Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 11, 1959 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1959
Page 8
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8 TMfi PAMPA DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1959 TELEVISION PROGRAMS WEDNESDA 6:30 ?:<X> 8:00 8:48 8:00 0 :30 10:00 10:30 il :00 ll:30 11:45 12:00 12:30 1 :00 1 :30 2:00 2: :30 8:00 8:15 8:30 4:00 4 :30 6:15 6:00 6:15 8:25 6:30 7:00 7 :30 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:10 10:20 11:30 7 :00 9 :00 9:30 10:00 10 :3C 11:00 11:30 12:00 12 :10 12:20 12:30 12:55 1:00 1 :30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 6:45 6:00 6:15 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:20 10:30 12:00 7 :55 8:00 9:00 Jl :00 11 :30 12 :30 1 :00 ] :30 2:00 2:30 3:00 J:30 4:00 5:30 8:00 «:30 Channel 16 Sunrise Classroom It Happened Last Night Captain Kangaroo CI3S News For Love or Money Arthur Godfrey I Love Lucy Top Dollar Love of Life Search for Tomorrow Guiding; Light Theatre Ten As The World Turn* Jimmy Dean Show House Party Big Payoff Verdict Is Your* Brighter Day Secret Storm The Edge of Night My Little Margie Popeye Doug Edwards News, Ralph Wayne World of Sports Weather Today Jeff's Collie Keep Talking Trackdown I've Got A Secret U.S. Steel Hour News, Ralph Wayne Weather Tulsa Sign OH KONC-TV Channel 4 Today Dough-Re-Mi Treasure Hunt The Price Is Right Concentration Tic Tac Dough It Could Be You News Weather New Ideas Curtain Time Daily Word Truth Or Consequence! Haggis Baggis Young Dr. Alaione From These Roots Queen For A Day County Fair Sn.sie Betrayed Woman NBC News Local News Sports Weather Wagon Train Meet Me. Loncoln Milton Berle Bat Masterson Fred Astaire News Weather Jack Parr Sign Oft Kvn-rv Channel 7 Good Morning Funz-A-Poppln' Shopper Show Coffee Break Peter Lind Hayei Play Your Hunch Liberace The Shield Your Day In Court Music Bingo Beat The Clock Who Do You Trust? American Bandstand Mickey Mouse All Aboard For Fun Plymouth Welk Show 7:30 8:00 8:30 d:00 9:50 10:00 10:30 10:30 12:00 Oitssie A; Harriet Donnft Reed Frontier Wednesday Fights John Daly News Night Court Station West Lincoln in Illinois oNightcflp New* Save Child's Cracked Tooth ^iTA THURSDAY KGNC-ft Channel I 6:30 Continental Classroom 7:00 Today 9:00 Dough-Re-Mi 9:30 Treasure Hunt 10:00 The Price Is Right 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Tic Tac Dough 11:30 It Could Be You 12:00 News, Weather 12:20 New Ideas 12:30 Charlie Chan 12:55 Daily \Vord 1:00 Truth or Consequences 1:30 Haggis Baggis 2:00 Young Dr. Malon* 2:30 From These Roo'.i 3:00 Queen for a Day 3:30 County Fair 4:00 Susie 4 :30 Young Mr. Lincoln 5:45 NBC "News j 6:00 News. Sports. Weather ! 6:30 Jefferson Drum 7:00 Steve Canyon 7:30 It Could Be You 8:00 Behind Closed Doom 8:30 Tennessee Ernie Ford 3:00 You Bet Your Life 9:30 The Big Story 10:00 News 10:20 Weather 10:30 Jack Paar KFDA-TV Channel 10 6:30 Sunrise Classroom 7:00 It Happened Last Night 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:45 CBS News 9:00 For Love or Money 9:30 Arthur Godfrey 10:00 I Love Lucy 10:30 Top Dollar 11:00 Love of Life 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 1 1:45 Guiding Light 12:00 Theatrp Ten 12:30 As the World Turns 1:00 Jimmy Dean 1:30 Houae Party 2:00 The Big Payoff 2:30 Verdict is Yourj 3:00 Brighter Day 3:30 Edtfe of Night 4 :00 My Little Margie 4:30 Popeye 4:45 Ringside with th 5:00 Huckleoerry Hound 5:30 Popeye 5:45 Doug Edwards 6'.00 News, Ralph Wayne 6:15 World of Sports «:2!5 Weather Today 6:30 I Love Lucy 7:00 December Bride 7:30 Yancy Derringer 8:00 Zane Grey 'iTieatra 8:30 Live Wrcatlin< 9:30 