Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on September 13, 1987 · Page 27
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 27

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1987
Page 27
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THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER IX 1987—5 Wednesday DAYTftEMOWS 6:10 MAX "TIM Hollywood Krtghte" (1900) Robert WeM. Tony Danta. On Halloween eve hi 1966. * rowdy high eehool gangwreake havoc hi Beverly HHIi lo •ivwioo tnt) olOwfiQ of tnolr heinQout. 'R* 6:660 MCTV "TheDevH'e Party" (1938) Victor McLaglen, Paul Ketfy. Wh«n • group of •him boye get together for • reunion party they are unaware thil death Is in unhivtted gueet. 6:00 HBO "The Ehnehented Foreet" (1996) Animated. Upon •Htlng under • magical elm tree, in artlat acquire! epe- del powera that he putt lo UM Mvlng Fenteey Foreet from destruction. 6:30 DMN "The Rod Fury" (1964) WHHem Jordan, Juan tomato. An Indian boy be- comee a target of raolal bigotry at tha turn of fha century. 'PG* 7:00 MAX "H Evar I 8«a You Again" (1979) Joaaph •rook*, Shelley Hack. A profaaalonal eongwrtter attempt! lo rek- India tha romenoe ha onoa aharad wHh a ooftogo oweetheart. TO' rdSWTBS "Love Haa Many Faoea" LsWM TliTMf|~Omf nOfetfttOfl* -A wealthy woman le plagued by conetent loHowera and tame to the bottle for comfort. 8*0 HBO "The Gig" (1966) Wayne Rogera, deevon LMHa. An amateur Dixieland Ian band'! enthualaam over a two •week engagement at a CatakWe reeort la tempered by oonfltota with thek neweet HiMnOOf 41fM Ins) nOttl 0 OWfMnT* SHOW "Tha HMeewaya" (1973) togrid Bergman, Johnny Doran. Two children run eway from home and htda hi New York CMy'e Metropolitan Muaeum of Art. where they are befriended by a epkttad reehiee. 'Q' 9*0 MAX "Diane" (1966) Lena Turner. Merita Pavan. Aaked by King Francla I of France to teach Ma aon tha gracae of the court, a 16th-century Frenchwomen ultimately becomee the young men'a mil- treaa. hi atereo. 10*00 KBHK "The Roed To Zanzibar" (1941) Bmg Croaby. Bob Hope. Two men try lo come up wtth enough money to get from Africa back lo the United Stetea. DtSN "Topper Takea A Trip" (1839) Conetance Bennett, Rotend Young. The ghoat of Marlon Kkby foHowa Coamo Topper to the French Riviera, where hli wife hee gone to eeek e divorce. HBO "Sphinx" (1961) Frenk Langella. Lealey-Anne Down. An Egyptologlat leeke a prlcelaee etatua while ruthlen black market antiqultiei dealer! attempt to itop har. In atereo. 'PQ' SHOW "Period Of Adluitment" (1962) Tony Frinctoia, Jane Fonda. Two young married couplet lace problem! wtth Interfering hi-lewe and emotlonel hiaecuri- llea hi thla adaptation of a play by Ten- neaaee WMHema. 10*6 WTBS "Deadlock" (1969) Lealle Nlelaen, AMo Ray. When a newemen covering Inflammable raolal laauea la murdered, en up-and-coming diatrtct attorney la aaelgned to probe tha matter. 11*0 MAX "OUver-e Story" (1978) Ryan O'Neal, Candlca Bergen. A young widower la unable lo eeoape hla depreeelon over Me wHe'e death ae he becomee Involved In e new relatlonaMp wtth an attractive end wealthy hekeaa. 