Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 6, 1930 · Page 1
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1930
Page 1
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\First Aid i ti« T P P m. A i r i n i i i i f i Y.irl; C i t y . wr;ilditiel liT cnn-(riii t i n n lint! in ii hriip, b u r y i n g ·li ri'e elVorts of tire. t r l h - M o( t h e i r own lieu- nn nnituiltinee li. tun «f t-rnih. l " "n'fiir«'(J at the Kri. l'hio cncino is uniqu# nnii » !dCcontn(iMid ninxitnum speed « \o Banquet at thi-. to c p r o , . pv. \Vnltor Kohrtcr of antic I'holos, Inc.) [HE WEATHER Showers DECATUR HERALD IN TOOAY'8 FAPBR Womcn'i »*w» Pt*« 4 Ask Ko Qu«itlon« ,.. .Pujn S Editor!*!. ~ Comic* Rpori* N«w» Decatur, Illinois M O N D A Y E V E N I N G October 6, (930. * * THREE CENTS EARNSHAW AND 6RIMES PITCHING "Cheap Insurance" a Lure, Not A Pledge Cardinak and Macks IPV . ¥17 n · 1 f n n i v i i itmiAi v ^* *· * »*. ^ »^. « · .... t*jk-_ii. HAP. 'U VslvlClCwd 11C All Decatur Woman raid In $47 To Get Back $100 From a Benefit Mutual BRAZIL REVOLT SPREADS NORTH, Collapse of R-101 Frame Is Blamed For Explosion Company Able To Pay Only Fifth of Sum Named In Certificate m in mi \Wn \ ( u j o i n ii lil ,isrniitn)n, you for i n u t i i t i f"f r f f . i t h to p(iy "f op of he prim i Knit Illn o "ii i n n n v u i t d « t h t i ! w i l l L - i - i l v p n ei.|. II M i ; r r i ' * t o '·i l i e d f i i u i i IMI«HH THL HERALD solicits information on m u t u a l benefit .Associations m addition to thtit which it now prjssrss«s. If you arc n certificate holder or hiive be^n a b«neficiftry, you nre invited to write your exprnencM to Thft Herald. Hnv« you nlwnys i«ccivd y o u r «aip«*m*m notices? Hcis your certificate been drcliirctl vttliiei*s for p . i y m e n t of assessment) non- Martial Law Declared In Four Largest States As Clash Nears CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS . ALLONNE, Finncu, Ocl, ij --The British DliUlble 11-101 woa wrecked on ft hlllslile near herd early Sunday due to hrcnkjigc ot Ha jflrncliire, Air Commodore Vclton Vcaoy lioli of the British air mini-dry told the United Pi-ens Monday, Roll- snld the dash of tho ihlp vnn not fine lo the oil burning dlcsiel rnolois. A, F. L. RENEWS ITS DEMAND FOR BEER (nll'f lliii- n^i-iii % When ii membet (Hcj, ll t i f i i-i-i tin- H i l n j , m e i n b e t r imil I h i o i r ' K , i l l \ II j j i n n In llu mini nf Hii"f jpi-.i- .aticrit 1 * TltN Is ;in nl- turcitifr i h f f c t r n i t h l r i K f i i P i n j i t i j l n ^ H ';ll(i|li;iliil hiun fru ttv 1 Simple I N I 10J1 I I t ' l l I r . l l l P 1 « ( t i l l ' I l l P I I l l l f I'l ( H u l l still w i l l ti m fnlt»d tn PIIJ thi-lt HI Council Makes Report As Convention Opens "We have found purls tin fur Hi j five rnltea f;i3m the scene of the itiy t ni«i fms i . r wreck." snld the u h m i n i s t r y offl- lurgeat of the Rfmlti A t n e r - i c l u ) Just before the opening of the lc.nn republic;), faced a bitter c t v l t 1 cirlclnl inquiiy Into the disaster. war MonJay. , The ildlfflb!.?, which ivnt c/ttitfht In A revolution which aliutivil S a t u r - t n severe slorm shortly hefoi o It WIIH day- the [omlh to break nut ou ( h c j w i r e k i - U , li-fl CaiiiinKlon, Knitlanrl, continent in icccnt months - npptur- 1 P w t u i d n y e\enljis for Karachi, Iiidl:i etl lo tie KiiulUK ^tetidy headway. I t , It made steady ptrt(,'iTSH until It wti" H nttntltlcd bv I'testdfM Washington iVuccd