Mackenzie's Raiders 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:20 Mickey KVll TV Channel 1 I ', 7:55 Good Morning I 8:00 Funz-A-Poppln 1 I 9:00 Shopper Show : 11:00 Coffee Break 11:30 Peter Lind Hivsa 12:30 Play Your Hunch 1 ;00 Liberace NOfK: Hii* i* the third Iff * serte* of articles nub- published by the Pattlpa tJnMy New*, In cooperation wHlft tfife dcnllsU of Pnriipa. In observance of \allonal Children'* Dental Health Week Fetmmry ft f« it and the centennial of the .American ttPntflt Association. Some, recent development* In dentistry affecting children are discus*' ed.) Prompt attention by a, dentist often can save a child's tooth which has been broken or pushed out of place in an accident. Sometimes even « tooth that ha* been dislodged from its socket can be replaced. Red Cross Has Busy Schedule An Instructors class in mother baby care will begin in April, lit was announced at a board j meeting of the Pampa Red Cross i Tuesday. "There Is a very great jnecd for registered nurses to teach this course in Pampa," Mrs. Harry Hoyler, nursing chairman, said. Registered nurses, who will give !their time to this project, are in- jvited to call the Red Cross office. John Gikas, Chapter chairman, appointed a committee for the annual meeting to be held in May. Appointed were Lorene Locke, chairman, James Hart and Sam Begerl. The nominating committee i is made up of H. V. Wilks, Bob Carmichael and Haltie Holt. The Awards Committee consists of Euna Lee Moores, chairman, with J. B. Massa and Leroy Kretxme- i ier. j Mrs. Lorene Locke, chairman of : volunteers, reported that she is carrying a welcome letter to newcomers from other Red Cross ; chapters, inviting them to become jasociated with the local chapter. | The High School Junior Red .Cross has sent a chest to the Bel- ,'gian Congo. The chest contains school and health supplies as well as a Harvester Annual and recre- 'ational equipment. ; The program was given by E. ,B. Pemberton, First Aid chairman. He told of the work of the First Aid Committee and the classes As the rate of accidents has been rising, dentists hftve devised meth- lods for treating the Increasing number of children's teeth being accidentally injured. Tne success of the various treatments o f t e. n depends upon how soon after the accident they are begun. Sometimes A first or primary tooth may bs completely pushed up into the gum as the result of an accident, If the roots are not. fractured, the tooth usually will re- j erupt in its correct position. | Whether a tooth la a primary or 'S. permanent on«, it is important ;that it be restored if at all possible, tf a primary tooth Ig lost prematurely, the permanent tooth may erupt out of position of become impacted and fail to erupt at all. To prevent these difficulties. a dentist may suggest that a. space maintainer be inserted. Loss of a permanent tooth can cause psychological damage as well as further dental harm. This Is true whether the toolh was lost accidentally or had to be extracted because of neglected decay. A missing tooth is disfiguring, especially when 11 In one of the (upper front teeth, the teeth most i often Injured in accidents. Such ! disfigurement may be a cause of i emotional disturbances, particular ily in sensitive teen-agers. | When one tooth is missing, the j other teeth tend to drift into the ! space that has been left. This may ; result in poor toolh alignment, dif. j ficulty in chewing, more d e c a j '.than would be normal for that j person, and an irritation of the |gums which may lead to gum j disease. | If a natural tooth can be saved j— and sometimes it can't be — it | should be replaced with