The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 7, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1859
Page 3
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M.AIACOTT'S AD wr respeeuve IIBM »r fcwin •Iwayaen h»ndJn large <nsntHle*. »o. B« HAST WATKE 8T.,lfaiEia^JiI»»»LqcC -—'-•- BOQKS a^Watdiiajjd other, persdnat HOWAHP INSUKANCJE CO?iI»ANy, ' ••'•'•• "' ^ '.'..';:•.' Of'SeiitTiHs. >'•'••."*-'•' • , SOAPS & SIIJkTINU CB-EATOS. rCOMaETK assortment of CT«»«r 1 «,tow > «,"a f riBbt I » . «nd Baglos' Honey Soaps, Eonssel* t Peters* Ehar- , ing Oreams and Bale's Bhavmg Compound, f ai-^:.-.'-i.•.;- ..--::.-,.,. . x.' : SA1VVAT A «AHCA1». re« year* lease of a nice hots* on the I; hm,'lnthegeco*aWard,»t »Krent sacrlnoe. Iris. . COMPOUND CAIHPUOU , ICE Wl ' '' ' • ; , HJfii cure Tor Chapped Hands and Fa**,- '& Ups, Sunburn, to., Ac., for sale wholesale and rt- >J -" . J.M.Al.LCOTT,f v : Janl . Druggist »nd Chemist, SOS tast Water st. tall by nl EKtVAL of an entirely jnewand splendid Block of L French, English aod American ,- ? ';;; Jig^B I, BY F • ' Of :L*t«t (Styles, at , .' ;, . JB. VA-itI,t3-OTT-»» the istty.Ttie owner is going into the ecustr» the Itt o« IMareSi to« jUiewfafe offers It for Vale;- Must be tola M once Ho raise money. '•'-'• •-• "* -*•:..-' -''-- • JNO. Bi- WQitV " ~"''** : " ', —• .»v -*^,*W,*.*a> ••. ^.•«tpt.«.^ l «^J * 1 •some very choice property. Improved If'- and unimproved, which we win trade on reasona: Wy advantageous ; »erinsi c X>nly arery' lltUe caali will be required to pnrcfcuse tome r^ceHent property. We win trade-a brick Tiouse'and loV'ln; Seventh Ward, a OTrn«16t\6n'Wj8Coi«to street, : a corner' lot In First. Ward.a-flDe ••residence lot on Walter's Point. Farms in ajfferent ^stages t)f "Improvement, and a rariety of property;'all or-whtfli we otter for sale cheap or will exchange, for other property. -We can offer some rare faauewnenariofrlnrealestaie.' ' JNO. B. WELD, "—'•^"^ "'.-- •- 18 WisconHnstreet. ~ v.^c'v" --i $^«to^rtoMecJleittj ^ .,,^h Capital aaqgigpWv.,,....,.,.>,.. LAMA.U bih£ INSURANCE \ CO., 'Ct.i/i. Capital and Surplus,. !..;..~.| Having lately disposed of most of my former stock,! exercised myself In searching at the tastera 'Markets for all the • I¥cw Styles aud Patterns, Widen biw been Imported and murafactnred since the t last panic. I hare also purchased s large slock, at ,. • Ladies' and Gentleman's Watches, • Wlthmovemcnts acknojrledgedas th« most superior by Ttfci American public. . ... ; . ' ;, , j -aovSO • ' John marquis, Architect, JU*JKAtJ BLOCK, Is prepared t > furnish plans for all kinds of buildings at toe shortest notice. REFERENCES: 3. 8. ttuuiiB,1 JOES H. Sn-satiS, LmoDKB BBOTHOL, w. THWXITS, fi. Frau>, : • O. K DavroaTB, PCREJSB, hOOTS S. MACE, 0. JOKES. fel>20 ^ool)1££fioV.! ^X lot in the city. Tbe EXCHANGE -i house and lot, or a good vacant lotln the city. The Farm 4s In Waukesha County, in a good neighborhood; and contains 140 acres, well watered And timbered, a good bouse and barn and some fruit trees. A very superior tract of land, and will be sold tow, or "exchanged for city-property as above— Here" Is a rare opportunity. JNO. U. WKLD, noTlS 18 Wisconsin street MILLINERY GOODS. 1859 POPULAR THADE, 1859 INSUtt AWCE i:OMV A » V, OrNw.'Yorkeity, Cash Capital and Barplos,. ............ |S4«,8S9 68 CITY F1KE 1NSUKANCK COMPANY, : Of HartToid, Connecticut, Oash Capital »nd^arplos,.......... K ..;..»SOS,S81 48 I noUcit bujincis for the above named Companies, entirely open their own merit* and responsibility, anj refcrtotheir prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee Tor 'the future. Policies Issued without delay. '-*••• W.HENRT HOL1JIND, Agent. JOIIK HoLLiKD, Asj't, .Northwest cor. Main and D. P. MARSHAL!., Surveyor. Wlsonsin ets« Ullwaoket. ASKTTHANCE. Tllt;STEES OF TItE Mutual Life Insurance OH. SUENES IN ANUTIIEla WOB(.Mi ' " WOOD, . ! i ABTHO» pr MODERN PILGRIMS, The MlaisUy ' of Lift, by th« Author of Mhu%terllu flhildrei.; , • ,• Meta Gray, by M.J.McIniosh. Dora l>ean* and Mangle Miller. The Julia. Prince of the Hous« of David— new edition. Livingston's Afrl. a— 12 mo. edition. For sale by [CebUj i & TERKY 4 CO. StlPERlNTENUfcflT, OFICIE— NO. *» .f OtNG'S HEW BLOCK. !Plan» and Specification* tor all kind) of Building* fnrnisfced at shon notlceand on tbe moat liberal ttrmi. ' f AM prepared to-forDish the cittaens of Milwaukee dally with I'l ItK % COIJ.