Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 13, 1987 · Page 29
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 29

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1987
Page 29
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THE UK*AHOAILY-JOURNAb /1917-7 Friday EVENING 6:00 0 KTVU THREE'S COMPANY KPIX 0KOO NEWS MACNEIL / LEHRER • KICU ROCKFORD FILES 0 KTXL STAR TREK • KBHK FACTS OF LIFE 0 MCTV LOOKING EAST ESPN TOP RANK BOXING John Meeklns (16-1-2, 12 KOa) va. Howard Stewart (14-2-2, 4 KOa) In a junior middleweight bout achedulad for 12 roundt, from Atlantic CHy, N.J. (Live) OWN MOVK "Baby: Secret Of The Loat Legend" (1966) William Katt, Sean Young. In Africa, a eclentlet and her jour- nallat huaband attempt to reunite an Infant dinosaur wtlti Ha captured mother. •PG' DISC WONDER OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA A study of AuatreHa'a "Grand Canyon." MCK MY THREE SONS SHOW MOVK "Invitation To The Dance" (1967) Igor YomMvttort. Gene Kelly. Gen* KaHy wrote, directed and atara hi thla Imaginative trilogy ol dance sequencee centering on an 16th century Kalian circus, a bracelet that paaaes through many hands and the tale ol Sinbad the SaHor. MAX MOVK "Period Ol Adjustment" (1962) Tony Francteaa, Jane Fonda. Two young married couples laoa problems with Interfering Maw* and emotional In- tecurttlel In thla adaptation of a play by Tennessee WIIHamt. 6:300 KTVU JEFFERSON8 t KBHKOOODTaVKS MCTVMTERNATIONAL MCKANN8OTHERN 7:000 KTVU M'A'S'H I KRON WHEEL OF FORTUNE CJ KPIX CBS NEWS KQOAaKNEWSQ KQED MOHTLY BUSINESS REPORT KK5U FALL GUY KTXL WKRP M CMOMATI KBHK HAPPY DAYS DWC ORPHANS OF THE WILD A study of different types of eaglet. MCK CAR M, WHERE ARE YOU? HBO MSDE THE NFL Hosts: Len Dew- eon, Nick Buonlconti. In atereo. 7:300 KTVU JOHN PAUL I: THE BAY AREABLESBMQ m KRON VOT OF POPE JOHN PAUL • • KPIX EVENING MAQAZME Faaturad: Popa John Paul ll'i vlalt to tha San Fran- olaco Bay Araa. • KQO TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES • KOED ADAM SMITH* MONEY WORLD « KTXL BARNEY MILLER KBHKNEWLYWEDOAME WTBS BASEBALL Atlanta Bravaa at Lo» Angalaa Dodgara (Live) DISN MAN, MONSTERS AND MYSTERIES Documantatlon of Scotland'* famous Loch Nat* monatar, Including actual pho- tographa, llrat-hand accounta by wit- naeaaa and aclantlflo axplanatloni. DISC ANC4AL WONDER DOWN UNDER Tha differences between tha saltwater crocodlla and tha Johnatona fraahwatar crocodile. MCKMONKEBS SAO • KTVU DUCKTALES "Tha Traaaura Of Tha QoMan Suna" A Dlanay animated faatura Introducing a naw dairy aarlaa. Scrooge MeDuck lan't too happy about taking cara ol DonaM'a nephewe Huey, Daway and Louie until tha Mo flnda a traaaura map that laada tha mlaar on a fortune-hunting advantura. • KRON RAOS TO RKXS (Saaaon Pramlara) Nick goat undarcovar for tha CIA In Laa Vagaa to catch a blackmailing mobatar. In atarao. g • KPIX CM SUMMER PLAYHOUSE PiIota: In "Kingpin*." Dorian Harawood atara aa tha ambattlad proprietor of a bowling allay; In "Sona of Quni," a man (Kenneth McMillan) employe three of hie •ont ee car aaleaman. • KQO QROWMQ PAM8 (Seaaon Premiere) A vacation trip to Hawaii forcea Maggie to make a difficult decision, g • KOED WASHMQTON WEEK IN RE- vewg • KICU MOVIE "Drawl" (1964) Kirk Douglaa, Jamea Cobum. A veteran outlaw la challenged to a gunflght by an old adveraary after ha kill* a ahariff during a poker game. • KTXL MOVIE "The Time Machine" (I960) Rod Taylor, Yvette Mlmleux. Bated on the novel by H.Q. Well*. A computer genlu* devleee a unique vehicle that carrlei him to a futuriatlc aoclaty Involved In rebellion agalnat aubter- ranaan 'faimara." • KBHK MOVC "Qypty" (1963) Roaal- Ind Russell, Natalia Wood. A ataga mother promotea her two daughter*, one of whom become* a renowned atrippar. • MCTV SPORTS ESPN HARNESS RACING Braedert Crown, from Wattbury, N.Y. (Live) DISN MOVIE "One Of Our Dlnoaaura It Mltalng" (1976) Pater Uttlnov, Helen Haye*. A group of Engllah nannla* join* lorcea with Brltlah Intelligence agent* to retrieve valuable microfilm hidden Inelde a itolan dlnotaur tkalaton. 