Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 6, 1930 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1930
Page 2
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Indiana Laureate to Open Lecture Course in Bement TUITION CLAIMS IN PIATTCO, ALLOWED MONT:CELLO ~The following clultim for tuition wore nltowca at the recent meeting ot the semi-an (mini Platt county boaul BEMENT -E A Rlclinitlson poet laureate of Indiana, will open the high nchool lerlnio (tnirttj foi th* year In an entertainment at ,1 15 o'clock Mondav afternoon Oct (i Mra. O E. Loonoc . woithy inn. t i o n of Bement chapter O E . S . a n d Mrs. r E PBtorwen contluctresK, v/lll go to Chlcuffo Mondny to attend the 56th annual m«nlng ot the Grand Chapter of the Older c-f Kosl- em 9tnr «hld» rneeti In Medlntih Temple, Tupsdny, Wedmisdiiy and Thurwd^y Mr 1 ). MiiKjdo Kemp, who hurt been vhitinit Mi*. T. \V Murlow and nthet iclnlivcs nnd f t k i u t s t h n Inst two we Iti. iitiiinel Saturduy to hct home In Marlon O Cleotgp Lotidrnhufk 10 vmrs olit son of Mi. nnd Mis Jtl back. Is ti ptiMent In thn iicrnrut nml Mac on County hoipltar for olwetva- t'on and treiitmcnt WILDER WILDER 129 N MAIN STftEET C e t i o fJoido-- $11025 MnnsflcM-ttOOOS Weldon~fl,:Ul The annual tax fcvy was passed at this meeting . The amount of the levy was $15,000, HOIttf TALENT PLAY IN SULLIVAN SHOWN TO CAPACITY HOUSE SULLIVAN- The "Flappci Ginnd- mottiei ' Blvcn undo thr auspices of the ladles aid or the Methodist cluurti nn« prcscnti-d in the Ciand tlientot Friday evening to a rnpncltv house L W. McMullln who ptuyeil the p n i t of the doctor ivns onlv etiunlled by ttie slur Oeoifie Hokc n (·(niwdlriii Other plnjcis wlllh piom Incnt imlH were VI van Clfti It Lil- h n n s u i m n n , I'Mmullnr Blcbm, Ivnn Wood JpunCH WJiil. Octold Eldo! nml Itu wlhan ti A. K M e r i l m a n . voterlnnrlan of K u l l h n n HH bctn dmscn hy the Moulltle county Bnnl»i« ledouUlon ny n mrmtin cir the Town Gtmids In Sitlllvun tun! h i t been Issued hh i l f l e and u m u n l t i o n 11 r Meuimm It n Woild Wai \ i l e u i n NORMANSANDERS WILL RECEIVE MEDAL THURSDAY Public Invited To Meeting In High School Auditorium SCOUTS TO ATTEND Elbcrt K Fretwel! who will HI- tlvo in Ducatuf Wedneaclay to a^- diosi sessions ot tho Macon County Tonoheri Institute, will sponk to the public Thursday night In the High school auditorium nftcr picscntlnj; an honor mednl to Eagtc Scout Noi- nvin Sander* Di Fret well Is inotesgur of education in Columbia univoislty, New York city, and Is nationally known us an cducatlontil "tpott Ha li tommlssionot of education In tho National Council of Boy Scouts of America scuut A »urd He will piesent to Ertffle Scout Noiman Sanders now a student *i Millikln utiiveislty. Ihr Nation il C'ouncll ot Boj Scouts of Ameiko Uonot mvfii d in t wognlUon ot bravery ilitptuyecl In saving the life of Amos Dunhnm laat Juno Amo-i wau near death ftom dtownlng near Camp Robsit Fariet, when Norman Sandora tecovered his body and re vivvd him with attlflclnl respiration The High schol band under the dhectlon of Rex Rcos will piny for one half hour preceding Dr Fret , well's talk which will be given at 8 'o'clock Wlllitvm Hnnib, superintendent ot schools will present Dr Ftetwell All fecouts Iiivltwl Instutclkms have been sent to every Boy Scout In the city of Deoa; tor to attend the