The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 7, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1859
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l^a^^^ J-H.-U :ri v-^-> COMMERC1AI-. -S^«i*i-^r::t Ww?T>--•'- .."•;• .;;-„. -j mm eowawwoH.—ADJOURNED miniro. NEWS. I>kily I'aper.poDtlsnedeYtrymortilnft except Monday: ru-Weekly Paper, Mondiy, W«anw4«y »nd J?rid»y. ' ha i i Pajle 'tor one yeaV, payaWe 1nadvance... .»t,00 TEBM8OF TEI-WKKK^T PAPER. .. f *»ddy Paper for oee year, p»jiltie iniavaoce.. J|i,W HATESOF ABVJERTtSlKQ is DAI1.\T 1 1 1 do, 1 *4o. I do. -1 do. i do. do, 'S4ayi-•-'."" l^BO do. Sdayt .... 2J» ' ' - % ajoj ,'8..i.. 8,«r 8*0 - 4,00 5^)0 1 squire, 1 month..'„$' «,00 1 • do.' Staontlu.. 10,00 1 do. S months.. 12,00 1 do. . 4 months,. 16,00 1 do. v € month!.. 16,00 1 do. 9 months... 20,00 1J 3o. -lyfti...: 30,00 ^ h»v- i»8 jn»t aniWd 'by the ? tr»Sn— raalce* & j-ush for the register,; peas down his autograph, anc '' " , Have you.^owf rooms In the UOBM 7" jtfcfnk so. "I wantyonr b*st one— on tlie first floor- do yon bear 1" ft ounds v at ".?; I*augd ou, AGENTS,: J-65 HBonddlpit Street, art : a*Okiirited ctlvt Advertisements Jor tliif and all tke Leading Paptrt iff the SorQaoeet, and are tke OKU and BZ- maSrna av&oristd Agenttto the JterOaeest/or a ntojortty o/tt«m. - , _ mtrt IN TOWN. AND OUT OF IT. POMKEOY, EDITOR. ASSESSMENT BLANKS. - iWfi MB »:ow.supplying some country offices with asEessment blanks, and are prepared to fill n -djeirg ifor them prompt!} and on reasona- bL terms. 8HAEPSTEIN & LATHBOP. t IB singular that infauts increasing in weight the fastest, grow tlw most wrekh £5?" Old maids are not the brst school teachers, as they cannot multiply Cool..—The ice is not ont of the Sant river, at'Like Superior. SAVAOJES.—The Madison folks kill on an tverage one mad dog a day. PAST TIME.—Yesterday the steamer "City of Cleveland" made the ran from Grand Ha- ,ven to Milwaukee in 6 hours and 20 minutes will do as well aa we can for you." v **WeU, lake tfceseHi iBgs"—handing over the counter Tialf-a-doien afiertiit articles. He then stops to ask, while]othera are wnittog Lis moUons—"la Smith stopping-here J" j?'yes8ir," '' . ... | - "What'shis room?" ! "He ocoapfes 200, tow." •'Is he in it 7" "Do not kuow sir—wilUend up a boy and see." The boy returns and says he is not in. "Where is he?" "Cannot sny,-sir. where be is." *'H^s hi> gone out? )x "Should tufpoie that he had." "Well—wliere—wltere did lie go?" ''Conia not say,-sir "We never ask' strangers their business." '•When will he be in?" "That 1 could not say, sir " ' When does he generally <?om« ID?" •'Wall, really, sir, I could not say, as J am not here all hours of the twenty-four " "Well, nerer mind; when he comes in, tel him that I am stopping here, and wish to see S@~ Onr friend, the eminent Dnane, says that ''true dignity is the dignity of truth."— He claims (.he above &s original E3T The McGregor Tiraet speaks of a blark- smith in that city named Hellwig. He must be a "hot headed" fellow. Bella some beautiful green house plants,' and also an assnrtrbent of household fnrnltare,at suction,this morning at 10 o'clock. STSALISO—In BnUalo tbo servant girls carry off sugar, br»'a<1, ham^. and shoulders, etc., traspended from books attached to their hoops. "At last accounts, General Lamar iisd qditted Nicaragua and was in Costa RICH. He parted ,witb tire Nicaraguao ^government on friendly terms. Ii LrvE8 AOAIS —The .Atb-neum opens to-night for tbe benefit of Mrs. T A Lynde. Some choice plays will IK- produced, and tbp hens- will-doubtless b? weJl filled • We are pained to Wrn that (J H. Bishop, one at ihn propri-'tors of tilt Janes vUle Ttmei. is at tho ] omt of dra'.h witb vbe typhoid fever McGregor Timee says the captain of « two masted schooner ou its way from Portage City to New Orleans, was drowned in the Mississippi, opposite Clayton, Iowa LIQOOE SELLERS — According to a list prepared by the Chief of Police, there are known to be 478 places in this city wb«r.: liquor is sold. LAW ABLDIKC . — In La Crosse tbe bars are all closed on Sundays, in conformity to law. — The temperance people there will soon strike their gait John Johnston, a young roan aged 33 years, at Walnut Grove, in La Fayette county, was killed on the 28th ult , by the accidental discharge of a rifle in his hands. itfeleorological Record, for May, 1859 kept by C. H. GARDINER & CO., Druggists, 18 Sj.rinj A BBAOTTTUL p^i. — In Sing Sing Prison, the pride and pet of the institution is B little body, born four months after its mother was confined — for the crime of arson. be a perfect little cherub. Ii is said to PKAIEIE x>u CHIBK.