The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 27, 1923 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1923
Page 4
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WEDNESDAY, fajNE 27 t IV*3 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS PubllBhod l»aily l»» The N«-w« Company. W. Y, MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872. KntTfrt at tho I 'nsitoffli In Hutchinson, K.'IIIBH ^, ftu- tifUiPMil.'Kio'.i through Hie i> n n;ri, ml - flush tn,iU?r. TELEPHONE NO. 3. 1 *i hat*.' brunt" I; t*>.cliniiu**; wit en oner - ntnr iinfum. 1 !, civ*? per.sim or ih'imrUutnt waiitf'l, TERMS Of SUDSCniPTlONi Tiy ir.svfl, nrifi ytiar $4.f>0 Ity u\u',\ six niJi.ths 1.1 y ni.tll. three m<»h!lm Uv Jit;.)!, one month {&A7v 'cm!' 'I '.-iu-'"' Vcr n(n ''' r lu ' &r anybody wfcoop/nff ft IF 2,00 1.25 .60 .60 tho world and hia G *ucce -S8 has been a part, uf the booat which Detroit has received. Usually thu people of n town, or a county do no I like "tho richest man". I never hoarft of many peop .V working up enthuKi«s ;mi over Rot 'kt ft 'lkr, who wtis the richest man until I -\>rd pusHcd him In tho flivver. Am! yet Rockefeller ha« not lakon as great profits from trio p'upfo us hnn Sord. If it were not for Rockefeller's or^aubation tho price of gnaoline would bo double what H ia. But you ^ Abe Martin ^ MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS. MEMBER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS' ASSOCIATION. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED FREES Tl '• Anwlnti-.l Prwi •= exclusively M t't!..i u> tho HI." for i^nuhUoallon ol al . . Tl ,„n«iiiMv. ii "V'^XlSS '' iB business that Ford has in his. ii,.. 1 in t.Ma pniu-i. aim <UBO tn-s iw*' neMI for Rockefeller for president. Doth men have worked tho sumo side of the street, selling «n' aillclo In fen- oral use nt u low price. Both have hud able assistant*. But Rockefeller the , w . tor ,.,»ihik«iion ot ail] »»s "ever taken the personal part in All rights of republication oj special • i are also reserved. t.-.ib'.l'.lie.l hciMn All I-IB his o( dlsi'Mcliea herein are alio reserve' ^ i _ i 1 ' The Sidlinyer Drufl Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. Telephone 91. 17 North Main Street, < 1 tl !7 PROSPERITY. * Pro;-purity re* pi end out" \°- with * UP I'IUOI n^.iit.; wi .dl-fixcd anil in- * ib*f 'OiHlu :it wi: i";tut alt biKiy men. * 'l".'.-ry'b- work f «T every fallow, * nisi WHCPS by Ui« : ton; we imnr • (•n!proy(.M';j hallow, "A job for * i'vt ly (nit:'"' TLIC hummer and tho * ciib-Mil iu\: ['.i>y i'd»y, and * h<u lifij- b liz/le who loafs * thi'* liours The carpenter is * carping, thf oarhi-r wildly barbs, * tli-' iMtv.'r b ;tr;l hi harping, tho * ' fitriti'-r M "\\ s r.irh.-i. Tb<- pub- * ' Jjsh '-r is |.Tinti]i;.' 1I!H highly mural * ' vio 'et-- wloM-tMT wo ..,may by * ' v<\\\ inl lug, prOf'pprity wo urt-yt. * ' Aii'l now niir »ki''H uro, sur.ny, and * on us hwi}t*a. Jot tin salt "* •!(:*• ;r,u;;;'y In fnir and * \>[ ] >.'-'. WM l\i>d a U'nSon * \-\\'-v. ivvry wat? rivh, * v,i ; • r.u ally, buL * ."\"w ;.]ij),-jir,- inh. WL- all * i'.'i - : ;ib::'-\ on biH -doas * ;ir.<! ; ronii -d, as ptf L'I- * ;:•.(• bankerd' t;.b-ft of * :!! ill... Ii-f-s ,ti"urw! us * ]ii«tiH'.v iii 'cw, and why • -» f'tilo'-md vis with " tab--- of tutu:-'' wi.'V Ah, well, * you all i -fUifrTiibtT ilio frost that • rainc <'n<- oar, fho blcaitriv ^s of * I iiM-.-mlMT :-uppr(TS.-(.'(l the bloom • of May, :a.akod our silken • i-ii;•.«»!!, our j» j widt-d farthingales, * and (on* uur boards and rinrlcts, * find i-'^nl tip b -'-arl -lck waibs. t>h, * iiotiili.K oouid 1>H ^aln.T than * WLiistii .g uscml pi.