The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 21, 1971 · Page 47
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 47

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 21, 1971
Page 47
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Cakes & Icings. COFFEE CAKE Martha R*Wrt» LatUa S sticks oko t box farowR ' 3 cups flour 1 tsp. vasiB» 1 tsp. soda DATE CHERRY CAKE Mr*. Fraak J, >Ute*cfc ST. (-»b»tstjy:i. •*»««•« tll-TCH STICK CVKK FrrrjwfJ I cup buttermilk l«*S Meft t»x> «jcte dto, add cups flour pjn» ont teaspoon soda. Mix wefl together Take out one jntxSureZothksatkico? cup chopped nuts This is the topping. To remainder ingredients add one cop tmnaimlk. one egg and one teaspoon vanilla. Pour in long baking pan. CARROTCAKE Mrs. Thomas McOore •Heap but Jrrof I ! j MM jjco 3 cup* fieur ! jsp. soda 2 Tbsp. cocoa l cup hot water ! tsp, 3 Makes 3 < 8-inch) layers Sift together: 2 cops rifted Boar 1 tsp. baking powder 1 Up, bafcing soda 1 tsp. cinnamon i* tip. safe Set aside Combine: IVr cops sated oil " 2 cops sugar Mix wril. Add one at a time: dates 2 cups candted Stir «gg» and suRar Add fauttw and mm. do not cream. Add Hour sifted with cocoa And soda alternately with h<rf water Add vanitU. dates, nut? and cherries. Mix well. Flake in two ioaf pans three and one-half hours at 2So degrcts. RED EARTH CAKE Beat well after each addition. Gradually add dry ingredients, mixing wdl. Add: 2 cups finely grated carrots. Mix wen. Turn into three «ght- tnch layer cake pans which have been greased and floured. Bake at 350 degrees for 50 to 60 minutes. Remove from pans and coo! on racks, West Columbia '•s cup shortenms J»i cup sugar 2 cups flour. te» 2 Ttep 1 cup butlermtlfc 2 eggs 1 tsp. baking powder :4 tsp. salt 2 Tbsp. ready made coffee i tsp. soda 3 Tbsp. cocoa 1 tsp. red cake coloring 1 tsp. vanilla Mix shortening with sugar. Add ofher ingredients. Bake in a long pan or two layer pans at 350 degrees tor 36 minutes or Jess. 1CINC FOR RKD EARTH CAKE 1 box powdered sugar 1 stick oleo 3 Tbsp. cocoa 1 tsp. red cake coloring (more red coloring makes a very pretty cake* 2 Tbsp. coffee 1 up. vanilla 3 Tbsp. hot milk "Really, -my dear-you look 10 years younger since you started wearing clothes from CRONEY-S!" CRONEyS...finest tit in mens wear without skimping on quality or adding on price! CRONEY'S LAKE JACKSON* Opposite Lake Theatre s»ch <:»•*«• SIR. M; M} bakf i?? r b«;t in A «fo** >5\» ai!ff* So *<»» <m untw in tfur bcc*J S»r, BANANA NtTCAKE Robj H«rtnr»» Kra/orU 3 large bananas. '•- cup (rff 1 cup nw* ' »'-,- cs^> stsjar ? eggs 1 tsp soda 2 cups ftrnw Pinch salt >VW alt dry i togfthcr M*«h wrfl. blend ofCT>. eejts, t>cal well. Add to tlr> injfrpditn!* Mix well. Add nut*. Stir with spootj Four into bund? pan Cook one hour at 33n d«?rM», MOLASSES CAKE Allvnr Box Frrrport 3 cups flour i cup molasses 1 cup sugar 1 cup milk 1 cup butter or oleo t tsp. Birtgrr '•i tsp nutm'-g 'i tsp groum! cloves Cream butter and sugar and fxrat in eggs. Add an da to molasses Sifl dry inRrctJiPnts togrthcr. A«W altcrn.itcly milk and molasses and dry ingredient.