an arti- , ficial tooth. Six Eagle scouts from tin Adobe Wall* Council. Boy Scout* of i America, will head fof Austin Frl- jday on ah annual ' ent when a Council report Is to Governor Price Daniel 1ft House of Representatlvea. leave the th« Airliner, A Symbol Of Germany In Postwar World Sett* do nl hi en Wry fly WML Foreign .Together. IKe airline, with. a, against Communism. f jth «* and North a luxury airliner which i flown nonstop from Frank- 6 . - . „ «_ •>• --"">|iuri, Germany, to New York, 3. ' ?H,rSi« * y , * M6U ' C *™- toW** * Youngish-appearing dlan: and BUI Bartlett will " ••• • .*.*..".. - Kr - 8 company the boys. In Atistin th« boys will be guests ; of the Capitol Area Council. They jwill be housed at Bergstrom Air Interests with a thAt lt is not efts te flnd ft with 860 million d6llaf« ifl fill pocket, and that, even if he could, , . ,. -1 (jv/v-nci., nuu uim. even n ne couin urnover of nearly one billion dol- u wou ', d be economlc 4ulcid 7't d Jars a year, were representative breftk , jp ln(6 ^ wt> nf fHA /lA*Y*«t*«.. tUAl UAA ^..lAMfi* I . . - . in i.v - _ >i,ki^-" i».i \~ **i " i" u 'he Gemanv that has arisen IHO with ft mission last week. *!.,„* n,* -«j » \tr u ,>» ^ V» • •• ,-- --~ Both the airliner and the manl^^rf r^SeZvf ^K^ ^^ ^^ were significant. the present-day thinking of the I t*i 11 u^i lliriloCU t\L JJCI K StrOllI All* -*•"«»> «n*(.j»t»»i\j iy^.av.riifEj^.u IV l-^vin, , Force Base and will attend t h « 'hansa-German Airlines, headquar- '"—" -* -•• ' tering in Cologne. It was a r«<xl luxury job. The airline called this particular flight "The Senator." It wa.s designed with special Appeal to successful businessmen and for The airplane belonged to Lutt- Western Allies who once went so annual report Saturday morning The trip will climax Boy Scout week for the Eagles. Th« Adobe Wall* delegation consist* of Bill Martin, Pampa; Jame* Hertslea, Borger; Calvin Slovack, Booker; Jim Shearer, Booker; Paul T far aa to propose that Germany should be reduced to 8. purely agricultural nation and that Its war-making potential b« erased forever. The U.S. visit of Berthbld Bell* every three of Us 32 passenger,'! It has not been particularly publN carried one crewman. It had it Buchanan Jr., White tieer; and own special chief. Buddy Crowson, White Deer. Scouts Set Camp Open House ! An open hoiwe at Camp Mel Davis has been set for April 26, Mrs. Tony Smith, camping chairman of th« Top O 1 Texas Girl Scout Council, announced today. ,The Camp, located near Lefors, will be open from 1 to 4 p.m. for parents and friends of Girl Scouts. The Girl Scout, camping season will open June 8 with an Intermediate Camp. Thi.s Day Camp Brownie Day Camps. Camping dates are June 8 - 13, Intermediate: June 15-20, Fly-up; On The Record HIGHLAND GENERAL HOSPITAL NOTES Admission* Randy Stalls, White Deer Neal Fulton, 633 Tignor Mrs. Malta Burns, 120 N. Nelson Lufthansa began flying the International airlines at almost exactly the same day West Germany became a sovereign stale, May 5, 1955. The man was Berthold Belt*, managing director of the vast Krupp combine of steel mills, coal mines and factories In West Germany. While here he would confer In New York and Washington. fh , tf COB ' cized. One phase of It may be ar- stimed to have to do with ftn-i 0 'f7 P » nouncemenl on Monday from!, Bonn that the West German gov-! r eminent formally had ajsked an extension of the time by which Krupp and the Thyssen family carried one crewman. II had its must sell part of their coal and steel holdings. These orders to sell were part of the Potsdam agreement and were pursued with vigor against Meanwhile, there has growft up the European coal and steel 66m- munity under which; Ifl Western Europe, material* -.flow freely across boundaries to benefit irtdus- tries of all member, nations. Included In the eommiifHty ar« those two ancient enemies, Franca and West Germany. The Allies belle/9 * »ll A 1 ^ W A \Jt f\ O,i 11.1 T*CT.Olllllg '.