i» bnttle n jdorrit In t h N Luis ti bv seilotiif. and Ibe covern-, reslnn Mime 40 mile,-! finni I'nrl-, nient htis called for volunteer LioopH. Mtutldl law Ic Iti force in four nf Hid principal i.totea, Inchidlnjr Rio fie ,)iin*nn, Tli« prlnripHl air of the revolution, i c p o i t u nay, l» lo ptevenl the In Sew I lliiii Ills,- Nut p i r n nl (iruihti 1 lhe I n i i i i i i n c e ilmiinti uf (he d i ' i M i i i n n i l "f Tcwtv and 'mn- niMi'i 1 I t i f o t i i n v l Tli^ P l c i E i I i ! f l i n l jilbhiihU h a l f HIP- l i i n ' i u i l hcncfil IH Trirl.illi.iii n|]i-i jiUntr in I l l l n n l o wi'i r lH"«Kii( A n d I h l t thu'C v e n n n f l c i till- 11,1 I ' l l ! ! " f flu- n"M l u l l l l l l t f l l mil "ii|i|)pi'-rii to etif'picp' cmeful ]r ii M'-i' n nd tpilnt nhwui The Me 1. 1 h i 1 1 HI Wen (it ps In* (n "I 1 rim- i)w · \|.ct|f-nd"i »( n itiimiM-r ot ppi-iptifl t h i i t have h/ut drnlini:H w l i h i !»· ic i h i i i n ' t i i l l . p n - 1 .inch nwiir-lntinn'i »p|n'lil In (" i « i , n « nf ouiiill nii'»n4 le rmiM- ili« ii .(".iriii'iiti ii'eirit M n i u l l r i thiui » (ii r - i i i i i i [ i i mi ..Id line li'i;nl t ^ ·rri- hfp lii .111,1111 c iii[|ipnnii« ) t u l lu'ii- i ii ,',,,·· I liii ' l ( ndx l i h fi.i'i. i t u r h . n n t l i . i t tin"" lip-lie.''! i a ........ n fi i ui'ili ctip'-i'i I n ^ i i i i/.r t » i . . i i ...... gn'e tl\p (tf^t)int Mtntes a volec In the HOSTON, Od f,. The jiDWerful country's nffmt-i, cfinndl nf thf A m f i J e a n : *^^^^ hoi ic conn .ni. Capital of Nation The io|ioit hnnilfil In at thp open- '»» ' '»'«i '''t" 1 lnf jM-fltJim of tin- ffderatlon's an- MONTEVIDEO, Ltj Liguay. Ocl i- niuil rnnvi-ntlon. renfflrmed a. stnnd'Th) 1 JJraailUan involution «w«])t tiilien HCVCII ycnis ttco l,y l a h u i . noilhwartt Monday. In nil omlnfjua Wtlh r e f c i e n c e to nncmnlnvmcnl i-ltclc m o u n d Hin De Janeiro. tidM«r.H I l i c i c p o r t Maid lliat "to piovldo aid heir said, In finding «mplo,vmcnt" TVEIS inboi's I,padei-« of Hie lobdlion which fon'rnnul duty. It proponed nn nncm- iltirtcrt rtamrday In thr Mulhirn- ployment ptnjtriim uhlch winild cm-' mof-t l i p ot the umt Republic clnlm- hrftri rcituctlcin in hotir» of work, pd to hp in prwdenslon of five impor- of industry, r f f l d c n t tnnt ittnles, which hein In Iho capital In pmililellon nnd In nod Kao Tniilo, lurRcst. cillus ol thf n niiilonwlde ly.Hlem. nation. | i.f employment Mchnns-cs, lteeplni;i Fornt*tt In Snutli where It felt to the earth w n d hurned Only ifven uiftn, four of them seilonsly Injuied. suiivived. AtnniiK the dfiid nre [xird Thomson, the R n U i h A i r MlnlKlrr. find "ome of the o i i i s t u n J I n B Hlrshlp experla of nuguration of PiuBldcnt-i'lpel Julio ttnKltmd. Piesltii! the latLor pai t o£ next m o n t h Be][ln lni|nlry The icbclfl iifjcitsc ihp yovcrnnienl of i The cxpeiU atiulv ot lhe debris uf Itftelf w l l h ' w e a l l h y c o f f e ? ' l h e UrKCsL n i t s h i p I n the world- o( Sdo Ptiulo nnd rrfusins In soaltcrwi over lh« fields of AlloniVf Mondny inorniYijj with Frcnuh and British oftlcl«ts cooperating Jn Ih^- Inquiry. Thu M- perU hope by study *f the wr«ckas« nnd by qussllonlntc the Htirvlvnrit lo LAW OBSERVANCE DUTY, ASSERTS theory of the posstbt* cauue concerned indications that the ship mljtht have, be«n, overloaded with ballast, thus being driven downward j ly the, storm nnd the added weight of the rain. In such circumstances iho order to open the waler tank" sr the