\THY mtlLK r«m thfe BellJraown Dairy of M. BARBER, £«,., afia fair price and in quantities from a pint to % pan- ctijeon. Those visiting 1 to be supplied, can leave their orders with Mescr*. Ifunn i Croaby, opposite the Walker Uoo». T. P. ABBOTT, toj» ' Yankee MDVm.n. NOYBS, PLBRZHEIM & CO j., A NEW \T ATCfEK and the Spiritual, by Dr. -Bashnell XI The Land and the Book, by W. M. Thompion TW Power of Prayer, by 6. J. Prime. Memoir of Stoddard. Bttter Bweet, by Holland. For sale by iL IUKE? 4 CO., febZO l«7 JCact Water street. OF THE STATE Olj WISCONSiN for Jantnill* E VE&YTniNG required for a fall and assorted stock Tor u 'first clans Wholesale .ind Betill Drag Store Is kept by Harrington, sail of the very beet quality.— "Prices M low tu any other route." 0. HARRINGTON, 151 East Water street. Directly opposite the Auction Boom of the febS < Excentrlc and Celebrated WALL. J, H, GO ROES & 00., Give uc.Uce to lbelr buaiae&a friend* thai they h&ve removed their Wholesale Grocery BA6K T9 THE1H OLD STAND.| Near comer of CAST WATEK AND DETItOIT *TS., Where t'o^y will continue the same aa heretofore. novSS iiOU.-KS .HENTKD. \T7TLLTAM8 A RODWAY will give attention to tbe VY rentmfr of Houses. Parties having Houses to Eent, or wiehing to procure tenements, will please ca I sit 19 Wisconsin street. la the centre of attraction for For Sale Cheap foe €a»h. THE Dwelling Bouse, with lease of crotmd, I situated on the north east corner of Diddle'and I Milwaukee streets, one of the most desirable locations io the city. Immediate possession given. Enquire of apr»-dll ' GEO. 8JOOTHWEM., Jr. JUST RliOEIVED AT HIJi^JV & CROSBY'S ANOTHEB E1TVOIOE OP CHOICE FRUIT, ' r^OMPKI^lNG 100 barrels Apples, k (gr*fted Fruit); 20 \J cozes of Oranges; 10 boxes Lemons; 1 ,t>00 Ibg Bsspberries; 1 cane Fresh Kips and C barrels of Drii-d Peaebea, all of which we are selling at prices astonishingly low. febl6 Doctor C. Lander, H AVTN& located himself In Milwaukee, offers bis aervieerto the public. Dr. L. baa served In tbe British Army for fifteen years. In India, Barman and In the Crimea taf Surgical cases promptly attended. (9**. Office corner Huron and Tan Buren SL Jaa80-d8m KIBBOttS! mUliO.VS I TO MERCHANTS, MILUNEfig, JOBBEEB, DEALEUs IN .RIBBONS, UILLINKKT GOODJ, AND CABUCUi'EKS IN ALL RUCTIONS OX THKCOCNTKr, TUB CASH BIBUON HOUSE. 116 CUAMB£1U< ETKEET, NKW SOBK. . JNO. FARWKLJU ESTABLISHED 1658. W c have originated a new principle—aitewera In tho Ribbon Trade, whereby ire make this business r-Lira, SnrLX, AIDETATLt ASTEATOr BttOWl SRECTDIGS. 'I'M M WE SELL FOR CASH 1 WE BUT FOB CAB111 We are satisfied with5 PKH 'can panrir. Ask no <<eeond Price. Have all our goods marked In PLAIX FIUDBES.jBO that man, woman and child "bay alike," and receive thew>e value lor their money. Our Prices for best Taffeta Blbbons. all colon; «re So. 1 12 cts per piece. No.. 4 SSXc.i per piece, 14 1J4 15 " « "6 74* « -1 " S 20,¥ " " • "9 SJjf " " " B V&X u " "18 tlUT* . " • - No. 16 «,!.«# per piece. W3£ OFFEB FANCY BIBBONS "ALL STYLEa," "ALL CQLOB8," "ALL QUALITIES," AT PK1CE8 UKFTIHO COMPETITION, AND FOB CASH ONLY. Our Establishment BUIBONS, "Quick *t!es," "Light Profits," and "Good Value," for Cash. BOCCHE81 BOUCUE3 11 New Styles and Paterns, Et a saving of 80 PER CENT. FKOM CREDIT PRICES. Examine our samples, and be convinced. JULONb LA.C&J, QUiLTI.NOa, AC , 4C , Our line of these Goods always lull. We Import and u Jub" them at once lor & per cent advance, ''larked prices -. all Goods "In Plain Figures." A SAVING OF 40 PEE CENT ON THESE GOODS FROM' CUtDIT PKICES. Our Intention Is to make the Ribbon Trade as staple ifl regard to prices as domestic goods. Tt do this we must sell ONE MILLION DOLL&BB WOBTH OF GOODS PEB ANNUM 1 We are Onion Men. "No North," "no South." We solicit the > patrnna P :e of Merchants, in every section of the United States, and are the servants of all who favor us with their trade and patronage JNO FARWELL, CASH BIBBuN UO.EE, 116 Chambers street, New Tort, a. w. WAixn near tbe Hudson Kiver Railroad Depot. jan!8-U4m F ORK HUMPS, in store, for »» ie , ""•"* I.AVTON i fl.ANKINTON ff • Jame* II. stoowlton, John J. K, Vesue, JoBn JP. IVKoc, Joseph A. Sleepet, E.1wart t. Wmock, Darld Noggle, H. W. Collins, John C Johnston, Wm. A. Lawrence, .Morrla O. Smith, ' Joalah » ( Wlllard, Solomon HotsM, Benjamin F. PUley, diaries Norton, JumesMel, Moses Prlchnrd. Ansofi ElUxed H. R.Camp, for Far J. B. Startln, B. L. Donnnac. Charles H, Rueho, fllmeon MUU, L. J. Farwell. For Rqeint. Jaai . R. Doollule, Oeorre O. Nortamp, H. J. Dllman. f for Btloit. Matthew H. Carpenter, John Hackett, Lucius G. Fisher. far Grant &nmty.