The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 7, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1859
Page 4
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»«ig« Wld iotrtbJlne «88 r«t; ttencft *K>rtb4T Teetj T wMtUne ofiheeisV ' cessary io.&wjOte',. Wnonnl^f sal* Jndgmentj-^Bterttt half «f the Mlt toath •. north line of laid qosJter section; thence wltb-t inlddleofttKjplMit.ii * otstld plaok ro»d ,- ttermann acbwartln»,a»d Augustus flreull oh, As- 1 —-- ooruer of I»n4 eonvcyecl to -J. Brockftsji by deed r»corded in MUw»nkt« Cotuny la-tbl. W west east s foD()irs,-to irit^c .. - e4«wroV«aM west half of thlwurt quarter »raecOqnijlne.»jj running tfctnce,' .on tlie tonailne ; theteof ten!{18) cbattnv' ; " IN LIQUIDATION ' p ''' " ^" ' " " '~ ADVERTISEMENTS. LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. E»uat,i ; <•.* •P?*'.-;:*-?-. .,.• The La Crone A Mil- f . j .YJolih O.Ooodyck. .John f . llrchtnt, ^'^ 1 ''^"'-' "••"" tt.^: &K** CbrliHan Btnry Meyer, and Margaret, his wife, Jamrs 8.Brown,D.vlrtU.pQwer,Edwar4 Bute, William .,..Qwe, , P. Msrrlll, N«Uon Webttw, Charle* A. Kotffltr ninnlni; thence nest «ndpar»llelwllh . ' thenc« «outh:«8 feet; 'U>eiX)«esjrt:SO& feet to v . ' the middle of tbe plank ro»d;«ieDce with U>« ' i niddlepf s*ldpl«nkro»d«tmUn«slerly «0 feet to the ptace ol>&&Biaioj,o>a ' W «*-100acrea,snoreoi'lew.lwlng^- .--1 half of the »biuh aast qnarUrof aectloh 18, *° So^beSSnlng ataiolBt joi the Uneoetween '. "J.' - > - ; section I», and SO, ISSffeet north of tbe quarter .. swetlon corner; running thence west W»X feel; '.*. to the east line of fourteenth street; thence., ; with said eastlmelof Fourteenth, street, north..., ; " 7M feet to Begubian street, or the extension of that street as represented In the plot «f Vllct's Addition to the city of Mllwaakeej.ilienoe with J . the south line of said street, ea5t,606 feet; •, 'thence'with the southerly line of said street ," "•-- ' northeasterly about 410 iVet to an angle tn said' " street thence withthe south line ofsaid street >, v .:' ean about 80 feet to the point where tii* south westerly line isf the land conveyed to Abr*m. Tliet »y deed-recorded in Milwaukee County -. :i In Toinottteeas at page 810, crosses said south . ; •'-••- imeofsaid street; thencewlthsaldsouthwester- ~ lyHneofAbram Vllet's land south 41 degrees, •' e*»t about 609 feet to a point on Eleventh. street, where said line Is intersected by the west ' , : Uoe«f-Abram VJIet's land,; according to deed " ' TecOTded IB TOl6l,oT deeds at page 24S; thenoe. .sooth With said west line of Abram Vllet's land - -" 12.88 chains to a corner; thence west with noun- ary of Said Abrani Vllet's land 8 chains; tbence touth with Bald boundary 616 Jf feet tb nortb Uneot Sherman street; Vhenoe with said north line, west 6.92 chains to section line; thence With section line north 959 feet to the place of beginning, containing abbot 80.70 acre*, and"" being situated in the'east naif of the north, east ': quarter of aectlon If, and in tbe "west naif ~oT '. the north west quarter of section 20, town I, "' ™Ataolot» «, 10,U, IS, blocks. Lou S, 8, 4, o, 6 and J. Mock 8. tot6, block*,- , ; . . . ••"• ••'•-' ., LolC, blocks. - . . lot .8, block 18. . All inVUefs Addition to the city of Milwaukee, being in 'the east half of the north east quarter of aectlon 18 and the west half of N W jit of section 20, town J, range 22 east.— Also tbe following real estate beginning at a . point In section line between sections U and 80 at north aide of Sherman *treetiand 823 feet north of the quarter section corner; thence \ with section line north 85J feet; thence west CMX feet to east aide of fourteenth street; ' thence with esxt side of said street, south SS» 1 feet • to north aide of*an alley; thence with north aide of aaid alley south easterly 546 feet to north aide of Sherman street; thence with aaid north line of Sherman street £01 feet t* place of beginning,.containing 11X acre* more or leas, being situated In the east half of Uie north east quarter of section 19, town 7, rang* gSeaxl. Also Lot 4, block8». Second Ward. North X lot 6, block £9, Second Ward. Also the following real estate being in the north east quarter .Of section 17, town 7, range Si, beginning at a point in tbe wen line of aaid quarter section 10.06 chains nerth of the south •west corner of said quarter section at the north •west corner of lands conveyed by -Daniel H. . •Richard* to one John P. Shoemacher; thence with aaid west line of aaid quarter section north to a point 8-18 chains south of the north west - corner of said quarter section; thence eaat U.T0 chains to middle of Green Bay road; thence along middle of eald road south to point 10.06 chains north of tbe south line of said quarter section; thence west 14.70 chains to place of beginning, containing about 82 acre* .. end on the west side ol the Green Bay road. Also the following real estate sltnat* 'In the north eastqr. of sec. 17,town}, range22, beginning at the south east corner of aaid quailer SwCttonjronningalongtlieMStlincofsaiaqus..-- . ter section north to a point &84cbalns south of i the north «ait corner of said qutrtersectlon, being the south eaat comer of land conveyed by *ald Richards to one Christopher fichloepf; thence wifh *o uh tine of said land conveyed to fichloepf west to a point SbOfeet east of middle ,of Green ' Hay road; thence south 100 feet; thenee west 860 feet to middle oi Green Bay road; thence along the middle of laid road •oath to the Booth line of laid quarter section; thence west along aatd «outh line of said quarter section to beginning, containing about bt son*, being on tbe east aide cf the Green Bay road. •."'.-. • Also the following real estate situate tn the aaid north east quarter at section 17, town 1, • range 3S,, beginning at north east corner of aaid quarter aectlon ; thenee west with north line of aaid quarter section 24.24 chains to middle of Green Bay road: thence south alone middle uf said r:ad 4.86 chains to north west corner of land conveyed by Daniel H, Blchards to Christopb fechloepl; thence west aidng north line of aaid land to • ejast llne.of *ald quarter section 25.2* chains; thenoe north 4JM> chains io beginning, being 1 abontlS acres Also Lot 6,blockl51, Second Ward. Lots U, .IS n Mock 103, Seventh Ward. Lot 8, In block S4, Third Ward. Lot 6, InW ock 148, fourth Ward. LoUSand S, In block 6S, Fifth Ward. . Lots 8 andi, in block BS, Fifth Ward... Of the City -ol Milwaukee, -In the County of Jstilwaukeeanu State of Wisconsin, and all the - - rtgh', title and interest of the aaid defendant* - _, or either of .them In and to the said premises and appurtenances on the 28d day of September, 1861, or since acquired thereto. i Which aaid property, as aforesaid, I Bhan expose for aato and sell at Public Auction at the Conrt Houae In the -City of Milwaukee, onSatmnlav, the lOtb Day s»f Marcls, 18W,atthehour.ol 2 *.«., of that day to satisfy said execution, together with expenses of. sale. '• • -•-U- c Bated ShenlT* Office, Milwaukee, Ten, S, 1859. i WtT.Ita,Co.,Wls. . __. The oboreaal* Is hereby postponed tUlSatur- dajVth*S8th day of March, 1809, at tbe PosWJttlrc. st tbanourof Si>. si. ' Buexitra. Office, lUDraakee, March 1B.1859. - - A.J.LA.NGWOK . sjisrZO •-- : • SherjrMJwaakeeCo. ,_., few" Th« above tale is farther" postponed to Wed- newday, toe <th day of Ajsffl, at the *ame place and tlmeof^ay. • . - . Dattd Sherlir'j Office, Milwaukee, Mar«h £«. 18'8. ...-.••-•-.,,.. ^ !A.J;I.4KaWO8THT, marS9 Sheriff Mil. Co. . ISf.'Ba above eal* Is fanner -postponed to Saturday, the list day ol Mar, 185», at the Post-Offioe, at the hoar of, of thu day. • Dated Bherifl'a.Office, Milwaukee, April «,1S5». A. J. LAS6WOBTHV, Bprf.-- • r •••••-• -Cheng Milwaukee <ln- ~ (lOjchalni tothe WBt^rne o'r thekald quarter .-- ^MiMi^ik^fl fh'Plife«~-*rillt>l-tan nni^Kaln|fto Vlf'& A.-J."xj&WOETHTi Sheriff Mil. Co., Wli ON 1TED STATES MARSHAL'S SAIE. MosesCiarabtrlaln,Jr., 1 ; -". ' ! ••'•>'•*, •-: •-•.