R-lOl could ride out the atnrm mfjcht Iwve beeni «lven (uo lute, the exports pointed out. ]liitll«M Bndl.y lliirncd Meanwhile the work of identification was continued and the bodies were transferred from the lempot- ;iiy Mroode.n coffins tn other permanent coffins Only a few ol the victims could be recounted. The British ulr mininlry Requisite of Good ' Government WARFARE FOR PEACE ARKNA., BOS'fON, W«»» , Ocl, «~ A pica for law tbnerv«nc e Wtta Jt- live red to the American L«Rlon convention here Monday, by Pl-mldtnl Hoover. Throughout his a|)#ech to the World w»r viUritna he stJ-snucil the mcessJty of trood cilixanship nol only by ro»|H'ct tor the law but by nalnff Both Pitch Shutout Ball Through Early Cards Two Hits First Seven Innings; Grimes Has A's Baffled 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4 9 R , H . E, MACKS 00000000 CARDS 00000000 Batteries: E*mih*w, Grove wid Cockrwie; the One o( I hem win ti flyer, squadron who comma tided the wrecked to Pnrdteii nnd Alt will be preienl ot the Beau- vali ceremony, after which a guard on British K. S. Booth l*w» TlwiT Ol.llfnUon lister whip n( Without menllonlnff prohibiuon by jR-KX), on Its name he told the J.egionnafres no, *!f wan dare* to call himself a faithful American and mijSffeut any disrespect MYSTERY OIL WELL CONTINUES DESPITE REPAIRS TO TANK . i. t ;·:,,,,, * " Al "° tl STATE PROTECTS GANGSTER WHO TALKED FROM IRE OF CRIMINALS Deputy Detective Chief Busted In Capone List Probe them that the peace of the nation was never mere secure and thai Ibe government li providing « $900,000.1500 annual outlay for all veterans, the chief executive lold th«m t h a t his sworn duty to enforce lawi in also their obligation. He urged Iheni »s cittecn* to go buck home and preach respecl lui law by word und action. de-pa rim en I of commerce a mystery. Inspectors dtftpnlchcd lo Mo Nabh and Wil»o». |JI(I I tttrj )',,* , SPORTSMAN'S PARK, ST. LOUIS, Ocl 6. -- BurkiRh Crimes and Georvti; Karnshaw wer* pitchinfc ba*ebn)l history here Monday afternoon an ihe Athletics and the :l«sKi*d in lhe i wot Id In- eiien pitcher hmi sllnwed only 0 » i boom, r*port«( Mondsy f ow of from 60 to 00 ilnej Juo to leiikKge from A filling nrteqtmte lo meet cyclical imemplov im-nt, voi-nllonnt anltlancc and te- spct'liil -.tiidy e,f Inchtioto- HB the rebel an! S oviuninntl arnHcs a , lvttnri . t i t u meet, ono another. j '", , tleutllo VnrtfM. dcfcBleil fipponont 1 J ' ' i a t i i ' i i i t i i r W n i n i M m i i i " I ' l i n - i t i i ; i i i 1 l e t I'll* i,l ii VilXI (leriUi ' Mini - I n c t i i i r n i ' d up iiiieniplovuieiil " l u r l v f.f l e l l e f ot p,,,, Julln Pie,Ht.e.a II.I.N nnd Mlurtitinn tn, life, lhf [ftHl e[fM r,n, was nt the heait t t l , n f o r c e of nnohitlonntle!. pioieedliiR n o i t l m t i t d l i m n Ihr s l n i e of Uio TM' iandi ln Sul fitnH'- oC tlie icvnlt towurd the bordctlnft italc of Santn Cftfhnrtna. Tin- II-IIOH i c i e r i l c d a lottil pnld up tit.'iiitn'i ,lilp Iri l IIP A m e n c a n [ti|in df Lnhoi an of AiiKitet 3 of K W i l O f W . nn lnc!diii of rivei llu- N i e i n b e H h l p ti j c u r nf nnd, not infrequenlly die, Monday was under heavy gunrd at the county Jail. ' ' Authorities fen red that tho tfiin- mfin whose enmity Bell had dai-eti provoke would tnele out to him the ,Uy rniini en" i usuwl fate of a "talking" KanKSler, "dlKtippipiir-! dealh, and remove the stale's treat- Al Cn- eat hopt! Inr a solulion of the Alfred a n c a i ' J . Utigla tnuidiH 1 myutery, cnuMcd the rciimvul ot Deputy Three times Bell ha-i "squealed," Chief of Delechveit John R.Min nnd violating thp under wo l Id's moal "sn- his demotion lo caj'laln Moridtiy. j c t e d 1 ' law that a gDngnler never ot lt , v , a ,^^,, Commnnivv CTilCAGO. Oct. B -Frank H. Bel),, - .