—3. Allen Barter. For Plattfillt — John H. Bonn tree. For Stottghton. — Luke Btonghton. For Jftw Mfffflrngt—Jtme* H. larnest. For Whitfieater. Augustus H. Scoville, B. C. Hall. For ShuU*tvrg\.— George W. Lee. J. A. 8LEEPEB, President. 11. W. GOUJSS, Secretary. A. GaAQAK, Vice President. II. tt. \» ILSO!V, Agent, septa H Wisconsin street, Milwaukee, Wia. HFK rilHE Trustees of the Untual Life Insurance Company A of the State of Wisconsin will meet at their office :nthecf(y of Jaoeivllle, on Monday, the 18th day of November next, at 8 o'clock r. a. Section IS of the charter provides as follows: The operations and business of this corporation shall be carried on in the city of Janesvllle, at tuch place as the trustees shall direct, so far as the same can be done, at a principal ofllcc Dated Juoesville. Sept. 16, 185B. By order, JOHN C. JOUNBTON, septSfl. __ General Agent. CITY In Mitchell LHXJKKTH. M ANCTACTUfitO upresily for that purpoit, out orflrnquall'vpApw. B. TtSBV 4 Cu , '"* j '*T E&il » «ii~ ,« A NEW BOO i by John 3. Abbott." Ti.e Empire of AastrU. : Life of Douglas Jerold. TheU.o.ttry of Life. Meta Gray. Do»DlDj8 Fruits »Dd Fruit Tr*n. ReVtaeO KOJUou. " The Mouse, a Manual at BoiiW ArchJtectttr.e. Vorisaleby E-TEHatj *°«rg8 167 «a.i Water rtr««. AMERICAN CORNET BAND! : CAP*l*.wVLEX. SCOTT, LEADEIt. I8NOWKKADTTO FURNISH ANY }t number, of Instrumenu, from one to ^ wrenty-two, for Balls, Parties, Parades, Excursions, Ac., Ac., at reasonable rates. Apply or address Capt. ALaz. ^corror at Hempste<l'fl Jiailc Store, ITS, East Water st. angll _ ____ _____ 'i In <L lajvaiitkcu Kooline. MUKKAY, PltKJK Jb CO , Seaman'n Mammoth Uouse Furnishing Blocs, IllVUON 8TUEF.T, HAfitrrAcruasata or, AID DAH.KSS la 8TOVE8, TIN, '4 GALVANIZED IRON SOOF1NO, Oatter snif Conductor Pipe. Also, agents for Collins' celebrated Ventilators and Chlmqey Cap«, Hot Air Furnaces and Registers, Ventilators, ic Ordera thnnkfully received and promptly ttten- _ ra rss gtING aboBt to dissolve, th^r Co-Part n <rshlp •f-* reienre. The best and largest stock of F URN I HVBR OfftSED IN THIS GREAT *rr»agcmeDt-», their »hoi«^t FOR THE SACRIFICES, THK NEXT H1XTY IS 218 and 220 IUst Water Str eet ^RAILROADS. Mil., \Vat. A, Baraboo Vaiky d to. WISCONSIN STATE 1MK i;«;TOIt V -AND— FOK 1858-59. PUK;E TWO THIS WORK CONTAINS THIS NAME AND ADDRESS OF EVERY PEltSON ENGAGED IN BUSINESS O N hi *^ rn accounl *° the State or Wisconsin, rrom the Wholesale Merchant and Jobber to the small dealer. Representing both the Mercantile, U.nurac- turing, Mech,anical and PrcfenlOna! branches of bo.i ness alphabetically arranged and CLASSIFIED I/NlsEH TIIEIH iHAAC! K1N<J8LKY. 4 f»TKA3» PII«K riTTKU, NO. «3l EAST WATEK STREET, WBOLSHiLa AID BSTilL DIAL»»I.< OAB AND STEAM PlPty, GAB, 8TEA1I AND WATEK OOOKB, CtLOBK AND UHKCK VALVK2) ' ' OUAQB COi-'KH, Ac., Always on band, n large sssortment of «• A s r i x T r u E * Work dune in s workmanlike manner, at s!.<*rt uoiic und loveat prii-es. jcy-.ll/ HHIltsrd .nanufoK-iiiriT HAM »l O N and arter Mooday, April 4th;and until further QO lice a Passeuaer Tram will leave Milwaukee Crtim the depot,foot of Second street, for Pewaukee Uartland Pine Lake, Oconomowoc, Watertown, Lowell and Cm umbus at4.ZO p. m., arriving in Milw;aul[« at 'lAI a. in. Passengers arriving at HUwaukee By th« Chicago K. R., La Crosse 1 a., and Mil. k Miss R. R., or by Boat, can proceed to the above places. Oonnectious are made at Wstertowu with stages for Lme Hills, Jefferson, Waterloo, Hanchetviile, Sun PraJ- rio, Cottage Grove and Madison. Also al Columhua for Lodl, Merimac, Atsego, 7*11 River, Leed'i Corners, Hamden, Lowvllle, Dekora, York, Arlington, Urlatol ind for all poinu totho West and North Weal. Passenger* arriving al the Junction from the AOOVH places make cour.ections h th* Milwaukee A Mlajn- Jippl 8. tt., for JancavlUv, lladiaon ,n.l r>»irlo -lu Jhien and at MUwankee, irlth «nd North. •P'» ». 8- • South, W-ai 1858. »or. Filth At Prnirie »t., Kilbotirntowu A.\i» TIAItUKE TOI- BII,LIAK£> TAHLK.S. Wit* Dime, Trilngular »nd Cushions. BillUrd Tabi- Cnrf, Balls, *c., always on hand for !al« a^ocou hand Tablet repaired at low rates. ief~ O?fW3*— Comer of Owtda K t M»r*rutr«i uppOslte Wctstein Hotel. roylB iflilwaukee& Hoi-icon R. AND ST-EAJVIBOAT LINK rilHI OSLY ROUTS try which pa»enfera from Mil -SL waukee, reach ^ur&fej, f>mro 8uU* t)** lt<trt* Ot/UcoiA, tfeeiuiA, anil iltnju/ui ihe .am,- day The •inly route by which ^asucn^er. V'"n v«.