The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 27, 1923 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1923
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY.- WNli 27, 1923 • M v '» - , v s THE HUTCHINSON NEW*\ PAGE SEVEN. FOUR FLUSHING TOTALLY LACKING President's Mid-Western Talk* ' Confined to Cold Fact*. AVOIDED USUAL BUNK Sincerity of Harding Not to Be Gainsayed—Mrs. Harding the Politician on Trip. (Special political letter to Tho News by A, L. Shultz). Topoka, Kana. Juno 27.—Kansas seems most certain to dovelop a genuine admiration and fondness for the quiet, calm manner and apparently unlimited frankness and courage of President Harding. Without employing oratorical tricks, the coinago ot catch phrases or use of platform circus methods, the president looked his j Kansas City ahd . Hutchinson crowds squarely In tho oyes, statod hla case ami sat down. It wasn 't a hit llko tho old spectacular campaign stuff. Tho fact that the president possesses a full lino of oratorical displays mid didn 't use them, rather bothered the mld-wost for tho first thirty minutes. There wus scarce a genture. Tho president didn 't wavti his arms once sind he didn 't race up and down the stage. He never waved the flag and no one was listed fts an undesirable citizen or threatened with deportation for not agreeing with his position. Brave Play at K. C. On tho transportation question, tho president walked into tho city which had been most strongly and effectively organized against his program. He told his crowd thoro was three courses open as possible relief. • Ho said ho regarded a consolidation or grouping plan by congress as tho least expensive, the most effective and offering Ihe fewest dangers if hopes didn 't j comn iruo—as sometimes happens In public uffalrs. Ho said he didn't re- Bard taking his consolidation'message to Kansas City as really good politics. But ho wanted to uso tho medicine' where It would do the most good. It was a big, bravo play—in-view of the fact that tho convention which Is expected to renominate President Ilnrdiug by neeiamatfon meets early next Juno. Almost any person who wus out hunting votes would have walked gingerly around several things tho president Bald. There were so many fluo places to duck and trim. But the President didn't cut a sail. The cool frankness and the uncompromising statements rather bothered the big crowds a bit. Then as a sonso of appreciation of tho president's courage and candor came .to the men and womon In the audience, they responded to his appeals. Tho Hutchinson meeting was in a measure similar to the one In Kansas City. In both cities tho greeting to the president overshadowed tho St. Louis welcome where the president presented "lis International court policy. i Just Common Sense Talk. In Hutchinson the president's farm npcocn wasn't 6xact »y fuU *n Omiifvil and good cheer. There woro intimations that a lot of first class farmers are hard up largely because they paid more money" for V pleasure car than i was represented In the purchase -juice of the farm. Thoro were also assur- 1 ances that any person who produces ' food atutfB' arid rotalns a susptclou 1 that some day some political organization Is going to wipe off the mortgage, is born to disappointment. Nor were there any intimations that cong- ress could devise somo legislation which would make certain- high prices for everything the - farmer produces and keep down tho cost of everything ho buys. v The president told of his agricultural - program, outlined farm leglsla- . tlon of the last two years and pledged - his support of every move that would give tho fanner a fair, square ouanoo. There are a lot of nice, soft, squashy things tho president might have said which wore never mentioned. In short ho indicated that he would fight nil night to givo tho farmer ovary op, portunlty to develop, but that It wasn't good sportsmanship to ask preferences over tho hod carrier, the gentleman section hand or coal minor. —o— Gave. Them Something Now. Kansas farmers have been fed up on tho new era stuff. A dash of colit facts right in the face—evon on -a Mistering hot summer afternoon— makes a person wait for breath. Now there 1B evidence .that tho former Is going to thoroughly llko it. Ho met with a new Blyle of chief executive In President Harding and tho thrill of assurance of fighting cooperation rathor than slobcr and gush and puutlc kissing may prove Just the sort of help '.hat the crop grower wants and needs. - William Allan 'White jit Emporia- veteran progressive, who placed Harding at the toot of his list when he wont to the Chicago convention iu 1920— rang tha 'bell iu summarizing the Kan •as City spoech. "Here is a Juan who baa often employed, groat oratorical A CLEARANCE SALE OF NOTICE—June books are closed—all charge purchases made this week will be entered on July account, payable August 1st. 