'PQ' 12*0 HBO "OulckeHver" (1966) Kevin Becon, Jem) Oorti. When hie Hock market predlctloni faN through, a brilliant commodHlei broker tredee hi Mi lutt and tie for a Job wtth e bicycle meaaenger tervlce. hi itereo. 'PQ' g SHOW "Out Of Africa" (1966) Meryl Streep, Robert Redford. Danleh author Ink Dlnaaen'e memoriae of her 17 yean on a coffee plintitton hi Kenya and her romance with Britlah huntar Denyi Finch- Hatton. Winner of aaven Oacari, Including Beat Picture, hi atereo. 'PQ' g 12:30 MAX "Hollywood Orioit Storiei" (1986) Narrated by John Carradlne. An examhiation of the aupernatural ai portrayed in auch moviet ai "Poltergeltt" and "The Exorclet" and experienced by actreaaea Suaan Straaberg and Elka Sommer. 1:00 0 KKU " 13 Rue Madeleine" (1946) Jamaa Cagney, Annabella. A Nail apy ii ouilad from Secret Service School In the U.S. 2*00 MCTV "State Department File 649" (1949) William Lundigan, Vkginla Bruce. An American agent dedicatee hli effort! to curtailing tha activities of a nefarioua CMneeo mWttery leader. 2:30 MAX "Quarterback Prlnceaa" (1963) Helen Hunt, Don Murray. A Canadian teen-ager Irving In Oregon cautei a alh when aha deoldea to try out for her high ichool football teem. 3:00 HBO "Maxle" (1966) Glenn Clou, Mandy Pitinkln. A demure San Franclaoo lecretary developa a apllt pareonallty whan the ghoat ol an outrageoui '20a flapper Inhabit! har body. In atereo. 'PQ' 4:30 SHOW "The Hideawaya" (1973) In- arid Bergman, Johnny Doran. Two children run away from homa and hide in New York Clly't Metropolitan Muaeum of Art. where they are befriended by a tplr- Radrechiee.'Q' MAX "Head Office" (1966) Jedge Rainhold. Eddie Albert. Freeh out of buamett aehool, tha aon of a U.S. aenetor makae a curloualy quick rite to the executive autta of a large corporation, hi atarao. 'PQ-13'g 6:06 WTB8 "Hero At Large" (I960) John Rttter. Anne Archer. A atrugglmg young actor dona the gulae of e euporhero after unintentionally atopphig a holdup. EVEMrM 6:00 • KTVU THREE'S COMPANY • KRON • KTO • KOO NEWS • KOED MACNEIL / LI LIHRER • KKU ROOKFORO FILES 0KTXLSTARTREK 0KBHK PACTS OP UPB ESPN AWACHAMPKMNMP WRESTLING DMN MOVE "O. Henry't Fun Houae" (1962) Marttyn Monroe. Dale Roberteon. Adaptattone of five of O. Henry'a ahort Mortea: "The Clarion Cad," "The Leal Leaf," "The Reneom Of Red CMef," "The Gate And The Anthem" and "The GUI Of The Magi." DISC UMNSPARNE - CRADLE ISLAND TheRfetedbylnhabMenteotthleeeckid- ed Mend, located off Srttahi'a ooaet. NRK MY THREE SONS HBO MOW "Another Woman'i ChHd" (1983) Lbida Lavhi. Tony Lo Blanco. A htippHy nwirtod VKMMA flndt htx Wo *«ttk*l+y ohtinoytl whwi h«r huvband DflOQS sW HWORHNslto OtWQjhtiW ffOffl • paet affak home to Nve wtth them. MAX MOW "The Ladtat' Man" (1981) Jerry Lewie, Helen Treubel. A love- ecomed men deddee to ghra up on women only to land a Job aa a houeoboy In a •llcfftMelBllA tw^awrflew* lwtii«A siii* I.JITISII.J wutjiuinfj nousjsj. 