^ ;.,.,./„,, *W* Lon"in(j, Ac., reach Mlliriiu*,... t^e lain- '* / T»AI\a LKA7K MIHVALK..4I Al l.ttt A U. and i. 1J P M..An<! ARHIVK AT .V1ILVVAUKKIC *l 10.40 A..M. ,„,) 4_; U p. ji ASk for llcsela t,y Milwaukee »ad d.>r,cou u.ur ..I via Berlin Sui>ennlen.jMuL. i 'l! II .1 h, Utf €'«». OVFICE: Balldlng, !TItcblff»n Wrsoomi. CHAR1KRED CAPITAL, - - $200000 Cash Paid in, $1OO,OOO. NEW P ICTOBE8 OF OOfJHTRY UEE, by Alice Cary The Methodist, or IncldrnU and Characters Iro-u L:fe In the Baltimore Confrence, by M. Fletcher For sale by K. TERBY A CO, ""•r* Mo IB7 Kan Water street. BIND UP YOUR MACAZINES \llft are prepared In our Bindjry to Bind Magazines, TV Periodicals or anything else in the form of a Book, in n^at and jdurable styles, at low rates. |an«U . STRICKLAND 4 CO. SCH1SO3CKEL & BRUSOTTO, OOMMlSSIOtM MERCHANTS, Seal Sttate and Money Brokere. HOTAE1ES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, VISOONSIK. Osnost—No.4 Market Squirt, opposite tbe Old Past- Office. . marZT GREAT EXCITEMENT ! Xh« best assottmnit of the flneu Watctoce, Stiver IV*re, Jewelry assd FANCY GOOUS Ever brought to Milwaukee. Just-tee thing for Holl day preMnts. Jasi received verv cheap f u r cash MATRON * LOOMIS, dccM i»l B«st Water ttreet, «ilw»ok.e. Wia H. L. PAOJH, K. TowirsiMi), J. B. J. fi. BASUIIS CBAS. Gaisjmo, OIBKCTOR8: c. U. DAVIS, g. fi. Oosovax, J. Hcxrnu-r. J. £1. Cofcusr,, U. COXKTOCS^ H . A- Faunas, U. KBHHIACIIT, JOSKTH F. UILL, JAS. Miasus, Qao. Dvnu H. L. PAlJfira, Atl< .:• ' Fire ind Mur-a? TOWNSKNP, Pretident. A L. WALRATH.Btrr tary. > tat en at ewrM rat-« Information relative to Banks, (showing their capital date of organization, circulation, kind and value of securities deposited,) Railroads and other lncorpor«t«d companies. Agricultural and Manufacturing Statistics or the State; a Sketch or the Sta:e by Counties; a Historic*! Sketch of the State, and a roll and comprehensive Ap- wndlx. Advertiaemen's or the leadm^xbuslness bouses conspicuously dtapU) el on tinted pages, interleaved through the bcdy of tbe work. The Book Is of lull octavo size, handsooely printed containing about alx nund>e,l p»te». The advantages the business community dust derive rrou Its genera! drenlatlon, as a book or peferenee, throiighsut tne Slate, annthe prtncli al Kajiern Cll^s. affonHng as II does, a ifne eihlblt ol the growth, history resources statistics, wealth. In fact, a perfect mirror or I s besi- »ess, Is of Inestimable valu*, and cannot bo too craer- ally appreciated. &T The Book wdl b« tent bj mall. fre» of on receipt or TWO Law and Library Binding, |2,50. ^ddre™ 8 rKICKLAND A CO BoOkxeUera, Milwaukee, WWons SIXTH WISCONSIN Far cale at feblS P.EPORTH 8TBICKLAND A CO, 134 East \Vautr ttmt. V i i'EAK. NEW HAP, sbowln; the Route to ti» glons In Kansas, jusl-rt-ceived ty iiTUlCKi .\hb < Cu., >•» 124 East Water .Or, Xootk. N. aKiSWOLO & Co., QSBTLEME.V8 AN > CUlLUat.N^ HUOTV, ^ii«>Ls A.\D t,\ITI-:u\, MAriU.N STREET, U |i 11 u s i 1 P the W it I !i t; r U o u • ,- , !>».*». AKKANttK.M h. N VV K I N H K N N K MAXCrACTttK* AID DSji LSa 11, l:OHTS, SI10F.S A.M» lill Tl NO. -Z4 SFRUS'G STRi:tT, o » i t i- Aiuerlrali II 01 "»PP mj'.l JOHN lwaya on band <ood cualom o«; Boot* Sboea. All kinds of Lodlea' and G«ot:«tDcn's boots and Shir. mat)* to order in the litest nji« and warr>.-,te<rinr';- ialiafac-ti. n. 1|iri , I 1 h (s K A K K A; LADIEi? BOOTS i SHOES AND .UAa»K T» OHlltH. •»>/ t.ukt Waiter m., bct«vi><>n fla- l»con«ln m». myls 11 ran in „'. MICJHIQAN CKNTHAI. — AND— G. Western ( Canada ) Railway T (BAINS Ie»»e the 8r««t C«ntr»l Uepot, f,,.,t ,,i L«»e jtreet Chica»n, u furlowi 4:OO A. .•»!. -1>S8TOIT ACCoMMOUalloN,. Jun- dan exceplerl), arriv- A. .ll «lr -CINCIM.tATI KJCFUaSB. .ijun fic^pteil ) Arrive ,i liidian»[i .iu P • , CittclniUili SJJu P «. »:00 A. M.— LlOUTMNi, tXPuK-p copied,; arrives «l L elroit I M) * dua^«o-l»n B ,1 <s ,r Uu:f .,» t i « , Aib.iny J.wi P „ . \ c « , , , r M , B .aio a . 1 p u i:oo if. A 9:«tl P. T|.— SHEW fOlii ANL, BOSTON KXPK,. >. UIctrvljaLur,!*/ , Am»e tt U-tr . i T. 3 A. y ., Suapco»u,n ^r.dg« >r Buda,,, 4.3O r. ».. AiB'auy 4:UU A »., Sen Y ,r» 1U:UO A. ».. Bost-un J.u'l p. M S.