Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1941 · Page 11
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1941
Page 11
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* Wednesday, OctgWJB, 1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Eleven Mews of Whiteside, Carroll, Ogle/ Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties PROPKETSTOWH W«W*m IK* ! County P, LA, Council Heels at Prophefslown On Monday Evening Grade School Honor Roll innounced for First Six Weeks at Prophetstown Oivnrtorf OiirKT. Mr' Mr- Phiiip Sick and Injured TAMPICO NEWS Reporter, flrtwi H. nf Mann 'T who ro;in" I.arr.h !r, a M »' 'hf Th'rp : Mondav Fete Tampico Merchants Softball Team, Winner* Of 'Valley' Tournament Thr honor own eradr « r: T^T'iv Prophetstown Briefs "Ctrr.inr Dn-j-n th* 1 X'a'.'.*•. " arrnm- i-\a:-.-.»krt hy Mr* J^h.n M r tr;'t n f F' [ k- i^ar*. ?v5r^ K^i', T^' .'.'. C' H^Ti.-on ft «sr,R -rvor! ~. r.!' Tri" pflllb*arfr* -?<-:r .\\.'•*•"•:}•. I^'i!' A"•-•'•: • : F- r.rr^'--.. DPI-, id ^:-.'••••-• A:.':»"",n snri Fhs T.:r.T New Methodist Pastor And Wife at Tampico . To Take Charge Oct. 19 EMI NEWS Mr*. Frank Flsoti* in John Hahn Honored by Children Tuesday on His 81st Birthday n xvrrr * st trip horn* nf Mr. unM Mr.«. E. Burif"-* nM»r Err 1 . Mr. Ai- H^n Wi<-kmann r>f ! G^rg* Thoma.v Mr. pmd Mr?. Hsr- !-,'-\ s*ndror.k and TI :.' a bro'h'r of M" Mr r . W!'.;:,i:ri Pr'inr •• ill h^ an •rr rmren'.•• V.;;. W.-rin'-.-'iP- fr*- da'..- ?nr! Mr.* R«ndrfX-k Jir.d ri Pr'inrrt of On** * i ri'.n! af th" hom 1 " of! Mr. and Mrs. Artan i Mr. and Mr* Alberf Johrwnn of snr Pundav evrmnft \v,' r <r" of S'J.Rn CrfWil aT\4 follow*: Prir-.T flrr-t. hcr.or ir-r. > mart. Carol Ar.f. (-";• or roll. B' 1 "^ K.I-. . ymjcn son: third h OrPta I.ind Brown Hnwlrt four: Flr'V h«ir,r.: cond. Film Pml' :; turned h Ttir ; :fr rr. ' rfKP:;r < E , Mr, f Mj . Rrf , E , •< si •:•»>• ,,, \v,-u- T. :<* of fir«; H <:u: inn of t'nr - .:>;>] Va!!rv snf- n *• Mr And Mr--. D K Mr Nfl- •: r<-;; .Ic-.i r t~h'.i:'.-M, c !»•<-- Mr'.'on. UTth i-.fv.i':- roii. Hiir- r".:r..T: ' ' ht'T and Cair-hn K<>*h;, «.rv. Adarm th:rc!. C-uo) Shultv Josephine Uhler; fourth. Audrey Morrow. Primary fur and six Fii^l honor toll. Betty Harm:-' third. Nsncy Ping. Dean Kcott. D :i5 Curry. Mary ou Blurnhoff; fourth. Judith Cady, lobert Curry. David Yohn, Dolores Beldin. Intermediate three and four: first honor roll. Ann Wnrner. Donnn Rae Roesc. Ctlndys Johnson. WilleUa MllleU. Norine Roman. .Tames Fror- icr second. Joanne Lyle -WBlt'e: third. Donna Church. Roh- «lt Dcssing. Marion Morrow. Marilyn Toppert: fourth. Loyal Curry. Intermediate one and two: First nonor roll', BeVfrty /,-rhir^chr,- Donna Jean Conrnd; second. Pntncla kmery. Kathryn Tyler James Chandler: third, fconald Scott. Elizabeth Uhler. Robert Harms. Dolores Kellogg. Marilyn Kilberg. Eugene Bummer! 1 ?. General requirement* lor honor 11* in the Junior hieh school are a ipll must be recistrred for four unit courses or the equivalent In •curses which Rive one-half unit per •emester, the pupils must have made no less than "C" mark tn each Of the four major CCMU-M-.S for the •lod' the pupil must have made •no leas than a "C" mark for the -period tn physical education and health education for the period: all excuse* for tardiness and absence for the period must be valid and be oroperly recorded a* such in the of•" e of the principal: only courses rich carrv credit of one-half unit ••r serrtesteFare TcTbe" counted"ln determining the grade point average. Grade six: First honor roll, Har- W Ackebenr. third. Melvin Van De Wostine. Man'in Van DC Wostme; fourth. Robert Button. William Fisk. Grade seven:"First honor roll.-Janlee Tidmarsh; second. Joan Adams, Dudlev Drummet. Joan Layman, Kelson Taber, Howard Thompson, Barbara Upton, Richard Vander- invHe ; —Qflra." R'chnrd Hummel; fcfourth. Mary Jane Reiley. Douglas Conrad. Grade eight: First honor roll, Elizabeth Mootharf, second, CharlCT-Lindberg: third, Joseph Jleichard, Hazel Thompson; Jack lleler, 'William 'Sutphln. ^Edward S. Raser, 69, Succumbs at Geneseo; Funeral Thursday ' Edward 8. R«ser. 69. of Geneseo. died at 13:45 Tuesday morning in lilt home of a heart attack. He had ill-aboutihree-years Mr. Raser was born in Phenix township,, Henry county, July 31, i, son of Frank and Leah Raser. was reared and educated in Henry county. He was married Dec. JJ, 1W3. to Anna Evans in Phenix Umruhlp. They moved to Geneseo to 1914. Mr. Raser was a seed .salesman '•ltd real estate broker. He was a jnember of the Woodman lodge and converted as a member of the First Methodist church in January, a. For several years he was superintendent of the Methodjst Sun- '-school-»nd served- as president '.'