8:30 0 KTVU JUPERSONS (QOOOTMES I MCTV HELLO AUSTRIA / HELLO VI- DWC SPICE OP UPE The etory of Brit- ahi'i Introduction to hidla'a curry. NKKANNSCTHERN SHOW MOVE "For Haaven'a Sake" (1982) Ray Bohjer. Kent McCord. An en- gel comei to the aid of a down-on-hla- luck profeiiionel baaketbaH player who want! to win tha reaped and admiration of hla daughter. 7*00 KTVU M'A'S'H ~) KRON WHEEL OP FORTUNE g IKPDtCMNEWS i KOO ABC NEWS g KQED MOHTLY BOSMES6 REPORT KICU FALL GUY I KTXL WKRP M CMCftMATI | KBHK HAPPY DAYS J MCTV NOCHE DE E8TRELLA8 WTBS BASEBALL Atlanta Bravaa at San Diego Padrea (Live) DISC WUUPE CINEMA A atudy of tha adundent wHdlrte aurroundhig Old Faithful in Yellowatone National Park. NKX CAR 64. WHERE ARE YOUT 7:300 KTVU M'A'B'H 0 KRON ENTERTAINMENT TOMQHT Actor Debney Coteman dlacueeee Mi new eerlei "The Slap Maxwell Story." hi atereo. 0 KPIX EVENMQ MAGAZME Featured: Slamaae twlni. • KOO TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES 0 KQED W»J). W*J> WORLD OP AM- 0 KTXL BARNEY MLLER 0 KBHK NEWLYWED GAME WON NEWS DWC M THE WLD WITH HARRY BUTLER Harry Butler aearchaa for the auppoaadly extinct lawn-hill water ret. MCKMONKEE8 8*00 KTVU MOW "Until September" (1984) Karen Allan, Thierry Lhermltte. Stranded In Paria after being aeparalad from her tour group, en American woman meeta and (alii In love wtth a married banker. 0 KRON HMHWAY TO HEAVEN (Sea ion Premiere) A loi) dog become! the link between an orphan and a married couple who are unable to have children. (Part 1 oia)lnitereo.g 0 KPIX OLDEST ROOKE (Premiere) Crime drama. A veteran policemen leavei hla datk lob to become a atreet- beat officer. Tonight: When Ike'a (Paul Sorvlno) friend la killed, he begin! to quaatlon hla own career goala. With D.W. Mottott.g 0 KOO BLESSINGS OP UBERTY David Brinklay. Peter Jennlnga and Tad Koppel trace the Malory ol tha U.S. Conatttutlon, ueing re-onactmente to chronicle key event! In tha document'! evolution, g • KQED EXPRESS "CathoUee Diacue- won" 0 KKU MOW "The Seduction Of Joe Tynan" (1979) Alan Aide, Barbara Harrla. An honeat, Influential U.S. aanalor'a political ambition and hla affair with a beautiful labor attorney put Ma family under a atraln. • KTXL MOW "Eyewltneai" (1981) Slgoumey Weaver, William Hurt. A tolovl- alon reporter become! involved with a janitor who may know more about a mur- flWr tfMn IM WllflvOvOO IrMft n9 M QAyM0> • KWK MOVK "Any Wadneeday" (1*MO| tMIM rORWIi tMVOfl nOD.ircn< •:¥•• ry Wednetday. a "modal" huaband vltHt hla nriatraaa m a tax-exempt auHe. • MCTV LOOWNO EAST WQNMNNKWB ESPN TRUCK AND TRACTOR POLL DMN BEST OP OZZK AND HARRIET DWC ARTHUR C. CLARKE'S WORLD OP STRANGE POWERS Topic: magical tptllt thai end In Hlneia or death. NICK I SPY HBO MOVIE "Quloktllvar" (1966) Kevin Becon, Jam) Qartt. When hla ttock market predtetlona fall through, a brilliant commodHlae broker tredet In hla tull and tie for a fob wtth a bicycle meaaanger tenrtce.Jnetereo. 