-ads; HO hit us * now bt: b ' • - - ludM. • silks saw tin Lin bo truly cautious -WALT MASON. Thoy l ^U mti that whfle Ford employs the boat of engineers and executives, ho ahvfiys makes' them understand that ho is tho bosa. He 1IB<! tho vision of a IOTV priced motor vehicle and he has had the nerve to Invest his profits In railroads, trun mines, lumber mills »nd other iu<lustricy which aupply the matorialH used in car.i, uuti\ ho owns all kindp of property from freight ships to city councils. Ho has nover pi vi"n much away, ajid he ch .ir^;rit a ffuod jo-fifit for his work. Ordinarily his follow towTi»nion would bo .sore at htm because of his pro.^p rity. lVitt Ford seems to be an exception to that niJe. Ford pay a his employee well, but he lias oppoiiod"labor organisations. When, tho de.pre^km came in l'J2t) ho practJeaJIy clo^od tho works and f 'r '.-d the workmen. Thou ho roopun- oil tho plants hut at a reduction In wiigei and he picked tho men who should t:o bark thus sotting away from much of tho overhead carried In Industry by maintahims hi&h wapes for old employes. While the poople hero like Ford they are not lmio <H .*ed with his f't- neas for public office. Th»*y would douhtlo.-s votf fur him in goodly number : ;, but that wnubi be a mat lor of local pride. They ha 1 .'? never notii ed any special qua!U'Uv.tion for pub'ic service or any effti-i to consider pub- llo quHstlrins on the part of the rirh- <:i:-t man in the world. And yet. I was to '.d by pood Democratic authority that tho figh't for the De!iiocrat:o nomination fur pnsidont would bt» be two MI Ford and MoAdoo. There is a joke in this theory, If it is true, for nob^idy know/ wiiether I'ord Iti a Ih'mocrat, u HepubLic,au or a Soeialist. Evf >n ff poor old Ireland rjult?a flgrht- ln* ther'U bo more- dlsconteat than ever. * One thing's sure—th' feller that's noarly d«ad fer a drink would feel about th' fiamo If he got it. tfig in tho column a time ago that ono of the most powerful and efflpient of the public men In "Washtnglon dootm't got'- a hundred lines of publicity a yenr outside that vourhswifed him by tho HiywHpap &rft of his own State, Mr, John II. Ackborholmo, of Boston, writes'. "Name him,-dear boy, nnmo him. Surely with nil htg modesty ho can't object to the slight publicity the Public Ledger—and your column— wonld prlve him, if ho vrerfr named. And some of tho rent of us, who follow you with great 7.oa.l, would fool mora as If ho wcro a real Senator, lnntcad of a straw man you had sot up to talk about, if we were glv^n his identity. Name him, dear boy; name him." Far from Imposing a task, Mr. Aclc- berholmo has conferred a pleasure. He 1B Charles Curtis, Republican whip of the Senate and senior Senator from Kansas. KJxeept for a period pf two years, at a time when tho wolves were very bad fn^ his State, Senator Cur- tishas been In Congress since 1393. He is serving his th*ird term in the Senate. And make bold to »ay (b»t In all his period of coiigrofisdonal semens he never bricked a piece of visionary legislation or played obviously to the gallery. WP darosny not one in- n hundred of the voters who read there linos—if so many do read them—ever heard of Senator Curtis. It is entirely possible that Mr. Achberholnie never hoard of him, Tho fact that he lives 1u Boston contributes to that possibility. • " big city with a largo local demand and many placed for concealment. The story of the "rum running fleet" is a great exaggeration. But the result is just the same. VV. Y. MORGAN. RUSTY NEEDLES AND TANT FUTURES. By Ruth Cameron. D1S- * THE CITY ON THE RIVER. UvdHonai CuriaspoaricirM'. J Dt'irnil. Juno 23. A visit to Detroit without a ride oil Hie rlv^r and lake would bo liko go- lim to .-IT. tho play of llamlot produced i \i[)w:u ijrilug tho p»rt of the. Prnu-e ot Denmark. So we boardod a beat and with thu comforting •thought tlm'. it made no difference liow the road WHS paved or drained, (iteamt 'd t.v;o Lo'.ira northward to iJtke * SI. C'.air. ju-r-.u's th". lake and to the St. f'iaU' Us,-' r, which i-.i the entrance to I,.'il;>! jiii;-.