The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 27, 1923 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1923
Page 3
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WEdMlCSDAY, JUNE 27,: 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THREE. YES! WE DON'T PLAY GOLF BUT We certainly have some fine low shoes for men. Brown and Black Calf oxfords of high quality, yet selling at moderate prices. Brown and Black Crease Toe Oxfords, $5.95. Brown and Black''Beast' last oxfords, $7.95. A few pairs of Brown Kid and Black, Kangaroo Straight last. $5.85. ANNUAL HUDSON REGATTA WILL HAVE 6 STARTERS Navy, Columbia* and Washington Favored to Win Big Water Event at Poughkeejwie. Phoenix hose to match. Mall orders giver, prompt attention. Mete Win Weird Exhibition From Shockers In 10 Innings Bauer Back in Game But Didn't Last Long. J SHELBY ALSO HIT HARD Home Run Breaks up Game after Purteil Home Runned a Tie ! in the Ninth. , Muskogee, Juno 27. —Purtoll's homo run with Goods and Shelby on base in tha ninth permitted Hutchinson to tio tho acoro In the ninth yesterday but Joe'Rabbit hit one out ot the park In the tenth after two were down and , one on base and Muskogee won tho odd game of the series, 9 to 7. Albln Bauer who arrived hero Monday rejoin the Shockers after be- in* »c' of tho gunie for about two "weeks with a'.bad ankle, started the r same bat was jerked aftor ho had been touched for four hits and three runs in the first 'two -Innings. Shelby was hit freely throughout but-lhe BOX SCORE roughkeepsio, N. Y, Jui !-j iV.— Six crews, five ot the Bast uiid ons from (he far Wast,,'start otrtho Hudson to- morroV in tlio 20th championship regatta, a rowing event rlrn11nH -j'ijir*r est" only by the Yale^Ii^ '* if be rilled Ireat cotet ot oarsmou. _- erslty ot Washington &hell, ,|(UyeQond only to the Navy In lust Tear's 'event, again will have a strong eight handling its sweeps. Coach Rico's Columbia University crew, one of the beat In years, and the crews ot Syracuse, Cornel! . and Pennsylvania are the other entries. — Cornell, winner pi the- championship more times, than -any oilier college, has a c.-?w made-over from early season. Syracuse and Pennsylvania have improved greatly In training during the l^lnst few weeks, .and It is considered likely that either of those crows- might i fulfill 'Ihu hopes of their moBt optl- j mtstle followers. Bused on carry season performances, however, Navy, Columbin and Washington appear... strongest of tho six. Columbia, with one exception, has 'had tt Heason of xnarkod success. Their only defeat was by Tale ln„!be triangular reswita with Pennsylvania on the Housatonic at Derby, Conn. The Columbia shell was led .across tho finish lino by less than a"~longt.h in that event. «* ' Tile Navy has won from Princeton,. Harvard and Syracuse. Cornell last to Yale, but defeated Princeton and Harvard. Washington won the. Pacific Coast championship from California .with a crow that appears oven'-as good as that .turned out by Ed Leader, now tho Valo mentor, for last year's Intercollegiate classic. In this year's event Pennsylvania will row in lane No. 2, the traditionally lucky position. Navy, which rowed to victory In No. 2 in 1921 and in No. 6 lust year, has drawn the fourth lane this year. Washington "Is in No. 1, that closest to shore. Cornell will bo III No; 3, Columbia In No. 6 and Syracuse In No. 6. Hutchinson AB R H Purteil, S8 ., 5 1 2 Foster, 3b 3 0 0 Lemen, 2b 6 0 ..1 Solomon, 1b 6 0 0 Banks, c A 1 1 Pick, rf, If 4 1 1 8hoot», cf 4 1 1 Henry, cf 1 0 0 Coatet, If 3 12 Qoode, rf 0 1 0 Bauer, p 1 0 0 Shelby, p ...