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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Saturday, May 7, 1859
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CHANDLER A HICKCOX, had iiboired'in; most.' -TespecUbie writing under d«e of «b« 1st North: Ad»m8 ;hank, and with his family took '' i to Subordinate alii iiBOtissneB gtana : and '<iomprkbensiv« ide*,— ap hiaresrden«e-in''tiBattffi»g« ; His position «in.WfiOM fctdew find themselves overslaughed the;j)lat-. •• - ^ttte inen witt ^ . rtftempt 'ftj :Mi poweriea to lli«ii ! extent, aud inthe South." < There if: to donbt, tliat tbe fdemocraCy will jrttnd firmly and squarely, open tie principle ofnon-lntenrention, in 1860. Upon Uiai issue, > relieve^ of *aoh collateral qniMtious, as grew ' . «in Bunuier, We"iin«H 'wl Tlotory orer the prerniling fsnatloiBtn of the 'ptetttA 1 -Bayl' Thi intn : wfcb «onld attempt^ to autetitnte Congressional intervention t aon-interventioiii-Vare powerless «n voted down in the South," says thia. sagacious correspondent, and but for the unfortunate. iinliroglfo, Mity would l&ve equally powerless Jion, howpver, u settled, 'and tbe democraoyj ty pursuing a judicious i course, \riH8oon ; rt- «orer from 4he effects ;0f -it- : On erery.liandi . We discorer cheering indications of a disposition to harmonise and tuiite the party,' It reminds na of thosa beautiful ' and affecting' words, which Milton represents Adam as addressing to Eve, after they had wearied themselves with mutual complaints and accusations of -each other — . . ; Bntrlie; letnt no more contend, nor bUme Each other, blam'd eoongb fUcTherf ; but strive In offlcM of love, boir we may U^hioi fiacti other 1 ^ bordeo in oar share of wo. A Rule WorklnsrBotb Waj-s. In a late speech at "Petersburg, the democratic candidate for Governor of Virginia. J.ohn Letoher, said : " Should it be the pleasure of the people of this State to elevate me to the office of Governor—of which there is not the slightest donbt —if at any time a collision should arise between the Federal and State authorities, growing out of any question of vital importance to us, or any disposition on the part of the Government to interfere with the institution of slavery, or to trample upon the rights and honor of the State of Virginia, and the Federal authorities shonld resort to force, I should be prepared, with the aid of the people, to resist to the very last, any attempt of Federal troops to cross the borders of our State." We hear nothing said by the democratic presses. In censure of this language of Mr. Letoher»s.— Sentinel. Of course not. Why should any democratic press censure such language ? It is the plain old Jeffenonian doctrine of State rights. We, too, would resist the attempt of the Federal government to interfere with any of the domestic affaire of Wisconsin. The State that would allow the Federal authorities to trample upon its ricfhtt and honor without resisting them, would be unworthj of the name of State. SUvery ig a domestic iostitotion of Virginia, with which tbe Federal Gorernment has no , concern, and If it should at any time attempt to interfere with it, Virginia will undoubtedly resist, as she ought to. If the Federal Gov- eminent should attempt to deprive the people of WiBoonsin of their chattels, no on« would question oar right to resist it. Tbe constitution of the United States does not confer upon Congress the power to interfere with the pare- IT/ domestic afiaire of the States. Bat that constitution, and laws made in pursuance thereof, are nevertheless the law ol the land, and ao State has a right to resist the Federal authorities, when acting under and by virtue ot its provision s. It is not in Virginia, however, that the Sentinel will find a perfect parallel for its no tions of State rights. South Carolina, wbere nullification wan invented and where they are po arlocal cbnsiraia 'Boston benefitqfjt8">est!mony, so far as it may: afail '' cMi e to talljr. witK; the /facts. ' forward 1>j. th$ whig parly, which never held' inyjBu "' . acted, ' ; its; bounty* ^? ' 1849. i«n . ^ years ago," wlien he'deseried,it ; upoiB the nomination of Gen. 'Taylorrprofeiseai/ because the candidate was.npt.whig enough ' In 1851, deBtjroy. thX ; him,— the: democrats to : In Massachusetts, de-. coring thatjt should bs broken down though it were as pore as the angels in Heaven. Soon after the Ainefican party.oanje up, wit find him In connection.with that organizatiou; and it is liortorioaB that Ke was ejected to the Senate, in 1854, by a native American"legislature. It was not until 18?6, ibat the iepnblican party came to a head; and down to the latter period therefore, it dews not strike us, that the Gen- «»ral had .practically manifested a devotion to the'anti-slavery cause, so paramoun^ag absolutely to exclude all other objects, or even'to make them seem to him ''minor issues." Nor is the consistency between his recent anti- American letter and his, obligations to the American'party itself, for the public station he now holds, quite so marked, as a person properly qualified to be a Senator of the United St ,tes might be expected to manifest : For the Da'.lj Sews. ' A Daniel come to Judgment 1 y«». a Daniel 1 0 up. iKht Jadg* I ilark, Jew i O lea.