-<»0 f. >i. CINCUNSATI A.ND UlLliVILLK >.X PKIL^S. ^Kicept Saturday ; Arr-v- % , CmcinnaLi 9:tu A M., Louiavi.i.. t j,i P. M. One iralu on Sunday atd:UO p M The j ml A. M. and d.OO p. •. tralna connect at Pmn. with U:. Buffalo i Lake Huron iUilfuy, for Bulta.. »nd aJI puuiu e' at, at Toronto »iui Uranu Trunl iui- V e rm.,nt, N -. lodcli auil U / » t. it.- i • • •»«• u » A 1. U > 1 . J3 ].!.*». ii.U li V* .1 f I' all pointa In C»nAda East, Nor'hern Hampshire and Maine" Ba^ga^e ctiocircj turou^n.. uckeu fui taJe ai the principal a.ii, ofBeej :a ti^ West, anl at lt,t Lake A Ueart'orn itrecu, oopoait« tho Trem'.ni H ' nd at the IVpot.. loot or Laae »tr»ei. a. N sic* rfii-. ALDila. I»^Q Pa*.. ,Wi_ D. COR.SON, A T T O R TV E V AT LAW HAS removed to ,Omc«, .No. 5, State Bank Building, cornerol $ast Water and Michigan iUtri, Ai ELA1 «J1TY JVVR^CKF. D iAKA, Concord, Union, Village, Rebecca and Delaware Grape Boots. Ljwton Blickberry'e, and Button E»-pberry's. McAvoy?^ Superior, I'eabody's, Hautboy, Wilson's Albany Meealings and Early Scarlet StrasTberrys, ut wholesale or retail, on corr^r of E&sl Water and <>4s streets. Orders solic tell and promptly Sited by CHAS fi.BOOTHMAID, aprgi>-d3t» _ Agt Khu City Nursery. li/ ILL find M my oflice a Reg!si«r, opea,t« their in YY' sjpeCtion of Bondi and Mortgages and other ue- car-Uw offered for»aJe. vPersong-VUhiog -to obtaic Loans or having BortrlB. Mortgages or other BecnrtUes for Bale, may find it to their interest to 61 e with me their application* or statements. C. SO ylf Opposite Walk DR. II. W. VETCItlNART SCKGEOIV, FORMERLY of OLEVEL&ND , O , respectrully infomu tb< the clllleni of MUwaoVee that, having located in Oil' place, be intends practicing his profession. All duwaaes to the Horse treated In a most scientific style, and general sat- faction warranted. In con. necUcn wtlh his practice he wlU Prick and Dock Tails In the most approved style; and, to pain the confidence ef the poilic, he refen to the follow- Inif gentlemen, who have employed Mr. Bedhead many time* {irofaslbnally In the course of ten years. We feel justified to saying that his practice li superior to the general ran of Veterinary Practioneers. '' f-fi" if B O O K M . /~\UK stock is the largest in the West. We sell every \J Book at the Publisher's price. Wecvn furnlJb to 'order any book which exists, either luthe 'English ^or other lanfrnages. We receive new books sw Issued from the Press. .• janSO * STRICKA-hN'n A CO. School W E have them i )1 Book in dem&ud, and s -etalL 8TEIOKLANP A CO. 1. II. L.ORD & MAKBLE WORKS, Spring and Third ttreet», ....WISCONSIN. John C. Brodhead. Wm. J Murray, Pryer A Co., cijrvaum. Jnogt Wilson, Ooct. H. A. Acllej, " Bishop, " M. i. Wright, •• Kelly, " H. L. Hewn, , " And-em, •• Besoor. " Vildtn, Jno. Klrtland, KACOU. CHICAOO. | James Kelly, Wm. Downac. IEKOSKA-. cmtoiT. N. A. Brown, C. Bradford. James Foley-i Ltvaav S(E> or OLSTVELAKD. W. J. Gains, 1 ] Geer t Harringto*, White t Newel, 0. H. Seymour. immris or ms BOBBS BKEEDES'S sacieti. }. K. Curtis, Wm. Patu, Silas Merchant, Wm. K. A dams. 1 If Ottce. Kirby'i Livery Stable, Main street. ap-16-dlrwtf niAIIIKL • I-'. IKM HA . fJTOE nndersine^ d to take Mi M. and Fire Risks on , reduce in store. In u><. : Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New Tork, at as low rates as by other reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, long established Company entitles 11 to public confidence. HORATIO irtu, AKR*, t»ov8 nt.glccofH. « J. F. illll BY STATE^ AUTHORITY; WISCONSIN OKNEHAL INSURANCE AGENCY CHABTEK OAK. FIKE INS. Co., Hartford, Conn CASH ASSETS f&4L,&£6 K NORTH AMERICAN FIKE INK. CO., Hartford, Conn. OA£B ASSETS *854,8M 0« WESTERN ]TIASS. FIRE INS. CO., Of Piltsfield, Mass. OAiH ASSiTTTS »2M,6W il CO^W^AY FIRE inSVRANCE CO M SMOKKO iiaJhtntat UUBN KALI, 1838. U&£K A 4 O., I3OEAS-I- U'.fTRlt NTURET. MJLWAVKKK, Homt/adurtrt and Wloletai* amii Kttuil Dmitri i CASH A8srrs Of Conway, Uass. 41 IRON FOUNDRIES. EAGLE STEAM FOUN8RY, fTUIE sobscriben execute •ll'tlndEot Marble Work M. tor Buildings, Tiling for Floors"and-every flesorlp- -«onof ORKAMESVTAL, 3TIAUBLF, WORK.l. We have In our warerooms MAKBL.E MANTLKS Of every description conslanUy on tann, at pricet ranglne from tlfi.and upwards. - MOSUMENrffANDSTATDAKr of all kinds CTecutod at the shortest notice. REMO V A'LJ MACHINE WORK 8 TUtlXOIV & SEHComu, Proprietors. IVo*. 