-. 2 1 0 §0tttftj Mxanh (Ekrttjes Knox Straws Totals 37 7 8x29 14 2 x—Two out when winning run was made. Muskogee AB R Rabbitt, cf, ss 6 1 Olaon, ss 4 2 Rush, rf 0 0 Mcts had many runners die on bases. Baruchle, 2b 4 0 ~- - Claybrook, lb 5 1 Wetzel, If 5 1 Huffman, cf, rf 4 1 , Presmuth Gets Credit •Karl Smith started MB second straight same, for -the Mets and was •vviid and. ineffective. He wan Jerked ul'tor Purtell's homer in the ninth had tied tho score and Presmuth who relieved him gets credit for winning tho game, making his tenth straiglii. Manager Purteil of the Shockers sustained a sprained ankle In tho fifth and had lo be carried off 'the fiuM. Ho later resumed play however. Umtplre Quigloy was another casualty, getting hit by a foul ball. Shockers Got Busy Early. The Shockers scored throo In the second when Pick singled 'with one down and went to third on Shoots' double. Coats- then singled, scoring oofh. Coate3 went to sooond while OTHER GAMES IN THE SOUTHWESTERN LEAGUE Coffeyvllle 4, Independence 3. Coffoyvlllo, Kan., Juno 27.— The Refiners copped a- close game from tho Producers, 4 to 3, here yesterday and retained their lead In the race for tho first half championship. A three-bagger by Sltts and Glass, double to la t In the eighth put across the deciding run. Indep Rempe, 3b 5 1 Forrest, c 5 ' 2 Smith, p 4 0 Presmuth, p 1 0 Totals 43 9 17 30 12 1 Score by Innings: Hutchinson .031 000 003 0—7 Muskogee -,....120 002 200 2—9 Summary: Home runs—Banks, Purteil, Rabbitt. Two base hits— Huffman, Forrest, Rabbitt, /Rempe, Smith. Sacrifice hits — Brauchle, Huffman. Stolen bases—Brauchle, Wetzel. Doublo plays—Purteil to 8olomon; Smith, Brauchle to Claybrook; Rempe to Brauchle to Clay- Mason, ss Mitchell, 2b TCvmis, rf Pish erjb Case, 3b Halm, cf lllllarcl, It Brown, "c Shorts, p WooUrr; rf •Boyd Totals •Batte •ndenco ;b h po| 2 1 1 •37 Cofreyvlllo Kahclot. 3b Rae .lKlllt, C! O'Bymc, ll> Matthews, 2b Milts, If Glass, rf Dorlaiul, fis ltowe, of WllliBruil. P Swimming Suits for Men and Women The smart wear for summer In summer clothes as in all others, there's no substitute for Style, Fine Tailoring, Quality. Society Brand Clothes for hot weather are cool and comfortable. But they're smart, too -—as smart as your spring suit That's why we have them "for you. Superior Underwear Manhattan Shirts ftorirtu Brand (ffluthfa •ii •• iisi ii i ii ,i n • • iatw ^nr^^fnn\tRi^s-. ah h po Totals in ninth. 35 11 2fl d lor Shorvs (Score \jy Inning.*; rvuU:pi?mlcnc.ii 001 0i\2 00-)—3 Convyviua iw ux> oix— 4 Summary-—.2-base hits, O'Hyrne, (.liars, 3-li:»s.» liit.s. Sittii, )Cvtt «H. Sacrifice hits, Lt>..i svf, Dorluml, Shores. Stolon ba.seu. Matin. O'Hyrnaf *iatth«\vs. Struck out, by YTiinfjr.xl 4, by Shores 4. Basra un bulls, utt Shores I. WiUl jMtcho*t. Khor.-H i L', nail;, Shurca. Double play. Shores to Vi*i:>-r to Kvons. Hun a. Mitchell. EvaiM, Hruwn, Knli'lot, O' liyrnej, SItl.s. Glass. Krrui-:i. DlIh' '.Ml, lirmvn. Mattht-w.s. Timo of KariiM. 1:50. Tnii'lrc, UoOson. BURSTS AND DUDS The Chance of A Lifetime Bauer tvaa being thrown out and brook. Struck out by Bauer 1; -Sliel scored on a Binglo by Pur!oll> fiddle by 4, Smith 8, Presmuth 2. Bases on BankB socKbd a home run in tho thlrtf'i balls—off -Bauer 1; Smith 6. Passed Salina 9, Sapulpa 6. Sapitlpa, Okla., June 27.