Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 13, 1987 · Page 30
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 30

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1987
Page 30
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THE \3KIAHDAILY JOCfiTNAT " (Cont»nu«d from pag« 7) •*vFrWJW»w Mil FfvJMMMO. 0TOfNWCt. Pffc*. vVvvM MS pWOMM OOfHpvMT TO OOffh hi*l ha* committed murder. • MCTV SPORTS • WON MUSIC MAOKMi Video*: Mirth* Raavea ind the VendeMaa' "You've Been In Love Too Long." Jamea Taylor's "Vow Smiling Face." Heart'* "Magic MM. In ttvTvO, (R) WTBS HOQAirS HEROES DWCBARRERSOPTHEMMDAltudyof m*ntal illn***' *oci*t*l con**qu*nce*. MCKMONKCC8 SHOW GROWN-UPS Jules Feifter's dre- mi about • successful lournslist (Ch*rle* Qrodln) who att«mpt* to cop* with family demend* and expectation*. Costsrs J**n 8t*pl*ton. Msrllu H*nn*r. Msrtln Bslsam. m st*r*o. MAX MOVIE "Sherlock Holm** And Th* Secret W**pon" (1942) B**ll Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. Sherlock Holme* dont • variety of disguises to m*k* lure *rch- ememy Profe**or Morltrlty doesn't dl*cover the wher**bout* ol • w**pon created to deitroy HHIer. Newly color- ized for television. a -$£f t !SP££r'F% a !* WACKY WORLD OF 8FORTS Th* femoui *nd not-so-fsmous *r* • p*rt ol tM* ottbett look *t sport*, hotted by the lormer Ms- ior League catcher who humbly r*f*r* to hlmtelf as "Mr. Baieball". WQNQOOOTIMI8 WTBS HOGAN'S HEROES 018*4 HOME ALONE Malcolm-Jamal Warner ("Cosby Show") talk* about safety for children who sr* horn* slone, Including tip* on dealing wHh strangers and handling emergencies, winner of the Achievement in Children'* Television Aw*rd from Action for Children's Televi- •ion. MCK MYSTERIOUS CITES OF OOLD *00 • KTVU NEW GBGET • KRON RANDY CRO88' 46ER8 FOOT- I KF1X WAYNE WALKER 4BER8 PRE- VEW* J KOED NATURE How vsrlous species of plsnt III* lura insects and animala to effect the pollination procee*. (R) g • KTXLVEQAS • MCTV CHEF OF THE WEEK WON BUSTM* LOOSE (Series Premiere) Besed on the 1961 film. After e brueh with the law, • man (Jlmmi* Walker) start* • community-service ssslgnment working with foster children. OWN BEST OF OZZE AND HARRET DISC FRANKLIN ADVENTURE A journey •long Australia's Franklin River. MCK 8PARTAKU8 AND THE SUN BENEATH THE SEA HBO WARNING: FOOD MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH Based on research by Consumers Union, an examination of food and how It affects those who consume it. Includes interviews with legal and medical experts, g 3:06 WTBS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 3:30 O KTVU NEW MONKEES Series Premiere. Four musicians lead unconventional lives In an adventure-filled mansion. Stars Larry Saltis, Dino Kovas, Jared Chandler, Marty Ross. In stereo. O KRON THIS IS THE NFL A weekly feature highlighting a player or team from the past, a current personality and an analytical preview ol the week'e most important contest. (Tsped) • KPIX HEROES: MADE IN THE U.S.A. • MCTV INSIDE WINSTON CUP RACING A behind-the-scenes look it suto racing, including interviews, highlights end lite- breaking newe. Host: Ned Jarrett. (Taped) WON CHARLES IN CHAROE Chirles leerns he'll be the live-In helper for • new family after the Pembroke* move to Seettle.