>ii. On one side was the 1"riit - (1 ^ta:'"^ o; Arner:<':i and on liie other the I 'v .-:'.iinh>n of t'anadn. On ono Ldrio was tho J .d.^i ailvl^in^ the il:-" of a ci riajn t»r.ind of .soap and on th'; utlo. 1 " was the a:moun-':n^ "Homo of Canadian C'.ub." In iho I'nitod Stales could f*eo the Ko-tor- jus wliic-li mu';,v autouiobi! -s aad clo-m- ical--, on tli** otb'M- tl;..* ditriiii.-rles iiianut-a-.'tuniii; whiskey. The end oT our \o\a;:," was u dolichtful little Jidajid over which floated tho Stars and ytriUei', and wh.-re old friends wob-oiiicd th** wauderins Kaasaus. In tlio "SL r.lair flats", ay tho upper part of tho luV;o is called, and hun­ dred.5 of island and hundreds more dry i-i>t>l?> bulL up by piiu drivers, and it little Aio.-riran W-nice Is tho result. M'my Dctroltcib and alrjo many lri;iM other piacc.-\ Juivo ilieir summer homos riving fwm the ^ater'ii ed^e, und tlms ei -«iildif-h themselves in what It one uf tho ma.-^t tloIIL-hlful and l'essV fill pbictv; in tho country, A'O noitiC, no dual, no rattling cars, no inorry-go- ruunds and in, picture shows. It is in fuot a j>la -o for rest. LiUlo motor hunts and occasional yachts provide transportation, and the big ahipw go tjaillnj; by Jikc hirdu In a pcrfeet nliy. •Su<di is Use retiort, liuown by tho un- pro:nkl»3 r.ajne of "the flat a". After one has automohUod a thou- BOUH! jni'ic; i\ liUle ".vattr travel is a •\\oieome clian;;o. • .The bte^cot' tldng: in Do^mit,* of -court-;, is tho Ford factory, only the Foid factory in not in Detroit but in tho jnciii-porali/d town of Dearborn, around which tho eity of Dottvit has grown like a corn husk. 1 "was lold that tho 'Ford works wore turuitiB out more than five 'thousand flivverj u day, a figure V.IIICIL aeomod t>ma!l to mo as 1 -was qtiito auro 1 had soon a million of tho Fords on tho trip from K;inpan, I wan luterested in what tho peo p!o of IJolrolt iliougrlu -of Honry. Ot course I could only talk with a few, mid their opinions differed. But gun- orally speaking I am quite sure they liko hLui. lie la ibo rlcheat man in 4 j Willi only a river less than a mile wide between Canada and the United States, it is eaey to see that the smuggling of nny kind ol stuff would be comparatively easy. Tho province uf Ontario, across from Detroit, Is "dry", that is to say the selling of Shiuor to people in that province Is illegal. Rut it is legal hi Ontario to manufacture all the whiskey, beer and other deadly devices, for eale outsido the Province. There is no logic to thi-,. Mtuation and it is difficult to understand yrhy vhskey -should be legal for export but not for honuvron- Humptton. The answer to my request for informaUon was that Canada, or rathor the Province of Ontario, wad willing for Its distillers to operate so long as they did no injury to the homo folks. They evidently do not believe that thoy are their brother's keeper,or perhaps thoy do not. rvcoini/.o us as brothers. Also I was told the distillers played an important part in Ca:tadkm politics and that they were given theirs In the fihapo of permission to manu* faeturo and sell outshlo of Ontario. And all informants agreed that tho diMilleriob at Walkerville, across the river from Dot roil, are working full Dine, The profit in the sale of liquor is so t',rt -ai. that a largo number of residents of Canada and tho United Htate.s are dem^alir.ed. An innocent little motor boat can run across the river with very Utile chance of capture and it can carry a lot of booze. It would require an army of men to watch the river bank if the "rum running" were to bo stopped. And the army would have to stay there forever. The oongres.; has not provided for RJK -h a campaign. And oo the boats dart across tho river, deliver their loads to waiting automobiles, and Caiuula'ii great industry £oei inslortously on. But when tho liquor leaves the boat and is s^uud for its retail place it • meet" vec-d trouble, Tho United Stale- and the state avthoriUos have tho advantage, l.lo-n. In fcplin of the ease of the Muiig ./iing across the rlvor, the trip to the ultimate 'consumer is hard to travel. The risk is groat, profit must bo larvy^ and Uio price- is then so high that the real Canadian stuff never gels tar into tbJs country. Tho boo'logger finds it ouAlor to substitute a mens of drags, label it "bottled in bond", and "Imperial", then it In Lo get the actual product of the distillery ttwuy from tho river. That is the condition along -tills part of tho Canadian border. It is probably 'worso hero t'h-uu any plafto elae bocauBo of ttihe probity of the dia- tillerles, tfc© note* aid of the G&xinA- lan govenunvul and the proiieuce, of a ^> •«» i<- ^ «' >i> & America la a prodigal country. Doubtless It is inevitable that the should breed prodigal people. in my needle case tho other day Ij found some rusty noodles. What to ; do with rusty or broken needles and their blood relatives, old razor hlades (no, 1 would not be deliberately guilty of such a ghastly pun,) is ono of the eternal problems. 1 fancy most housewives sidestc-rrjt by putting such articles In a box and sticking the- box on a hfgh shelf to be taken down at house -leaning time, looked at and put back. So, running trim to form, I said to the. inhabitant of my kitchen: "I'd like to throw these away, hut 1 don't know just where to throw them." "Diana throw them at all," said she. "JuHt put them on a stone and rub your foot back and forth over them and thej "e\ boas rdilny as ever. And then she added: "Folks don't do those things in this country, though. They ju~t buy new ones." Surrly a true indictment—if I do say so against whom It was mado. Many Americans don't know what thrift me-ans. They know what economy means. It means going without things. But in the matter of thrift— which moans making the most of "\vhal you have, making things lasr by proper uso, making m-ory cent oount— there aro very lew of us who do not have to take off our hats to people- brought up in the economic pressure ot Old World conditions. Hero is another clever summing up of a typical American attitude, A man : whoso business is the understand of ^financial conditions said to me in regard to America's attitude toward money: "If an American inherits jbome money he says; T have inherited $2 ,000,' or whatoi «r the amount it. If a Krenfxhman inherits the same amount of money ho says: T have inherited 500 francs,' or whatever thfi intcrest on that amount is. That is, the American looks U(*>n the principal as something to use*t>ho Frenchman regards ij as capital to be kept sacred."" America Is a prodigal country. Perha ;>3 it is inevitable that she Hhonoi br «MHl a prodigal people. jlut Khe will not ahvay.s be so prodigal. It is estimikted that in the year L'lOO ttiero will be about ottti..hundred and niiu'ty-sfvon million peo-jlo in tho United States. And that will bo praetbaiiy the saturaHon point. Moreover i 't the prodigal rate at which we are u.^iig up our o'A, and our forests, and our- coal, we shall have used, up King boforu that the natural resources that make life on this side of the water the comparatively easy thing it has been. That all means that American people will havo to develop thrift. Tho more wo teach tho principles or thrift to our children, the oa*iler wo aro f^oi .