—Salina camo up . from behind and took tho third game of the series 'here yesterday, 9 to C. Denny, Dunn,- Kelly and Cleveland knocked home runs. Salina giving the Shoekors the load again after the Meta had tiod tha scoro. The Mots went into .the lead in tho sixth -when Wetzel hit safely'and Rompe and Smith doubled. Throe more liits and an error added another brace in the following inuinj. Tho teams tlay their final gaSe today. Pays to Bo Charitable. A shabbily dressed man was standing on tho streets of Washington, D. C. At the window of n nearby house n woman observed persons who woro pacaiug occasionally step up to him and pass srano money. Touchedvat the scone, tho woman hurriedly wroto a note, "Never sny die," and, placing It In an onvalope with a ?2.00 bill, .went out and gave It to tho man. Four days later, returning'from a shopping expedition, she was accosted by the man, who said balls—Banks. Wild pitch—Shelby. Tlmo 2:15. Umpires Quigley and and Moody. DEMPSEY ENDEAVORING TO BETTER HIS SPEED Will Box Lighter Partners During Rest of Week—Went Five Rounds Yesterday. ft«-ald. ss Itfintfrow, 3b Mars;. 2b Ctiexbro, 11> Sarluml, If Denny, rf 1 Hani, c Muttall, cf Walker, p ah h po 5 0 Hi 1 1 3 1 1 1 2 10| 0 II 2 0 ! Sapulpa ab h po i Willis, 1b 1 0 6 Snyilor, 2b 8 0 0 Scott, cf •1 1 7 I'~Ml>pln, as 3 1 1 eitsveluml, 3b 3 2 1 Itrown, If Bi 0 3 t'owpll, rf 5 1 2 l ; *unk, c 5 2 2 Owena, p 2 0 0 nnvhie, p 2 1 0 Ki-lly, lb o 1 7 Totals 33. ~9 27 ....010 242 000—0 . 3U0 000 012 -G Rent Tr ow, Marft, Dnnny, "Dunn, Walli THERE'S MUSIC IN THE AIR and you can get all of it if you have one of our radio "receiving sets in your home. The whole -family, including the children, can enjoy musical concerts, lectures, talks of various kinds. Let us show you. Radio Mfg. and Sales Co. .•11 Nolth Main Phon* 7M (By The Aanoclatod Proas) Great Falls, Mont., June C7. —Developing speed will be She objective ot finishing touches of Jack Demp- oey'B training oampaign for his cham- "Hore you are lady—134.00. Never plonshlp battle with Tommy Gibbons, Say Die won tho race tit 1(1 to 1." | scheduled for Slieiby, Mont., July 4. The tltle-holdor, who stertod boxing Owi lighter men In camp yosterday, will adhere lo thl# solieiiiile for the rest of the w»ek, according to the program mapped out by Manager Kenrns. Harry Draako, the British Ught-hoavywel'ght, will be the only heavy used, as Dampsey llkea Draake's style of Jabbing, and figures he will give him work In ducking or countering the >abB. Dempsey will do his last work with the gloves Sunday and the next two days Will be tilled' in with light rbud- work and perhaps a-littje light gymnasium exercise. Ho plane to remain at hla training camp hers on the tonka ot the Missouri until the morning of tlio battle, leaving for Shelby In « private car. Dempsoy boxed five rounds yester- "day, iaiins-oa BUly We-Hs, the British welt«r; Oonti* Curry. 115-pounder from Qlonx City, l»,; and Lee Moore, a Los Angeles hioavywelilit. Dempsey met Wells' rushes with u perfoct idefenae, contenting himsalt by blocltlii 'g the punchos or taking thciu on tho shoulders or side of tho head while "riding" with the blows. As a result Wells, regarded as an accurate hltier, mUBBd more tieciuently than UMial Totals 35 112?! KCIJIL ' by innluy-'i: Snlinu S.'iimlpa ..-. . . .*. Suinnmry — Uunfj, Cliesbro. yarluml 2. (-Y 2, "Willi.-i. .SnytK>r. Sctiit 2. Ukn-,'l ;i lCL-liy. Ei-.t.iu. Mai i3. Nultall. Snyilur, CIcvclalict. Hamu luna, Iinnny, Jliinn, K*.']lv. Olerflftiid. 3-baso liltsi. Ht-nifr.,\Y, Surlinitl. 2-ltasn hits. St-ott. W.'ilk.-r, l.nmn. l'owcll. Struck out, by Walker a, by Iiovtnu \. Dnnl.ln plny,i. Gcrnltl lo Ma: ,* to 2; Wu'.kor lo Tmria to C'll.