(R) OWN MY FREMD FLKXA When Ken accidentally envaa • puppy, there's cheos IntheMcLaughllnhome. MCK STAR TREK HBO MOVE "The Money Pit" (1986) Tom Hsnks, Shelley Long. Everything thst can possibly go wrong do** when • couple movee Into e mention bought for one-fifth of Its original vslue. In stereo. •PG'g MAX MOVE "Ivsnhoe" (1982) Jsmss . Mason, Anthony Andrew*. Sir Walter Scott's novel serves is the bssls for this tals of romantic and political rivalry between Norman and Saxon torcee In 12th- century Englend. 4:00 • KTVU SMALL WONDER • KRON ENTERTAINMENT THM WEEK Actor Dennis Weever discuss** hi* new eerie* "Buck J*m*s." In *t*r*o. • KPIX WE GOT IT MADE (S.ri.s Pram- i*r*) A bMutlful women (T*rl Copl*y) moves to New York end wind* up working •• • mild for two young bachelors (Tom Vlllsrd. JohnHlllnsr). • KQO COLLEQE FOOTBALL California-Berkeley at Mlnneioti (Live) • KQED SURVIVAL A history of the Eu- ropeen bison, Hi nesr destruction during World Win I ind II snd thi herd's dependency on Poland's Bielowleza forest preserve, home slso to • variety ol sps- ci*s Including th* tarpan. (R) g • MCU ALIAS SMITH AND JONES FOOTMa Teeme OOUMi FOOTBALL OONTM- DiSN MOVE "Th* LNtteat Outlaw" (1866) Pedro Armendariz, Joaeph Cal- lala. Whan Ma eteptather ordore tha hora* h* lev** to b* de*troy*d, a 10- year-old Mexican boy rune away and •h*ra* * cross-country adventure with the animal. DISC SUN KOSI, RIVER OP GOLD This documentary tracea th* 1881 Himalayan Kayak Expedition, a 340-kHometer paddle of the challenging Sun Koel River. MCK RATED K: FOR ND8 BY MD8 SHOW MOVE "Draami Leal, Dream* Found" (1987) Kethleen Quintan, David Robb. While In Scotland to rediecover her heritag*. in American woman and her noblemen lover vow to break the curse that hange over tha oaatle she now own*. 4:800 KTVU OUT OF THW WORLD 8*- rt*s Pr*ml*ra. Donn* P**cow Mara aa the mother of a hsH-eHen gkl (Maureen Flannigan) who po******* epeclel pow- 0 KPIX YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU (Series Premiere) Baaed on tha Moae Hert-Goorge S. Keufman fllm and play. Harry Morgan stsrs •• th* patriarch of an eccentric Staten laland family. 0 KBHK ALICE WON AT THE MOVES Rex Read. Bill Harrle. Scheduled: "Fatal Attraction" (Michael Douglas. Glenn Cteee); "A Prayer for the Dying" (Mickey Rourke); "Home I* Where the Hart I*." ESPN COLLEQE FOOTBALL Michigan State et Notre Dame (Live) MCK BAD NEWS BEARS 6:000 KTVU SHE'S THE SHEMFP S*rl** Premiere. Suzanne Somore plays a widow who sssumes her late huebend'a post •• • Nevsds sheriff. Pet Csrroll slso stsrs. « KRON NEWS KPIX BASEBALL O*kl*nd A'* at Kansas City Royals (Live) 0 KQED VICTORY GARDEN A review of the four Victory Garden Conteit finallate •nd voting Instruction*, g t WCU POLICE STORY KTXL MOVE "Logan's Run" (1976) Michael York, Jenny Agutter. Logsn, • young mm living In • futuristic society, ie ssslgned to discover if life exists somewhere beyond hie sheltered city. 0 KBHK BUCK ROGERS WON BASEBALL Chlcego Cubs et St. Louis Csrdinsls (Live) DISC ON THE BRINK: AN AIDS CHRONICLE A study of th* statua, implications and prevention of AIDS. NICK DONNA REED HBO WORLD STAGE: THE SECOND ANNUAL PRINCE'S TRUST ALL-STAR ROCK CONCERT Performances by Qeorge Harrison, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Ben E. King, Bryan Adams, Paul Young, Midge lire and Jeff Lynne. In stereo. 