. the Henry County Sunday School association. .. Survivors include the widow and •on;-Raymond' L. Raser of Gen; three slaters. Mrs. Mary Urick of Erie and Mrs. Clara Glatthaar Mr*. Elsie Erdman. both of and a brother, Charles Baser of Prophetstown. Funeral service* will be held at I JO Thuraday afternoon at the home for the immediate family and tn the First Methodist church With the Rev. Paul R. Ncstler offi- Burial will be in Qakwood i rip. of Tainpiro. pr' •;:-.•• <"•;!.<;! A <hor! i Mr ^nd Mr <*.\:'. M->.r-.p. . • •. •! T foilowefl Roll call of ] anf ^ ^, s Hi::' !)«••. me nf P^ t!"- rl->cv- from tlir \nrin-]« unit.' j^,.. w ' flr ra ;ir : , ?unri«\ ,it of t:-.e ro- :: -v. was held There were nomr o ( O: and Mr? .'. \V Mr<\\ from T.-imncn four from Rnrk j j-, r atld Mrt vv r. TV!'-: i Mr F.ill5 four from Rnrk ! SteillnE Central. >.jp"' - "i r>( MlKJli in dinner s h thr r a The the th'" Tamp;fO ' rjtr.P- IIPJT from (-.hurrh at Wilion ( ••••Kipn: a! CiHrrpv B F, \an.t '(.'n. Hr will cirri, sr.ri : .'S-.'or o[ ram" ?o < ; .: r; <T,(! hur «:)ri r > t>rr;a'rd fif5imir:;'' winrh H' i" a.flo" 1 of tl'.r p\*nii; Mrr.dav f. rnlnr h- childrrn n:j\ crar. errs: ers:.r; r.iiri:pr ••end a '.Trial hrur witli r« Hahn ai.ri brnucht rr- '-r; \ T! at thr Thri-r pir^rnt Bar on Krn- f]Vrr Iiorri Sj^rl'.ng Lincoln, live from | Rnr ^ "f Dr ;r frnm Morrison and 30 from F*ro;'hr;>U->WTi. Report.-- wpre aivpn bv thp pre*i- dptit?- of the various units on their work for the coming year, followed hv cli*ru^(on Arknowlwisement was prewn* from of 1 nf th* the rural Community clubs from the surroundmtr community of Prophet 1 !- Mi.*s I.iiiifln Bollenbach of Tam- pirc direr: or of district three, gave .a discvr-*ion on rural P. T. A. work. j and an oprn disrujwlon was held on thpir problems and work. A social ho-.;; loiiowed. after which rpfr«"-h- mpnts werf served by the local unit. then went to r where Dr. Tyler i.< attendinj: in" meeting of thr Masonic grand Ion. !a ol ;a',i .r Boo',trr Circle 1 f! ,,. irv hr]r "nurch snd was ^ drroraifd with •' *rrs and FAimac. rv (iinnrr Hill fi< limitt. ;' • 11 r i r. w r: r M r: -.:- IIPW i.p'ii M:<- Br-siir SPKT and l.vnette. will!Mr.« Ada Hfihn and Chervl Mr«i. move to Tampico for aiwvi; t-voiHurr-. Wood. Marvin dallaghrr. Mr. Both Mr. onr! Mr- P;>nncrr , and Mr^ Harry Uprivk^. Arvilla irom Nrbrs?k» ar.n r>nui at- 1 ,and Rohrn. Mr. and Mr^ Frank rnd trie Nti'»: v:. r ^n T h'ir'-<-;»'. and th' n\f " «: the Rorie Rivrr divi-Mon nf rh" l:/.:ioi.s F.d'ira'ional n.v<v!ation at D:xr>n Fririav J A and Mr.' Char]c.« M-ir.ivtr \iMtrd thPir wife and v.5trr. Mrs FerE!i5on a' the Univer?itv hospital in to** Citv Tuf'dsy. Thrv «-pr r - a^r-rvnpanifd hv Mr.« Ev- rrrf .Trvlm nf RorSt Island, a dviuhtPr of Mr . and Mrs T>r- c i-on and M: Jamr.» Wniri and Mrr Alhrr! John of Daienport IB Miss Kaf'^rn* Perkins of L<v Cxi;! . »1!1 arrive »t Morn- rr«-n.: Mr. anc Mi.'. I^ib^rt Wh! ( "- r i of wn wrrp FVidav evrnmz <"ai!- n the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hahn. MARLIUS NEWS Reporter, Helena D»M*r— Phnns R <fil r-on WpdiTv.da\ wffrnrion «! S hrr trnrtrd Nehrnska W <«'>•. an vrr.Mtv. Mrs. SprniKT if a talented ' uni-fHahn joined thr K roup latrr m the ' tj lodge of the Mrs. Kermit came Bt thr home , . .. . l>iPM(lrnt o! :hr association. thank- Jrnustclan and accomp'.iVrifrl whisl- i of Amlxv. | lo visit until Friday | «>1 her parents. Mr. and Mr?. M. DiMarco. Hunt of ChicflKO and nuiu ui v-iuin^i ixl those m f hatse of thr banquet f ] f r nnd -.velroniPd t: - ,r p'avrrs an<l (fn'-nds. C F M r Krn7ie very: ai trd a.s toa- I Bnhby Hunter, tram masi-ot; and Mrs L R BPR> who rvpniiiE. Mr. Halm i 1 - a nalivr of Whitr.side ' nsrrr. Mr« Kirk Outline of S!ir will visit her brother. R W Perkins, nnd other relative*, snd be a jnifst in the home nf MLv other friends Will Hosarth and Mr. »nd Mr.* couiuv. havinR " lin loratrtl in Tamp:ro five On Jan. 1883. born In Gar- was Mr. and Mr*. l*Mrr Onm nnA w>n , GrB1| rnterU , lnM At dinnr r ! M ,; llm Leona Swan Is Manlius Missionary Society Hostess Thr Geneva NrUon Lutheran MiARion«r\- wvifty of Manllu* m«t Monday rvrnme at fhr home of Mi.