The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 27, 1923 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1923
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 1^23 sed Cars Hudson 7-pass. Sedan Hudson 7-pass. Touring 1522 Buick Six Touring 1921 Buick Six Roadster 1920 Buick Six Touring 1919 Buick Six Touring 1910 Buick Six Roadster 1921 Nash Six Roadster 1922 Nash Four Coach 1922 Ford Coups 1921 Ford Touring 1920 Chevrolet Touring TERMS—TRADE Distributors Hudson and Essex Cars, Phone 271 PRIZES FOR THE FANS JULY FOURTH Classy Merchandise' Given by Civic Clubs — Band Gives Its Service*. WHOLESOME PLAT CUKES CHILDHOOD DELINQUENCY, SAYS WELFARE EXPERT! NEGRO HELD FOR THE 7 R OF After being Chased Through' Five States He is in Jail in JVtr'.lt.. Mlcll. •Turn mollnT. but aaid ho did not know she was that ego, Whitfield was held Incommunicado lasi nlcht. Pati-oliirm Griffin was never seen nilvi- after ha started tor a Cleveland poli.e station with Whitfield wfro bfid h• •' "' •Ji^i^lP^vXIi&^Kmil'^lK^ . 3«r*Wray," stripped of Its MJtfrsVwifl'^A. was found In a shallow grave 1 out. ule Cleveland several days later, Whitfield, according to officers, will waive ! xtrndlUon to Cleveland, -John L. Whi 1 1 'i'ilil. mill •:.••. v. ho:"' capture la;;| n .rhl i»'»!fil \i i. ihni has intended Uir.-mitli Mhit.. urn, Illinois. Wisconsin i\.n M i.'iiinuM, ib'tiies thrtt he kii:. .1 li.'i!»l- f. •.' hi , Clevfclnml jx> 11 cmj:!;i:i for v.'! . • .- !a;,ill;r ho Is wanted in Hi" ohi'- i-ii>. l,.. ; |,..i| |„ i, ,-ll i,-r.' under Iioavy ward W 'iii 'l 'ii'iil (old i'1'fir.•!•..: that «Jrif- f:n wh i Wii'ifi- ;.l under sirrwt a;M v, a- miliar. h "au in ;!;•• r>:U.'i' :ita tidM :<l '':it:ii : y idiot himself and 1M: aKi .iiii '-dKic M Miv-- iho v.oc.iol Hi' ,-ni-i Ik - Up'--/ ; I 'tliinir of what In.;-" In Ills- i-ttU-r fi..r.vir !.T. "i : ; .:nr :v!l in d-ivo i.i a onK.-r to • •-II a Irani.- of'.,.,.- about it." Whll- ficlil Is ilUct'-'i as i-.a;. ilii.':. 'V •il'.otllinis happi'iieO, la iViin;.. lav au '.al/' Knew lh» White Girl. Ho -said In- ii.t • -.'..|i-d i'.i return to Clav'll.l .il Satu.ol.y a:;4 ;>iv.; llimaeif up, 11" l'i !o haw ailmiiti'i! la- tluin'-y with Marie IV,r-. i-S yat old vvbilu c,ir! wlm la '-ooa to become a AMERICAN GRAVES IN FRANCE TO GET CARE L^g-icn Fund For Decoration is Gradually Rising—Kansas Response is Good. mm Kelie. 6 BEU--ANS -\VvMl*-^i='' Hot water- jt^yftp) Sure Relief : and 75<J Packages Cerywher* J:.,iwi:':i|volte. In<1. P June 27.~Grav«a t,:' \:.•»•;•}•.-an Wurlcl "War rtr-^d in K';:.-; < ;i re n^vor to bo fors'ittfii. ho(ii. of 1 -ffort.s of tho American J /'-i.^sii in raSinu ft fund to [iruvitl" !''.•:- itii aii^'ial det.intlIon In ii^rpvlutty f> : ; ra.-«Ir :|f p.'acos. Trio Over^..i> K ;n' --wiiifut Fund, aponeored by i.l). I/-ion. h.'i-s reaclu*d' $110.?99.Pa r lo vc;iK:rla of the Nft'^unai Ilubvrt II. TyhcUU of tlio ori":i n';-.;-.' >.m. (\i .nt':Put'oi::J still mtJTitjt. Comp'cj- tiosi ui' i.-iirnpaij-vris lii th& nuuiy &tutos v\- j:i'r!.:d i?a.uso tho total to ln- ci\';i^' -litily. Fourteen l«glon <ler>wt- ir. h!x i*i foHilKn f -ountrifis, have i 1 ;..- ..i di!^ quata st-t for thorn, Tho lii.f. .'••(ivilliora stale to roinivt a fund i;. rw•• -<L- of tlw anniout eet was M '.- : Vthern n ci.i ^'Oo ^Vul coiu- h ha-s boon, cumpletod. co f;tr •Fi-nneylvania la lending all t: : ' iiUior EUiLts ill t!io «nufu:u cou- <iriitu:i'i!. O 'tltori o* tJie foremosi. in c^;itrii:ii[ ; .