Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 13, 1987 · Page 28
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 28

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1987
Page 28
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Thursday DAYTMEMOVK8 6:00 SHOW "Rock ft Rule" (1983) Voices ol Don Francka, Paul LeMat. An animated rock mualcal about an aging superstar's queat lor power, featuring aonga by Deborah Harry, Cheap Trick, toy Pop, Lou Reed and Earth, Wind and Fire. In atereo. 'PQ' 8:66 (B MCTV "The Return Of Rin Tin Tin" (1947) Donald Woods. Bobby Blake. Mentally scarred by the war in Europe, a young refugee boy finda comfort when he befriends a dog In Santa Ynez. 6:10 MAX "Under The Rainbow" (1981) Chevy Chaae, Carrie Flaher. Nazis, government agenta, arlatocrats and 160 little people converge on Hollywood aa preparations are made in 1938 to film "The Wizard of Oz." 'PG' 8:30 DISN "The Horaemaatera" (1981) Annette Funicello, Tommy Kirk. A young woman enrolls In a preatigloua English riding school and starts a disciplined course in horsemanehlp in which she must overcome her fear of jumping. SHOW "Bill Cosby. Himself" (1982) Bill Cosby. Family life takea a ribbing aa the comedian finda the humor In marriage, children and everyday frustrations in this concert performance filmed In Ontario in 1981.'PG' 7:06 WTBS "Jenny" (1970) Mario Thomas. Alan Aide. A pregnant girl and a draft- dodger form a marriage of convenience. 6:00 HBO "Bronco Billy" (1980) Clint Eaatwood, Sondra Locke. An ex-shoe salesman, living out his cowboy dreams by running a ramshackle Wild Weet show, takes on a atranded helreas as a partner In his knife-throwing act. 'PG' g 8:30 SHOW "Teacher. Teacher" (1969) David McCsllum, Osaie Davis. The Emmy-winning story of an alcoholic teacher and a disillusioned handyman brought together by their efforts to help a retarded boy meke his flrat etepe toward Independence. 0:00 MAX "Cry Rapel" (1973) Peter Coffield. Andrea Mercovlcci. A woman's reaction to becoming the victim of a brutal aeaautt la complicated by the legal and emotional hurdles that follow her reporting of the crime to the authorities. ttkOOgl KINK "Union Pacific" (1939) (Part 1 of 2) Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea. Men etruggle agatnat insurmountable odda to link the East and Weat via railroad. OWN "An American In Perls" (1961) Gene Kelly, Leslie Ceron. The music of George and Ira Gershwin underscores this Oscar-winning tale of an artist caught between two women in post-war Paria. HBO "Right Ol Way" (1983) Bette Davis, James Stewart. The fear ol separation leeda an elderly couple faced with terminal Illness to contemplate ending their lives, g SHOW "Lady L" (1986) Sophia Loren, Paul Newman. An 80-year-old woman recalls her spicy life as the wife of a nobleman and mistress of a thiel-tumed-an- archlat. 10:06 WTBS "Bus Riley's Back In Town" (1985) Ann-Margret. Michael Parka. A young Navy man returns to find that the girl who rejected him In the peat wanta to start a new relatlonahip. 10:30 MAX "On The Edge" (1988) Bruce Dem, John Mariay. Yeara after being banned from amateur competition, a middle-aged long-distance runner trains for an sspeclally demanding race to win back hie sail-respect. In atereo. 