** Lronn Sw«n. with , hr , r Monvon. .;**•*' ^ .*•-.. •" .. - r . -r . \_tiffiintiin~iiiivnit^iiini i»»*.»» i i*-*n * i-^nnU introduced j y cars during the formers p«wornte in marriage to Mi^.s Minnie Mahl-1 In tnf , 8 f tcrn oon they v^ited Mr _ .. T- ^_^ hfipn tran'ferrfd to Be-jSipdt of Rock Island county. Their \ Hearths ulster. Mrs. Peter Van Mrs W. F. Tyle.r Named 'Head of Church Guild Mrs. W. F. Tyler was elected presi- it j)l tn* Kuni Join Us guild at meeting of the organization Mon- evening at the Prophetstown 'Congregational church. Mrs. W. M. JAjrinan is the retiring president. officers chosen were: Vice nt, Mrs. Darfell Peterson; gceretary. Mrs. Wayne Yohn; treasurer. Mrs. Clarence Zsclesche. i; 4 pknlc supper preceded the 0|Mting. Friendship sisters were re- fwlad and new one* chwen. Installation of officers will be held at the meeting The committee of "Mr*. Irene Stbley. Mrs. .. Butaer, Mrs. Hubert Mathls, Mllfrod Olsson and Mrs. Henry '9** __ Lton Church Young Ftoplt Enjoy Outing • A wiener roast WBJ enjoyed at the ttitig of the Youth's Society of 'an Service of the Leon com „ ___ „> Monday evening at the home Mir. and Mr* Ernest Waldbus^r, Of Prophelstown. There ,. _ present, including a niuu* L '«f fue*U Mrs. WalbUiwr. Joyce IB diargt of the ' F JIB kfffttng wUfi Hallow e'iii. Mrs. Matilda Skarin, Succumbs Tuesday at Home in Prophefslown Mrs. Matilda Skarin. 80. wife of J. H. Skarln. superintendent of the Eclipse foundry, died at 1:05 p. m. Tuesday at her home on South Washington street. Prophetstown. She nad been ill for two years and was critically months. ill the. past several Matilda OLson was born on September 4. 1861. in Helslnborg, Sweden, ayd came to the Untied States In 1891. She was married to John H. Skaiin in Geneva on August 9, 1892. She lived in Geneva until five years atio. when she and her husband cntnf to re- «idc She retained her membership . itll . *_'»lv . . ..mlB. «WAJV\«I ^.<-»wr. in the Emanuel Lutheran church of ! charles jr yetter Geneva, n.nd In the Ladies' Aid so- I nd M ;. s Dsle Blacil e rt . ciety of that church. „, l pn j O vcd Mrs. I. C Kullerstrand and son. ton of E\«n*ton. were weekend guests nt the home of the former's parents. Mr and Mrs Charles Hunt. Mr. and Mr* Harold Cadv spent Wednesday in Chicago on business. and ' "' • Munirr Iram nia.M<M, LM- j,rre. have been tra« Mil- vrrnr ^" ittx allfl Kenneth Hines. bnt| nrca ftn( j w j]| m dj? itptiri ^ K '. Vf: . FM^on Kepner. who umpired IJQ rjavs. Rev. Real? HOOPPQLE NEWS Mwtei , riunne the summer: and members of , lhe about | home wa* on farms in Rock Island ; rjh'ke in Morri.v>n. have (and NVhi'.eside 'countie*. They came; ' Mr ' and M rs John Fielding spent of the Manlnis church to Erie to reside in 1911 and have i Tuesday on a busines.* trip to Chi- tlie loam who are as follows: Archie | wnich j s located about five mile r - Mnrp made their home here. They were acoomnanied by Yanir. Artlvir Stickel. Uoy^ Van| nort hwest ol Beneca and will bruin 1 They have two sonv Fred of York- | liA mother and sister. Mrs. Mary and Frank of Erie, and fi\e[A. Fielding and MlM Laura Fielri- injt of Morrison. Mr. and Mrs Roy Cocking and Dirw. Merle Johii'-on, Harvey Hcvntt. ] hL ,, new duties this Sunday. Rev. i t own Charles Van Drew. Jarlt POI*. ^a^ yaduKted last tail from Gar- dntiR Charles Toppert. Ward Cady. Lowell Deiu, Lawrence Taet.*. Eugene Devine. Lynn Kai*er. Roland Slbley, Tom CunnifT Frank Owens. Glen Hcs'.tm. Biazf Zt-m. Robert Pierson and Virai! Van DC Vclde. McKeniie I< To»>,tm*iitrr Harold France of Dixon lavoted Silver Anniversary Of Hooppole Couple Celebrated Monday nament in which the team played. Mr and Mrs. Ralph Miller of'and congratulated the team on be- Hooppole were honored on the oc-lhali ol the association and com- casion of their silver weddlng-anni- munity for winning the loumey. versary at their home Monday eve- Mr. McKenzie then introduced ning. "The event was sponsored by Dr. Edwin Temple, manager and their daughter Charlene. nnd Mrs.