-i;!.;) arc Nevr Vork, Hit*: da, Ifii.lian:i. .^UniUJsiOta. Kansas und Calf- fon>. u. :, L irx" ordor namod, Canli'i- l -'-*'i '';s til*- Miii hf.:nE: received and ma; be «»oni dlroet to national head- C|i;;nTonj *>t' the American Legion in .-'iKdls. Tho cl v i c c. 1 u b s o E - H u t ch 1 n son, Idon-s, C .'oopCTativt?, Iviwanis and Rotary responded to the rail for e :ifh with whJch •) buy prizes to bo givea p.way to fun's attending the two panics In be play fed hpro July 4LU by disgi"P down and providing li^ficlont funds to buy nearly $100 worUi oC nier- oliandi^e. •. will b& scvea pri7 .«s given away at oath ^oane, lour to lu^n and •threw to women.* The santo sehedulo will hv> feI !owe .i& for n .!tt:rr .i»vui and morning Kanica. The pi*i ;:e .s for men are as follows: V\r»l- ^leuuln^ IwUhcr tvavoVins haff. ' ypeotid---Broadclorh ?ilfc f»hirC Third—A ?5 tlnx* hat. Fourth—-A t-:K»d neck Lio. I^rizes for woinoa are; Firs^— Vc rasol. Seeoiul-—Pair of ear bohs. Third-A of Bilk hose. Mayor Walter F. Jouls and the president-^ of thv civic clubs will have charge of -tho dlsirilmUvui <\( the priaca which will take place sometime during each K-.trn-o. Morning and Afternoon Games. EverytMna: is Drogre^iiig nicely toward petth]/j two h\g turnouts for tho fonrMi. The games -will be^Vri r^^*^NBWP*W^««-y schedule Is oall- W f"Or In the afternoon. A parade headed by tho Municipal baaid which hits voluntarily offered to donate Us eiervicya will »{jirt from the ChaLmera lndel at 2 o'clock. In -the parade will bo Lho players a :id Sip Moore'a boys' school. Tfien -j aro 1(H) youn{ji*t-er3 in. the school, all of whom aro learning vho* national pant I mo from the bottom up. A £ame between two picked tvams from \lw boys eciool league will prer -wle tho SapuJp-a-Hutchliismi tfIt. It will be a 3-imiiriE affair ing at 2: AT*.. Need the Money. Tin? base-ball mana ^tmiont is homing for a record tvirn-owt for xhv two games. The finaurtal condition of the chili, v.'?;i-'o not. bad will stand bol^t^.ir- The management appriHiiates the spiril of the civic cIuLm and the ban dun,'n wno by their g'^ieroyity have made i>o^ibie the added ^ttr.rue- .Liouti. Evrryono paying admissio* wiil bo a i-o.^-lbio prize winner. The; of the fund for the pri ::eM wu.s handled by rA'. B. Cr *.vnwa]d a;)d Ho^'irn I'rehuL, a committee iWm the IAOV.A club. American Association. ^ At Indianniioiis- It H K Columl .us 110 300 G00—M 17 1 IndianiiuoiLi ...101 00-1 S01— 0 IS 0 l'-alto:ios: Northrop, Amhri and Elliott Pitsflratnonii, Cavid. Bono and Krcuger. At MlnnwipoUs— U H B Milwaukee 000 (WO 20r> - 7 11 1 Minneapolis' ...201 (100 030-- 6 14 ti Batteries: Sl«tak, Koofo, Pott. Lindsay and Shiuautt; Erl-jUsaii, McOraw and (Irfibby. At St. Taul— It H E KBiiaas Cltv ...211 200 000— fi 11 \ S St. Paul 131 000 000— 5 8 0 Uattailos: Wilkinson, DAWson and Scott; Merrltt, Nayitir, Sheehan and Allan. v At l.duisville— n H E Toledo "IIO; 100 000— 2 U 0 LoulsviWo 01T 101 10x— B 11 0 IJiitterlira: McfJlflUghlin and Ander- eon; Dean and Meyer. National League. „ At New York— R JI E PMiadelphli ..210 000 000— 3 S 0 Chicago, 111.—Flay Is the greatest antidote for juvenile crime and do- llnqueney. If boys~aud girls wore provided with enough wholesome- recreation they would have no tlmo to get Into U'oultle. This was tho assertion al'^. II Shirley, of ."\Iuakogee, s /.tla.. m G dross hore in 'iilr^i l^mw • r 4i.