-ig to make the transition that thoy or their grandchildren may have to make. / The point that wo have overwritten Senator Curtis may be ami probably will be raised. Well, nobody need take our word for it. Wo are willing to leave the question as to whether be Is one of the three or four;moat powerful men in Washington to any Washington correspondent. And wo don't think h$ objects In the least to newspaper publicity. Be-lug entirely human, wo fancy he would enjoy it . very' much. Tha- outstanding phatto of his public career Is that he never has been willing to barter his self- respect for it . «u z And that, it stuns to us, is worth a lino in"anybody's column., D odbe B rdthbrs . TOURINS CAR From ,a Glutton for Information Sir—It would lie of interest to a number of your habitual readers— and the pnpni- rostH thrt-<* cnts down here, too- to loinw how you (jo about the dally vri'pavalton ot the column. This will provide you with a i- pien- did opportunity to tajk about your- seli. at which tlnio you avo at your best, lioy page jack l.oiuloa! Preparations for writing tho column aro very simple. We arise eariy— arour.ii 1* o'clo-k—brvakfat^t ?.nd r<;ad the sp"itlnc page of tho Public Led- Kor. Wwn we have finished one cigar wo start to the office, tl is our earnest, effort to arrive in time to read the morning mail and the sporting pasea of tho New York papers before .staff council, which is scheduled for 11 o'clock. But in that effort wn often fall lamenUMy. Not infrequently we arrive just In time to hang up our hat, and the mall and the New York Kportlng pages must wait until it Is over. If there is one word which will sum up the average owner's impression of Dodge Brothers Touring Car, that word ia dependable. If there is a word to express the quality which Dodge Brothers have striven, above all else, to build into the Touring Car, it is —again— dependable. 1 Indeed, it is not too much to say^that the word depandabterhns come to be definitely associated, the nation over, with Dodge Brothers Touring Car—and the other ' vehicles bearing their name. Nor have Dodge Brothers built this enviable reputation through advertising. They have built motor cars, so dependable in tact that the word has presented itself automatically to the public mind. The price Is $1000.00 delivered. ' ARNOLD AUTO CO. 25 East First Phone 2707 After council we sit around a whfio wishing somebody would call us up by telephone. We have no gift for! telephone conversation, but, we do like to be called. After a 11 tie time, we i stir around tho office and visit with i people who are trying to do their 1 work. Oftoner than not the members of the Dodge of Sorrow h-uve an impromptu meeting in Charlie Morrison's room. Meetings of the l.odqe of Sorrow aro devoted to a discussion of the personal troubles of the members. About 12:30 we conclude, if we are, going to play golf or go to the ball game, we" ought to write something before lunch. Thus urged, wo stick a couple of sheets of pai-or iu the new and shining Kemtngton, but we don't write anything. After mature deliberation wo conclude it's no uso to start before lunch. To do so wo'd have to break tho thread of thought, "if any. Iteturning from luncheon shortly before 2 o'clock, we decide, If we're going to play -golf we m List get, to v/opk. After looking out of the window, a while wo astuiilly do so. 'ttie balance of it is very easy. We just write the column, close down the dc-idt and hurry away to our sports and pastimes. NEWS DAILY DOT PUZZLE. * 'V <$. 'i- -i •• 4- ••> * <!• >r' <j> • i SECOND HAND THOUGHTS •• By J. E. House In tho Piilladel- • phla Public Ledger. * ••> <•> •• <l> •»> *> 4> * -e> <S> • Tho plan of tho Government to Boi?.e aoalevt liquors on foreign ships will make, a lot of talk. Theoretically, at least, two or three ehtps'Will be looted of t.ltelr lubricants, uftur which the representatives of the Govern- men'fi Immedtutely affected will get toKethcr an<l device a plan by which the United States may &ave Its face and the others their liquor. Ton don't think It will work out thdt way? Very wall; If It doc-lint, thl» la your authority to wire Ma collect, Tho^o who reuiwube*. the dismay of tho column where the'tuipigemeut between ClmrlSo Wiapliti and l'ola Negri Wiui broken before may bo reassured. We do not intend uf.