\JI I. ••-—-«• £«w*»-->uwv« TT 1 VJ > *1£|W«- Og,O II l.TV, The man he answers to is AN) German Industry from the years friej Krupp, by right of sucoes- 1947-53. Exp«ct Extension , sion sole owner of the Knipp interests, a man reported able to In the years since World War ' ~- v •'. J! C1BUJ1 j vl -' *-*3t-o, r* i^JJUltcu duic m. Ill me ye«,r8 SlllCn VVOtlU W ar Mr*. Llla Thompson, 901 B. Al- iWrite * check tof one bl!Uon dol-jll, Knipp has disposed of proper- 5ll ' lars. and also renuted the rlr.hesf llp« umrHi In iha nei<rhhni-h,v»,i «f bert Mrs. Dolores Moore, 721 N. Sumner Mrs. Thelma Haggard, 533 N Davis Jimmy King, Perryton Mrs. Norma Lucas, 827 E. Denver Mrs. Rhynah Tuley, 1144 Prairie Drive Willlard Teague Jr., Skellytown Larry Satterwhite. 533 Lowry Tommy Parker, 20.1 E. Francis Mrs. Minnie Erwin, 420 N. War- j March. Persons interested in bei com ing instructors should call the Red Cross office. A new First :Aid film, in two parts, was shown ito the group. The film Is available for loan to other groups. 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 1 8:00 i 8:30 ; 9:00 i 9:30 10:00 10:30 12:00 The Shield Your Day In Court Music Bingo Beat Mne Clock Who Do Vou Trust? American Bandstand Adventure Time All Aboard For Fun Leave It To Beaver Zorro Real McCoys Pat Boone Show Rough Riders Ten-4 : Mike Hammer Night Court Ruthless Nightc«p Newi •en Mrs. Elizabeth Newman, 1301 S. Barnes Mrs. Cletta Bowling, Philllpg Dismissal* Henry Dupont, Pampa Bruce Ginn, Pampa J. D. Langwell. 408 Graham Ann Gage, 1016 Gordon Fred Nlemier, 1216 Williston M. C. Nelms, 413 Magnolia Rodney Brunker. 134 S. Sumner Mrs. Mabel Pennington, Pampa Frank Thomas, Pampa Mrs. Betty Young, 513 S. Gillespie Roy Reece, 545 S. Gray Kverett Gaston, Panhandle Mrs. Carolyn Mundy, 109 S. ies. Brownies may attend either I AIrs - Vel ~na. Archer, Amarillo camp. | ~ i chairmen are" •d Zimmerman, Budget: Mrs. V. C. Moore, Troop Camp; Mrs. j HP k Seals. Day Carnp; and Mr. and Mrs, Al Green. Camp Maintenance and Equipment. lars, and also reputed the richest man In Europe. Mrs. Edith Chambers, Borger Mrs. Thelma Moot, 2109 Beech Randy Stalls, White Deer Bill Amdt, 1124 N. Starkweather John Dunn, Mobeetie Mrs. Joan Paton, Pampa CONGRATULATIONS To Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Thompson, 901 E. Albert, on the birth of a daughter at 3:30 p.m. weighing 7 Ibs. 1 oz. To Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Newman, 1301 S. Barnes, on the birth ties worth In the neighborhood of 34 million dollars. He still holds properties whose value runs Into the hundreds of millions. It now generally is expected that the Western Allies will agree to the extension asked by both Krupp and Thyssen, although both had been among those held responsible for bringing Adolf Hitler to power and in preparing for and maintaining Hitler's aggressive war. Why the Allied switch? An obvious answer Is that West German troops and war potential of a daughter at 8:41 p.m. weigh- now are being developed on the ing 8 Ibs. Vi oz. jside of the West as H barrier steel community may effective enough Krupp of other great concerns from bewni- Industrial ing A political danger again. sincere Sincerity i* » pteiow qtuljty. . eerily »n brine yov Mrf the «erM great rewards. The Episcopal Chwek will help you channel- thit qvalttf into service (or God tnd nunkiwd. ST. MATTHEWS EPISCOPAL CHURCH Ward & Browning DANDRUFF! 