Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1941 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1941
Page 2
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Two' STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STEELING. ILLINOIS Thursday, OttoKgr IS, Fight Over Parking Meters Is Again Not Far Distant Merchants About Evenly Divided Qv-sr Proposition Acknowledge Checks For USO Collections At local Theaters 'of ie** of ^.-nether meter* nr* r,r *r* no; in the «trfr;. t o! S"Ti:r.~ ihT to b* ror.Mrierah'" h'lhhuh \!rr- cftntiif Sterliiu rxpre c ?Pd it.srif to- dS.V in no •;!'., r:-;.T.r. t^rtn. 5 opinions runnins aii tiir «ny from ft con- scientimi? rie^irr to M»P thr mft^rs tried ou: to Ju cf . a^ rmphatic ?tatp- men:,.< tha; the inrmhrrs of the counril atr piRi'.i ''nu!. 1 " Thrre mav hr comp mr;hod of RPt- tin? ppopip to aarrc on the subject, but iht? man wJio can wrld them together hadn't showed up prior to noon today. Genprally. the reaction was favorable, but the opponent* were the morr vociferous. The majority of those favoring instalia- •Uon were cautious in their statements, usually qualifying what tney «id by adding that they'd "like to an the meters tried out." Most of the opponents to th* pro* position went back to the statement that "there would be plenty of rflfcm on the street* if Tom. Dick and would 'not drive down town und p»rk all day In front of somebody'* else place of business." Some said that they knew of people who went out every hour or twtr and changed their cars fo as to avoid the two hours parkins limit, etc. Others said they knew or people who lived over stores or within a few blocks of the downtown district who parked their cars early Saturday evenings so as to have a place In which to sit durtnc the evening. Many people who were against parking meters when the question came up a few years ago ar* now the heartiest advocates for them, claiming that they have. inve«u- gated and found cities which took them out are now putting them back. Others Mid that it would noire the rfrrHpf problem, while still others ••nn1n1 that it would bring a lot of much needed revenue Into the rtty treasury. Strangely, the time-worn state- Bent that it would drive the farmers aut of town was heard but little. And there the matter stands at tola date. of the three checks in amounts of 67. $10460 and W2.30. a total of $50357. which was collerti-d in th" Sterling State *nd Strar ' thra- tr'-s of SterlmR and Rock Fn!k for th" I'r.itpd Service OrRanl/stion. have hern received b-. 1 ^!anBBer C. J. Kor.'o'; from .lules J. Pubens. ro- rhfluman of the nationwide they're I'SO rampRiRn to :s>r..r fund. 1 - to l^romo'e th^ •» ork of recreation renters near the army ramps Thanks | («. px'er.ri'-t! bv the national • iraMnn ?>r--J-tie. . entire 5'aff of t!ie jSteriing and Ro'k Fails theatres fni 't!:«> 'urressful effort p\it forth in the campair.n. Archifed Praises Gazette Edition On RFHS Addition From Gilbert A. Johnson, archt- , tcct of the Rock Falls high school, comes a letter of congratulations to Th* Gazette on the tabloid supplement to The Gazette, issued Oct. 7. "its completeness is outstanding."" Mr. Johnson asserts. Designer of The Gazette building. The Grandon Civic Center, as well as the Rock Falls high school addition. Mr. Johnson has had a world of experience In th« architectural field, especially in school designing. For the past 20 years he has designed all new school buildings for the RockJord board of education, starting in 1921 on a 13,000.000 