•-•«T».e '- -5 : > i'^V"ln;aieTr. B;i»istrict Ooort Kbenetcr BaWn. .' i^ ,i for the District of Wisconsin. B X Tirtue of a 8d Pluries wrltof Fieri' Facias issued out «f an*nnder the seal bf-the District Court of Ibe .Ontted-States for the District of Wisconsin, in the abo»« entitled cause,tested ontheStir&ay of February, 1869,to me directed, commandlngnne of the goods ind «haU*Ui,land« and tenements.of the 'atove named tie- fendant to*aose to be made a certain snfc «F moBey Oiertln«peclfled r lliave lerieif -npon and-shall sell at Public AucUoa, to tbe highest bjdaer, on Wodouday, the «th day of April, 1859, at 8 o'clock t. »., at the United auies Marshal's Office, in lfet> pity of .Milwaukee, in aatd District, all the right, title and Interest which the above .named Ebenezer .Dakln had oa the thirteenth day of July, ISM, or has since acquired, in* and to t»e following described real estate,situate, Iving andbelnRjo the Oounty of Marqnett* ana State of Wb- coniin,»6 w it:'"lK>tone(l],lob»ockE,inthe rdUge of Kcahtora, with the mill thereon sKuaied, with all its machinery and ibe water power connected therewith^ Also, mill lot No. four (4), an.! tlie whele ol ble-ck i>j iOtielx<,6) and seven <J), on which Uie Mauds, all In the village of Neshkora. Alxi, mill lota 2 and 3, in said Tillage of Neshkora. Also, In* one (>) and.twe («), In block A; lota nine <°) and 'en ilo), m block «; cliurch Jots one (l)«nd .tsjro (2); mill k«t No. one<1>, block K, and mill lotj. tiro (8), tliree <St, four (4)r fire<6),alx (6) and.wTen. £1), fronting on-MU] st; Also, loti two, four, five, six, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thlrteen'and fourteen, in block l^ar/d th* south half of lot one, all of loti seven, and a certain i-I ece of land lyttg between lots 1 and 2, forty feet fronton Main street and extending west to the pond In block K; lot*, four, five, slxyBeren, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen and fourteen. In block G; 1 ot| one, two, four, nve,seven,eight, nine, ten, eleven, tw.lve. eklr- teea, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen, in block H; lots oiie, two, three, four and Ave, In block 0; the north half of lot one in block F Also, lot nine, In block V, lots fonr, five,six,, seven and Uie east half of lots three and eight, all In block E., and mill lot No. 6. All of the above village lots besnr In the Tillage of N shkon — also, an that part of the west half of the northeast quarter ann the east half of the nortb west quarter ol section nun ber eight (S>, tn townsbip No. neventeen 17), nortb of range Mo. eleven (11) east, not Included n the village plat of the village of Neshkora, Also, the east half of the south west quarter of section number •eight (S), in townshlp-nnmbcr seventeen (IT)narth, of range Mo. eleven (11) east. All of tbe above propesty wing situated In the County of Murqaette and State of Wisconsin.** Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, March «, 1S59.' mar3-law6» M. J'. THOMAS, Marshal. CeT* The above salets hereby adjourned to Monday, Fulv 11, 1^69, at the same hour and place us aboic. Marshal's Office, Illlwankee, April Al. 1S59. api2»-la»2t M. J. TrKBlAS, U. K. Marih*!. 464} SHERIFF'S SALE. [Men-si STATE Of WISCONSIN. I Ilrcnit Court, Milwaokee Co. ( Cbrtsilan Wlnzenried, Johannes gchmitx, t*r*Aerick BcbmuU and Christian Schmuti, against Joseph R. Treat, James W. etearns, Beojxmla F. etftea, -Tbe President ef th? Farmers A Millet*' Bank, Dex> ter B. Britton, K. W. Wbeeioct, Ucxaco U Fre«man and Elizabeth, his wife, Caleb tl. :>atun«a ftn'd —. Patterson, bis wife/ L Judgment Foreclosure. I N virtue of and purjomnt to a jmtotment-rrailerAd IB said Court, in the above entitled action, dated March, i, 1859,1 shall expose for sale aed sell at Public Aue- ion, at the Post-Office CD the corner of Wisconsin and Milwaukee ctreets^ In the City of Milwaukee, on Saila Hrd»r, the 17th da.r of seaitrn»bui, I8i8, at the bo'ur of 2 r. It., of that day the lollo*lnjr ncscrlb- edmongagsd premises or so imtcbjhcreeCasmqy bvsie- essary to raise the amount nf aaid jadgmeot,interest and coats, together with expense*of sale, ta wtu "The south west quarter of sectlbn mmfbei'fir- • teen tlSJ, In township number (even [7j, jjorti"' ^ of Tange^iutnber twenty-^ne fST^'-ttant, except* lag nineteen and 92-100 acre neretcf ort so!4 by Ohriitlan Wlnxenrled end wife u> Tlkumas M. fiidd e; said premises being BKU»I» m Miiw*ui> kre County and State of Wisconsin " D«led e?neriff'» OSBce, Milwanliee.ilarci 10, -1S5*. E. fiFAXCXxacao, I A. j. l./L^li WOHTUV, R'flii Att'y. f (n^JSii'ir. Mil. Qi>^ Wo. ' i of Hserte), Green Uft-tf'Oaafatf,:'-: ?'- •-•'• BdwirtG.''Tjrteri '"J'-iV-t Jsbes «, r toner,'•''•• '.-•' etfrae* Wtfnna -and"" ' Javper B. JBoodricb. • 1-- /f:'^ ..'''_'• . . ... pursuance and by virtue of a dteree made by the Dlstrlct-Oonirt of the Cnliad Slates for the Dlstrl tof Kocstn, on the twelfth day of March, A. 'n, 1S69, in _»».fe etiUtleU e»o»e, >• *haU sell at Pnbllq Auction tbernlted:'Stales Marshar* Office, :la tb^ City c a.».,:>''Xhe f folKiwlnjrj-eatesUte Veiogani lying la the County of Mil j»a4kee and state of Wisconsin, and kniwn and described as (he >ouffa'ea|t quarter o< the north wett quarter of se«tl«n number ten (IV), lo!to*rashlp number seven (7), north of range pumber twenty-two (82) rait; less the south'eaat quarter being ten (10) aciea of the above described tract of Itbc rMch Is exce.ited and reserved." MarshsJ's Office, Milwaukee, March 28,1859.' -' M.J.THOMAS, U B. Marshal. A. C. HIT, CompU's Solicitor mar2*-lawtt CKITJGD STATES MARSHAI,'!* BALE. Jweph Berger,~ •- • • v». Onto Offenbach, Theodase OffeaMck. hi* •wife; - ' - I'etple's Mnkof ,Haett«l, Qreenleaf A Company, Theodore Bruno, Hdnaaan fiAwartlug, Henry i. (aimer and la Chancery.. and Augustus HQrenllch, At. slgncci of the People'* lilnV of Uktrtel, Green- le«f 4 Company. . I N par.'uanee and hy virtue or: a .deere* cude by th« Dut> let Oourl of the Uultcd States for ttw Oltlrict of Wisconsin, on th* twelfth day of March. A. »., 1849 D tue above^en -tiled cave, i^hail s?ll at Pub-1c Auc* lob, at theAJnited .states Ma-ibsl'i office, in the Cuy of M|)>antee, on Uonday, ll-e n-nlb day of May, J8o» at 10 o'clock ». »., "Alilhat certain tract, piece • r par- eel or land situate. tying abd uelng In the Fin* Ward at thi City of Mllwauk«, In ,t< « f taie of Wscoasln, and known •ad>de:erlb«d at ta* south half of lot eleven .11), in Mock cn.-haoAred »:,d fitty-Mo' (1&2). la said iity of Hllwaktee.*' • • . . M-srehaTs Office, MllwMkf March £3, 18i». '• MJ-TflOWAS, U.S. Manual. - K. N, Amrn, Co«plt'iS<),!Mtor. a>»rM-'«wu i)U3] 8IIKRIFVV SALE, [Ni:«v» KrATK OF WISOON8I N, Olrcolt Court, Miliraakee Co. ity. . .-j uttlrt, Executor of i*e last will and teiUmenl of Joel Buttles, deceased, agali It • Elitabetb Greejifteld, widow of Adolph Greenuefd, d ceased, Loals Auer and Wu'.:am CUutler. Foreclosure. I S v.rtne of and purswant t.i a judgment rendered Ir, _L said.Court, *n the above entitled action, dated December Am, 1&5S I shall expasr tor sale and sell at public auction, at the Post O 'ice. In the city of Mil wan -- - - -- jfd dny of July. i thereof as may be necessary to raise the Amount of said rtidgmen •terest anil costs, together vith the expenses of eali a Wit: 1 "Lot number sixteen (itt), In block aa*hun- dred and twenty-seven (1S7), in the Second Ward • f tire city of Milwaukee, County bf Milwaukee, -Stale oi WJlcoi sio. Dated SlieilSN ,,fOcCMtl» nkee, April 1st. 1859. OOD.X, i'aow» 4 OcDtjt, I A J. LANGWORtUT, Attorneys, j eheruT Mil. Col, Wto. I859 f at Ibe^iour of X T. ».o .that day, the described mnrtgagrd pretnUts, • r so 463] SMUHirF'f. SAJ-C. US WlfiCOltaiK. I Olrenft Court; Milwaukee Uoe tty. ( Joseph R. Ti *al, . • ' agnlBr J*EICS W. Steams, jteatirtnti, •'. SltHeJ, Tie Pratdeet ol the Partner. Jk Millers' M'okj Hotter B. Bri' ton, Jc. W. Wl.ealbcki Horace U '» cenao and Elisabeth, his .wirt «n.t OaJdj V. P .Merjor . OIECUIT OOUET. I Milwaukee County, f Oharlcs r'. DioforSi ana 1 '"". Perkins, Plalntllfi 1 FuminfBs In £<ll*f. against V (Ceu. net ser.) George B. Reed and | Alpha C. May, Defendants, j The Plate of Wisconsin, to the above named defendants aad each of them: Y OU ARE hereby Summoned and required to an- nrer the complaint In this action, which was filed In the office of the Clerk of tbe CkEtuil Court, gountv- of MQwaolrec, at the Court House, la the City of Mif- wauk'ee, on ue 81st day of March, A. i)., 1&09; and to serve a' .copy of your answer to said complaint on the Inbscribers, at their office In Ladlngtcn'-* Block, In the Sty ofMJlwankee, wilbln twenty days after the »>rv)ce of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of such service; and if yon [all to answer the siid complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action will apply to the Conrt for the relief demanded in the eemplaint. Dated March 31, I860. BOTLEE, BDiratCK * OOTTli ILL, aprl-lawtw Plalotiff's Attorneys, fN Tirtutof and. ponuanf :-.