Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 7, 1966 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1966
Page 11
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THURSDAY, JULY 1. 1M ALOONA (In..) *DVAMCf-» Study at S.U.L 'Out of Shape but Not Out of Place By Abigail V«n Burtn (Copyright 1966 by Chicago Tribune • N. Y. Newt Synd., Inc.) DEAR, ABBY: An old flame of my husband is now married. (Thaak heavens,) She is pregnant and is big as a barrel. Well, she sings in the choir, and last Sunday was there, right in the front row, looking a sight, and my mother-in-law said she was the prettiest girl in the choir. My husband agreed with her! Abby, I nearly flipped. Do you think it was proper for a woman that out-of-shape to sing in a choir that doesn't provide choir robes? I have been in quite a few churches and'have never seen anything like that. .^WONDERING DEAR WONDERING: If the had been ju.f any "out-of. shape" choir member would it have offended you? I doubt 1 it. Be honest. Your mother-in-law's needling, and your husband's agreement with her were the real irritants. Since when is a women big with child out of place in a church — in the choir or anywhere else? ; DEAR ABBY: I recently borrowed a beautiful, antique, crystal cut glass punch bowl from a bachelor friend. It had been given to him by his family. Well, you guessed it. When I washed it, I used too hot water, and the bowl split right down the middle — in half! 1 took it to a china repair shop and they assured me of a first-class job for $14. They did say that altho it would hardly be noticeable it would lose much of its value if the owner ever wanted to sell it. What should I do, Abby? I must tell the man, of course, and 1 would gladly replace the bowl no matter what the cost. Should I go ahead and have the bowl repaired? Or should I just try to find a replacement? Please help.;.me. I am is, 1*1*. More Moor* County Auditor Published In the Algond CSunty June 30 . Advance, and July . Algond, 7, 1966. Kossuth Iowa, NOflCt Or LlfTIMO .Sealed bids will be received at the Office of the county auditor. Aigona, Iowa, until 2:00 o'clock P. M. D, S. T., July 15, 1966, for furnishng Kossuth County with 60000 gallons of gasoline. Bidding blanks and additional Information may be secured at the office of the county engineer, • Aigona, Iowa. June 25, 1966. Marc Moore County Auditor Published in the Aigona Kossuth County Advance, Aigona, June 30 and July 7, 1966. Iowa, IIGAL NOTICE -;- Notice is hereby given that the City 'of Algono, Iowa has received from Bonnie B. Wibben a proposal to buy from the City the following described real estate, to-wit: That portion of West street lying b;iwv.cn West Call street ar.d ths North city limits, for the sum of $100.00. Said proposal will be acted upon by lands, Salary lo. State Bk., Wholding ..— State Comm., Wholding K. Harris, Census Fee M. Straub, Census Fee .. V. Bierstedt, Census Fee M. Beringer, Census Fee J. Peter, Census Fee ' 0. Zeigler, Census Fee M. Long, Census Fee L. Menrieke, Census Fee D. Smith,' Census Fee T. Bartholomew, Census Fee .. M, Dahl, Census Fee Aigona C of C, Expenses City Clerk, Adv. Cash Ft. Dodge Equip., Service — Kossuth Mutual, Rent NW Boll Telephone Ribbon & Carbon, Supplies _David Smith, Mileage Burris, Salary Burtis, Salary Frambach, Salary . Helmers, Salary .. Loshb.-rjok, Salary Pcrgarvdc, Salary ' Wibben, Salary -. S'furt, Salary Boldridge, Labor - Ix'itchals, Laoor Smith, Labor STREET la. State Bk., Wholding Wholding the City Council ot the Council meeting State Comm.. to bo held July 27, 1966, at 7:30 P.M. Chemco Co., Supplies in the Council Chambers at City Hall in Holcomb Mfg., Supplies .... Aigona, Iowa. j NW Bell, Telephone• ... This notice is given by authority of I „ „,_, " OAI 1 US J JAX the City Council and pursuant to Section Bowman Bldrs., Labor f< Mat. 368.39 of the Code of Iowa 1962. Dated H. M. Brown Co., Repairs ... at Aigona, Iowa, this 30th day