-Hl.iii. Hit by i.ltchcr. Snyiitn- l.y Wnllair. Kurneil rinis, y;il!na 7, Sapulpa 3. ilar,es on halls, off Walker 6, off TV- vilie 2, off Owens 1. T.eft on ba -Ho .H. Halina 7. Sapulpa 11. Wild pitch. Owens. 1'mpli-i-a, Willtlnson ami Bondwunt. Winning pitcher, Walker. Losing pitcher, Dt.vine. Time of Kojne, 2:0i>. Bartlesvllle 10, Topeka 0. Bartlesvillo, Okla.. June 27. —Broker was easy for the. Bearcats while Reginald was well night Invincible and Bartlosvllle won from Topeka' yesterday 10 to 0. Only three lilts wore allowed by Reginald and not a runner reached second. The score: The Shockers invade Sapulpa tomorrow for three games before coming home to finish the first season and get away to a flying start for the pennant in the second season. The team will lie home Sunday. Tho Shockeits should have no difficulty in boating out the Yankees for fourth placo. Sapulpa looked to bo tha weakest <l.eam of the league in the series here, —x— Hob Coode will likely draw today's pitching assignment at Muskogee and it will bo up to the star poy sidur to ev .Oii the series far the team, tloiide has won two and lost one game on the trip. Andy Gump Hush will likely be Barbour's flinger for itoday. Cluybangh, tho Kaw outfielder Is out of tho gnmu for a few days with a sprained ankle. —x— There must hare been a little ot everything in yesterday's game at Muskogee from the accounts. There was a report here that Hauer was, again hurt but it was not mentioned and it. was morn likely that Furtell seeing the youngster was ineffective jerked him. —x— Lefty Smith never did havo any luck against, the Shockers, even last year. They have beaten hlin throe times this year and wouItL- probably have won from him yesterday had ho stayed in tho box. —-x—• Moso Solomon is in tho depths of a roal batting slump and the next averages probably will show him well below .400 and possibly out ot the lead. Babbitt ot Muskogoo has been on a hitting spvee in his homo stay and should now be near the top. G IBBONS Topeka Kneaves, ss Stroiim, 2b lilek. f,b Matthews, rf Bo'kskopf. lb Hw«, rt Bross, If Broker, p ab li po' 4.0 1 Barlleavllle Totals Butlor, 2b Willis, If Phillips, rf King, 3b Hafiiilpn, lb' Hnvlnff. of 'auk, as I 0 I] .nib, o :i o o; .-Klnalil, p 29 3 25| TnlaLi ub h po B 1 0 6 " a 4 2 2 2 0 1 13 0 3 -3 t 36 Kl : ..i't- . . OW rwy cjyy ^ iBartliSvllle '."...' 005 210 20x—10 I .,!,.•.,ma. v—twll'Mi-d lUlia. ,ja.liujvllle nil. 2-liaHe bits. Butler...Hetrlnuld, Htrolim 3-base bits, Phillips, Hank. Huma run. Kfl/il'ald. Bases on balls, off Broker 2, oft IteglaaW 1. Struck' out, by Broker 3. by Reginald 6. Boft on bases, Bartles­ vllle-C, Topoka 3. Baul'lflee hit. Lamb. 8tol«n base, Strobiiu Double play, Harfflt to Cashlon. Wild pitch, Broker. Hit batsmui, Bamb. Time of game, liaa. Bmpll'Q. Goes. Denatured akoUol used in the manufacture- of cigars, cigarettes and ohewing tobacco la Hrtxod wttti nicotine aud a yellow and blua dy«. Gear's daily acquisition: Napier, an outfjioklcr who idayed in the Central League last season. Expected to join tho'team today, according to reports from Topeka. —x— Barney Clovelaud tried a new hurlcr, Devine, yestorday but he was warmly received by tho lowly Millers who won their third game of bhe trip. —x— -Salina ire hns been aroused by the statement of Benny Meyer that his poor showiug lias been due to interference on tho part of the fans. Tho •Salina scribe declares that tlie previous showing of the MUlors didn't indicate interference was to blame. , —x—The Salina looper declares the whole troublo in that Meyer, Instead of collecting a roal team, Is providing fat" salaries for a bunch of doddering