meeting and to bring one 01 both parents The public la Invited to hear Dr. Fietwell who will make a talk of fenetal appeal. * Wiener Rofests Take Place of Park Picnics Drcatui'i patks Sunday attracted n few small Ktoiips c-f. nahlre loveis and picnic "puttie* Th« threat of mln, rnntalned In clouds that over oast HIP sicks t-nilv in the nflernoon cut tho park oltondance, but tha most ip'ioluto of outdoor lovers headed toi the natuio ipots when the sun icappontcd Basket lunch plonk pmtlcs hove dlsuppeirnd f i o m llto paiks Wiener and m,itshnmllow loaHllnft lime has come and the cicwa of park maintenance men havo beon kept busy piovkllnii fliownod fot fiolltltcis. GUBS.T OF KAIJOirTKR Mrs G E Claik of Olonnrlt ia a jincst In tho home ot her daughter, Mi? Arcyl Uonsei, wife of the now pnator of tho FUit Church of God. I HAVE SEEN Says IRVIN S COBB Noted Author "The oU time 'Let the Buyer Beware* has given way to the modern slogan of confidence 'Buy in Safety', and this miracle was wrought by the honesty of manufacture which charao terizet every fine American Product. A notable example of the modern manufacturers' constant desire to give the public the best is your use of the Ultra Violet Ray in the 'Toasting-of LUCKYSTRIKE tobaccos. Anyone can see this as I have seen it on my visit to your LUCKY STR1KB Plant. It's magnificent." LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked/ made of the finest tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop-THEN-"ITS TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LUCKIES to be less irritating! Everyone knows that sunshine mellows -that's why TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. It's toasted Your Throot Protection ~ ogolnst irrltotion -- agglnst cough frith It* policy of laying the facts befor* the public. The American Tobacco Company invited Mr. Irvin S. to p*nonal)y witaW-ind to review tho reporto of the distineuished men who have witnessed LUCKY ^TRIKE'S Towtinf Proc*M and report hU findings. Th* ttatemert of Mr. Ccbb appears on tbU page, j SAYS RICH ARE DUTY-BOUND TO GIVE TOOTHERS Community Has Right to Lasting Contributions, Papperman Believes OPEN SERMON SERIES "Without a rich heart, wealth is (in ugly beggur," said Rev. G A. Papperman In Weslm In liter church Sunday evening, preaching on "Richman". Tho sermon wfts the tint In 11 sciles based upon the old counting-out j I rigid, "Rich man, poor man, boggainwn, thief, doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief." Others -will follow on subsequent Sunday nights, Rev. Mr. Fapporman took his text from Matthevr 8 24, "Ve cannot serve Cod and mammon," and said In paif "The message of the church to the men of wealth contains those principles of life values which II carlied out wilt realize the divine older of loclety The church Is here to show by Its life what humanity ought to be In the Idea of God Spiritual Dignity of Man Tho Influence of the man of wealth la very Bleat for weal ot woe. The Christian In tot pi elation and use of monoy me wide and far reaching. The Dignity of Man, ths Spirit of tho Cioss, the Law of SacrlHre, and tho Right Influence of the Rich, must be considered with om wealth. The rich man must ever temem- ber that Christ was humbly born Josus U God's best man He la the best God hoi thus far. created, and He wag the poor wo man '-i aon Many that