'PQ-13' 12:00 HBO "Dreamchild" (1985) Coral Browne, Ian Holm. While in New York to celebrate the centenary of Lewis Carroll's birth, the woman who had inspired him to write "Alice in Wonderland" comes to' terms with her feelings about the author. 'PQ' SHOW "Christmas Lilies Of The Field" (1979) Billy Dee Williams, Maria Schell. An ex-QI who once helped five German nuns build a chapel In the Arizona desert returns to visit them and finds they once again need his help. MAX "How The West Was Won" (1963) James Stewart, John Wayne. Henry Hathaway, John Ford and George Marshall co-directed this expansive three- part history ol Western expansion during the 19th century as seen through the lives of three generations of a pioneer family; In stereo. 'G' 1:000 KTVU "Thornwell" (1981) Glynr Turman, Vincent Gardenia. The true story of an Army private who waa accused of espionage, enduring Intensive questioning and controveraial LSD treatment during the early 1960s. fD KICU "The 39 Steps" (1960) Kenneth More, Taina Elg. A man inadvertently gets caught up In a web of terror and international intrigue. 1:30 HBO "Fast Forward" (1966) John Scott Clough, Don Franklin. The chance to compete in a high-stakes showdown leads an Ohio high achool dance group to New York City. In atereo. 'PQ' g 2:00 (D MCTV "Sidewalks Of London" (1940) Charles Laughton, Vivien Leigh. A otfool ofnOftoMior odopto o hofitowoo WOtf OfM nOlpO HOC DOOOflM 0 OtOf. SHOW "BHI Coaby, HhneeH" (1962) Bill Cosby. Family ma takee a ribbing aa the comedian finds the humor hi marriage, children and everyday fruetratlona hi this concert performance filmed hi Ontario In 1981.'PG 1 2:30 MAX "The President's Analyst" (1987) James Cobum. Godfrey Cambridge. International agents pursue the chief executive's analyst, certain that he can provide them with national secrets. 4:00 SHOW "My American. Cousin" (1985) Margaret Langrick, John Wildman. The arrival of a runaway coualn from California bringa a aenae of excitement into the previously boring summer of 1959 for a young Canadian girl on the verge of maturity. 'PG' 4:30 MAX "Let Ua Live" (1939) Henry Fonda. Maureen O'Sulllvan. A woman battlea agalnat time and an Imperfect juatice ayatem when her fiance, wrongfully convicted of murder, la eentenced to die in the electric chair. 6:00 WON "The Night They Took Mlaa Beautiful" (1977) Chuck Connora. Sheree North. A group ol terroriata hi jacka an airliner with flve beauty pageam finalists on board. HBO "Playera" (1979) All MacGraw Dean-Paul Martin. A young profoeelona! tennla player pureuea a beautiful but elusive older woman who turns out to be the mistreaa of a wealthy bualneaaman. 'PG' 6:06 WTBS "Bullltt" (1966) Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn. A San Fran- claco detective trlea to prevent the-murder of e prospective witness for a political hearing. EVENING 6:00 • KTVU THREE'S COMPANY • KOED MACNEIL / LEHRER NEWSHOUR i KKU ROCKPORD PUS KTXL STAR TREK KSHK PACTS OP UPE MCTV GERMANY TODAY DMN MOVK "OM Yalhjr" (1667) Dorothy McOuIre, Fesa Parker. A yowng boy te ntOtnOT, MO yOUAQM bfOthOf Olid 0 lOV* able dog whMo Ma father la on a cattle drive.'G' DISC LOST NNQDOMS The role of the African king. MCK MY THREE SONS SHOW MOVK "Betrayed" (1964) Clark Gable, Lena Turner. A woman once aue- peeled ol collaborating wtlh the Nazia la given a chance to redeem hereetf by working for Dutch Intelligence during World War II. MAX MOVIE "Murphy'a Romance" (1985) Sally Field. Jamea Gamer. Until her ex-husband reappears to complicate matters, a May-December romance blooms between a divorced would-be horse trainer and a benevolent email- town Arizona drugglet. 