(coach of the team, who in bfhalf of Zack -Greenwood."" Eighty -four "per-} the team thanked th« association sons were present. Mr. and Mrs. for the banquet and Irving Clay, Miller were presented with a purse president and Harry Hurd, jr.. sec- Rtaduated rett Bible Institute. Pinochle datiRhtrr*. Mrs. Ernest Bacon. Mrs. Pariie Gallagher. Mrs. Bf.saie Seger and Mrs Harry Wood all of Erie and j Mr and Mrs Gall Cocking. Janice jMrs. Robert Olson of Indlanflpolls. ' nnd Mike, spent Sunday In Munrte- | Inrf A Gu!t pav , pd nWRy Mr and Mrs. Cecil Frank of near • \ fHrs ftso . Mr. Hahn also has IB'be.rle. Tampico enUrrlained the followine ; prandchlldren and nine great grnnd- ; guests at a pinochle partv Monday j children. He hag a brother James evening: Mr. and Mrs. VL-JU" Peter- 1 Hahn of Motru-vor.. two sisters. Mrs. with Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ha- with throe cornet folos. He WR.S son. Mr. and Mrs. M. L Pierre, Mr. j;i] a white of Morrison nnd Mrs. nrcompanie'i at tlic piano hy Miss : and Mrs. W. R. Piercejon. Mr. and Addie Genung of Nebraska. Marjorie Horrner of Dixon. Toast-'Mrs. John Berje and Mr. and Mrs. master McKenwe then gave the Leo Sollar*. prizes for high scores of money and many gifts. Those taking part in the program were Gladvs Simpson of Sterling Deltz. reprcsentlnB the team. thank- Mrs Clifford Poison -of Savanna. ;«» the business associatlon-for- the Mrs . Mllton Gf . rber , Mavis and banquet and the loca fans for their ' Geombel . Besides her hxisband she Is sur- addres.s of welcome to trie chain-. werr awarded Mrs. Sollarx and Mr. pionshi|> team tcllina of the tour-'Peterson. Th* hoMes* served a nice lunch at the close of the evening. Tampico Briefs Miss Perle Crone returned to We- nonn Sunday after vtmttng her brother and sister-in-law. Mr and Mrs. Ernest Crone and son Robert a few days. Mr. and Mrs. LeBoy France and son Harold of Dixon were Monday evening guests ol Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Temple and family - Mr. and Mrsr J. Jr Kepner visited from Friday until Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Swanson of Pekih. They were accompanied to Pekln Friday by Dyson rotary and trea«>urer of the softball as.sociation for their work. Lowell • support. Charles Van Drew. •s were j wn o won the trophy for striking out the most men of any pitcher in Rjtloh ' cut the cake llietr division, wa* introduced as was | Kepner. Mrs. Leroy Stewart and vived by two sons. Arthur V. Skar-_ nich ' wns d rc . orBtc d with « mmln-! John. H. Daley, an inuerested Jan. IitprUrvlng and Mr, and Mrs. Wil- uV. generfll supenntendeht of thej ture ^^ and brnj^room and the wno sP 0 * 16 ° r tfie-sportminship of son Berge who returned home the Eclipse company of Prophetstown, ; j^^^ WM Mrve d by the hoat- nnd Gilbert H. Skarin of Batavia; Jesscs 10 grandcihldren, seven of whom live in Prophetstown.,. and., Batavia. A Daughter, Mrs. David E. Wells of Or^ftha. Nebr., preceded her in death in April. 1938. The body was removed to the Burnett and Johnson funeral home in Batavia. where funeral services will be held Friday afternoon. Interment will be at Batavia. Berean Class Picnic Luncheon Tuesday A picnic luncheon preceded the meet ins of the Berean class Tuesday afternoon at the, home of Mrs. Grant Wlldman of Prophetstown. Dr^ Almin*—stewartr—Mrs,--Grace Cleaveland and Mr« s Grace Reese were the assistant hostesses. There were 23 members present. In the nbsenctr of-thg -president. -Mnr.—Wal* ter Forward. Mrs. Mary Olnutead presided at the business meeting. Those who observed their birthdays nnd received gifts were Mrs. Winifred Besse, Mrs Ralph McGrady, and Mrs. John Sibley. Mrs. Roy Arnet.t conducted a "Just-One-Word" contest, and Mrs/ Ralph Watte sang, "Cathedral in the Pines." A reading. "The Millionaire and the Scrub-Lady," was given by Mrs May Brown. Guest* included Miss Grace Bibley. Mrs. Hannah Winkler. 1Urs. D. O. Bayles, Mrs. Ralph Waite, Mra. Monroe Thompson. Mrs. C C. Wildman "and Mrs. Elmer Sutphfn, Faithful Standbys at Home of Mrs. A. E. Clark A picnic luncneon at 1 o'clock preceded the meeting of the Faithful Standby class Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mn, A. C. Clark of Prophetstown. There were nine members present. Mrs. Clark was assisted rby her daughters, Mrs. Lawrence Killer and Mn. Raymond Rosenow. Mrs. Arnia Burdsall conducted the business meeting. The pledge to the church was made. Mn. Gussle Angell and Miss Lucy Beardsley, who observed. Iheir-Wrthdays. received gifts. A miscellaneous, program was given, to which several of the members contributed. Name Cecil Olingtr Commander of S. U. V. Cecil Olinger was elected commander of the PropheUtown Sons of Union Veterans at a meeting of the organization Monday evening, Robert Herald is the retiring president Other officers chosen were: Senior vice commander, Dr. E. N. Brown: Junior vice commander, Howard Maw; secretary, R. H. Mathis; ue&Aurer, G. L. .Cleaveland. The new commander will select his staff during the month. Installation of officers will be held on November 10. Riverside Club Meets There were 14 members present at the meeting of the Riverside club Tuesday afternoon at the home ol Mrs. Amandin Ackeberg. northeast of PiophcUiown. Mrs. WUaaif B*ck- «r **i-ia chaff* oj thr remits and tii? prize winners were Mr*. Wil? liana Buchwald* Mtk Jofao Jfjrhrum,, Those present from a distance were Mr. and Mrs.