The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 26, 1916 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1916
Page 3
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K\ A Mothers Wish Public Sale Having rented my Earm I will sell at Public Auction, on what is k n o w n as the McCarthy, Farm, 3 miles northwest o fChilicothe, on the Springhill Road, on Monday, Qcf, 30tH, '16 "12--:JEAJ OF HORSES A:.',B MULES--na 1 Black Mare, 7 years old, wt. 1150; 2 black 4 year old Filleys, wt. 1200; 1 Black Mare, 8 years old, wt. 1400 Ibs., 1 gray Driving Horse, 9 years old, wt. 1 2 0 0 ; 1 Black Mare, 6 years old; 1 gray Filley, 2 yrs old 1 Black Horse Mule, 5 years old, wt. 1300; 1 two-year-old Mare Mule; 2 Yearling- Mule Colts, 1 mare and 1 horse. These horses and mules are all good ones. JS--WRAP OP CATTLE--18 1 red cow, 9 years old; 1 red cow, 4 years old; 3 red white-faced cows, 4 years old; 1 red white face cow, 6 years old; 1 black shotted cow, 4 years old; 2 roan cows, 4 years old; 1 spotted cow, 4 years old; 1 black bull, 4 years old. These cows are all good milkers'and are all giv. ing milk, and will be fresh between now and the first of March. 7 Mack spring calves. 34--HEAD OF HOGS 34 4 sows, one with 9 pigs; 30 shoats, weighing from 90 to 140 Ibs. mi'i/rorEXTS AXD HARNESS. 2 low wagons; 2 buggies, one good as new; 2 sets of harness; 1 set of single 'harness: 1'sulkey riding plow, 14_in.. good as new; 3 breaking plows; 2 riding cultivators; 1 walking cultivator; John Deere riding lister, good as n e w ; 1 walking lister; corn, planter, with SO rods of wire; Johnson binder; McCormick mower; disc harrow; stalk cutter, good as new; iron roller; full set of blacksmith tools; 1 d-rag rake; Fairbanks Scales, -weighs 800 Ibs.; 25_gallon-iron kettle; corn sheller; single shovel TJSM CH1LLICOTHE DAILY COHSTITUTIOM THURSDAY, OCT. 26,1916. DEMOCJBATIS WORKING FOB X SWEEP IX VIRGINIA H y United Washington, Oct. Press.) 26.--One hund (By United l»re««.l Richmond, Oct. . 26.--Democratic party managers have concentrated their effqorts to -supplant the present 'Republican congressman f r o m the home district of Mrs. Wilson w i t h a Democrat. It is the only Republican district in the state. They are behind the candidacy of State Senator E. Lee Trinkle, from Mrs. Wilson's home town to Wythe. ville, to defeat Republican C. Bas come Slemp, candidate for re-election. Among those who have cam. paigned for Trinkle is Governor Stuart, who was himself bealen By j the United States 'and Venezuela. Slemp -six years ago. " .TJ e . ., _ - I Heretofore, many of the son- Democratic candidates who expect to return to ST1SEXGTHEX PA RELATIONS ill' EDCCATJ.XG VJEXE55UEI,1A..\ BOVS IX V. S. red and seven boys from Venezuela no\v have scholarships in. American schools and most of them are already in this country and at their studies, U. S. Minister to Venezuela Preston McGoodwin r e p o r t e d today. ilcGoodwiu brought about the gift of the scholarships and is spending part of his vacation In this country investigating the success of the plan. He believes it will go far toward ini. j proving the understanding between trained is sure to gg back to his na. live land a, booster for Pan_American trade. Washington are: "Wil. liam A. Jones, Edward E. Holland. Walter A. Watson, Andrew J. Montague. Edward W. Saunders, Carter Glass, C. C. Carlin and Hal. D. Flood Thomas W. Harrison is due to be named the successor of James Hay who was chairman oif the House m i l - itary committee, and who resigned to accept appointment on the- Court of Claims bench. TJ. S. Senator Claude A. Swanson ba.s no opposition. He will be the first TJ. S. senator chosen by direcl vote in Virfinia. · i ]Ve-\v Fnrujture Arrives. We have just unloaded the mosi exjpensive car of f u r n i t u r e ever unloaded" in Chillieothe, partly because having in this our Xmas goods-. We bought early to avoid the advanc es coming on and to be sure o£ se. curing the goods 1 . So from now on any one can. -select their. Xmas goods, have them set aside and when wanted. We invite delivered ou to call plow; potato digger; smoothing harrow. HAY. AXT GTtAIST. 100 bu. new corn; 100 bu. oats;20 tons of timothy and clover hay In stack; 2 tons of oat straw, 'baled; 150 shocks of corn loader jwitix corn on. HOTTSTTHOT..!) AXT) lUTCTTEX FTKXITUKE. 