-.,, , Ihree-ilme violator ot lhe unwriTlen' foundallon of government in i«ipc«i m . havs ' tinder which gupMn jj«, I'""»»."""««. "A -««-·«-· -»-' station «0 foei away. AHer repult'lntf thfl leak the flow. continued but at the reduued rut* of. as gallonn and Insixolorn (ir* Konre*!. flllln« Mnilon which of lhe names of Itonr a EIGHT KILLED WHEN AIR L1NGR CRASHES ni I l: rii r · i en 1 · OH il Kli:lit n l r lilt''i «[x fm n I'H'W nf t w o wei ( i Uillnrt when n u p h i i i i ci'lii'l'l'"! n-lille n l l n n i p l to 1-in'l «t ptcHilen M n n r l n y , i n I,fur i| ixidipi'il if nit- i f h i i l n i« f ' t i r l l i i Blfifli- « i l l nf r.iindoii snld lo luii'e licen nil ini|iliiv n[ the Meyer enrupAiiv xh!|p|iiM of f I t i i u l n n i ; MI P r r i ' i i n i I H I I I I Inr *"*»' Tin 1 t.uflhansn pltine wn-" enroute f r u m Heilln If Vlennti whPii It dc- in li ».i i iliiint; tiimlni"" In sloped molor trouble near Dresden · ..fn i « in Uio Mvert b u l t d n l i p o i l , |u-t befote It wa« scheduled M l l l e j o l i n in nuike nn ( n t e r m e d l t i l p p tatidltic. t t , - ) i \ t r - 1 r t Fleeing Bandit Points Gun At Cop; Is Killed wi'ie intnlntr out. ut uiid neaiby kdciixl i-uinbut liie tn Km tJ 1 -' Junciio Mp-onghutds to i n i I , i l l * In A d i u - t -,( i.l t ' i D i i r h i l i l |ini"l l'i'7 M r i ; i . - ( h i n \ ' il n i bum fur Iw A l i l i ' i l r ' l f'rotei t l v i l I l l l I ' l l " Mt A » ' iil lliu;o \V n f t i l l ' U i t l l M I l l i l ' l l i l i i h t l 1» l l l \ r p u c ' l l l l * (it. Niitliini, i UUP' if M l » Kiiti'licin'- f t i i d l Sin u i n l i - ii tliillllit'l of I ' - l l P O tn ^ p i l t u f i . - l i t '['hi- n n in CM I n v t i t l.iliH w n i - i l i r i t nil i d l i t ' l r t from th* Smth ,\tui i i i ii I ' m l i - i t K c C i u p «iiil,| mil nnd ml In I ' the i lllm I'llillllp, l l u limp-In M V of wmtSiijf fm "i-itimirnt '"·'i Htl ilu- |i,i|.n i l e l i i l l n n to liet elilm in ., it, , MI in- l i i w i r r 111' i'0i- fcipdnitPtt (ilth Ihi' r i i i p o i i i t l i u i The MHiU »«· i hi 1 jt|»)ii'i)'c "f the nd- (Ciitidnued n» imp' 3) . f : t .. f i . l I' . . . i f l i l C ' A U O , Oct B A iimn liolieved in he Charles Johnson ''4 w u n shot iind lhe n - \ o l l Icmlera weia In .ii'ijiliiii of (inly two siliitu ri-iplluV S.iiutdny they cliiltiied Moruliiv he In c o n l t n l of Ihoip In S u n i n h..niti;i, p\lnUo (;ios«(K I'arnnii. ([ernes anil Klo (!umlc do Kill Thiv cnntniDiH l i - n H c t v v l u u n l l v i M i i i l f a u p the Hlules tit Klu dc -Inn cut) In which lhe I c d e r n l dislnei Is f u c n l f i l ninl Sim I'mdo, With comniiinicntloru' torn down i h i o u g h o i i t the i i ' v n l t l n K dlstrli'ls, Jl: wns tni[osnl!le In obtnln acctiratr estirmtte nf Ute nimilMr Jtflled and wounded In Htmirdiiy's oiilbienks but It was ferned the lint \vuuld be IniKe. tVtHl.Hteut. Ihough u n c r u i t l t r u f d 111-, inoii, .sfild Hint a part of the tira;t!l- tan naiy hid Jolnml Ulc icvoll Crlsln Jt»mes So(»n , Tlie next -IS limit's mv irtfirdeil as Acting Coniiuiismner ot Police J d h n H. Aicork In Lssuins the order said II \vn.i not becnusi; Jlyon was