Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on September 24, 1938 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1938
Page 3
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The Maryland Merry-Go-Round Autumn Paints the Forest By DREW PEARSON There is a quiet movement on foot | All of which has helped give Sumon the part of certain highly placed nor thu nickname "Bow-wow" Welles, people in Washington to get Harry Mrs. Toulson Nice to switcli from the gubernatorial Milliutl Tydings has learned that to the Senate race. in politics it dod-n't pay to attack a How far it will get depends largely lady especially when the lady is one on the Governor himself. He sccnin to I of the most respected members of the think that he has an excellent chance of coming back to Annapolis,' that friction between the O'Conor-Juck- scn groups will bring a big vote for the Republican ticket. This piobably is so. On the other hand, you'can write it down as 100 per cent correct that the Roosevelt Administration would bo delighted to throw its weight to Harry Nice for the Senate if he should shift to that part of the Republican ticket. Nice's views ure a lot nearer Roose- community. Millard gave evidence of this two da8 after the primary when he phoned Mrs. Maude Toulsou, postmaster of S a l L b u i y , saying that he was asking the Postmaster General to drop charges against her. Theie was no question that the Tydings charges against Mn-. Toulson reacted against him on the Eabtein Shore, and hi.s telephone call may indicate that he is expecting real opposition from the Republicans in the velt's than Tydings, and also his la- coming election. bor record is excellent. If he should I Note--If Millard really wanted to make the race for the Senate, he is j know how to handle Indies in poli- ccrtain of about 80,000 labor votes. Lies, he could have taken a tip from These can be delivered almost en 'his colleague J. Ham Lewis bewisker- qucstion of shifting masse. Note--The from the gubernatorial to the senate race already has been chucked into and can be done very easily. The Republican Convention has the power to I id Senator from Illinois, who defeated Mrs. R u t h Hanna McCormick for the Senate. --J. Ham never attacked Mrs. McCorniiclc, always referred to her in the mo-,t gracious manner, but always called her "The Lady". It was nominate whomcvei it pMoa.scs in case "this latter rcfaicnco which in the end Nice withdraws from his candidacy for the governorship "Box*-Wow" Welles Nickname given to tall, sedate largely contributed to her defeat. Davcy's Reward Nothing was said to Davcy Lewis about a New Deal reward in case he was defeated by "Milord" Tydings, but there was never any doubt about j i t iti the mind of the White House. Sumner Welles around the White House these days is "Bow-Wow" Welles. All of which means that the Under ! Even while Davcy was still in Cum- Secretary of State is definitely, per- berland taking a day or two off aftei haps irretrievably in the dog-house, ithe primary, White House aides were He got there as a result of several casting about for a real reward for important happenings during the late him. One opening considered war, that Senatorial primary in Maryland. One ;of Comptroller of the Currency, a job of these was a suggestion by the | which pays §15,000 and which is va- Presidcnt that Welles contribute ma- cant as a result of Jefty O'Connor's terially to the expense of the Lewis [candidacy for governor in California, campaign. Ever since he took up his Lewis has had a lot of experience in residence at Oxon Hill in Prince finance as a result of his work on George's County, the Under Secretary the Ways and Menu; Committee and of State has taken a lively interest is considered well suited to this job. in Maryland politics, and in 193C Another possibility was a berth on staged two meetings of Democratic leaders at his home in order to rally support for Roosevelt. Welles always has been considered the likely choice to oppose George Radcliffe in 1040, so it was expected that he would lend an important hand in the Roosevelt-Lewis drive against Tydings. Lhc Bituminous Coal Commission. Davey helped write the Guffey Coal Act, was a miner at the age of nine, and L? thoroughly familiar with the L-ntire coal industry. Since there is a commissionship open, this appointment is considered ideal. Another opening is that of the Assistant Secretary of Labor. Madame Autumn's official arrival September 23 has already been forecast in the northern woods where Jack Frost's paint brushes have tipped the leaves with brilliant browns, reds and yellows. While men of the northern hemisphere prepare for the winter to come, Gcn'.r^i'oer 23 marks f arrival of spring in the cowlhcrn talked about by conservative Demo- ,Floiida and Alben Barklcy from Kcn- crats at; possible presidential timber tucky, despite the circumstance that for 1940. DISPELLING THE FOG ' Welles, however, packed up and de- · Secretary Perkins, who is a great parted for Europe junt as the Lewis- friend of Davey's has had a hard time Tydings fight was getting hot. He J getting a man to fill this post largely took with him the pointed suggestion j because few labor leaders arc accept- of the President that he help finance'able to both the CIO and the A. F. of the Lewis campaign, but he left no j L. However, Lewis was endorsed by check. The campaign dragged on and no check arrived. Finally Jim Farley called him on the trans-Atlantic