-ntd Judge I O Jew I an upright Judge,» learned jn<1,e 1 Most learned jadge I a sentenci ! cum., prr|iai». PoEni—Tarry a little, there Is something ?lse ' '• And you mast cat this flesh trotn off bis biesst; The lav allovs M, and the court avaids It' In order to encourage meddlers to mind every body's business but their own, and to show cowards the danger of using their own names, I send you ihe following anonymon? letter, from an enemy, under the pretended guise of " A Friend." We know the hand, and "IMotreplies, who loveth to have the pre-eminence," cannot disguise his diabolical spirit! The skill with which the hand of a bitter and malicious and most Email and narrow minded,but equally impotent enemy, is disguised, as " A Frienf' good lack 1 and the very acute plaa of bad grammar and spelling, when the best lie could have dor>e would have been and always is -wrong, small, malicious, wicked and harmless enough—is worthy even of a jadgrj astute and wise as old Siiylock's second Daniel come to judgment! When tliH proto-martvr Stephen spake, as the 8oripture s says, (Acts rii,) "and thi-y could not resist the wisdom and the spirit l>j which he spake;' 1 " they gnashed their teeth and rushed upon him with on-> accord," and. having been slain by his arguments, and nan* to throw back, tb<»y ihrcw stom-s, ami were able "to kill his body,'-' as the Lord says, importing Africans, in defiance of the laws of the United States, furnishes the best precedent for the black republicans of Wisconsin. A Brilliant Notion. At the Joint Convention of the Common Council, the other evening. Aldermen Phillip- presented the following resolution: Resolved, That the Daily Ifcwt and Set .Bo,' be and they are hereby designated the official papers for this city for the ensuing year. That's a cool idea, certainly 1 According to the Controller's report the Sentinel and Or ad .Aut bids were lower than those of any of the city papert, the Sentinel for the English. • • .1 the Orad Aue for the German printing, Lud they are, therefore, legally the "official paper*,"— Sentinel. The charter provides that the Common Council shall designate two papers—one published in English and one in German—as of- flcial papers, and the amendments provide that all work for the city, or either of the wards, including printing, shall be let to the lowest bidder. It does not say that the lowest bidder shall be the official paper. If it did there would be no propriety in requiring the Council to designate the official papers, as the lowest bidders would be the official papers. The Controller has one duty to perform and the Common Council another. He most let the •printing to the lowest bidder, and the Council most designate the official papers for the publication of city -ordinances'- and notices, which a'reJreljuired by law to be published.— The printing may be done anywhere, but the publication of snch ordinances and notices must be through official papers, duly designated by the Council. The publication of city ordinances and notices is one thing, and printing is another thing, as every printer knows, and there is no provision in the charter making the lowest bidder a publisher of the city ordinances and notices. If the Sentinel and Orad Aw think they can obtain pay for publishing these ordinances and notices, without being first designated by the Common Council as official papers, we have no objection to their trying the experiment. . : and ''after that bad no more that they could do." When St. Paul preached TBCTH, the Pagan, fiddling, cruel, foolish Emprror Nero had him beheaded. This appear" a short, bat equally ineffectual way of ttoppirn: Truth* For where " ^ are the Jewish stone-turswerg and Nero'e sword 1 and where are St. Paul find St. Stephen BOW ' When " The Truth" Its^ll spake, ilj^y said ., the Scribes and Pbari-ue;>, And all petifAe in plaa Ini Sectarian, P)iam<iir, Sad. ducct or Oerodian power said,) "He hath ,1 devil and is mad, why bear ye Him?" an.l when "tbe common people heard ITini glad|j,' ! he rulert( sectarian deacons and other shams, { DISAQEBB.—The Chicago Frets & Tribfne says: • ', jT" Since Qor. Wise repudiated Douglas and his peculiar notions touching " unfriendly legislation," the chances of the Illinois Senator for the Charleston nomination have sensibly diminished. ' . The XT. Y. Courier fr Enquirer sxjt : : He <Donglas) will be a formidable competitor, and will indeed be likely to command the support of all the democrats, gave thefanat- , to*.« u*South Carolina school. 1 These are both leading republican organs, but we think the latter the most truthful and 'intelligent of the two, which U not saying mnbh in it» favor. ] «3or. X«TT*a.—W« hare recdred » oopy of Qov. TR.V* letter to Hon. W. F. Santed, which, fills thirty 'closely printed cdl- otan, of the Kchmond ^njiifr^. J ''Of oonne hadtlmetoperoseit, -^s it •-paly «t evening. He 'difonssearwi* Mcutoned mbillty »nd In bU peculiar ' which t»r« arisetf from oonntry fa, B^rftatt,; «l th» territories of the United States, tite Union. -<J »n * , ^tviOir fcrted cotemponiries, who aw afraid to «a^»n» opon tnen»emj. * inr «n cried out, "This people that knowrfli not the law is cursed." .. Christ showed tbeF<' bigots, who are not convinced yet, that lliev taught for doctrines the commandmen's of men . just as tbe Puritan fathers sowed thisiles and th» wind, and America i.