'Q' DISC PERSPECTIVE How technology I* uied In tha automobile Induitry. NRKISPY HBO MOVIE "Jagged Edge" (1985) Glenn Cloae, Jeff Bridge*. An attorney falla hi leva wtth her client, a San Fran- cltoo newspaper publlthar who may be a manipulative murderer, hi etereo. 'R' g SHOW MOVK "Tha Whoope* Boy*" 0986) Michael O'Keefe, PaulRodrlguez. hi order to wtn a wealthy hekeee'a affeo- ttone, two etreetwlee Naw Yorker* enter a charm ached located hi tha swamp- l*nd* of Florida.'R' MAX MOVK "The Dirty Doian" (1967) Lee Marvin, Ernaal Borgnlne. A tough Army major manage* to whip an unruly group of nriaftt convict* Into shape lor a deadly mlttlon Into enemy territory during World Ward, hi atarao. 6:30 • KQED WALL STREET WEEK "OoM and tha International Market*?" Gueat: Publlthar John P. Detaausr (Da*- aauar'* Journal). • MCTV FOOTBALL FORECAST WON NEWS ESPNSPORT8CENTER DMC TRAVEL IMAGES A journey down Calltomla'a Whitewater river*. fcOO • KPIX MOVK "National Lampoon'* Vacation" (1963) Chevy Chaae, Beverly D'Angelo. After minutely detailed advance planning, a Chicago family tele out lor an enjoyable two-week roadtrip to California and encounters every conceivable mlahap along tha way. (R) • KOO MAX HEADROOM (Seaton Premiere) In stereo, g • KOED OPERA M THE PARK Kurt Hebert Adler conduct* the Ssn Francisco Opera Orcheatra live from Sen Francisco's Golden Gate Park. • MCTV REQQAE STRONG WON MN NEWS ESPN8PORT8LOOK DISC LMDI8FARNE • CRADLE ISLAND The (Ha led by Inhabitants of thlt secluded laland, located off Britain's cosst. MCK DONNA REED 9:30 0 MCTV LIFESTYLE WON MOVIE "Bent*" (1983) Tom Babson, Kathy Christopher. A young couple's romantic weekend In the Rocky Mountains turns Into s nlghtmsre when they are attacked by animals snd men •like. ESPN AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL Preliminary line), from VFL Park In Waverly. (Live) DISC SPICE OF LIFE The story of Britain's Introduction to India'* curry. MCK MISTER ED SHOW BEST OF BIZARRE 1000 • KTVU 0KICU • KTXL NEWS • KRON PRIVATE EYE A Hollywood atarlat hires Ctoary to find out If her mob- atar boyfriend la being unfaithful. In atar- ao. • KQO 20 / 20 Scheduled: Barbara Walter* Interview* acreen legend Katharine Hepburn. (Serie* entere Ha 10th If MCTV TO BE ANNOUNCED OWN MOVIE "Archer" (1966) Brett Clml- no, Robert Colby. A young man and hie racahorae challenge the Auetrallan outback aa they attempt to reach Melbourne In time to enter a preatlgloua race. DWC WUXJFC ONEMA A etudy ol the edundant wildlife aurroundlng Old Faithful In Yellowstone National Perk. MCK MY THREE SONS HBO MOVIE "Legal Eaglaa" (1966) Robert Redford, Debra Winger. Two Manhattan attomoye employ eome unorthodox methode to prove the Innocence of their client, an avant-garde artist accuaed of murder. In stereo. 'PO' g SHOW BROTHERS Donald heads for Laa Vegas to fulfill his Aunt Blllle'e laat wlah- •s - to spreed her ashes over the Golden Nugget Hotel. Guett etsr: Jerry Lewis. (Part 1 of 2) In atereo. g 10:16 WTBS MQHT TRACKS: POWER PLAY 10:30 • KICU INN NEWS • MCTV LIVE COUNTRY AT THE PALACE DISC IN THE WILD WITH HARRY BUTLER Harry Butler search** lor the auppoaedly extinct lewn-hlll water rat. NICK ANN SOTHERN SHOW IT'S QARRY SHANDLINQ'S SHOW Garry calls his old girlfriend' (Shawn Southwlck) hoping to rekindle their relationship. In stereo, g MAX STEVE MCQUEEN: MAN ON THE EDGE A profile of this successful leading man through film and TV clips and Interviews with hln family, friends and coworkers. 