phone. Jim had some difficulty locating 1 Sumner, but at last reached him in Switzerland, reminded him that they were expecting a contribution. Welles replied that it was on its way. It arrived four days later--just one day before the campaign closed. The check was for $500. Jim Farley nearly fell over backward when he heard about it. He had expected at least $5,000. The President had expected more. Second thing which put Welles in the dog-house was the action of Lansdale Sasscer, big boss of Prince George'c County and close friend of Sumner Welles. Welles and Sasscer have been working together in closest harmony, Welles boosting the other's gubernatorial ambitions, Sasscer! both, and is considered just the man for this important post. Charles Delmar Charley Delmar, who stepped out of the^ Republican Senatorial race earlier in the summer, is back from Europe with some potent observations regarding the war situation there. Shortly after his return, and before the situation got tense in Czechoslovakia, he gave an interesting report to Harry Nice which has been more than borne out by subsequent developments. He reported that Britain and France would yield to Germany in order to prevent war, and that joint pressure would be used by all the powers to bring the Czechs into line. Several State Department officials have asked Delmar to drop in and give them the benefit of his European close-up. Merry-Go-Round boosting Welles' senatorial ambitions! WPA workers and those on social for 1940. I security pensions were brought into So an agreement was worked o u t ' the Montgomery County polk early ·with Sasscer by the Lewis forces that'by the Brooke Lee machine and told .they stay out of Prince George's Coun- j that they would have to vote for Tyd- ;ty, and that he would swing the coun- j ings or else lose their jobs. Many of Ay to Lewis. At the last minute,! them being old or uneducated, they iowever, Sasscer didn't produce. It j followed instructions, even though ·was even reported that on primary day, Jim Fontaine, famous law client of Sasscer, was extremely active on Tydings' behalf. Tydings had opposed WPA and not voted for Social Security Two near neighbors, Tydings and Senator Harry Byrd of Virginia arc being [iMKMOIHtkMrlttKMTCMD WAS 11ST IN SOWCl Aladdin Lamps Better School Progress Go Hand in Hand _ Eye strain and eye fatigue due to poor quality inadequate light is doubtless often the cause of children really naturally bright being classed as dull thru no fault of their own. With Aladdin's modern white light to study under tension is relieved, and better school progress naturally follows. There is scarcely anything you can provide for your family that will bring more joy and happiness to all than an Aladdin. Throw out that old yellow flame lamp -- give BURNS your children a chance. ·There's «n Aladdin for every purse and purpose. ·Get yours TODAY.. FOR A D E M O N S T R A T I O N , these twp had formidable opposition by popular candidates. It was =ho\vn on the other side by the renomination of Senator Gillette of Iowa, whom the "Cotton Ed" Smith's success in the'anti-administration people claimed as South Carolina primaries is hailed by one of their own, though Gillette as the Republicans as demonstrating the well as his competitor both insisted sun=et of President Roosevelt's in- that they weie real New Dealers. The flucnce with his party, and a vast o n - 1 defeat of Senator Pope in Idaho was couragemont of the G. O. P. followers " different story, for under the pe- in nnd out of corn fields. Just why the I cnliar laws of that Plate Rcpubli- rcturn to the Senate of a Democratic cans could come in on a Democratic Senator in a state in which a Rcpub- piimary--which they did, and nat- lican is a biological curiosity should uvally voted enthusiastically for the be a happy augury for the minority anti-administration Senator, party I leave it to Dr. Glenn Frank to explain. Actually the result of the pi.mavy McAdoo in California was likewise a merely showed that the South Caro- different stoiy. There was no question linians preferred the circus perfor- in the McAdoo-Downcy primary of mance of their picturesque old reac- New Deal and anti-New Deal. The tionary to the arguments of Governor incumbent Senator was caught in Johnston. There were, of course, such one of those pension tidal waves so complicating elements as the feud j prevalent out there. His adversary between Edgar Brown, who had ninny (indorsed a modification of the Town- No New Deal Issue in California The mischance that beset Senator followers, and the Governor. Brown's withdrawal from the race undoubtedly brought Senator Smith a lot more votes than he would have received otherwise. That a majority of the voters of the etate did not concur in the President's desires was as significant in the total of national affairs as if he had pionounccd against coiti- bread for breakfast, and the people continued on their usual diet. He never attempted to dictate how they rihould vote but merely expressed his own preference, and gave his icasons for not wishing so pronounced a foe of his policies to be in the National Legislature. Unquestionably Governor Johnston received more votes than if the President had remained aloof even though they were not enough to break the habit of voting fov Cotton Ed. send plan with sales tax stamp trimmings. Under its provision^ everybody over fifty who is neither an employer nor is employed is to get a permanent income