-, now ri-apinu a full bar- vest of thistles and the whirlwind. The _\Vw England clique is not Christianity, nor God'n commandments, but, as tbo Lord Eiys, the UD- adnlterated"traditions of the elders,''free from ranch admixture of Ood'a Cburcli and Word This is the old way. When Mr Staplr? can not dnsirer tn\Jinithmg letter \soint-bodT throw;. SLODHS. Throw some more ! Remernber ! you ma\, prevail , as the Jews did ; for at length they persuaded the name people who cried "Ho. eanna to the Son of David ! " one dav, to cry, the next, Crucify Him I Crucify Him ' They, the Scribes and Pharisees and ihurulcrr of the people, "persuaded the multitude to ask Barrabas and destroy Jesus ; " and they did it for a day and a-half. "And the third day, H« rose from the dead 1 " St. Paul was about to be worshipped as Jupiter one afternoon, and was stoned by the fame people, next morning, Cbaneer says, and let the world hear "if she has ears to hear) " duticaj woa for him at once the confidence of ithe cominuniljr j. ^ ons ; M i a • member- ; . exAy -, became oonsplon- ; i - .- ,th«;.choir ; Intone of the .churches. Among the female member* of the ohoirwas ihV daughter of ; "a. very, respectable North AiJanYs " merchant. ,She^was between Bfiteesi arid' "seventeen years of «ge, and said to have been beautiful M she was youthful, "An intimacy between: LitUefiiW: : and th« rjOnnglady followed a short acqnaiuttnce, bat it was never expectfd to exceed the bounds of prdp'ritityi- Late last week sbe was taken violently ills and on Saturday died. Bcfor» her death »he revealed the fact t hat she bad been seduced hy Littlefield, and that very recently she made known to him the circumstance that it would be tapossible for her long to bide the evidence of her guilt. On this, according to her statement, Littlefield proposed that she should take, . medicine that be would procure for her, which he eaid would end all her troubles without harm to herself or making her condition known to others. To this she gladly assented, and soon afterwards took medicine which he procured. The result was her dangerous Illness, subsequent revelation to her parents, and death late on Saturday night. On Sunday, a meeting of the directors of the bank was held at North Adams, at which LittlefMd was- present. He was in great distress of mind, and at times nearly frantic. — He assured the directors that his difficulty in this matter was the solo one resting on his mind; that his account with the bank would be found perfectly correct, and he tendered thorn the keys, and gave them full information in regard to all bank attain). Up to this time, ihu public had little knowledge, of what had transpired, all having b-en kept secret. It Is supposed Littlefield left North Adams on Sunday night. On Monday the whol • stor/ was currant in the village, and the parties being perfectly well known, it created great .excitement. If Littlefield had Iwu found by the villagers on Hint day he would have been lynched. The talc is indeed a sad one, and we cnn well appreciate the )>>ud endeavors of the friends and family of llio deceased young lady to kt-ep it from the pnl< ic. But as the facts are well known by publ.e rumor, it were idle to attempt to prevent lli.-ir publication The family of LittlefJ Id remains at North Adams, and of course are In the greatest dis tress over the event. On the part of the parents and more intimate friends of the young laiiy, there f§ no disposition to pursue tba am dor of their grief and desolation. While his victim has been laid in the grave, they would consign the seducer to no worse punishment 41- in the communion of his own thoughts. Since the aljove was written, we have been informed that Littlefii-ld acknowled to the bank directors to having seduced the young lady, Uui positively deli.. -d that he procured for her medicine or advised her to have recourse to such a remedy . He is entitled to the benefit of the denial, whatever credit the public will be disposed to ;.ive it — Troy Whig, Mav 4. thefoUowingdwwion'recently nounced by the judleal jsaValfcrltf^nesttoi! "4 »»» : tiar ttb Hght tb' whip bis wi$!but shonld be severely punished it h* were guilty^ of sndh *n .outrage. But, the women, on Uw contrary, bad the right to. whip their husbands whenever they pleased. It was a prerogative belonging to them peculiarly and inalienable. ™- only jurprisetj it was not exercised to rextenL'f - . • r ^' . O atormj pep]*, u&sad and erer And ODdiserete, and changing as a fane. Delighting ever tn rombel thai is newe, Foi like tbe mone waxen ye and wane Ay ful of clapping, dere ynongh a June ; Yonr dome 1» false, your Constance evil prercth, A ful gret fool Is he that on yon It-velh ' The following is a copy of the, letter referred to in the foregoing communication, which we print from tbe original, spelling, grammar, and all: MILWAUITEE, May B Rtv. -J: C. Richmond: DEAB Sia.—You had better make ararjge- ments to leave the Church and City—a large proportion of yonr Church to my knowledge liev* yon crasy—^the result will be if Ton preset in Staing it will brake up the congregation Sure, and if Ton am a good Christian I think Yon will leave without making eny trouble- . Yonr Friend — MORAL SUASION os A HAM —When a friend of ours, whom we call Agricolo, was a boy, he lived on a farm in Berkshire county, the owner of which w&» troubled by dog wolf.