11:0011 KTVU OD KTXL LATE SHOW In stereo. 8 KRON • KPIX • KQO NEWS KQED I WOULD BE CALLED JOHN: POPE JOHN XX* Chsrles Durnlng stars a's Pope John XXIII In this one-men show re-cresting Angelo Roncalll's five-year reign is pontiff, g S KKUKOJAK KBHK DATING GAME MCTV TO BE ANNOUNCED DWC YANKS MEET REDS The April 24, 1945 meeting ol American and Ruaalan aoldlara on a bombed-out bridge, eignal- ing tha end ol World War H. MCK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? SHOW MOVK "The Taxaa Chalnaaw Maaaacre Part 2" (1966) Dannie Hopper.- Caroline William*. Tha canntbellitic Sawyer family continue* their eearch lor the epeclal Ingredient that makea their chili ao good In thia aequel to the 1974 cult claaalc. In atereo. 11:16 WTBS MQHT TRACKS Included: Natalie Cole ("Jump Start"); Alexander O'Neel ("Feke"); John Cougar Mellan- camp ("Paper in Fire"). In stereo. 11:30 •» KRON TONIGHT SHOW Host: Johnny Carson. Scheduled: jazz ainger Joe Williams, actora Paul Relaer and Dabney Coleman. In atereo. • KPIX BARNEY MILLER • KQOMQHTLINEg 0KBHKKUNQFU O MCTV MOVIE (Joined In Progress) "Gung Hoi" (1943) Randolph Scott, Noah Beery Jr. A brave band ol Marines attempts to wrest control ol e Peclflc Island from ths Japanese. WON LAVERNE • 8HRLEY MCKMONKEE8 MAX MOVIE "About Last Night..." (1986) Rob Lowe, Demi Moora. Saturday 6:00 • KPIX JW HENSON'S MUPPET BABES (Seaaon Premiere) Animated. 8 KOED SESAME STREET (R) g KICU MOVK "30 Winchester For El Diablo" (1967) Csrl Mohner. Topiy Collins. A crack government agent Is assigned to disbsnd a gang ol Canyon City csttle rustlers. O KBHK ROBERT 8CHULLER g WON INCREDIBLE HULK WTBS NWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SUPER BOUTS ESPN SCHOLASTIC SPORTS AMERICA DISN MOVIE "Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation" (1986) Animated. The cuddly bears and their assorted cousins find their mission to spread caring snd friendship threatened by sn evil force who turns children against one another. 'Q' DISC LAST PLACE IN ENGLAND MCK DANGER MOUSE HBO MOVIE "A Hero Ain't Nothln 1 But A Sandwich" (1977) Cicely Tyson, Paul Wlnfield. A black teen-ager's growing addiction to nsrcotlcs alienates him from his friends snd fsmlly. 'PQ' 8:30 • KTVU BULL WINKLE • KTXL SATURDAY MORNING tt MCTV FOOTBALL FORECAST ESPN SPORT8CENTER SATURDAY: COLLEGE FOOTBALL QAMEDAY MCK DENNIS THE MENACE SHOW MOVK "Gold 01 Naples" (19S6) Sophia Loren, VHtorio De Slot. An unwelcome gueat, an unlalthful wife, an unconventional marriage and an unrelenting gambler are featured In thla quartet of bittersweet vignettes. 9:00 • KTVU FUNT8TONE8 • KRON FRAOOLE ROCK • KPIX PEE-WEE'S PLAYHOUSE (See- son Premiere) Live action. • KQO MY PET MONSTER • KQED SESAME STREET (R) g • KTXL JMMY SWAOQART • KBHK FANTASY ISLAND • MCTV MEDIA ARTS WON MOVK "Paradise Lagoon" (1968) Kenneth More, Sally Ann Howes. A group ol wealthy, arlatocratic Englishmen are shipwrecked on a tropical laland and must rely upon the resourcefulness ol their handsome young butler. DWC HANDS A look at the cobbler's craft. MCK YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEVISION Alaadalr attempts to iaolata the Ingredients ol green slime In thlt exploration Into the mytterlet of modern science. MAX MOVK "Strange Invadera" (1982) Paul LeMst, Nancy Allen. Super-Intelligent belngt from tpace materialize In a tmsll mldwsstem town and assume the bodies ol Its residents. 'PQ' g 9:16 WTBS FOOTBALL PRE-GAME 9:30 • KTVU CAPTAIN POWER Q KRON ALVIN AND THE CHPMUNKS • KPIX GARBAGE PAH- KIDS (Premiere) Animated. Popular trading-card nasties come to Ills ss superheroes. 