—Tbe Courier says:— "Tho Lard tims« atthongb aeverely felt liavs not arrested the progress of improvements in onr city. New buildings \n bains erected in every part, and old ones are being repaired and added to." of iadles w. Hndson N"ortl> Star say* a couple i, orsv i n that vicinity, when he f-ot into' e mud bole, and ibe ladies were onnnptUed to walk eight miles for assistance ; hut before assistance arrived the horee died. WKM. CLOSES.—The Milwaukee & Chicago Eailroad Company have fitted up an office on thscqnwr of Wisconsin and East Water street, for the sale -of through tickets to all points EastandSonth. This may be regarded as the very best location in tbe City for such an office. MmrrciPii. COURT—Hts HOSOE, JTJDOE FOOT*, PaesiDnip—Friday, May 6.—TEis morning, the following case was disposed ofc- Martha Christina Bittner, drank, fined $5 or -twenty' (Saj's imprisonment; execution to him Mr B. steps up and asks, >f what time does tbe railroad cars go to Uiieago? •'At 2:40—yon will see -the time table at your right band, sir." "Do they start on tim. ?*' "Yes, Bir » "I* your clock there, riphtj" "We intend it to be as near correct as possible " "Does a bus go to the oars?" "Yra, sir ; it leaves here half an hour before train time." "Do,* it belong to "So, sir, it belongs to the- omnibus conipa- uy. ' •'Well—well—well—is . there n<, mwtake about it? Is it sure to stop here ?" •THS, Kir." "Well, I am afraid it won't ^ so I will go on afoot, and I want you to sending trunk down byi t. Don't forget, as I can't go iHthout it." "I will send your trunk down in tlis big- gage wagon, and you mnst be there tn claim it." •Will tin- baggage wagon be turt to 1«? there in time?" '•It always hat been, sir ' "W«-ll, you just reniftnbt-r Iu f,ut il oij.vour. Sttif, and I'll gri on afoot,"— and pff goes Mr B. Mr. C. enquires very carefully—"Do yon Lave dinner before the care go'" ''Certainly, sir, you hare lots of umf ' Mr. C is satisfied, and sita down. Mr. D. steps up and asks, "Jsfnis tU Newhall House?" "Yes, sir, this is the veritable New hall " " Well, my wife was to be here to-day, anyhow. Has she- oome yet 7" "What is the name, sir?' 1 "Name—ah, yes—Jones, sir, is mj Mrs. Jones is tbe name of my wite '• "No, sir—there is no such lady here. Which road will shi- arrive by 7" '*By tbe afternoon boat." '' By the boat, eh ! As it is now eleven o'clock, and the boal will not arrive till two, she tnaj be here yet '' "Well, to »be may—1 did not tUink !'' Mr. E wan;? to go out by the early morning train, leaving at half pa-il two About 8 o'clock he comes in. "Does the bus go to the early train?" " Yes, sir." "Well, I want to be called ID time." "Yes, sir, yon shall be called." ;'ffell, I want you to see to It—come and call me yourself." "J shall not be ap myself at that hour, but will put your name on the call list, and a inaa whose business it Is,will have you up in time, I warrant." " Well, if you leave it to some body else, it won't be did. I know how it is." "No danger, sir—yon will be called at any moment yon wish. Our night watch and porters arc very attentive, and we never missed a man yet." "Well, that is no saying you never will." And off to bed goes Mr. E., to pass a sleepless night—fearing he will not be called, and in tlie morning, when he finds it it all right, faels almost sorry he was not missed, tbat he might grumble. So H goes, all day and all night long. We would not IIP a hotel oli-rk for half a fortune. Would not stand and be tormented to death Tne Boardof Aldermenah*TBoard of .Councilors in jotnt convention. ^ :•••.• :-. .''-•'• His Honor, the Mayor, In the Chair. ' ;, Miedermab, OV Neill, Phglpa, Pantis*, Smith, and- West.— Couno11o»-B Auer, Baenlng, Bnsack, Heraer, Heineman, Hoyden, Johnston, Lockwoo'rl, Mo- GrraUi, Noyes and ScnulU, - lAbseut—^Aldermen Doasman and Phillips. Councilors KroegetjLanbenhelmerjMcConniok, BneckerU, Bosebeck, Tesch and Vogel. • Alderman Prentiss ofl»red> tbe following resolutions : Hetohed, Tbat tbe corporate power of the city of Milwaukee is vested,by law,In a Board of Aldermen and a Board of Councilors, who areutact in separate and-distinct assembly, except in cases of the election or appointment of persons to office^ or the confirmation of officers, on the nomination of Ihe Mayor. Resolved, farther. That'no petitions, memorials, or resolutions, can properly be received or entertained by the two Boards When assem- }led in joint convention, other than soch as jarticnlarly relate to matters connected with he confirmation, appointment or election of lersons to offlot). Mr. Johnston w.i- in fcvur of postponing the resolutions for the present. After some discussion tbe resolution was adopted by tbe following vote : Ayes—Aldermen Lippert, O'Neill, Pbelps, 'rentiss, Smith and West. Councilors Aner, Hayden,l«okwood, Noyes and Sohulw—11 Noes—Councilors Buening Bueack, Heineman, Johnston and MrQratb—5 The Chair said that the object for calling tbe convention was to designate the official