6:06 WTBS MOVIE "The Stone Killer" (1973) Charles Bronson. Martin Balsam. An underworld kingpin traina Vietnamese veterans to eliminate his enemies. 6:16 DISN THE ELECTRIC GRANDMOTHER Maureen Stepleton portrays • warmhearted domestic robot purchssed by e widower (Edward Herrmann) to keep house and raise his three children in thle fentssy story based on Ray Bradbury's "I Sing The Body Electric." 6:300 KTVU. THROB a KRON NBC NEWS 0 KQED THW OLD HOUSE Milling the "plneepple" adornment typical of gsrrl- eon colonials; • tour of th* finished eddi- tion; budget review. (R) g MCK MISTER ED EVENING 6:00 0 KTVU SILVER SPOONS 0 KRON COVER STORY 0KOEDFRUG4 MCTV MOW , Ray KTXL PALL GUY KBHK WON IT 8 A LIVING ^sw --•—— »»w^ <nw**•••• r J0fi Smith prepares • variety of omelets. (R) 0 MCU COLLEQE FOOTBALL San Joee State at Oregon State 0 KBHK MOVE "Mr. Billion" (1977) Terence Hill, Valerie Perrino. An Italian •uto mechanic Inhertta a fortune but muet weather e eerlee of perlloue escspedes before he can collect. DtSN MOVE "Eecapade In Florence" (1983) Tommy Kirk, Annette Funlcello. Two American art students travel to Florence to study its great palntmge and are thrust into • chss* to recover a priceless 16th-century painting from International thieve*. MCK MOVE "A Kind Of Loving" (1962) Alsn Bttss, June Rltchl*. A **rl*( of •*• cret rendezvous result* In a ehotgun wedding end • dlsmsl dsyby-d*y married life tor a h*pl*t* coupl*. HBO MOVE "Victory" (1961) Sylvester Stallone, Mich**) Calne. During World War II, Allied POW* eee their ticket to freedom In e match between their aoccer team and th* German National Team in Paris. 'PQ' SHOW MOVE "Electric Draam*" (1964) L*nny Von Dohlen, Virginia Madaan. An unusual love triangle develops when e Cempue Ma la turned • •peoMtyctothlngty hi col- Un- 8:800 KTVU B TO S 0 KRON CLAM TO FAME 0 KOED QREAT CHEFS OF THE WEST DMC BIVIBEU ASTRONOMY How the Invention of radio teleecopee ha* contributed to iitronomy. 7«00KTVUMAONUM.P.I. 0 KRON WHEEL OF FORTUNE g 0 KOED UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS „„- d*rcurrant* of tsnslon *r* created hi the household wh*n Jam** escorts Oeorgl- n*, leaving hi* f*th*r to comfort Hezel. 0 MCTV POWER PRO WR8STUNG WTBS BASEBALL Atlinta Braves et Los Angeles Dodgers (Lh/s) < DEC ILU8TRATEO QUBE TO CARICATURE "Spitting Image" creators review the history of caricature. 7:80 0 KRON JEOPARDY! g 0 KQO TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES 0 KTXL CHARLES MCHARQE ESPN COLLEGE FOOTBALL CONTM- DMN COLLEQE BOWL '87 A quit ehow Involving four-member teeme composed of the country's leading college echotara who compete to enswer question* on science, ert, poDtice. current evente, music and literature. Host: Dick Cavatt. In Marao. 8fl00 KTVU 0 KTXL WEREWOLF College student-turned werewolf Eric Cord (John J. York) begjne hi* March for Jano* Skorzany (Chuck Connors) In (hi* r*bro*dc**t of th* series premiere, m stereo. (R) 0 KRON FACTS OP UPS Elghth-*aa*on final*. B*v*riy Ann and tha glrla all make plan* for summer vacation. In etereo. (R) 0KPIX ITS AN ADVENTURE. CHARUE BROWN Charles M. Schulz Introduces enrmatad v*rakm* ol "P*anuts" comic •trip* h* created for nawapapar publication. (R)g -•-•—P 0 KQO ONCE A HERO (Premiere) Jeff Leater Mara aa Captain Justice, • comic- book h*ro who comes to Die. WHh Robert Forater, Milo O'Shea end Josh Bisk*. 