'PQ' g SHOW SMOTHERS WhlU contemplatmg whether to ted the reetaurant, Joe and the gang remhtlaoa about old thnat. In etereo.g MAX MOVSI "Armed And Dangaroua" (19S6) John Candy, Eugene Levy.An ax- cop and a former lawyer uncover corruption wtthtn thek union attar taking lobe aa tyguarda.m atereo.'PQ-13'g 94SOSJ KOJD PMANCES OP THE VATICAN A tookathow tha Vatican gate and OS n.) HIOfMy. MCWPfSHMQ • KBHK THAT S MY MAMA HE "RSJfc^."WT OP MX DANCE DNN MOW "Toppar Takea A Trip" (1939) Conatanca Bennett, Roland Young. Tha ghoat of Marion Klrby foDowt Coamo Toppar to tha French Riviera, where hla wHt hat gona to teak a divorce. DISC WILDLIFE CHRONICLES A ttudy of the walrua' aaetonal behavior. MCKANN80THERN HBO WORLD STAGE: THE SECOND ANNUAL PRINCE'S TRUST ALL-STAR ROCK CONCERT Performance! by Qeorge Harriton, Rlngo Starr, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Phil CoNhit, Ban E. King, Bryan Adamt, Paul Young. Mlttga Ure and Jeff Lynne. hi alereo. 10:36 SI MCTV MOVIE "Weal Of The Bad- Itndt" (ig40) Roy Rogera, Qaorge "Qabby" Htyat. Adapted from e Zana Qrey novel. A good-natured outlaw tec- rHtcet hknaaif lo aava a pair of lovera. 11.00BJ KTVU • KTXL LATE SHOW In •torto. . INSlKPIXSlKQO NEWS INOUKOJAK KSHKDATWQQAME •POAOV •MCI WQNTI • TRAPPER JOHN. MS. ESPN SPORTSCENTER MEN MOW "Turtle Diary" (1966) Ben Klngaley, Qlenda Jaokeon. The uneventful llvee of two ordinary people take a turn for the better after they dtecover a ahered hrtereat hi eea turttee. 'PQ' DWC NATURE OP THMOS A vlatt lo Arizona'! Chtrtcahua mountain!. SHOW IT'S OARRY SHANDUNQ'S SHOW On the day after the Sohumakere' annrveraary party, Garry can't under•tend why everyone ie mad at him 10 he atepa hito hla flaahback booth to Hnd tha anawar. hi atereo. g 9*00 KRON YEAR M THE UPE (Serial Premiere) Drama. Triala and trtbulalloni of the auburban Gardner lemlly. Tonight: Anne and Sunny (Wendy PhllHpa, Amende Peteraon) talk about aax. In atereo. • KPIX WWEOUY (Premiere) Crime drama. An undercover agent (Ken Wahl) Infiltrate! the underworld In Atlentlc City. With Jonathan Banka and Ray Sharkey. • KQED I WOULD BE CALLED JOHN: POPE JOHN XXB) Charlee Durnktg atara aa Pope John XXM In thli one-men ahow re-creating Angelo Roncalli'a five-year reign ai pontiff, g • MCTV MOVE "Sweeney Todd" (1938) Tod Slaughter, Eve Litter. Well- heeled cuitomeri of a certain London barber ahop find themtelvei in for aome- thing deadly. ESPNSPORTSLOOK DISC SMALL WORLD How Coraicana Incorporate tradttlona In their llfeatylee today. MCK DONNA REED SHOW MOW "RutMeea People" (1986) Danny DeVtto. Bette Midler. A garment hiduatry tycoon can't believe hla good fortune when the ahrewlah wife he had been planning to murder le kidnapped. In atereo. 'R' 9:30 WON MOVE "Homet'e Neil" (1970) Rock Hudaon, Sergio Fantoni. An Ameri- cen Ql, aided by e group of Italian or- phana, btowi up a Nail dam project. ESPN SPEEDWAY AMERICA MCKMWTERED MAX CS9BIAX COMEDY EXPERIMENT AI Franken and Tom Davia elicit the opin- lone of hlgh-achool eentore aa they prepare tor graduation. In atereo. g 9:46 WTBS PROE OP A NATION? COLUMBIAN COFFEE 10*0 • KTVU • KTXL NEWS • KRON ST. ELSEWHERE (Seaaon Premiere) The hoapltal'a apared from demolition; Craig raallzet the eoriout- neaa of hla wtta'a dlvorca plant, g • KBHK ALICE ESPN MAGIC YEARS A look at tha year 1968 