The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 27, 1914 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
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Saturday, June 27, 1914
Page 7
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Saturday Evening, Jane 27, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Social Functions for Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Corzine. I . Assumption, June 27.--Mr, and Mrs. A. H. Corzine of Assumption will leave TMondaj. June 29, for an extensive tour abroad Mr and Mrs. Corzine have, visited almost every state In the United States and have toured parts of Canada and Old MeMco. On this tour they ·wia visit France, Switzerland, Tyrol, Italy. Germany, Holland. Belgium, England, Scotland and Ireland. Several social functions are being given this week in honor of Mr. and Sirs Corzine. Wednesday evening a picnic dinner and ttshincr party wai «ivcn near Mow«ftju«. Friday afternoon Mrs, Leslie Corzine entertained twenty women with a garden party »nd "travel shower" for Mrs. Cortlno, Friday «v»nlns Mrs Len Cazalet will entertain the Assumption Twentieth Century Woman's club and · everal out ot town guests with a eiumber party and a. 6 o'clock breakfast for her sister, Mrs Corzine. Salesman Arrives in Time to Save Baby's Life. Clinton. June 27-- Ther« is a lung motor in Clinton. It was purchased by Br George E Edmonson. ·« ho hasj long con'emplated making the puichase It was cjuite fortunate that a salesman was In the city with one Thursday afternoon. Dr Edmonson had been called to the home o£ Chief of Police and Mrs O F. Burr. 414 North George itreet, w h e r e a son wat born to^ Mr. and Jtps Jesse Allen of Hallvllle Mrs. Allen is a daughter of Mr and Mrs. Burr At bn tb the child could not res- pirAte and it seemed that it co^ild not be rnada- to liv e The teUirtone was used and the doctor s car was sent into the city after the lung motor and its demonsti-atoi The Jite or the bas is s-u ed and after the machine had beeT opciated f i v e minutes 1 10 child was breu'unjf naturallv Tsvcntv minutes It broke the between the time of b u t h and the t i r s t n a t u r a l l r e « t h Di Krtmonson i" J not }ie=ttate longer luit at once pu c'li^ed one of the machines HEAVY RAIN IX CLINTON. Clinton w a s visited with a rain shortly before noon j e s t e i d a v w h i c h fell at tne h e a v i e s t in the c i t v , b a t which hardly reached outside tbe citv limits According to the measurement of J T. Miller. 827 North Center street, the~e fell si^ty-one-hundrcdths of an inch Preceded by the most sultry of treather. rain began to fall about 11 o'clock ard there ensued an electric ·torm, hall and wlml, w i t h an ava- 3-inChe of water for a short time. The -ha**] Atttvea w luch fell vv are tha bize of hickory nuts and the streets vveie ·white w i t h them As the result of the ·wind and hill, there are trees do« n nil ever the city, anfl telephone and electric light wires clown Tho wind blew back the screen door of the Illinois restaurant against the largo plate glass and broke it out Other like results fire reported over the citv COURT POSTPONED Judge XV. G Coehran esterclay Instructed Circuit Clerlt Elmer Met*_tha.t court will not be convere countv u n t i l July 7. He had previous ly Informed the o f f i c i a l s here that the Jury would not be called this term and that upon his a r r i v a l Jun« 21, the a r g u - ments would lie l-caid In the m o t i o n In the change of v e n u e of Carl E Person nnd some chancery cases disposed of These will now be postponed u n t i l af- te- the fune-.M of Juclgt Johns, and t h e rourtli of July. MOOSE GAME CALLED OFF. Because