entertain supeiallllous Ideas of the eternal superiority ot tank and wealth, have the first principles of lh« gospel yet to leutn, of Sacrifice "The pool know well what la given because it must he given, and what |j conceded from a sense of JtitUe* They feel only what i» real "Property it sacred It i* private property. If It were not it could not bo Hscilflrod But there Is a higher tight which 0ays It ii not yours And (hat voice speaks to evety rich man in one way or another, according aa he la selfish or uniel/lsh, coming aB a vokrf of healing or a voice of terror An atonement, a teal sacrifice Is neceaaaiy between the rights of labor, and the rights of property, The church says the Dlvln* Death wail a Sacrifice The self sacilffco o; the Redeemer was to be the living principle and Jaw of the self devotion of hit people v lUeht Influence or the Blch "Andrew Carnegie said, 'Here li the duty of a man of wealth, to set an example of modest unostentatious living, shunning display or extrava- trance, to provide modotately for thr logltimute wants of thotie dependent upon him; and after doing so, to consider all surplus i avenues which rnmc to him simply as liust funds which lie la called on to administer In the manner which, In his Judgment Is best calculated to produce the meat beneficial results for the community ' Rich men have It I n 1 their power dining their lives to' busy themselves In organi7lng benefactions from which th« of their fellowt will derive lasting ad vantage, nnd thin dignify their own live* Church For the Poor "ThB church In every age hafl stood flimly for the lights of the poor against the tieh Our rich men ntt a group have not baen generous to Decatur, with but a few exception*, James Mllllkin being the out- HtnnrUng one "No man has a right to make a fortune In a community, and then die -without leaving It something of permanant good or Improvement Money Is valuablo but It bn bought at too deal » piloe Abraham was a ilch man (me of the richest o( his time, and It ^ascilbed ng bting In heaven Dives wan rich nml In torment, Loiarun was poor and tn Abraham's bosom Dtvos was tn hell not because he was rich, but bccauae he was negligent and selfish anil inhuman "It la hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven It Is hard for anyone What no one of us wish- ei to believe, but which history shows to have been the case a grett many tlmss, that tha heaven of the rich has been built upon the hell of the poor." __ Permission wa» given Frank Rte- del, plumbM, to cut the pavement in front of 2104 North Church street, lo make a water main and sewer connection for the property In 21M The residence Is under the roanaffe- ment qfqhe Milllkln Trust company Sunday a Day of Discord, Police Record Shows; Three Fights Occur Sunday, a day of rent for tornr folks, proved turbulent and dlscord- ant to a number of other parsons Police beadquarteri) was Inundated under a* flock of reportw of fluhU, Some of the combatant* were brought or earrleij to headquarter, there to gteet Justice L. H. .Balrd und karn the bad news A ttw of tho fights were family rows but a few Independent apirltg slarlrd fun. ses }u*t for the (un ot It, appaient- iy. Early Sunday morning a half- flonsclou* man wat plMkd up on tho road leading to the Sunnynide Golf club. A Moian ambulance took the man to St Mary's hospital "Whot