-Clayton Mirrch of Mendola, Mrs. L. B. Stcinbrenner of Mt. Vernon. la., Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cocking of Erie. Mrs. Helen Carlson of Sterling. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Poison of Savanna. Missionary Rally of ^ Evangelical Church At Hooppole Thursday The Women's'Missionary society of the Zion Evangelical church at Hooppole will entertain the district Missionary rally at the church j TompICO HoiTfC who spoke of Ine-sporthiinship of the team and the loyalty and cooperation of the fans and told of the. interest and efforts of both Dr. Temple and C. E. McKenzie in local sports. Van Patrick Talks Mr. Van Patrick of Rock Island. guest speaker of the evening and one of the men responsible for the tournament, was presented by the tosntma.ster. The speaker, who was a football star while attending Texas Christian university complimented the team on their victory. Mrs. Van Patrick was introduced and Mr. McKenzie closed the evening's program by expressing the hope that the team would continue with their good work. Thursday. October 16. The morning A ssui nun j > v^v ww^. * *«. » •«*• »-•••••- .*— ». n , session will begin at 10 .-o'clock^- Host to Those leading the worship and discussions in the morning will be Mn. M. A. Goss and Mrs. Payne Shipman of Polo, and leaders from neighboring Evangelical churches. A pot-luck dinner will be served at noon. The afternoon service will convene at 1:45. The speaker will be Irosn the. Milwaukee Itahan mission. friends of the surrounding communities are welcome to attend these trvices and the fellowship dinner. The ladies, with the help of the community, are preparing a box to be aent to the Red Bird mission. Rev. and Mrs. Grant Graver are accepting clothing for this box. Brown School Club Program on Monday Mrs. Lynn Brown. Mrs. Roland Vetter and Mr*. Harold Hansen were hostesses to the Brown school community club at the achooi Monday evening when Mrs. Leroy Gibson of Prophetatown gave charcoal drawing demonstration*. Betty Sejl- ler. Lola Belle Uaruen. Frankie fleyller and Paul Miljer had*part* in a mtuical playlet, Betay Hoon gave a piano ado, Artilth Brown of PropheUtown and Audrey Wolf, Dorothy Rahn. Mavifi Vetter and Constance Seyller sang and Mrs. Dale JElUcjkert and^Mary EUeii Hilger gave aoJotT ~ During the bu&ine&s meeting it was decided that the club buy a ktchen cabinet -for the wrhool kitchen and Mrs. Charles Vetter and Mrs. Rudolph Wannemacher were named to make the purchase. Bingo was played and priies were awarded to Mrs. Henry Hilger. Robert Blarkert, Paul Hilger and Betty aeylier. Quilting Porty Fourteen ladles of the Philathea claaa of the Zion Evangelical church held a pot-hick dinner and a quilting party at the church social rooms Tuesday. Hooppolt Briefs Carl Lorenzen Is attending the Maaonic graud lodge meeting held at Chicago Tuesday and Wedne&dav. Mrs. Sarah Austin of Geneseo la visiting at the home of Mr. and Mr*. Harlan Waif and Mr. and Mrs. Evert JohnMQ. Mr*. L. B •tcinhnmnvr of Mt. Vernoa. la, U vi*»Ung at the home of her *c«i-in-iatt and daughter, Mr. an4 Mrs, Vajadtrmoon- Home Units Tuesday ar weekend §u»*w at the ViuuUr- Members of the Tampico unit of the Home Bureau met Thursday In the home of Mrs. Charles Wheelock northwest of Tampico with members of the Prophetstown and Hume as invited guests. A bounteous chicken picnic dinner was served at noon. Mrs. Nim Gosney,-chairman of the Tampico unit, conducted the business session and it was reported that the local unit had^ four new members, - -Miss- Helen Thomas of Morrison, county adviser, was a guest and conducted the major project lesson on "Emotionally Growing Up," which was an instructive lesson on adjusting one's self to meet life's responsibilities. Miss