- a judgment rendered In JL End Court, In' the »t>ov : etiUUeil action, dated II Arch 5. 1«». I shall eiptc for Sale and sell at pubic wactlon, at the Pcst-OUJce ou the.osrier or H'taeon- Milwaukee streets, lc the city of Milwaukee, en (he ITUt of >eptcmb«r. ISIS), at lhe|iour of Urn. .•f that day, the followlog Jaongaged prtentides, or~ ao muoh thcroo: ay may be necessary to ra4ae ttie amoopf of «ald focot, Intereit and eosu, together aith eipcosn o! sale, to wtt : • "The tottth west quarter of eeUon DU<BO«> M- teen [IB], In township number scvta [T], north 01 fmnge Bumber tventy.otie [21J eot, ciefcpi- .tng nineteen and ^2,190 aeref heretofore aold to Ittomas W. Riddle by OhriaUan *» Ins-urferf »nd wi e; said prtfalsea toeing situate- tn the C<>aety ».' 'M : Twiinke«' bnrt Stafr of Wlaconfcin." Pated . -. IT* Offic*, Mawaukce, March 10. 1SES. g.rpAJHia>^ .0,1 A. J. LAKUMOMtHf, Pl'ffsAttfy. f ^h'B.MIl. Co, «b 4:141 SflKKIFI^S SALE. PTAtE OF WISCONSIN, 1 Circuit Court, Milwaukee Oouffly. ( [New* Tb'icnj Shie.ili, I afKiii^t 1 John Jeuulogi land f Joseph Oaruey. J ITNITED STATES IUAKSHAL'* SALE. Charies W. Willard, . TS. TJartd P Hua, farlan Alton Hull, ln Palmer, Trustee, oshna Hathaway, iyron W. Clark, hafing. Clark, Bobtrt B. Btll, : or wiaooiuiN, (BroultOourt, Milwaukee County. J •> David aLMimer, Assignee, Ac., '"" •"':'••-• - . Against : ^asQevBneTiflV'ChrlsUah fiheruTj Ills " wife, Nathaniel Toapkins, Charles Elmor, John rieriff, Volcano Iron - Oompany, Jaces Bmltb, 'Pardon Sennett, Mathew ^ Bau,0onrad Brown, John J.'Plnley, WUUam Oollms, '; Jatte*'WVyedberyv ' ,' N . ,., . parsoanoeandby Tirtoeofa jodgiaant rendered I in thliacUon, and entered In the office of the Clerk of this Court on toe 19t* : 0»fol 'Anrll 1855,1 ehall ex. ot* for sale mod aell at public anoUon at the Post of Milwaukee, on Saturday Use ar of Julj- next, at the hour tT 2 o'clock that pay, tbe following described mortgairtd premises, or *o much thereof as. .may be ncctssary to - Batoe the amount of latd judgment, interest and costs, tofetber wlllt the expenses ot this sale, to wit: '. "All that certain piece or panel or land known" ,".; anddeaignUed as«lty lot nnmber nlne(9),ln ' Woflk ntanber-foarteea <1<), "Walk. 1*4 Point," .-. JUtb Ward, city of Milwaukee, connty : of Mll- '.' waokee ana State of Wifctxum. Dated Baerlff's Office, UUwankee, April 20th, 1859. KufOU, Baocu A GXJDLK, > A. J. .tAaOWOKTay," ' . AtfyiTorH'O. J Sh'ff. MU.Co,Wj», ^--' ^•••••->- -<"- -, -r- 8TAM OF W1BOON8IN, I .." rf <araultOonrt,MUwankeeOo. -f *- >-"- ; . #-:M;5.-::.:.:.-.-:^--.i* J -- Jamei Emott, ~ ! - ; "'-" ' "" rS-- ••-.• -against Xphraim Mariner, Thomaa Seed, Eenben A. Lamb, Hiram Fanner, TbeOlob* .Bank, Ida Jane Lewis, «c- •eator and- Kphraba Mariner, and John J. Orton^ex-, wonton ,of toe lart will and testament of Allfitm: ..XAWia.deceaten, Martha Lewis, Barah Irt'wls.Mary ; .. J*wta, Jtartha.H. Ltwia, Ellxabeth Louisa iewli, WHUamJ. Lewi, Ida Jane MWlsand othernnknown , haln of Allison lj*wls,deoBaaed, aid Ichabod Smith. ,. THTlrtoeorandpurmantto a judgment rendered'W aiuaOoart, to the above enUHed action, dated March Us^lflM, I tbjJI expose for sale jsnd, sell at Public AMtJon,atthei?osW)fflOe,ln the City of Milwaukee, «n «satatr«l»y. *a»e .Said dar of July ISBt, at the honr of S f. «., of that day, the fol- :iowlntoea<albed premlH*, toTrlt: " ' f .:,;, ' ^,'«:~•;; j J>to» twmbered, ihlrty-sereu <W), 4n IWnl •»,-.-•»»••«, of theOltjr of Mtlwaakee^ Oountr; of • IJOlwasflnse *ad«tato«tWi*c6n«ln. 4 » : -"- L 'r : ~t , T)s^^ BbwriTsOlnce, Mil waukee, March l» r • «ffW»am* LA»™, i~ •--• .- AiJilASO— . H'OAU'js. ;fi^ . ••-: aptl-Uniw . ifltaA»s»afe,exeontor<)f thelMtwUl and of B^eklah B. toed, deceaied. Plaintiff, •of! HI OainpiOha^et W. P^ ErsatI.Hembcrg,.Frederick W. fle-tib & XamA*B, Wllfiam H. Lyon, Watr Sebsjrt Hsuiw, M'rfb Sober,. John Ho; Jft>a t flies 8, J .JohnPerkins,Mnlforf Helmer, jJSnssin 0> •HU1.C.». A. Binricas, ttdw&ri Wjilet*. Josipa Vil- Ms, BaUMWo Jackson, John JBu>gess,r Sttert 0. Bat-, John a, Godoard, Joseph B. U»»tin«rti-.Joiep(i «. Hasttoi*, Jr., Tbooias A. Kces, William LSPelrcey, '—s.Pattee,JohnM, MaFarUnt, •*#&* to th* above Ban>edd»lenaaEb: .w^^ The Parmers'AMmer'r Bank lenry L. Palmer, Herman 8 ch waning and Augnst «reullch, Asklgnets of the People'! Bank of Uaer- tel, Greenlcaf * Co^ •' Edward G. Tyler, • Jabes HJL Foster, Horace H. Uunn and , Jasper £. Goodrich. . I Nporsaance and*J>.v»rtn T)Utrict Oonrt of the Uni -InCqnlty. rjecre* made by tbe . United States for tlie District of Wisconsin,Vn the elglith day of April, A. t>, 18t9, m the above entitled cause, 1/shal) sell at Public Anctlon, tt the United States Marshal's Office, In the City ot MUsrsnkee,onTh«rsday, the 81st day of July, ISM, ai S.o' described property-, u wit: The east one hundred (100) feet of lot* numbered seven (T>and elebt (8) In block nnmberetl tienty-*ve (15), In Sherman's Addition, in the Sixtn Ward «f the City of Milwaukee. Marshal's Office, MJlwaiikee, Apt II 'K, 1S59. ,anr!9-lin2ir3m ' M.J. THOMAS, D. 8. MarshiL 688] SHERIFF'S {SA1.E. fSewa • STATE OP WBCONglH, ' • ' 1 '• ' Circuit Court, MUwaukee County} /: "Joseph E.~freat, ' -.-..- • .--.:. •• • .-; u sgslnst -..-'•- . . • Thomu A- Lyne, Oarolln* J. Lyne, John B. Weld and B A. Pollen, ; „ v I N virtue of and jpursnsnt to a decree* r«nd*reota , said Court, In the above entitled aotton^dated th* 15th d»y of March, 1869,1 shall expose for sale and Kll at public auction, at the Post Office in.&B city of Milwaukee, on gsu«rtlay. tsWv»d day'of J«sly, 18i9,atthehonriif 2r.«.of that day, the following described mortcaged.premlias, or'so moch ^lerrof us nay be neoenarr .to .raise the amount of said judgments, interest and colts, together with expenses" of ssjt,towlt: t.'', -ff.:-/ -s :•• i i -••. . - =• "Tbe north one half of lots number, ten (10) • and twelve (12), In Mock number forty-six (i£,, : In the Eighth Ward of thetsM sit* orjlltw»n- tee, being on Valkerl) Point Addition to said cllj, in- the Ccaoty ot KUwanKee, S Ate of Wisconsin.'* 1 Dated Sheriff'* office, Milwaukee, April 1, If S3. TUKSWB, L»DI -* MDAIE, j A. J. LANGvTOhVTAy, PlatolJff's Attorneys.. f>-| BheMffKU.Cw., W|k ' aprl«fioilln2w Ui-i-^i '^:<v±f'..•-'-'.?• '.^ . fcVtiaiua-- r ' • •- agabist *! • • •• •Char!eaJ.Kerahaw,:Jes«e U. Leavenworth, Iferrick Murphy, John -X^Pezklna, John Plsnklalon, John, "OgdenV'iyjdlay Ward,' Lymah f. flwlft, JaaerH. Kogars, Keceiver4>rt*e<0trmatila Battk of O*o. Pas). ,enulck,4 Co., CbartesiB. Oortbj; Jotn Cs.',Ueyrr. William John Hoe, Charles Kuehn; BeOTg.e B. Miner, .CyruD.Da«», Jarae*.H»Tihaw, Defendants. - - tbsipttu ofWlsconjln,tt' ti*,aboTe,ni«oeddafe»<lanM. \ T 00arehereb/anmjnoned ant,)rsxjalre4 to answer J. the complaint in tb(i 'action, iwbich i« fDed io the •office of tt*Clerk of said Conrt, and ao serv*. A .copy af your answer to the aild complaint,on .the substrWerr. at lieirofficeHds,a*nd4, Albany -BuOdtaft -Milw»u- tc«, WtteorfllniTrllhln-Tirenty ,day» aft«- the arrvice hereof, exclusive *f.,tht day of such serrfce; And- If you fall -to answer the stld complaint withla the time dj>re»*UI, .^'-plataUBtoto« a^on^iftlapp^to th* Ocnn for thereliet demanded In the somplamt. .. • -Witoetl th* Hoborable AKTHDH. KaAR. '-&ti taon*and*ls;at hundred and flfty-ijdii> .