The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1944 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1944
Page 5
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w THE.,IQlAllEgiSTER^Tl|ESPAYEy|!N^^ 26, 1944. PAGE FIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS Coining Sales Dates WEONESDAY, DEC . 27 — Walter Cline Sale, half mile north busl- np;;s district iii Moran at 1 p. rii. sharp. See large ad in Register Friday, December 22. T V-rStrayed, Lost. Found SPOfiT SHIRT placed In my car by inlsl-.ikv. Owner may'claim by pn.ying for this ad. E. R. Hershey. 513'. South Third. ~" MJTOMOTIVE 5-^iAutomoblles For Sale -COMPLETE STOCK Of Genuine Ford and• Ford Tiiictor Parts. Ford Batteries,-Ford Antl-freeze,' Authorized Ford Repair Service. ELLIOTT MOTOR ,00. Plibiu- 89:i 20.'') a. Jefferson • WE .HAVE: MECHANICS . AVAILABLE IN OVTt IM.PLEMii]Nt DEFT ^ to work on your tractors ; and farin machinery. BUD' WHITE IMPLEMENT DEPT. Saicf, John- Deere Service 6—Ante Accessories, Tirea, Parte Anti-Frrr»;. Sl.OO Gallon. WILSOKSERVfCE 301 North Washingtoii : GOOD DSED PARTS FIO.NfiER AUTO SALVAQB 817 South St.—Phone 869 BUSINESS SERVICE 9 —Servipes Offered .MINN'FAPOLIS-MOLINE MACHINERY . Service and Parts. •HISER l.MfLEMENT CO. 224 N. Jeffer?on Phone 63 QUICKIEg By Ken Reynolds REGISTER WANT-ADS THETPAYl DAILY BATES (Minimum 15 Words) ONE DAY: Per word 2a THREE DAYS:- ' Per word per day IHo SIX DAYS: Per word per day . ....Ic LQCAI/ PRODUCE Oraded Eggs: . No. 1 : No. 2 ......................... CheclES ...31c Ungraded?: :.. 36c No. 1 Butt«(«at 47c No. 2 Butttsrlat —: *tc Sweet Creaitn ^ i: :—50c Hens, 4-5 lbs. i 20c No. 1 Ught Hens, under 4 Ibs—lSc Heavy bred springs, 2 lbs. op — Uc Light springs, 2 It* and up 23c All cocks afad staj^ lb. 14c All classiea'No. 2 Poultry, 3c lb. less Green Hld>!s 10c higher; other killing classes steadyi^ Decide WhlfC Main ISD t 2 car^ good and choice wheat pas- . Mon ture iambs to shippers 14.25; oth-; DoiHg Klght By Kcd Man ers to packers 14.00; good and I :——' choice trucked in natives 14.25 f Washington. Dec. 26. (AP)--A good and choice yearlings 11.75; ' congressional committee made . a others 11.00; top ewes 6.65; other.j j^rmal finding today that the 150 years of government supervision of the Indian, the committee said, has resulted from a program it said was designed to make the Indian a better Indian instead of a better American. 6.00-23; good and choice black fac^ feeding lanlbs 12,50. DISPLAY RATES (Minimum One Inch) ONE DAY: Per inch _.;._;.50<! THREE DAYS: Per inch _ 45<; CONTRACT RATES (Minimum 3 Lines) , 28 DAYS: Per line per day (9 lines to the inch) . AC " it was chain letters—now its answers to Register Want Ads!" LIVESTOCK 21—Horses, Cattle, Miscellaneons ONE 4 -YEAR-OLD Whitefaced registered bull. E. A. Long, Piqua. Kansas. MERCHANDISE 28—Household Goods SMOOTH MOUTH HORSE, and mule for sale cheap, '-j south of Lone Elm. A. J. Rogers. ' ROPER GAS RANGE, used, $30. See at Shaimon Hardware. WE BUY, SELL and exchange fur- nitiu-e, stoves, sewing machines. Curtis Furniture. CLOSING TIME Want Ads* will be accepted im'; til 1 p. m._for that day's inser' tion except Saturday wheij'- they must be received by 10 a. m. • ' . ^ • PHONE 18 REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS By lola ^Abstract Company. Clyde -Thompson, Mgr, I SEAL YOUR RADIATORS and cracked blGck.s for 25 cents. Plenty of. 200U Sinclair alcohol. Service station and jirocery for sale. Ed Hess. 823 S<|Utli Washington. ' PASSENGER TIRE VULCANIZING Pa.ssen?;er Tire Recapping. TRACTOR Tire Service Complete. Dunlop Tire Store Fi lyc 'Chig" Mann _ St. Phone 156 32— Wanted—To Buy SELL OR TRADE—Fresh cow, will, sell or buy match for nice straw- | FURS AND HIDES wiU be at Hordes beny roan horse. WilUam Staf- j Fruit Market every Saturday, ford. I Kenneth Sharp. December 23, 1944. . ; Sinclair Prairie Oil Marketing Company, to Sinclair Prairie Oil Company, Security Tank Patm: W. of S£. Vi 10-26-18, $1.00: Homer V.' Troxelj Sheriff,; to Charles R. Braden, l (jts 9, to 16;inclusive. block 7, Elsniore, Sll.OO. WHITEFACE STEERS: 12 coming • ONE 11.00x38 tractor tire and tube: vearhngs: 12 coming 2 years: 3 mules: 1 horse-2 gin 6 months, sale or trade. Julius Baker, 2 .south, 6 west Hiunboldt. 22 —Poultry and dnppUes Use Kre-O-Kol for colds. See Goodseil Hatchery, Gas City, Kas.: NEW SHIPMENT of Macomb brood- • er stoves; gas. electric, and oil. • Buy early. Limited supply of each. Taylor Hatcheries. MERCHANDISE RED LETTER, (3offejTille,; Kas., Dec. 26. (AP)— also .<;et of rear F-12 FarmaU steel pjjtv girl friends of 3gt. Charle« K. wheeLs. C. R. Morrison. Moran. ! MUler stationed at the CoffeyjfUle i annv air base, after hearing thaS he W.'VNTED—Tricycle for three-year- ! comialained of receiving only short Old boy. Call or phone Western letters, sent him one 287 feet l^ng. Auto Store. Written oii adding- machine tape. it took Millej one hpUr and fiftJeen letter-and "an- minutes to roll it, up LICE-CCDLD^Use GoodseU's Roost .^^^.^.^D to buv from private own- miTtes to rlad the "^^''V^.f cr: a repeating rifie or 12 gauge other twenty minut pump letter, i.ster. gun. State price in first again. Bo.x 87 care of The Reg- Real Estate for Sale ROOMS FOR RENT 40—Farms and Land For Sale 34 —Apartments and Flats Wt 'LT.N'G — Local and long distance; hauling slock to Kansas pily. Earnest Tipple. Phone i20o; • EMPLOYMENT 13—Urlp Wanted—Female 24—Articles For Sale FEED GRINDER—Jersey milk cow,timothy seed, 10 ft. disk. P. S. Qulggle, '{ mile north Carlyle. GOOD~~USED CLOTHES of alii kinds. Suits, coats, dre.sses, for-; mals. shoes, etc. 702 North Walnut. • GIRL OH, WOMAN wanted Immu- cVhihiy \,u (In washlnits at the Iciciil I.iiundiy. ; Hdu.SIJKKi:Pl-n? wanted at SOI North Walnir.. Phone 060J. MAN'S OVERCOAT, in good condition; shecpUned coat, me- — — dium .size. 523 South Washington. | 37— Houses For Rent ' HO ACRES—Well .niiiroifed. to sf'ttl.^ ] estate; 5'j miles southwest of Ipla: WELL FURNISHED modern home, j rock road. i>leclricit-y. !,'a.s. tJeofgia 4 rooms, closed in back porch. 305; Bryant, 309 South Elm. South State. Phone 1234^ , i—: • •, ;—' 164 ACRES, .extra good, level, productive land; all but 2 acres .can be farmed, with tractor; scllool, H mile eas}. of Leannii Is on north line of farm. Tills fJiim has alway.s been paying good faie of interest rented.. Price $5500.00. Ed Hess, 823 South Wa.shlngton. loia. Real Estate for Rent 36— Farms and Land For Rent 170 ACRE FARM—Mostly In cultivation; hard surface road; electric line by place. Leavell Rtmch,; or phone 147. LADY to do hou.