hit you?" asked an ambulance attendant "Muit've be«n Gen« Tunney/ mumbled the man . The worst of hit from the honplUI without iMVint; hi* name. A storekeeper in North Juipet nlreet had two young men sr rented for fighting and then almost got Into a flgbt himself In police headnuar- len» r at«uln« about whether he should or shouldn't awear out war- for (he figfiteiH A ma n und » woman In the near north end ot th« city engaged In an exchange of flBlicuffn and the woman got tho worst of It, A police car iped to the ncene of combat but the combatants had. fled. In a family low, a young ljUNl(uiJ was rut with a inxor His devoted wife led him to police headqutu ten and wwoic! out ti wanuni foi the "Why, tho hum weket CHEAPINSUMNCE MERELY A LURE, NOT A PLEDGE DeuhirWoman Paid In $47 To Get Back $100 From Benefit Mutual SEEK EXPERIENCES me in the jaw, right hero," an id the hurts were dressed and he hunted *lfi to .lustlpe JJniir] Household Dept. of Tuscola Club to Meet Monday TUSCOLA-- The fli-,1 tiie*llii(( of the houHehold ecnnomku depuit- ment, Tuecolu woman's club for tile curient year will be held in the home of Mrs Wilmer L. Mmphey, Monday afternoon Mrs. E. E. Murphey will be assistant hosleas. A dernomslttt- tion exhibit of needlework will b* held In connection with t h e meeting to which member)! -vlll brlni- exam pies of the fine art of needlecrufi Every other meeting of tliiw dc- pailment will be held In the home of on« of the tncmbota while the altet- nate meeting will ba In the Woman's club roomx in the llbiary hulldine. Woman's club FORMER OREANA PAINTER DIES OF APOPLEXY SUNDAY «'nil»uiil from 8ho refund (o dm I riWnce of her IBW. him m tb In the atloitiiy'K office, it,* ^, jtiHK'i i.)M a himMuek Ktorj Me mi 1J Hun || 1( , (-ompahy wan neatly di-funM. wu having a h«r4 uiti) eoujtj mi v t»y tlOO of iht (BOO claim He declared thni )f Rl| { t Sunday *l w "'« brmiglil the concern would no " couldn't (tuy anything Hairy I* Allen died 12 'JO o'clock In hifl home, 1310 North t« Chuteh (tiled Dentil followtd »n He iMiKj nttock of apoplexy IBM wetk Mt member* Allen WQH'H yi-an old l!« wns born thev «utdu' Feb. 18, 1877 In Randolph county Mi Allen woi mwiled i« Umi HI many nf iheh I" (llOp|)lM({ out llUt poy tlie full amount of loime-l h.elty tit Istlllrjll ' iijxm T l e » i v partment, will bo held, Wednesday, October in the South Ward school This will bo a Joint meeting with the Parent- Teacher oigantxntlonn and will be held at 3.30 o'clock Mm Boris Helm will talk on "Enriching the Home Through plctuies", Conduct Gen* nil The first g-n«i«l r-iBEllnjr of the Tuacola Woman's club was held Saturday afternoon in the club rooms In tho library building Mrs Doris Low Helm, the n«w president was In charge of the meeting, which was sponsoied and arranged for by the literature department ot the club Miss Bond lee Allans of Decatur, who Is an extensive traveler gave a talk on "Russia", 500 ATTEND7NNUAL FISH FRY CONDUCTED AT PARADISE LAKE MATTOON --More than (500 per- Bonn attended the annual fish fry, sponsored by the Ixaak Walton league al Paradlne lake Friday afternoon and evening. In connection with the fl«h try 30,000 fish were distributed from the slate hatcheries here to varlouit Htieams In this area The dtstilbu- tion was In chaigs of Elmer 0 Good district mipervlaor of the depaitment 01* con set vat