newt- papers Tbe contracts and bonds of the coo- tractors had been approved by both Boards Alderman Prentiss saii he did not think U was required to designate official papers. The printers Were not officers, only employees of the city. Alderman West thought the official paper* should be designated, bat Dot viva wet, but by resolution. Councilor Lorkwood said tbat tli-a charter amendments did not repeal Section 6 of the city charter, and he could see no impropriety in designating. Councilor Johnston saw no danger io designating,as the contractors called on tbe council to do so ; if the parties so designated were burned up, they could call on the council to designate others. The Chair said that by section 9 of the charter they were called on to designate, he thought the papers should b« designated in some way. Ald-rman West said he had drawn op a re- solnlion which bethought would meet the difficulty, and offered the following Rtfolved, Tbat James Kerr be, and he is ejvby, authorized to publish all ordinances, notices or resolutions, required to be published io a newopaper in the English language, IB thfe Milwaukee Daily Xeiu, and that such paper-is hereby designated as thu English official >aperj provide! that the city shal Toot beheld iablffor any «;lia»i," - s for sort) publishing, ez« ••pt a« th« r»t»-.- provid* for iu the contract VAoq*D|gj»!—-John Truman fell. int» .to Mm out Thos. Drew b»d hi* jaw aecidently. broken and, shoulder dislocated. The «auje morning, Mr. Uwrcbc* O'He'arne an employee about the depot, at Portage City hid his ahn bro.keo in two placeav ling spmij cars. ' . : • BOY FoenD.—On& of our compositors fonnd a littla lonr year old fcoy crying in tbe »t»eei yesterday}uTenins, baring lostliis way. The little fellow does not know his' name. A one beluga boy short, will vt ,\\ a t the Police SuUonl • ' A motherly old cat in Sheboygmu ii ii bteicate of and nursing two young otters, latWyc»ptured'by a boy. She U aa kind to them as if they were her own kittens, instead of playmates. Flo THAI PAPEB —We woiider if the Oshiosh Democrat, has' not a spare bundle of paper.— Bet-ter look and see, friend Finnpy. • > • i» ™_^ iis^' The Evergreen City JKlls, at Sheboygan, will be running in a few dars. jar In the matter of the late poisoning ease in this city, Mrs Couroy waived an examination, and would have been committed to jail to await her trial at tbe Ctrrnit Court—the Justice not being authorized to allow bail in cases of murder^-but >npou application 'to Judge Fliot, she Waa Discharged, on giving bail for her appearance »t the next term of , Court in the ffum of ^800. Rice demanded an ! ««' • »« examination, which resulted on Monday last in his oomtnftfnHnt to await hi* trial.— JJmtc- CTuttc Preti, Fund du Lac TUB TELEGRAPIL a»J*. sad mor ;at> wfr« ka< active (ar vbeat ta- 'or flour. The f«, llnjr, how. T« , mti vtry firm Ta* erefjMag s«ie Extra MUIlng W» e a«, smltia <t which were made at a lower figure, t,m i n> •aoplca were ef rathtr a medium quality, galu of •*>>•' foot up f ,008 bw nearl/ all In small parcels from hinds It 1,04 for No. i lo store; 1.14 for o^n uore; ni«!ri.or r S«. ] f o b (,1th . coapi. lou »f BEPORTKD FOR T11E DAILY SfcWS. om Europe. NEW Yoac, May 3. Tim Niagara paued the steamalrip Kangaroo tad Alp< ju th«3d ult , from New Turk for Liverpool. at (b* nmo prlc<- Jdi e. l,l,W«wr extra and ing Iu the city of London had ruwfvwj"^"^^ w^ttl»•lp^er.• »*QunrM more act're, r«r/ flnn, ard I J-ord Stanley without hi* consenJ fcr i . *' r - Baring declined the 'lib sales of 3,2tt bU> at Br Conjurj and Cllj Extras fob. 0«« loi of 1.IM 1)H- of • City br»n4, sold at 4,33 r u b Ju>e 1st, cash DOW. K loter Wtett braoOs told at with'a amat 1 lot of th« farorlte "I , b. Cora .t«- ! ut t about for another candidate. 100,000 closed on th. 21« a"lt.'"£8 000 000 •- ji " bid for a* ' * "~ — ' 1? ( r I C \ N 1 i for d, and of . . . . . , buin* fated by the London playtru. H« a'uain dj aod M ch«-«ed. Dari.y and By. ditto Hide, ar« played eight games simultaneously blindfold flrm nod ,„ (food r-qaest »t onr quotation, But.r l, ,d, his adversaries being skillful play-r 9 H- nd In b.iter supply. KK^ arc sieady Poia- won two of the game?, and th» ot.W sir w-r- oea are doll for common quiliti.s, but cao.ce aro In drawn, aftor seven hours play Morph* was ;ood :rcquest. ' on the eve of leaving for A m«rica s—none* engagemeuts to-day. FBASCE —The last pacific article m th- mirkei ftnn. Salej 3i2 bbls -uerwco «5iprln|( Moniteur. (?5C«reised little influence In Paris Eia-i,»t6,3-) Jo b; 1,038 bbi3 "C.tjr ' Mill, do at 635 ' being negatived by the English ministerial o b. June 1st ca.h now; 1,000 bbls -Emp re" (Water- ! explanations, which wcrs r^i;ar(l«l id unf'd- t»wn/ Sj,iing Kitra, reported f o b at 4,40; 100 bols vorable .m» brind Wl. te Winter at I^Jj r u b, ISO bbi. ^ lle P»rls oorr-apoudHUt of th- H^raM. A'tiicirater" double txtra ai 1,xo I o b ; te obii Wai- sa ^ 3 tbat P"-parationj for war ara l)«in H erOtyndi's-'S^r^et-aie-not,''.! .ioreaiZ> pushed forw rd with fev-rUh ra^'Jitj uot- ste.dy .