Springfield was u n a b l e to ·(·cure suitable grounds, the game between the Clinton and Springfield J'oose schedjied for Sunday aftei noon at the capital City has been called off Delmar Laffertjr skidded in his Olds- rronile yesterday at noon at the corner «f W cst White street and South Jack- f o n a.entie Tha wet streets were re- E n o n s - ' D e for the c*r Hi Mruck the siasvvalk and iront a\-lc Tbe rear wheel w a s broken and tvv -vl out of shape. The m a c h i n e was BrouKnt Into the L. F. Slick *a- raK« where It Is being repaired VV P Wa-ner, «n Illinois Central brakeman, w.ii overcome by the beat Thursday e-crlng while returning; from hi« run on tne Snrlnefield division. Seventy-one members and guests Of the Queen E«ther Missionary circle of the Tim Methoulut enureh, enjoyed a T o'clock d l n n e i served In the base- jncnt of We enureh Thursrlav evening MOTORCYCLE COLLISION FATAL Jen* Or«n, rormrrlT of Arcola, Killed In InillUB*. Arcoln, J u n e 2t --NPWI of the d»»ih of Jesse Grant, formerly of this olty, vas received here t h i s mornlne. Grant Tras killed at Michigan City. J n d . Tbursday when ft motorcycle he was Tiding collided with a wagon and threw tin to the pavement He was a son of Tine Grant, and agtd about twenty jears. Ho Wai born at Chettervilld and made hla home there and In Arcola. the greater part of his ' life. A few months ago he left Arcola «nl went to Mich!-can City w h e r e he aecurefl employment. The Baay was brought to Chestervlllft to burial today. 'MAN WITHOCT RELATIVES DEAD. Johtt Carroll died at the hospital for tha Insan* In Kankakee Thursday and th« remain* wire brought to Arcola for burial Friday afternoon. From the ·taffon they were taken to St. John'* Catholic church where th» f u n e r a l ··/- Tloe» w«r» oon«uct«d by Rev. Fathar Coi:e!lo. Carroll cam* to Arcolt, about four years aso from Mattoon, s«ourlngr employment with P. J. 3o»*ln, a contractor. During the time he was In Mattoon, about two yaari. h» wai employed on a coal chute of the Big Four railroad. On* day a chunk ot coal fell and struck him on the head and the Injury may have been responsible for the partial lora of M* mental faculties. H* was very industrious and had a few hundred, dollars saved. If he had any relatives living he either could not or would not tell Who they were and Mi much is known of bla past life. His brogue indicated that he was born In Ireland, and he mult hav» bean about sevtty }«ars of age. « DRINKS COAL OIU The fourteen months old child of Mr and Mrs. Roy Harshbarger. residing in th« country southwest of Arcola, drank a part of a glas* full at coal oil Thursday and for a" few hours was In a rather serious condition, but has since recovered. Everett McKibben of this city has been emoloyed as manager of the Johnson Hardware company at Galesburg and will move his family to that place the first of July. For the past «av«ral years he has been engaged In th« hardware business in Arcola. Another Rain Passes Around the City. Sullivan, June 27--The three churches of the city, the Methodist, Christian and Presbyterian, will hold union evening services during the months of July and August The first union ovenlng service will be held one week from tomorrow night and will be held at the Methodist church. Programs will be Issued some time next week giving the line of services during the two months of these union services. MISS ANOTHER RATS. Another rain passed around this city Friday. It seems that Sullivan Is off the map when It comes to the good rains, and things have begun to need rain badly again. Roads are getting very dusty again and the fields aro needing rail real badly. Mrs. J T Wohlfarth. wife