Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 4, 1965 · Page 5
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 5

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 4, 1965
Page 5
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TELEVISION LOQ WBRZ-TV (Baton RoUg*) I KTAC-TV (Lafayette) 3 , KPAC-TV (Port Arthur) 4 KALB-TV (Alexandria) 5 (O—Color; (R)—Repeat; (P)~Premiere, KFOM.TV (Beaumont) « KPLC-TV (Lake Charles) 7 KLFY.f V (Lafayette) 1* KBMT-tV (Beaumont) . , la ^.—Indicates selected programs (This program is presented a« a public service by the Lake Chafles American Pres«, which is not responsible for unannounced changes or other program inaccuracies.} Beat Bet M2:00 (2, 4, 5, 7, 10) NCAA Football. The Nitany Lions of Penn State meet the Maryland Terrapins at College Park. (C). NOTE: All networks plan to cover the pre-launch preparations and lift off of Gemini VII. Many regularly scheduled programs will be p r e- empted. Saturday A. M. Other Show* 5:30 (10) Religion Film. 5:45 (10) Ag Report. 6:00 (10) French Hour. 6:30 (5) Ag Report. (6) Farm and Ranch. T:00 (6) Captain Kangaroo. (5) Leverne Perry. T:30 (2) Three Stooges. (3) Movie. "Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisi- ible Maul Bud Abbott, Lou Costetlo (1951). (4) Ag Report. 1:00 (2, 4, 5, 7) Jetsons (C). (6, 10) Heckle and Jeckle (C). (12) Farm and Ranch. 8:30 (2, 4, 5, 7) Atom Ant (C). (6, 10) Tennessee Tuxedo (C). (12) Foreign Legionnaire. I .DO (2, 4, 5, 7) Secret Squirrel (C). (3, 12) Shenanigans. (6, 10) Mighty Mouse (C). 1:30 (2, 4, 5, 7) Underdog (C). (3, 12) Beatles (C). (6, 10) Linus the Lionhearted (C). 10:00 (2, 4, 5, 7) Top Cat (Q. (6, 10) Tom and Jerry (C). (3, 12) Casper (C). 10:30 (2, 4. 5) Fury (R). (6, 10) Quick Draw McGraw (C). (3, 12) Porky Pig (C). (7) Glamorama. 11:00 (3, 12) Bugs Bunny (C). (4) Wrestling. (5) Visit With Santa Claus. (6, 10) Sky King (R). lltSO (3, 12) Milton the Monster (C). (6, 10) Lassie (R). K(7) Exploring. Scheduled: discussion of President Andrew Jacison. (C). Saturday P. M. 12:00 (3, 12) Hoppity Hooper. (C). (6) My Friend Flicka (C). 12:30 (3, 12) American Bandstand. (6) News. 1:00(6) Double Feature. "Phantom of the Opera." Nelson Eddy, Susanna Foster (1943). "Sudan." Maria Montez, Jon Hall (1945). JAHES LOVELL Awaits Gemini Shot 1:30 (3) Movie. "Curse of the Stone Hand." John Carradine, Ernest Walch (1959). (12) Double Feature. "The Bat." Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead (1959). "Bride of the Atoms." Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson (1955). 3:00 (3) Acadiana Hayride. *-3:30 (2, 4, 7) AFL Football. The New York Jets battle the Chargers at San Diego. (C). (3) Al Terry Show. (5) High School Choir. (10) Movie. "Behind the Mask." Boris Karloff (1932). M:00 (3, 12) World of Sports, scheduled: Karting championships, water skiiing and the All-Ireland Football Championships. (5) Sports in Action (C). (6) NFL Countdown. Scheduled: A look at the "little man" of pro football. 4:30 (5, 10) Wrestling. 5:00 (6) Singing Time. 5:30 (3) Larry Brasseaux Show. (5, 10) Porter Wagoner. (12) Bowling. Saturday Night 6:00 (2, 10) News, Weather, Sports. (3, 12) Shenandoah, Shenandoah learns there is a price on his head. (5) Life at Its Best. (6) What's My Line? . 6:30 (2, 4, 5, 7) Flipper. Flipper and Bud pursue two men who have stolen a pair of valuable show horses. (C). ^(3, 12) Shindig. Filmed at England's Jazz Festival. Guests include the Animals and the Moody Blues. (C). M6, 10) Jackie Gleason. Scheduled: The music of World War I. 7:00 (2, 4, 5, 7) I Dream of Jeannie. Jeannie dates Tony's best friend. M3, 12) King Family. The Kings welcome winter with music. K7:30 (2, 4 ,5, 7) Get Smart. Smart must conceal his work from visiting relatives who arrive as a KAOS agent tries to kill him. (C). (3, 12) Lawrence Welk. The Music Makers re-create settings inspired by the 19th Century lithograph of Currier and Ives. (C). (6) Secret Agent. Agent John Drake is sent to Paris to • investigate a case of blackmail. (10) Movie. "Rancho Notorious." Marlene D i e- tricb (1952). M:00 (2, 4, 5, 7) Movie. "The Big Carnival." A reporter gambles with the life of a man trapped in a cave in order to make a big story. Kirk Douglas and Jan Sterling star. 1*8:30 (3, 12) Hollywood Palace. Host Milton Berle greets pianist Liberace, singing McGuire Sisters, singer- dancer Joey Heatherton and actor Cesar Romero, (c). (6) Loner. Gunslinger faces death unless has-been doctor can help. 9:00 (6, 10) Gunsmoke. Matt is taken hostage by escaped convicts who are fleeing to Mexico. 