wtth a feature on former tennlt greet Atthea Qlbaon. DISC LANDSCAPES The Boreal Foreat •• a wetland environment formed by tha retreat of glaciera. MCK MY THREE SONS HBO WARNING: POOD MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH Baaed on reeoarch by Conaumera Union, an examination of food and how it affeda thoia who conoumo H. Include! Interview! with legal and medical expert!, g MAX MOVE "Stewarden School" (1966) Brett CuUen. Mary Cadorette. A motley band of reject! enter the Wleder- meyer Academy hi hopee ol becoming flight attendanta.'H' tOMODWNDTV 10:16 WTBS MOW "Bralnitorm" (1966) Jeff Hunter, Anne Francla. A young man devlaaa a icheme to kill hla lover'a hue- band and plead Intanlty, thua rliklng only DMC SURVIVORS OP THE KWAI The atory behind the buHdmg of tha bridge that apana tha river Kwal. NKKCAR 64. WHERE ARE YOU? SHOW MOW "Perfect Timing" (1962) Stephen Mtrkle, MicheHe ScarbeHI. An M-tlmad career change pule e New York photographer'! love life end fkiancaa on tha akMa until ha taama up wtth hla womanltmg brother and a punk rocker. 11:30 • KRON VISIT OP POPE JOHN S KPDt BARNEY MLLER KOONWHTUNBg KQED M THE PACE OP TERRORISM FBI Director William H. Webater, ABC Newt anchor Pater Janninga and Loa Angelea Timai bureau chief Jack Nelaon tre among the paneliatt dltcuitlng t° theoretical terroriat attack on the airport of a fictional Weatem city. • KBHKKUNQFU E8PN8PORT8CENTER DISC PORTRAITS OF POWER "Kennedy ••YeartOfChariima" NICKMONKEE8 HBO MOVE "The Road Warrior" (1981) Mel Glbton, Bruce Spence. In a detolett Auttrtlia of the future, an ex-highway cop reluctantly aldet with an oil-producing community under attack for Itt preclout fuel. 'R' 11:36 MAX MOVE "Black Venut" (1984) Jotephlne Jacqueline Jonet. Karln Schubert. A beautiful young woman entrancei a 19th-century French iculptor, who proceed! to ute her ai a model for hie let- eat work of art. 'R' 11:460 KRON TOMQHT SHOW Holt: Johnny Canon. Scheduled: Bob Hope, comic Jo Anne Aatrow, aclreai Liu Jane Penky. In itereo. • MCTV MOW "Moonlight Sonata" (1936) Chariea Farrell, Ignaca Jan Pa- derewaki. A love affair in a Swedlah houiehold leada to tha creation of the femed "Moonlight Sonata." 12:00 •KTVU TAXI • KPIX HOT SHOTS Proapactive pur- cheeera of a falling magazine meat untimely endi. (R) • KOO MOW "duett For Love" (1971) Tom Bell. Joan Colllna. A man trapped in a time warp between two exli- tencei diicovert that he can benefit from hie experience!. « KICU HERE'S LUCY » J KTXL BENNY HLL WON LAVERNE t SHMLEY ESPN NFL YEARBOOK Featured: Highlight! of the Philadelphia Eaglet' 1986 laaion. OWN MOW "O. Henry'a Full Houae" (1952) Marilyn Monroe, Dale Robertaon. Adaptation! ol five ol 0. Henry'! ihort Horiei: "The Clarion Call." "The Lait Leaf." "Tha Haniom of Red Chief," "The Copt And The Anthem" and "The QHt Of Tha Magi." NICK I SPY 12:30 •KTVU TAXI t NCU HERE'S LUCY KBHK FANTASY ISLAND WON INN NEWS WTBS OET SMART ESPN AUTO RACING Barber Saab Se- rlei, from Sen Antonio, Texat. (R) SHOW SHOWTIME COAST TO COAST Jail muticlan Herble Hancock travels ecroit the United Statet, thowcatlng talent from ttreet cornera to comedy olubt, wtth performance! by both eitab- llahed and regional entertainer!. 