„ c^rnu, 'If. .^rphams VSrraJiStwsiSKiS.rJ r w"lilch -the. Brother- ! WBSSf 'of /Vmerlcan Veonien will establish. Mr. Shirley le chairman of tho directors of tho National Fraternal Congress' of America, representing a membership of 10,000,000 men and women. "A recent survey of 1,058 American clttos," said Mr. Shirley, "showed that reduction of from t»0 to 76 per cent In j-uvoTiife deilajv.ioncy followe*:! tho establishment oE playgrounds and re- crr-atioual facilities. Vet mora than l,S0O,ii0O children in IhiB country-have less, t'nan 114 feet of playground each- and :r>0.900 muiorprlvllrged young- stors In the Tnited Stales'arc homeless or improperly carea for. "IJcIiiKjucucy is not the result of DRY! DRY! DRY! Save the Lawn and Flowers HIGH GRADE MOULDED HOSE IN STOCK IN ALL SIZES. Cut Any Length. HOSKINS & YOUNG HARDWARE—Tlftf SHIP (Home of FRONT RANK Furnace) Phone 3752 - 22 First Went evil Jntent. > It tfl simply due to misdirection of the boundless e-nergy with which boys and Klrta are equipped . Given plenty of clean play, children will not Ihinlc of mischief. "A carefully planned program, or free as well as directed play will he a part of the training children In the Yeomen home will receive. The home will eventually cure for 1,500 yrtmir,- r,iers. The chtrdren will have the benefit of wholesome home Influences and tho best of teaching and character hulldinfr. When they roach maturity they will be equipped morally, mentally and physically to take their places as the finest types of self -3upporti !'.:t men and women." Now Y->rk 000 010 05i— 6 8 0 MaUerk's — Philadelphia, Uehsn, Head and Henline; New Y'ork, Bentley. Jounard and Snyder. At St. Uouis— HUE Pi (L3b »fj;h 000 400 030— 7 11 1 St- Louis 003 000 002— G 7 0 eriec -J — Pitisburfth, Meadows, HaKgl'y. Adams and Schmidt; St. Louts. Dank, Burfoot, North and t'li'ino-is. .Vinsmltii. At Ch!ea;:i.— R II E Cin 000 002 100 000 01— 4 13 2 Chicaso 000 110" 010 000 00— 3 12 2 Batteries—Cincinnati, Elsey and Har^ravc; Chicago, Aldrldge, Keen and O'Parrell. Boston at Brooklyn, no same, rain. American League. At Cleveland— • It H E St. Iji'Uis 000 00 0 0 !ir— 1 6 1 Cleveland 010 112 i3x— 0 11 1 Batteries—St. Louis, DuvU, Barne and Severeld; Cleveland, Ulilo and O'Xc-111. At lietrclt— It II E ClliiiiKO 100 021 020— 6 12 0 LleLroit 040 000 021— 7 J4 1 Uattories — Chicago, Leverotte, Thurston, Mack, H. Blankcnship and Schalk; Detroit, Collins, Colo and V.'oodall, Ba-soler. At Hoe tun— R H E Xew Y'o.-k 000 000 001— 1 11 2 Boston 200 000 10*— fi 8 0 Batteries — Now York, Hoyt and Hoffman; Boston, Quinn and Walters. At Philadelphia— K H E Wtwliint-lou ...420 020 000— 7 12 2 Philadelphia ..005 060 50x—16 20 2 Batteries — Washington, Johnson, Zahni.sor, Warmoth, Friday and Huel; Philadelphia. IlarriB, Hasty and Perkins. EVERY DOUGHBOY MACHINE GUNNER This is What is Planned For the Future m the American Armx. R. H. B. Your battery is as old or as young as it acts. The Exide is vigorous at an age when many batteries are in the scrap-heap. There is an Exide Service Station near you. The Electric Storage Battery Company Philadelphia For Sals By EXIDE SERVICE STATION . Phone, 1720 10? East Sherman Western League. . At Denver- First Game. Wichita- 003 001 010—5- 6 4 Denver 000 000 111—8 11 2 Batteries—Sellers," Gregory and Mc- 'Mtillin; Volgut and Diamond. &eoor.d Game. Wichita .......«20 150 100—« 17 * (Denver . .