of Rev. J F \Vohlfaith, pastor of the Methodist church, wno haa been seilously ill for the past week or moie. Is some im- BIG CROWD AT y, "Movies" Attract in Spite of Hot Weather. Every ktat wat occupied and many people had to itand at the service Friday at tha 8«ccmd Unittd Bretnrei chruch. The attendance vvaa remarkable considering tbe heat and the alie of the congregation at thii place. The service was mott Interesting. Evanfelltt Lltle thiew a halt dozen songs on the screen Two ot the songs were mng by himself and were Illustrated, Tha ·Life of Holes" iva» Illustrated and di«- cussol Oy Mr. Little EARTHQUAKE PICTURES More aeat« will be provided In the church for tonight. Mr. Little will give hll Mrmon- leotura on "Great Cartoons' tonight, draw- Ing- 1 oisons from them AB an Introductory, he will allow pictures of the San Francisco earthquake All the long" to be n-jng w i l l ba thrown on the screen, no books being- usea The longs to Be Illustrated will be · The Ninety ani^Niae" and "Where Is My TVana- r jSf Little will ipeatc after the Sundaj echool Sunday morning At night he w i n Illustrate "The Prodigal Son" OTHER LECTURES j On Monday, Tuesday and Wtdnesda mghtt next week Mr. Uttle will rive lectures Local Notices. rhwa Notice* Art Pmld AdTortblnc. for wtilcn admluan'co fee will bo charged "The Passion Progress' Monday night h« will Blve "" Play." Tuesday night "Pilgrim- - - - _ , and Wednesday night. "Ten Nl»ht« In a Bar Room' Mr. Llttla ba» the state right for the Illustratlona for the last two lectures. In connection with the "Passion Play," Mr Little will Illustrate "The Hoi City." ·Rhloti will Be sung by Mri. B K H The ne\t three nlght« he will be at Prairie Hall, whera he will remain over Sunda Other engagements for this vicinity are being made Mr. Little, has put a good d e a . o t In'noy Into hie picture outfit and he bas some very iholce illustrations DR. CTETJENNEY PLANS VACATION Will Spend Three Weefc In White Mountain* | n New Hampahlre. The session of the First Presbyterian church has. granted a vacation to the pastor, Rev. C. E Jenney, and has giv- SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES EAR RENT IN FIRE AND BURGLAR PROOF VAULT, FIRE PROOP BUILDING. 82.50 A I'EAH AND UPWARDS. MUlikin National Bank Chicago Federals vs. Pana, Tuesday, June 30, 3 p, m. JOE TINKCII, ART WILSON, RALEIGH 7.E1DER, FRED BECK, CLAUDE HEXDR1X and other favorites of the third major league will appear In thi- game. Not part but the entire club of 24 men w i l l be on hand. Many of the Federals got their start on the Pana ground Come out and see a. real ball cluo with some of the games greatest players on It. Admission, adults oOc; children, 15c; ffrandsland, lOc. GET IT AT IRWIV5. FROZEN GRAPE PUNCH $125 a gallon, packed and delivered. SPECIAL~MUSIC --You are Invited to hear the new Edison Disc Phonograph and the latest records this afternoon and evening. Emerson Piano House. 322 N. Main. Eat Your Sunday Dinner AT THE BIANXHEIM CAFE. THE MANNHEIM CAFE THE COOLEST PLACE IN TOWN TO DIXE. Earl E. Alexander Re-elected President First dots Second tlnsville. Officers for the coming year were elected at Friday afternoon's session of the Christian Endeavor convention at the Church of God. Earl E. Alexander, who has been prasident o£ the union for several sears, was rtelect«J to that place. Other officers are: i ce --Miss Emma Clark, Men- vies--George Paxton, ilar- Third vice--Wilfred Miller, Decatur. Secretary--Miss Olive Rogers, Charleston Treasurer--A. C. Foltz, Assumption. MARTINSVILLE NEXT. Martlnsvllle was chosen as the place for next year's convention. The convention came to a close FrI- dav night with a