*! flrm. Wlnt.r-s^e. o, '. J. itb3tandi n« 'h« profewion of i wil l.D^,^ to Otcjijfo. 1 white it 1,47» 2W bus choice do at IJM.— dl " nn - MILWAUKEE i' A.LBANY CAD'FTS HAJLJ. !.!•> I oj.flUB btt> No 2 at 1,06 In iloio, The Parts eorregpoDdenl of ih« Timet saya there is no cesiatlon of th« armaments — -"iS-ta^J" 1 "^ 10 ° ""• Ch ° teC N<M * - Ul ! *«- of, r oo™»«ia n ; » at l£0; te) bus do delivered In bags at 1 20; l.OWbrn ' * .iono«nlrat.- »t V>. I f o b at 1.20; 34)bls» «T« >o. 1 it 1,25, l,t:a bu > at 49. ui d<, .leiiTe 71^78 tor ,; r BASE JSOBATITCDI.— IhH editor of a pap^r formerly published in Colon*, who oceupiod a room in one of our pul.tic liou», was on one occasion, absent from town for tli« nighj. It so Itappent-d that th- linure was crowds withgn^sts (ortlmt partjcular oialit, anrl the obliging landlord, for lack of otH-r aecommo d»tion«. put a strausrerin tiivaforesaid «ditor'» bed. But mark bow th« ongrat«ful frllow re- qoitted tli» hospiubleltindnpas to him ; he l«-ft tlw following • - '"o "" i "*• « v»* Ul) table, scrawled upon a pi^co of paper with t lead pvnsil : •' I ili-pt .o «.{] c. itor'- bti U i D'trlit And others may iij whs' they plcani- I ssy tide's o c rditur in the world Thai certainly takn his <-aso. When I thoucht af my ImmWe cot. «»aj. I could Dot «upprv», a iijjh, But thought, a. ' lolPcf in t e tt ith-ry aest #OK «j«y editor", u, <<• Lyons. An army is to be collected on th* Rhiu- frontier, anJ numerouiea-.-alry r-«im*nt;i h:iv- »)r>-ady commenced inarohiox thui*r A numUr of r-ijimeuU of Hu.-iar' : ,.-been ordered to racn-d, 1.y foo.-*,i uur i,. i. to iho Piedmont^sH frontier French soldiers on furlough ar-< r*p.,rt*.| io have \Kt-n calli"! in Gen. Raiipoi. ,-i spoken of M th* Major O-o- *ral of th- inn ir on the Pi*,ltnont fronti*r TUB 1st infantry Jivigiou nf m^ army of Parii, 13 to I«iv* Paris for Toulon, by railway, on th* »v-umg of tit- 22<i PBCSSI.A — It ia stau-d that the mU-ion to »t «,u.| Berliuof thn Aroh-Duku Albr-rht, of Auatr a D , , has been complel-ly tuuceiuful, h* hatrini? sign- »n.l 13 ^ * military convention with Prussia, l, v • which th* latter *neai5*a to i-n-l to th* Rhiu- Oat*—£aiei B,IMJ b«.t r o J5, SuO b,s J. at j». torn—ttettl,) at 75 lor *i je . cl j By*—steady »l*T)(J@iW S«*l»—timothy .,4i»-t at l,4t)®l,wj. L lll« c^iui.-.j f-jrWAfd. Notaioit Jwl»i In otacr (intfs «Msto» -ooomon dull at 4Se«0 Choice firm ind IB good request, dales 9»J bus at GO. '*£Sa>—in belief requ al a 0 Batter—lower and In guorf -uppl, Fir km fresh roll ls@2) Fruit—Ora' ye» tn better *ujiplf aud ^S.Oo per box L*mans ditt" at Land Piaster—by t]j* ca» l,»*<l I .HO lota 01 10 bb!» ar las 1,4U Ua.n«--it,e lollewirn "• tbe correct wholesale ttU *""' of 28 '°°° men - under th« .-u-miuand I pe,,(..»-« -.-~ • of the Pnne- " is; >.« D «a Bnnle do; O.If Urn foot If tliO for loci! Nptval ^ Brain 4,^0. K p «6«|i,o<. ,t i f-,*. Pacti Bright vara »b SSc p« <»1. Kip S4. Dom.n a ll><S(H!i, M»r»c»,b., Rio 1 STOP THAT LIB ! — It l» In-raided tlironnlioot i Ihe Slat* by democrat!- papers that the Hon I ' E. Fox Cook, of this pity, fiipporOd Mr Tay- '• 1Sft20 lor and-purpo^ly forgot" Mr. Lyodnsi th* j )lol »««»-»"s :<rrai ._ late election. This is a l.ase falsehood, and Belcb '" Syrup hi bMs,_li, j those who set it alluit. ar- w*ll aware of'it.— st»ilrou.d i That Mr Cook p-upporu-d bavki Taylor U true, I RICUPTJ «i L.Caoss. t bat lie did so in toncort with tli«" mass of th* ! its '•«" **<•• . l.uOa 4- democracy of Ihis eountf, whfch i< easily «ra« sr«-. T b=ls proved by th^ v^u, i n this oily, wlifre Mr eatered into Uy-(.he i-ity with Janus KTT. Taylor rcceiv«l all Ihe d*mocratjo votes but 42. TUera io but on* or l»o protntn*ot demo- rrata in lh* county rtho.lidnut »-ot« fjt Tav- lor. But thai Mr. Cavk ii*«leot.-d Lynd*'k well known to lw untrue tn tliis vieiuitv N o man worked harder fot his election than did Mr. Cook. H« sent men oat in al! 'the roims of tliecounty, oirculalins tkkeU with L7nde's name, and no other tkltet went through his hands. W« know that th*t* U no m«u in the. 1»3 ItLWiClt. RuLa-lio — 5'^ j.) pol4t-3<r . ci Jo fl Hour, u 3lru lh» h dri &»«>bl, 9' UT; 3€M 1-01 4 bbll tg0r, «U lb« fc... 6t«t«that regrets Ljn-i.'a JJeat mor» than do-« Mr Cook We haw no doubt by n-ni nail this lie ou lus F-turn. t Tbs Chair safd'kt, had sfent for tbu City At- torn^y to obUiu hi» opinion. The City Atturn^r .