9:30 (3) Peyton Place. (12) Jesse James. The James Boys ' i ub 5 paymaster and seek refuge at the farm of a friend. 10:00 (3, 12) News, Sports. (6, 10) News, Sports, Weather. 10:15 (2, 4, 5, 7) News, Weather, Sports. (3) Movie. "Paths of Glory." Kirk Douglas (1957). (10) Beavers Club Auction. (12) Golden People. 10:30 (2) Movie. "The Spirit of Mankind." Donald Colman (1957). (4) Movie. "Night Song." Dana Andrews, Merle Oberon (1947). (5) Johnny Carson (C). (6) Movie. "The Naked City." Barry Fritzgerald, Howard Duff (1948). (7) Movie. "Beau Geste." Gary Cooper, Ray Milland (1939). (12) Movie "Springfield Rifle." Gary Cooper, Phyllis Thaxter (1952). AMUSEMENTS AND ARTS THE MUSIC OF CHRISTMAS 'Messiah' Tops List Of Yuletide Record Albums SATURDAY, DEC. 4, HANDEL: MESSIAH-Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Grace Hoffman, Nicola! Gcdda, Jcr o m c Hines, soloists; Phllharmonia Orchestra and Chorus; Otto Klemperer, conductor, (Angel Stereo. 2-12" records, SCL3657). BERUOZ: L'ENFANCE DU CHRIST — Cesare Valletti, Florence Kopleff, Gerard Sousay, Giorgio Tozz!, soloists; New England Conservatory Chorus; Boston Symphony Orchestra; Charles Munch, con d u c t o r (RCA Victrola Stereo, VICS- 6006). A FESTIVAL OF LESSONS AND CAROLS — King's College Choir, Cambridge; David Willcocks, conductor (Argo Stereo, ZRG 5450). THE NATIVITY TO CAN. DLEMAS — King's College Choir, Cambridge; David Will- cocks, conductor )Angel stereo, S-36275). CHRISTMAS MUSIC OF THE BAROQUE — Carl Weinrich, orgajiist (RCA Victor Stereo, LCS 2820). JOY OF CHRISTMAS — Joan utherland, soloist; The Am rosian Singers; The Philbar- monia Orchestra; Richard Bo- ynge, conductor (London Ste eo, OS 25943). December is the month for Christmas music, of course, and record shelves already are verflowing with offerings, anging from the most reverent o the most crassly commercial If you feel a sense of nausea t the 100th rendition of "White Christmas" or "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," and if r ou object to present custom if blowing up the simplest carol o 4l-gun proportions, may we ecommend half a dozen al bums that are tastefully done, and in the true spirit of the eason? Christmas music, as far as Lake Charles is concerned, always starts off with Handel's Messiah." The Lake Charle; Messiah Chorus presents its 26th annual performance of the work ;omorrow, and as a coinci dence, Angel Records has re Film Librarian Important Man in Movie Industry By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - When movie and television producers need shots of a seagull, a shipwreck or a sunset, they call Elmer Dyer. You name it and Elmer is likely to have it among the million feet of film contained in his unique movie library. If he doesn't have it, he will go out and shoot it. Elmer Dyer has been making movies for 53 years, and he has lost none of his enthusiasm for film. I dropped by his library one stormy day and found him visit to the contemplating a ocean. "There ought to be some big waves up today," he mused. "Should make some great shots." The Dyer place Is stacked to the celling with cans of film he has taken in his lifetime. They are arranged as to subject: ball, ambulances, snow, etc. But it is obvious that most of the cataloguing is inside the canny film- maker's head. "They want a signal flare over at 'Petticoat Junction'," he told an assistant. "I think you'll find a signal flare in the fireworks I shot at the Rose Bowl." Dyer started in the movie business for Universal in 1912 and worked for most of the studios over the years in filming background and aerial shots, notably "Hells Angels" for Howard Hughes. The idea for a library came out