old timers, too poor to hang on any where else. —X— Incidentally tha cat U let out of The clisnc-.i that comes but once In . a lifetime'to a few ot the favored ones I in the fight world, is butoro Thomas | Gibbons ot St. Paul. A few days I hence he will Btep Into the ring with I tho world before him—with the chance of climbing out of that squared circle with tho heavyVeight championship of the world his. For over 100 years- about 707— •Vmorlca has had heavyweight battles. And In the elapsing century an army of men haB sought the most covoted honor In the sport world—and but few them have won It. Hundreds won enough fame and attention to demand a crack at the title—got It—lost —and nllppod Into oblivion. According to*hlstory the first battle tor a heavyweight title—tho championship of America—was staged In New Work City In 1818. Jacob Hyer and Thomas Bsaaley were the parti- clpante and Hyer won the fight and title. Dull Days for Champ:. And those who !.;'.!k o'* tin- inaciivi- : ties of the heavy kiiij;s today may wcil read that Hyer spent U H > next four yours in idleness and then retired. The heavy crown gathered dust Tor 20 years until Tom, son of I lie champion Hyer, claimed the Mile and alt'r defending It for six years put tt on !hc shelf where it lay another six years, j From that time ori. however, the head wearing the- heavy weight h:;;ui- ; gear has been somewlnu uneasy, ,lohn lj. Sullivan e,avo the crown Its lony-n.-it rest when he defended tt successfully for 10 years. Modern Rules Since '89. The champions, in the order of their rolgn runs about like this. After -flyers came John Morrlssey, John C. He-enan, Joe Coburn, BUI liavis, Jamea Dunn, Mike McOoole, Charles Gallagher, Tom Allen, Joe (Joss, Paddy jtyan, Sullivan, .Corbott, r 'ltzslmTcona, Jeffries,' Tommy Burns, Jack John- sou, Jess Wlllard and then the present king. iiainl." .en! Mai.ials of Qaiva.- lrir> !":!'•., -has l.v-en In voiiUe Mucv 1-^0. R b'";;in. :-.ay old tliiM.i -.s_ with the uieu.oi'alde battle i,"i 'A -'ifii John 1.. and Juke Kit rain at Hichlmrg, Miss.. July S. iSS'J. That Utile fracas went (6 i''",iiii 'l:» and StiHIvan won. The k!nK In ; w ;_v tia:'^ hi fistiana drav.'s the U!iie'ih'.ht. Ti.e boxing ,.ia- ttiries tell of ;tr. -y iit'le m-.-ii along with ih« Ki'f-:it !ii.'. m.-n i'iit I :.B heavyweight div!.-'u;i .[raw:-; lh-,- lion's share of attention. For the ilea', v weight mocar. ll O:' (!'...m all. Tl'.at la }•hy mi:li train uumths for a crack at the tit.e - and risk all on one shot at the et.-..'. n Tommy Gibbons !s the man of the hour new. ills ci-.ance is at hand. It may be In his dreams he fee-Is the Jeweled headpiece re-.u-'ig on hie .wad. Probably the CTOWH la them as he ; loc.ks Into Ills- dressing room mirror. | What will ho :nxk« of his ONB OBKAT CHANCE. the bag that "Bill Maro" who has ln- ftelded and outflowed for the collar champs Is a brother of the Miller chief. He Is rotainod at a fat salary, according to the Salina Bcrlbe, whon the money could bo used to good ad- vantage'to htro a, real ball player. The Japanese tallow tree -beara nut* containing a rich tallow-llk« oil that It very valuable and fa* used in tho mauii- facture ot high-grade varnishes. Experiments carried out in tho lower Bio Grande Valley prove the tree can be grown there. Need E SMX Cars. The ro-sale value of Hssex makes them greatly in demand at all times and thu Hutchinson Motor Cur Company have customers for several used Bssex cars. They are anxious to take in some at this litnu. 2HL

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