-Jiortly after appvartJ The Ch»tr asked his opinion whrthvt if ibe couventi pcrg, as ivqnlrev. «ignated U)e o /ntracta of and keep good natutpd, without running a saw on some'body, that would cure him of asking unrtatonable qnegtions. : issue. __ Pie., the Bonpstress, was-in Milwan- 3cee fen'Fridaj night last, ao4,-6f eonrse. But traoh chaps as Potter au<J ^oineroy '• half be- siele^tliejnsclres."— Mc&rejjor (Jmea) Times. A. Blignt mistake. Potter fiat "beside liim- •slf;* and we sat beside 6 Pio. J> But we wont Pjo. f fuss with jou about it this time, Col. . .—The boy. Lawrence Bergman, aged about 7 years, who was drowned Thursday, near Chestnut 8 tre*t bridge, was found y-ater- «»y, J0n Jhnrsday, while Polioemnn Oftrtit wid lUUer were dragging the rivet for the body, they f^ond the body of a man Philip Mareh,for the past two years* drinking Inmate of the _jtootjhqnue. , H«i had the wafer at kast' VERY CouBTBons.—Tbe Sentinel speaking of the city printing says : As it is, ff Messrs Kerr and Karel 1 please to do so, they may give the city advertising to the. Patriot, the Tomahawk f- Sealpino Knife or any other blackguard sheet in the State or United States, »nd tbe people will have to pay forit, because Kerr and Karvell are tbe "lowest- bidders I " ' .7 er 7, .Kentlemanly, indeed 1 Because the .M«* geii74,he city^ printing, oar East Water street cotempbraiy %v applies epithfits with a great shpTp; of honesty , If the biggest black guard sheet were to have the city printing we *honld stand n'ojohanee with the Sentinel, at all. IKPOBTANT TO PIKB'S PEAK EHJOEAJHS.— Th« following «ttr>et;,Hrbtn a letter written by a P!k»'a Peak emigrant, to a gentlemen of this city. The information ,it cpnreya U important to those trho oontemplata trying their fortune in (hat region. The gentleman whofarnlBhestliis ertraot, Tonohes for the credibility of hU correspondent: "I tell jon -and, which yon may ^w ttp<>n aetrntL-thailBerer j n ay life, anywhere, Erorythirlg in the waj bf ah v onttt (owing to the great competition exfstic|{)c»n be had here cheaper thatj any company of emigrants can •^pnrchase el*€*henjand bring here ThU 700 may re?/ upon 1 as troth; and OB sneh may give ili »the Church. £rory member: oft tbe , jtloaJs rwjtiesUsd to meei at their rooms and proceed to the Cfaarch in a body, Somellilug * ~ miy be 1 expected 'and* it is hoped that member will be present. 4 \ A . j;c - wet > th!eaar»;aD4aec«s»ariiy or 'rstbe^ natarally jnanst'Wjwith-the emigrant. 4 wosild write •reoo." I Kav*H, would the city be bound in any way to the proprietor^ of thos? papers, aaj rere sent lo be, publiobed, could tlie propr etqf g charge regular rates. The City Attorney said he bad no doubt the uity should designate official papers. The pr>n>ri*tor« of the A'e«r» aod 6« Bolt having signed Ibu bonds of Kerr and Kavell, would be a bar to their obtaining higher rates The Chair read H communication from Jas. Kerr requesting the Common Council to designate the Daily A'evi tbe offlcial English paper, S3 he bad made arrangements with tbe proprietors to do publishing and printing Also, a Hk«- communication frem Auqast Kavell in relation to the See Boh. The Chair put the question on the resolution offered by Aid. West. Which was carried by the following vole : Ayes 17. Noes 3. Councilor Johnston and Noy*» voting In tUe negative. Aid. West oJered the following : Resolved, That Augustas Kav-11 U and he is hereby authorized to publish alf ordm»DC«, resolutions nsid notices requh-.d to be pnl* lished in a German newspaper, in the Daily S<e Bate, and tbat such paper is hereby de*ig, nated as the German official paper, provided the city shall not be held liable for any charges for such publish*™, other than at the rates specified in tbe contract, entered into by city with said Augustus Kavell Which was carried by the following vot* : Ayes 18. ^ Noes 1. Councilor Johnston voting in the negative. ' On motion the convention adjourned. B. B. LTNCH, City Cletk To the Editor of tht Xnci : Encouraged by tbe large space given by you* to matters appertaining to oar welfare in this world and the next, i !>eg to call the attention of all onr good people, through your excel, lent paper, to a fact in onr midst; aa4 inough to excite the sympathy of every one wh« is aware of it. For two winters there has been a state of terrible distress among onr poor, and fiere can not be one among 09 who has not rejoiced, and been proud of oar soap-honse. The most excellent lady, who devoted every moment to it, (she did not- even take from it the time necessary for her own tewing,) is now earnestly seeking a means of living. She mnst absolutely havp a few music scholars, in order to remain here. Her education as a music teacher—her practice as one, should make her one of the best, if not the beet teacher of music in Milwaukee; and yet she cannot obtain pupils. Thinking that her old friends are not »w«fe of hernecessities^ I take the liberty of making this statement. .Will they let her lea»e- us ? Where will.we find her equal-} 1 : Employraeut for such a lady sorely muit be found. She Uno'w at WelgteiVs Hotel, from she triU gladly attend any pupils on tbe piano tbat *lio can find. A FBIBND ot VIM Ecu,. ' And of Milwaukee. In connection with ibis, »* i.