of his hobby of; collecting films of old aircraft. "I must have six or seven' thousand feet of old airplanes,' including some 1904 shots of the j Wright brothers," said Dyer.' "Cutters would hear about the film and ask if they could buy some of it to use in movies." After three years in the Air Force during World War II, Dyer found he could get work in ! an upstart, and the major studios wouldn't sell any stock footage to television film makers, Dyer saw a chance to service them from his own library. He has added to his collection on trips and locations. During the past 20 years he has shot only in color: his foresight is now paying off in the era of tinted television. ******************** 107-YEAR-OLD STILL WORKS BOSANSKA KRUPA, Yugoslavia (API — Daut Ezic is 107 but still works regu Uirly at his little grocery store. In tribute, the town council has exempted him from all taxes. eased a new album under the irection of Otto Klemperer. The British arc past masters at choral singing, and they have been singing "Messiah" or 200 years. The new Angel album offers the Philharmonla Chorus, under the direction of Wilhelm Pitz, as an example of the finest contemporary choral work. The only word to describe it is "magnificent." The male section in particular Is truly admirable. This is disciplined yet iubilant song in the finest English tradition. Conductor Klemperer uses a smallish orchestra, and a deliberate tempo, and He delivers a performance with the buoyance, the beauty of line and the song- Fulness that are hallmarks of Baroque music. • The orchestra is sharply honed, and it responds to Klemperer's direction with an inspired performance. The soloists are of the highest caliber: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Grace Hoffman, Nicolai Gedda and Jerome Hines. Angel's sound is rich and full, and there is a wonderfully spacious sound about the choral singing. This is, in short, a "Messiah" that can be accepted with few reservations as the finest yet made, and one that is not apt to be outdated any time soon. Berlioz' marvelous "L'Enfance du Christ" has been re- released on the Victrola label just in time for Christmas. This beautiful and enduring work was first recorded by Charles Munch and' the Boston Symphony Orchestra back in 1957. The work is a "sacred trilogy" which tells the story of the Holy Family during the birth and infancy of Christ. This is a first-class performance, recognized when it was first recorded as the best available, and its quality is still high. It has fine soloists, a capable chorus, a tremendous orchestra, and the best Berlioz man of them all at the helm. If you don't already have this work in your collection, give yourself a treat. Two other discs, featuring performances of English groups, can be recommended. "A Festival of Lessons and Carols" comes from the choir of King's College, Cambridge, under the direction of David Willcocks. This is a 1964 recording of a USO Council Meeting Set At Leesville LEESVILLE - The Leesville USO Council will hold an important business meeting at 2 p.m.. Monday in the USO Club across from the post, office. Dr. Maurice M. Hartmann, director of program from the national USO office in Washington, D.C., will be the speaker, according to James M. Ardoin, chairman of the local council. USO, known to servicemen around the world, will celebrate its 25th anniversary on Feb. 4, 1966. The agency, United Service Organizations, is a federation of service groups including the ceremony that "takes place at YMCA. Nafonal Catholic Com-• munity Service, National Jewish Welfare Board. YWCA, Salvation Army and National Travelers Aid Association. every Christmas Eve at the college. The program opens with a processional hymn, "Once in Royal David's City." and advances with alternate hymns and scriptural readings. The performances are faultless, the sound is good, and a more inspiring Christmas message cannot be imagined. The Angel label is represented with still another album from Cambridge. This one is entitled "The Nativity to Candlemas," and features the choir of King's College Chapel, under David Willcock's direction. This