-fifflaOKBB*^PANe«N*E3l&. : Pl'tlg> AU'y.,.Hllw.akee, Wfa. «ia,wife, Thom»s«arTUle, James Porter, The farmsm A-.Mil• ! ^ttfje^^9t^S^^:^«^^i'afnm^>fr ••-y"j*^^ -*- f -i.-^.'^'.ij'-*^'^:'TJJ i : LJ»:«_t_" 1 ' -v * . I N virtue of and pursuant to a Judjrment rendered lo cald court In the above entitled- u^don, date* Janu- aiyl9,.]8S9, I shall expoae for aale and sell at public auction^ at Uie Volt-office oil tne earner «f WUcvnaln snd MitwaakM streets, In Ike City of Milwaukee, on .•Sal urduy, (lie 2utl day oC Jal*> 1659, the hour of J r. x. of btat day, the following described mortgaged premises, ar ao mucb thereof as may be necessary tb raise the amooat of aaid judgment. Interest ouil costs, together with th: expenses or is»c, to wit: O "Al: that piece or parcel of land, titnite In tho Oouwy of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, knowu and described as |the west half of the nortb tut quarter of section thirty-tw» (32), town six (6), range twenty-one (SI), except that pan of aaid half quart r section lying north westerly of tbe centre of tbe Jairesvllle I'link Road containing three and 24-Ifrj acres tat re or less, containing seventy-six and 75-100 aores more QJ le£s. ft Dated Sheriff "s Office, Milwaukee, March 27, 1R59. Emma, Btrrmioc ft Oorraiix, I A. J. LANQWoK (HY, Fl'/fs Atfys. f Bb'B. Mil. Co., Wls. •?t8-8m-llnSw 588} MALE. STATE OF WISCONSIN, I ty, f Circuit Cosm, Milwaoker Count Kobert Mensles and Robtrl W. MeCleJIan, paruiers of t'ie fir ji of AlL-'tizies L* Due A-Co., Judgment i chan:ci Liec. 8»le Me- Olemens Kamsctmll«-. i ff Irtnc of and pursuant to a Jaitirnifcii rendered In Slid Court, In (he aboveentitleil action, dated fei^ rua-y 1, 18S9, 1 shall expese for stiff and sell at Public Auction at the Posl-Office on the comer of rVlicon- sln anil Milwaukee streets, In the city of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the I4lb Un-y of May, ISM, at Uie boar oft T. M. of thai day, pursuant u> Ohaptcr 120 Berisetl Statutes, ealiltctl of tin lien »l i ( Mecttanic9 and oibeis,*' all Uie rl r ;til, title aad lulercst nf the above named defendant in a<M to tlm folla%tnR property on the Cth day of February, 1S59, to wit : "A certain building situate on I'tfNo. Urc.nty. two [22], In block one bun Tefl a>:d thiaay <>if;lii 1 188], In U W. Week's suf. 1 1 -islr.n in tht «>oi U, west quarter of Section Brc ff.| »J; bill W.,r • ol tbe City of 'Milwaukee. AUb the lntci«*i »l th« said defendant in Uie »vl •• N(, 3*3, on the 6th day of Febr.i>r» • » Dated SherUr'f Office, HO wl-*-) April • , -• '"J". nsogas, LTIDI 4 MttLiB, i . Pl'BsAtt'y*. i aprl-lawflw I2I8J . SHKRIFt'*^ »«J,B. * (!«•«*• STATE OF WISOOHHN, ) Circuit Court,Milwaukee Co. ( .Robert Uaneyanit John-BetVw, agalirst DeMisIlagent and J*a«e* KuganU ' Esectttlon. . . ... B T virtue of an execution iea'aed fram said Court, In the above «nt!tled action, t« ma directed and delivered afllnst the gvods, chattels anil real estate of .Dennis Nugent aad James Hojent, I. have seised and takJn Uie following described real' estate as the property ot-t^e defendants V>r either of ahem, to wit: (.'•Lot number fonr (4), fjlock one hundred and thirty-fonr,184iitrtb*Hr«t.Wardof tUOIty of Milwaukee. Oognty oi Milwaukee, State cf ' Wlscta«n,aml allthertjiht, title and Intefen which tie said defendants or either of thess bad In.and t»jal<l premises it the date of.the-HUne: : o/ a certain s/arraat of MfachmcBt heretofore Issued In l*p action, to trn: On theSth dav of Wkieb property, as afbrt-iaid, 1 will expow for. tale and sell at Pnkllo Aactinn, at tbe Conrt House, In Ort City of Milwaukee. oa *:t«ars]ay. tlsc 94tk day <rf St>paemfc«r« 1J5., at Uw aou of » p. M., 6f tUatdiy to satisfy snidixtcultonanS cotU. . Dated Sberlir's, Omce, MilirauZec; Angun f, 1859. IKrrjJSx, BCTTSJOK It Oorfxiu., i HERMAN U PAGE. . . .Pl'flsAtfjri. ' I Sh'ff. MU.Oo.Wta. aufelO-dlsiwtw . • ' CPriVabolroBaleHncriby poctponed to'falnrday, Octobtf?8,1858, at Ui« i»me ylao* au4 hftur aa above Darned. ' " ' . . I)»U4 Hhjmrr 1 * Office, MUx-aukea, Amtutt 4»,1I5«. -"" ' tbe ft»»ve Sftlsj* finUitr posUioned U Bstardsy, i'day of BorcmbeT, 1SS3, at the same place ud hoar as sbova wuned."" , • oettMw • , • SUV, MM. Co., wis. • W tlie above I»i»lifi»nSerpastpflned to Saturday, Feb. 19, 18S9,' at the sam<' place and boor u above " " Hff*j <HBcw, Jtra'auk**, NOT. 80, 1868. . . . . the ajborc Ml» U ..stilt fnrthar poittioxd to '- '"- — " •- " — Sstordsy, Aagust go, ISSt, at tbe as abore named. "' .. . ' « • - « r*b204awtl« pace and how 90S} ' >HlEJaM»' J r''. ^AIiE* JlKcwn "" ». 'tTATHOF WIBCO»SI»,» Ch-cnlt Court, Mllwanke* Ccjwty. f . Alonxo Better,' . • v against, •Tailer, lebkboa aWta, Th* fanners'aid i' K%ak and Geor^* W.,recahass. _ 1 K Wrtae of aud pa««»nl,to a J«3fantrt t inacred te J. said X5fmrt,<» die abore e««tled action, daiel Oe- toberS,18S8,lBhall expose foraale *nd «UatPnbUe Auction, M Ure Po«l-O«ccrln Ha O ty of Milwaukc., on *•»* «a lUif »f ~ July, 1S6», «t i jw ao-BJocn, th«reof aj nay b* unoJostonenSntr- ondred dollars Mow.Holen yo« shall apswarbetote la --- ^ «* — ..SL _ m --- a ^ .— ... r — - --- •— . In tlwcoln Albert- Smith, a Josii a of Uie jrtace to nd ror laid County,athfs olBce In said «ity, 0*1 the aW (lay of joorljagedpr<jnlse«or»omUctier«oM may ensx •entry to MkMliie anionot ef •ihrj.dgaent, utcrattf, of asKiday, udim«ntw11.k*ra«der«diif»lait you, aosljoufrsj. perty sold to day ihe debt. |he*xi»eJB«»\or*ale, to wit r jonw, «aft*ai»aal«hday*ofMsVnext,arVhere- »7declsr*d to be postponed,until the Oth aodZotB •ev*n.£e7],l« tb«*rth War* of the^Olty of MUwaukeV. ta«ke CvaAj ft Mflirtokt* .- Deimtr Jrjsehback, jj. ^oddw andA, W.Orlswold - - Adininlstraion of the estate of UohVO.XeKojV def eased, dnnarjd T. Grant, Ckarlc* F.Bode, Administrator uf the tslaie of Charles Q^ flchrelner, d«eas- eJ, June* W. Artiell aod-Jleiman 6. 0. Kernper. '• I N virtue ef and pursuant to a judgment rendered ID 'aaid Court in theabore •ntlUedactlonjdated Febroa- ry *, tSBJ, I shall expose fof sale and tel) at Public Auction, al the Post-orfce, In tlie. City of Milwaukee, oe Saturday, Ibc fJlliaur or jrnly, 13S», at the hour of » r.x^ of Ut»t daT,' the lollowlnj dc* sctlbedttotlgsgcd pttmlsts or so moch thereof at may be necc*suy-to-.r»iie tit- amount ot laid judgment, Interest and costs, together with the <XP«BMI of sale, t« -wit; i- ",:: •- s '• •• -• -7 ; i • > : "Lot number Blxterti<16)ao'l the east half of lot number filleeonS), In block forty-ore («), lo • the DeeoDrl Ward of th« O«y of Mllwaokt-e, be- - r ing on Tamarack street, between Fifth nnd . : 8lx-h»treet», all to tb« County of MUw-nkea • aud State of WlaionjUn." Dat«d Sheriff V Offlre H.lwauket, Apr)) 8,' IK*. ••vV.>'-;i" -.: •-; ArJ.UAW-tWOKTHT. ' apr8-aro-llo2w ' ' gheriff Milwaukee Ca^, Wb. . SHEUIFf'S 6TATE OFiwiSCONHIrl, Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, "I , f Lewis Bl«ke, aeainit William W. Keith. Judgment Foiecloson. I N Tlrtne of and pursuant tp n judgment rendered In said Court, In the above entitled action, Hated Vebrnary 21,18SS, I,shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction 1 , at th* I'osl-Offlce, tn the City of Milwaukee, od Satnrelar* U> c 9H» d»f o« Jtsli, 1SA9, at the hour of 2 r. K., or that day. the following ;deserfbtB mortgaged premises, or fo- much thereof sfmajr be. necessary to raise theamoont of said judgment, Interest and cosu, together with e» - penie* ofsale,towns ' "The equal undlviiled otie-half of lot No- one, la .block Mo din ly-fire, :j'uil the equal und!v:d> d .oae-balf of lot six, io block No. one hundred and eleven, all In th« Pifih Ward, of th« City of •Milwaukee, la Uie Slate of Wisconsin, Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, • pril», I8S9." E. MialUCB, ) • A. J. LANOWOKTHV, Att'y. { Sb-iT Mil. Co.. Wl*. Circuit Court, Countf uf I'ertase. William B. Treads-el , Jehn S. Perry and_Edrafd Nor- (oc, nealn't H. U. YuUBg, Mary A. Young, John W. B'chel'-r, 1. D. Rogers, J U. Morrifton, Wltilam M. gincialr. A. Oaa- BlIOB, M. Yelverton, n. C Wuker, 1. ', Dreylem. 