-i^i, •„ fetr words la oar behalf It is ih- impr-' through the Slate that 1h* AtlTnt-ii* Parted by a few p*r«riii.. h,-i~, w!, 0 »r. <ocn(t ilenjovra4s. Tlii-, ii wron^ W : " tl.e fiap<r in. th* Bolicjtalton ..f a f i-MTdf, sfh/i frli th- waiitof » D-mo, bat in the public •tioo rf ii ali^-nt at y * -«5 WO t- loj fl w,mrc iiral)«-. H b.ijt,. ;>bufiuj«r. xeiT3 ai Uii. ».,« f '!«, 14 tvi bh air,,,, ,3 &'• -urn. 2'5 *o o i ,»_ 13 Jo hl^rt, 40,0<jo jo; 11 hrchejj. a ' t J*ko llecrlpl^. «»': ro« rng mi -iws»-. i r, r« tori, :'. J6bl|j h.jhi.nn. 2« , ,r .» woo.l. r »i.rr Sn>n m>'. ciid ! » ot I ,.,,.,.. Tk -l.t, fail. toU lorre is SO 000 .iron< and th« 8tltJ|'--<li-ral corpd of 70 DOO wh" v»ii; be hr-iit lo mirch. The n*wipap--ri j u p fuj< u. h**o r*- ,jnr-st*ii not to pablUh anything c,,un.-oi*.| with th* prvp^iiitions of vir. or Tniivim-ii'.i of thn troops. ^ The B-rliu .l-»patru of th« -iUt -i.iyi in,. 9*mi offlcial Pru^iii Qaj-tti- pnb!i»h-H ,m article which states that the a.-<,-ai hltiia /f th* Coughs is beconiinz mor., .ml ruor- -imr.t fuJ that Couut CaTour must fall if v tr u 004 j^- r-lared. and anoH an -v./nt »oulil po.-'aihiy I* •' siijual for insurrections iu p«ru of p-rhapa -ierion.-* listur'.an,:*^ in wher- 20000 Italian Toluut-..^ tvr*it hostilities. Tb« Sardinian Mt*am«ri ,n th* Lieo Ma«giore, with j. siuq;* -ic-pnon, h.t.i ,--:ijK.l rcioniag. au.l l»-vil t,l:to^<l at r he iispo-mL of tb* (jO7*rnm*nt uf Italy The Kirit t( .Vapi-5 jtill sarviv-s NjpU» ftdn.ita ,-orn into Italy f,, r two -nontin - rmu Marc-!, 30th -r I ,-i . D i u- ,jor*rDrii*fit t» r K.O [u-- ;.s sat,i to Ud?« rruiu-i .i pnvsie etr,-aUr to th* Buhops, I4r2l/)^ thecu to coll,-' t ai,-n *"or two .*a!o:u <»f (.Miit.j^.itl ;roo^-i Tii- itt*tnpt WAS ntnui— -*-^*' uotw.i^ A l^ri^» bon^ly v ^ I *f,. i.^*-,lf^jrH ,jf i-f;jar r~i ti->u i . Pur^ev .A.!».,*« ;'n>ui ll**».ir*t. 1.. l;,f, t l«f. ' , H ill rai ftr- " - ,C.,r . " >f ~ a "' "••«"•'' '«r .f IL- a.-— / aloae am Tbat We h.-»e n y ve»y warm frivtida, who as^j^i aj J u ji^. , n . terprlse. We are liapjiy to s»y, la a fuct -• Among them w* count a* the mo»t acti»e our denJecratic county oaWry.aDd all other prumi- u«nt L(euu>,-nit8 of Ih* county Tlist we rlj.i notsuppoN Mr. Tallmadseat the late .-l*ction. isi'very true, ljul w* did not f**l bound to *up- port him auy nramthan his »p|Kiticnt, in- n-i- thw had b*en nomiuAteil bv party, and t-ouning independent , W-'<li,l niii Mr. Taylor neither did «•« sftiu hi« call, aa some democrats *e. know of did, »ho niler wards voted for Tallmadge C*l th,- demt.- cratic pany nominate a candidate,and w^ >ili cheerfully support him Iti cc,ri,->tision w* ask, if those m^n who !..§! full t,olt*»l the ' Democratic tiok*l* tbey tli-mMvva did not get the nomination bavr auy rjclil to cena^ire our acts, whatever they bef VottiiR as we arf, wv c:ao yet teacli tbein a I-SSOD t'ey nill not soon forg*t. if (U*ir tnistvpn-st-n are not stopped.— Lake 8ht*i Adraeate. c*.« r^i.ltl (c r u,* , SUta. Ca*a^i«o £i> f«r «xtra< ' tt h.eai_ more *ftive • t >1 I t »as -ucul t'l.wai it.l »l,,r-r, 1 6S fnr »» t •-miirm tli- r-- - dfl i t h*r- ir .W ,jiju K is.-uns ra. ) ro N . Jtay (i I I KT: fcl. K N , -.T . " -' MARINTE RECORD. ,tli ,,r Jiitj.- 'on ul *t il v» a CSKI ,-. II.,, C :tj , A 8HOBT 4»n PlKAAAJiT TaiP —Tli» PorT a?« City Record lays that John P. McGn^ar, Ex-lUyor MUBO, D. C. Jenon, and some other citiwDs, took a passage down to Sank City tho othw d»y, , n the steamer Forest Queen. She was built in'56, to run on Grand River, Mich., but she afterwards started for St. lonis, tolw sold, and brought ap at Portage City At Sank.City she took on 2,00l» hughes of wheat fot Reynolds & Craig, t>f Portage, and the passengers took a look about towiT- Dpper and lower Saiik both hav.) attout 2,000 InhabiUuU Prof. Turner end wilu have »n exe«ltunt Euglish and Fre&rb -i*adi there. Peter Kt-hl lias ten acres of land _„der cultivation for raising grape*, 10 be mad Into wine. Ne*t season h* means fo i cressn it te^fl acres, and says he finds tUc business proflta blf, thai some of his trine look the first pretni ntn at ibe Stile Fair last fall, and that the. grape can be »ore soc.^sfiilly and profitably cultivated in that Section than elsewhere iu the. Northwest. A siuajl jteamer is on the. stocks at Upper Sank, which is intended to be completed nex rnontfe, nnd designed to ply l^iween Sank anc. Portage. -On their way back thry tun on a sand bar, but soon gut r.ff «g a fu riooie diver sion was afterward* afforded by Aid. Craig fairing into the river, nnd being towed in. Thi^y had a pleasant time, liked the Forest Quota, think solne of buying her and keeping her ot the * till iVt U. , D* u^il, t, r «. ,| li», rll Tr |,.,.i, >-q u c r, Gra-J H »' «-njr, Cl.icazo. . F»ro-r, Tliom «ou, ifuitrt n Uunii^i, Mar.h, Lh.c« S u. U. Prop C«jafion P. op tlQuler, Prup k Mi^.j. not m-*t aj-xin ;..r two v-ar" ij*n J<?r^/ tv il l-iv- on th- Ni.