social, preceded by a song service and installation of o f f i - cer Frappe and wafers we^e ierv«S. The social was in charge of the local societv The delegates who remained o v e r until today and members of the local society, to the number of about twenty, had a picnic breakfast this morning in Fain-lew park. proved to w h a t she was t f e first ot the J e n him his own choice^ time in tile week, but is not out of danger set " * Her two daughters, Mrs 0 H B l o w n of Pana and Mrs J A Kelker of Qulncy. are here taking care of their mother d u r i n g her Illness. People You Know Miss Evelyn G-ullch, who was operat- .go, IB r e c o , e OUR CITY "For I Am a Citizen of So Mean CHy." The " E n d e a v o r society of the C h r i s - s t u d y and line UD his next months of J u l y and August Dr Jenney expects to leave tw-o weeks from' ncvt Monday He will | spend three weeks in the W h i t e m o u n - ( K a n , is v i s i t i n g her sister, Mrs. Maude tains in New Hampshire, where lie will Borerl| 455 South H a w o r t h avenue Mrs Birdie MeBnde of Junction City, man's reply What s the best thine about Decatur? "Th« u n i v e r s i t j , Is one man'* reply What's the best thing about Decatur? "The Wabash shops" Is another "h S ar. P the best thln g about Decatur? c o m m u n l t y , plrltj .. ,, t h t third M A R K E T S CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE QUOTATIONS (Funltlwd brWare A Lelsad ) Chicago, June 27.--Following It the range of prices with yesterday's clote- _ . H| h j^ C10M T((J 18H 11% T»14 7-t, ig2 11Z re2 77% ag 808 SI* 81 DSK 07% «g« 80 67% 085 «T5i 64 6TU 87 2 «3% " 5. ~ MX STK M3 1010 July Sep 1MZ J.147 114J J100 lit: 1130 1147 Market Gossip. Drouth Reports Give Corn a Raise. Chicago, June 27. -- Wheat advanced today as a. result of heavy rains la the northwest and of complaint* from that section that the spring crop was receiving entirely too much moisture. It was said conditions were tuch rutt might easily develop. Bearish catties had only a temporary eff . The opening which wa» %c off to He up was followed by a. rise all around Attention to the fact hat It has rained 24 out of 27 days this month all over the spring wheat region, continued to uphold the market. Closing: prices were New York Sugar. Mtw Tor*, Junt 47.--Market for raw luaar cmiet. Molasses, U.«T. centrifugal, J3 32 Market tor tellnei sugar steady - New York Money. New Tork, June 87--Mercantile paper, 3H t.Wi% Starllnr exchange eeroat: 00 dayt si WHO-, dtnwnd, 148790. Commercial bill.. , . , I4.85U. Barillver. SDK. Mestcan dollars 44c Oov«rnm«nt bonds, easy: railroad bendt ' irregular Call tlan church has made arrangements for nn entertainment nt the church on Tnc'dav evemns. of this week H. M Wills i n s t r u c t o r in a school of oratory Then he ex- Boston, Old the Blue Rldgo mountains He will be Joined In Ver- n the way of r e a c h i n g pe"ts to visit Port,*\nd, Point Comfoit and In ment Louis will give the e n t e r t a i n - j m o n t by Mrs Jennev, who recently left ........ Special music w i l l be given bs .for the east. Mrs. Jennev attended hei local musicians. A fea will be charged brothei'3 high school c o m m e n c e m e r t at Windsor, V t , last Thursday Hei brother expects to come to M i H i K m Mrs Daniel File Is the guest of Mr and Mrs Forrest File, who are In Shel- byvllle for the s-immer Mis C A Carr of Oak Pa.rk Is vlilt- irg her sister, JIIss Martha Smick, I 475 West Mar'etta street at the door. Mr and Mrs Claude L Baker of Chi Xo douot e v e r y p 6 r S on to whom that \ ?$·.'