• 100 000 2000—3 6 1 Ba.tle.rleu—Maun and MoMullln; Hall and Hlukle. At OruaUa— ILII.SI. St. Joseph 300 000 000 —8 4. 1 •Omaha .<K0 001 lOx—6 S 1 Batteries—Haid, Llndberg and Pierce; Lee and Wilder. At Sioux City— R. II. 0. Tulsa .003 01S tlO— -9 14 1 Bloux City 101 100 013—8 7" 2 Batteries—LelivoR and Crosby; 'Rose, Duff and QucxTy. At Des Molnea— R H El Oklahoma City.000 011 316 —11 JO 0 s Des Moinos 000 010 000— 1 4 4 Batterlera—Tdo and- l.utz; Freeman, Prendergast and Whaling. Texaa League. Da'Bas, 4; Houston, 2.. Wichita Falls, 11; Galveston, 17. - Floart Worth, 9; Beaumont, 2. Shroyoport, 7; San jVntonio, 3. Southern Xs »oola.tlon. K »w Orlwomw. 2-1; Atlanta, 1-4. Nashvill8 r 2; Memphis. 5. Chattanooga, 8 -2; Lottjo Rock, 2 -5. Mobile, 1 -8; BlrmIn«hoim, 4-7. Westsrn Association. EenryotUt, S; Joplln, 8. Bttld, 0; MoAlcster. 1. Port anilah, 6; Springfield, 4. Washington., J uno 27.—Kvery" doughboy may bo practically, a machine gunner in future wars, due to progress made by ordnance experts in developing a semi-automatic shoulder rifle to replace the regular service magazine gun. lteceui demonstration firing tiiih (he Iaifiit |io» model, the Garand numl-iautomRtic, at Hie Aberdeen, ,\td., proving i.rouuds, haa convtc .cod many of the oti'icera that they'are on the road to tho itms- sought solution of the pix>;,er wiiapon for the infantry. It Is the "Garand." Tho Garand, named alter its inventor, John C. Garand lonr,' employed at the Springfield Arsenal, is cue of the numerou3 senii-automartcs with •which army experts have been working. It is aippro-viraately tho same size and weight as the army standard Springfield magazine action rltlu with whWh all American forces aro equipped, said to be the most effective military rltlc in the world. The Spring- fields, with oporatiou of tho bolt action necessary to reload for each Ehot has a maximum rate of fire of about 25 shots a minute, whlla the Garand developed a speed of sixty Bhots a ruinute during tho firing at Aberdeen. In many respoe'U the now gun Is an exact counterpart of the 1903 Springfield and it is lighter tlma tho modified Enfield produced in Quantities durng the war. Tho automatic device applies only to the breech action for the purpose of ejecting shells In reloading. It is necessary to pull the Married Movie Actress. Los Angeles, Jnae 87.- r Gladya Walton, motion picture actress, and Henry M. Herbol of Now York, assistant general tales maifsjor of the company starring ifHat Walton wore inarrlod lioro late iost nisut. To indicate hl»torio-«poto on h>eh- •srays and roads tn Queooo Prorlnco, the Historical Monument Comiaisffion •will Install oriiiuneoital posts carrying «, large maple leaf, on, which, in. Mug- Ush and lfrencli, the Mutorical points •will bo mentioned. Should tto gov- arument acoede, tho Installation of these posta will ba-atoiiod tills sutn- inor. • , ,. • r. ... i r- SOUTHWESTERN LEAGUE. W. Pet. Oofleyvllle 36 Jl .632 Musltr -.BiW. 35 28 .60'J narlIf=>vlllo .".81 23 .644 KUTOIIINSON 2'J 21 Mi £!H |iu!l>a 2" 23 .491 Topeka 24 W .444 Independencu 22 M -385 Ballna .-. !t> 34 .370 NATIONAL LEAGUE. W. I,. Pet. Now York ' 42 10 .87T Pittsburgh 36 23 .810 Cincinnati H 36 .576 Chlcaeo S4 31 .62§ BrooKlyn .b0 89 .80S St- Louln ft 82 .492 Helton 20 41 .828 Philadelphia ., 17 43 .288 AMERICAN LEAGUE. W.VU Pot. New -Toik 3» 82 .839 Philadelphia, , 84 11 .567 Cleveland 33 86 .882 St. Louis 23 81 .483 Detroit 29 82 ,475 Chicago 211 81 .456 Washington 27 84 .443 Uoeton /•••22 S3 .400 AMERICA^ ASSOCIATtON. W, L. Pot St. Paul .....40 18 .690- Kansas City 86 18 Ml Louisville »J 1* .582 Ooluntbus to 28 .MI InqMatiapollri NX......'