school building program, under which the Lincoln junior high school—a 2.200 pupil school—the Roosevelt Junior high school and two combination gymnasium and auditorium units were erected. A t3.2OO.000 school program, of which he had complete charge, was completed early in 1M1 and included two senior high schools of 2.000 capacity each, and costing 11300,000 each; also the" Washington junior high school -.nd an elementary school addition. He also designed the combined high and grade school at Malta, hifh schools at Byron, Oregon. Marengo and numerous other buildings. Although specialit- ing in educational institutions, he has also designed a large number of industrial planU, bank buildings and residences. Ask Illinois Hunters to Look for Bonded Ducks The state conservation department urgea Illinois hunter* to keep watch for banded ducks which they kill. Approximately 10,000 ducks, moatly mallards, were banded in the past two-year* by the natural history •urvey. Hunum should send bands and all data relating aa to where and when the dicks were Jdlltd. Information furnlshad. hf. the bands la fMraUal for • bfttor ^BderstaBd- iBf of migratory fowl Mnaf«netit. Bands give lnf|BlMt>Bii «n fee fentth of life, ihlgligfcri nartea, ate and tex ratio and ether important tfata on tha lif« of waterfowl Bonfires in Gutters Soon Will Ruin Streets ' The cttr atraet* soon will be ru- tead if tbt rcaidenu peraist in '.• burninc leavea In the gutters, warn, UWK acaioat which have been is- auad time and again by the city of; fidala Heat from the bonfire* melts . the aapnalt and damafcs the otraeta •' and the refuse is washed into drains. r cicifUlf up the aew«r»~eacS^ame s than i« a heavy rain. Smoke from the burnini leaves make* the riai: Mlity -bad for motorista and may came accjijenu, Junior Circlt Mctfs The King's Meuenger Junior cir; da of the Kinfi Daughters met , Tuesday evening in the home of Beverly and Vera Kraft of Wood. '• aid*. Maxtne Allen had charge of tha , . Meetinc and Vera Kraft gave the . Bible lesion. The meauge from the Silver Cross, for Juniors waa read 'by Clara Patten. Games were in charge of Kahla Wecner and Beverly ~ ' *nd ref reahmenU were terved. Pvt. George F. Elsesser Home from Camp Forrest Prtvit* George P. ELsesserr-ilOl West Sixth street is home for a 15- day furlough from Camp Forrest, Term. He looks fine and in good condition. His leave of absence ends October 26. He was in the army maneuvers in Arkansas and Louisiana and had many experiences during the war games. Will Explain Tax Low . Doyle, deputy of th* internal revenue department, will be at tie Sterling pott office from 9 a. m. to 4:JO p. m. next Ftlday to explain the provisions of the new tax law. Those persons who have been confused by the new schedules for payment, exemptions and other details ot the law now in effect, will be given assistance by Mr. Doyle. GIVE YOUR PHITOlMfH THIS CHRISTMAS Cmmjwm thtafcref any nk«r pm- eat? We eafgesi yew »!MM m tbJa week fer an asveiBtaaesit It km't a Mi tee early. •U-J Central Collegi Head Says Youth Lacks Background Americo Is at the Crossroads Dr. Good Tells Educators I Vo-inc )T>-,v,n f.-.'fi inz collate ;<-•- 'rlav lark m^ra! barkcro'inri', I>r T ' ,J. ("ifKiri prr = :rifj nf Crn'rnl rn'.- lecr Irif!!?!! 3 .;^;; 1 ; !nd In 'd the Whif'-ide fo 1 ;:/-. Tra'h^r^' R C -O- iriation a' the ar.ivia] m^'itute b<->- inc hpici n; rlir Morrison Inch school tori ay. "In fo'-niT .•• r a: < : we looked to thP lower da^'-s >> .'