-aiu to (succumb to our feeling:* In the matter, Ko fai­ ns Charlie and l'ola are concerned, wo shall hereafter l)o entirely casual and Indifferent. They could break their enfraKemetit a hundred times without apunius i:a to tho tixporfimmt of wetting a line. But there Is no gainsaying tho fact that the moron* have, tustaiued another blow. KetciTing to ths statement appea*- Mr x 2 »- , «> • * » 44 tv '4S 4s .65.' to C»n You Finish This picture? Complete itho dt-awlng by tracing froin figuro one to two and BO on to the end. Tien usa your crayons or 7»ator-color» jpui 6ton nioolj; iXM A "Stock Reform." N'ew York, June li7.-~I.aur«ncc Tweedy, w r ho yesTerday [jucceetled S. Siikworth at, president of the Oon- solldutod Stock Exchange today assumed active charge with the promise that ho would institute "various reforms" to protect the public. No Waste of Funds. -Washington — Senator Fletcher, Florida, Democrat, declared there was no waste of public funda on tho trial trip of the Leviathan. The beat way' to quit smoltln;? is to never smoke the first cigar. And It is about the only way to quit smoking.—Atchison Globe. No Co THE BEST MEDICINE FOR WOMEN. When Mr. Myers ot Wlnston J SaIam, North Carolina, ateppfd Into the dius store and asked his druggist for the best, medicine ho bad In hl a atore for woman's ills, la it any wonder ho was handed a bottle ot'Lydla -IS. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound? Mrs. L. K. Myers in writing of It says: "I ' had been wc.ik. run down and had a pain in .my loft side foi^n, long tlnw>, so I could not db my work. Lydla -13. Plukbam's Vegetable Compound helped mo In short time so I was able- to-do all . my housework Including washing and Iroulng, and now I feel fine all tho time." AB Lydla IS. Plnkhain's Vegetable Compound holds the record for benefiting PS out of evory 100 women who lake It, ft will pay every suffering woman to try it. Eattbound No. S—Thn Nnvajo 4--Calir. Limited ... fi—Chicago Ex. . 8—Santa l ; "o M 8" 10—Tlio Scout ... 12—K. C. t-lyor .. 00—Local Pans. . 6S-—I'aeaericcr .... 62—Local Pass. . SO—H. H a. Past. S :|0p, ...rj:85 am IS: ...12:66 pm 1 ...10:10 em 10: ... 8:Wtm V ... t;2Q pea t« tit em OS pa • Bun. The simplest way to end a corn is Blue -jay. Stops the pain instantly. Then the corn loosens end comes out. Made In clear liquid and in thin piasters. Ta« action is the same. •At your druggist I Bluejay. RED GROSS BALL BLUE Makes olil clothes look like new. YOUfi cnoccft Has IT. RAILROAD TIME TABLES. SANTA PE. Wottbound Tr«in», Arrives -The Scout 6 l!S pR) -Calif. Limited 8tS« pn» Solo. Mall .... IrSSam -Local Pass 4:40 pnj -Ix ^ftl Pc »B. (ex. Sun.) -I 'sssenser 3tco am -il, i ii. VlliU .'-lfSUUtUJ Cl36 pm its S:00 am 4:60 nm 8:10 am 9:00 am »M am S-o. 4- S12- 280- No. 1211 81 ROCK ISLAND. .Entbound. -Golden State Um. „,, -Loe«l Para. , 8:60 am . •} Californlan . .10:05 pm 10 ,/;cr lv4 LO»V» 11:00 am ILOJaia -Local Pretsht Waatbound, ,5 pre 12:H pa •The Callfprnlan . -Golden SI'ate Urn. -L<^'al Pasa. -Local Frolffht ... Arrive B: 11 - am |:40pin . 6:20 pm 8:15 am 1:40 pm l:M pm 1:40 pm MISSOURI PACIFIC. Westbound. 433—Passenger 413—Pajraungor 4»8— Local Freight 411— Pusaeuuer ........... £a«tbound. 412—Passenger «••««••«• 4l4— Pa-sscnger 431—PasaonKor ........... 430—Local Freight 10:00 an ARKANSAS VALLEY INTEFiUrtBAN. Pepai-ti. »:1? am .... S:!4 pm 1:16 pm 11:60 pin Departs t:« am 10:43 Era X:t,0 pm 10:00 am Local I „w BUB pm [•a j :15 im :1S pm ^:-J pm 11:40 pm Local--,,, Local ,. Llmlttid Local ,. Limited Loc <t! . Limited Loral .. L'wiled I.ccal ,. X-ocal ,, Local Arrtvo •• •'»« am ..10:05 am ..11:16 am ..12:36 pra -. ^OOprn .. 3:26 pm .. <:12 Pui .. 6.36 pni " H\l l ' m .. 8:15 iim ..10:36 pni . 1:40 a: AH tia!i.« aio Pally Tnmifil throujiU H.iUiH between lliit"jalnson KnJ Wichita, and all tralni raak« USA nectlon w Van ArscLOe iSr l5 .w{Sj K J^

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