296,898,300, SOZoad 304 WEST WATEK STKKKT Two blocks below the La Orossi B. B. I STEAM ENQINE8, 3RIST4EAW MILLS, LINESHAPTINQ, MliL QKAK1NG, IJ\CJREASE OF BUSINESS. T ADIEE—ycor attention Is now -called to the belt .LJ stock Of ^ONNEm, &IBBOJTS AND FLOWERS, Ever brought to Milwankee, to be : f»nnd at B L A N O H A B D ' S , TOUN-'S KCOCK, MAItS XT. That totfk the PREMIUM & DIPLOMA, use, at the Wisconsin Btatefair, Oao»er8, •n for nle »t the Sewing Jftncjbine ICiiiporitim YOUNG'S JBl-OOK. oettt t^AAC A. H4IVCB jfc CO. OOOK WANTED. A GOODonelmmedlaUly, at!61 Malaslreet. 'iTtcaseoT fresh Hgs,' receive 1 this day *f apfgg ay *f HOSNtCSOSBTfl. SSXSn COCOA. HUM Just revived «.t • rnprtS ' llOSh i OKOBI'S. PILE DKITING M AOII1NEB, BRIDGE, KAILBOAD and STKAMBOATCASTlNOa, IHOHOOHJMire, ; For UuildinjTI, and every variety of Job Work, In thi ceil manner, aM on the most liberal term*. TKe attention of Mnijowners and owners ef Water- Power, Is particularly called to tbe JTUTTL1J WATKB At being by f&r .the roost powerful, durable andeco nomleal Whoel ever Invented— not liable to get out ql order, not affected by Ice or backwMer, and using leu water in proportion to tbe power produced than any ctber Whtei m tbe market A descriptive dronlar for warded upon application, free of change, NEW BOOKS! A I*EW History of the Conquest of if erico, by K. A A Wilson. Theinstrhinlniplre,ltsrl»« aad prescntpower, br ' Thflraaalt or Conflict of Optelojit, by Wllflam Sjnlth. Wild Sports in tie Far West, yorjifeby TEEET * CLBATER, <°u* UT East Water «r«t. Street Vie Higher GOOD «J9ANOK. $ oo(mpleaa4»*aT<n'b*JiliB,»BiutedoiiMali»i.., Radne, Wisconsin, near-the Steamboat-tandng and theK,4M. B.K, Depot. :The house(slotWd on tie bert business place, and the Hoose as wefl as the *KBS> tloB*of the Lot,'wonia answer for any Branch if bust, neas, especially for Wholesale fllore, whlcb. hranehli. ' ' - - • ,tu,at rerj loeality. .jCie bargain, are reqfdested to apply attbeOBder»ldaed.~ . .. ,t"^ r ' FIRE INSURANCE CO., SprlngBeld, Mass. CASH ASSETS 1223,000 GIBABD FIRE IKS. CO.T1PANT, Of Philadelphia. CASH ASSETS -»284,T8» 7.) J. \V, Grain, igeu<, OFFICE, NO. S, MARTIN BLOCK, UP STAIRS, Jgargg Milwaukee, Wisconsin. LEDYARD'S ADVERTISM'TS AOKNCY FOR TJHfc: -OF- Pale Cream Ale, I HAVE constantly on band, a full supply celebrated Ale. of this Orders from the Country and Private Houses must be accomplished with cash for ALE AND CASKS. On the return of Casks, the price paid tar them will l» refunded or allowed for In account. mar24 W OULD resptct/olly announce to their old tia, that thty ttlll continue to teep the and best selected Stock of Goods In thtlr lln, to h, Cound In tbe State, and will conduct their Imtmou as heretolort, with the intcntiun of KITIOB >aii<fact To as many new customers aa may feel inclined In as a call, we would sir one of our arm rco.lrj m York, anj we have facilities for th« purchase an I man- utactari; of goods that can not be eac- lied. \i> , rf at all thnes ready to take advantage at Kaslerr, Markeu and have b«rn enabled to reduce II,,- prlre of many Linda of goods, which we -hall conlmoe to , t l al the Io rest prices Ic W men V rVet>. We are constantly receiving a<!diti»ns to our jiocs «,. '' kee P " " complete a« to be able at all tlmw' to flll order* for any kind of Saddlers', Carriage Trimmers' or Trunk Makers' SUKS, and w,U do so in a manner to-give satisfaction An respect to anility and »rlce> We also keep an, assortment of Ueut »t a », I'olea, Hhafu Felloes, spokes. Dubs, 4c., 4c., an.] hate coiutantlr cm bmd, or will make u> order, any kind r>f Ooacii r«r rlage, Wagou or Team Hann-ss. Call and-see for youcselvo. 00 rNITEO DTATEN . The Farmers Loan A TraatOom P»ny, vs. The Milwankee * Superior R^u. OltyofMUwsgUe,, John Stewart, JohaneC. A-Allerdinj, Christian Hahm and eotttricd Wootach. Grocer and Win* Dealer, 161 Bast Water street, Mlhraukee- WIJ*£. CHLANDON." -| f\ OABBBot this Celebrated W M, in qumns and M.\J plnte, Jn»« received by JOHN W. LKDVAED, Grocer and Wlae MercbAat, |an£8 Id £wt Water street. LAYKK KAISINS, IN Quarter, halve* and whole boxes, a largvlot joss 1 received at JOHJ^W. LEQTAKD, Jan»« , Wise and Te» Stora, 161 Eaet Water street, Milwaukee. LATAKIA TOBACCO FOR • MEERSCHAUM PIPKS , expressly for tbe London Clubs," va supertw article fer SmoUngJustreceived and foraaleb/ JNoTW. i JIDYAKD, feblt, Grocer and Wine Dealer, 161 East Water st, v _..