Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 28, 1970 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1970
Page 16
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B-6 Alton Evening Telegraph Stop killing yourself Monday, Dec. 28, 1970 Discussion on pill-popping By Dr. Peter J. Steincrohn I call it pill-ponping when people lake medicines as nonchalant'y as if they wore swallowing candy. There's a tendency to nake one's own distinctions between what are "strong"' medicines and "harmless 1 ' ones. For example. con-icVr this letter: DEAR DR. STFINCROHN: My husband worries me. He Jiffy takes aspirin every day by the handful. (At least a dozen aspirins a day.) He has headaches. The doctor has found no reason except tension. Once he told him to take an aspirin or two for relief. Now, as I said, he takes too many. He says, "What's the commotion? I get headaches and aspirin helps them It's a harmless medicine. What's wrong in taking a dozen or two aspirin? They give me relief. That's all I care about." The reason I'm so concerned is that I've heard that even harmless medicines can be dangerous. 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COMMENT: Your husband is a pill - popper. In his case, "harmless" aspirin is the staff he leans on. Other people may pop tranquilizers or sedatives or sleeping pills or iron tablets or vitamins, etc. All apparently harmless, yet all potentially dangerous if taken in too large doses and too long. It is true that aspirin is one of our "wonder" drugs. It brings relief to millions (between 20 and 30 tons are consumed daily in the United States) for their various aches and pains. But still too many do not realize that some people can get bleeding from the stomach or intestines, that aspirin may be bad for ulcer patients and those suffering from asthma and other allergic conditions. Mind you, Mrs. C., I am not trying to downgrade aspirin — which I consider to be one of our most useful drugs. Just to warn your husband and others that pill- popping may be dangerous even when apparently ''harmless'' drugs are swallowed. MEDICALETTES For Mrs. U.: German measles vaccine should be given to a grown woman with caution because of the possibility that she may not realize she is pregnant at the time, or will be within a few months. The vaccine may be harmful to the unborn child. Ideally, only children should receive the vaccine, which will in time cut down outbreaks of German measles, a disease that is a threat to pregnant women. For Mrs. N.: As in your case, women as well as men may be concerned about losing their hair. Just why you are "almost getting bald" is something I can only speculate about. It certainly makes good sense to consult with your doctor about it. In some instances, a lazy thyroid is the reason, and 'your doctor will take tests. Sometimes there is thinning and loss of hair after pregnancy, in which case the hair usually regrows within months. What kind of hair brush do you use? Are the bristles too sharp? Are you putting your hair up in pony tail style? This, can put abnormal tensions on the hair if worn too tight. Do rollers pull your hair? Have you recently been severely ill with high fever? Sometimes discontinuing oral contraceptives causes temporary loss of hair growth. In many women, of course, the cause is unknown until they seek it. Simply worrying about it and doing nothing is the least likely way to promote luxuriant hair. HAMILTON WATCHED SPECIAL ORDERS * REPAIRS £ WATCH & JEWELRY $ DIAMONDS 628 E. Phone 465-8521 If your husband loses his joh . Sandals-ever new By HELEN HENNESSY NEA Women's Editor NEW YORK (NEA) — As history repeats itself, so does fashion. And one item turns up with more regularity than any other item in the wardrobe,. — the sandal. By no means a modem-day miracle, it has claimed a high place in the annals of fashion and is still going strong. The history of the sandal is as old as civilisation. 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Next, a look at how the natives of central Africa added inches to their height by fastening mounts underneath their .sandals. Actors of classic drama used variations of the same idea. This was a forerunner to the high heel. Today sandals have become the g o - a n y w h e r e , do- everything shoes. A n d the Exercise Sandal, new on the scene is made of beechwood. It is designed with a patented raised bar which, is gripped quite naturally and comfortably while walking. It is said • to be beneficial to foot muscles as well as foot beauty. Today's kids have taken to decorating these sandals with jewelry,, funny buttons and other" dime store props that turn the sandals psychedelic. And so the sandal remains on the fashion hit parade of the 1970s. Cooking cues For a special dinner, decorate ham in an elegant fashion and flame it with a little warmed brandy or other liqueur at serving time. SALE! 20% OFF Sleeted Party Wear Jump Suits Pant Suits Dresses Formals 215A W. 3RD ST. DOWNTOWN, ALTON By DEBORAH OVEDOfP Philadelphia Bulletin Staff Writer PHILADELPHIA (AP) There you are. . .dour children, a mortgage on the house, car payments and seemingly endless bills. And then, suddenly, your husband loses his job. In this day of growing unemployment and a continuing tightening of the dollar, the loss of a job is something more than family breadwinners