hfjil directly tcMponslble for the t h e f t nr the oilBlnn] oidei or Uic onilstlon of t!i.» vlKhl. Capoitf 1 tuc.n'1 names f r o m Ute copy »t Ills nlw. "llynn is IjijiiiR deiuotei-l because he did iifit liikc the prupei preciau- dons ur sHfeKituids it'niiKlliiK the litt nt imiiii-i," Alcoclt siild. Willliim U.ilswick, Ry»n'3 tifcrr- t i t i y , whn typed thp list nf mimes, n r l e d nci-ordlntr to orders when he lacked It In lili desk, Alcofk unld. H a l s W i f K N b l f t t u s wiiji not nlleicd, Uenh'nnnv Ijnvii'iifi* T t n f f e t t v \\n« mimed to Mureeed lt.\an SB deputy chief ot ileleetlves. 1 U. of I. Class Elections Will Be Quiet Affairs HH rnidif /'u" i CliAMPAIfiN, Oct. 6 -- Nonilnn- tlons foi u f h c e i s of lhe s{i[ih(imore junior and -u-nlor clasaea ul tlie tJnl- v e t a l l y of tllinolH tlnifi far Imve dls- (jfused only one Kckel. thut of lh« old line pmty. Those named for C|HHH a i e .lohii H Holstein. In., . Sophomore clasn; John I, Porlft. Jr.. EvFinslon, .limID: rl'is 1 ,, (in) T, W. Swain, Jlentun, Senior elasn, Nomlnnllonn clnse Ihlt Mdernoon opposition develops Mondny ttrcst on the p«n ot tho community can in a In I. upon proper enforcement of taw, can arouse public opinion while any condition of l«wl*anneM remains .unchecked In that common- "The first hl(!h jui'po»« .you ex- lireoi," he uaiu, "f s to uphold and defend the const Hut ion and to maintain l*w and older in the United Stalca,' Happily your ideal li my I list and most «ucrod duty. "As Pre^idenl qf the United SMrr I am iwoiu by the whole people to ma In In In the on.silHiilini and to en- (prc* the Inwg, No mnn shoulil dure cull hlmielf a fnlthful American and LEGION CONVENTION OPENS W BOSTON City Colorfully Decorated As Sessions Get Under Under Way »nd 10arn«hnw frtnr '''·.hod iMui'rt nnly nne prn«. nnd he luoleslert lh» umplre'K it^ei^irjn on thin. roehiiine ntiil Fnxx had slntil'-i 1 for the Athteticit, while Ad uns nnd Jim- niv WIHon had hlt*i for th« Cnrdln- flls In the rhrt* heven finme" \VI). ^in'i* double In l h e neventh wh lhe Orop« of ruin Ml half nn hour he- fnre Ih" f i f t h e*r*i» flf (h» world a*i'l*n \VM lo x t a t t , Low jtrp»y cloud*, hnavy with mnl* 'me, h u n » over the hall park «nd n h'nvy tnt.'i WB* in fh* nlr. Play By Play (fiv t F niTrl f P p ^ ^ n I BOSTON, nn, fl -Prei.ld»iit Hon- \er, former President ffilvln Co'il- tdff nntt (tenern) .lohn PoMbfns were, honor stH-st* Monday »s lhe Amerlcnn Legion opened lt« 12th na. f of Most oil for every Iho state and tnrrV SlalfK were In formal nptnitiu of "tnlks," Flriit; whik under arresl for n series ot robhcrlRfl, he named Richard Sullivan as lhe alayer of Chrlu Pn- Uus, reit^utant owner and close! i Ittiili* «o Mtlxeiw filund of Juck Ku(a, lender of it pow- "You hitv« ieco^tij^*d that tilt »p- ertul gang, holUlliy Of Lhe torlilitulloi) and the Second, lifter weeka of questioning uufoicwneiu of the laws, must, liow- by Coroner Herman N. Bundeien, he i-ver. not icsl npnn govrmniunL uffi' lonecnsed ht hud nided in the niur- clalu alone; it IIHHI rluc f i u m t h e ' t l t e l r annual Re t-loi; ether uioiiMinii^ tier of Jjlntfle, impllciitrng Jof stem ilpmntxl nnd the loynt co-opw-] mojr! were rxpceted \n a r t l v e her" Triium, notorious Indiana and Ken- ollon nf gfnid ritUenshiii nnd I n d i v i d - 1 today find tomorrow. IncHy bandit, nnd Siilhvnn, and n , mil rwpoiwHtlllny lo t h « eommun-, Boiilon was Knlly dcornied for the blonde man whoie name he did nol' Ity " , "Venl which w»K In be featured TltW- know. HP wild Pnlra,H piomlsed t h e m . As in his Cltjvel.inJ npeerh l u H t , !»