8 KQO REAL QH08TBU8TER8 g KBHK THE NEUROP8YCHOLOGY OF WEIGHT CONTROL WTBS COLLEGE FOOTBALL Florida at Alabama (Live) ESPN HOR8EBHOW JUMPING Hampton Classic, from Brldgehampton, N.Y. (Taped) DISN EDISON TWINS While Paul and Joey keep an eye on Incubating ostrich eggs, Annie discovers thstlhe ostrich feed contains a potentially harmful Ingredient. DISC WONDERS OF THE UNDERWATER WORLD A study ol dolphins. MCK MCK ROCKS: VIDEO TO GO 10:00 • KTVU WWF SUPERSTARS OF WRESTLING Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff, Jake "The Snake" Roberta, Ted DIBiaaa and Brutua "The Barber" Beefceke are scheduled to appear. 8 KRONALF KPIX POPEYE AND SON (Premiere) Animated. Updated adventures ol Popeye, Popeye Jr.. Olive Oyl, Bluto and others. • • KQO FUNT8TONE KIDS g • KQED FRUGAL GOURMET • KICU MOVK "Chief Crazy Horse" (1966) Victor Mature, Suzan Ball. The greatest Sioux chief In history la lorced to break hla long-time alliance with a cavalry major. • KTXL PRIVATE BENJAMIN • KBHK MOVK "Lonely Are The Brave" (1982) Kirk Douglaa, Walter Matthau. A sheriff and hla poaae try to track down a cowboy who eecaped Irom jail and headed lor the mountalna. • MCTV SPORTS OWN NEW VAUDEVILUAN8 TOO Hoat Ed Bagley Jr. ("St. Elsewhere") Introduces contemporary vaudeville acta, Including a World Champion hula-hooping comedian, a radio-controlled dummy, and a dancing irog routine by the Theatre Meek Enaamble. In atareo. DISC LAND OF THE BORDERS A journey to the border between Scotland and England, the aite of some of history's bloodi- est battles. MCK LASSIE HBO INSIDE THE NFL Hosts: Lsn Dawson, Nick Buonlcontl. In atereo. SHOW MOVE "A Patch Of Blue" (1965) Sidney Poltier, Shelley Winters. The friendship provided by s sympathetic black man gives a young blind woman dominated by a shrewish mother her first real sense of self-assurance. 10:30 O KRON BASEBALL Regional coverage of Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees or Milwaukee Brewers at Detroit Tigers. (Live) 0 KPIX TEEN WOLF (Season Premiere) Animated, cp • KQO BUGS BUNNY & TWEETY SHOWg Q KOED FRENCH CHEF ffi KTXL HOUSE CALLS CD MCTV COLLEGE FOOTBALL Wittenberg at Baldwin-Wallace (Live) ESPN TRACK AND FIELD Mobil Grand Prix Final, from Brussels, Belgium. (Taped) MCK ZOO FAMILY MAX ORIGINAL MAX TALKING HEADROOM SHOW Guaats: Gilbert Qottfrled, Grace Jones, Don King. In itereo. g 11:00 • KTVU SOUL TRAIN • KPIX CBS STORYBREAK (Season Premiere) Animated, g S KGO ANIMAL CRACK-UPS g KOED YAN CAN COOK KTXL POWER PRO WRESTLING WON Q.I. JOE: PYRAMID OF DARKNESS Animated. The toy action figure come* to life In thi* adventure detailing the continuing battle of the G.I. Joe team agalnat the evil forcee of COBRA. DISN MOVE "Hot Million." (1968) Pater Uatinov, Maggie Smith. An ex-con embezzler assumes the identity of a noted computer genlu* aa part of an elaborate scheme to make off with vaat amounta of a large corporatlon'a money. 'G' DWC QUESTION OF WINOS A viait to the world's only achool for mediums in Essex, England. MCK MOVK "Raggedy Ann And Andy" (1977) Animated. Ann and Andy aearch for a French doll who has been kidnapped by piratea. HBO MOVE "Bronco Billy" (1980) Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke. An ex-shoe talesman, living out hla cowboy dreama by running a ramahackle Wild West show, teket on a stranded haireaa aa a partner in hla knife-throwing act. 'PG' g MAX MOVK "Shanghai Surprise" (1966) Sean Penn, Madonna. A small-time hus- tler and a missionary in 1938 Shanghai search for a large cache of opium that had mysteriously dissppeared a year before. In stereo. 