are merely reading about. Losing a job is one of the toughest blows a man has to take, in the opinion of psychiatrists, psychologists and job counselors. Dr. Alan H. Cristol, associate professor of psychiatry at Temple University Hospital here, calls the loss of a job "a terrible, castrating experience." "It is very hard on a man's well being, since in this' society a great part of a man's identity derives from his job," he said. "With his job gone, a man's entire equilibrium goes and suddenly the whole family is in a changed situation. "For a short time anyone can cope with this, but persistent unemployment can lead to devastation in a family. So what do you do? The experts are equally agreed that the new role of a wife is one that calls for self - discipline, courage and patience. Dr. Cristol said that the most significant thing a wife can do is to show her husband that he is still loved and respected for himself and not for the job he was doing. Dr. Zygmut Piotrowski, director of psychological research at Edward N. Hay in Philadelphia, suggests that the family try and absolve the husband of a sense of guilt, and not make him feel that he is blamed for having lost his job. "It is important for a wife to say nothing at all that could be interpreted as adverse criticism," said Dr. Piotrowski. "There is no need to ask everyday if he has found a job. He'll tell her soon enough." Both Dr. Cristol and Mrs. Robert Speck, assistant counseling supervisor, Pennsylvania State Employment Service, commented on the wish or need of the wife to go to work herself. "To work herself and leave her husband at home could have a disastrous effect on a man and a woman," said Dr. Cristol. "Most people don't feel that their roles are interchangeable. Mrs. Speck believes that in a situation where their roles are reversed, the opinion of men and women depends on their entire outlook. "For a man whose wife is well educated," she said, "one who is a teacher or nurse, say, the change in areas of responsibility would depend on sound understanding in their marriage. In these circumstances it would be quite a normal change for the wife to go out and work. "It would also depend on how long the family has lived in the United States. For first • generation Americans, it is hard to adjust to a woman working — her place is in the home. "But successive generations are quite wedded to the idea that women work In the world, and so would find it easier to accept the adjustment to a wife - breadwinner. "There ate also those young people who have both worked for several years after their marriage. Here again, it is not difficult to have a wife working in the sort of state of emergency which a job loss brings." However, said Mrs. Speck, the very first thing a wife should do is take a long hard look at the family's budget and see where she can pare it. '"Read the newspaper ads with your husband, and say to him in an encouraging manner that you can live on less money," she said. "It might Involve financial sacrifices, but a wife should be willing to ftiake them." Marriages have been know to end as a direct result of the strains of joblessness, says Dr. Mortimer R. Feinberg in an article in "Family Health." "If the marriage was solid before the crisis," he says, "it will withstand the time of troubles. But often there is no way to be sure until the period of testing arrives and then it is safest to take nothing for granted. "Life cannot go on normally when a man loses his job. As soon as the first shock wears off, he must get hold of himself and not let go. "He may need subtle flattery, quite amusement, or perhaps simply sleep. The measure of his wife's sensitivity will consist precisely of the skill with which she chooses and provides what he does need. "While all this seems a goood deal for the wife to do, she can remind herself ten times a day that troubles are only temporary. "Then she must remember what he must go through all day, keeping up a good front at all times. The only exception is in the home, in the safety and security of his marriage." Dr. Feinberg said that as part of her daily role a wife might go to the extent of editing her conversation, weeding out mention of problems that can wait for a solution — or which cannot possibly be solved in the present circumstances. Once the bad time is over and the man is no longer jobless, Dr. Feinberg writes, a couple will remember most vividly how they behaved with each other. Announce engagement Mr. and Mrs. James Hall fo 138 Haven St. in Cottage Hills are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Debra Kay, to 'Michael P. Minor, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dale F. Minor of 127 East First St., Hartford. Miss Hall is a 1970 graduate of Civic Memorial School and is now employed by the 'East Alton Dairy Store. Mr. Minor is a 1968 graduate of East Alton-Wood River High School and is now serving in the Navy as a hospital corpsman in Great Lakes. An August wedding is being planned. WE ARE AN —AUTHORIZED- FOOD STAMP STORE MUST HAVE ID CARD!! MISS HALL Cottage Hills, IU. headquarters for BULOVA We take great pride In having a most extensive selection of fine Bulova watches. For men. and women. From $35 to $1250. When you want a Bulova, we have the Bulova you want. 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