of June, R. Deal, Gravel 1966 Kossuth Motor-!, Repairs David A. Smith Laing's, Pipe & Filt. City Clerk U"C Inc., Lumh-r Published in the Aigona Kossulh PUBLIC SAFETY Advance, Aigona, Iowa, BoekHmor^ Salary ... July 7 and 14, 1966. * * AT RIGHT IS Marilyn Paetz, Aigona, with John Arnet, Humboldt, at Iowa City studying biochemistry on a program sponsored by the National Science Foundation. They are in the high : abilit.y secondary school group. . desperate. BORROWED TROUBLE DEAR TROUBLE: First find a replacement as nearly like the original. Present it to the gentleman with your apologies and an explanation. Return the broken bowl end let him decide whether he wants to have it repaired. DEAR ABBY: I would give 10 years of my life to be a professional wrestler, but I don't know how to go about it. I am 42 years old, weigh 145 pounds, and know I would' be ; good at wrestling if 1 had some training. I can lift 200 pounds off the floor and shoulder it with no trouble at all. I work in a furniture factory nine hours a day, then go home and work around the house until 11 p.m., and I'm still not tired. My children are grown, and I could go anywhere in the country for training. I am also a lady. Can you help me? WANTS TO WRESTLE' ' DEAR WANTS: Ask the sports editor of your locel newspaper how to contact a promoter. Or inquire at the "local gym where wrestlers work out. This shouldn't be a herd game to muscle in en. Good luck. • • » CONFIDENTIAL TO PEGGY: Don't let him retire if you can talk him out of it. You'll have twice as much husband on half as much income. Church meet given atlrvington Irving ton — Mrs. John Olson, Livermore, was the speaker at guest day recently at the Irvington church. Mrs. Olson was a commissioner to the 178th General Assembly in Boston in May, and gave a report of the meeting arid her experiences. Highlight of her report was a tape recording of a part of the farewell speech by Eugene Carson Bake, who after 15 years as Stated Clerk for the assembly is now the general secretary of the World Council of Churches. there. former Mrs: .Bi-th , INJURED BY BICYCLE Johnson new area extension service director W. John Johnson, Palo Alto extension director, submitted his resignation July 5 to the County Extension Council at its regular monthly meeting in Emmetsburg. Sept. 1, he will become extension area director with the cooperative extension service of the university at Ames. He has held the county extension director position in Palo AUo county since May 1, 1963. The new position will carry re-' master sponsibility for extension staff 1962. and programs in Buena Vista, Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth, Lyon, O'Brien; Osceola, Palo Alto and Sioux. As extension area director, Johnson will establish an area extension office and direct one of the multicouhty program' and staff units announced in May by extension leaders at Ames. The change aims at providing field staff workers with opportunity to become more specialized in the subjects of greatest concern in informal educational programs. Extension offices and staff will continue to be located in each of the 10 counties. A native of Van Cleve, he is a 1957 graduate of Ames. After three years of county extension service, he was on the campus as a graduate student in rural sociology and was awarded a of science degree in •Mrs. Ralph Nelson, Waterloo, daughter of Mrs. Blanche Lage here, was recently severly injured by a bicycle. The Nelsons were fishing at McGregor and after coming ashore, Mrs. Nelson, started to walk and a boy on a-bicycle came around a corner and ran into her. She was knocked to the ground and a pedal struck her on the calf of one leg causing a gash that required 20 titches. Mrs. Lage had just re- timed from a vacation at Diamond City, Ark., when she was notified of the accident. She hen, went to Waterloo, and stayed for a week with the Nelsons. The' Eugene Lages, Des Moines, and the James Lages, Fort