12:46 • KRON LATE MQHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN Scheduled: Rob Reiner, comic RHch Shydner. In itereo. 1:00 • KTVU TRAPPER JOHN, M.D. • KPIX HOT SHOTS Broderick aailgni Amanda, Jaaon and Pandleton to cover a murder-myatery weekend. (R) • KICU MOW "The Megua" (1966) Anthony Oulnn, Michael Calne. A myatlc toyi with tha mlnda of an Intellectual En- gjlthman and a frail young woman. • KTXL MOW "The Bobo" (1987) Peter Saflara, Brttt Ekland. A bumbling mat- ador-turnad-alngar la promlaed the limelight if he can aaduce the lovetlett lady hi Barcelona wtthin three daya. • KBHK MOW "Chubaaco" (1966) Richard Egan. Chrlatophar Jonea. A youth reaotvai aome inner conflict! when he joma a tuna fiahlng neet. WON MOW "Killer By Night" (1971) Robert Wagner, Diane Baker. Two teem- Ingly unrelated ceiei meih when police realize that tha cop-killer they're looking for ia a vital link to a atrange city-wide epidemic of diphtheria. WTBS LUCY SHOW ESPN AUTO RACMQ Formula One Qrand Prix of tttly, from Monia. (R) NKX MOVE "Second Chorut" (1940) Fred Allaire, Paulette Goddard. Two trumpet pleyen compete for a girl and a iob wtth the Artie Shaw Orchattre. 1:06 HBO MOW "Pray For Death" (1986) 9ho Koiugi, Donna Kai Beni. A Japa- nete rettaurant owner vowt revenge on the thugi who terrorized hit family while aearching for a valuable bracelet thought to be In hla potteaiion. 'R' 1:16 MAX MOW "Richard Pryor • Hera And Now" (1083) Richard Pryor. The fa- moui comedian rapi everyone •- from elephant! to former wlvei - in thla film itaged at tha Saenger Theatre In New Orleeni. 'R' g 1:30 WTBS HOQAN'S HEROES 1:400 MCTV MOVE "Ltw Of The Wolf" (1941) Dennlt Moore, Luana Walter!. With hli dog'i help, a man attempt! to capture a aaboteur who haa tampered with en experimental aeronautic! device. 1:460 KRON SALLY JESSY RAPHAEL Scheduled: women promoting condom uie. 1:66 SHOW MOVE "Chooee Me" (1984) Genevieve Bujold, Keith Cerredlne. The llvei of a bar owner, a radio aax there- pltt end e tchemlng womeniier collide, letting off a barrage ol emotional tire- work*. 'R 1 2:00 • KTVU BIG VALLEY • KPIX WM. LOSE OR DRAW WTBS OREEN ACRES DtSN WALT DISNEY PRESENTS A daiert coyote hltchei a ride to Naahvllla, where he befriend! a loneaome beagle and meeta a hard-luck aongwriter. 2:16 O KRON NEWS 2:30 • KPIX NEWS WTB8QOMERPYLE ESPN AEROBICS 2:40 • KPIX MOVE "Sing And Like It" (1934) Zaiu Pitti, Part Kelton. A mob- iter triei to handle two Jaaloui women. 2:46 HBO MOVE "Getting Even" (1966) Edward Albert, Audrey Landari. temporary commitment. 10:30 • KOED TO BE A PREST A documentary that follow! John Amea, former athlete and pre-law atudant, through hli ordination and tha lira! year ol hie priaat- hood In Philadelphia, Pa. SI KICU NEWS Conversion Chart Originating Channel 7 ,..,, 40 • AA 1|T -,,... 47 TIA 39 •• 69" 07 •-N/A Or* •»/ • Cable N/A 22 'IM/A

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