is a finely-performed program of a dozen Renaissance anthems and hymns, celebrating the religious feasts from Christmas to Candelmas (Feb. 2). Palestrina, Sweelinck. Victoria and Byrd are the chief composers represented. "Christmas Music of the Baroque" is an RCA Victor album of organ music, with Carl Weinrich as soloist. The organist plays works of Buxtehude. PacheTbel, Sicher, Doouin and Barh, including the letter's 14 preludes related to Advent and Christmas. For opera fans, there is "Joy of Christmas" from the London label, with Joan Sutherland sing ins a collection of the best know carols. "0 Holy Night" and "Joy to the World reveal Miss Sutherland at her peak. These six albums will offer long-lasting dividends to music lovers who look upon Christmas as meaning more than tinsel and toys. —TS. UDGHSl •laurel <? i Jtanfe* CINCINNATI] Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary vords. Iowa High Talent Show Is Tonight IOWA — A talent show, sponsored by the Iowa High School Parent - Teachers Association, will be held at 7 p.m. today in the high school gymnasium. ' Students of the school ar« to i take part in the show. Funds raised will be used to purchase visual aid equipment for the school. Refreshments will be served at intermission. ALCKO IO REWFE D ) D1PALL s ) •Ql»« t* !*• CW«H* tXhw* ^S ^^\ v J f \ V J REXARB O Prii'.lki SURPRISE ANSWER In O A" ^^\ ^ ^ P "S \_ J f "^ f \^. ^^ THIS POEStfT-BELONC ATA LONGSHOREMEN'S PARTY. Now arrange the circled letter* to form the surprise answer, u suggested by the above cartoon. AMUSEMENT CALENDAR TODAY MOVIES: "The Nanny," Pitt; "Return From the Ashes," Lyric; "Old Yeller," Paramount PAINTING: L. C. Pen I a n d Exhibit, McNeese Fine Arts Bldg. TOMORROW MUSIC: Annual presentation of "Messiah," McNeese Auditorium, 4 p.m. MOVIES: Same. JJL al 13 «I I CUlK^w **" *"•' *.**•—j—•».. i --,.'--- • . . — ,, birds, flowers and fruits, foot-1 the studios. Television was then OPEV WEEK DAYS 4:45 PHONE 436-3503 NOW SHOWING FEATURES 2:12—4:05—5:58—7:51 SATURDAY & SUNDAY 1:45 BIG O&K CLUB SAT., DEC. 4 ROY KEAD & TRAITS Stars from SHINDIG SHOW Res. JU 9-711} Vlnlon J2.50 per person NEWI NEW! NEWI All New Band First Tim* In Loke Cnorl»i From New Orleans The WIG-WAMS Now Appearing Every Friday and Saturday TURF LOUNGE Hwy. SKI Eait Iwy. No Cov«r COBFOWWH^'JllfflHOyPaON SAIMHAEGGAfi INDIUM r UIBU «*w auana «* *»« TOefcwM;^ AJoMflWyletoTte mmm NEW MOON IMUVK'lii Adults 7Se Child 15c JumblenCABU AUOUR CUA0A IAWUM Am i her boy/nearf-DUM* 150X OFFICE OPEN FRI. 5:15 — SAT. 3:45 SUN. 1:45 —MON. 5:45 I'LUS FOOTHALI. HIGHLIGHT AND CARTOON MEALDEAl Golden-brown trench ffi ej ... (he char- coaled prime beet and mild melted cheese flavor of an Open Flami Broiled Cheese- buiger... i rich, thick shake. Too good to miss! 4200 Ryan Street br lunii Ckil Si><i IndilAtpolit 7 LAST NIGHT STARTS 6:00 FOUR HORROR MOVIES >NCENT PRICE Hn r N r O." 1 Ffi765~& 10:05) FIRST 'DRIVE-IN SHOWING He'd take on anyone, at anything, anytime ,..H HUM* only m tnattar fto pom* ftrvtl _... EDWARD0. JNft McOUEEN-ROBINSONiMARGRH ^WWIII SWSQHOrT PSOOUCTJCf CINCINNATI PANAV1SION and METKOCOLOR!! People said they were too young to marry...and too much in love to stay apart.—] MlMIDM SVN04V—"P4BPNEBS"—"LIVING IT UP"-HCOL0R OPEN 4:45 ROW SHOWING 'WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE" HUSH, Ill'SH CIIAKLOTTK" AND NOW ANOTHER PSYCHO THKILLER AND ANOTHER MAGNIFICENT PORTRAIT BY SEE IT FROM THE BEGINNING AT 2:18-4:08-3:50-7:37-9:?4 Homo of the Worlds Greatest 150 Hamburger! LAST FEATURE 10:36 UNKNOWN TERROR "Terror of The Bloodhounds" With ROBERT CLARK And STEVE CONTE SUNDAY RICK NELSON la "LOVE AND KISSES" First Drive-ln Showint And "TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD" GREGORY PECK OPEN WEEK DAYS 4:45 — SATURDAY & SUNDAY 1:45' PARAMOUNT HE 9-3021 NOW SHOWING THBU WEDNESDAY FEATURES 2:30 - 4:31 - 6:34 • 8:21 A great frontier adventure! * r v ^." ' *U'j*^ s \ s*\ WALT DISNEY ^DOROTHY Mc.G(jE FESS PARKER NEXT ATTRACTION AT THE PAKAWOVNT .ViAKt'ELLO MASTKOIAN'Nl, VflJNA 14SI "CASANOVA '70" '

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