6 Satterlee. O. A. Iitnnett, L. T. Wilcox, O. T. Ifrt- ry, t. U. sUckor, B WHt,, O 11. Wuelit, Q, S*. fclar- fey, J. M. Beae«lci,J. O. Mavker.J. It. Perklus and O O. Me'ss. '•• The State of V%corlBta to tbe above n%m 4 £>«fead- nuts : S " IH8 :— Von are bereby iunnaoo«l «tu required to answer the- camp atoi tn this ac'lott, of Wiiich a copy ia bercwttb Served upon y -11, &n4 fffVm ncopy of yocr answer on us al our c-lttcc, ccdber^ tt and i la the estate Bank of VVl'Bonsm buildta*. in the Cuy "t Milwaukee, vitbui thnA months after tlie service hereof exclusive of Ibe day of such scr-rt • ; and II y u f*tl to answer the compliant a< rforejaid > tbeplaio;in*d wiila ply to til e Court f jr tbe relief 'demanded Idthccor phUnt. Dated Milwinkee Ma'c', '.3, U. A. * J. i;. l-lfTs *t.orn«y«, Mil. City. Witness -Hon. George W. Date, Jnd B e of iBe - « - . 7 b Jnillc »1 Ciiciiit, at WcTer, the 23.1 day tfkil. }• ot March A. B. 1*59 — ,~- ' • UM». K. WA.LBR1DOK Clerk. TLe complntnt In Ike above 'entitled c*uit wfll be Qled In tbe oIBce of -U>c Cie-k of the Circuit Ooart, Portife county, al Ptorer, ua Ue 2'*h cav of April, aprUl-lawfiw 0. A. * J 0, BTA RWEATlfy.K, _. . P^lat ffS AtUimey*. XOTlCfc. V OTICb U eere'by tiven, that the Milwaukee A CM- 1.^1 ca;0 &ailiOt<t ComrjAi-y, (not havlog bvea able to agree with the owner or owuvrs ol cb« luotfa hereina/- tev uescnbod f^r the purchase uf &• g&av t or a* lo the ompecjitlon to be paid thrrefor,) will, apply lo the Hoii- Art! or McATthcr, if iti« C.rcnlt C art lor th« Coantj uf Hilwaiiker, &t the Oooji Uonae, in tbe City uf MUwauk-e, Mata.«( •< t>conslo, on tbe 17th day of Afay, *• P , 1&&, at ttme o*cluek., In uif loreavoo, to appoint three Uommb&iuners 10 examine sai-1 landt taten by »aid Kafrlr^ad ^cmpany a^d appraise 1h« aaair, atul Utc ilAi^age or lijacy which the omn<-r or corners sbaU b%T«*U£tatueil or may sumatc i-y : CA^OC of the taklag KOd using of & UDdU i>y BIKI i:.>c>pvm* over anil aDove Ue Njneliti x- d a'trujtagei wltl^h such awnel or (kwqe<fc iceprc'lve'y at^atl u^-iva li «» Uie cooctrucUoo of the lUnroa 1 vr whlclj said lat-dj par>bipt to ttitf pruvUioDS of t}i« Aet of tbr iDoorpo rating «a«J lUi ro»l Company, aitj the tevaral acu amendatory 1ht7«l" ; K^IJ liuids ASH .n are take- Said CnWQty and 4escriu«d aa f , to vlt . A strip ollind elwven imudrad (llou) fe-t long apJ one hiladred and th'.rtr (1&>J> feu 'u width, containing thrac and tvcDty-vigbt occ tuAdredtb> (\-b; ^f an ac V, b^Ukg the Iiui4 ^ccupitrtl by the iwcsud and ^oa- •tract dltneofltie ill waukee and (.tu.-^^a- tlairroad pauy, acron the foituning <ieac£.ur<> tracta. auoe- ty : Ttiat p »ri of aect.ont &it.r ^tt) and ttn ^lo), m town »lr (6), north of raosc t*e;-iy-iwo (*!i eajl, )>«|Sl.'nInK at the lnterseot;t.a vf ih< «. il-uu lln« brttftx-i saM aec- tlons » and ill aiUi t f shore u! i.ake MicMgaa; licence south Or^y-ivot'e.-rce* eait (•*. 4S'* ^laltli t[.e shore of (aid lass <!k.U-en au'l tnetlty bundradlbs ( 6 Ju) chadis; theooe riotith ajx-y-twu degrees imt (0. 6^° W.) d three tenths |t2 3j chains to llic c^tt and veitquarterfe il«u ni.e in fectl-'-a blue l'J;; iheac* weet on raid quarter •'-ction lni« s^z anil eightT-nT« one uuodrtdihtf (6-^'; cbatuj i-v ihe ft^ut-i e^>t caraer o! a traot 'of t« nij-Mir-n and *evefity-«e '« n Ou« l,uo- dredths v^7 77) acres as cujii eyvd hy u Ijoaglsu io WUllaiiit; iheucc t.urth along the eaH side of sad tract 0ftee,a (ISJ chains to ti.« SjnUi veal corner Of land owned hy bavid fJcUaugai, tfecnCe n4>nh a xty- 2) degrerj eaet UJny tvvcn mi'l) tiTty-Oire uue banlretftttf ^37;4&,l chains to the ea*t corner ot sal.1 alcOouKafl*s l.\tid; (hence sou h »ereuty-*lire« (73) link* t* the place of i-esrmnmg. Al»o, tl,- (oiloiring piece or naroel |)f land conuneni^ln^ al a polcjtsix hundred ana ftlxty (66U) fell weal of the nurUi evat of tte routn east quartsr of «ertlon nine l ft ),in tovn •ix (B), north of range t»m,tj.t»o (M) ea.i, rnnntof therice south ontb-jndre^l and eishty (ISO) feel; thrtice In a north rater y direction l»>i huntlreu and nfteen (21»tfcetto tho nor h line of said quartet lection; tfaencu eichty (dO) feet e&st to polru of bepnuing, coo- talnbngifilteen one-bundreiiiua o^-i^) of an acre o( land. A Ca^CAQo RULCOID COXP&KT, by C. B. HALL, President. To Sjjtau. K. WosTttilOTOi and others, owcert >.( »»IJ laad. • . . . Duncan C. feed, O.f.Foott.DsYld M. Miner. John 'CutaiainSa,Traat«ta «f' Milwaukee I«dr« No. S, or th« Independent Order 'of Odd Fellows,) dttfnt •'Meniel, Abraham Bj Warner, Frttr KemMr, The . tHobe- Bank, William igmlth^eory genftlehcn, Abra- h»m iBteinbait. Lewis I. Claode. George W. Peck- .ham«JL«»lsS. Mack, Herman 8. Mack, Le*nder M. Babby, Arihar, flamael r. Lester, Badger State Bank, Robert B. Bell. James Longworth, Chu- JesKnip, John W. Butter, EUary Carter, Jerrls Langdoo, Samuel W. Baenircl and David M. Mlsner, The State of Wisconsin, to each and til th« defendants alOTij named, texetpt the defendants, J«hn Coamings and John U. Qoodrlch: . \f OOjan hereby wmmoned end requlred4o answer the JL coo jilalot In this action. whlcB was nled in the office al the Oietk of the Circuit Onnrt, of <he County of Milwaukee* OD) the gist day of April, 1&&V, and to serve a copy of jour answer 10 tbe said complaint, on the snb- acilbei* at thalr offlce. Not. 6 and 8 Albany Ball-Hog, Milwaukee, wttbla aelaetf da; a after the aenrtce of this! summons en' you, exclnslTe at the day of such berrtce; end Ifyoafail H> answer the said som- plaint within thst time aforesaid, the pialntiff In this action wdlapply te the Co»rt lor the roller demanded In the cboipJaJnt. 1U». »!HCllaS, LTND« * MILLKK, ' PUinti)P« AU..rneya. apr23>-lawCw T COURT, « HUWankee County, f Samuel 8. bagfett, Plaiotiff, agalmt Beery Miller, JulianaUilltr, Mi wif^, Kaiure Strue- bns, or Naiil'e Strtulens, Ephralm 0. Uowell, D. 1>. WBllanuon, Jr.. Treaanrer, Jacob Scho-nh is, Ml.hael Bower, John Blakely, William Blxxely, Henry tf«Hl rd, Frederick Althof, Herman Brrginsn, Lokis, Jilthof, Charles Alihof, John 11. Manahan, JameK Sneeland, Noreliy ttubbe* Company. >nd John B. A. Kern, Dvfesiduria. tbe f tate of Wiscaeulot to l*« above named Oefeodania Y OU 4re hereby Summoned and 're^atrej to answer the-" complaint lu ttfs action, wbtcb U fileil m the office of. tbe Vlerk ul the Circuit Court, for .Milwaukee County,,and tosefve a copy of yonr amwer to said cottplalpt oa us. at r,ur office, in Mi chell'f Building, corner of Michigan aad ast Water streets, n 'l-.-Ciy of Milwaukee, wtthtn twenty uaya aft^-r tUr i^rv;c<.- here< (. esclaslve of the day of such iervic., au I .( you full to answer*th« complaint as aforrnaio, tin: pluin- tlfl* will apply to the Court for the relief iieiunimrd in the com^lalni- i — f Witr.e-i lion. ARTHUR McAllTHCU, Jau^.j tKxi. l, of aaid Cfrcujt C>iur . at MiitAukn', '. > <^> -^ | liHli Iff f April, lSo». Wltoeas tb< teal or *ai<l Court MATTHEW K».>«S. i : c r k PAkiia;* 4 8vaa&, Fialntlif •» Attoiuey. >tih«aukec, Wlaconaln. aprld-i^K^w COCllf,» County al Mllw»oke«. f Peter J. ilatallng,, ) agaicst i Blab M. Jostln, • I : u Vaunoa B. Joslln, > JaniM IV urtve-, , <ieonfe W. Bishop ani< i Wlliwoi P. Voaug, DeTcins'u.) State of Wisconsin, to the *b-rv« tllab M. Joalm ana |-»ullua B J-m.. . Y OU are hereby nauavncil and reqnlrrvi tc ewer thw complaint in tni* actiuo, wtilch n>l Bled »n ike orace al the CleT* «f th« Cin-ait Toi Couoty of MilwaaS:e*, at Uilvaukee, and,to i?rv cep/ of jour answer to tsje 9«M complaii.t ,,n Lhe • seribers, at their office InUieCitynf 51ii»auk'^. v: in tiiarty d%y» after the service of tt.i^ r'lm.-i.-.o.