0 KQED NATURE Exemlnee the veriety of plsnts end snimsls Irving In th* Ssr- gasso ••*, e gigantic floating bed of sesweed nesr Bermuds. (R) g 0 KBHK MOVE "Holoc*u*t 2000" (1978) Kirk Douglss, Simon Ward. A cautious designer snd builder ol nuclear power plents discovers thst his evil son plans to hsmess the power to destroy mankind. 0 MCTV CHAMPtONSMP WRESTLING WON NEWS ESPN SPORT8CENTER SATURDAY DISN MOVE "Hot Millions" (1988) Pster Ustinov, Msggle Smith. An ex-con embezzler assumes the Identity of s notsd computer genius •• part of en elaborate scheme to make off with vest (mounts of • large corporation'* money. 'Q' DISC BUCKMAN TREATMENT Th* houra Canada's doctors must spend to make • house cell. MCK MAD MOVES WITH THE L.A. CONNECTION L.A. Connection's updsted version of th* 1946 film "Shock." HBO MOVE "The Fly" (1966) Jeff Goldblum, Geena Dsvls. A scientist's telepor- tation experiments tak* • frightening turn when hie genes mix wHh those of • houssfty, caualng him to gradually be transformed Into *n Insect. In itereo. 'R' SHOW MOVE "Beverty HIM* Cop" (1964) Eddie Murphy, Judge RelnhokTA feet-talking cop trade hi* b**t friond'e killer from th* alley* of Detroit to tha poeh gallerte* of Beverty HINa. hi elereo. MAX MOVE "Shanghai Surpriee" (1986) Sean Perm, Madonna. A email-lime hue- tier and a mleslonery In 1938 Shanghai eearch for a large cache of opium that had myeterlousry dleappaarad a year before. In etereo. 'PG-13 7 g 6:800 KRON 227 A robber locks Mary. Laeler, Sandra and Pee-wee Herman In a toyslore. In etereo. (R) WON 8M NEWS .SPN ttfgRLD CLASS CHAMPWNBHJP WBC MLB .CROCODILE A study of the •Op* KRON OOLDEN OJRLS (Season Premiere) Sophla'a new friend, an elderly man, suffers from Alih*lm*r'e disease. In st*r*o.g • KF1X MOVE "Th* Last Stsrtlghlsr" 1964) Lane* Quest, Robert Preston. A likable teen-ager who's * whiz at destroying vtdeo-geme alien Invadera I* re- cruHed as an MarctoUar fighter pilot by an emlseery from a l*agu* of planet*. • KQED DAY THE UNIVERSE CHANaED: A PERSONAL VIEW BY JAMES BURKE Th* Inouslrt*! (Evolution's root* In 18th-c*ntury England and change* brought about by Industrialization, g (1841) A d*v* may-oar* .__ ^ j ^ _ —J . fjf m * --- -*- - mn Irtv fOf AMvffMM ' IBIW* camp. Dick dark, AlanThMie andSarah pyfCwl. From tno Uftivvfvlty of NvfeYMvlM nt LmCOntt DISC NEW PACIFIC How the rapid economic growth of countrtee on the Aatan rim I* changing tha pattern of world trad*. MCK TURKEY TELEVISION 8:800 KRON MAMA'S BOY (Premier*) Conwdy. Bruc* W*Hz stars •• Jakt McCaeky, a hard-noeed new* ookimnIM who shsra* hi* New York b*eh*ior p*d with hi* wldow*d mother (Nency Wetk- et). (Air* one* • month.) In stereo, g 0 KQO MOVE "Desperate" (Premiere) John Sang*, Meg Fo*ter. H*unt*d by in event m hie past, • Florid* man eee* an opportunity for aerf-rademption through • plot thst reunite* Mm with *n *x-gkl- friend, g 0 KBU THAT'S MCMDBUI ESPN TOP RANK BOXMQ John Meekma ve. How*rd Stewart In a Junior middleweight bout ochoduted for 