1 bedroom set; 1 wardrobe; 5 rocking chairs; 1 safe; 6-t't. table; new Majestic range; new Glohe heating stove; carpets; flour chest; couch, | 4 bedsteads; 3 mattresses; 3 sets beilsprings; Singer sewing machine; and other things too numerous to mention. LUNCH SERVED ON GROUND. SALE TO COMMENCE AT 10 A. M. TERMS MADE KNOWN ON DAY OF SALE. A. W. CIES, Auctioneer. VEENON PIPER, Clerk Darv McCarthy, Owner and see this wonderful display of fur. n-iture, rugs and linoleums. Cordially, 25-2_wl The Lee Furn TJtlt. Co. For earache, toothache, pains, burns, scalds, sore throat, try rr | Thomas' Eclectic Oil, a splendid remedy for emergencies. Better Quality -Larger Quantity To a greater degree than you havo ever before experienced will he daily brushing of ur teeth become sure if you vise this truly Arrests cocr.y, m^kes the f-Ttns ^m " honlihy, r.ei".*rai.:.?3 r.c:_:ty !::;«;;= t: GnUi clean, white r.nd beartifal. Get this larger tube of b^t:ev tioth voui* liit' a rjl.-.J sur^i'ijC. \o-~.r i Notice to Hunters. Having leased the Gold Jones land jouth of the Dawn ballast pit, hunters are hereby notified that we will not tolerate tresspassing. (Signed) Sportsmen Gun Club. Vote Yes on Amendment, Xo. ;3- All those favoring prohibition should not overlook Amendment No 3, which is the constitutional prohibition pamendment to be voted oh. It will be found on your ballot when, you go to vote, and don't forget to" vote Yes. Proprietors Phone 552 ALLEN 'The San-Tox Drug Store" 708 Washington Makes Old Floors Nsw Let us toll you how to change your old pine floor to oak finish, no matter if the floor has been, painted many times it can still be made in. oak finish. For this purpose \v recommend- CHI-NAMEL ind ten years of continued success ·with it proves thot there is no other finish to equal it. It is also best for all kinds of furniture and wood -n-ork. Call for color card and further particulars. Clark's Pharmacy The Eexall Store CHELLICOTHE. MO. A. W. ClhS STOCK UO Oiiiliicotl-a, 55o. ·lone* Room* How:--» » va- to R n. LITTON FCXEBAIi IJl'ERY Speclnl calls mode for Parties When You Have Saved $50 the question arises- "How shall I invest it?" There is no better way than in a Certificate of Deposit in The Citizens National Bank of Chil- lieothe, whose resources of $850,000.00 give yon assurance of absolute safety. Our Certificates of Deposit are issued in sums of §50 and upwards. They hear interest at the rate of 3 yer cent, and are renewable at the end of six or twelve months. If you want security for your sav ings and absence of all expanse 01 worry incident to mortgages bonds, stocks, etc. GET A CERTIFICATE OP DEPOSIT in this strong bank. The certificates are readily negotiable and as collateral security are unexcelled. For those who have saved some -r,T\.~,:-;;:i desire a- regular in come, free from the annoyance and worry of other forms of investment we strongly recommend our Certificate of Deposit. The Citizens National Bank Member Federal Keserve Bank U. S. DEPOSITARY ( Dr. S. Black OEPUTT STATE · ;i rlTriit«' Cans jTomptly ana-wered Office 841 -- PHONES -- Residence 71* Most disfiguring skin eruption, scrofula ,pimples, rashes, etc., are'due to impure blood. Burdock BKod Bitters as a cleansing Wood tonic, i well recomemnded. $1 at all stores. Those who cannot get out for 3 Hallowe'en frolic will do well to look t the Hawley Shoe Store window. All others too, coiild get a bit of nature study by a "look-in." wealthy Latin.Americans have re. ceived their higher education in German and. French schools and few have come to this country. This is one of the contributing cause for the close commercial relations which those countries have had with South America icn, 'the past. Because of this condition, I began over a year ago to work out a scholai'ship system, with the assistance of the. American consuls in Venezuela. "After correspondence with 400 American institutions of higher learn, ing, we received scholarship oifers from 110 and the Venezuelan gov. eminent accepted 107 so far. The recipients of the scholarship/s are chosen by the minister of public in. structioii. The son or General Gomez, president-elect of Venezuela, now in his second year