.Sf question is put might havs a different answer for ther« are many "b«st things" about Decatur No one doubts but that tht university has dons a. treat deal in the mental and social up- b u i l d i n g of Desatur In the past ten years The Wabash shops hav« b r o u g h t h u n d r e d s of new -esldents to Decatur and th* fine public soirit of the citizens has been a great aid to the The'e are three big money nominal, no loans. ' 9 0 days. cagn arrived Friday evening for a j u m i e r s i t v n e K t f a l l Dr and Mrs Jcn- v v c e k t v i s i t w i t h the former s parents, j -,» y w i l l r e t u r n to Decatur about Aug Mi and Mis. Harve Barber, of sovth- wett of Bruce. They wore only here In thd clti a short time b e t w e e n trains. Mr v l l l e "J If 5 Roy L Serlght of Louls- for a shoit v-IMt w i t h the t?av 3 J e n n e y brother of Dr Jennei Is now s u p p b l n s the pulpit' Bethlehem ard Mftdison c h u r c h e " hjs ju firmer s g r a n d f a t h e r , A. C S e t i c t ard trie latter's mothei Mrs S T. Booze. CHCRHCH SERVICES. Christian--Tr.e usual services will be held in the mornlne Sundav TV 1th t h a i pastor In tl-e pulpit ana h i s subject | w i l l be ' H o w to Hear,' and In the Rev. Fred K l i n e OE the hospit- Ladles" .t giacl'iated from collet He at S p r i n g f i e l d , Mass He w i l l l e m a i n he.e d u r i n g t h e siimmcr WAS MISSES JENKINS e v e n i n g Kcv. Frea K l i n e oc tne nospu- , a^aum Societv of al and orphans arid old peoples' home Church lleeta. of the C l u l s t l a n c h u r c h will speak In The m e e t i n g of the Ladle the church along an educational line I of the Consregat'nnal c h u i c h Xo o f f e r i n g w i l l be taken at tills sei v i c e Congregational societv Fridav Ralph Graham of the f i r m of Gra- ,,,,,,,,.,,, ham. LaPorte and Bean, l e f t : entcrdnv f, 0 ."" 3 ' * rh °. er A" v f n i , nr for Canton, 111. where he w i l l visit his t l l l n « to be thankful for brother, William S Graham From Canton. Mr. Graham w i l l go to L i v e r pool w h e i e he w i l l spend the T o u i t h fislilnz I Mri Daniel Riser 6?' Wei' Fore«t i v e n u e w h o hag been 111 for a l o n g time was taken to hi-r f a t h e r s ' a i m s o u t h w e s t of Decatur yesterdav In | h o p e * t h a t the country a i r would here f i t her JUST A MINUTE Ballade of the Truly Fortuitous. P H Oarbsr of Peorla was in Decatur rridav v i s i t i n g liis sister, Dr Clare Garber Prc»byteiian--The usual services xv Hi be held during the day Sunday. At the morning: service the pastor will use as his subject, "The Extent of I n f l u - ence" and in the evening 'Temptation CHl'RCH REDECORATED. The w o r k of redecorating the Interior of the Methodist church has been pushed along rapidly since the w o r k men arrived in this city. Their material finally ai rived ftnrt the church w i l l i Me ri!lti-Vf» be In condition to hold s e r v i c e s on next i ni-ivlnus S u n d a j The w o r k m e n have made a w o n d e r f u l improvement In tile looks of the Interior of the church in the two vveeko they h a v e been at w o r k Mrs J R. Morton relumed to hei home In Lad"ti!a, M«. S a t u i f l a v m o r n - ing a f t e r a v i s i t here w i t h ner mother. Mr*. Coarse Chapman Guy W U h r l c h went to Dcoatur Satu r d a y mornirg on builness LATEST NEWS~FROM THE FISHING CLUB The Camp f i r e girls broke tamp at the club Satuidav County Clcik Peniwell and famlls moved Into t h a l r cottage at the park Saturday, Dr and Mri J I Mooro are prepar- 1ns to move to tbeir cottage Fifteen of the t h i r t y - f i v e cottages at Fishing Club park are now occupied and the others will probably all be filled during the next -week or more Song--Congregation, afternoon was Fn part In the n a t u r e of a farewell to Ml'sos Fiances and Harriett