of thiity dollars a week. According to the California Chamber of Commerce there are 811,000 in the state eligible for such a pension. In vain was adduced the argument that the project, if adopted, would bankrupt the state. The lure of thiity dollars a week overcame even the influence of the Roosevelt bucking for the Senator. By and large, the complexion of the next Congress does not appear as likely to be materially changed by the primary results so far or those in prospect. Presumably the anti-New Deal Senators who will be reclected will continue to operate as they did 'during the last session. The majority In these contest; the advantage [friendly to the administration will lies always with the incumbent. This Jon as usual. There will be a new face was demonstrated on the liberal side here and there, but in no case so far by the return of Senator Pepper of I has a liberal Democratic Senator giv- RADIO SERVICE At Minimum Cost . . . BY CERTIFIED EXPERTS IN DENTON EVERY MONDAY DON'T WAIT - CALL US TODAY! L. M. R O Y E R Cordova, Md. PHONE-- HILLSBORO I6-F-22 D. Ralph Horsey = Hardware Phone 55 -:- DENTON, MARYLAND N O T I C E At a meeting of the Board of Directors of The Formers Supply Company, held on September 13th, 1938, I, the newly elected manager, was directed to sell only for cash or trade after October 1st, 1938. By going on a cash basis we will prevent the rather considerable losses which always come to those who give credit. We will also save much in bookkeeping expenses. These savings will enable us to give you belter service at less cost. We hope you will co-operate wil!i us in the effort to faring better service to all of our customers. W. M. 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CrifTeth Methodist Pastor of Deal's Island, Md. tengill of Indiana and Snell of New Voik, the minority leader, are con- spicuour-. Tin- case of Suell is of .special significance in i n d i r n M i i g the actual view of the G. O. P. .is to the f t l t u i e prospects of that paity. lie Prrliaps you have had crises in "£' when you Ml that Ccid was dcfi- iiitoh leading JCHI. And \\illiout doubt Ho did. Whi'ii we- siu'uk of divine guidance wo generally have in m'lid .sonic par- it incident in our live- . lint why , can we not accept a larger view of I divine guidance and believe t h a t Goc ot only guides us in the individua d i a l s , but that He guides us everj day, every .step of the way. ha, during his whol cherished the ambition to Speaker in a Republican House of Hupresenlativcs. Thai he has aban- n n l ' i t - i l l i f e lf "" s " ne '' !li: ' WL ' nl ' !i l' f °'' " U ' (1 P O L . L . U . I I me . inaij w h y |i()t | )t , |JL , ve j n I I l s guidanc become in al , t hi l ] p s ? doned that goal at this .stajje of Docs not div no guidance when thu r-oiisidc-ied loom into larger aspect. ;i divine control over ona'i, who] events tells the stmy of h i ; idea of , I l f A ? you , lp ,. |(K . oncc said ·,, n lcsti what the immediate future--which numy service, that upon the kjyboan hoi mean, not only I'J.'iS, but 1010- in store for his party. Republicans Making no Claims at this season of a campaign year tin- spokesmen of the two big paities aro announdni; t h e i r claims, and pn.-entiiur their locila' "f events that give validity to t h e i r claims. I have looked in the huge junk heap ot propaganda, statements by Icadcis and that sort of thing, for any expression of delight at the auguries of the election. They present cheen- nt the substitution of one Democrat for another in the majority pai tj primaries, as if those primaries represented Republican victories. That, in itself, is an entertaining feature in an otherwise featureless campaign. They cannot vaunt the rcgistiation figures, for these overywheie show gicat gains for Demociats and usually recessions for the other felltm.4. In fihort they have adopted the defeatist attitude. They arc not stiiving to elect their ov.n people generally, but are content to play the part usually taken by extra-party groups of striving to be a balance of po\ver in the affairs of the dominant party. The participation of Republicans in Democratic primaries, wheievcr it was possible for them to j i m m y ,lhcir ,vay in, illu-trates the process.--Hy Charles Michelson, Director of Pub- icity, Democratic National Committee. of her life she had been tiying lo play one note at a time, and discoveiei Jiat only one false note was sullici ' nt to throw the whol" life into dis o r d . But now she had handed ovei ( h e whole keyboard to Christ, Whi lia-, b r o u g h t out of her f o r m e r discords a heavenly refrain. Why not hand over j o u r whole life tnt'ir l o God w i t h all its inteiei.ts, as-pira- vain amid linns, and destiny, that it might b R e p u b l i c a n -"«tiiiiioii.slv under divine control? Uncle Jim Says "For very $100 worth of goods ru- ial merchants sold to farmers in 1932 they sold $202 worth in 1937. Farm income in 11KJ7 was about twice as big a.s it was in 1932." lie prayeth best who lovelh well Uoth man and bird and beast. --Coleridge. "READY FOR ORDERS" "Right on the job-- that's me, ready to take orders at any hour of the day or night. "Don't worry about giving me too much work to d o . , . o v e r t i m e work is ray favor- ile. A day chock full of work is my idea of a liolida}." Reddy Kilowatt (Your Electrical Servant) (A copyrighted feature of the Eastern Shore Public Service. 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