•;:•:•.;«.') O'.ir criminals. Today we ,'inri t'nem coinine from average 'arniiir^ aiid. in man r instances, from ti-,p brttrr clashes of society.' Dr. C^rxxi stafrc). "Crime ir> costing t!-,e Ur.ited Suites $15000.000,000 a yrnr. or an avrraee ff 1125 per inhabitant o' this country. \Ve have approximatelv 5000.000 criminals In the t'niiH Sta>><;, or an average of one to every 26 inhabitants." The better people are not setting .high enough standards, Dr. Good asserted, in di«-u*nag the topic, "America at the Crossroads." We have faced many changes during the past two decades—moral, political and economic. We are going to face other changes, he said It is to be a question of what sort of peace do we want? Dr Good placed a. : Troportion of this responsibility ujjidh the educators. The attendance at the morning session was large, when the meeting was called to order by County Superintendent R. M. Robertson. Roily Day Sunday at Coltta Grove Streef United Brethren Church May Ask 8-Hour Day A rew)lutionn urging passage of a state law to require eight-hour days for policemen in all Illinois cities of more than 5.00& population is expected to be passed at the convention of the Illinois Policemen's Benevolent and Protective association which opened Wednesday in Peoria. ^n.v nt ?h" Co>'s Grove t"n:ter! Brerhrpr.^h. of «-hi r h n^r.a'd C E;h"-.r,e is pastor. The C"r."r'".'i .srh<v>! f*.<&\nn will Jvg'n nt '0 s rn nt ?-hirh * R<"*U of SO si'^iidanrp r.«.«. h^'n ."-t T'n» regular proersm will s'srt n* ;0 .Vi * rn w;'h B Haliv riav 'one. ?o'. !OTP<I hv PTiTtt'irP nnd nraver Sv H'-v. ^ X Morr;.'on. Mrs B I. Cfl'e srd fis'jp'^T '•;; sin? a d';<-'. The rPrr.amdT of th» procr«m in•-:'K>s sn address bv Krrn Fab*r of I.q M'vljp. a :-^r,z bv 'lie i'in:'«r rla. 1 -'. ^ f'.'z'.ng. "ls> ;:*f M flic PS R Dp'ision.' bv Mr. ar.d Mrs R:i.vell T::!rr,an and an pddre.^s TV O I, Harn-on of Mii>dgp-.:;> Af-pr « • report of eiasW*. ariyr.!'. wi!] be !«ke;i for a basket dinner in the (07.11 hal! TT.P afternoop. SPSMOII wi'.l h" rie- lo'e/-) to q fK r r r d concprt. ^'flrnnr at 2 30 InstT'impntal music *;!! *>«• fea^-ired A;' are imited to ;iart:ci- pn'.e in thP rn'isiral program. Longs Home from Double Operation At Rochester, Minn. Find No Shortage Of Material for Building Homes Officials of FSLA Home from Peoria State Convention F Browne .'ir, jr . s w. Mr and Mrv A. J. Lons are home from Rochester. Minn., wherp they have been for the past six weeks and where both submitted to operation-!, he for a wrenched spine which was pressing against a nerve «nd Mrs. Long for an inward goiter. Both are in splendid shape, although It will be a considerable length of time before either will be back to normal During their ho.s- pitaliiatlon. they received 238 cards and letters, a number of flowers and present* for which they are deeply grateful. I «nd Albrr? and trea- ffir:' Tf- ; ':T^tr,eiv. of the Federal -Sa'vir.E^ and Lx>an a.voriation. are >io:ne fiom PeoriR. where they ha\ e Vrn attending (he Mn!e convention, which ended Wednesday. The attendance was larse. over 400 be;ne rrRi'tered as rie!ri?nte<; nnd o'«er 500 ; h^ing present a( the various sessions i The critical times nnd uncertain future trends of h"me finaii'-inz brought o;it many discu-vians nnd spheral splendid addre.ves by nationally known authorities. home more o' « ware than an authoi itatue ruling to stop all construction. Mov mnterial dealers were foundyo be well supplied nnd those whoxhnve plans under way should attemf>C. to complete them, even though «>me substitution may be necessary. Should there