· by pmbnhlj- iho blee«t p»ri.l* *10,l)00 for the klllfni; ami Diey I n l c r i wcel*. tin- T'renldent |il*dttei| himself; in the eltv'* history, killed PHlras when he refused to to the tdeiil of abolishing poverly. ., '_ ' * 4 f\ H* pointed thai "nenriy hnir the Hunt Degenerate A» Slayer globe Id In n utnte of Rrent unrest or[«/ .. V ftlJ I I^_ it otate of revolution.' |Ut 14 I«ar$ Uld IOW» DOT W'Htlnre Fat Pf*» [ ,,,,, ,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, HalllnRlhe KellogK peace P»ct ind, fiUBUQUK, la., Oct. fi--Authori Ulrli')l) frmned lhi"\v ntl |1»kit ( Cinimomi filed to v'o tuni", one hit, iv) etrorf. iMiiniNAr.s (Jel- pay. BftlkH DWJMMTtl* Third: he Incurred the haired of William L«nh«rdt, convlfled of in»r-. ler under u*ntetic« of death, when he bullied I^nhardt'n escape attempt by n^aln nnd lelltnn his THE WEATHER "lent nnd l»nt«rriiw w i t h nnt rhnni;i In trni|iernttire, MH'\t. _ ' I' »· m They may bo expected lo de killed Mondnv hy l'ollccnitin]4cTiiilni' whi'thei'the Kovernment eim H'cltiit'C 11 IfVf tiiinutc-! a f t e r [;nlti the upper hiiml or ivhrthfr It .tntitmon held up Sfilly's w a f f l e hhop fncco n h l t L e i , nnd poislhly prolnie- and Htole nhoitt S f| f led civil w m . Johnson was celllnB Into his nulo- The K o v e n i m e n l ' s action is ikctar- rimWIe. pnrked n'enr the sh(ip, when, | n( r ft 3 i n te of seljre In pdfiihvhit nnd the Ihice will he derlnied iiutomatle Wclnicc |)ti,isel, lienrd the shoutit nf n] 0 j .Janeiro wns taken here !o li'jilly ejected Friday Itohetl W n r n f i . ahop niiinaner, iind m enn IhiiL It feftred theac states NnmlnK of a c1an! president for culled upon Jnhtison lo hnlt. In reply,: m [ B hL attempt lo join the rebellion Johnson drew » (,'iin and pointed II 4 , Hurt When Limited Crashes Cattle Train Jailer of the nipsencn of hack saws in LenhNrdt'H (;ull The law of t h » underworld la that a "talker" must piiy Thetp -was, for I glance, the cn'ie of Kuto, who. police believe, save Patra.t tlO.OOl) lo j;lve tn Bell, Sullivan, Triium nnd the blonde mnn tar ktlline Tiinitl* 1 . ill* London naval aip eeroent a* "two It lei and clUwn Monday momentous victories on the path to pwiiitht (he moron dayw- of Kal'l Rob- peace, 1 ' h« deelnted more la neceil- wrlil Tn the autnninhlte was (i jrlrl who jinld her name wns Betty Johnson wtid Hint she wnt ihe htintlir.i sister + Drouth Damage Reduced By Recent General Rains U lhe Fie.'hmim will be mflilc'nl a tcr dnhi by the jtltuTent council. In State la- Prison To Escape Mob l B ( l 1 ' l H l x l l"trUt I AURORA. Oct. B-Rallroaa u f f l - ,,,,, , ,,,,,,, ,,,, ciaia said Monday It was inlinrulotit-j MARION, I ml, Got, thai but two men were Injured when, Hurden, liquor craccd the I;nipln Builder, crack shot two policemen and hid who sle ii- I flu I P P i ' WASHTNriTON, Itui ]iu»t (ortnlcht Uet. B - R n l n i In hnve nuitetlnlty r improved drouth comlttionc In the the. tenr of u entile train near hcic AlthoiiKh the Impact telescoped lhe culKjoHe of the cattle ttaln and j w u wooden coaches, only two drov- eis. P, E. Ah-ord, Hill. Morrt., anfl UnlLcil Stalest, the net (culture depait- peter Hutxias, Wolf Ci-eek, Mont., ment aniiotinced Monday. were I n j u r e d Othci pasiengers on t'lnipects now a t e toi « hny e i n p i j t , , i t s l n , Inrhidltig the Vanderbllt Oil per crnl of normal and n feed [ football team, w r t e u n h u r t . Roosevelt Declines nnd Minneapolis t t a f n , emaheii Into) (iniijfhtr-r. was lodRfd fn the state re ' ' ' rfl T: · do fi-op ffi per t^nt. of normal The derailment foresees a ^hcitUfte of seed (tialn^ next 'unless fnrnierii net nrw tn .wve the best .wed aviillnhle. S.oi NEWSPAPEHflBCHIVE®.