Jenklnt, who leave Monflav foi N'ew Yorlc. It Is with great regret that tho soeletv sees them leave Decatur The m e e t i n g yesterday «*« a mls- ·.lonaiy ssrvte'c Mrs'T. L. Ernns the l e n d e r gnve a. review of the first tw« chapters of "The Xew A m e i l c a " unfl lUci fit "America God's Melting P o t ' Devotiois w e r e c o n d u c t e d by Mre J M Crarv ami c u n c n t I t e m s were g i v en h Mri. Frances G Window HostessGH v v o i e Mr« Harry Scott and Mrs Charles Battles Light refresh- m e n t s weic served PROGRAM ^ BROTHERHOOD Special Siinclnj Nlulit «er\lce nt Ger- Ilinn MctliOflln(, A progrBiii will be ftlven hy the B i o t h e r h o o d at tile German Methodist church S'inday n l R h t , L p v l n n i n g at " 30 It viill be as f o l l o w s Piano prelude--r.tuh Burk. Song--Congregation Pi a v e r a n n FCI ipturc readlns--Fev H J. Pinnvv-ltt, Chaplain. Rendlnit, "CeclBtatlon of Indepena- ence'-"Heno Ooetfree. gong^-Brothtihood qutrtet. Essay--Paul Ha'ipt. Vocal fluct--M. J. Pannxvltt, K Hoffman. Patrlotlo character «ltetohee from the Kusch, Henry SehwarU Sonir--Brotherliosd quartet. Remarks by president. PERSONALS. Ml'tos Lena nrtfl Mne hum. ftre v l o l t l n g M I B Lnct Cpliil't street l* Pettus of Mt A\i- Rimer Hunter, 541 Mre B 0 Zlef er ot Maron l« v l s i t l n c ^Tp KlsraTiCth PUtlfln Tna Mrs C'arence 1041 Nftrth Srfofil-ae street .1 Bart Foster of Clnrd pr Uklfl who his Hen lilting hit ceunlll Mrs Ifack DOM« '111 orlli V A a t e r sticet hap gone to make t \ i s i t with relatives in LovlnEtOn and - u l ' h a n }Iis Charles Eflnnifitcr and Mrs Charles rtoo=i drove 10 OrLina WedneedJU Mifie Dorothy R an 012 Hast Qondit street Ffe H Thul-fdaj in Bloom ngton Arabia MarmMn of Champaign 1= v i s i t ' I*Ut Ing her trrandmotnei, lli= M O wiish -,'_, On opulence r e m a i n e d a bone East Condit street Mre Margarc- AMrm-iii | C l n a n - n i c k c d as f l o s t denudes trees And w h a t the farmer had were t The (hades of nifcht wers f a l l i n g fait When up the fence row blithely passed T h i o u g h creosote and Paris green, Those grim tresoasserB on tne scene One army worm, One chinch bug. One Hessian fly, One cut worm. Advancing 1 each before Its kind, They g a v o the wiggle-wag behind, And n n s w e i i n g w i t h buz? and whiz, Their t r u j t v troops Invaded vl«. One wheat field. One field of oat«. One corn field One potato patch. The f a r m e r s l u m b e i e d in his b*4 W h i l n p'casint fancies roamed his heaJ Mid dreamed of getting after bit \ few f a r m luxuries. to-w!t: One automobile. One lighting plant. One tractor. One silo or C h i m pal en lias been \ 1 sit ins ^ ilsh and the haa gone to MenJoti ] "\Ii Bi ; t,r na Trraa o" F n l H \ T n , !s visiting (· a t f \ e « Lere tlijfc week, MIM Beulflh r^«er or rushman i-? \lsiu ng M =s I o-a Da\iB, 1114 ^orlh \ \ a t t r street foi ="\cra! \\e0HB, Mautl Claud anil Oarrnt Cirrol 37 Eas* Lea r la d n% nuo are \ I s l t m g their grand- p i re n I ^ in \ a n d a ) ! n "\li LTI i Lnny fI13 East Leaf land av nttd, i* hble to be up fvfter « \v?sk'* HiniF^ of i l uriB\ Rnd IrtflRmmatieti of th* lunge w H Mnls, 52S Saul condlt Ptreet l.ns gone tu Brartsatp Ta , tft epcfld the ("Uflimel- \\lth hi* plSEpf, Mfrft fli6liard Bi-rtOhs. the se'tlns sun had shown the Mi-d-il to Mr« In f "h T ntrci '«» pold tfirSa! contest at f6i*- e j t h P~rtdav o \ 4 n l n g the meda! nas anafdet) to Mrs G e r t r u d e Thoofto'.fl t h e f e wtt« MV6 n t h ? r cohte*t6ftt(! Mi 9 Nfewton KflHntr- ton Mrs Audrey Fifther of Dpeatui 1 , Mrc A ^chaffer of Mocon, Mrs I \ i Mulohe of Bel e I 3 rahi-' and Mrs Ruth X\ eni« of Oreana ^ e \ C r a l n'niBiel selections wcfe P l v e n fefttl Iftt!