'PG-13' g 6:30 • KTVU JEPPERSONS • KBHK GOOD TBJES • MCTV INTERNATIONAL ESPN VOLLEYBALL Pro Beach Tournament, from Pismo Beach, CaHf. (Taped) DISC TH8 ENGLAND A look at Britain's child modeling. MCK AMN SOTHERN 7:00 • KTVU M'A'B'H • KRON VWIT OP POPE JOHN PAUL M • KOED MQHTLY BUSINESS REPORT • KICU FALL GUY • KTXL WKRP IN CINCINNATI S KBHK HAPPY DAYS WON NEWS DISC NEW ANIMAL WORLD The duties and dangera faced by rangera In Africa. NICK CAR 64, WHERE ARE YOU? HBO MOVIE "Bronco Billy" (1980) Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke. An ex-shoe salesman, living out his cowboy dreams by running a ramshackle Wild West show, takes on a stranded heireaa as a partner in his knife-throwing act. 'PQ' g 7:30 O KTVU BIG VALLEY ROUND-UP OF STARS A 22nd anniversary tribute with footage from the original series. O KQED ONLY ONE EARTH Man's dependence on lifesavlng druga whose origins are found in planta and animals, and threats to this supply. (Part 2 of 11) IE) KTXL MOVIE "Barbaralla" (1966) Jane Fonda, David Hammings. A daring space heroine of the future encounters atrange villains and galaxies when aha sets out with a blind angel to locate a miasing sciential. (D KBHK NEWLYWED GAME WON INN NEWS ESPN WINDSURFING Hawaii International Cup, show two. (Taped) DISC AL OEMING • MAN OF THE NORTH A look at the musk-ox and wolf, and a visit with Al Oeming'a family and staff. NICKMONKEE8 7:36 WTBS MOVIE "Bonnie And Clyde" (1967) Warren Beatty, Faya Dunaway. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, a pair of brutal bank robbers, blaze a bloody trail throughout the Southwest during the 1930s. 7:40 DMN ANMALS M ACTION Featured: enunaie thai Mve near ens] hi tfsjen wsjter. 8^ •KRON COBBY •) IOW Sondra and Elvhi com* home from college and announce their engagement. Emmy Award- nominated epteode (directing, editing, sound mixing), hi stereo. (R) g • KPDt THE MUPPETB: A CELEBRATION OP 30 YEARB Many of Jim Henson's puppet creettone gather at a black-tie event to chronicle Mvppel history from their beghmlnge hi Waahlngton, D.C., to their roles hi Mima. (R) • KQO POPE M AMERICA A number of controversial leauea are dlecussed Including the church and birth control and homosexuality, San Franclaco'a Archbishop Quhin'a position In the U.S. church, and the Pope'a position on the Central and South American struggles; alao. a public opinion on religion In the Bay Area. • KKU PAPAL Vtsn The Pope'a visit to Monterey and San Franclaco is highlight- • KBHK MOVIE "A Little Sex" (1961) Thn Matheson, Edward Herrmann. A newtywed commercial director tires of hla bride and becomes a philanderer. • MCTV BO YOU WANNA MAC CMC 0AM M SPACE The Mure of the t Earth. WON TALES PROM THE DARKSDE ESPN SCUBA WORLD DNN ADVENTURES OP OZZK AND HAR- DISC SCKNTISTS Reaearch that la help- Ing to aaae the burden of rheumatlam and arthritla auffereie. MCKISPY SHOW MOVK "Warning Sign" (1966) Sam Watereton, Kathleen Quhilan. Re- aearch scientists are turned Into homicidal maniacs when a eecret germ warfare experiment goes haywire, hi atereo. 