Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1941 · Page 13
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1941
Page 13
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Paw Thirteen Stifling Daily Gazette Kxc<:;>; "STKRLINO The SterUnR On^ne Co p-i^i'-h' Opp05it* Postofftr* I.I ~f Grnndnn C?enTfti Mnnag D VV Grnnrton A^m'* Entered «t St-rr!in" Fo'T,ff!«> us Second Cla'i M?,"<-r mT.'."; of your ATD, find rfs.iirs ! !-;:V.v •. m prr. voiir neighbor's di c - r,? rnor' 1 mor^y thftu i M »: h';'. '.''''^'. '•• li.v.e ' !;<"'• i j ri t. of C'.T' ':.:r.E rx- -r p' a '.\av to Verp tlT* ! r,;-"; v r -T-- from j r l fd about V. r srrn't *<i indrp^ndmt. Indian* *3\r ti<; vegetable*, to- TODAY'S MENU SUGGESTIONS _ ASSOCIATED PHKftS ThVAssociated rres.* is •-<<- -MVC- ./ entltied to the u*e for rcp-;V.:rn- tlon of all news d'.-.vT-!•,'- .rr:ii;/-<1 ! Iv , ,.,. r ,. ;jf . ; to It or not otnerv.;" «.:•-'!;'-'-'I In v/( RpidT.s this paper find also the .i>:ru news t . .. r ; -- published herein. "~TERMS~"6F'~ SUBSCRIPTION Bv mmi in \Vhltc.<;|<> fli.'t n-!)o;n,„!« counties—r*v Jif-V R'.x months $2.75. three moir,h< <i .->i one month 75 cents Cash ?r.!i orrier By man outside Whit* •:<•> n:xi nrl- JoinlnR counties—per vent S7.CH» MS months S3.75, thrw mor/!;? *2 00. one month 75 cents Ca.Mi w:!ii order k Per wwfc delivered bv carrier in •either Sterling or Rtvk- Fni:< 20 ©ents. pnynble e\-«rv Saturday room- Ing No papers Fent through the pos'tofflce b the city carrier district of Sterling or Rock Fails u* mir rwltiir?: Africa gave «* our danre% and muMr. control the ptw? Dierst prints the ;•:;:;•. ar.ti it has no advertisers. A Thought for Today *' Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of era re. thnt we may obtain mercy, arid lir.ri urarc •to help In time of need.—Hr;>ie\vs 4:18. God, the Great Gher. tAii o;>rn the whole universe to crtir Rn.-p in Ihe narrow sparr of a siiiele iano.- JUblndranath TnRore. Tomorrow's Birthdays John A. Ward, Glen Wane, Rlch- •rd L. Ebersole, Mrs. F. L. Rubrlcht, June Rownow. Joyce Freeman. Mildred O'Connell, Sterllnc; Mnurlcc .yigcley. Carol Jean CiLfton. 4. Rock ; Mrs. Donald Robertson. Rich. .1 Lanphere, -Morrison: Dr. W. C. Fotsler. Mrs. Amanda Wilklns, Port Byron; Mrs. Franlc W'ilKlnf-on. Lyndon; Walter E. Anderson. Coleta; Mrs. Ida Holden, Geneva, Nebr.; •a Pagelenc White, Blue Island; Anna Roselicb. Erie. Today—Wendell Byron Baker, 1, >ulton. Quillen's Quips By Robot QuiUen If thew IB no suppression of In this country how come Wall '•treefcJiBsn't heard about inflation? ' N«w Dealers protected us from •tock Jobbers, but alaa! they also protected stocks from going up. We pay m tax on Uilness, too, It wt don't keep a record of the tax paid on f*»oline and clear* •MM. The thing that