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Ont at Hutchinson, Fred Dumont Smith, former state senator and wlds- ly knownlawyer, gave an analysis of tho fanner view of the president following bis speech. "\i wasn't an oration. It was the frankest sort ot statoment ot cold, hard toots. It was Just the sort ot speech that makes the ordinary person look on President Harding aa a super common cltlien." —o—" •'• It was a non-political trip. There was no reference to 'party issues. At HutchinBon Governor Davis, Democrat, introduced the president in tho finest Sort of fashion. Tho governor, members of MB family and staff wore gjiests of Bhe president through Kansas. * If there is to be a placing ot credit for bringing tho president nearer the Kancaa people and in closer harmony with the mid-west, Mrs- Harding should have a big share of tho honor. Bhe never lost an opportunity to meet people—aboard tho special, in the hotels, at tho meetings or following the long, tedious parados when she smiled and bowed and waved recognition to the big crowds. —o— Mrs. Harding enjoys the crowds and and in her own words "loves to moot the people." She W&B with the president in his campaign in tho state throe years ago, but has lost none ot her enthusiasm and Interest in affairs be- causa of her recent serious stckneaa. Death of Sumner Curtis near Denver Sunday, was Lhe tragedy ot the trip. Curtis was on the trip aa representative of Republican national com- mltteo. He was in. frequent couter- I'euce with Kansas loaders during the Kansas City and Hutchinson stops and •was one of tho keonoat polities! observers In the party. Cured Her . Rheumatism Knowing from terrible ©xperlence tha •uffeHng oaueed by rheumatism, Mrs. J. 6. Hurtt, who llvos at 80S E. Douglas Street. C-1B7, Bloorolngton, it|„ U so thankful at Having cured here'elf that out •f pur* gratitude she id anxi'^a to taf) •II other tuffarers Just how to gat rid Of their torture by a efmpff war at home. Mr*. Hurtt has nothing to edit. Meraly mail your own name and addreee, and aha swllt gladly send you this vatuabU In. formation entirety frt-a. Writ* IMT At 0mcj» aafora yau f*rp*«. ALL VACATION BIBLE SCHOOLS NEAR CLOSE Great Interest Among the Thousand Children and Work Will Soon Be Exhibited. Much interest has been expended In the last three woeks on the Datly Vacation. Bible Scihools that have been In session hers. Nearly 1,000 children from the homes ot Hutchinson hav.e. been receiving the Instruction and leadership from the Various schools held in the oomm unity: Some of the schools close this weok among Ihoso being the First Avenue Bfcptlst ohurch and tho Churdh of tho Brethren, The schools at the First Methodist, the First Presbyterian, the First Christian and the Community School at Orandvlew will oloso their schools Friday evening with a community program In . tho Methodist Church. The leaders of the various schools report splendid work done and an Increase.In interest. The work of the schools will be on exhibit in the individual schools so that the parents ot the children may see the results and the work that has boon accomplished. Tho do3ire is to place before tho p«oplo of Hutchinson the work that has been uci;.Hnplished and the program that has bctm pro- pared is aW inclusive of the program of tho varivua schools. The Methodist church has been sclented aa tho proper plnoo on account of the size and ability to accommodate a largo crowd. Tho Interest in ihe schools has been smch that those who are desirous of being among tho ouoa called present will have to he among the first tlioro. The community school at Orandvlew has been among, the most successful of the wholo group ar^d tbo churches are especially Interested In seeing tie work that has beon done there. Wires In Tabernacle. Salt Lake City—Tulogrnph Instruments ticked for tho first time In the 61 years' history of tho Mormon tabor, naclo as tho Associated Press, dtis- patcbos ot president Harding 's ad- dross were soirt from thero throughout the country. fNDIGESTION I causes bloating—gassy patns thai em crowd the hpftrt—oonatlpatlou, Alway* fimd rwlltf ami W»rt In CHAMBERLAIN'S TABLETS No tripiat— ae nausM— only 26 crate BETTER BUSINESS FOR FIRST HALF OF JUNE Thoro am now liitl licenses i'iiu tho largest numjor iu tho history the city. Federal Reserve Board Makes Report of Generally Improved Conditions. Washington, Juno 27.. -Production and shipment of .goiu ral merchandise and m&liuf&cturctt ix>nUiu!«d In ii&avy volume during May and tho first halt Of Juna. A summary of general] business an-d financial conditions niadu public today by tho •federal reserve board also revealed the sustained high 'level of 'production bad been tnf ior.tod in the volume of eni;yloymout and in many instances advauces-m wu.g<*. Wholesale commodity prices doeltn- ed to some cxtont in Iho six weikt* ended Juno 15, the r-id-uctlon being carried In soma lines into the retail trade and tho holdings of bankers acceptance and government securities by the reserve banks was shown to be lower than at any time iu more than a year. Licenses Near 509. Sallna, Juno 27.—When four more "dog licenses are Issued, it will bring the total licenses in Salina up to 500. QOOD WHEAT PR08PECT8 IN SALINE COUNTY. Salina, June 27— John White New Cambria was In Salina this mo lug and secured seven harvest bar nt tho employment bureau In the i halt. Mr. White Bays that wh'.it ripening rapidly, and next woek ha eiu will bo iu full swing, lie Ht;it tli'iit on thu lowlands that wore cm ed by water, tho v.-fK-ut in whit'* 1 the .highlands and tho crop ij vi promising. Ho asserts that there much good wheat in Saline county, ul.i ity ICS t'l'- lllt iry Nan Skid Cakes. A small boy daring bts first evont- r»tl mc-al In a rcviaurant, suddenly became engrossed In a man at the n, \L table who WHS regaling hlmsui; wjiu waffles. Hi.: turned to bts paion's ar .ii announced in a shrill voice "MUMisu, I want some of those nousUlii ./aki-H." DOSE COLO Auackd made mora endurable Ii by Inhaling vapors ot— VICKS T .^1 If coffee 1 disagrees drinK^ Postum

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