-. MAX KJIJ.UU i )iii find it Cn i\ i MARSHALL. Ocl,, d across HIP road In front of U!n hontc eatt nt MainhnU Sundtiy William C i i t u e n l s 60. *ns struck and Instanl- ty kilted hy nn nutomnhlle d i t v i n by Curl Murnh-i rttrl«vlll«, til, To Extend Jury Scope I//I/ bnilnl I'ttti 1 NJW YOUK, On. ti -Govnrnor riaulflln Jl). Rouaevelt Monday declined tflV,'»ixtend the scope of the extraordinary Kwnld Biimrt Jury nnd lite d i l n i Q f y Biru'nil'M office to Include H ujmplttfi InveatlKalkii-i of r h u i R T J i( puichn.te ti[ public office in Now York county, fin 111 a to ry Monday the necontl ninn- he); of Ills family to escape possible mol violence In tctient months Burden was cnpiured In a cornfield Sunday 'nfter he had shot his step-daughter, Mrs, Marie Carter, nnd wounded r,le\it, Don Kberhnrl and PoUcemtin Cheiler Mariey, who were sent lo Invesliffate the rlrsl shnotln^ MAN- i Up I'utri'-p' t'n ** i ^ BEL01T, Wis.. Oct. 8 - Glenn AmuniUen, 31'. Duratid, will (aco a charge ot manslaughter ni a result ot tit.p dralh of C \V, Slnwiirt, ·!?, pi-oprlelor of n. loadhotise npnr Brotl bead Stewart died an the result of a bullet wound In the sr^ln which was Inflicted n f l e r an orgiinictii nt farm la£t TuofiTiW. cntirngcouii cani]aienti. laid with alrali'iiy nnd i::ti rled on successfully . , nn B hundred fronls and sustained In Zulu WJK arnjBtnd shortly a f t i - f i n , Hp |rii nnd from the henm ot lhe Unglc slayln B . While he was In i f. V cry Individual In iwciy lowh AOil iai! Ihe report went out to lhe un-Z V ||| a gc jn our country, ,!i.|world that he had "Utked". Twen-i fj((od w , |( ,,, ylw) ty mlnulos itfter he wns released he wa» attacked on Stale street. Later he WUH killed In Wisconsin. In placing ffl« special guard over Kiell, who confessed, he said, b»cimtu Ms nonsclenee kept him awake at niithoiltlcsi pointed out lhe ert Fuller. ]2 years old nehool boy. whose body wns found In a r hi nip Keul peuce In the woild icquiren «f wlllown along Ihe XlissiMlppI rlv- somerblntt mor e limn document*,;"'. He had been strnnplcd wllh a " we siRii to teimlnaK wars." he,12-inch'flal wire, Peace rcqlllien unremitting.! A P«*t morlem nnd Inquest nve*l ';ln the gteat Intangibles of human emotion, rettiwct 1« Insfivarable f i o m good will. The mainlenanM of re- sp«cl requhcs that wt HUStain n prr- parednees for defense that la ImprBjc uataic yet that contains n» threat of f!w cluw. The boy wax Known lo have plnyi-d foothull until late He had six bloekit to , UDii.Msti-d. i'( i O I K , IN MM; Mttlei ftkd M llouthli M-iii,i fiif.,1 to Ponihli. No rim,", nn liiiii no ei- lOI'pr rAril»NAlJ* Hufoy flied f n £|i,,. tnon-J W n i l t l i t . i.tnii^d. Within hti -I | In SiniiyiPinK No nine, no hin, no ei. lorn. TUIKP. I N N I N G ATllliKTICS - - Hnloy funned Rfi"'-!, ( h i e w iut Km n 'haw f*nn'il, N" rtmn. no h l t c , no C A R D I N A L n*1))*ri wiHk#!. «l»CI Iflcod. )''OXX I l l l H o u t l l l t WHS 1)11 II f i e l d - i't'it ch'ike onii (ilbeit WJIB u n l e ni Hecond when Dyltes Heciisd lo t i y fur tlelberl on DoiiihU'n ) oiler, Adoni* Jli*d to Boley, Frtrwh (tioilniied lo Koxx, tin««!ti*nd. No mnn, nn hii". no Thcie nre 1.S20 other prisoners In the county Jail. All of Ihcni hair if Belt hadn't talked Saturday even- Ins »nd pi evented his escape. * , llflteaftur, the sheriff announced i Bell's food will bo prepared by a upr-1 clul cook und will b« tesied for pols- ons before It Is nerved lo him. ITc' will be kepi separate from all other prisoners. Snook, Aurora Publisher, Dies Suddenly In Home AURORA'."" '6ct!' 