^ e l s c:in ne i Hised nnd lowered, Pli-el for rf-vntiirfinK 'he cunerele had not arrived on t h e yrutind, MOB- Idny In Tny- WAIT/ i i e r l i i c W n l l x died In lln 11 r il;iu^-liter In 1:t7r N o r l h - ' . avcjui 11 at J i K i a'f in In Fairvicw Being Arranged ft nn inoriilni;. hiitl livd mitif; here Site warf 7S years In t l e i - n t i i r f o r I I from KFMIWI.S c'ity. uld nivl \ e ; i r s c Jin , "'",'!, '"','",? ? t '\ -"i K l e i i b e t i v l l U ' . (I. Her Inlsbatid .Itine B n tnixslonitry th« ne.!it Frlil»y (hrcn church. dtaomlnn- Tho fund conttnuv · nnd Castor 1 Speaker I ', c ond no ted nilfiy after* The Rddrcs* Woifc of thr Ihe story at O, F- nnd ducts e Service tilt^, precr-iled her in di-nlh. She ·s the rollowlti;: suns and ilautrh- Jo, i n-[ih A. \Vai(tf, A U - x a n r f e r . . l u l t ' i s I I , \Viill7 l o u v e r , Col.; A t t l i i i r f''. W a l l / , Houston, Tex.; (). IViilli!. l"ir-rFitur: Mrs. \V1I- lilter. A l f l i l w i d Olivia Steely, Dei-ntur. ,) H y n t f f i jciu-e.-i J ( cfiindrhlldrcn il\ ^reiit-^rniidcli'ldreti, She a .-)|cji b r o f b c r nlid slNier. .Joliti ['rltirevllle, nnd Mrs, Frede. tli'.-i Kleiipt'ei. Cnliimbln. S. H n k , One son. [iiidol|ih \ V n l l z . p r o m i n e n t in hi'ciilm- retil i-stali clrelcn and In Ihe devi'lopuietil oC nrni'OlalHl tctnelery, died on Oct. 12. IMT. Tile iMHly wns I n k e r lo J, ,1, Mornn Sons cluipel when 1 H w i l l remain u n l i l f u n e r a l time. MARRIAGE LICENSES W r i n i W n n i m , -If. Toledo, f), , i J, F i t e i i , ·:». Toledo, O. I . l l a i n h y , ;)(», Wln.-itfni Sn-1 Jane Fuller, :iO. Dee;itur. (··Ink, 'Jl. G t l d l e y , Nadlnt 1 Mi-Kltiley. 18, TO »l.\KV SrKfl.AI, STI IV ' - . ))off notd Mondny t h n t he wilt go lo Thicniro this week, where he will n i n k e fl special s t u d y of public n t l l l l v nnd eoriiornlion law.' He 1st u n c e r t a i n how lone he will ro- 1 main uway frrmi Pfcaluv. : n e 9 n the game, Rjullo reefjition WFIS ;Ai()l,l Nl'l .STOI.KN -R. c;. ];-|CSM (if the W h i t e Slar ' s l n t l o n In Frnnldhl and ' oil reported to police lliat eljrht i " R '^ no were stolen Snn-J \ ol1 _ m ; night from Ihe station, Abe Mwtin Says- inj( Is dlteiupti'd, J, A. li'raKler, SH- piu-intendenl of parks said MomlHy. The KivvHnls ''lull luitrlsls cFibln which supplies hot and Wild showers ilre^jiInK j-oonFi anil j'est rooms, will he converted Into a field house for ayci's when (he eonrls ni'e opened. This will not Interfere w i t h lonrhta ns (be style In Inurlnft has ehFinged lo sueh a KreKt e x t f t n t thnt SulMviin find Mr,^, MeCor'titlol ivIIJ be bor tieciitnr addrejiu, Biislier wid, nnd fnr lh;it refimn arrnn^eoienls were mntlo f^ir n teeep- Hon. Mr, Rusher mid plntut were mnile to n t e o n i m o d u l e :i larjre crowd for t h o m eel I tin:, which w i l l st;irt tit 7:5ft o'clock, MOWEAQUA'GIRL ABLE TO BE BROUGHT HOME AFTER GANG ATTACK .Miss l-eon,-} Bo^ld who rF-ceA't-d ae- riniirt wonndjF hxsL week when Ihe EIU- lonmblli; in which she was riding from South Bend, Intl., lo Uccttlur, wii3 ficeil upon hy « mysfei-lons car, waa able lo he. moved to Mowc-jii[iia, Monday, where she will complete her rccoveiy In Ihe home of her c.ahlnJi are now most popular, not] Mr. and Mrs. William Krek. from drove lo Conducted *n fprvic* in th« :!lverlng At (he tetiuest of n bonding cotu- piiny. the sidewnlk and drlvcwny tnr'K bond nf A, R. Wltom euneelled Mondtiy hy the council, Mr, Wilbur