Dodge, were guests of Mrs. Blanche Lage over the July 4th weekend. Guests June 29 of Ray Fitches, Burt, were Mrs. Myrtle Stiltz, Liyermore, the Orin Beardsleys, Green Bay, Wis., the Durwood Schmidts, Dallas, Texas, Mrs. Lyle Hanson (Fern) and daughter Brenda, Goldfield. Afternoon guests were Dewey Skilling and Mike, Steve, Kay, Randy, Cindy and Theresa, Aigona, and the Robert Skillings, Irving- Marion, visiting Goodrich is the Neal. A picnic for Sgt. Marvin Dearchs was held at the Call state park last week Tuesday. Couples attending were the Don' aid Hansens, the Kenneth Potters, the Toby Eastmans, the Durwood Walkers and the Dean Culbsrtsons, Lone Rock._'. Sgt. Dearchs was here to attend the recent golden wedding of his parents, the Claude Dearehses. He returned to Brookley Air Force base, Ala., Thursday. The Lawrence Millers, Clarence Canaday family and Mrs. Margaret Kent family visited Sunday at Clear Lake. Attending a birthday at Kenneth Potter's, Aigona, June 26, for Mary's 6th birthday were,the Carroll Potters, Toby Eastmans, Gerald Colemans, Judy Coleman and Jim Romer. Mrs. Lawrence Miller and children attended the Clapsaddle reunion at Fort Dodge June 26. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA - IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY ORIGINAL NOTICE In Equity No. 19588 CAROL SIMMONS, Plointlff, JONATHATTslMMONS, To: JONATHAN "siMMONS, THE DEFENDANT NAMED HEREIN ' You are hereby notified that Plaintiff's petition in the above entitled action is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the above named Court, which petition Bultcn, Salary Hutchison, Salary Jorgenson, Salary Rasmussen, Salary Elb?rt, Salary Vqigr, Salary Willey, Salary la. State Bk., Wholding State Comm., Wholding Trust & Agency, Pension A. Boekclman, Expenses 60.00 6.61 32.29 33.70 44.90 81.90 61.39 48.54 36.71 53.83 34.96 47.S6 8.75 49.00 16.49 32.25 10.00 47.7? 5.90 50.00 174.29 151.70 154.06 142.54 47.89 192.06 137 A3 147.91 75.83 , 98.07 73.47 104.00 11,81* 16.30 18.15 10.50 1,402.45 13.25 286.56 17.12 27'.00 227.47 175.49 17.1.77. 187.30 1 65.96 47.90 163.02 15.no 84.70 13.91 12.51 9.33 ftfy fit**, Oophtt Shooters, Suppllti .,NW Bell, Telephone ...^... Kossuth Motors, Service Fife Debt., service! *... .•**. Cook's Welders, Supplies ..-. R-;Elbeft,. Expenses ...i. iAN'ifAflON -tofel SheldbrvMuftn, Expens«s UBC Ihc., ""' Gode, Salary --*— Courtney, Sdtary !a. State Bk., Wholding Bowman Bldrs., Labor & Mot. D. Merrymoh, Refund , Humboldt Cone. Prod., Supplies City Clerk, Adv. Cash Loing's, Service Dynamic ~" 93.15 103.38 1.00 140.00 100.00 115.60 1.25 5.01 46.60 150.84 205.13 67.56 18./0 3.76 WuHiei?AL"«i*IKPitif(S •'' -85 Cemetery Assoc.,_ Taxes _-_-^-. 1,136.00 146.02 22.50 ^23.97 Gronboch, Solory Lemkec, Solory -_.-.;— Orovers Natl.; Interest la. State Bk., Wholding State Comm., Wholding ..... NW Bell, Telephone PARKING METER" Groen, Salary Nauholz, Salary -— L. Sands, Labor la. State Bk., Wholding State Comm., Wholding Trust & Agency, Pension R. Groen, Cooper, Salary Garr, Salary Darlett, Salary Erpelding, Salary Johnson, Salary Henderson, Salary Schutler, Salary Bruch, Salary r.M%.)r, r Pointing RECREATION DIUlll, <?UIUly ... Parrott, Salary —-.. Olson, Salary S'gsbee, Salary Bold-yiqe, Salary la. State Bk., Wholding State Comm., Wholding Municipal Band, Taxes Cowans, Supplies McKesson 8. Robbins, Supplies NW Bell, Telephons C'tv Clerk, Adv. Cash UBC Inc., Fence & &Supplies _ Laing's, Fountains & Labor __ 197.73 53.47 43.53 30.20 3.6b 2.34 125.00 138.45 85.59 93.28 70.11 85.59 70.11 93.28 70.11 62.26 . 