— The cur killed his-sheep, knowing, perhaps, that lie wag conscientiously opposed to capital punishment, and he could devise no means .to preuentit. 4i l can -break him of it said Agfe. cola, "if you wiHgireme,leave.''' "Thon4rt permitted," said the honest farmer; and we will let Agrlcola tell tbo story in Us own words; "There was a ram on the farm," said Agrioola, "as notorious for batting 1 as Wolf was for sheep stealing and who stood in ai much need of moral suasion as the dog. .1 that Wolf -up in the barn with this old fellow, and tb« consequence was that the dog never looked^* riitop In ithe face again. The ram broke every bone In bis body; literally.— Wonderfully uplifted wai the ram aforesaid,. by bis exploit} his Insolence beoame intolera- T)le: he was sore to pitch into whomsoever went nJgnhlm. 'Pll fix him, 1 said I, and so I did. I rigged aa iron crowbar ont of a bole in the barn, point foremost; and bang an old hat OD the end of it. Yon can't always tell, when yon ew a hat, whether there to a had in U or not;-how then shonld a'ram? Aries made at 4t full bnti, and Mug a good marksuan Irbm long practice, (ha bar broke In between nig horns, and came out nnoer, bis tail. This little admonition effectually enned^- ' ' - We continue to noettre, per favor ofe-Detroit & Mflwanke* Railway ' " twdve honrs in a4yaiuje f Tbe StkUt Convention-Should be Called Some of onr cotempor:tries are severely exercised concerning the t.-sult of the lat« Judi cial election, au't take alarm at the result. From this result they i^vm to draw the con elusion that the d''raocrat!o party is muted, horee, foot and d rag v on, and roust havi? new leaders and new men in order to win Bezt fall. Such nervousness about the matter appears to us purely ridiculous. Any sound Umikruc man can easily see. that the democratic party was not on trial before tbe people at the last judicial election. Thousands of our most ardent politician! on bo:h sides discarded the idea of a party test in a judicial .-lection, and this last ooe, turned on matters of pecuniary inti>r-'Sl8 to a large portion of cur i;t : z.-u n . Raili ^d Moi i-te»-s and B«»oth s^rajx-s decided tb« ei i uf Ju.!_'. This should not U U>Ken a.' « party U-at. N-JCI fall w : li ehow thes* weak brethren thai Wisconsin is M t k of the chirani-ry and hniu- buf; uf t(» repulilicans. 0:. a fair trial and wiih & good ticket we can rout IDem. L**t us liave an early o- nvention, BO as not in )•«• driven to do everything in a hnrry. A fair dis cu«*ion ij* necessarv to n clear undenelauding of Ihe Hiteregt-i oT the Slate, and you cannol in a country where thousand- of voters are in tbe sparsely settled parts, Imie their atlcniion drawn to the facts in a few wgfktt. Th» id<« that a State convention in July would prevent tbe farmer from attending is nut good rvasoning. We want tbe fanners in general to attend the primary meetings and elert their representative?. These primary meeting will not u.terfere with tbe harvest, or other farm work if <hf convention is held in July. Of necessity, the primary meetings must be hel ft eith-r during or inion-dial«!y subsequent to harvest. The proper lime for holding these meeting* is a short time before harvest, and then let ihe delegates elected snit the conv«o niencc of tbe party at l.irgj in attending tbe convention. \Vecan easily understand that those who live in thp South and Ea.«t of tbe Suite, wbere they have'their thickly populated counties, thinking a short time is sufficient for anything, but we do most respectfully submit to yonr consideration that the North and North West have a Rn-at many voters, scattered over an immense territory, and that we are becoming strong enough to make it some interest to our Southern and Eastern friends to "count us in'" when they ca*t Op the figures. We trust the Central Committee will examine th« map of Wisconsin, and if they think thy State is all East and South of the Wisconsin river, as it tued to KUM, then let them do it all up down there in a hnrry. Should they conclude otherwise, then we woald suggest that they give timely notice, and-govern themselves accordingly.— Hudton North Star. Tbe Two Y«»n' Amendment. It is hot two or three yeara since the republicans were courting tbe Americans by,making the. most ultra promises so far a* the proscription of foreigners i* concerned. Did not the ruling republicans flock into the secret order 7 Did they mot bind thrmselves to iu organization by its oathn 1 Did not, in this way, Banks get into Congress, and Wilson get into the Senate 1 Did not fiankt defend secrecy of political action on principle ? Did not Wilson support, as candidates, tbe most violent and prescriptive know nothings 1 But these republicans of Massachusetts went even farther than this. Witness the letter which Hsnry Wilson, Sept. 17, 1855, addressed to Vespasian Ellis, editor of tbe American organ Bt Washington. Here is a sentence speaking for the republicans of this State: " Tbe American organization in Massachusetts does not embrace the question of alaverj among Chow for the regulation of which it was formed." Here Senator Wilson went so far,tn crder to bid for know nothing support, -as to be wit- ling to sink the whol« slavery question if necessary I He says the American organization, of which be was one of the chiefs, DID KOI EMBRACE THC QCEBTIOH OF SLAVERY.