___.OIDKB, Chajnpajne Oder,In quart bottles, better .than half of the Imported Champagne, price 24« per doten. . j ., JNO. W. WDTABD, «ebl» Grocer and Wine Dealer. received febl» N: T., XX Ale, In pints, a 1 fresh lot ,ait •• . LEDTAAIfa Wtae and Tea Store. E ALIAS HACOiRONI, • very superior Article iust «e»l»ed»r^ . ' LSOTAWB «»M> Wtoraod Tea Store. CTCHCBIO 8OOKEB UIMOR, Joat received M «J^. n UEDTABD-g Js*I» r Wlae'and Tea Siore.: , — ——••• ---»»W«WB»«»I •• .• * > " »•••*••,*• r^wtr* i/ivery *fe Itoardiii^ Stable, I N pursuance snd by virtue c.f a decree «aJ< by the A District Court of the United States, for tbe Dhirtct of Wisconsin) m the ninettenth day of March, l«a» In the above rotM^ cause, I shall seH at Public Auction •n Tuesday, 2nd day of Aogast, ISM, at S o'clock In the aftenu.on, from the steps of the Cmtnui Nouv m the Olty of Ullwaukee, a'l and smirular, the JnortRaKed prrmlsts mentioned la «he bill of camplaJnt In aald cause, and dtscrtbtd EI : "All the following, plww aid In fntort u, be »c<j«ircd, rral-a-<d personal property and real eitau ol UK ssud defendant, tb« Mllwauk ee a«d Bu»tror Railroad Company, Is Io ny all O f th» flrat division of ike Kailro-arf of said Railroad Company defendant, from th« Ci»y of Ullw nkee, to the City of Green Bay In aaid Slate of Wiiconata, . di*. Lance of one bantfred and twenty mile,, InclndlRg ibe right ol way, and land occupied by said «nt dlvlakon of sai4 ro»d, (.subject to tbe right. Hue or claim, which the raid rteJendsmtt Stewart, Alterding, Hah» aad Wootach. or*itber of them, may have had at tHe llm« or making said decree, to land upon which talii Rail. road Company nas located Its way, and for which no ciwpeniaUnn haa been ma.Te to them,) together with «h« superstrvcture and irtck thereDO, and all raila and oOher materiali n»d ttoreoo, btldfes, vladne», eul. verts, fmcea, equipments, necotary depot «Toun<ls and bluldlnps Ott»«.n, belonirfng to tbe sold Jlailread «om- tany, and ill rolllo* stock, englnis, tendcis; car», toots, materials, Machinery, urtaftt, and all other Mrl sosul pjoperiy appertalnlnj io.rtW 6rsT dlvtHobef Mid road, and 'all rlgtus theyeso, aljd InUresUto be ae- ^oaretf by safd flelendant. On atltwantee and goMrior uallrostJ Company, together wlii tb* BUM aajftuw- tlons appertalnlDE to Ibe (aid Brst (Urtalon of rilrt rort sJltoIls, rmtrand Incotae <• be had or lerled tnere- frota, and all corporate sod oVu/ frafichim.-rlihu and privileges of to* Mid Italrrmxi TJomoacrtn or to . or.oenetrnln* the same." • . • Marshal'* OffiM, Kilvankee, Wjs., AprUjI, !S09 Doited Bitten MarshaJ. DUtnlc't ol Wi-cnnTin. • EMMOM, VtaDnt ft H.M»To«,CbrJplti BoUcnors. KHNST r«* CASAL, BUT »o TEB Wool and faocy DyIDS', Oath " Mil. Kail. Y.I) ( Icveland »i f L/i- [vtr .n t \i >U fl I' vs. JOSEPH i:, IIAltM >« A UKJt 4 CAkh.:.u oora t:r Mouir, V%'boleaa«£ an.I Old iildck Ollicu O N 1 Mar Line of Packets. I- it I to 11 »trecf, > I H K l 1 1 J<;HN W II 4> I. E S A L E I> 11 I No. B.( EAST WATKR ta jusi r*ct-iv e«l a ftiil Celebrated Uaion works Cyiiudtr Glass, TIJ ALL POINTS at Great Britain for 83O The I .-n ^te ciry f MANCIIESTIUI, Vll.O S^» r.,r» fur K S la A WBOLSSA1J A3D RrTilL DIAIJca? IV Plxlolt, SpoTllnc A|>tmriil n raclil<*, Ac. .MJ. Id MISCO.>SIV .STItl.K I . *A' 1 J L TXR.YJ TS j.l Ti'iil' i ) iA<c fr ui -.,^ Y ,K Fhir.l ro ;, '.., /^rpo'il ard C -n a, d Hamburg f<j f { TO I'AKia i in i6h.,ur Claaa, The acove Steam-hips «r .•umoartmeula. carry e.,^h an el ( >«rVnci-.l .<unf<o reiialalte for the immediate axtlncton paasagt apply to H. J. Curt.s 4 Co., 1 »y, ^ r , John «. Dala, 14 Broadway, N. Y B-Pasiengers by this Line avoid iha rlak m Llverp t>ulil of Iron, In .lelay or calling at llaflrai and St. Jotina, u the St^am- era proceed dltect to Coaa. aprlT-dly 1 IMUTHY C A8.N J. Y SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Milwaukee '•> «» D i Dla- e^ toc WM , District .f W.ston.ln. ' K)K Jt .« s 1 4, % .n i-: it < u A AID WBOLt.AlJI DKlLSJU iS AIL S.itl)~ or KOREIGN A-N'U DOMESTIC XUUITS. Also, afeats for the sale or Fire \t~orlct, MO. I 9 W I S C O N S i .N S T U E E I (y Domntlc Frelts or every description receive,! advance or all competition. Tbt Farmers Loan A Tnut Com. P«ny, rs. The Milwaukee * Superior Bail- road '• ompany, City 01 M Iwwkee, John Stewart, Johann 0. A. Allerding, Carlstian Hahm and Gottfried Woouch. H . S P A A N , STAIO4 91 11, SEVENTH WAttD JlARKBT UOCSK VtQRTaBUS of all kinds, fresh every morning, delivered fr*e of ehirgs to any part of the city and to Steamboat*, or other places. H. Spaan will tail choap for cash, and will have PI, Uand«.l»ay«lhe best and earlle*t vegetables that can He (uun4 m this cliy. mTi . AKMSTKONCi & L>ONNKL1,Y P A I .X T E if S, t; II A I > E H > , UJLJUA-KS AJiU SI(JX WHITE US, «-'lilc«yo «(., betirean .Main &. M nii-r tar* Particular itleatton paid to KalsoDUueing Call '"$•• _ mylS II u r p c r li r u t li «• i- i, (Etla!,luhul in 1S48,) UOOSE S1ON.8H1P, CARRIAGE AND OaSAtJIiNT A P«iiiter», Glazlerm Ac sPiapcr.Uuivgtra IMITATORS Of WOOD AND MAaDLlS, I* U. 3 8 O N E I D A S T B K E T , AyiWSOOK^gASTOgTBStLAItKfl BQUSX flO. RWxtrr 4 AtertUf.) 