'R'g _ MAX CHET ATKMS: CERTfKI) QUTTAR PLAYER Chat Atkhie la joined by stars who have been Influenced by Me talent, Evony BfothofOt EpiMtytou Harris, Wayton Jenringe. MerkKnopfler, PwOfWHW MC0OAOM MM WFlwO NOMOvV OO* lections Include 'Bye, By* Love" and "Corinne, Cerhna." hi etereo. 6:30 • KRON BOB HOPE SPECIAL "NBC hfew^^db^kl^M ttd^t ^bMkA" *^— ••iart^la •• MVWOTIVVI^V am rvRpv irw enienanner la aoouaad of eeMhtg Jofcee to cable tale* vleton hi tMa apoof ol the tan-Contra scandal. WHh Tony Randall, hi stereo, g • KQED MYSTERYI "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes H: The Red Headed League" Jabet Wilson la suspicious when he Is promised e large sum of money lofcopyhtg an encyclopedia. (R) g WON TRAPPER JOHN, M.D. ESPN 8PORTSCENTER DMN MOVK "Maryland" (1940) Walter Brennan, Fay Balnter. Following her husband's untimely death, a bereaved widow sells the family atablea and tries to discourage her son from Ma avid Interest hi two particular horses. DISC PACmC OUTDOORS The opening day of deer hunting. ftOOfl KPtt WE THE PEOPLE 800: THE CONSTITUTIONAL OALA HhjhHghte ol events at the Philadelphia CMc Center Include Gregory Peck Introducing viewers to. the Constitution and appearances by numerous celebrities. Hosted byWatlerCronMto. • KOO MOVK "Mr. Mom" (1983) Mi chael Keaton, Teri Garr. A newly unemployed father and huaband must aaaume housekeeping responsibilities while his wife enters the work force. (R) g O MCTV MOVK "Sinners In Paradise" (1938) Madge Evana, John Boles. People of different beckgrounds, from s Detroit heiress to a fugltve gunman, become shipwrecked on a South Sea Island. ESPN 8PORT8LOOK DISC PEOPLE OF THE SEA An exploration of Puerto Rlco'a sunksn ships. NICK DONNA REED HBO MOVIE "Night Of The Creeps" (1966) Jason Lively, Steve Marshall. A fraternity prank turna ugly when alien life- forms are accidentally unleashed on the campua and proceed to turn atudanta Into zombies. In stereo. 'R'. MAX MOVIE "Under The Rainbow" (1981) Chevy Chaae, Carrie Flaher. Nazis, government agenta, arlatocrata and 150 little people converge on Hollywood aa preperatlona are made in 1938 to film "The Wizard of Oz." 'PQ' 9:30 O KRON NrGHT COURT (Seaaon Premiere) Christine assumes her new role aa a judge; Harry prepares to launch hla incredible stunt. (Part 3 of 4) O KQED GREAT PERFORMANCES "Live From Lincoln Center: New York Philharmonic Opening Night" Queat conductor Sir Colin Davla and planiat Murray Perahla join the New York Philharmonic for works by Beethoven and Brahms. In stereo. WON MOVIE "King Rat" (1965) Qaorge Segal, John Mills. A brilliant opportunist runs the lives of prisoners in a Japaneae war camp. ESPN BEST OF SCHOLASTIC SPORTS AMERICA 6:60 WTBS MOVK''the Redheed And The Cowboy" (I960) Glenn Ford. Rhonda Fleming. A government spy Ijotna a pair of Southern aympethtaers planning to deliver a message to Confederate hragulara. 10*0 • KTVU • KTXL NEWS • KRON LA LAW Reprlee ol the ess aon Ihiato. Van Owen decides to leave Kuzak until aha can straighten out her persons! His. hi atereo. (R) •I KBHK ALICE ESPN MOTORCYCLE RACING N'saan 200, from Monterey, Calif. (R) DISN MOVK "An American hi Paris" (1981) Gene Kelly, Leeds Ceron. The music of George and ha Gershwin underscores tMs Oscar-winning tale of an artist caught between two women In poet- war Paria. DISC AMMALS OP THE GREAT NORTHWEST How repeated fighting helps preserve the bighorn aheap. r THREE r~ ~ Made an Onto high eeftoof danoe group to New York CHy. hi stereo.'PG'g IfclBfl MCTV NOME "The Amazing Adventure" (tgae^Cary Grant. Mary Brian. n ntfMOfMwO OtOpO Mfo Mfl OOOIWOOO WWW" out Mo fortwM or powtfOAt JMM to pfovo he can eurvlve without hta wealth. NK5KMY1 BHOWOALLAXIHER'S OVERBOARD! Comedian QcNagher preaenta more of hla offbeat humor from the Long Beach Terrace Theater, transformed Into an ocean•WO OfOftO Wftn WOVOt MM COVOO) -VytAfl seaguNe and an electric watermelon, hi stereo. 