Fredda Rosene was the minor project leader On making Christmas gifts. Mrs. .Frank Simpson of Rock Falls, county vice chairman, was a £uest and members and guests of the various units were: Prophetstown, Mrs. George F. Wilson, Mrs. Raymond Lyon. Mrs. H. B. Lyon, Mrs. Ada Pritchard. Miss Ida Lane and Mrs. George Yager; Hume, Mra. Thomas Cuniff, Mrs. Armand Gaulrapp. Mrs. Herman Harmsen. Mrs. Nate Hand, Mrs. Max Lawrence, Mrs. Elmer Helms. Mrs. Coe Gaul- rapt>. Mrs. Clarence Gaulrapp. Mrs. Aaron Gaulrapp. Mrs. Charles Fox, Mrs. Meredith Anderson and Mrs. Sam Jacobs; and Tampico, Mrs. A| Wilbur Baruv Mrs. Chris Rataftussen, Mrs. Haroid Plautz Mrs. Elmer Varney. Mrs. Nim Gosney, Mary Jane Bumphrey, Mrs. Verna Mclaughlin, Mrs. Clifford Harms, Mrs. Charles Wheelock and Miss Fredda Rosene. Funeral at Elkhart For Mrs. John B. Harmon Funeral service* for Mrs. John B. Harmon of Tampico, who passed away in the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr.-and Mrs. Ira Day of Tampico on Oct. ft, were held Saturday at 1:30 o clock at the Elkhart Christian church. Interment was made ui the Elkhart cemetery. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Kenneth C. Hanson, pastor of the Tampico Church of Christ, as&iiUd by R*v. J. A. Brubeck of Eikhatd. Mrs Logan Barber and Mr.s. z«l- ma Dau.s of Elkhart aang "When the Roll is Called Up Yoflder." and moon home were Mr. and Mr*. Carl Travis and daughter Betty of Mr. Vernou. Helen Vandeimoon of Mount fcna Kofaerta VajidfnapQo of son Berge who returned home the same day. Pvt. Raymond Tejnpie arrived Monday evening to visit until Saturday in the "home" of his parents-." Dr. .and Mrs. Edwin Temple and family. Pvt. Temple is on his way back to Camp Shelby. Miss., after being on maneuven at Camp Clai- bome, La. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Crone and daughter were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Crone and son Robert and Mr. and Mrs. John Edberg and* daughter Shirley of Tampico and Miss Perle Crone of Wenoria.. We wish to thank the Tampico Church of Christ, Tampico high school, Maple Hill school, neighbors and friends for the beautiful flowers and all acts ol loving kindness shown during our recent bereavement. Mil and Mn. Ira Day and Family.— adv. Pvt. Darrell Graham of Camp Forrest. Tenn., arrived Tuesday on a 15 days furlough^ ina ts visiting his step-father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Young. Mr. and Mn. Henry Sommers of Dixon and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Whaley of Rock Falls were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mn. James Darby. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Smith visited Mr. and Mn. James Johnson and son Jimmy of Morrison Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Ada Reisenbigler Is Hostess to W.M. A. The W. M. A. of the Fenton TJ. B. church met the home of Mrs. Ada Reisenbigler with Mrs. Lena Bumf as leader. There were tt memben present. The following program was present: Subject, "I Believe the Bible to Be the Word of God:" music. "How Firm a Foundation," Mrs. Freda Sikkema: call to worship by Lera Burns; hymn; prayer^ Vora^ Hogarth: ulk. Lera Bums. "I Believe tbe Bible to be the Book of Life, Truth, Power and Peace;" solo, Mary Jo Reuenbigler, "Beautiful Words of Life;" talk. "What the Bible Means to Many People." Harriett Bums; prayer, R*v. Hiatto. Refreshments were served by the hostess. Aid SuppeHNIets $160 The Ladies' Aid of the Fenton United Brethren church cleared $160 at the chicken supper served in the church basement, A large number of people from-Rock -Falls, Sterling, Morrison, Lyndon. Proph- etiiown and Krie. including those from Fenton, patronised the supper. Ftntofi Briefs Merton Naftiger, stationed at Ft. Lewis, Wash., is hosae on a furlough vuiting his pattntt. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Naf tiger. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ertel and daughter Kathleen of Willis. Tex.. spent the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Wright. Mr* Ruth Millar i* spending a few days at South Bead. Ind. where the was caU*4 ty t&t <le*tb of her Mrs. Henrietta Smith Passes Tuesday Night At Home of Grandson Henrietta Smith. 