bus retired front the business. A f t e r a search covcrin' four coun- llca. Mis. Lute Bud, mtssln' fer al- [iioat a week, i'itx|rnc(l home toddy f r o m a contract t) rid go game fagged an' hcrfrtxggltrj, but 31,75 tn the :;ood, Whrlevcr 'becomes o' Es- Picsldcnt Irdioysn.' of Argentina, his namell never b« on ever 1 WDJU*, b«t. more I h i i n one ot t w o campers I n k Ing a d v i i n l a p e of the Talrvlew part cumphig ground caf:h dity tlnrin^ (he season. ·*· Tuberculosis and V, N, Groups Congratulated Toilets of congratulation have received hy Mnccn County Tn. hcrciilosls and Vlsltlnit NIII-KES aswo- :tnti*n, coirimenlinf; on the work done by the na.ioclnl Ion during tho last year as shown in (he annual report given In a recent meeting ot the directors! National officials say that thn De- e,atiir organization la out at muling for Its variety and effcrtivencsa of ictl- vltleH and Bland s high In the n n U n m i l rating of Tuberculosis and Visiting Nurses ikssoelallom:, Prisoner's Feed Bill In September Was $850 MKO!S for county jail prisoners In oost Mneon county J8SO, Mystery ntlll surrDimd.H t h e ohlect of the whkh the unlilen"ied cdi 1 made on the auiomoblli 1 which w a M driven by Ml«s ]-iicli'n brother In law. The tin' pulled Filong f^ldc I.IQ Uecuttir car, ordered it to stop, opened fire wheo tbi 1 ) 1 fled, and eontln- ue,d Hhootlns; nnd pursuing (hem from (he Indluna Htm to Chfen^o fl was shown Monday tn n I alma filed by Sheriff C. A. Thrift, The average, cost of ench meal wns shown to be 13S c«nta. Sheriff Thrift operated automobiles In use of his of tier i fin avorSRC cost of five and one Relatives of the trirl went lo fill- cat; 0 Heights Monday, whei'fl they planned lo t n h e her from Ihe ho.inh- al und return her by automobile to her parents' home In Mfiw'ctiqiin, While in Chicago Helyhln they were (o interview pollen ntjlhorllles in nn effort to throw more llRht on the mysterious Hhoolln^, They were PX- pectnd buck late Monday evening. Council Ordinances One Sidewalk Monday A sidewalk for the snulh side, of Enst Kinj; strrel, between North Water and North Main streets, waf criilnnnced Mondny tnornlnp by Ihe Cily Council, Trie ordinance has been on Ells for 10 days for public inspection, [; Another ordtnjuwe (or a Hlcltwilk, for the west nlrie '·t Illinois strMt. between East Wood and E.iit Mitjn tenth eenta per mile during Septetn- fitmet.s, was not sc(-d on, though it ba* be*n on /lie, ilso. WASHINGTON P. T. A. TO CONTINUE TICKET SALE Members of U'ashlHRlon srhoe.1 P. T, /S, will i i l t e i n p t to disiH^n of 3;,'i more lieliiHs to ihe In-a-Diior 1,'Olf Units cluritif; I h e coining week. The ii!tiociatlnn cleiired .$,10 on I h e l r ticket siUe fot (he link.f hiM week. Tuberculosis Association Secretary To Danville M iy- lluhye Moche], e^erutiv," 1 ;-!-:-n-ijiry of t h e M.ieon (.'ounlyyTnli- ereulosls iiivl V I s l l l K K Nnr: : dl 'i, J - ii'M-hiiinn, will jtn (o llnnvIHe ''rlday to n i i e n d a l w f day conference of s t a l e nmt ntiiioonl officinl«. on seal nnle jn-ojranit for t h l c your. Miss Monhe) luifi heen In charse nf Iht! C'hrlstnins Hnlllll Seal Krlle itlnee il was I n k e n over hy Ihe V. N. A, and will direct Ihe sale again ibis year, She will I n k e rmri in (Iv Danville i'iinference n'\ both deleft nte and iiiNlmclor, t Renew Reouest For Illuminated Signs .InJiits jnrilnn of (he ho/ird of St. Johatinca Ijuthernn chnreh requested Ihc council fnr pennlss'lon 