Ion. Ouests from a distance were' C N. Goal hart, of Robinson, second vice president of the Illinois liaak Walton league; Rnlph F. Btudford, of Springfield, director of thn utaii' department of consei vftllon , Dr P R modgett of Chlcngo Heights, ot the Illinois Ir,nak Wai- Ion league; A. C Kyer, of Olney. necrotaiy treasure) of the Olnev ehapter Gus Rodcbaugh, president of (lie UrbaAa chapter; S A. Houch- In, president of the Olney rhaptti nnd William H Jackson, sccretarv ot the Ran ton I rhnptar Windsor Farmer Injures · Hand While Harvesting WINDROR~Caii~Bi.'riy 1ft a JM II out In Mattoon hospital auffciing with a badly Injured hand and a i m which WOIB crushed In a combine white helping in bean harvest Thursday afternoon. Amputation may be necessary Mrs. William Sweet and little son of Mattoon are visiting her giand parents, Mr. and Mrs W, F Lamp kin here, Thomas Bank*) Is 111 In the horn* of his daughter, Mrs. L D Hennugh west of Windsor. Ing to Macon county and tnklng uj the occupation of jralnler M I K Allen died In 1914 Mi Allen lived In nnd around Ore. ana moot of hU life He was n mom. her of the Aigema odd Fellow lodfi* He leaves five brotheis nnd two slBteifl The blot hems re W E . FJlmer, Charles T und J 11. Allen ofl Doealur and I'cnv Allen of lllfniii- boio The Bi«liit m e Mm. n )J Miller snd Ml*s Bcrnlcp Allen of De- eautr Mt. Alltn'if body *ai i n k - n to h- Dawson Wfltoff funeral home Funeral *.eitlcc» wll! h" conducted in lite 13nptlit chuich of O r c m n nt ! oHoek Tuesday afternoon Burlnl will hi' In the Union cemeleiy. The, N u i l h l;nJv will remain In J3a»«on Wl-l Tilt 1 cotiecin kofTi funeral home unit) *hol(ly lie. fore time for the services CARS ENDANGERED BY Jn«ui- STUDENTS' BONFIRE MATTOON -^CHcbi'iUlnre the 101 y of a fontbill F i l l n y nifjht office nf Slate il f'ommerce, ihnt K"1 tlOrt mil of 111 I n l n l Ihe ·! Hi j i n ^ Y :'omuin'lnl ihni M t )lvi "pt the Jlflfl iff*t"i| Th' 1 N o i t h Ailleikn Piotecilve cnipoin tion jmid It j murte i)tim Kign tin tiglecmetit (o th" effflft ihfii ill" money wapi only pnrtlnl pnvment M th» claim Involved, nn 1 thst if i liinin f t n n n f i i in (lie fttntre more woiiiij lie j»nid " Cnmpanj In lltiltintMii A iecn|\! (i)»k ehtnit* 1 of on .Tnrmary 4, ' r-n hJi1 inlv (tt cnuft and (twin 1i meet worth of culms Mm K'lBetjeny, nn oh* · experience wllh the North j\m*rlca Ptoiecilvc corpnial|f»i wn* p i l t l c u l r t t l v illagiutltlflrl on nccount of Ihff «/wii l )isiii' l nfs nhe puM lo Die coi jwretlon only ifl !)* dlnnppftlniei) \\hen the time enine for h»r to b» «om»thln(r (n r»tutn "Th« (h» MlmO"t cnvisej j. 'Ihu^lrdus f i l e A lotue bonfire wns built by the';TM,,'^;;' "^ \^jWiimoiti"everv Filudenls nnrt i number of IMHW| nOT nth," esplijln^ MM were parked to oiosrfy As soon a«, .. Tjm) ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, r ,,,,,,, (he flie was touched autos were In danger off The f l i e de- mailc n tun and put out the fire ani ended ihe revelry, Sister of Decatur Man Dies; Services Monday fftrt for (he exp»n*»s of the eon- nnd J1 iiaheMm'nid for rt'ith services for Mrs RelHch of Springfield well hnown in Uecotur, uere conducted in lh" Kngliwh Lutheran church of Spring- Held Monday afternoon at a W o'clock Mn Rclseh was n, slmer of John Schubert of Deefttm, and wan ili» wife .