at a West Print preparatory school at Morris, town, N. .J., is the holder of one of them. "Among others, one is in tile agri. cultural college oi ! Io\va University, one studying electrical engineering at Washington University, St. Louis; another taking the same course ai Can-nagie I n s t i t u t e , Pittsburg, Pa.; and one at St. John's M i l i t a r y Acad. emy, Annapolis, Md. Five of t h e 1 scholarship winners arrived in this country in September. "In addition to the scholarship of- 1 er, a number of American schools are obtaining positions for young men f r o m South America each year in commercial and industrial firms. This ii: for the purpose of teaching them American business and m a n u f a c t u r - ing methods. "Among the i n s t i t u t i o n s which are d o i n g this w o r k is the College of Bus. iness A d m i n i s t r a t i o n of Boston University which lias placed a n u m b e r of South. American s'tuclents witn. PX. porting and i m p o r t i n g firms. T e m p l e ·University, Philadelphia. Pa., if. doing the same thing. Alvln H. Johnson, president of B a l d w i n Locomotive works of BhilacliPlphia has given two apprenticeship for South A m e r i c n n students of engineering and it is ox. pectecl he will later increase this number. Clvarles M. Schwab, presi. 'dent of -the Bethlehein Steel Co., has given four sncli apprenticeships. Five 'exporting firms in New York have o f - fered apprenticeships. "It is to be hoped that the same plan will be developed for y o u n g men from the other South American re publics. Every man so educated an J San Felice Standard to Be Maintained, Say Makers All Dealers Sow Sell Famous Cigars at 3c Straight In Effect Today. Owing to the greatly increased cost of quality tobaccos, in fact everything pertaining to higt grade cigars, the makers of the San Felice cigar, The Deisel-Wemmer Company, have advanced the selling price to the Jobbers and Dealers, and henceforth this cigar will positively be sold to the consumer at 5 cents straight in. ] stead of six for a quarter as previous iy- The SAN FELICE is national in its scope and character, Having justly at tained this eminence through its un. excelled excellence. To maintain this unequalled standard of quality, the advance in question is absolutely unavoidable. Tie generous support or all men using quality cigars is earnestly desired. EXAfiT fMIPI IfilTF CAflLiI U U r U U A E L QUEOK REPAIRS flMP U n N R "\"-'hy w a i t three days, TV lien U H L n U U f l i carl ma i ce it in one D o u r ? Why pay two profits, when you can ij ljy f r o m the f a c t o r y ? Send lho Broken glass, l g l u i r a ntee an oxnct tin plicate without your prescription. Frames repaired also. ONF M I N I M JflHlfK I am Prepared to U.1C M I L L I U N MffUa grind over one m i l lion k i n d s of lenses from the .rough ylass. Come and see. MAIL O R D E R S Pack an tho broken parts m/iiu U l I U L H O In a strong box. 1 r e t u r n glasses s u m o day by parcel pust C O. D. Lowest possible charges C. W. PALM SPECIALIST IN OPTOMETRY 813 Webster St., Chillieothe, Mo. Phones: O"'*-"*. 908. Residence. 14501V Closefl Every Tuesday Tax Notice. The tax books for Chillieothe town, ship will be open for the collection of 1916 taxes on and after November 1st, 1916. Office in court house. B. F. Thorp, Twp. Coleotor. 25dSwl The Spring of Perpetual Youth was what the Spanish explorer sought in Florida. Youth cannot be perpetual, hut with health a man or worn, an can retain youthful looks till the: near approach of actual old age. If a woman is dragging wearily along oppressed by some woman's ailment she may expect a return o[ youthful beaiity and vivacity by using Lydia E. Einklram's Vegetable Compound. Wood For Sale. Slab wood $1 per load; block wood $2 per load. This IB price at mill. Cnlllicothe Gunstock Mfg. Co. Phone 888. J2-M Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S O A. S T Q F? ! A Wood. A big corn or dry wood deliver?-; on short notice at $4.00 per sort! lail 656. 