-* you, exclusive nf th* <tay u( SG«.h »crvu-f . .in,l 'f i tail bo answer the said complaint within Uie u aforesaid,the pIMrtHf in thw action »-rl apply uj CouM for th» relwf deman.leif In the coui|.Uuit Dnted April 1.', US*. Cl-HAM 4 (iaAd'M, P'alntKl'l (t r.ri ,.,-, The above tttentioaed comr-latut was nie i A;-rii 1SS9, In Ite offlce oflhc Clrrkofnald Co'iri »t llilw k*e, Witcoiism- Dated Aj^il tl, liiS. CPHKM « OKAri «M. PUint fl'< Atloriirj , waukee Railroad Co. „ TH pursuance and by virtu* of i writ of tluri Pacl a. Issued out of the District Court of the Dmted dtalti for the District of Wisconsin, In favqr of the -aid Newcomb Cleveland, Plaintiff, against the La Crosse A Milwaukee Rail RoadComusny.defenuint In tne above entitled cause. Issued for the amount of one hundred and twelve thousand two hundred and seventy-one dollars and seventy-six cents, recovered by the laid Plaintiff against the said defendant, the 7th day of October, A D. 1857, by the judgment of the said District Court, tested the twenty-second-day of October, A. D. 1S5I, tn me directed, I have levied upon and shall sell st Public Auction^ on Tuesday, tbe loth day of December next, at the United States Marshal's Office, in tbe City of Milwaukee, at 11} o'clock In the forenoon of laid day, tbe following property, to wit: The La Crosse A Milwaukee Railroad and all the Interest of the LaCrosse£ Milwaukee j Railroad Coo-pany thereto, with all the franchises, rights aod privileges thereunto belonging and appertaining, i Including roads, roadways, rights of way and real es I tat« of every description, road beds, tracks, ties, rails, ; station houses and buildings, and grounds, iheds and ; grounds, engine houses and jrrounds,shops and uroanda, j water houses and grounds, cars and appurtenance*, lu- j eoaotlvi^ engines and appurtenances, more particg- . larly described in the following schedule (marked A.) Also, all that porlioD of the LaCroaso and MUwnukea ', Railroad, koowu as the Wat«rtown Division nf laid Kallroa/l, and all the Interest of the said LaCrosse and • Milwaukee Railroad Company therein, with all '->" franchises, rights and privileges thereunto appertain- j leg. Including roads, road ways, rights of way and real i estate of every description, roail beds, tracks, ties, , rails, station hcuoes and buildings and grounds, ahops ' and grounds, water houses and grounds, engine house* • and grounds, cars and appurtenances, locomotives and ; appurtenances; also, about forty-five thousand bars ot Railroad iron, more particularly described In the iol- l owing schedule (marked B.) Also, lots 9, 10 and 11, In block 3, and lota 1, 2, 3, in block 47,iln the Fifth Wird at the City of Mllwauke.- — Lots 1 an'd 4, In blot.* 1M; lots 1, 2,4,5,9,7,3, 9, 10, 11, l'2, 13, 14, In block 166; * of block 157, except lot i and II) af the bayou adjoining laid bluck; ft uf lot* 3, d ind ),, all of lots 12, 13 and H, K oi lota 16 and 17 and E X of 15, in block 158, in the Vnarth Wan! if the City ,l ] Uilwauitee. irichiMluie A., eelerred to aoofe.) One paaseuifur lu- put, on<? jtore house, twu freight tiepold, <ram platform nnd sbefi. blacksmith shop, Ihreu tan* house*, oiachin? shop, stationary t-nKilie bouse, p.iint jhup. I u tube- house, coppe/stnith shop, iron house, blacksmith ihop, turn- ' table, circular engine bouse, ,-ar shop, all in thf tJlty of UllwauUrv; UinlE house on section twelve of laid itai! roa'J, i,ne ilitto on section 22; pa.-oenyer anal fr»lj(ht r<-- pot, at Richfield; ,tnu turn tabl* aa-t piM»en^-^r «M.| fr^'gl't tlei/tiC. at Scli'- t -*i*'ni^*rville: .-nione houi*^, lac* liou.-*e 4ml ]iil»HeUjfi-r *n-l freight 'lepol IL iLtrllor 1 !. p*s-i*-UKer :ind f.--. iijl.l .lepot at itu'-lcon; p.iasentfer i;,.. Prairie; turn table, entrtne hou««, u»nk tiou.^; m-i ;..*.- t«ni;(!r 4H'l Ireiltbt de(n>t ftt :>«aver Daffi: |>«n..^n^*'r t^, 1 IrelKht Ob(iut and tank booa« at fox L«Ke, p:L.s^>.-n^^i and freight depot at Cambria; pjtuenuer »ml tr^i^ru t. pot, turn tabx^t tank bouse and <ni;.ii>? linn*- i. M,,i l^nd; passenger aoil frprqhi irpot. inrti '» , .u^i-i,- i illuiLled inn v. t. rli Art- :ppurv«n;int t:,rr-i,, TV- .., j iw-, scci_,!.il tl^.-< ,litr,j, l-pur h4,[/-uji.' :in*, .'•* -• ... Irei^tit CAM, !'2tl rifalinrni can, i" ^r . • _ ,. , •> i<! ^ch^ilule B-, referred ti> al>.j > ? J 'Ji.e c..^i:le r,.,,,,- in the City of \iil«ail£e*. one ,t*lim s ..,,i^^ :• •',(• JunctH.i ^ae il.f.o and woo.l thfd »; l'--.'..i. - ttaliou i..iun,- *i U&rUand; ^Qe ,litt., »; I' ac u^y. - ,; >. lion; one (tater fiouse, one wood^nrd, ^o,l ,:i»- ^,r, h«iu»«- at OcoU'imowoc; ooe station ( i, machine Tihop, car »r,np, biaclcsmith in Dry <. «M>«J. I HA . IMMK..-SK ri 1 i I I I . aprl7-.|l( 4 i; H i-«J ;« C \PITAJs .•" , I' I I ' " IM M- U ' N ''-I'. .V r . 1 an*. '.IKTT. IT c»'(;-t r \ Circuit t^itfrii tj Ii>viH. Kn- i <.ui.ij. ti&rlca K Uan.Arth ai*d ( W Per' if.-. } e li t motive en,., liT Dos c»m, -X rai-k-^c^ ,-' L* •>ur paJsenyiTrrari £ two ''Hmraire ,-ar^, i»l i i u, j .m.ut l-J.Hi bar, of &iilroa<l ITMO, .«h n I ,:• v ! . ,aU l< ^-il.oii mocks 4u Hid 4L.ln Uiu >-|iy ,jl Vl.< ' AIU] al«-.u: 4Uo I'trt il RA,irMM,l .r'jo, win,-" i * i. . ,r , t.,^k f M , the *atnti,M; vl ;>.-udiu i: .' K.tJr',*J <'• t, which 1 «:,J» i ,--,j jn Uie 1.-.. limri-.iber, ISSI, »t llirve i'-l,.rk P VI , ,n | ban* .1 tlie « l>consln Kiver. :n.t»um,'.iuiilj .1 I ^' ' 3 *t * ' •• tl M • '>"" j jr,,l ;.T^\ ,<niily levle«l Inrr-'i L U- Kttd per p*rtv i o this aciJOi, and h^u »h<ch f>arjution if louuli s/u mrxioib (,f bul'^r, uuttnck t t. |,y i:.i -Uli*l, . D.. 185*. i do hich prrtn •*» ^r* real Tstnu- t t-i^g i-,. : , * *-* l-i,l: I .? .1 J ia,.->ry, ' t' ~'-, ' V ' *' • ' 'oil''' h , M \ ^ •I ,r. i-) nuoibtr (f!Ji [6J and B-.I i-n ['}, in tiffin i,1>*! re*. -nth W «r<i ol Ui- Aod Ills fcrt^c-r crd("- r ,i i ( h»i In Tbe Dal y &l:fw»uki*« Sew*, -i i •f-- (loati'y of M'l » an * * r, * f •• •Huattd, ODC«* tn PSO'I * t • i !•' • -i And ll u 'urilaer r-r.i. r*--l, i (.*: i' •• . bc^Iso published "m-u»i'l 1'ne' *l*i In racB We«it far feix Wi-tr£* iuC(,-* of the "HinDioD* and com pis mi h 15 tr,.- ^•?>^t-OtiC*, tl.frCl il tt) ** MoDtpt-lliT. V«*rt&<>nt. liu p *« f " -Br. ,~n« « r> f^>rtl*«"ith 1 IjeorK - *J 9814] t-OK < STATE OF WISCONSIN, i GlrctU Conrt, MUvmit«c Ooauty, | Milt M a Pool?, HA I,*;. [%c\v« . Pace, Georp* S. Mallory, K&rreti M. Fm- ger»ld, A»r*b FlU^eriM, hts wife, l*homaa T. Rr-err »Jid eUhert IV. ttoe. JaAgmettl of For-xlosura »ud Sale. I N virtue of Mid purtaant to » Judgment reoder- ed in laid Court, to Uie abore eiidUej action, [ shall expose for sale and cellAt public auction, at tbe 3oult Ilottae In the city of Milwaukee, on Kzifut^ da>, the 18th dar of June, 1S69, at the loaf of 3 r. M. ol that da/, the following described mortgaged pretfllsca, or to mach thereof a* m&r be ecosarj to raitr the amotioi due to the laid 1 -ig'-ther With loterest and expen>e« or sale, to . "•Quarter block tveoty-oinv (29J, la the east half •f the xoaUi Test quurtrr of lection Mo. twm- ty-ooc [2lj, to .<>tru<fiip >o. lereo (7J, anrtb of range tireniy-tiro [22J emsl, in the Plsat W»r<1, •f the City of Milwaukee, to the Oocntj of Mil waukee and State of Wiscor^io." D-tcd Coroner*' O Lee, Aljlwaakec, »>ec. 16, 180 3 PALDO * ODT, t IUJUEKT WAfiOX, Jr., Pl'ff* Ati'ys. f Corofter Mil. Co . Wt . _ 8 h«rebyflT«n that aJI the counterilgncd rircufetin*? note* l»ocd by tb« People's Qaok of Uiurtel, orveu- eaf A Od.,of tit/! Oity ol Miiwaukec.mDxt b« ^reseoteJ at the offlce cf the Uta.i Oomptroller. wJUUn two yriri rom |he date of thU notice, or that thy funds dejKJstte.J o^ tbe redemption of aaid circulating nou-s, »:->» i--, IT«D ftp to ttu aaid Banking AjcoclaUon or it- AS* iCnees. D%U6 December 29, * . D., 1837. J u U •« A . .•* » * A U > ClRCLll L >' UT, ^111 WHU-i r.. Coanti Jaine? H. A>lrlai.Ci; an-t ft p'.tn U. PI-JIM. Almlra J. Majcle, The State ttank ot Wl consln, Peter V. Lane, William H Guild and Jobn Ogden. Slate ofVMieoosla. to th "\7 UC are Nerebj samiuoneU and required in aruwer JL the complaint in this action, which wa« tiled in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, County of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, nn tne 19th ,iay 4I Apr I. 16A9, and to aerve a cory o f your answer to the »anl complaint on the suiscrlber, at tin ulfice, ,n Um city of Milwaukee, irlthin Dlnt-ly day* aAer ihrserYirv ->f thi« summons on you, exclusiTe of tne day of ftucii eervice ', and If ypa fail to answer the aaid complaint within tbe lime aforesaid, the plaintuTB in tins action vlll apply to the Court for the rellei demanded in the complaint. Witness ta« Hon. ARTBOB McABTHUR, Jnrlire of the Ciixult Court for Slid Oounty of Milwaukee, at UUvaukee, th: 14th da; ofApri , lif>9. K.MAU1SKK, PlaintirT 1 ' Atuirnev. :,- "• • --ij'... M J.J i,, January I. , <>^, 41 : 6. ,-,"o. i: i ,iVlo,-K p M , %l tfic resJp^c'... ^,.1 •- -ii^-lALh !;»y ..l >Vbru»ry, <^-, I ..'i..