-i/ ^ua, to -ur-r th^ Ladui-t of Pr,-»i,l^ul ^Iart.n•-/ t Tli- ;-i;alion h-r. r*maioi iu ,-narx- "f Ur. Mol»nd, win, will l« jhar^-.J with U>,- u*<otia;mu of a n-w trt-aty Tha :..git* Ljuaoa.'ft-T haj bwo jr.l.-r-,l lo •*» id- il-rnoia.,' on th- E'.n iri>' »i.|- Th-r- H no jutUoritT for thf <tai-tn-nt i oiJ LYOIH ia u> t« rvcall-,1 in th* -r-ni;'.' ui M^iifUrs m EnumuJ \uj a,,,,- ., r-mat.-it- L~ir 1 Nt;.-- u l-lm-r. »-..n! 1 !.- strong'/ i,--t!->t.-.i \.i 'h- f >i*ni Ji< i . riuai.<t*r \ that , Simr T. atelier, gwewnj, C l<- Mrnr Oairtl,., 6 U tin, Two ttifrr» S'J»r VlrvdaiH, 1) «^J, Q M « Har-n Prop W'KoraiE, lilckry, Oawriru. Prnjl JJa t»r, I UK on, coil, D ,»u..J Bchr Ctcma, Heir Langlfj, B, UaDntre Mank, Ctucigo. SALE OF Fl H.MTI RI « T Uoo-l's auction Rooms, Ko. 4 Bprinj u , «^ll t« ^av sold oo ?»tat,iar mornini!, H»jr 7t», at 10 o'cloct a uw-p: and rrnerai »s.crtmettt of household fornltaro tiale poiltlcre. Terms cajh ?»>J _i_ HOOP, Aoctlopc'tr SlOOO liKWAHt). j 0$t yejlerdaj afternoon a DUck Morocco Oo • j Tucic Pocket Boo*, cootain'nj ab<»m tsu la bill r. n . < i. a '"^ t P?"'*<- Th<! »«""• r »"«d .HI *e p., > this office ruayT-dil Accinnsx— A WOMAN TO DCATH IH 1 A CACIDROS Or BolUSO Oil— Mrs Taylor, th fwife of a Station master nl Bella Biver station of the Great Western Bail way, lost her life by falDug head foremost in a large boiling cauldron of oil. A large keltlw or cauldron was arrunged in one of the apartments of the station boose, which some painters had filled witu oil, and ware bo, ling — They bad left it for a short lime to attend to some other matters, when some part of it run over and took fire on the stove, which was very hot. Mrs Taylor was the only person in the house at the time, except a child, and, fearing that it would set the house on flre, set to work to put it.ont. In doing this, by some J» r » r ahaka given the stove, the pipe parted. Sh^ tbettget a chair, and placing it beside the stove, stepped npbn it to adjust tb« pipe, when the chair tipped ; nnd she fell headforemost in- toUwboildingoil. _ .- ', NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. ft ladk, tbe amuw tbem'selves by climbing the telegraph poles and' swinging bj [their tails from tbewire*.- Attimts one get* hl» UiJ 1 where the wSteis Join«a,Md teoeiv«sabatcfc of Hews rearwards, ajvlng a ^wasp^t taiis«Barrai tire," eaoBiogUto atraighten'ontlikaampe evidently Wondering who «tmok "Blly P»tl - w "^ of $6.000, THJtKJ'E' NIG&TS O'N-.LY ! Commencing Monday, Hay .9. "59. 1b» rtlebrated and OriglBl! • "^ • j L-K . • ;A,E 1 |l!HiOPIAN • Burlesque Opera Tropo, '''• In connettlon with . This rrcap» U from BtfAUy Broadway, Hew Tori-, »nd Is the onl WorH that pttforiu ~ " tra c>-a rire for Rnvrvrd fcati. ..,-.. " /Boon iopen at l^ ' : --" ' y Co t,pao» in be fiSjOS. ' .-" No <«. , ., e,^ a, • ,^ .• V CUT Oo»n»oi.i.U'aOrno«, Contract Oepfcrtiaent, W«v I, ISM. <», ,h ki. the ai.bU.h will be rcd-tn-d al ihlj 1 ' '*• 1S8S ' mt 10 »•"- « irrad,. J«ff,«oa .tr«t, from Detr,,lt . • tr«t to Chicago it, 3| W»rJ, a),o ior pla n l.,ng, cort>- h»J Mrf r-l, T ing plank ,IJew Ita; the ,»m» living heen orderej b r , he Board of Councillor*. June to 'al 12 ISsa 51 " 1 ' 1 "" 1 '" b? "" B °* rd "* A!J " rII '* D . m *? r "?" K ' ' H Crrr toxpTaoixia'a Ornci. I Contract Department. Uaj 7, 1859. f ^ E4LEO ptoposala will to received at th,i olfit,, ut ' til Thanday, May 12,.t8r.»-, for (rrnd,,.g to tie •stabllshed grid*, J ack>on strert and sid««nks fri-m s)etrolt street to Brie str^t In tbe 8d Ward; also -tor planking, curbing and sumo hiring born 0 ,de „ , t^ug. 0,1953, and conearrea cllnrs, AOJ. 18,1S58 nayl^ltl F. L"U. OARDIaiBR, Comptr»llfr. plant sidewalks; the ihe Board of Al.lerman, i by th« Board of Ooun- Crrr CovrraoLUa's Omcr, I Contract fcpartmvnt, Ma/ 7 ltu>. f DEALER propo»»ls will he receiTed at this offlca nntll "• Tt.ur»da,. Ma, 12, 1869. at 10 o'clo« 1" Tfor ^»dlng to lh« estahllsbed crrad>. M>lvaukre Mre-u and sidewilks B«r,,lt str M1 to Chic.» R o street In the 3il ttanl; also tor plankinjf, corbms and Ihe slde««lks; «aid wc.rk harlnit b«n orjered »y ,ha Board of Connrllors, Jane 12,1*68, a-..i toocurred m hv the Board of Alderman, Juns 14,1S5S. roay7-dlt . E-lfH. 9AaulMSH, Comptroller. „. _ Crrr ConrrioLini's Ornci, I Contract Depart men', Slllwaukee, May 6, ISM. f Q BALED proposals will be receired at this offlc*. tui O THMUB,. May 10.1M», at 8 o'clock F. H.. f ™ •* lot Engine Co. No- 7. Peisoa offering proputals will ,tate Noa. of lot and block. K. L-II. OARDINER, ComptrolUr. n»«jT TB03. H. BVlsTON, ihl-f itnxiacer. •R li M O Y E D A f'inck U iVK r.mnrrd from their old Hand to Junran Bit**, 8JO But W»ter street. They open thii njorntof « 10 oWooV, with tftelr stock largely replenished. mm g Peucilv, Relibaijk's Lead ' ' FOR SALE BT TKftKY 4 OLKAVKR, KK:iJLfc;i(S \\D hTATIO ; \tltfoft Wattr Hft4t, tlilwavttt. W HIiare Ja»« received a Cell fupply of th?»e c.le- brtUd ^esictis from the mmtutfaotnrr of! J Bebbaen, In R«en«bury, Itavirla, They are »ad«ieh grade te dbunpashe «t(.