17-tf YOUR FRIENDS CAN BUY ANYHING YOU GIVE THEM-- EXCEPT YOUR PHOTOGRAPH Wat ton Studio NORTH SIDE SQU. Over Sipple's. FOR QUALITY SERVICE SEND US YOUR KODAK WORK. DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR. CAR Dealers say that the disposition to discuss the price of the car is so rare as to be unusual. Apparently the first, and the almost universal thought is of the goodness of the car. It tvilt pay you to visit us and examine this car The gasoline consumption is unuaually low. The tire mileage is unusually high. The price of the Touring Car or Roadster complete is $785 [f, o. b. Detroit] ADAMS AUTO SUPPLY fO. Chillieothe, Missouri Farm Loans -at Prior Payment Privileges Gill Ryan North Side Square Read the Constitution Want ads. Try a Constitution Want Afl. State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas County, ss Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is the senior partner of the rirrn o( F. J. Cheney Co., doing business in the city of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by fUe use of HALL'S CATARRH CURE FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this 6th day of December, A. D. IS86. (Seal) A. W. GLEASON, Notary Public Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, O. Sold by all Druggists. 75c. Take Hal-l's Family Pills for constipation. Try a Constltn Uon "Want Ad. B^^^^~%^^4- Basement ^^^ Items of Special Interest Right ains NOW at the New York store COTTON BLANKETS-- size 64x76--weight 2 1-2 Ib, in white, grey or tan extra valae at Sl.O-O Per pair SPECIAL-REMNANT CALICO in lengths o£ one yard and under--suitable for q u i d t pieces, aprons, childrens waists, etc-- 10 yard Bundles for 35$ OUTING FLANNELS-- Heavy Velvet Fleeced Outings in 1 to 10 yd. lengths--1®(* yd Fine Quality Plaid or Stripe Outings--10 to 20 yd lengths S l-3i Light weight Outing for comfort linings ·. . . 6$ yard SPECIAL--REMNANTS WOOL DRESS GOODS-- serges, poplins, mohairs, batis- tes, Ottomans, gabardines, suit- itgs, etc. Milil eud accumulations f r o m 1,4 yard up to three and f o u r yards. rUlCED AT ABOUT REGUI/AK VAIitJJE CRYSTAL WHITE and WHITE SNAMELWARE --Teakettles--1-1 qt. Dish Pans, Berlin Kettles, Preserving Kettle, etc--very special value each. Swift's Pride White LAUNDRY SOAP-3 Cakes for lO«i DRAPERY REMNANTS --Short lengths from the main iloor drapery stocks at a saving oE 14 to I/,. Beautilul patterns and fine quality fabrics. SPECIAL- WIZARD TRIANGLE FLOOR MOP-- complete with handles. Wlhile they last 25^ each Large bottle Cedar Palish--· Cotton Flannel GLOVES or MITTENS-3 pair for 25£ PAINTS, VARNISH STAINS, ENAMELS-small cans o£ good quality paints, suitable for tho rcfinih- ing and retouching jobs around tlie home. TOILET PAPER Bob White -- large rolls - '3 £or Bob White -- medium rolls ' FANCY DINNERWARE --Dutch windmill pattern, done in delft blue--plates, cups and saucers, platters, bowis, e-tc. Sale of FLOWERING BULBS- THURSDAY, OCT. 26th SINGLE EARLY TULIPS 5 f or 5«i DOUBLE EARLY TULIPS 5 for 5^ DARWIN EARLY TULIPS 3 f or 5$ YELLOW NARCISSUS 5 for 5^ CROCUS, Assorted 5 f or 5 HYACINTHS, all colors S^Each; 3 for lOti R E M E M B E R T H E D A T E SPECIAL- REMNANT PERCALES in lengths of 1 yard and unde:r --useful in every home where there are children. 10 and 1- l-2c Qualities--· 6 VARB BUNDLES for CHILDREN'S UNION SUITS-"Oneita Mills" quality, heavy plush back cotton suits, grey, carefully made and sized-4 to 10 years @ 4S* s u i t 12 to 14 ears @ 5})«* suit CHILDS UNION SUIT-bleached cotton, fleeced back, 2 to 10 year sizes, 29^ the suit Child's Separate Vests and Drawers, bleached fleeced cot- ton--25i each Good Quality Envelopes-regular 5o value--. 2 packages for 5i NORTH MISSOURI'S GftfAJFST STORE. MEN'S UNION SUITS-heavy fleeced back, gray, well niado throughout, very special at 9S£ Suit. Seperate Vest and Pants at 4SJ Per garment. MEN'S SWEATER COATS-Oxford color, heavy weight with roll collar and 2 pockets, reinforced seams -- 75# each MEN'S WORK SHIRTS blue Cha-nibray, every seam firmly seivn -- every garment cut right and made right -while they last -- 43«i each CHILDREN'S BLACK SATEEN BLOOMERS-Each. SPECIAL--GENUINE TEAZELDOWN OUTING PETTICOATS-in plain pink, blue or cream color---'gathered ruffle, well made 48£ Each Lighter weight,, made irora Fane OutinK*--?£?* each. 3 00 BUNDLES OF WALLPAPER-odds and ends of our regular stocks--put up with S to 12 bolts in a bundle-r- . · Clearing at 25 P or bundle SPAPER

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