·[ Frank Relnch Her death look plure Inul In the Springfield famflv nod followed nn illnom of yen ic Mrn TlelKch wait bulled in HtdRe remeiciv, foi my mother In ke*p tile f*ittfl- rn(r In foiee. an I Ihotighf Mrn Roseheiry'K net gain fiom ih» WOO death claim !ue Jier w*» inlv W3 Slie hurt paid W In »»· m«i"ment* t* (ho North Ameiica Prntccilve rmpoi'ldtlon ff the HOO pntrt hci by (he oiR»tlratlor t2' went lo (h RRST CHURCH OF GOD ELECTS NEW OFFICERS SUNDAY »nd Nnilh Canadian Lecturer Talks on Spiritualism New of flee is. of tlw Flint Church of Oak Mrlln nnd r 1 elected ^imdnv followlnti Uie icjtulm TU* new eMci* ate W J/ Huff Clvule* Bi'owi), Clinton W t l k l i t f;iah»m MOII lhnn 7J )JiiHtj Cpntrnl Mu".lc -tutll Ki)n'li\ *wnln« to liesr Dr Louis Benjamin ot Toi- onto, r.ui Icptnio on ^ f i l t i m l i N m Or llenjnmln rlalmd iKHiuihiimirc Hhlp with the Itlc Sir A t l h u r Cori'in I, we M ^ n i t und Krtli Ml* C K j lV ,]t,, Hulwr Tiu«l»Ni «i' )3fthh. Samuel J)iiB#nli''i K*» ciiiulcpt Wrljthl «nd *~ f T«*)f Cliffoul \Vrnvci »»· n l -' 1 M | ft"1 HELP OHPHANS MATTOON--Members and fiiemU of the Home Missionary society of thB First Methodist church motored to Urbana Sunday and pusented the annual fruit »hower to the children of the Cunningham Orphan's home They paid a visit to the homo and children /or a tlrn* before returning to Mattoon. II Japan's Finest Green Tea SALADA" JAPAK T8A "Fr«ih from the Gtrden M In Picket, ·nd IndlvMu.) Te.-84 f i TtO A meellnjc of Ihe cbuiili twin J will 1i»ke plnee Momlav fvenlnft, »lien a cletk. a Iwiird of ChriNtlan education mid n. boaid of mlMtons will be appointed Van Deventer to Attend Photographers* Meeting f ,T Von lventer, Peeatui pH»- togrnphcr, left the city Sundsy nlW for Chicago Mr, Van IHvenier *W ollend meottnK* of the JiidMary commlt(en nnd conirrMB of the pn '· lOKtnphfrs' AHitoflstlon of Amerieir. Mr Van Dcvi-niw f« ». m»mb*r ot bnth Hie eommllteit »nrt th* «"* __ African Miitiowry to Address District Meet Doyle, noted nutliot nml iplilltmliiU tuinxm.-t and w n r jthen n and 11 Maid to be menHonrd in w vole of t h n n k n foi hi* efflelcixt of Sir Arthur* hooktt HHH of ihuieli (Iniiucw In th Almost »s muny petsori »- IICHUI 'flttcnl yettt tlie lecture w e i e tuined nwny be- 1 M i ^ .1 W V i h 7 wa» inlliej cnu«e of Jnck of n)0m In the ulildki j^i ,i n d M I H IVilwil !/ Kollowlns IliM Icotwic, Dt tfonjnmlti nmlnttinl jiltinlnt tfnvt spltll nieMHiiKCS Grac* Methodistj" Will Have Membership Rally A chuich membership rllllv will be held In Grace Melhodlsl chmcli next Thurstliiy evening for all members Silppei w i l l t)t nt fi Irt oVIoch, nerved bv ihe Westein ciicle of th" 1 ludl' ' »ld He-.civnlions me lo he telephoned to Ml* O A. Plttt, Thete will bo u projftnm afler the supjer Offer Extension Course to Clinton Teachers CLINTON--An l'~S N U, exten- slon course will be offered lo leach- ors In Clinton, the flrnt meotlns being Friday evening, Oct, 10 from 7 to 0 p, m al the court house This course gives a full normal credit Th* flubject will be "School Management" or hlntoiy and probably both will to offered if a class can be made itp by the tint meeting. A elms must hava JS members. The course in school management re quiioB a course In phycholonr as · prc-rcqulsltc. There ato 16 meellnns ·ntl they occur on alternate Frk)»\ evonlnga at the court houis, Any mt who wlshen to join lh [ ctaas may