— Now he says that the good of the anti-slavery pause requires kirn to wte down the very basis of the American cause 1 Wag there ever such a change of mind as this 7 Was there ever seen such whislliug off of friends as WiU son's letter exhibits 7 Was there erer snob political treachery 7 Again : comparu this remark of 1855 with a remark of T8S9, "Just made. Wilson Bays for wore than twenty years he has Mieved "the antl-sl«ve"ry_c»08e was tliegreat cauwof-ihe' 1 age." Did h«s belteve it in 1856 when he was bidding In a Washington • journal for Southern American support. I)!d he believe it-when actually professed to stana on tbe Virginia State Bights doctrine 7 This was the. time when under such assurance the American organ actually urged 'that Wilson was pro-slavery and President Fierce was abolition. Now Wilson says^arrthiHg nmst.bendto "thew publican canse* here in Massachusetts • that the liasU of the American orguiixatioo is actually nothing, and that the anti-slavery bast* i* everything. The New Tork 2HA«n«.arges this to lt« friends in Massachusetts : Just vote thh'down, let reason resume her sway among out adopted,dtiieng, atkd .at a proper time w* esa have a reasonable and sufficient term in* terposed between naturalization and voting with itto hearty tsonoarrgaice of th« better por- iion. of the adopted cHfe-ns. We hope, too the people will vole this two years thing down: but because it fs'a disgrace to this nineteenth Oentury, it is so narrow aud insulting arid pro- NEW f8."S9; SPRING AND SUMMER ; DRY GOODS! , IL.. tULWADKEk,. *l. 178 WlBOOhSIN, 1 * HOW receiving one of the largol aaii bail Mleci- etl Blocks of Hoods ever knapd; to Uni liaarie^ to time, during the hlrhvlll be •easom, Hoo added, from time The Latest Novelties I Oar irrangetaeou Eut are inch that ire rue 1 M> c mrKTiTiov, afl ve have a bvycr conatantly la UJe market, rt'e are delermined ta gl?e nur cualutaen TItE LARGEST AMOUNT OF GOODS Aiiorvr or UlikSS O U K DEt'AKTMKM !• very full and attractive, cnatilntug Stl&cll and Paa- cy Htk«, Tlsln- 8. Bar«ge9, Delali «, Challlea, Cwd. mcre> l.«wn», orcandles Kobe *dc' Ptrl», Bohe 'a* Qalll, BHlltantf, «c , 4s . • VH08S Je P^HRISfff "AT5-OBNBTS i CdtJ5SKLLdSff k .::' „,«<» 10,.Alfca»y LAW. . c»»c»i. .*»»£•»«. cmiut Kiinore, (frook* A. (Bridley, A't^tbrnfeyir at-Xaw, OFFICE, NO. 9, IHAIltlN'S • U1T.WAOKU,.. .'. . ...[<!e««l}.'.. % . : ... . fuicm BLaacooco, »»,oo«ifioon, ATTOBNEYS * COUNgKlLQES AT LAW, freed* JtoUi*a,\n But 6. W. jpxccitaH, formerly 1 ! ' ' PioitfAMiOou^lbany.V Bt« Yotk. , \ I. Bu)OD4aoo >4 U.«. Ooaxt Coaualnloac< > and Con- minloner for levanl statrt. BovI^Utm «.u riLM«> ____ ',.....'. ____ . ....... joaiica mat. PA1 MKK d: 8TA-HK, Attoriieys & Counsellor* at Law. 53?" Oaice.No. 1,MUChe\r» Sew Kank BuiWIng.ooT- ier of Michigan and Eut Water itretU,'Mll»»ak«!. 0.»-J. VfHAOl & «K_,\HA,1I, iuo ney» at Law and Solicitor* la OUiccery, No. Wlscooiin street, Milwaukee. j^ol-1 PARK A VAiV Attorneys and Counsellors at Lav. STEP-K2/S fOlUT,. . . . wrSCOSSJf, •Till (,ra*Bc« In the tario»s Coortj of the S<.-»ea«i Judicial Clrcnli of WticonitB, aayl will faithfully \»en<l in ill hollneM Intruted to m, reciluance* |>rr>inp>ly tt«(.e. Land WMrmnw facaU"l ID selecteil .an-ls tnr tnon« nt a diftmoce. aaTKBWCKS I!n-n»g«» t SoBarrair, Bvikrrs, tttctoai Fo'n'. J. R. 8nA«p»Tl]». Laq., >fTI»ank*r LtTTKU. A DAKIK, ^lil~raak''.e. flALSMJH A BonTB, H&Ttoci9 A Ilauoa, Oblcc^o. Hp,n. J CaTOn, Ottawft, IIL Jo'21 HATHflVAY ^BELDEN, •Land and Collection Office, .OCK t • .... WiSVVXSlli Jon all. a i. Crouch, ., Opposlto American n«um« KSIP8 CONSTASTLT on hand a large auartmeo otMaiogttij, Bliek Walnut and dUier Wood Uofflna. together with ritk'f MeUlJo Burial CaM. The offlce of the foreit Homo Cemetery Company n atiny vlate.whtrtlhMoUie^atJof thegronnda. 1 «. atwajr* ready to accompany patron to Uic Oeme- [rejrt* select lot* or place* for hnrial, andean Defrrand HBmy placo of feiulaeM day ol olfht. Coffin TrliB- angao? all ktnli For nit. <ep24 THE WiKAT ENGLISH KK31EDV, ! SIB JAMES CLARKE'S Celebrated Female Filis. Prepared froth a pretfriplion of Sir </- Vlakt^ M. D.^ Pk$*ic**n Extraordinary to tJty (ftfe^i Tbil InTKlQAblo tnadictzn l» oof ail to* ID the cure of *" lho*e painful aod dsnferoiur dlwues to which the fp- 04l« cbnstltuiiof) • tabjecu It mod«r»te> ail <9Ji':ew And rettovM all oU truer. ions, »nJ a i^ecdy cur* m*y tw relied on. TO JfAKBlEll LAUIJKM it U peonllftrl; sattetl. It wtli, la * ihorttime, or mg <>o Ihe monthly period with re^arlly. Each bottle, prlceOne Dollar, bears the Oovr.ffirj-ot fltampof Great Drlt&In, to preVent etwjnterfem -tny > HATS ANDJ3APS. H^TT^S CAP s . -AND— STRAW GOODS, TEN PEIt CENT. 1.4 Than can be - IT— ANT OTHER HOUSE [N THE W K.ST M KRCHASTB who .iM.rij tn ««•„ money t. i- ,„, o 1 ase of iioo.lo, ur>.' rpspvctfully HV'I^.I •.., ,,„„ .,, will''"nvlnce'r" btlyl " >t - '" ' "" "" Nl1 " 1 '"v^r..,. CJJTT lower than »ny uiher hnuw- >f iho < n.1 n lj< city- My »« -r^r., pi,T..,h»sr.l „„„. h ..„, , .„,. . „ „ ket vilar. anil I 101 «iliii, l r •.., f ,,* , nv .,,, t . ,.,„ , .,„ benefit of it. lly <«si,run.. n t ,f ril'Hiui BTKAWOOODSu larx", ».