be a lull in buildins next Vear, this should not curtail the home loan business and the purchase and remodeling of houses should be accelerated, according to the general consensus. It waa sug- The fhortaRP of material fo<\ b'lildine was tnkpn as beuie Corn Pickers Busy Again Mechanical corn pickers now are busy in many fields. The corn gathering was started the latter days of last week, but was inter* rupted by rains. On many farms hand picking is still in vogue and the rattle of the ears against the sideboards of the wagon* lends a familiar sound in many sections. THE HENDRICKS DRUG CO. GIVES AMAZING BARGAINS TO PEOPLE ANSWERING THIS AD thmt rnentjj on homes b<* c*t*ain th'v can s^cijre the rr,«teri9!s «nd eq u: pTti e r, t neerirri tv'.ni'f t'nry rio^' 1 » franss?t!on fo ejrher b'jy or finance their home. P»rr!f!<-».* will be ricm»nd ( 'd. th^re t>. ill r>p '-'"SV;T taxes, shifts in ern- plflvrt'.er.'. nvich higher crwt of !;v- jng. s'.'h.^''.t'itlOTis arid n^ 1 ^. rrgnla- t'or. b'.i! th.p cennri! o^'!n:o:) \T^^. t.'iPt t;-,«••,- m'J't 'tv 1 an!ic:j>afrd a;id a r\-< r.;t '' 1 in thP na' rie- Local Greeks Have No Word from Relatives For About 10 Months Ladies' Aid Meets Thl* picture !• ,*«!ft to hft'-e 'hpp;i \ rrH: r h 'tim» to tj*«» hH kiiHns? nhit* ;>siiri"''r1 hy the Aw*;t!e L'i~i»*. I' ro^t. bti- h^ In «er\inR notice (hit is * !"pe.nd "vtih, the Grpp'«:.<- 'hat 0:1 < romp of th^ r " nnzn'<: h<* M .~iH really I van-Tr (radons n'.'.f-rn;-•••-' h?r. eih" doing n job lor himself. i hv a rrv.rarlp th* doors '."T.'ilrt b"- ! rnfr.^ iofkro. fo tn?»' 'h'*'.c-.^ a-*av. h*:! tojr'or^ the ;w:n".!-.g :o r: 3!; « for a De:emhrr evpnt r.t r.a^p <•••) :r,r -AR.J. j made <*;-.en the Ladles' ,\:d society "Ti'.ivi.-.ands of rrip.x^.'. varalN t:,"/! p~ f t Wedncsdav affinoon ;n the 3:;.'' r;;-r:i.rrj nrrr^r qy. tn ' .fr iV^n^ ' R / ' rl .'"i R r f<^r'11 r d <~ s v.);r'n Af'PT the ri' [''T'!' '. i ' r ^k.^ b 1 "^,'" A .c. l. : -. t;. r : : • '•';• !!^.' ( 1"":;^^ ?!'s^ r^fr'".'-hrrien'^ ri.-i's! r;-.-. of t;:r V:rK;r:. 'o ;':RV : i-r . •-'• e-: e .--er-. ed hv M."- Brit Strahn r-.-rr.^ , jr, ::d Mrs. O-.vpn Kr;!rr. The prest- ' <'''T r '.". ^ !?.''• r^f ^h*"' i r )l.^^i r '(d p?l~ tr:'/ 1 -. Light Frost Lost Night ; '*T5 frnin no: b^rn I'-p*- :n fir^ r re •d hv anv mrm- bpr. 1 nf -.IP! Gree'r. rr<.ony in was : r " r /.ed hv Chris AriKelos. no let'e.'s Ma--t of the :o-a; Greeks ha-.e few if anv relatne.^ >.'t there. There seprns to be no n«>?..< of the condition.'; in Greece p\en from t!ie Cireek newspapers published in Chi- anri New York. Last -.ear Mr. Angelos re^rnrcl a fo'.dcd pirture of the ancient church of St. Mary the Virgin, on the i.s!e of Dcnos. a small Greek island This church and shrine of the Virgin is \-isited onnjially, or was. by JO.OOO pilgrims from all over the world. Mr. Angelas explained. The church U very ancient and among its treasures was an oil portrait ol at. Mary the Virgin hold- Ing the infant Je.sus In her arms. M: Frr>-r r: id n't TO LOOK VOI'R BF.ST T II E ANNARFI.IF. . RAV PARRFR << BF.ATTV SHOP Strrllnr Thratrf Bid*. Fhnnf 272 •YOU SAVE AT THE BADGER STORE SALE ON PYREX GLASSWARE Yon will find a dand.T assortment of genuine PYRF.X oven b*Klnr itla'Jwarf here. You will want several pieces for tour own uv or to give JM nifls.' Prrex Tie Tlalc* 20c Pyrex Baking Dl*h SOe Pyrex Loaf Pan* ,. 