- I' ? \itr-ha. t t/'It ••-. sl.iw.i ' K.l,:r • U I -II T - ti ..- . .-! r. -i.l^nuru-- 1 r-^j.-r--'., . etj 1'. \l -Cl.i Ma.ri^i!' • wdJCe, >!.lwiU»»t;, J ina^f y l , ; •* -^ j*n6-la*« H J THOHA3, L" > W , k J_jy~ The ii*ov- s»j c ,a n«rr«*by I'u/ther i-lj-.ur Thur»U*y , th*- 16Ui Jav of April, Iwi, »t . 1 *. •., at Uc L rf l!»rih«r> otfice. Muwmi*'^. Uie »aica ol Ha,ilru»*l Ima cii<*nti.iu*-<l iu .- . r- which *r« adjourned rr*^trtuv e i/ i., Thur^in/ 15, 1.3&1, *l i aVlOCk r M , iLiid 4 -i'dorki p Samrii.4y t April IT. 166.-), »; j .I'ciock r M »: | •pective places m<:i)UcQ«;d ab<jv«. • MAnhAjN u*3ctf, Mliwaotee. ?rb 15. 1 -An i«b^U-ot»wu M. J. I'ti^JMAa, L" J M»- t^T~ Thi? a^ §aitf l» r»»>reby furUier ».lj..u TucsJi-y, Uie 15th lay of June, 1S£*, &'i j'^.u- »t ilie U. d Maobml'w Otnce, Milwauitee, ei.-Bpi -. ^J HailruaU irun menuoue'l in £cJici.iule b., <t! i-ijouracj rdptctiTeiy to Tue^uay, June LAui, l i o'clock, p. ni. and 4 o'clocK, p. ID., *n.l Vl. Jun«j 1 7, Isoo, *t iJ o'clock P. M. , al ihe r«sp«oti v -. or* aamol - V .\.TKW iKSHAI.'S SAI.K. ) lh th« Uo'tad states District Court for the District of Wisconsin. la Equity. of .tin People's HankcT>r H B-I STJ H. U * ' STATE OF^VUSCONSIN, OireBltCa«Tt,MtlwanJieeOoantB. th« Globe Bank,' 1 kgaloit I Daniel H. aichardi, Execution, laspcr Vtiet'sed f John B. Smith. J B T virtue o| an execitfon i*»u£d from said Court, in the«bove eatitled action, to me directed an« delivered against the personal and real property of the above named defe. dants, I have seized and levied on following real estate, 1> Ing and being la the 0 t^ cf " " • :, County of Milwaukee) and Stale of Wlacot- i, to wit: "Sttuateln the north *nst quarter of section 17, tow a 7, range 22, beginning at the south eact corner of (aid quartet section; running along the east line of eataf quarter section north to a pelnt t\£t chains south of the north east corner ; of tald ejoarter section, being tne couth east " corner of land couvcyui nv stld lUchardste one Christopher Brloeuf; thence with south line of said land ocnveycd lo Schluepf west to a point 8cO feet east of middle of Uretn Bay road; tbence south ICO feat; Ibence West 860 feet to middle of Green Bay road; thence along th* middle of said road so«tb to the south line of sail quartes section, thence west along said south lite of Said qiarter section to beflonTnj, containing about 84 acres, being on the east •Id* of the Green Hay toad. Also the following reas estate situte ta the said north east quarter .of section II, towa 7, oange 22, beginning «t north east corner at •all quarter fectloa; thenoe west with north line of **idquarter section it&.24 chtiaa ta middle of Green Jtajr road; Iheacc sautb along mld- •ile ef said ro&4£80 ettalw l<j north west corner of iao4 coareycd by Daalcl H. stlcasrwsto •Ch»h}to.j,t Scfikicpf; toince Wrtt, along north Uneef saldlsind to«a,t Doe *f said o«nn«r , section tWtt chains} thenoe nerthj eMchedis to beginning, |b«lng about 13 acres, and all u» * rl(ht,tltU«ua interest of It* said defendant ot either of then In and to the said pntniexs and appartenancei on the tehtb, day Of Oclo> ber, i:iY,or since acquired thereto." WblcinalJ property a< aforesaid §•!• aod icll at Publi , »t th« ' cspoa* lor , la the Dlty"of Mil waukee, oh MatsarOiar* the I4lsa ' rl6fl», at tb* hour ot 2 r, K., of that Id uecutioc, t«tetber wUh experues of listed SwrUTs Office, stlwsakeerilarcli tt.lSU. f Si'ff.JIU Ca, W^., * Pl'ffs AU' «art»-lawfw 'yt. I atlLWADXBRGOOimr.t _ City of Milwaukee. ( •*• ffiirlckaenrj Malfer, • / OU ar* hereby notified thtt a wafrafct of attach Bent net been Issued aralntt you, andyoarpro pert* attache J to tatlsfy tbe demand of Lester "Jextoa «rln Sextott, 0*orge Pexton and IWward Bolres,|k«- ng the flrm.of8«xton Bros, * Co^O amcantlng'to 0*1*. RnsweTl 8. llenedlct, William A. Hail, bewls 0. Benedict and Uenry C. Bouthwick, vs. John E. Mitchell, Hti,lana.'MiicheD, H. W. SFUchetl, Thompseu LitteH, 0. a Baker, tV . B. Thompson, W. U. Lyoa and II. Price. t N ptziwaance and try vlrttie of a decree mad? by *be 1. DislrHt Court of tbe Dolled Sulei for ib- District of Wisconsin on tho tenth day of February, 1 J59. m ihe above entitled eauie, 1 rhall "ell at public auction al th* United States Slanhi:', Offlce. In Uie City of M I- waukee. In this District, on Tuesday, the tenth ilay of May, 1S59, at 8 o'clock T. M., the following Jea rii-ed properyr, or so much therettf aa may D* necessary to sltlsfy sa|d decre-, to wit: All th« certain p.ecc or parcel r.f land situate m the County of P rt.-i^-tf *nd State of Wlic^nsin, known »nd deacribtd aa !oll ^w i, to wit: Beginning at a point ton 1 10] rod* east of th*< qsjarter stake on the west side o( section number nf- teen U5)i IQ township number twenty-three (S3), north ol ranpu number eight ^8) east; thence south al"n« the centre of the highway fifteen (15) chains; thence north eighty-six (86) decrees <ut twelve (1-) chains and afty (SO) links; tl.ence nonh sixty-one (ul) deikrtrS east ill (t) chains and thbjty (30) links; thenc* north elghty-fl7» (S5) degrees eajl twenty (20) ch&lns; thence north twelve (12) chains; thence due west on quarter line of Bald section two hundred and thirty t*3(>>- rods to the place of beginning, containing seventy arrea b.- the svne mor« or leas. Marshall Offlce, Mllwaakee. March 15, 1S&9. M. J. THOMAS, U. 3, Marihal. Q. A. A J. 0. »raJtrwaATHx«, Compts Soliciton. roartt-lawtt _ _ __ ' O1BC0ITCODET, anb»>'K County. ii nr - . Ullptn, Kf.'B.lnst Jolm Crtston, ifannnli KTlStoB, William S- WeeAaad .htirorn A. Snyles. fltati- n Wisconsin, to the ain>ve named William H. ^7 OL* are heri'l.y duinmoncd and required to answer M the comp! tin* in >ois action, which has been filed in the office of the CI rk of tL'; Circuit Court, County o! rV'aukesha, ft Wtukusi.i, on tbe twenty-third day of March, A. » , 1669, nnd in serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on tlie subscribers at their office, N <. 9 Kneeland's Blonk, In the City of Milwaukee, wahlh twenty days after the service of this sum- •nons on yODj exclusive of the day of such service; and If you fall'to answer tlie said complaint within tho time aforesaid, ilie plain I ill tn this action will apply to the 1 ourt for Uie rclluf demanded In the complaint. Date I Mtlwanker:, March 20, 1S59. CUXNDLEB £ HICKCOX, njar26-' Plaintiff's Attorneys. !S»:»1 HHRKirF'S SALE. (Ncwn SIATB OF WISCON8IN, I Circuit Coar^ MUwaukee County, f Ocorfc W.Pecktum, I Judgment of foreclosure and agattun Vtale. David P. B«ll. I I N vittna of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In said Court, ta the above entitled action, Ithall expose fortato and aeQ at Pocllo Auction, at tlie Court Uouse. IB; the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, tbe 2 8 its sijaraif Iil«r< ls »i at the hour of 9 r. «., ot that day, the following described mortgaged yreaUes, qr so much thereof as may be necessary to raise the aaboot dne to'the plaintiff far principal, la- teeest and 6osts, together with expenees of sate, to wtt : "AU that lot «r parcel of land known andde- scttoed; al l*t number eleven (11), In block on* sUDitraw and tlx (1M), la tlw Seventh Ward, (formerly the, first ward.). of thu s»id City of miwiokte, CaUBty ot Milwauksjfl tad SUM of 'Wlseonsln " ~ •-'','"'?" MAN L. PAGE, fh',wu. Ifoliee jil ike pos»poneiacDl for a brief pcrioa.or the public sale* at the laud ofitee at Superior City, Wtsca-auin, ot •ercdby Bt» Marsi.aJ'9 uuice^ Milwaukee, April 15, 1^5^- aprlo-dlawu M. J TUOllAJl U .-< >Ur,i,A, £j^~ The above Male Ij hereby funner i.ljou/-1^,1 '. *, the 14Ui day ,if July, l-v%3, HI. -. * i. u., at the U. ri. slarahd's utfice, M.I w-ion .-^. -x.^-i.i ihf >*Je^ ol Railroad iron nientl.iot-u ,n v rit-.iu.