«...( ,,,,| »,,', ,,.'. rt .'.f •V u || v, n -( ti< «:,«, *-»,, r ,, r _.., aprUO-d*«-'l N-»t I,, r •.,..„,,,... , ,,,.,„_ , , JgONNKK l,KJ_MiKK HV1 '•>ON N I-.K I , !• L>0 Kll t i \ 1 BON N KK 1. J-.l )( t H K H \ , L50N N KK I. I . I x , h K H \ i BON \ Kit I . r- I M ; KK H \ ; BONNKK 1 i-.Uo, b.K H n ; B( >N N t.K I . l-.tK, I- K Hsl Just r •• v(v- . i: ,\ j ,j , ... PAT : M < > MERCHANT- »XI,M but at PJR3T T3RSS MOX1 US o/ ar« turd to bring on timt they are w/4. In all cases of Nerroua the Daclc tad Umtu, V«tJ^ue aa slight ezfrJon, Ka t**loQ of the Heart, Kyiterlcs, and %'hitej, ih^e will dffefit « cur« vhen ^11 utL<*r me»nj have failed, *tthou|;h L. powerful rt«e^>y, Jo out coutmin iron, c tcel, trjLiDiuciy, or any thing hurtful lu ifie -unstiLut full .tirrctinru to tlie p*mpnlei *rouaJ **• i, p-t,* which should be carvfully preaerv -d. .-<;(-: Ajfent f'-r the United States in-l Can*.d^ JOB MOSES, <LAU- I C. Bald* n A C<- , < ap* A; \ 1 W I t , . l . 1-. .-, v i . I ii.ii, ine vtKV UV--T j r "'K r RETAIL GOODS, s>-r t,r ,uKtrl ., •.. . M , - t . .., I r. , -• , 1 i I I ( 1C ' > < ) 1 I-O *.;t«< Ual«T SU-.M HOLIDAY HA r JNO. A. SAVAOK, JK., Attornev and Conncellor at La w ROOM NO. 5 ALBANY BLOCK, MILWAUKEE, ...... ....... WISCONSIN If Oommlsaioner for K. Y., 1'en.u., Ohio. In-hanifc, IM and low*. United SUitn and Circuit ( ourt ( t,mm i**i»nffr. N D.- It.'X) u*->riie»t A^cot, wnil insure * bottle, cout»mj'n; ,* ptllfl, by return nutil tor tale by GREKN A BUTTON ao. a. arioawuTi/u ..... j ^. S \EW LAW nilTI. leor^o A. &tarkw«athcr O* 1 * 1 o' Co'-.^r^ haj tliu d*y eoteri.ti .nto piria'-r>:j,- John 0. Slarkwealhi-r. Taey will pr-vrti Iritft Ooort of the U. ff. and n th* »ev- thil gUte. '. €. 8. i« Coramlssfcner «f Oe^'ls for all the ?tite« (Sr~ Office— ki 8tM.- Baa* llaiMing, t,\n Wnirr UOdWOttTH A i«i J. M. AUCOTT PA K i N KK W A NT K 1 >. E ITIiEFt active ur nil cot, in * urodtabie m jr.uf Ing business ilmidy trstabllah^d n thm jity rttb capita vlll fimi a flnt-rat»; upportnnity for .n oieot by ad^ireaalatf a ',ii«r u, 'Jr-ia-er N->. la.", P-^wi octlrt N. V. < • t -Ke [' rjj C..«/i» HOTELS, &.C. U O U I S H O U ^ I1V 'lOHKIS LOt IN, CRuN, ncnr Kant \Vau;r street. The Uims IN OUK White 4iood> Will W found Irish Lloena, LlDen l>am&aki. Kapktnf* Table C!oih», Ciua, Poy;t», Oarubricj, Jac-.oelU. Coonlcrpaoc^, Laibroiilcrle>«, Kurntstilcg Oood*. £c. CLOTH ]i a fa!l Hock tnprr», V rating. IN THE DEPARTMENT C»«<- OUSTAV V»)>J UK! ATTORNKY A8.-D OOCNgEI,I.OR AT i.AW. OfriCT— Empire Block, »1 East WHIT n ~~ J. V. V. PL%TTO, Attorney ft Counsellor at Law. Office In Mitct.ell's Bank Building. No i. Mji- , Wisconsin. ;anl I " SIMON" LKVY, i.MV.l.l.Olt. ATTOHM 1 AT I.AW AND NOTAtlY PL'ULIt bu acknowte-lpntrnt to *iia rr'eotl-' m-1 ')>•- p ihetr p&trun.iKt: for so m&ay jeari padt. mil * continuance of their kiml iavori The L*mn many rooms, well guiteil for ruionie! • c.ed Th* f<i H> •i, 1 f Trtnr]; anJ Orrroa-; Cj'.thi, , Uut!o ni U,>, D»nlnr!. rumm«r IN O 11 K ai>cl llantilia Room .nd J^iafe, '?» e have a fine MBorlment of Cro«ha. L/ llk.gteUa. P«lr Fancy Bor.lrr, CM Ehkwl., Cloth Dnttera. L»c-»n.l Mlk Mantilla have al^o a TalT •w l >rtment H< >oK KK .t !lfornv)»» & 1 ••,-.• •« ri- ,«„,„ .V Opp«sitt ike Ne» 4 Ail.-,-, Vat-r • KNHh U(i .!••< ;H iu\>. Pa J I t r •— ' ' Mouse now vacant, liiat can l>« ibtam**<t. ' ip;ij.c t .,r «•."*. a. --iv^u A'LBANY RESTAURANT -AN D— H( X >M H Y ATT H O I' ^ I-.. ' r.y*, Brown and BitacJtHi PHINIS, lli>«ll> .SKSUTH. A,. Ar. K. J. KAKWKI 1., Attorney and Counsellor at Law (J>[flC4 .'•£>. 9, ./KfMrtU r&.<-&, f. \ n T \v v r §•; H M T u K. t: r . MILWATKsIt, (senZ'.l .... M?O>Vr JOHN M. COK, YitotlK-r I*I Law nail I and »sn i LAWKCNCE, KANSAS, '|\1M^ .^I'l.kND.lJ Ht/TKL na* rvc^nrly -ht.m- i pr_l L.r1«tor» — Geti^rai Me Man man r*rtlr1ns, *niJ ". Messrs. FLOYD juccer.lin* h:m ;a it caar.a^c-uif r.: T*ie Messrs. ¥ aru h^iJi wii tn ,* :j 'Jir .Uajn-'-ii h ffpinc, tD'i n<i other assuranc Hjall B'-usr w ,i ti«reaft*r h»- •• ervio^ U.e pi;; uoa^i* •>( Uie i L. ! L"UK MEKt. VE WEAKV TK.AVELtK.- < I -\ MM.II t <I'N DINING ^ A 1. i > i > N L OCATK1' .«rar ;r.- M.WIUKC* A Vhwfss,; (... .•-( in ;a«t Lh«* [ji *«"•.' t-'i ^r -farjr w*r 'u *nil ju !i*tai.i--i i jeuia , *., . <•,<• •*r>U» OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT 's r--. i -TALLT FCLL or ALL H*D* or DRY GOODS AJTD YANKEE MOTIONS, • ^U--- !•'- y> i m^als, fur ihv tmAi) «am :;l br "Mpi.l. — t sr-Ui l/n*"'!. 1. s^l: T t ->fr iorh a., raa/ ' *-nt him, • u > J^.T 01 sTtUX A.ND I ap in HEfA P F O U J . I. . CASH. H I V I «. , JOBB W C*BT w fc U.iCB C' \KV A PKA'IT, .%lton*«> * aad 1*cll«»r» at Otfic»r \u Viiun^'i B ock, C-.rnfr MAID »c-i euutlo itr««t, »1II.4'AC7KER, f*.b2i>-13tn... W T?t Special .Holier to'l^ii Payers A LL pr perly OVQ^CH who h*re caide anr •ui'diTii- lon of Ihr r lots or par re a of Imndj.'ir hi scriptive, however, wants 16 , deceive and chealtho Americana »nd Ihe for- ^piwjUiraDt&iotnakejthe mtffot adopted oitizflBB ettbe west boliBt-a -that the repttblU cass are *Wr friend*, and K wants to make Uu UuuWhoultl a».\.^X.^..V.l! A _iV^ •!,- .rtt lbr>rrof -lurlnp thf lait j*r»r, und se»»trd Br^cr«te:y, »re hert-hy to.lflrd lo. pcr:ptlon or mi such t>ubdtvls,on< at u,.