184.50 45.39 139.50 85.20 4.50 , You are hereby-, notified that ort tne , last will * f , , 30th day of June, 1966. the last will *R testament 6f, Luella Wessels, deteqsW bearing date of, the 20 W day 1 - d» •> Mdf, , 1958, was admitted to probate W the . above named court and that Helen Wessels wds appointed;, executor of sold «s- isofice is .furttieV glvert that dftlr 1 Ot- Hon to ''set aside said will must; hi brought In the district courf of sold, county within one yeaf 1 from 1 tfW dot** of the secorid publication of fhli-rtotiW, or 'thereafter be forever barred. ' Notice is further given that Oil persons indebted to said estate ~ttre M* quested to make immediate payment to me undersigned, and creditors ~hovift0 claims against said estate snail tile them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, Ally authenticated, for allowance; and unless ' so filed within six months from the sec-, ond publication of this notice (unless ' otherwise allowed or paid) such, claim jnall thereafter be forever barred. Dated this 30th day of June, \966. Helen Wessels Executor of said Estate 1360 Lake Shore." Drive Chicago, Illinois • Address , ; Linnan, Lynch & Straub Attorneys for said Executor ' -' J, 409'.30 Aigona, towa 42 58 Address 25'.60< Date °' second publication 1R.77 4.34 795.58 190.57 14th day of July, 1966. Published, .in the Aigona:" Kossuth.' County Advance, Aigona, Iowa, July 7 and 14, 1966. •! reatment, without fault of the plain- .ff, and that the plaintiff have sole jstody of the child to be born to laintitf. Said petition further demands not plaintiff be awarded the household 'oods and furniture, and costs or sa.a action. Tou are also hereby notified to ap- joar before said Court at Aigona, Kosuth County, Iowa, on or before the :8th day of July, A.D., 1966, and met ..nlcss you so appsar and tile appearance, notion or pleading, your default will be :ntered and judgment or desree will be endered against you for the relief de- > manded in plaintiff's petition. I /s/ Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt Shumway, Kelly 8. Fristedt Attorney for Plaintiff 101 North Hall -St., Algona/ Iowa. Published in the Aigona Kossuth County Advance. Aigona, Iowa, June 23, 30 and July 7, 1966. HI FOLKS! We wish to take this opportunity to say "Hi" to the customers of the Johnson House, both present and future. We are proud to be new members of the com* immity and promise to keep up the fine service to our customers and to offer the best of food and beverages, The present staff of the Johnson House will be retained, and we will be looking forward to meeting all of you in the very near future, Russ and Barb Frizee ton. \ A 4th of July neighborhood picnic was held at Verl Patterson's Monday. Attending were the Lawrence Millers, Darlow Rogarts, Viggo Pedersons, Clarence Canaday family, Harold Sabins and Mrs. Margaret Kent family. Diane Miller attended the Brownie day camp at the Call state park last week. The Lyle Bensens, Ringsted, were Saturday visitors at Harold Sabins. Mrs. Harold Sabin attended a coffee June 28 at Mrs. Gerald Geeseman's, Ringsted. Several other young women, 1947 graduates of the Ringsted high school were also guests, and there was some discussion of a 20th class reunion next summer. Mrs. Geeseman is the former Beverly Oskvig, Ringsted. Franics Froehlich- who has been recovering at home from surgery at Rochester, St. Marys hospital, in March, returned to Rochester June 27 where he entered St. Marys hospital for treatment. Lee Froehlich, son of the Fran cis Froehlichs, arrived home recently after being released from service with the marines due to the illness of his father. Lee had been stationed at a marine base in California. Hugh Black, Don Frederick and Wilbur Ziegler, Aigona, and Robert Black, returned recently from a fishing trip at Lake Mille Lac, Minn. The men reported fishing excellent. Mrs. Gerald Coleman and Judy Coleman were callers at Duane Neals, LuVerne, Satur day to see Mrs.