'PG-13' g I1:30O KPIX COLLEGE FOOTBALL Georgia at Clemson (Live) 8 KQO HEALTH SHOW KQED GREAT CHEFS OF THE WEST DISC WILDLIFE CHRONICLES A study of the walrus' seasonal behavior. AFTERNOON 12:00 O KTVU SOLID GOLD (Season Premiere) Marilyn McCoo returns as host. Guests: Atlantic Starr, Dwight Yoakam, Dan Hill ("Can'J We Try"), Strawberry Alarm Clock ("Incense and Peppermints," from 1967). In atereo. O KGO COLLEGE FOOTBALL TODAY Hosted by Al Trautwlg'and Jim Hill. O KQED DAY THE UNIVERSE CHANGED: A PERSONAL VIEW BY JAMES BURKE An examination of the Renaissance, a rebirth of humanism resulting from the continuing spread of classical learning and Italy's Importation of Arabic sciences •• particularly optics • which tranaformed painting and architecture, g • KICU MOVE "Fire & Sword" (1982) Christopher Waltz, Leigh Lawson. The English countryside Is brutalized by two warring factions battling for aupremacy. O KTXL MOVK "Tarzan And Tha Loat Safari" (1957) Gordon Scott, Yolande Donlan. Tarzan becomea Involved with a group of wealthy people who were stranded when their plane crashed In the jungle. 0 KBHK BATTLE8TAR QALACTICA ESPN HORSE RACING Maryland Million. from Pimllco Race Couraa In Baltimore. (Live) DISC CA8TLEQUARD CAVE A Canadian Rocklaa adventure. SHOW MOVK "The Best Of Times" (1966) Robin Williams, Kurt Russell. A high school football team reunitee to replay the game that coat them the championship snd their honor 13 yeara earlier. •PG-13' 12:30 • KQO COLLEGE FOOTBALL Boston College at Southern Cal (Live) DWC MOUNT MCKINLEY An expedition up Mount McKlnley It chronicled. 1:00 • KTVU MOVK "The Charge Of The Light Brigade" (1938) Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland. Two British officers lead their troopt into futile battle against the Russiant in thla adaptation of Lord Ten- nyson's epic luth century poem. Color- ized version. O KQED DAY THE UNIVERSE CHANGED: A PERSONAL VIEW BY JAMES BURKE An examination of how Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the printing press revolutionized the storage and accessibility of knowledge, g WON SOUL TRAIN WTBS BONANZA ESPN COLLEGE FOOTBALL Washington at Texas A&M (Live) DISN MOVIE "Over The Moon" (1940) Rex Harrison, Merle Oberon. A young woman comes Into a financial.windfall, but soon learns that love and happiness are more important than material wealth. DISC COWBOY UP The skill and courage of rodeo cowboys is displayed. Cliff Robertson Is host. NICK YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION The kids attempt to prepare bright young minds lor college. HBO SOUPMAN Joey thinks it's easy to rob the elderly until he finds out they can give him something he can't steal. MAX MOVIE "Terror By Night" (1946) Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. With Wat son in tow, Sherlock Holmes sets out to trap a clever jewel thief aboard a tram bound for Edinburgh. Newly colorized for television. 1:30 O KRON TO BE ANNOUNCED O MCTV HONEY HOLE TV MAGAZINE DISC FULL THROTTLE The sport of racecar driving. MCK MR. WIZARD'S WORLD HBO MOVIE "The Man With One jd Shoe" (1985) Tom Hanks, Dabney C le- man. Chosen at random, a somewha- -It- center violinist Is thrust Into the crot .ire of rival CIA factions in Washington. PQ 1 - g 2:00 O KRON GREATEST SPORTS LEG_ KQED NOVA A look at why hi .nan error among airline pilots is Increa. ing and possible waya of reducing fata> i is- takes, g ID KICU MOVIE "Operation CoL.-a" (1971) David Janssen, William Conrad. A drug-smuggling ring is tracked dov / a team ol treasury agents. 8 KTXL BUCK ROGERS KBHK MOVIE "End Of The C" (1978)- Robert Shaw, Jacqueline Bieset. A relentless Swiss detective wants to prove, after 30 years, that a master crim- (continued on page 8)

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