10 ereel street sifins dlrnetlnsr chnreh-)(oer to Ibe clitirch, A similar request wn» pi-esented hy letter Inst week, and II W:IH tndl- iinled then I h f i t the eouilcll would no' permit Ihe signs beoniise of (he precedent Illiely to he eslahliFthnrl. No netlon was t a k e n Mon'liiv. due (o t h e presenee of bid three ntenitiprn of the council, Demand Broken Sewer Tiling Be Replaced A request to be allowed to replace A driltri tile or have Ihc Southeast Sewer contractors do 1(, vrtm tnnde nf t.hc c.lly council, Mondftj', hy Mr*. Qille. H. Olmpnnn. inin South Silas Btrc,fl, When (he Southeast Sewer wns b u i l t , the tile draining the-hnsornpnl of her home was severed, Mrs, Jimpson jji\id. It was not replnceci »nd recent ruins have Hooded her ho^c- ment and the buKcmc.-its of two oth- or houses draining Into this tile, Tho new newer ts too high, she »lso jald, for Ihc tile from her house lo he connected with it, Th« mayor was re(«rre.! to the ·ewer engineer* lor Action, REV. G, M, MYERS HEADS MINtSTERS i Association To Co-Operate In Broadr?5tin« Morn- ! ing Services '· Tlev. Oeome M. My-'V. psiflur of !"ir.^t Unlled Rreilircn rhiiri-li, w»» elneted president of th" Decnhir Mln- ·l^ierlal a.f.'iorlitJIon ^fondrjy moi nitic nev. Mr. Myei f" aucceedf Rev. Tnr. re) W. )S"lew"lls. The new vki- president is Ttrv, ,lohn P. Nfnl. FIII^ Cnnvit'l Kninst w:» re-elecmd jiceif. .farv-lrejiyiirer. Tlev. Mr. M v e i . Is Itnown In U n i t e d B r c i l i n " "itfle." nnd aninni: other )")eealur · ( m* 'if the ttnlhor of Hirer boo!;- ii -··. The p««(nr rerch'cd Hie honoiiiry decree of Doe- tor of D i v i n i t y fr-im (he I'llC'V T'eaU Rible semlnjiry and School nf Ar- (roiKiiny in Oiloi;idi in .Tun'- "f Ihir" year. co-operallon of 111" mlntMerii )ti .brotid'-arttlng a uiouilne wori-hlp seri'len ert*:li week day. A enmtiilt- iep will he tinmed mon lo co-nperalc wllh the M n t i o n in t h e request. The association voted in (jo on rec. 'ord ;'* advl^lnc H » membership lo p n r l i c l p u l e tn Ihe Klf.hleenlh Amendment referendum. Twenly-two members amended Monday's jte«:'liin tn |ibe V. M ,:. A, Th« neM meerini; i will he In t w o wee];;], ! ALL SCOUTS TO ATTEND CAMP DURING VACATION ·Arrangfimcnls Being Made ! To Accommodate Boys Thi, Weok Kvery Scout iroop In t n w n will \\aff fine or more djiys" tn Cimp Hob- erl I-'arfea diirlm; Ihc leaf hern innli- t u t e which will relc.-me j)iipl)« f i o m Mnenn County schools bewintilnf: 'Wednesday. rieenlur lieftdi|iitirl'i'i' 'ejtpeefH lo aceomntodnie e\ h eiy Hny [Scout in Ihe Hiy In cnmp Home l i m e (liii'tnff th.nt period. · Numeroui' seoutu will pnnc jiovernl drty^ And rjiubiM In ejimp, pj L epJirlni! lo'itppenr before ibe Oct. 11 court of hnnoi- lo q u a l i f y for :iddHlonril n i e i l l badRen or to ]ms! rnllklntt \fttt, ; 4 'Tuberculosis Conference I Will Be In Rockford t Mlscifsltipl Vnllcy Tonferene* on | Tube.rciiiofils which will he eonducledj Mliiii yosr In Httckford. protwlify w)l! draw i» large nllenttFines from IVca- (in- liiiwllh worker*. Th«, confii-en« will be in (wanton Od, 14. IB, 1(1. Threit (itfK.slonfl will he condticWd for pcrsonn Iniereated In iinil siinalorliim worlf. Three additional ucuHlonn will bt 1 devoted lo In- bcroulosis and public health niirxtnj?, and a third Kroup will he Or voted In rurnl Kindle.