'e-Aibert M. hat every American · men and women of other nations have lh« «»ni» cievo- tive in the dignity o( their country as we." Yeast Company Trial Indefinitely Postponed 1 ravel before re»ch!l£ hi* home, Hts body wan found oboul thr** block* from hoin*, Blame Racketeers For Killing Danville Man ilf»p ritiilnt )P|r»li 1 DANVIU.K:. Oct. a-viKht for con- trnl of tmcttlnK coiitraH* fn CMct- ao was blnmvd Monday by «uthoi- itlen for I hi- murder Sutiirilny ot C. F. InKram, president of the IngfOiri CnrtSRn company. InKmm, who in said lo hnve hclrf tnrer CMf»f Irucltlnit fonlrscls, WM forced lo give ihrm up novnn] rmvnlhit »*o, His efforts to reitiin Iheni w*r» l)f- lleved lo have h*»n reBnon*lhl» for ItJj d«th, otii INNIM; ATHLKTICS flolben thri'w Dykt*. Cofhrnne fwinM. threw otii Slnimonw, tta ritnf, no liffa no *rroi». Hafisy wallt«d. Walhlnn flkrt to Hunti, Karnnhiiw Hn»w nut Wilson. No I D tin. no hi In no piror*. vinrit forced Koxx, hit .into « doubk Court Trial or lhe Pleisohmann Y«n»t company tnd the Corn Products Refining company, among the firxt to be, indicted In the Unltwt Statta Kovtmmtnt'* drive lo "(tel bl)f buainWH" In a na- llonwide. effort to enforce pmhibl- Hon. wan postponed indeflnllely here RWUBKI Snook, 60, for l!,c past 20 y«ur» pub- Monday, by Federal Judge Ixnilc li.shir und hu«lno»s manager ot the Aiirot-H-Bcac^n-Newi. dlej; suddenly In his home. Monday. f hud been in 111 health for some tnt)tth;i. wtis horn In Oswejo, ^ Before hi* eonnectlon .'Jwllh Beacon-Newt, he was *dltor of Aurora New*. Fltzhcnry pending action expect ul this week, on a motion to ainmtBg n writ ot service. ,Hti'nl fim 1 WASHINGTON, Oe.t; «~Th»r we prem* nourf met nl noon tfonday after it* sumnw re«e»«, «onv»nlnv tn'ror*, th* BUdicrt court room In th» eapiiol which hai houittd Ib dellbtratlon.t for the past 72 ywrs, TirKAsTiRv VALANCK Jlir !'»i4f,l I'fftf | A Oct. «-ThFtr*«t Mllkr 10 Krlneh, Huns piny. Atlitiits to lo Botiomliy. No run», ·»· hit, no "*rioif. CARDINALS OlWlt iMpnif| to roiot, B»mith»vip threw out (Jrimw Holey ilir»w out I V m i h f t , No runs, no hltii, no CHOI . ' tuvni INMNU ATHLEl'lrn - . Ocllletl Ull'DW Out Hotty. E»rti«h»w funnnd. Frlic.h ihrew oiii Bfiiliiip. No mns, no hlln, no errors. CAHIIINAUS -- Atlitnm fftim^d. E»rnphi»*' lhr»w nui Krlnoh. B«tom- \ry fanmxJ, No run*, no hit*, no wr- ttr' net talancc on Oct. 3 wait I3W,- ite Bolh comnonles were indicted *ev- 1 oral month* ago on rharge* of eon-,fl8a,MO.M. KjtpvnilllurfH for (he the, splracy lo viola U the ninionnl p i n h l - , ffimf, day win $7,034,882.111, nnd CUP- lhe billon l»w. Forty Individual! wtrt lomx receipts Tot (ho month to (hit indlciad wllh (hum. date wtm W.3ST,«t.flS. ATH).K7nC8~Dykc)i walked. Coch- rant CoulnU to WINiin, Simmon* ril«rt to Douthli, Joxx finned. Ko run*, no hit*, no ar», CAH»lNAfti-Hiif. ; y funned, Wau filed icr^lmmoitti, Wllum dmi- bl'd t'» r*nlfA Gelbart vi ly WKlkcil, OtlirifK flkft i run*, OM bit, no tnwi,

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