mystifies us. when nun leaves his wife and goes phil U the picture of the other woman. M it Isn't going, you forget to turn it on for the news broadcast; If you keep It going, you forget to " John T. Plynn talks of "America ftnt," but his obvious meaning Is: •Don't let England last." If a husband isn't affectionate, .Is R brute; If he gets mushy, Is suspected of being tight. •** Rlpley mentions a goose who has told an eft every day for 30 years. •ounds like a columnist. Wky not make us a cheap -aUUan weetving aet? Mo«t •f • m ailek JU one staUon, any"' •one small-town grocers make , and others have many rela- and in-laws among their cus- * Thtw are people who keep their /faith In mankind and never arrow They don't deal with the iblic, ". •ontUmat you long for another «w; than you read the advertise IES IN STAMPS fr«'$ Stand at Marne Drive on Paris - fetf aoUflc* __^JQSEPH .__ commanded the French m from the outbreak of the Fwar in 1114 until 1917, was criti- _ in many, quarters after the for his generalship and tac- Ite was called "the impos- ,_ behind which other oannived" and the "man Marly brought France to •Via*" • • • ..• J«irt, who was honored phila- _, in the 1940 stamp above, __ no tlfort to defend himself. wrote • two-volutqe book of ">ut rtlused to permit Until his death. ) A* died in 1931, the book Joffrc critics were ^ „. in l*rg« measure, for it m; found that the marshal oper- Mai undtr tramtndous handicaps. fffct French army in 1814 was suffering from rigor-mortis _ by the disastrous war of . sSaft work was intolerable the calculations of the war .division proved poor. ^. wHo wa* « at the oyt- ('«! ta«-war,' is b*»t known I ijirafft|lftU> stand at the , whkb stopped the 1 sav«d P»rii. < psMkAtkm \V..;.;T i'- nr.'i'body, ex'rpt those v:/. f'.n it. i^n';',y ilkrc. this ba-llft <.-r : ,:;-.:i::.E-'it kind of dnnrine. '' Roll to 1-2 Ir.rh thie.knr.v. fipv vi-:?h b-.nter nrri pbTit 1-2 nip r'r.n p"--f rrrp rr>nkr-; huron. Roli !'. h:~k. R a' 1 ;' 1 :ri a V.'i' ovrii 14; Rrr ,^, F , ',,.- j: . n 90 miJTli''.' " Ol:»7<v| f)-::rj,-i' -x ;:; ;ilf-a.« f> til' 1 ' f,i: In ffict. !('.<! n ervnd r:i> !'> get R over l<w hrst. thskinf fit Intervnh •,p' v >n', yjffs.r. I tsh!i"5poor. orsnff* Gsrr.i.'.h ^. 11 'n* remaining orftnf* .}•??).» onion in slm' 1 ! r\ "iv m-h you i to Xfp onions from Mickine. Serve , j-i:ce, 2 ors.ngrs p»*ifd And cut in- w-ononj. Chill trwroughly. Servt '^»n to ir.rr^R.'" t!i r 'i'l'.or nnd s^d ,' !io f ^ h^n R'Rred. .to . t -f""!orL r ,. 1-2 rup heavy cream, wi'h xi-hipjvd rrfsm. This I* n rtf- i\)iH.%b'e r.ijtrie:ifA. Trv oranee fj> ! .i:d ff>r j •?.•!.:;">p' r '1. ' ])^;o'!5 rie--5erf fti;d r.'-pecially Ctx>1 (Uarecl Onif>n«! rff. ,•-<••:;. B' sure U ;.' ".TV •"".'' •?. hf-:;; > s.r: Comlr.r.r fER. 1 -. M*'.! lor in'.shri.', r^nd cnildrfn. i 'Six fi'\ ''.r.s.? • I •,'.;.'