-', ChrhtniQS Heatlh Seal Hiiltf will be sludks in it Kpceln) InRtitiiU for Ihftt purpose, llnlf n down other dl- vlnlonH of interes'l including rhlid' he.tlth ednenijon nnd noclnlnElcnl K«Hslonp. ns well HE Inform Minn of inl crest tn niirncn ami ge DP rally In (fronted in work. Representatives will be Mnl lo the conference from Ihn M»con County Tuberculojilo aan»t,orlum. the, Mucon County Tiiberculctilfl ond Visiting Kurscs asnoclailnn. nnd probably [ from DecHlur hoaplfulx and other health organizations. Chrlc'tiwn), Hav.el, ; t » l t i - l K K, 'fiejijirsiie miiliiiciuin, e i . f!»rv*r. Hei,-hel, iiitaln.-i lim-n HlnJi'. Klhil, HRftin.-' o-'il W Wnl7j«li. Kinil, n y n i i ! - i l i e i i i M n t k f , Hi-.^r«t». n j t i i l n ^ i V.-le.j' Tite^liiy, Oi'l. ·{) Moblic. Dunn ~t -, K f t B l n ^ i I. eon* K. TinwNon, ])·»«, naiiin^i Tlnioili;, '' Mnwlhorne. M n r l e . n u n l n x i Alv-i F Mcf'srty. H e r b e j i . iitt^ln«i Klii 1 :!- llelll, Klrlt, Helen C. upaiiii'i W n h " i Paliersoli, liny W. iiBnlti-'i r*';c W Bl-Ho'n, Newell ai-nliiM Kthi't l.hidemnn. Kmory n e n l n M K i m l i f Ki-les, Hlnllehp XRitln!-! N o i l l - . M u i i b e n d . Aldenn njulnst K v n i n - KhiB, Riitli n(Mlni'i Cm lo? . Motion, R D i h URitlilJii I t o w ^ i d . Anderson, M'r'.c M. u g a l n u t Henhs [Ire*-. M")vinn nB«lti*t Thcjiier Pfirnel), l.ui-Hle ("(. nf.stn.-i "l:iud M, Miller KloU-e U. «v-ili'*' W f l l t n m J. .inllxr. l l n r o l d i i M ^ t i ) ' 1 !**nrl. McKtnney, I'e.-irl M. ns-ilnfi .IsniM 1!. ffli'i*"'nl]')ftftr, M u m l e ),. : i i n l n ^ t 'b Filler, UVdni'wIni, (M. t - l Kh"rle, Mery F i n ^ i l n " 11. noi. I fl. I'.e.ipl, Melvln s u n l n n l Anlin. W i l l i a m , Jtvtph K . ii£»liv" Kmtn* \Vo]1;mnn, WHliiit nitrti')jt .tune*. IlAn'l'rfon, I.illttiii nS'iltiPt f'ji-lit" A. ·rflyliir. Kvclyu !iSJ5in:i Wllllsri '\- r;int»ii, Jlinmliy nt'ftij'*! Wj|ll-i!)i Bnlrmiin. ll:inil!i'h M ssstiif 1 Churl'.". Sehnl'x T.ui'ille aaalh--' Hanmei lloiu'h, Uiln, f i n ^ l n ^ i Hn'Tw li. Seolt, M:irc:irei nur.'ilni'i Prtul. nenm:in. trover as;)ln--t I'^Uih V.. TW)i'll. K f f k n R : ) l n l .1"*ic R. KI-I liD'im. l.ouiM- »i'.riln-'i Kenne'h. e-c. ),e):) ^i er. M s n i l w »t;:ili^i Pftit M:lhel n(t a lnc' H^nrv. . . I'olay. WHItam !·'. nanlripl Thslm* Taylor, John K. Fi(l;itn« Ifeleit. PlrFtime, Stella ii;--ln;1 A r t h u r M. . McCoy. l,nellle iiftntn. 1 -) IhrftW. She ppn I'd. I'sulll^ 1 Olialni'! ft.'O T. . Urtche)!, Bciilw HCftln^i Wlllbm. l l n t n m e r r . Sndte nftalniit Csr) W, Hundreds AMtnd Final N*!?r» Revival Meeting The flnsl servlr-M of Ihe Billy Sunday" KOfpe.l iweHtW nl t h e Aniiocli Bapilni e.hwvch, f!r»*nwiort .ivemte. wait a reeonl hffth'r, Hun- dreils paelted (he rhiireh KiKlllorliim, holh whllen and colored In hear the closing nornion by h* (rifled HfKW fvnnu'llpl, .1. Gorton Me.Phir«fn. The evertlnft s^rvtoen b*«rnn with x prostmrri Inter dpercetl w i t h mtd Roapfl unncs hy lit* it rol»J Anlloch fiholr, During the afternoon hour 1he Inter-Rare maun mtellne kliracled n Urge .crowd. Mayor O. W. Rmlth w»» Riven ft warrn ovalton »s h* wan pr»- TOnted by Rev, 3, A, HcPhernon. Thn m«yor p»l'l A )lnl) tribute to th* nettroen U K peaceful law dbtdinc fit\7,fn*, an t h r i f t y m*n and women. LOCAL NOTICES Weaver Tlrt Cft Vtrwrton* Ttr**, Twenty eallfi wer* Jttfielved itnt A tenant Tor Iwo yanr«ft«C.urci lit lh« repori Mr. C. A. CQper, 102ft K. Union SI, fiave un, At a, rrmli nf it r*ntn) ad recently iftiterl*d In Th» H«ra1d'n CI»»nUif,(l V'l Rent" column* EWSPAPJEJRI

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