- ( UlRc* VtiMn tq.5 it*) s f om th i d «ic, ;n or the ims^ dirHed and tnessrd »cccorJii,rly i.. L?»t lor the i.r»r, 1559. City Clerk's Ottce, April 21,1S59 *pr22 H. H LYMT1T, I'.tj f »old a,n j h thctn is i) Cler«.'. r to h«rf the Tai A Swain, OP TU^. LATK FIRM OF M A G I K it, s W A I N . WILL remain at lhfO!d itan,l whi-rt tif «'il b« p t-as- ed to irelcoroe ttj-Jpa'ro-ie ,,' vji e c^tab is 1 m;-nl »prU-dt( MlSt, - KJ,l..-\ N l.< )1 '- tha«*f A. Hradloy, t'Al'KKANl) JtACi UKALi-KS, U .S U sV.NT WA I I.U STIlKt T. UlI.WA,rKFE, .[ir,r;« ,WI:-COVMN \\ illinti!** \. Kodtvay, Auction and Commission Merchants, LAND AGENTS AMD MONT7 DBOHEHX. VO. 19 \VISfO'VSI> i. O. u. F. T HE Of^d Pelliviri l, Ulu«trattcg th« H. story. Principle! and ^orerLme:it «f lt>e Or<ier r wiih the Instructions »nd Duttt-s of ev.ry Depree, Si»tl.'n and OtBce la Odd FelJoirthlp, »lth nameroai engrariagi , by Aaron B. Qro-h. Thr did feljowi Tuit Book, an elucidarlor, d'lW t'earjof Odtl frllovshiii, rmbraclni; a ''irtaU c,r «.} •jrrt«n In aJI in hranctin, with Fo-ms, Crremncln an i CMn irltli MiMic for lmf«rtani oc<-a>lona,and a Manual of Practice !»r the residence of Officer* aod Lodges , t» T Paictial Donaid^oa. for Bale nt 8TRICKL»ND * CO.'S., Bookseller! and Btatiofleri, 1*1 East \f ateT St. apr2« REMOVAL H V W . F . B A ¥ L Has remOYod to his ol« stand, NO. 18G KAST \VATEK STRECTT, (Opposite J. N. fionegteePt Dry Good*&tote,) And hiring made sncb addition* to his facilities for executing! FINE IP O R T H A I T H ! As to enab e hid to My to tbe public «mh confidence tliat he Is now prepared to farols!) them with every desirable ttyle of Picture known to tbe community, and attach Astounding Low Prices as todsjfy. competitWn; for example, *tor I«* Ct». Ft'LI. SIZF. PIIOTOCHAPIIM For only »1,00 tbe fint one, and 50c. for tbe Duplicate* Ai d In hct «Terj other uyl« of Pklort, at eorrca- poniUng low prices. 1 51 PERI A L PHOTOtiHAPHS, CMoVed la either OH or Water Colon, and Colihed In the fclfbert Kyle of tbe Art-7 THC k. new and popular, rtyle of Picture, Colored In Oil, which fir ezceli to Accuracy, Boldnen and Defeat? of finish, any other Picture erer offered to tbe, Public . — Thrto Mctares have 00)7 to tie iccn to be admlrod. All who are desirous of larlng mcney in reJpectfaUy solicited to call and examine Bpeelmenj at the Old Stand, So. 188 Sail Wfler ttreet, Jfihaavtte, Wiieanlin. marl8-d6m . BAYLEY, DETROIT & MILWAUKEE . Railway Steamboat Line I suiiMtiir O S ailtl after ?d Va> otzt< parlies wilt Ix -earned by th« swift and elrgant grtimen CVy «f ClneisaO. and CUfttand, W Grand B«Yen,-thcDoe,by train* to Grand Rapids and fc»ck at clreap cxcmnipn farn, aal tune affor4ed to rleir the bead fuj and roojantlo •csperfga the Ortmd Hirer irounfl th« Chr of r Or»ua K^pTdvwithjti eitauire OYPSUil BEDS, and oJth* . (Includes; rowa» or-bertln) tot partita of flT^-to Oimad WiTen and bic*, For partita of nre to Grand Kapl.'j an J back,... 1«,T3 tleali «an bt had on board at Sit/ «n»i eaeb, ' " ' ' Pirtle* can.l»»fe Slllwaakto tvie* and retani «ajr w)thla .,. ._^ "; . Hoar, •/ Salllatf' A: Rnnpiat 01 Iieare Ullwaokte... r , Leave Grand naran ...'.;... 8^5 ArrlTe a< Brand B«pld*.t.'.. .10:80 T. •. • L*a T eGrand Ktpldi • -~ , - 4--«)i.«. : «JO t.H. Torre fr *t#w and ««foriabl« IJle Kalli' of «mtbfl;B<«cfrw " «Bd to fcevaioo H«»en,. , cWa .to. D«pol,) auj ifirnaTto<tt C9Ds]ge5 x flchobU»niJ other kindred loS»v : w4a >• etrUtA on^rfju, .which Ui»*ltBiiloS»v : w4a >• etrUtA .^ , r Tlckeuean !>e tod at Dock Omce, «r troa P«- »«Motvbc*nlflteat>«ri «n4 • • .. . ••* W ILL plTe part,cul»r attention to die «*]*• >f Furniture, Dry t» )O'1» »o«i erery Jesrrtr. linn f Mer* cJ-aniliie, ai Uieir S*Jc rurm or in *n »• par: uC th-- City or t'oacty. Jgr^ l^beril ft v»ncrt on co r iifnineiitsi, s,o u prompt A CAKD. D R. TRACY t&kes pleaaarf? m aam: jnciof u hi* farmer p&troDS, and ihe pabtlc p*cerally» that be hu retarD*d tn macti Impi jved health, ari'l nohclts « reDewst "f patronAge. At the n-ne Uroc ^'-oders "vo ih*nki for past firon. Dm. rHACy ami PEORINrg Office, after U>? flnt -. Ifay, v.U b« (<mnd af Tcan^t New Bmldin?. Ho«. 1 md S, on the corner of Wlscoostn and Slain nr«eU. ^^ Dr. P«rrtne*i residence l» oo 4th street, Srd botwe north of Spring. U, 1S5&.fcprtl ! Trare'«r» u^,a iti? Mtlv%uker> t VliuiasU't 1 ^ - •>-' m«»i5- W»xm Lunch fr-m \ ' tu I ->Vt ffc -v-ry l^r W . .«» I .11 Ti O \ D «•, SOLE PROPR1ETOB * «AN Ct *'.TUEKR -jt i-f Ri OHIO CATAWBA eBANDY, - r J^IHS H randy h43 b^en marufartun.-.] '^r «r-. T i urns aJorilinic sulditiooal ev-Jrnre <( :t-* -,jF"^r — •• Aroerlcao enterprise fcnd industry, »u«( ji >ur « Mf ty - pfvlu.'? ir'.i'lea at ^om* -qui. :>j :hoau TJ^.J • '•• i.. • other nation. Thf Ohio fitawba Bran-Jy u.n ir.if tfn,..i. • 'mt •rt.-'-tj ttiu txrsi 1 tnporleU BranJirs, ID fan ihv besi tlrinily koow ed anauytlcoj chemntj. Th« Tiiat of Pur- Brandy fiaa Ion,/ Owen f-lt n Ui .» ioontry, and tJlc mtr«xluctJoo of in article tf turfi jaa.. iy a* to 8apenced« the >aie aad u** if ifiose - :•; rom poan4a hitherto sold aa<ie r ibr aim* jf Briuay ,-nn >oi . be reyxrxleU a jfreal ;*u<>llc sfoo-i. T'-T Caiawti.t, tinuiiy pudAt^avt aJl ihe good qoalltic* claime<l '»r 'J-r •>«-«• icaporteJ liqaorn, *nd is of perfect ^ur-ty tn.l »u[^r'" fljivur, apd » «o vtsriffu aoa «ar« r«-ni»My fur U v <[.