1BU WEST WATER STREET, WBOUBALI lq xa.ox*s 41»o. rtWtlllcr of Pare Spirits and Whlssay. apr1» Heal DMtrlct tjourt of tb* United 8i«te»fDr the District of Wls- •oisln. tnlqclty. OOUBI of the^atstajKltog txrads or the MUwaotee and tcptrlor Bailroad Company defeMtan, «cetire4 by • certain tnut deed on uongtgt execnttd by UK said tailroid Company defecdani, to thi tittatn Loan »ort Trart Oosopaiij^lB tnut; bt«ring<)»te'urst day or J«n- i, i>.,18art wijwwen «r»;*-li«n a' ; «taUe- formerlj- «e«apled tj U»em,^eoratr in and HM»«^ **^Lrf« ««tt.2 A14 MrtAMIahmAnC. t to the old establishment foot w mod of the Bomber «n« HoTden or said bonds ; , * th« amounS dMtaere»aft>rtnt«rettmnd pnn(rtp»l, of the nambw and *m«int «f s Ud bonds, whioti are pledtw or fceld JONES db Oeaeral Land and Insurance : NOTAMIES PIJUMV, i_.. OFFICE, earner of Reed and Oregon streets, Meyrase*s 1 " ' Block, Fifth Ward. In responslbl. Compa- of Accounts, Making lot '. _i m * de on ««'o«>nU placet In our hand •HI *: pretasrtly paid over. Teiu .< office* [ L, or <rt,hgatlon» of tbe said «nd Ibe tmetmr of e debb V oWI«*H f «eh toad, an '«o PleHeed.Wbeld M «l^toeJtsmUneaByortliehouIer»of wcbbonds of this suit, md any wit ness thatmaV .ptoducwl 1* any i*rty Snlettrtrfft w| fendaiit, M •stOosbolder or creditor . Antf H b«lnr farther prortted Iff ajfd by tire said or. tOl WHOLKSAJLE & KK'i'A ..' -V • —AT— • . , UobeK «uruey'» » WENTEBIV TEA HTOME 74 HAST WATia STBKST, . (TlCCt frtMD 10'ts^ S3 "TWt* ft loWCT thfttt ftfii otlrtr, store In the city. Ciffee Boasted an* Ground ot the proilsjel 17 the most Improved Bethods, Java l«e •tojfci etDenlatoMX- toaaxa*pto*u££, m East Water st,,ge»Bia«A Wln^a Olidfiote. ^ jrjl tcr of rach account and examination: AodUttr ' -• - 1 = u fl^~°- «»cehar BolleHorr IMiOiBttt-.^--.;*', -v;'- •pon Uie saat- 8«lioonerD,»I«wfcell r I»»t«»». MOV SeMbtter'slBckf .TK tansj Th«s**T»»ess«UwlDbesoM«tT«ry low qo<d BU«. * ^ TAitoa t JIWETT, YEN3CSON ntaaaoiiluran and fcott'ad iSf- rrf •Ml* Safe ft*rtff<te- JUSTIN PiAic 1MAAKBT8TOR1T NEAR THi; SHORTK^T MOST EXPEDITIort ItofTt TO La C roast- Winona, Read's Landing Bed Wing passcoTT, ST. PADL AND ST. «NTHOMY Time. .Hominy, April 4, IS-M 1ST TRAIM LEAVES MILWAEKE 1LOO A M., thriving at Janejvil'e a 30 P M. ; Madia, 3U13 P. M,; Prairie- da Chlen S.-00 P. ! Uonnectlni; with U>9 Prairie du Chl«n ai. St. Paul Packets, which le«v» Prmlrie d Chlen 03 the arrival of Uiu S.-oo p. u. Train •IO TKAITV LEAVES HILWAUKE] B:OB P. U., Arriving at Jauvesvllle 8 J5 P. 11 Ma.lii.0 10:00 V. M. UV Far*, to all point* on tha Mississippi ttiver a low as any other Boutx. WILLIAM JE8TI3, aplft , G«u f l Snparuitendent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE HAIL ROAD. 1859 UKEAT HfOBTM-U ESTER N IMTKJJ STATES 3IAIL it EXFRKSS AND ONLY ALL RAIL ROUTE TO LA CROSS E, On the UPPER MISSISSIPPI RIVER Oa and after Monday, April 25Pi Two Through. Express 'Trains Daily, LEAVK MIL.WAUKKK, ntOM DEPOT FOOT OF OHESTNTJT STBKET, . ' aa roiiow*: A. ML. and t9:45 P. ,11 Trains arrlvu at Milwaukee at »!8O A. M. AND 3:80 F. M Close aonnectloul are made at LaCroas*. Twice daily each war with the Mm- Hesota Pnekot Company, New and Dp|pnditf.|.>ifedStates Mait Liuo or Steamers to * from St. P»ui •Btt iMteimediate points. • •Ue» la distance wad. 18 hours time, from Chicago «r Mllwiokee W la Croase or 81, Paul, over any other route. . . -. . * . . •Mosxlaye ixcepfed. fSoadays tic t pled. MUw«otee,Apm»4, 18*57^ BJDWIM H. OOODBICH, 1 N.V.I. Sl-'MMKU .\KK.\Si l-..\|[ *n,i »fi D i v . : IO . P. Tl. freight :or»ir,lr.| the Norlh rt"r»l AI t ire a: 1^ 50 f j n apri4 JN ) T GENTLEMEN'S NEXT UUOIt TO ». u. O o OJ r A 0> • w* s 0 fe « a Q H M M H. 9 u s J L. a R STATION KKY. T O C' U E Jt B tt A «: E «• «ver «ept In a »l»,t Class Paper and Stationary Establishment, which we offer at uricea wUCti make it the Interest for ill to try us. 8TRICHLA.VD t CO. k tCOUOL M per et. at. Manufacture', price. L IK* OAaais<

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