do so next Friday tvtnln*, 1 Oct 10 at 7 p. m Mr Orr will bs 1 tbi Instructor from I. S N. IT. Mattoon Man Wins His Divorce in Reno MATTOON - Frnncllt Welch ot Mattoon, who went lo Reno, N«v v three months ago, wu« awarded a divorce from Clara Rkliter Welch of Charleston, on grounds of desertion. The divorce wai granted In Reno ifler Mrs Welch had agreed upon i cash B*UHnent out ot court In eoniideratton of withdrawing her an- ewe r to tho charges Welch had filed. Mlw Maude Hoyle. a in Weal Afrlcn, will «dlrM» *« J* irlct ml«»lon«ry meeting n«xt Frlrt»y In Third United Butthren church. for all churches of that deaomina. lion in thli district. The inwtintt will awtt at 10 · m and contlntw through the afternoonftndjvenlnit Church oil God Pallor U Counlyjail Speaker Riverside W C T U conducted evangelistic services Sunday ·n«i- noon In th« county Jail, Th* tddrfw was «)v«n by Rev. J, H Wolfe of ths Church of God who told the nloc^ ot ih« prodlRdl «on Mrs Fred O. P»- ternon rcao the Md P«alm and a po«m, and there was muittc. Maroa Group Conducts Welfare Service A tcioup nf men and women fioM Methodic church irovt Decnur Sunday and «M4ueUd an hour'* Sunday school «*ivlo» In (hi Olrli 1 W«lfr« h*om«, delivtrlng iht and leadlnr; tb* erso ) State AHEND ME **·· r -ft. 8 . Faults of Old I owner, of )llinm» are payin, t, of the taxes in L. hi- "««« »/. v, amendment to i lhs« 300 e of Decalm » w Joint nretlnif of !*· «tl.l the Deratur | whifh thf govejno K I-** «.hjft« llurdfn of T i-xpl»l»""l bx " imf ' r1 lh, piopoml !-" "t of uiatlon from O, "intangibles " i-'ir-h · kfl *l* hondu t h n t rt from the tnjt ads, i* no politic i ndponnible for It hf n) In obtaining lw f pi«eli1»i! M the sol question that tot A (tueftion that fi nrlol he» a f f e c t e d a the hlBtorv ,,. in Illlnol*. noier _,, «howM that repcste. Kn made to obtain A Httbute the lax hurd* r, Pepiat«dly the effot "The irp*at«i failure 1 the feet htat. althoiu every onf attrei-M th lould he done illffeieni _ a different Idea ai lutloln should be ' gut* Chanrlr iTh* f»«t that ItUnol fiom an n u r l i i IndMstrlal » i a t » n iwltlve. that the problc i»l won, the governor "Whtticlally. Illinois the Cnlt«J fist "At present thi* klrd Induitrlatly, a no i i or two, It la due t rank. Form Correct In In ISW, when the pr xatlon was adopted . Th* perm test meaax (hit time was phvs i »tl Mt«te, stoi en and tn*nl form of tawit · ft for that time but i «cl (ot today " iewrnor Emmerson atudy of the Illinois, »nd to eroiihs lit owners of physical a fair deal. In a etud o Boone an One of th« t« itioiher Is Ian l, and (he third abo Kit snd half BKHcultti 't» 0«le eowtilv a vw(otl»s of entitles f 1 Ht of real estate, «c ^ i»UI« and BO pr cent 'I a »iudy of the M that the ronl e SI per cent, of ti »it piodnced 1!S n tnlnnjttblen had hr f*t eent of the tn "In Roiwie count}, h half ngrlcultuial holoinirs of 4?' H P'l eont ... »l eHnte hid he-en B *t em, of th tont t « fui u per e«n k ai for otilv (t pei I'ayii OnK e rr t "The »vringe of the " *d ihat teal e«l of the wealth K *r cent i)f \\\i* i^iceu nei cent of 1h 14 DEI cent D M per i ent - the It Is oat Bin t 'It " » ' " ~ - mailc m nv i«neinl A * fe-*' I h a t ihe |ii (all hc-ru a tent tint --i-uthly u1ietid\ |M declared. It Tnot mot, Khare (or .-. NEWSJ^PEUBBCHIVE®

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