45c Prrex Meaoirlng Cupn .... ISo Open Baker* 3,"c Pjrex C akp Dishes 35r Pyrex t"as«erole 65c Custard Cup< Sc SPECIAL-GALVANIZED BUSHEL BASKETS Reg. bushel slip galvanized ba*keU with two strong «ldp handle*. Fireproof sior»|e for and carryinit ruhhUh 59 c \\t harp a rrand sclprtlon of gennlnp hearrweisht Aluminum ware. Terfpct qualltv. Evrry piece Is of newest design and most dwlrablf. BADGER PAINT STORE S2 W THIRD ST. STERLING - PHONE S51 FRIDAY NI6HT, OCTOBER 17th Clip this ad. bring to the Hendrtclu Drug Co. and obtain a big. family size bottle of splendid "Old Mohawk "Medicine" for only SBc cenU. If you don't say this i« the nio«TpIeaiihg medicine you have ever taken for general run-down conditions, the druggist will refund you every cent you paid There is enough medicine in this big bottle to last for two weeks . '. . Don't delay; this offer is limited ... Old Mohawk Medicine IA especially intended for Stomach acidity, so-called pains in arms, back, legs, tired feeling, unsound sleep • and other symptoms when caused by ordinary constipation and lazy liver . . . Take only a few dose* of Old Mohawk Medicine and 'just feel your- a aa waste mattei laam your body.—(Adv.) e POLO AND TWEED COATS Keep warm and pretty through winter—wear a polo or tweed coat, with the zip-out linings. Just received a new shipment ot reversible*, all very smart and so moderately priced, DRESSES, SKIRTS, SWEATERS, BLOUSES, BAGS and MILLINERY, BERKSHIRE HOSIERY MM GOLDEN rCACOCK. COSMETICS. » THE MKL SWPFE EsftUyJeiMa, iYap. ' rhe«M 4M4-W 6:45 ond 8:15 PRINCETON vs. STERLING TWP I Princeton conies with a strong conference team. See them! NEW STADIUM NORTH END OF THIRD AVE., STERLING . 50e—Students 30^ All To* Included Beautiful New Curtains -Drapes MEW FALL DESttKS ANB WEAVES BOWL Afternoon Relax after work with a few frames of bowling. It will do wonders for you. And. anytime before 7 p. m. you'll have no trouble getting an open alley. We're open from 9 a. m. to midnight. OVITAIHS Panels, solid colors .. ---- 98c pr. Panels, white and ecru .. ..... 1.29 pr. Panels, marquisette . .,,. 1.79 pr. Panels, 3-tone rayon . ..$1.98pr. Priacillaa f white and colored, 1.19 pr. to 5 J5 pr. Pin dot to coin dots. Lace Panels, cotton and rayon — white, ecru. 1.19 ea. to 3.95 ea. Cottage Sets Gay colorful — make windows sparkle. 1.19 to 2.98 UnliMd Printi $1.00 to 3.98 Lined Rayons All colors, 2.98 to 3.98. "Re»" Floral Prints €J» pr. Crash Print* $5.95 pr. One and two of a kind Panels .... 78c to 1.88 Priscillas ..98eto2.88 Cottage Seta . 98c up i * Drapes, lined and unlined— 98c to $5.98 r i r PRinCE AvmiM A tmt FMHi Stiwt. CASTLES WE MSTAU. VEKTIAM SUNOS Your choice of H'hite or ivory—wood or metal slat*. Six tape colors. "S" shaped Blinds, 45c aq. ft. More light—Greater light control. St« Recreation man Furniture Co, " -TBHsW" i iBB-llMl — -••••, — laviai- PflPER SALE •ew MM! save at h Ng. •VMS if ltlll| iftial Itl bsoiflUt. tiiii w aJlt. * *^r^p^is» WFV Vonrai'VlW^'fJ TPOjnjNl^ ^oj WfJVy teritr eeapleli, at tar as 99c not Htr ** WAYNE _ WKJORH RAMS&AUVniNS UCN.TCM MOWN.WHUAM T.OMI ' -PLUS- IT'S A JluU FROM OriflMl 5»*rr, *«• OfMW • .> A UNrvWAi ftCTUHt NEXT SUNDAY-3 DAYS! ONE OF THE BEST TWIN BILL ATTRACTIONS. WE HAVE EVER PRESENTED! Glen Grey & Band and 15 Great Stars in 'TIME OUT FOR til BAD MEN OF Better than "DODGE CITY HURRY! IT'S THE LAST LAFF DAY4 RETURNS IOAN BUJNDKI 414 LOCUST St. WE GIVE S*H GRJKEN STAMPS! PAINT STORE Phone 81 411 Locust St. WHt Je«k ieatf't "NOONiStEr FRIBAY-6BW DAYS! STRAND 20ca lOc LAST DAY—3 UNIT PROGRAM! TAX 1NCL. JOEL McCREA in MMESPONKir 1 "MEET THE FLEET" —And— SKINNAY ENNIS and BAND ACT!

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