-- 11 i-l, 1*553. at 'i o'clock r a., ^nj I'r'.vliy, J ii> . f i, .v',>, &l d o'clock p. H., at the respective placri ;II T 1111. n^i' above. lionhal'H Office, Milwaukee, June L5, l^o.t. Jel6-lawu iX. J.TUOSlAi, L". d. M»r*n.ii. &0~ The above taie Is hereby further ».tjourned -.o Wednesday, the llth day of August, 1^53, \i l: ,>;,,„•< T. M., at the United dlaces Uarsbal'n Omce, Hn «a,i^ - except the <ales of railroad Iron mention**! ,11 *>.,,'-,tu.- fa\, which are adjourned respectively to w-riri-r..!*, Aagust 11, Io5tt, al '1 o'clock f. u., and Kn,l.iy \ -^ i.> 13, Ib53, at 8 o'clock p n.,at the res^ecuvr ;>' „ <-a ^icii tinned above. Marshal 1 ! Offlce, Milwaukee, July U, l£5a. jyl» M- J. TUOMAd, U. 3. «»i»h», |^*y The abo v« tale ta hereby further adji>uro?<l i" Weaneado,y, the 15th day nf dep(,einl>«r, 1^54, at 11 oVock A. M., at th<- C. 3. )lar?hal'» Utnc». Milvauitte. except the sajcs of llallroad iron mentioned In «ch<*dul^ B., which are adjourned respectively t« w-dnesuay, SeptvmDer 15, lo^i, at i o'clock p. M-, »nd ?nuay, d«-p temoer IT. 1S5S, at i o'c.ock p n . at ine -t-spi-ctiv.- plaoes mentioned above. Marshal's Offlce, Milwaukee, Aagust 11, ISai). aagl'J-lawtt M. J. THOMAS, L'. 3 Uarilia, jSff~ The above iale '.» hereby further %«ljnui ui-t : - Vyednesday, the 'iUth d*y of deptemoer, lso>. M ., o'clock A. n., at the t*. a. Marshal's umcv, 11 Ivtunec. except the sales of Railroad iron mentioned in *cri:-ilule B., which are adjuurued respectively ID Wed ,.enu.,y, September '^y, l.ssl, at » o'clock p. H., tn,l rr'.dav. 't,-i., ber I,18o8, at 3 o'cl>>ck p. n., at the respei-tiv pin, en mentioneu abeve. Marshal's Office, Mllvaukcrti, Sept. 1A. Ul&d. leptlo-lawU M. J TUOilAa, L J Martha. jaT" The above sale Is hereby further adjourned '-•• Monaay, the sixth day i.»f December, 1 >AS. 31 11 j'jiuck i. M-, at the D. 3. Uanhal'l odlce, '«c-['i the ,aies of Railroad iron mentioned in iche.lau? b . which are adjourned rej'necuvely lo Monday, Uecrra- b«r 6, 1&58, at -i g'ciock p. »^ and Wednesday, D~c<?in ber 8, l&5s, at $ o'clock f. M., it Uie re*pect;v ;, ^ f, mentloneil above. Marshal's ..Olce, Milwaukee, Sept. 29, 15iS Sept»U-oaw6w M. J rHOMAi, U S M i.-ii,», f£f~ The above sale 1.1 hereby furtfier »djoiim^,| ;., WeUnesday, Uie 1'Jth day of January, laS9, at n iVIxfk i. »., at the U. S. Marshal'! OOlce. M:l«autt c ,-, -».,i,i the Kales of Railroad iron mentloncii <u 1.0^ «. tie,lu:>- .. whieii are adiourned respectively to Vi ednesU ,-, , J.i u- i,ry 1'^, 1&5J*, at il n'cluclt P. M., and k'n.Jjiy. j ir.a.irj 14, l!&U, al 8 o'clock p. M., at the rttsuecuv? pla<-?* .nen loned above. Marsh&l 1 * Office, Milwaukee, Deo. d, 1S&8. decl-u««it M. J. THOUAS, L'.3. tUrthai. f^p Ti.e above sale is hereby ,urther adjourned ;>, Mo<t.iay, the 14th day of February lijfnJ, at 1 ,'.i,)c n A. >., at the LJ. a. Marshal'! Office, Milw.iuk?e, *sfw, the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned ^n ll:^ ufic-iiuir- B-, which are aujouraed respectively to Uomijiy, e rbru ary U, I35a, at 1 o'clock ?.»., and Wednesday, V:i':- ruary Id, lS5tf, at A o'olock p. «., At the r^spectiv- places mentioned above. Marshal's Offlce, Milwaukee, Jan. i'.!, \-,.,'J janl3-oawtl M. J. fUV)MA^, U. a. .nir-ihai. f3E?~ The abov-j aale is hereby Tartner *,ijourned io Thursday, the '24th day of February, l.iad, -it in ,/cUxrli A. »., al the U 8. Marshal's OIBce, Mllwaukn, <-xce t ,t the sales of Railroad truu meutloned in tcbeduiv U , which are adjourned respectively to Thursday, fetjru- ar) 24th, 1S5'J, at 'i o'clock P. •., and Saturday, February 3!th, ISotf, at 3 o'c ock r. «.. at ihu respective places mentioned above. Marshal'i Offlce, MUwaukee, Pet). 12, 1S59. " " " .t M.J.TBOUAS U. 4. Marshal. : The above sale is hereby further Adjourned to Wednesday, the 83d day of March 1S59, at lu n'clocii tn the lomnoon, at th« U. d. alarahal'a otfice, Miiwiu- kee, except the sales of Railroad iron mentioned in schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, Uarch 23, Ibo9, at 2 o'clock r. M., and Friday, March 25, 1859, at 3 o'clock p « , at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 24, 1S5D febjo-lawtt II. J. TBOMAd, C. S Marshal 13P~ The above sale is hereby further adjourned ;u Saturday, he 2,1 d.ty of April, ISW, at 10 o'clock A. »., at the United Status Marshal's Oiflce, Milwaukee, ^x- cvpt the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned in schedule B-, which are adjourned respectively to Saturday, April 2,1st 0 , at t o'clock P. n., and Monday, April 4, lx&9, 8 o'clock r. «., at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, March 23, Iriii "" « U.J. TllOMAd, U. S. Marsh U. ^_ Tha above sale is hereby further adjourned to Saturday, the Ttu day of Hay, ldB», at lo oMo. k A u at the United. States Marshal's Offlca. Milwaukee, except the sales of Ksllroad Iron mentioned in rehedui* B M which are adjourned respectively to Saturday, Maj T, 1859, at S o'clock r. «., aad Monday, May 9, 1S59 8 o'clock T. M^ at the r-spectlva places mc-n lonet r,;;.v;.;'.-.. ;_';;:';/';. n s« I ii r«l a > , i U^ - (t Ui« > *» I J u I > . -<>J LI HT I i L ,JF * i-, •> - - c •. • ii.. .'-. , I , n'...a.a, i -i.".' Ill I 1C 111 N >kii -TA r». -•? A ;•"! . .-: . nt, .11 . * , ii..- ..,. 1 - - . '.U^ .( «!. I 3 U- .. II : , ; :! I r, . - I'l'll '-'Ml,', il ,,- ., ,,, .. ,,.,,„.,, ( »jct,, n. »-. ,',,• V • ,.'1. • . ,.• ^ i , >i ,',..,.-. •11 -uiurdur. i u.. _'ii ,i > ,.r i ii i) - < .- :i.- jar >l j p « f ,- 11 . . • , , * ; , ... ,h,.tl aion^a^f.i ,,r [i. ... •• ., . , i ,- - i.. ,.,, • t- rje^ es-,Ai y .,, -a.*,. -„,,. t . .,,- : , A| , a ^-t^,,; ti Uu.-i ii,,r if. J u -. M - , ,,«,.. t^,,,, .. 'JU » B80«i ft .;!).,* \ J L\Mi^^i i" 'Hi .in , i i -iiuriil >li, 4pr 1-Jin—I u- w Ii0.i( Mil K K It (•••>•> i I I- . >.»»»,. STATE Of WI.M •'-.•«!>. v i i-uii C,,uri. M,|M .u^r- .. .„,,! [ JUDO. J. Hr,«'i. J .ui.. ,iu. i. i, ... i r voi „.. L ij - \ Patleriuu itni-M. K, 1 . ii . . -. H. n,-r'. S -V ,,„ CiUJlio- A rt ,..,». I a, ,, i, „ j, SK,an, U-r»m :i. U.; r . . U 4ll , . .„,,,;; tlll , di in| t lei son. ,- .i- :" ,» .I , ,. ur II -,... , . , .. .„, ,' .. , .' ,„' Mir.-h ITU,, 1-5!) I, i,,., .,..„ ..... ,,,,.; ',„.,' ,^'., foohc Auutxjli. at •.[,, l-.ui ,J,|,,.,. „ t,.. Car .I V.' «">un»e, jn sjiliir.lity , ihv _',| ,| „ , a l July, " tlio lour il J p * ,| -:,,,,,, „„ ,,,,„„ ,,„ _ "lilock nmi^^r-.i iii>--'ij ... Jl >r , i.vrk i . .. . )f \V i«coo»iu. ' Dited -lu-.,:!', . lui. J, Ul v.n.-e Vpr'i l«t. H.'.u ATID D. Ouuit.1 , l J L.l \OWUIl , ur rTlfsAt.'y l' 3h^rlirM:l. ,i VV iprl-jiul .'* In the sale of Uie franchises and other corporate pro-^ crly, the person who shall satisfy the execation, with •Jl legal feet ami ex^ntts thercoo, and shall agree to take tach franchiM for thw shortest period of tim t .\ aud to recdTe during th*t time *U auch toll u said corporation woolU, by lav be entitled to demand. shaiJ ba considered thai hixlieai bidder. HarsbaTf Office, ItUwaokee, April 9, 1359. »pr8-la«nt U. J. TUOMAfi, D. 3. MarshaJ. Co. C'vttrc—Iu Probutu. [a the matter of the Estate of Mary Breaer, deceued T ETTERJ of idmJnisttatlon of ssld Enate having JtJ been granted to Maty BreMr, and six n>ontha-rr>.ii: and afur th* first da; of April, A. o , 1S59, b«lnu allowed for usjdttors to present Uwlr elalma agaiojt said de- eeated, for examlnatloa and allowance; Notice U hereby given that the Judge of said County Court will on the 2»th da/of JOB* and J9lh day af Jaly, 1859, at Ihe ProbaU Onlce la the City of Mllwau- k*e, examine and aijust all clabau and demands af all tatadotafalatt Ite laid HanrrBreter, daoettad. a«s44aw«» »MOK PALSJl, County Judge. U. , JK,, a. id t-viu'ra* 1 !*)?, K KTU1LVS ins tfmi.if* '.-r :n-- t m r......^,.. •-.,--, ,, fl C«lV*ti k>r i:ie pivjl r""il ,. t/t, *iul -»t>ui.l .(Ui.r- •U'l, th.U fit suob *5 tfn DWELLING li( >U8ES f vv A j : L. i i . - 1 : s K s , & c . t-lthcr Woo.l ,,r Kn.-», u lr« cias. Xyle, and tt prtoes to <uit the tini^a . ' - ' .i.-, uio. , ^oo<l ^isortment il -:v>,it-vl AH. i will ^nuble ^irn .,' <iv,j tnllr^ whloh to thus* mblO Jobhinrf VOIUMK SKVKNTH «. — u» — ABHOTCM PRACTICAL UEPOUTM Just rscelved by [may*] STaiOKLAflD * CO.

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