^Wm. Gopdrich Phone rates on km calls to i I ui is t ; : ii\ i ; drop Saturday Reduced rates for many long distance calls within Iowa become effective Saturday, July 9, according to John Claude, Northwestern Bell manager here. The savings range from 5c to 20c on a 3-minute call. This is the third intrastate long dis tance reduction since mid-1964 and is the largest. The savings to Iowa phone users from tne three total more than $3,500,000 annually. All calls for 47 milei are aiiected. The biggest savings in most cases are after 8 p.m. and Sundays with reduc tions up to 40 per cent, Also long distance charges have been dropped entirely on calls to some towns. Mr. Claude said that as a par of the change the present collect charge of Ibc on some station-to station collect calls within Iowa will be extended to all such col lect calls. He said collect calls involve additional operator work circuit time and accounting. Two from Aigona at navy station San Diego Calif (FHTNC) June 24 — Seaman Recruit Frank T. Heinen, USN, son of the Ferman A. Heinens, and Seamon Recruit Terrance L. Wagner, USN, son of the Dwight W. Wagners, Ai- gona, are having seven weeks of basic training at the Naval Training Center here. Upon completion of recruit training, they will be assigned to a school, shore station or ship, according to the results of their navy classification tests, their own desires and the needs of the navy. AWARD — Holger Jensen, of Cedar Falls, was presented the Governor's award to Rural Fire Chiefs by State Fire Marshal Wilbur Johnson. Mr. Jensen has COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met June 29, 1966 with Mayor Finn and the followng co'jnc-l I members present: Muckey, Andreasen, El- oert, Cook and Peirce. nbsenr :iv\,ln.r. Minutes of last meeting were apprq«e-l. I Mr. Schoby came before the council to visit with the council to sse if th:re ] would be enough interest in the community to construct some type of a museum. No action taken. Reappointment of Russell Buchanan to the Library was approved. Several cigarettes, three beer and five liquor permits were approved. , Offer of Vic Samson to purchase city roperty on North Phillips was tnbled. Or ; j. to vacate West street from Call reef north to city nmitb was ^.j-vt.-. Authorized City Clerk to advertise same or sale and that the Council will take ction on the sale of this property at ie July 27, 1966 meeting. Resolution approving Edna Smith 1st ddition to the City of Aigona was adopt- d. Authorized the City Clerk enroll in a orrespandence course on "Municipal Pub- c Work Administration" offered by the niversity of Iowa. \\oved and .seconded the meeting ad- qiirh. ' , " ' . , D. A. Smith, City Cork. Appropriating Resolution Number 1152 June 24. 1966 GENERAL inn, Salary $ 1.35.00 mith, Salary 238.13 WATCH YOUR INVESTMENTS GROW! We Are Now Paying GUARANTEED INTEREST ON CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT "At The Time and Temperature Sign" MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. & FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Iowa State Bank been rural fire chief for twenty years, ever since the rural department was organized. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF LETTING Sealed bids Will be received at the office of the county auditor, Algono, Iowa, until 2:00 o'clock P. M. D. S. T., July 15, 1966, for constructing stablized base on Projects 586 and 569 (1) involving 11,200 tons of stablized base. Bidding blanks and additional information may be secured ot the office of the county engineer, Aigona, Iowa. Go prices on the champs of performance.. . the '66 Plymouth* Everything is go! Low prices, high trades, easy terms. And the same engineering know-how that gives the specially modified Hemi-powered Plymouths a great record of performance and reliability goes into every Plymouth you can buy at your dealer's. He can't sell you a NASCAR winner, but he can and will give you an exciting deal on a new '66 Fury, Belvedere, Valiant or Barracuda. Each offers the kind of performance, ride and economy that will win you over. Test-drive one and see! See your Plymouth Dealer for a great performing Plymouth! AUTHORED Of AliBS CHRYSLER MOTORS CORPORATION KEN S AUTO SERVICE 1093 N. MAIN STREET AUGONA

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