-pwork, days only. Ivxfellint waues. Plione 772. W_A.\TF.U - .'V maid. lola Hotel. 2 WHEEL TRAILER—Good tires, patent hitch. 311 North Buckeye. I 112-A JOHN DEERE combine. No. I 141 Letz roughage mill: 3 year old i Shorthorn bull, for sale. R. M. Moore, Bron.son. i MODERN HOUSE. 6 room.s, furnished or partly fuinished. Phone 1440. 41—Houses For Sa}e 4-ROOM HCJUSE. gjM-ige, coal Shed, at 709 South Walnut. Inquire 508 South FlTit. r4^11elp Wanted— Male WANT JOB .".s truck driver; receiit- U- been di.-charged from ariny. Write Box 88, care Register. MEN m shock corn, single handed, or with cutiits. Charlie Smart, 'LaHarpe. FINANCIAL 18—iMoney to Loan—Insurance , INSLTIANCE, Surety Bonds, Real Estate. Farm' Loans, Notary Public. The R. L. Thompson Agency. INSURANCE, Real Estate. Bonds, < ^arm and City Loans. Charles M. I Funk. 27— Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers COAL for sale, anv amount: free: delivery. Don Farnsworth, 20 Scott street. 10 TON PRAIRIE HAY, July cut,! for sale. Half north, half west Geneva. Bernard McAloon. 18% IMCO Economy lay mash, $3.00: cwt. lola MUling Co. | 28—Household Goods WARM MORNING heat«r, almost new. 3 miles west, 4 south, west of lola. Vincent cmibertson. WE HDY. TRADE, sell, household goods and other articles. Hen- HERE TODAY! The Uirjre Size 200-Lb. Warm Morning Heaters, Hog Fccdprs, Wind .Mills,'Hammer Mills, 26-inch to 48-inch Field Fencin .!4, 12-inch to 60-inch Poultry Netting. STOVES, STOVES, STOVES-! SHANNON & SHANNON HARDWARE ; lOLA, K^VS. PHONE 29 FOR 48TH YhAM *1 mxr.c '.oa.V; (hat way, sip!" ^That's his new hall-runner taxi service!" 1W4 IT NIA mvlCl IMC 1. M »lg U 1 f*1 OW "An enlarged snapshot of Junior—hes so Relive thal's all we could get of him!" Kansas City Produce Kansas City, D^c. 26. lAP)—Pro­ duce: Eggs specials 50.5-51.5; eggs extras 44^.^5.5; eggs standards 41.5; eggs current receipts 40-41; eggs quoted .3-^1.8 u^ider ceiling on graded egfis and ^8—1.8 under on current receipts; ajl other prices unchanged. 26. (AP)— 1', higher; No. 2 red Kansas City Grala Kansas , City,' Dec. Wheat: USichang(^d to No. 2 ha^'-d 1.64il.70; nom., 1.67 '4 -1.70''!i. Corn: Unchanged to 1 lower; No. 2 white nom.. 1,28-1.28-', ; No. 2 yellow nom., 1.13; No. 2 mixed nom., I.13-1.13»i.; Oats: 11- cars; unchanged: No. 2 white nom., 73-77, Mllo mfflze: 1.73-1.85. Kafir: Nom., l.;2-1.86. Rye: Nom. 1.07-1.09. Barley:.Nom. 94-1.09. Kansis City Livestock Kansas Ctty. Dec. 26. (AP)-^; (WFA)—Cattle, 9500; calves, 1,000: slaughter steers, heifers and cow.s steady to 25 higher; bulls scarce', 15-25;up; vealers firm; heavy calveii strong to 50 higher; stocker an^l feeder classes largely steady; slaughter sieers supply mainly me^ dium and; good 12.50-14.65; loail good medium weights 15.00; com? mOn and medium largely 9.50-11.50>: inside price for 8 loads common Mexicans; several loads good heif< ers 13.00-75; package choice 14.75^ bulk' common and mediimi kind 8.25-10.50; odd head good cowSs 11.00*50; beef cows mainly common; and medium 7.75-10.00; me'<- dium. and good sausage bulls 9.25^ 11.00; few beef kind 11.50; good and choice vealers 12.00-14.0(5!; mostfy medium and good slaughter calves 10^5-12.00; 3 loads cholc^ 914 jb. White Face feeder steeis 14.45; 3 loads common and mediuw 750 lb. stock steers 