^;.-», , Fl.-vLuleucy, Cnro,/, Colic, Languor. Low >^ ' •.«. f-.*-r S(| l FAMiLV SHOULD BE WITUiM F IT »u 1 "l.i T^lis llelail l"ricc, Hotilc. 1 ^9 Recommeniled by tj)« pnyslclans *nil lrujfi(isi> of til- United !*tat<-». ti. dimmondsliaJ. appointed J P. A ? A IL^LKY. >'.. Ul East Water street, sol* »<«nt» for the st»i* r «',» cocsin, wht^rr Jeaiers *nd cujiotn«?rs wai J>H-HJ- 'T. • ird Uietr t»rjcr». ^ Bj calling on the agents, inu pubMc v1li i««-e>vr « ,itm- plc ^ratalously . T. K . ^ III MILWAUKKE G, DELORMEA OUENTIN 159 Satt Voter Sr*rC, NiXT DOOR TO MESSRS. BRADFORD BEu'S. ntroRTuts »«t DBii-aaa IM lancy Goods, TOTS, WiUov Ware and Taoke« Notlaas Also, Embroidery Goods an j Zephyr WonUd. mygO i, i. •'esuTK i. rixa> WALL PAPER J. J. McURATII X CO., 3-1 WISCONSIN STREET, uroxmts, vHDLisaLX AXD asran. ^KALKAS is Paper Hangings, Window Shades, Ac. Competent vorkmen sent to all parts of th« City anil Coomry for Decorating and Paper Hanging IB at) lu l»anch«».all »»rfc warrant*!. f«h88 ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding & Commission MKHOHANTS. Proprietors of the LARGE ELEVATOR WAttKHOUSE, it the termlnnt of tbo Uitvtnkea ft Mississippi and the MUyansMs), \7atcrtovn * Baraboo ¥all«i- Kailroadi. ff~ Liberal advances made on property In store, or for shipment to Eastern Markets. o«t28-dtf AMD » 1 1. L i A B D K « « n , ISO Easjt Water ««r«-ct. VAMKTT of Dishes prepared at Ul idars, f M. Lunches or Slippers, consisting jf UKATS. tJASDINKS, ! OTSTKBM. io. Musical Entertainment every gaturdajr sTenlng. i | olttt&nce free. W. B. Gregory to Co., * COMMISSION MERCHANTS. NO. 208 WEST W ATE It STKE6T. Penonal attention given to Consignments of Flour and all kinds of Produce. decll I RQOFING, HARDWARE, &C. n . ,u E A «J Lit: A. 3* o * :! SION Oh 1 UK BIG RED KETTLE : OiALfR-S IN Stove*, Sheet Iron. Tin. Hardware —AND— iGRIU'LTOUAL IMPLEMENTS, W OULD respectfully laform Ihtir frtends an.i tht- public generally, that they hav? opened a dtore K 8O6 . .W>3T WATER aTRSFT iSO»; For the sale ef the above oam«tl artloles, tuirethe with 8PADKS, SHOTaXa, RAKES, HOES, And Afrieaifcaral Implementa generally, as veil «j all sorta Q{ SHEET IKON AND TINNERS' WORK, etc. etc, etc. BtoTes) pot ap to order. t3f~ Sooflng. RKPAXRINQ of all kinds, and every tort of vjrk in our line punctually attended to. EST Orders left will be attended to vtthout .leiay. »ugl9 UEAOUt t SON. . G. PFISTEU d: CO. llaonfactoren and Dealen ID Loailicr, Pludiairo, IIMeu, ic. '• IWEntWaUr street, Milwaukee, Wis. Calh paid fb» Hides, PeJH,W*ol,4c. PA.TKNT Non-Explosive Gas Lamp. X tlE pntlle l> Bow Carored with the' BEST, SATEST and stloit KCOSOS11CAL LIGHT erer produced, equal If not ruptjior to the but goat Oau. It Ij tdapted to Chnrcjits, Hotati. StoreJ, Reading Kaomi, P/l»afc ^welllnit, EaJlroad Uswa,*o_, 4c. A trial will prove 1U raperlorltr over all Portable -tight! now IB •te. l»l»nnl*e all «UnrL»»p«, being easUjr managed, Ullllant, economical, free from amok* -at meU, and •(at la more, enilrely Hie from all -d«"gCTof alon. AfiplTM . JOHN GOODMAITS, ~ «»'•• -•• *«#... B. W. s-AUHUM, *gcg« for the State of Wltcoojliv. SJ- P. -BARKER, EA8* WATK» STUEJET, MUmnlee, Wttcotutn, • ! - jilt joit received » large InYoica of T1KI\S' ArVD HOYS' I1;\TS ! • -'':. OP ITIRy GUkDE ANDQUALHT. i A ftnt-ttt* wibrttotat of , " iihcr. a-freat Yarlaty «f UtTAKPS HATfl, newitylei. « W5h wfll 6»M> d •» fraatly rednctdratei, atvholcMlc SMOKED SALMON. P -JJ-ft •arlf MAPJLK SYKUP. , Jbolc. s^tle HCltH 4 CIUWBfa. ^ : &SS^' i ^ li ^ t ^^^ BOOTS AND SHOES. PRICES REDUCEJJ — ON— BOOTS A N D S II O E B. F. CURTIS & CO., 141 I-a East Water SI., ABE BELLING Best Frtnch Calf Sewed Dooti ........ t£,00 AaMrtcan Calf Bewed Boots ........... 8,73 to 4^0 American Calf PejCged Boots .............. 8jW l*Jle»' Congreai, Heeled Boou .......... 1,30 Ladles' Lace Heeled BooU ............ IJo Ladies' CongteM Qaiiers ................. i,uo ' Heavy Soled Snow Show ........ 1,40 Jan21 WANTKD, A SITUATION aa Saleaman or Shipping Clerk, tn a Grocery or Warehouse, bw • man who has had man; revi experience, la the bnatneaa. Wage* go sbjwt, tmi conitant employment. Addresa L. M. L., Milwaukee P O. ootfs W Stereoscopic Views. E bar* retired * Bat lot at Stereseoplo embracing Tlewa of Interntlng' localities in BVSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, JBQ YPT, NUBIA, ITOR&SY, ISfLAJfD, ott'., XC Also a lance variety of n«tr American Views Hew and T«rj deatrablt flile* of gtertoioapi* Initm- eata. »TRICKLAin> * CO , ,. BookaeUer* aadJBtatiootn, •prl IMIait Water street. SOFT HAT L \ It t i •> ' t i K I- AN t \ i .1. \ 111 ^ J-. 39 3 Hai> t * ;i}j^ an*! * r tu >. 3.3O ATLA N'i !, ( Alil.i K il.J. * r \ a. •• - i; \ i •» r ;.;;-*;-• ., . -. -* \ l I K l ' i • . , , i IV t_j . 1 O O K :a -• I \^ ;i f r r ••»;(•• i FURNITURE > h ...;i u i • i > i . t I i ; . , i ; > ; . , • Uli \ \k I .. I •, ,> i>l V i -, ,. 1. . . . I .. . a i . ., i ti , , • - if •llrr.iri .)' ull ki.1,1. .11,. i -i/ If. , i' i - i.-, f: 1.1 M -(-,-- ! •. .'.-.•: . ' i: • : .i 'v i ,-i i , . • -HKI •• , l:r. ...^ .... , i ..,.,. , • ;Lv t 'i.-'ij; •< N •"•;» .1. .-r. ».. -• ^ •• I • » :.'. i. •(., : <• I I I 1 H I. 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