* to butter, sugar and egg inixiurr. Bake in large loaf nan 45 min in VJi dcgrw oven. sx-*^xxxx-«^x«»xx*x's^xxx»;xv^X'«vx«ia»'»Kxxx)c»f > «• «. i->»f5<3»---*--s^«. ^^r Jl '^^$r^&) 4 * : S - ^•^•yj^yj $ * PIES & -? (Xsesxaasxaassaacassfaasxisx^^ on \NtiK MKKtM.lK I'JK DESSERTS t <up vjfja? !j" : T^«J 5 rnf^: S»,T jr. jf?aet«i»!5. ir.i Svra; it<-i: a Thrf, brai if.'..r.frrr,J-.";r< hot rnixturr. Urtyrn !,•> hrat snd txis! onr rr-inutr. .« t i r r » n e eonffantly H<T:IO-. r- {rortv hrj? O>r, ha k ret psc >h CII.CT Rwringu*' I'M- frown "rang'- jaS lisjuf rvj A« durv'ffi If m :i>r*.r,frs.s •*afi(c«J. dn cfii«;e )<cc«" a BI.tKHERRV PIE Mr*. Carol>7> MorrU I.akr Jac)(«m. Tcn»» 2 p:r crusts' ' t cup ho! water 3 1 cup shnrtrtiini; 2 Tbsp *u$4r 1 Tfwp. vanilla 2 cups flour Cream nil but floor, AtW flour Roll out 2 mi?! and hak«- at -T75 di^;r«T» till brown, cooi FH.I.IXf. 2 pkgs l>r<-.'im Whip >i i»>xs i-«n*, pkg. crcnm cluwv I hlijf lx-rry pic fil Irfiyor crust bananas, whip up Whip add .^oftcnrfJ crcnni chew Divide bclwren !'.n> pic*, top off will) hluchfTry j«c filling in the renter of each. Keep in tin.- refrigerator until n v adv to ?'ff •k <i THIS -^B*, IOUDA Y SEAS01 REMEMBER THE r ONES WHO HA VL MADE Your Life COMPLETE With A Gift of Love and DISTINCTION FROM HARP JEWELRY LAKE JACKSON r.UAPKKHVITPJK >tr». IV J.I'onfiV K r rr port ivtif cup grapcfruii j-:n!'«' M;x cfir.-i«(iirrh ,'»;'l lui' with or.p fourth cuji erapffrui! ;u:cc ;««! ^!,-r ir,!n hiiiiint; »ii!rr and fr'sm h« v ai rj.-iti adrl cKK >ri|kA Pour intri !«kr'l pir shfii and cover with mrringue Hrown in rn r-j-, KRKSII .STH \\VHKHKYPIK i cup tresh strawN'mfs 1 i',iis pineapple. No T Tbsp corn starch \V,iier Red rake coloring I" 1 ))! m C'Miktnt! |^in juice drained from pineapple, add enough water to make (wo cups. Stir m corn starch. Add cake coloring lit KIVC i! deep red color Cook until thick. lei coo! 1C minutes, pour in fruit Stir well Pour into luo nine- inch cooked pie shells Serve with whipped K.^r \VMMK 1 K IVo.fa4t J rrirpoj-t <• ^n <J;rrv1 i'v ^ I r;-; *ri ri ;»»f.l'rnr* i-j * rif.g. '•nir MTIUC'lOfS PlMJ'KiMMK Mr». IMItlnrlh In !,•>?(£<• !>wl 1 r!,ip tifii'-m s 1 rup Mhil" si i Ti«(. ftour I <:;in pumpkin I ; !"• <i? rap. •• milk i CKJ! yrj!'*5 SK Ffurr CUKKI.KK Mr». Krank ,1. .Matnirk Sr. llr.i/nri.i i sti< k oleo ! cut) flnsir I cup Mi»{ar I Isp hiiktnK jmwdiT ! cup milk I'ut one stick oleo in iNtklfU! divh Set tii 325 tlcpree oven until melted While hot pour in doiiKh. four (ruil over doujji and iKtke alxjiit -in minutes or until brown, Shoes for the Family HuSh .-a t • « « 0 S»rvln« Bnxorfa County with quality Mm* brand •hoo for alt UM family. OOWNTOMN LAKE JACK JON PHONE »7-* BKAZ01TOKT VILLAGE PHONE 97-414I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,J

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