10.00; 2 loac^s good feeder heifers 10.25. Hogs, 1800; active, imeven; 19(i- 280 lb. steady; lighter weights ar^ heavies 10-25 higher; good and choice 180 lbs., up 14.50; lights scarce; sows mostly 13.75. '_ Sheep, 7200; slow, practically nothing sold early: asking stronger; early^blds aroimd steady; good arid choice fed lambs held above 14.25. Kansas City Estiinated Receipts Kafisas City, D^'c. 26. lAP)—Ad­ vance estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 5.000; calves 500; hogs 2,500; ^heep 6,000. Kansas City Livestock Close Kansas • Cltv, Dec. 26. (AP)— (WFA)—Cattle: f^ll classes fairly active. sla(ighter steers fairly active to strong, lnstanc;;s 25 higher: several loads choice 900-914. lb. White Face feeder steens 13.35 and 13.40; around 6 loads choice weighty well bred finishing .steers 13.65-751 scattered loads medium and good grade 10.00-12.00; common and medium mixed breed largely small lots 8.75 and 9.75; rest same as early. • Hogs: Unchangt'd. Sheep: Slow, hiunbs .steady to 25 white man Isn't doing right by the red man. Reporting on a ten-months Invfis- | tlgation of the condition of Ameri- , can Indians, the house Indian affairs committee said:; ; "Yoiu- committee recognizes that i in their present status, the American Indians as a group are not ' ready to be 'turned loose' and that the government of the United: States has not as yet discharged ' its obligation to the Indian to tlie point where the Indian office c-\n be abolished and the various necessary .services to the Indian dLs- contlnued." "Disappolntii;g progress" during VITAMINS FOR PRISONERS Miiltl-vltamin tablets are beiiig sent regularly to American prisoners of war in the Far East by the Red Cross. Shipments average 8(5,000 tablets a week, sent by a"ir mair_ (p Teheran, and thenfje through Russia to Japan. • ' L._,. ._JL CASH fsr DEAD i Horses * Cottle • Hogs Phone 8: lOLA Pay Final Respects To Judge M. E. Otis Kaii.'^as City, Dec. 2e. i.^P — Sccre.s ol lawyers, federal O I I I L.- workers and other friends and .ui- mirers plr.nned to attend the fui:c' services this afternoon at Uoi)ki:v;. Mo., for Feder;-il Judi?e ;'nil I Oti.^. A speriril bus was to 'HMV e hfT-' for Hopkins late this mornityj. 'i funeral services are to Li.'i-un a; 2 p. m. at the Baptist chuiij> at, Hup- kins. More 250 friend.s visited tlu' bier yesterday at a Kaii-as City. Kas., funeral chapel. rmEE EEM0YAL -OF- Dead Horses - Cattle •* Mogs HELP SALVAGE WASTE FATS FOR EXPLOSIYES Telephone 638 lola lOLA RENDERING WORKS WASH TUBBS Alarm! OF EAS/S ^ THREE JAP TOJOS...AT ZERO AUT1TUC5E„, HEADED TC'.VARO CHEMSTUi / AAEANVMHILE, ifVEASY HUNTS A SOLUTION TO COLONEL BRILLS PROBLEM WH.i^? .A3CLT T,-i5 A3 £A PnE ' S- Sy-PASSEP WEAR THE^ ,CH1MAC0A5T—^ TROUBlt UPSTAIRS, COLONEL! MOT MUCH TIME TO SET TO A SHELTER! BY LESLIE TURNER ly CATsTY7 ]^JsT'\/e HU6<3ED''TH'<3ROJs:a' ; SL'PPEP AIL TH'WA/ANO r ?OT IM r -l BOOTS AND HER BUDI>IES Don't Look Now BY Enr,AR >JAKTJ V \^ ^"^WV VCiU^V VAi 'c .hV^, HO\^AP-.K), RED RYDER Belated Gift BY FRED HAR:\1A.N YOU '-^ (BETCHUn.'j ALLEY OOP Mission Accomplished BY V. T. HAMLLN PONE 3E ~TEa MV, Etp; ^cj^-.c \ \0\\.... 5TRIN6 CF PEAR L- S, ' V '-EC'^LACE; BRACELET, ^ RiMe -vEP, ALL HERE; WEL L. I&UESS THAT'S EVE(ZVTHIM&.'

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