10:30 Si MCU NEWS • KTXL CANDDATS FORUM • KBHK THAT S MY MAMA • MCTV MOVK "Hollow Triumph" (1948) Paul HenreM. Joan Bennett. A con man robe a caemo and aaaumea the Identity of e prominent peycMelrlel to shake the poMco from Me trad. DISC WORLD AUVE A photographic journey to northern Canada'a Khiane National Park. MCK ANN SOTHERN HBO VKTHAM WAR STORY '•Home" Three eokMera recuperating hi a Veter- ana Administration hoeprlal deal wHh re- aNty hi dmerent weys. (Epleode 3 ol 3) hi KTXL LATE SHOW hi atereo. g 11:00s» KTVU etereo. ~ KHON • KPDt • KOO NEWS knOUKOJAK {KSKKDATINOttAME PBOMJTHE SHADOW OP THE flJUN DmOfNIQ pONtlCM pfNIOOOpMOO hi NOfth* em Ireland. (Part 2) MCK CAR 64. WHaW ARE YOUt HBO MBBB THE NPL Hoete: Len Daw- eon, Nick Bucnlcontl. hi atereo. SHOW MOVK "Teachere" (1964) Nick NoHe. JoBeth WIHiama. A lawaurl brought agahiat a zoo-Ilka urban high achool for awarding a diploma to an Illiterate atu- dent spurs a burned-out Instructor to search lor hla discarded Ideale. hi eter- eo. *R' MAX OfVOJNAL MAX TALKING HEADROOM SHOW Quests: GMbert Gottfried, Grace Jones, Don King, hi etereo. g 11:300 KRON VISIT OP POPE JOHN PAUL! • KQONKIHTUNEg • KOEO SRADSHAW ON: THE PAM*.Y The bask: rules by which healthy famWea operate. • KSHM ESPN SI 1*90 • KTVU TAXI nracur I NEWS LUCY t KSHK FANTASY ISLAND WON VW NEWS ESPN TOP RANK BOXMQ Michael Nunn va. Dale Jackson hi a middleweight bout echeduted for 10 rounds, from Davenport, Iowa. (R) 12:46 gl KRON LATE MONT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN Scheduled: actreee Glenn Close, Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir ol the Grateful Dead, former boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, hi atereo. 12:66 SHOW MOVK "The Stud" (1978) Joan CoMna, OHver Tobias. The wHe ol an EngDeh nightclub owner engagea hi a game ol eaxual manipulation Involving the club's manager. 'R' 1:00 • KTVU TRAPPER JOHN. M.D. • KK5U MOVK "Law And Dtoorder" (1974) Emeet Borgnlne, Carroll O'Connor. CMNana decide to take the lew Into inoif own fufitMiAO VHIROV) VnMft ifMy fonn • ROIQhDOfnOOd DsltfOl UdH. • KTXL MOVK "Bound For Glory" (1976) David CarradhM, MeNnda DMton. The story ol composer-folkshigs .KBHKKUNOFU IPNSPORTSCENTER —MNKEES MOVK "Reform School GMs" (1988) Linda Carol. Wendy O. Williams. An Innocent teen-ager finds herself at the mercy of sadistic fellow prisoners and coldheerted matrons when sentenced to a aleazy reform achool. 'R' 11:36 WTBS MOVIE "Never Love A Stranger" (1956) John Draw Barrymore. Lite Milan. Baaed on a novel by Harold Robbins. A man's fast-paced walk on the wild side of life wins him a top rung on the crime ayndlcate ladder. 