12 round*, from Atlantic CHy, N. J. (R) 8:46 WTBS MQHT TRACKS: CHARTBUS- DISNDTV 1 0*0 • KTVU • KTXL NEWS • KRON MMS AMERICA PAOEANT Host Osry ColHns |oln* Mies Amerlc* 1987 Kelrye Cash ae she crowns her successor In the 34th annual ceremonies, from Convention H*H In Atlentlc CHy, N.J. In stereo, g • KQED COMEDY tONMHT • KICU46ER8 REPORT • KBHKKUNQPU D«8N NEW VAUDEVUJAN8 TOO Host Ed Begley Jr. ("St. Elsewhere") Introduces contemporery vsudevWe acte, Including a World Champion hula-hooping comedlsn. • rtdto-controned dummy, and a dancing frog routine by th* Theatre Mssk Eneemble. In etereo. DMC JERASH - POMPH OF THE EAST A study of th* ruin* of earthquake-stricken Jerash. MCK DONNA REED HBO R08EANNE BARR SHOW Housewife / comedian Roeeann* Barr deHvers her view* on motherhood end life In s mobile home. In etereo. g SHOW THE TEMPTATfoNS • FOUR TOPS A salute to two Motown group* •• the Temptetlon* ("My Old," "Can't Qet Next to You") and the Four Tope ("Baby I Need Your Loving," "Cen't Help Myself") - festurss Interviews, end per- formence footage. Quests Include Areths Franklin and Dick Clark. In stereo. MAX MOVIE "Trouble In Mind" (ig86) Kris Krlstofferson, Keith Csrradine. A young couple falls In with sn unususl ae- sortment of cheracters after arriving In s gloomy, forbidding city of the near future In stereo. 'R' g 10:30 O KQED ASK DR. SCIENCE O KrCU THE NEUROP8YCHOLOQY OF WEIGHT CONTROL • KTXL NEWS MCK MISTER ED 10:48 WTB8 MQHT TRACKS Included: LeV- EVRT ("Caainovi"); Expoae ("Lei Me be the One"); David Bowie ("Never Let Me Down"). In stereo. 1 '•"SSP.fDS! ****** WITH THE RICH AND FAMOUS Sophia Loren In Rome; •clor Robert Qullliume ("Beneon") In £"*« b »!»: «lj« Le Cirque Restaurant in fMW TOnl. (R) t KPIXMKOONEWa KOED AQONY A tamlly bettt* erupts •J*' L*urenc* end Jsn* must decide whether Mteheel will be rslsed •• • Jew or • Chrlstlen. • WCU MOVE "Dr*wl" (1864) Kirk Douglas Jam** Cobum. A veteran outlaw la challenged lo a gunfight by in old sdversary after he MHe • sheriff during • poker gem*. • 0 .^TXL MOVE "Th* Dog* Of W*r" (1960) Christopher Walkan. Tom Berenger. Based on the book by Freder'«* For«»«'. After being tortured' anddU- ported by an African dictator, • merce- njryratum* to lead a revolution. • KBHKrrSAUVlMa •MCTV MOVE "Ohoet Town L.w" < 1M2 > Buck Jon**, Tim McCoy. Th* guests on rw Ftor*nc*" (1963) Tommy Kirk, Annette Funlcelto. Two American art student* travel to Flor- •nc* to *tudy it. 9 r..t ptwing. and .% thruet Into a cheee to r*cov*r a oricelesa 8HOW MOVE "Hsrdaoai.^ (iMM) Grant Kramer, Teal Roberta. Three mM- dto-agad etna* man aaak am advice In picking up baauttM beach gMa In eouth- em CaHfomla. 'R' 11:800 KTVU MAONUM.P.I 0 KPM MOVE "A SotoW* Story" (1864) Howard E. RoMne Jr., Adotph Caesar. Toward th* and of World War*, a Mack Army attomay'a Inveetlgetlon Into the murdar of a Mack aargaant at a Loulelana mWtary b*ee Ignite* further racial strtf*. f KQO SPORTS EXTRA KQEO MY8TERYI "Adventuree of Sherlock Hotmea N: Tha Red-Headed Leegue" Jabet WMeon la eueptclou* when r»lepromlaad a large earn of mon- r for copying an anevetoB*dla. (R) g lOAIBfl ACATIO ev* °»p 1C ** M *" NQ w ««» The changing social standing of womsn In Algeria, s Moslem country once dominated by MICK MOV* "A Kind Of Loving" (1962) Alan Bales, June Ritchie. A eerie* of**- ESPN OOUMi POOTBAU MleMgen State et Notre Dame (R) DEC DEAF MOSAIC 11:480 KQO ABC NEWS g WTB8 MQHT TRACKS 11:88 MAX MOVE "Dead-End Drive-In" (1888) Ned Manning, Natalia MeCurry. Unauapactmg teen agara dlaoover that tha local drive-In haa been tamed Into a government-run prteon eemp. In etereo. 