6TH SET OF-' TWINS i , JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (UPI)~ Airs. Law Pearson. 34, pave birth jto her sixth set of twins Tiles- May — both boys. She has given ! birth to 16 children in 19 years. ! Eleven are living. i D»ndruH Remom, m»d at directed, control! risnrtrutl problem*. >oolh*t Hrhy icalp! Contains no jltohol.. ,iot a tome ... not a shampoo! REMOVE* Miller-Hood Pharmacy SC33E?* ' Better Prescription Service FREE DELIVERY 1122Alco«k MO 4-8469 we'll give you from 13 26 UP o VD TO J&W E SABRE, the Buick you can own for only $200 more than the best models of the leading low-priced cars... (depending on size and condition) FOR YOUR 2 RECAPPABLE TIRES when you purchase a pair of new This is in no way a "stripped" car you're looking at. Come in and study the manufacturer's suggested retail price of a Buick LeSABRE like this, equipped with Twin Turbine automatic transmission, radio, heater, white sidewall tires, and anything eUe you want in your next car. Then do the same to the top models of the leading low-priced three, and you'll find the statement above stands up. What a dlffer«nc« for only $3001 Now think how much more you'd enjoy a Buick. A comfortable, substantially built automobile. A car with the finest ride in all Buick history. A car with Buick's exclusive fin-cooled brakes, and the smoothest type of transmission money can buy. A wonderfully quiet and greatly respected car! Own«r« report QUALITY ouUtandlng Your money in a. Buick today puts you in on the ground floor of what promises to be a long new time of leadership for Buick cars. "My sixth Buick and the best 1 ever owned!" . . . "Best-operating car I've driven in thirty years!" . . . "Much the best Buick yet!" . . . Reports like these mean extra pleasure in your Buick ownership . . . and they mean hard dollar value when the time comes to trade. It all adds up to the best proof in 50 years that: "WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARK BUILT. BUICK I'KOPLK WILL BUILD THEM!" New In ga* economy, tool In planning the '59 Buick, the new Wildcat engines, transmissions, and axles were all engineered to work together for greater gas mileage. Across the country owners tell us they are getting 15 to 20 miles per gallon in the '59 Buicks. And in a recent thorough test of Buick LeSabre against another car of comparable size and a good reputation for economy . . . the Buick won in every ca^e under all kinds of driving conditions. Ho we think we've got a ntm kind of mint in this Buick IxiSabre. And we suggest you go to your Quality Buick Dealer's and see whether you agree before you buy a new car. firt$fon* NYLON "500 ; TIRES THE Trade dangt-r for safely ... mcoru en iencc and expwi* for IDMK, iioulilc-fiee in ileags ... trade your ol<l I ires fur a ui *•( of new Fiieslone Nylon "/iiXJ" tire-! \\ c ^neduniake il e«s\ don't ne^fl ca^li herau-c \mir liarie-in tires make the do«n |).>\nient. I'av the halarx-e on easy Firestone payday teim*. You'll IK "etling all of the sxlra fpalurfts of these superh high *pecd nylon tires, and ihs \eiy best d«al to be found. SEE YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED QUALITY BUICK DEALER NOW! FREE BATTERY CHICK No need to gues* or worry. We'll te*t your battery with accurate machines for tar, boat, mow*r, tractor, ) V 14 Gallon Gas Can Double Itakproof *eamt, handle, flexible spout that fits inside. "Colorama" Mali Only I ®9 ' | PAIR Rich l>!»cV rubber flecked with colon Fil »nv can. ir*$tone STORES 117 N. Cuyl«r

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