11:46O KRON TONIGHT SHOW Host: Johnny Carson. Scheduled: Bob Newhart, actreas Courteney Cox. In stereo. DISNDTV 12:00 • KTVU TAXI • KPIX MOVK "Endless Love" (1961) Brooke Shields, Martin Hewitt. A 17- year-old's obsessive love for his 15- year-old girlfriend leads to parental conflicts and tragsdy. • KGO MOVIE "Satan's School For Girls" (1973) Roy Thlnnss, Kats Jack- eon. A young woman enrolls In s private achool for girla to investigste the suicide of her sister. « KICU HERE'S LUCY KTXL BENNY HN.L WON LA VERNE t SHIRLEY ESPN WINNER'S CIRCLE HORSE RACING MAGAZINE DISN MOVIE "A Billion For Boris" (1984) Lee Qrant, Tim Kazurinaky. Altar one of them invanta a television that can see into the future, three young people decide to use the device to their advantage. NICK I SPY HBO MOVIE "Fast Forward" (1986) John Scott Clough, Don Franklin. The chance to compete in a high-stakes showdown MWMJ and trftvolo roflootod M nw fiwow. expert- M were KSHK MOVK "Drecuta A.D. 1972" pCOOOfn*O4iy hta olgMa. and ft*o*. on • pcotty yomiQ Qwl who nonoo out wHh • band ol hlppiee. WOXMOVK "I Wanted Why" (1941) ntiy MMMMi WrMMffl nOMMI> I HO NVOO Of three aepjring Air Foroe p»ots are OnOIMjOO VnMA IWO WOMOH OAtOf VM PW* MOX MOVK "Pot O' QoM" (1941) •^•a^heKaB •M^asaa^Mf) •eXa^kSiMam aTba^l^feak«^ A **WtlM VIWKBJli rBJBJBKRIItJ VBBKKSjrVlt n yOMMJ DOy OONVMOOO MO fOOlO OlM* fOttMf to give mambsrs ol e band e chase* to pOffOfM ON MO fMlto pfOflfMOt f: to MAX MOVK "Seannsra" (1BB1) Jennifer O'Neal. --- --contact erteee between two amaal | ol people wlioes) extraordBMry powere htdudo the) ebBfty to kM tetepalti- 1:MBJ| MCTV MOVK "Father Stepe Out" (1941) Frank AJbertaon. Lome Gray. A group ol wandering hoboa helps a railroad owner outdo a competitor. WTBS CNN NEWS 1:460 KRON SALLY JESSY RAPHAEL Scheduled: Richard Shnmona. 1:86 HBO JERRY SPNPELO: STAND-UP CONPDENTIAL Known for hla 'X-ray Specs, comedian Jerry Seinfeld hi Ma that solo television appearance on family reuntone, shopping and atubbom pete, hi etereo. g fcOO SJ KTVU MO VALLEY >KPOM WTM( WBi LOSE OR DRAW DKN WALT DISNEY 'RESENTS A vterl to SeouolaNaMenal Park. 1:30 IKiKPH NEWS WTMOOMERPYLE 2:36 SHOW MOVK "The Hasty Heart" (1960) Ronald Reigan, Patricia Noel. A terminally IN soldier finds peace when he Is befriended by five wounded eotdlere In a military hospital In Burma. 2:40* KPIX MOVK "A Dangerous Profession" (1949) Pal O'Brien, George Halt. A beautiful woman'a fateful meeting with a bail bondaman results in her !?. vclvement with blackmail and murder. 2:66 HBO MOVIE "Torment" (1988) Taylor Gilbert, William Witt. The detective In charge of Inveatigatlng a seriee of double murders becomes the next Intended target of a paycholic killer. 'R' MAX MOVIE "The Hitcher" (1986) C. Thomas Howell, Rutger Hauer. A teenager on hla way to California la terrorized by a mysterious hitchhiker. In stereo. 'R' g 3:00 SJ KTVU MOVIE "Big Mo" (1973) Bernie Caaey, Bo Svenaon. Dramatization ol the story of handicapped basketball player Maurle Stokes, helped in rehabilitation by fellow player Jack Twyman. • KICU MOVK "How To Steal A Million (Dollars And Live Happily Ever After)" (1988) Audrey Hepburn, Peter O'Toole. A rich girl plans to steal her grandfather's fake work of art before an Insurance investigator appralaes It. O MCTV MOVK "The Fighting Trooper" (1934) Kermit Maynard, Barbara Worth. A Roysl Canadian Mountle tries to do his part in battling outlaws. WTBS CNN NEWS ESPN orrnNO FIT DISN MICKEY MOUSE CLUB NICK CURIOUS GEORGE 3:30 WON FAITH 20 WTBS TOM t JERRY AND FRIENDS ESPN NATION'S BUSINESS TODAY

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