7fi. resident of Erie since 1937. pawed away Tuesday at S p m. at" lhe home of her grandson. Clio Francis Webb, following a serious Illness of 10 days. Funeral services will be conducted at the Slaymaker funeral home in Erie Fridsy at 1 p. m.. with the Rev. Melvin Fiscus, pastor of the Christian church, in charj'e;recommittal will be in Memorial park cemetery at Rock Island. Henrietta Amanda Crist was born in Rock bridge county, Virginia. Feb. 1. 1865 and at the age of one year moved to Park county, Indiana. She was married to George William j Webb in June of 1885 at Monte- ruma, Ind. She moved to Silvis in 1917 and lived there and at East Moline until going to Erie. Her son, Ernest Francis Webb, passed away Jan. 7. 1K». Surviving are her grandson and two brothers, John and Robert Snyder. Terra Haute. Ind., and several nieces and nephews. Mira. Rtt4nuui Tbomp- MM—Then* Tamplc* 14S-7 Church Groups Meet A meeting of the Erie Methodist Youth Fellowship group wax held Sunday evening at the home of Alice Maranville. Marjorie Avalotls was the leader and the topic under discussion was "Working Together." Preceding the presentation of the le&fton was a lunch served by a committee comnoned of Alice Maga. Beatrice Orville Sandroch of Port Leonard Wood, Mo., is enjoying a 13-d«y leave In the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bandrock. Sunday dinner guests in the home of Pete' Johnson and daughter LAlla were Mr. and Mrs, Wllbert Johnson of Buffalo, N. Y., Mr and Mrs. Everett Johnson of Manlltu, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Johnson and daughters and Mr. and Mrs. Francis Johnson. Jack Long and Helen Wickmann of Davenport, la.. Iriends of Orville Sandrock. sspent the weekend, in Jthe home o* Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sandrock. Mrs. Amiel Pirrson of Manlius. Mrs. Clarence Pierson and son. Mrs. Vernon Pierson and sons and Mrs. Howard Hansen attended «_H*!-. lowe'en party m the home of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Marine Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Amiel Piemon of^ Manlius. Mf. and Mrs. Clarence Pierson and son and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hansen were Sunday dinner guest* in the home of Mr. and Mn. Vernon Pierson and son. John Gudgell and son Lyle left Thursday on a two weeks' hunting trip to Denver. Cok>., and other points west. They expect to hunt deer, bear and elk. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Biackert and Housenga. Eleanor Bartlett and Marjorie Avalotki. The Newton -Garden Plain 8. O. S. leag.y.e jmet _ Sunday eymiiag .. aJt the home of Harland and Beulah Daw on Garden Plain with an approximate attendance of 24 persona. The topic under discussion, "Friendship." was presented by Bill Thomas of Newton. Pastor Returned The Rev. Ralph Kofoed returned to his home tn the Erie Methodist parsonage-Mpnday-eveningTrftrr-at- t ending the six day sesaion of the Rock River conference at Wilmette. The Rev. and Mr*. Kofoed and family are welcomed back to the pastorate of the Erie and Zion Methodist churches for the third year by both congregations. Erie Briefs Mrs. Fred Hubtoart left Tuesday morning for Chicago, where she was joined by Mr. Hubbart who had gone there Saturday to attend a dUpatch- en' convention. From there they went to Shelbyville, Ind.. for a few days' visit with her sister. Mn. Rhoda Offutt. after which they will go to New York city to visit their ton Gerald and family. Mrs. C. M. Coburn and daughter's, Betty Lee and Mrs. Harold Bteakk of Blue Island, and Mrs. Floyd Bealer and daughter Mr*. Wayne Northcut t of Rock Island §p«nt Tuesday and Wednesday with Mr. and Un. Willie Coburn. Mn. Bealer l» a daughter-in-law. of Mr. and Mrs. Cobum and the others are their grand daughters. Mr. and Mrs. James Coats. Mn. Alice Miller and the Mia*ee Bernka and Beatrice Miller were Sunday dinner guetU o/ Mr. and Mn. J. C. Adam*. Herschel Allen and Gus FiKher of d M dft Mlvt Lois Cfridley attended the 26th wedding anniversary for Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller of Hooppole on Monday evening. Sunday evening visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Gudgell were Frank Swanson and sister, Emma Swanson of ProphetatOwn and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Anderson. family. Mr. and Mrs. John Gibson of Prophetstown, Jack Long and Helen Wickmann of Davenport, Orville Sandrock, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sandrock and son Ronald and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sandrock and daughter Roberta were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gibson of Lyndon. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Biackert and family were Sunday afternoon visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Biackert of Hooppole. Mrs, A. A. Shere attended the Rally day at the Church of Christ ef-Tampico Sunday. Mrs. Art Black and daughter Donna Jean of Kennett. Mo., is spending a few days visiting with relative*. Mrs. Deramccrs of Toledo, Ohio, is visiting in the home of Rev. and Mrs. Gess. Mrs. Deramders Is Mrs. Gess' mother. Sunday evening supper ruesU in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Clements and con Nell were Mr. and Mn. Ronald Gibson of Lyndon. Orville flandrock. Miss Verna ErtckMnof Ohio. Jack Helen The of the lewon wa5 "Our Today—What's Wrong?" and led bv Mr.v Gail Plumley. A short mLs.Monarv playlet was Riven hv Mrs. Erwin Hake and Mrs. Mervin Glafka. Mrs. Vlrtftl Hurst played a piano solo; the thank offering thought WHS rend by Mrs. Lester Following the le.vson, the president. Miss Louise Schmidt, conducted the bmlne.v meeting and recreation wn.s directed by Helen Olafkn The ho«t«ws aerm! refreshment- in the Hallowe'en motif. Twenty members and guests were present. Move to Manlius Mr and Mrs. Henry Harbath and laughter Viola of Bocwell, Ind., moved into the apartment above the Texaco office at Manlius tha latter part of the week. Mr. Boswell Is employed In the local cheese factory. Viola is a senior in high school. Entertain League Munliu* Luther League was entertained. Monday evening at the hom» of Conrad and Eugene Schmidt. Tha on "A Haven for Lutheran Refugees" was led by Margaret MacLean. Manlius Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Haroki Peterson of Kewanee were Saturday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bchuneman ancI~Tarriily were* Sunday dinner gues's of Rev. and Mrs. S. A. Bird* sail. Miss Louise Schmidt returned home "Balufda'y after spending the week with Miss Velma Lekne at the home of Mr. and Mn. Charles Hass of Van Orin. Mrs. Clarence Raabe. Mn. Cama- fay Pierson and Anita Mae visited in Dixon and Sterling Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Simon and Billy and .Bobby Bence of Prinee« ton were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dabler. Mr. and Mrs. Jens Danielsen and sons of Buda were guests Sunday evening at the Rev. Birdsall home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Loekman of Walnut were Sunday night supper guests of Mr. and Mn. George Anspach, sr., Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Conley and daughter Barbara of Galva were Charlie Peterson home. Joan and Dickie Johnson apent Saturday night with their grand' mother MrsrOra Taylor of Buda. Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Miller, Henry Raabe. E. A. Eldridge, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Andrews attended the funeral of Mrs. Mary MacMurry in Walnut Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. William Rochall. jr., and Sally of Peoria were weekend guests at the home of Mrs. Victoria Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Witt and Irene and Ilcne of Chicago spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Smith. Royal Neighbors met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Robert Fox, ROIT. MITCHELL INSURANCE In 411 Ita -•mum was at South Bend Tuesday with burial at Lee Center, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Miller were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Ruby Ewers and Mrs. Lillian Beemer at Krie. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Reisenbigler and children, Mary Jo and Merle, were Sunday dinner guesU of Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Reisenbigler at Erie. Mr. and Mrs Charley Van Osteri and children, Harold and Arlene. of near Erie, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Van Zuiden. Valley school pupils. and their teacher, Mlu Mildred Rocenow, at- t*ud*d field day at Hamilton Grove school Friday They took part to Its* racial IE the rnqraing ani UM outer, Mm GertnMte Clark. Funeral pragma la the afternoon. Berkshire Boar And Gilt Sale Satatiy, Mtkar 18, IMI BUREAU oMnmr FUR MOUNDS PRMOETONi ILL 12:30 O'clock Selling second prize Senior Boar Pig of Springfield State Fair. Also fourth prize Junior Boar Pig of Indianapolis.

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