•!! '-fi'.t ?cr\r it Riid wni! !:::n it ;ar:'! f:;ear. gradunliv ytir in hotj • RF.AO TMK CLASSIFIED ADS. roffee. miilc. Thr:rs U.-'^-K!;.' a ;i''i" rcx^r bar-on Jrlt O'.T I.'K'v Malth-,-. not ?d rreator of thr'.I'.v r^<'.;'f.'-. . c ;» er.";!. 1 ; iifir.s t!is: hn'-on for brenkla." roll*. "Make R ha'<ii'.8 ;v»-Arier h;. 1 ruit douca frnn\ !;ie jrripe «ivm o the prepared rni lx>x," sli HOLD EVERYTHING! a CMC. tMI IT MtA MIVKI. IMC t. M. tW. U. 1 »*T. M*. 10*1? "Hey, Mom—how about iKiiifi patriotic and paying the ^* defense tax on a movie ticket for me?" SIDE GLANCES "When you come home lite after whit you call entertaining a customer, something funny always happens— this moraine I Bad Mother's pictur* in the icebox r THIS CURIOUS WORLD THKIR. raiaiTH SO UOTSK& THAT THBV '/" '^Ooes ' .^MteJMHbM .A. TURK&V CAVNED BV , JESSIE GENTBV, BOWAMTOWNV WAS JAll-EP F0« AMS- CONC5OCT/ HE. SAT COM- TENTEDLV OM A NI&ST IN Hie WEK£ PLACED BEKIBATH HIM* HE COfeJTllNtUSBe TC2 SET UNTIL. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OH. SHARKS' PIKJS/ \ / OH, WE WELV-.tJOMT THEM p THAT SO HAVE / V.VOM T M ! MD THE A TOUGH EKJCJGH ) ACCCN^'MODATlOKlS TIME WITHOUT (A OSJ THIS SHAC2K.S TO ) - v -~, SHIP.' ^_^^ \ COMTEMD WITH? A : TvA.<XT *¥w&'VE GOT 'VE &OT A AS MUCH cfc-Y/j BAGDAD/—-T o^ j tKTtRPR^SEj V\ RfxN A.CRO&S A V AANJOR,T ///• QUAiMT PERGOM ^N ALL. . ._ ;i KNEW A f / THERE N'ANAtD KM AM Y CMlPS EAR-] OF .O }/\ TEUOPE.' ME: CAP- M ^-s^A TUREO A^LOCK OF VslHO \< EAST IMOi/XM MADE A MICE \> WEAVER BIROS ANJD )\ A '\ Hv/lMG DOT OP \ TAUGV4T TVAE^A TO \> MOUTH ^X'/ THE > AM OCTOPUS // TURM OUT A PRETTY ]( MARATMOM.' J(WlMOSOR HE TRACED \\ FA\R TWEED SUiT/ TO PICK J S ^^l 75 -' /V.Q <*t^ ^ JMLKIMG -Ttr^E ojr^ ; i 11^^^^ JA isasa^'^cSi BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES T ! I ' BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS True to Form BY MERRILL BLOSSER GVT LETTCHS l .JUsr AND IHe CHAIN WlU. Bff Too Bod, BY ROY CRANE JUST A4 I Ml AM 5URROUUDCD/ AT ANV MOMEWT THEV MiLL |JTO MVAMRTMf WT, P)HD THE A HAVE VOU EVES FOft MOTHfMO.OTlDr DtD YOJ WOT WORKMEN HO THE STREET TO THE PROMT, AW> *» -rve AUEV -o THE REAR? WD IT NEUBR OCCUR TO SOU THAT AT THIS HOUR MOCKMEM ARE dWWRAUY ASLKP f WATURALLV AMD I X COME, WE WILL BX 6USPECTeD > AMIME THE ROOF THEV WERE RED RYDER What? Another! BY FRED HARMAN THORfSOW TltD TIGHT RnU£S OKE Op ALLEY OOP Let That Be a Lesson BYV.T. HAMLIN ^ULL-SIZED ttMQSAt» BUT THCRE'S EUOU6H HE AWT AU. HEAEv vou CAM»T THIMK. WITHOUT WHAT IKJTKLUGEJOCE HAD WUMkS STIFLEO BV BOOK1- A LOK1GTIME ACsO.' PWECfePTS OF HE'S TOO IMMCS ISKTT TH1WG» IKJ THAT V I THOUGHT WJT PRJKJT ' GF SCIEMCE

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