* Mils Meltme of Belld Prftlrl, feftve vocal solos Mr- Lucl.ld I.oring-SvanB l*^ft(J tnfl Bhf recfehes fe great deal of a^plftu«e. A goofl r«nWfl Wft": fifoeoftt One , One t i i p to A new f a ' m i n g c o u n t i j . One t r i p Pack again, One start ail c^ ei. --Exchane* ICE CREAM'JULY 14 AT TABERNACLE The Ladies' Aid society of the St, Paul's Methofllst church at its meeting erea-n social tft be held Tilly 14 at the t a b c i n a c l e T w e n t y - t n r e e women attended the me*»mg. which was held « the home of Mrs roster, 1411 East P i n i r i c street The meeting next w**k will be at the tabei nnele and the time will be spent In auiltln*. Toledo Seeds. ToUdo, June ST.--Clovef ««d Prime cash, I7.8TU' OotoBtr and Decemtxr, I5.47H. Timothy. Prim» cash. *267M. SepttmUer, $277!4. LIVESTOCK. 30- Chicago Live Stock. Chicito, Jun« 87-- KaiWrn d«rama made th» ho» m»rlt«t firm toa»5 for anlpplne gr idea, but th« tradt wai not actlvi in tht mU«a (All ptcfclnt kludt. Cattlt prlcei wer« almoit entirely noml- 'sheep and lamb« at a rul« w«nt on direct "S^Tti' fecWilCOO h..d: «ark.l and ««ad Bulk o lalts IS 2!@8.40 iitht, iSlo«i«; mU«a. nraQMt. |fK 4S6MO; rough, «rB!C«W, PU«. 'CATTLE -- RecelpH SOD h««d. markat «low «n« iteaay. B«»v««, |7.«oet.rt, ·weri. 10 Mffls M. Btookers ana fe«aer§ $015(2S.lo COK.S and hel(er». I3WSS85, cilvea. J6 (58 9 8HBP 7*50 lambs, R«c«l l 5000 luad. market 030. y«arlincs. IS 4 0, sprint lambe, $Q Kansas City Live Stock. Xantai Cltr. J«i»« 500 luad, market butone» "clatO sttadv. 2T-HOO9 - B«c«M« {"adv. Bulk « salss , ,,!?!»» «: , P*«*«f ««* .40, light, »iiaesso. Pit". *"«!·»»"'" rt ««.TB3«.M; 7 60 ·rs and feed -rs, |G 50^71 SHSBP -- fte'jlpn lt««dy LaRlbl H90OI ft-fert. M.*)g*oo a St Louis Live Stock. 8t, Loan June ST.--BOSS -- R««i»t« I ' mtfltet «t«»dy ..PJS'^ m»rk«i nd lt««IV NatlV* 'UrsTss: 450 ,T 8 e* avi. i market 028: cows jndhej^rs, J5»8»59; jMekers.ali.1 feeders. S.W. ' SHEEP· d!. Sh.ej J= ... and Indlsn rteen, , cowi and Mlfers, t4,BOeOM. native S600C-50... ^ head . mfcrk . t . ttt . I4.75QS 00: Bhearert jmb*, $800^023 Cleveland Live Stock. Yards, Cleveland, J»n« IT -- fi«w*r * IMPORTANT POINT CAPTURED BY VILLA'S ARMY. , Bo»er wport ho« r«o«lpti H5 M fteol. ¥«fkeri« »«4 i*"* 4 ' iJJis" lamM, WS5, celvta, HO. market ' , : 5, «altl«, i ________ Indianapolis Live Stock. t? R Tart., ln««»»»«Uy, Jwnt »·-·«»« reulpt* 8,S04 Je»a, market B cent! higher All ·felshtl t»48afc«. XStlle reMlpW ««0 hc»4! m»fke( wtak PRODUCE. Chicago Produce. : -- Market un- R»e«lpt is,- Recelpu the week shows that they hoU Ml,357,850 reserve in exceae ot the leaial requirements. This 17,481,400 from laat steady at a gain of He net. Droutha and damage reports from Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma brought about a rush of buying In corn. Reduced estimates of the Argentine surplus counted also against the bears. After opening to higher, the market continued to bulge. No important reaction took place. The close wag strong l^ctJBlc to': A $!% above last night. Oats hardened with corn. Demand however was only fair. Although provisions at first showed a downward bent, the market later responded to the strength of grain. The most activity was in lard. DECATUR MARKETS. (Quottd flail y by flie American Hominy Co ) Miller* offer tfa se prices for QrsUn on wagon*. delivered n Dccatur: Grain Prices. New wheat ........................... .. .70 Corn ........................ . Oat*, white ............ . , Oatt. 3R -55 (X) Atlai* Batter and K Quot«d dally by M Frtih ·£*· Butter, packing Poultry. Quotations to producer! by local poultry d*ftl*r«v Hem Sprinfi, m to 2 Ibs Cocks ...................... .. To ma ....... , ......... » ...... .. Gobblers Hen turkeyg" loung turkey* Geese t . . . _ _ . _ Ducfce, young 1 L-iv«, plceoni. per dozen Hideft and Wool. HOPM hldas, large Hone hides. Email Lamb pells 13 .is* .or .14 .14 .07 . »4 Mffl . 2 5(1* S 50 New York Produce. K6W 1f«Ht, iun« S7.--BOTT -- Market Ut? «1pts If UrtTT GRAIN. Chicago Cash Market Chl«e«e, JTun« if-- WMBAT -- NO 2 red - - - - · No S northern. 17. Peoria Cash Market. ytllow, OSUe, No. 4 le.low, lna, OTHOI So. t mir«a. e;c, NEW YORK WEEKLY BANK STATEMENT New York, Juna »r -- Th» «t»t«ment Modium wool 1B .22 ttestern viool 14® .1! Burry w o o l 14^ .111 N'o 1 hide*, cured. 13 , .. Lire Stock. {Quoted dally by a J Dangelscn Sons ) Local dealers ara ottering Heavy sows .. . $7 oO'ff 7 2" Choice ojng hogs 200 to 225 Ibs . 7 "ilKi 7 7' Light plgi |(13«TOQ Shipping steers 7 Wt Butchers steers C do c 7 OU Cows s onw B im Choice heifers fl TO}--,n Heirers, medium 5 00^ r, -vi Bheep 2305J-i-. Lambs 3001^ 35 Spring lamb '?·..·· Calve ..._.._._.._.._. 5COS '30 BUSHELS TO THE ACRE WHEAT YltM « e Mnaionlo Home Farm at Sallt\ntl. Dr. W A JMxon, who Is superintendent of the Masonic home farm at Sul- 1'van, reports that he has threshed hla wheat and that the average yield on t M » t i - f o u r acres was thirty bushels tb the acre, a total of 1,010 bushels. GREEN WORM EATS UP WINDSOR MAN'S CORN Bhclbyvllte, June 27.~-J. R. Williamson, a farmer near Windsor, haa had an unpleasant and costly experience with a email green worm, that played havoe with eighteen acres of fine corn, the worm, the species of which has not been determined and that has not been seen In thia vlclnltv for many yeart, I* about an Inch In length and ate Ui« heart flut ot each stalk, then bored ltd way out Just at th« top of the rround. Mr. Williamson had to replant the en- time eighteen acres. BUMPER CROPS IN SIGHT AT WINSDOR Wheat Har*e*t TI«Ue Bis Returns-Corn Looking; 11V11. Windsor Gazette: R. O. Garrett bad a piece of rye tht yielded 42 bushels an acre. Another good rain fell Monday »tter- ndon, doing: much good. It la reported that many email potatoes were ipolled. Ray Turner was exhibiting somo freak potatoes yesterday, that had Prown together in clusters and In fantastic shape. Corn Is coming alonr splendidly With v«ry favorable weath*"-, GroVer Qarrett delivered the Orel wheat In Windsor tht« year. He It tested «0. Bruce Ferrel took two carloads of cattle of his own fattening to Chicago last night _ EARLY THRESHING ABOUT WINSDOR Windsor Oa»ette: Threshing; in June Is an uftheardof thing in this section ot Illinois until this vear The season began Monday, June 28, with the threshing of John Cochran's rv e The yield wat very g r a t l f v i n t j By the ! lme this Is read some wheat will h a v e be°t threshed In 1ST* threshing: besan on July Z. TWO carloads ot stock and a carload of oats were elilpped Monday Another load of oat* was shipped Tuesday Farmers are lettms BO of their old oats as tho outlook for a. good crop la tptter than a few week* ago BARREN DAY IN ,, STOCK EXCHANGE N«iT Tsrk, Jun« J7.--Th« two hour station of the ttock txchans« today w«t barren of developments. PrloH inclined illRhny toward a higher and tho Claflln failure with Its attend.,,,, ..... -. ant circumstance, appeared t o . b e for- Zacateoes Is the Mexican olty which wat this week taken by Villa's army. From Chihuahua, to Torreon and from Torreon to Zacateca* brlhta the of the aatual condition ot clearing gotUn for the time. Tie Bttstat eiM. Constltutlonaltst leader pretty close to the City of Mexico. hoUM bank* anil trust namyanlet tot ·* I S F W S P A P F R I

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