.20 34 .433 Milwaukee ,;. ..<>,..'... .25 8D .417 MJlinetpous ,,.,..,,...".r..r;a4 9< .414 Volodo 21 8lT- .860 WESTERN LEAGUE. W. L. Pol Wiohlta * 88 "22 .863 Tuloa 4t 88 .504 Oklahoma City 81- 26 .683 Omaha 84 S£> .640 Dos Molnen 80 84 , .469- Bloira • City ,-2«' 85 ".««" :r'ffirfiv@ Grades Avoids Scored Cylinders and Assures Perfect Compression by thoroughly lubricating all {fictional surfaces Consult chart at any -rSt andard Oil S©wl®@ St at tan and at most garages for the grade to lubricate your car correctly—then change your motor oil every 500 miles. trlKS'ir each I lino to fire. Of the tests at Abc-rileen. n war department memorHiKhim sa>s: Will Kill More People. "This gun was tired with great success, and it at once bocaino a matter of great interest to those who are- watcLinK it because of its possibilities for rapid, accurate and sustained firing from the shoulder though being at the same lime a light, poriabio gun which can bo carried without I'atlr.ue to the individual Soldiers." At another point th.3 memorandum said tho periormanco of the Garand under severe lesfs as to endurance promised "to fvlfill the many requirements 'that will bo Imposed upon it." <?> * <S <§, 4. •J~'4- 'v * <5> ••• •..;• J ••> 4- <8> * SOUTH HUTCHINSON. <?• <8> ^ <& <S- -i> 4- <»• •«•• <v <6 'S> <8> * Miss Odell Ltvlbettf-r is "spendlns the week with relatives In McPhnrBon. Mrs. Durull of Greens burg was vls- itin;', her brother, Itev. W. II. Stevens -* 'I ucada-. or 1ms wick. Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Baron of Dodgi Citv Hipetit Monday with their daughter and family, Mrs. E. K. I-ord. Mayor Henry llucliier. wife and bain'" of Uorraiiee, spent Sunday with Mrs. Uuoh.U-r'B brother, Mr. E. B. JiOrrt and family. Mr. and Mrs. joliirssin and daughter, Mr. and Mi;s. Will>er Mti-Mullon and ^ittle son. Mr. tind Mrs, O. R. Trabue, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. F. Kemper. Mr. and Mrs. William Jarcd, ar« i the proud parents of a baby (flrl, born-Friday 22nd. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Johnson ot Hutchinson, spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. O. It. Trabue. Little, Howard Trabue. son of Mr. and Mrs. 0>. IL Trabue, was will a few days last week. Miss Dal lis Manchy, was Sunday afternoo* RUcst of Miss Lorn Boll. End of the cigar that is lighted call-ed the tuck by tho trade. To know a toy, j/ou must play with Mm— Edgar Quest. Music It Essential 410 will buy for youj home an endless source of pleasure, this new Player- Piano! When other forms of entertainment lose their attraction, Musie- always pleases and relaxes tired nerves! The hest mufcic is • always ready for you to enjoy, on Melodee and Q. R. S. Rolls, and this •wonderful Player-Piano brings it to life! And the Jenkins Plan makes it so easy to own—only $10, $12, or$15 monthly! Come in, or write for catalog. June the ttmc to ouyt faytnent* Oladly Arranged JENKINS' Tor AnytMnf in Vtuto ... Visit Jmkituf \J SONT MUSIC CO. It. P. HuUttnd. M«r.. 188 W. Main Bt.,"Hutahlnso n . K.,i Tho House TliM fjuftranttiaa.ALI. : -Ka -1'la'ttds/;,i •r .J M. llSr

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