90KRONNEWB . I KQO OAMB SHOW BB J KBHK MOVE "Th* Deedly Trackera" 1973) Richard Harrte, Rod Taylor. The tranquH Ufa of a peaceful ehertff la ehat- tered whan Ma wHa la kMad and M* eon t*k*n hoetege by a orazed bandH. WON TONY RANDALL 12:800 MCTV MOVE "Round-Up Time In Texes" (1837) Gene Autry, SmHay Burnette. A cowboy bring* needed horee- Ae*h to South Africa. It300 KTVU WWP WRESTLMQ CHAL- LENQE Bobby Haanan "Family" mem- bora Herculee. King Hertey Rao*. Revising Rick Rude end King Kong Bundy will b* Involved In an eight-man tag teem metch. Also scheduled to compete le Randy "Macho Man" Savage. 0 KRON SATURDAY MQHT LIVE Host: Velerie BertmeHI. Mueloal gueet: Robert Crsy ("Smoking Gun"), m stereo. (R) WON MN NEWS OWN MOVE "Over The Moon" (1940) Rex Harrison, Merle Oberon. A young woman cornea Into • financial windfall, but soon lesms that lov* end hspplness are more Important than material wealth. 12:40 HBO MOVE "Th* Awakening" (i960) CharHon Heaton, Sussnnsh York. An archaeologist's daughter becomes possessed by the mslevolent spirit of sn sn- clent Egyptisn queen. In stereo. 'R' SHOW MOVE "Th* Fly" (1966) Jeff Goldblum, Qeena Devi*. A scientist's (exportation experiment* t*k* • frightening turn when hie gene* mix with those of a housefly, csuslng him to gradually b* treneformed into en Insect. In etereo. •R'n 12:46 WTBS MQHT TRACKS 1:00 0 KOO POLICE STORY 0 KICU MOVE "The Hunted Lsdy" (1977) Donna MM*. Robert Read. An undercover policewoman auepecte an ae- plring preeMantlal candidate ol having dealing* wtth tha eyndtcele. 0 KTXL MOVE "Ring Of Paaelon" (1976) Bernle Caaey, Stephen Macht. Two heavyweight prizeftghtera, Joe Louie end Max SchmeUng, equere off lor championship matohaa In 1888 and 1936. WON MOVE "Harpy" (1970) Hugh O'Brien, Elizabeth AsMoy. A woman ooaaplree to m*k* sur* h*r ex-huabend'* Impend- log marrtaga never comae to paaa. NK* TURKEY TBJiVE»ON 1:26 MAX MOVE "Tha Groove Tube" (1974) Ken Shapiro, Richard Batear, Ad- vertieementa, kiddle show* and network eerie* are among the targete for aatlra In thi* raunchy apoot of commerclel television. -R' 1:800 KTVU MOVE "Data Vu" (1986) Jaclyn SmHh, Nlgal Tarry. A eptottuaHat convince* a screenwriter and Ma fiancee thet they are tha reincarnation of two lov- era who died m a blaze fHty year* earlier. 0 KPIX MOVE "Caravan*" (1876) Anthony Qulnn, Jennifer O'NelU. Baaed on the novel by Jam** Mlchener. In 1848, a young diplomat In a amaM MM-Eaatarn country *aak* a poHtlclan'a daughter who haa run oft wtth tha leader of a nomadic tribe. 0 MCTV MOVE "Tha mvlalbl* Ghoat" (1941) Beta Lugoal, Potty Ann Young. A helpleea hu*b*nd I* m**m*riz*d by hi* deranged wH* Into committing murder. 1:46 WTB8 MQHT TRACKS 2:00ai KRON ITS SHOWTIME AT THE 2:20 SHOW QMWtfrUPB Jule* F*ltf*r's dram* about • suoc*»*tul Journslls 1 (Charles Qrodln)

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