«Djroth«;.jynollathsria»rke., *»*>i»3**ad-««)»«pl«tea»»ortBi«i>» of b'aek and c«I^Wtew« pra)cll« of all (hw dnliall«*. • A dta- •twwot all owe« to the Trwd*. uropbrUtfatd la extent of nwlat* • -.-i • Ji : ^ . .. : • .- '. • »A»iE OF ELEGANT ' « K KB NJH Q tT S K :< *> t, A NTS. T HM> IV A»qiioo : »0(rint, No.'4 *jHt«f it, on SaV ^__ urtay«M>rUn 1 T t May TUwat Mo'cJoci^Iwiii atijat anft.«i,-*-)««« «ninei»»s*}rt*«ni of «rc«akoaM >HnUre»drf*r»e«l»goai. *~ft)e* IValtWe. Tw»>» t • .• ---v* J a.-tsurtrfl ->ur ^, i r- LU.-til. 'u i ' -tuiJ thit t).,. j.-n.iu .,( t Mexico Ij wu ! if>ut in'hon 1 , ourse wouM not oc: , -li ferely censured. L me MI,,. .\Uv n. Michael WoNaui-e was -x-.-uu-i ihu alter- iioon for th« murder uf hU »ife U«l J:j,7 \ respiUs wag granted in th« case, jf Ml.-in-l Fmu who w»s ilao to ha.v« L>wn bunif to-'lar Ci.icis.i»n M.iy ri. The steamer Jacob Strider, in ±u attempt to land at tu« wliarf this morinn, struck i piU 01 pig iron, which had been i-orerwl l,r tU- lat« rise and sank in t«n feet water. Sbe if t-rwardj look flre, and will probably P r<><-.; a total loss. She was insnred in thi.s ,-itv i\,r ' $60 000. : ii' •l BKELIS ISSKSTIVE QISICI. —Some i;tne ago »e gars a list of new ami n.Wul iov-n- t>o«s, eoneeived and patanerf by ,-itiiens of Btrlin, which ware rather " smiled it " by our not being of 7ery if = •> > ...- ,^ uj u»i uemg 01 7ery gr»at im T o rf-x ^—k rf~». portance. \V« Juge that the price paid for an -*• ••* « *-* *-* Vf-. article, by a. shrewd purchaser, would mors ' surely indicateilu Taluo; than any pu t could possibly receive. Dr. Jam»s . . Nish, of thUouy, sold his riglrt to the Mo, om biu*d friction and compression churn • a d-s criptien of wbioh w»s publi s he<l m our pap-r last fill, for thu sum of $20,000 Tbis sale we believe, is the largest sinqln sale of i patent w Inch has ev ur l»-en made , Q th- iUit-. — Btr- in *i.l HS <ul>- rEi WANTKU. a SBO'»nh»nd Top Bnggj, Troy iX Eoq.ilre »t Gtrrtage Ryan & Jenkins, COUNSKLLOKS AT LAW, <S HANK BCILDIKG. fait IFattr and J/icAiyon rt*., J/uu;uuA<fe raaj-5 I .MITEU STATES* ,tlANNUAL'S SALE. Iti f. HtatTdrd aad 'Tl J. Colburn, The BarqacV Nucleus, j ^ Admiralty, her boats, tackle, ap- j ei and farnltnre. j B Y YlrtBO of a writ of Yeodltiool Expona* lisueu out ot and under lie seal of th« District Court of the United States for tn« District of Wlnr.onim, 1 ihall ex-< pose for sale and sell at PnM o Auction in the highest Udcr t-'T cub, on boarU of said Barque Nucleus, ly- ni! at MUoaukec Iu laid 'llsulot, ou •> ednevlay, the :erenth day of May, 1359, at ten o'clocl in the I .rs- lc*n, the B irqaj -Nuoloaj, htr boats, tack le, apparel and furn.lure,as ili« now Un in the Milwaukee aiver, etwern Wlirotula aad Mlohinan streets, on tha e»-i !<l« of said Hirer, condemned at ihe salt of John r. Stauorcl and I eri J. Col bourn. Marshal'! Office, Milwaukee. Wia:, ApAl 3U 1399. ma)l-dSt M. J. THOU AS, U.3. .NUrshal. NOTICE { 3 hereby fllren, pu«jant to iection 10, chapter 118 RerlMd Slatutei of the state of W.«can-io f at the (rand and Potlt Jurors (or the JuneTtrm Ibfl.., of the Municipal Court, HHwankee County, will b« dra»n 11 the law directs, on Tui-tdaj, May 17, 18M, it the our «f » r «., of that day, al the Municipal Court oom, on Mala stree', In the Serenth 17a/d City or Milwaukee. Dated Clerk's O Bee, City of Milwaukee, May 8, 18^9. HENBV UItLM»>TKL, may4 Clerk nfth* Municipal L'ouit. OfTTC» or <s» LiCaosat 4 Mn.»Aoi«» «. H. Co., ( Jlllaraukeo, AprU 49,136» f MOTiCI Is hereby given, that a m«tlntof th« Stock- .T hoi '«rs of Ihla Oompanj, lor tha choice of a Board ' Wrcctonof s»tdCompiny, will be helUon tha la t reda«M«y, being th« Utb day of May next, at the tkct or the Company la tha CUy-of Milwauves. apr28-j30t i>DWAR» II. WU iLING, "--'v PAKE BKJDUCEO BY TBC NEW YORK&ER'ERrMlROAD! HHE Fan between Dunkirk, and Sew York by tba L Mtw T«rk * trio lalboad. wl I be tT.flO aata fa* iktraottet. . • Tiay;- i^., i , I , ^, EU.KP ;.I^ ... l i-. i :l'ient», City ?i>r ;o ui . )f type in'l '. man pi.•» ;o • V i y:- I T N* > I U i. i-'. l v C -* »< i- ,, i Dent. Mli^miit. ^, il.v 1" D 'he Tinr-l >v 3 'O.utiou oi EMU C'Mum -n ^r>,n *>rnj ilecUr- d publti.- nu * i w ior ind tilth Ui^rtou, m-l L .t 6, tilnck T. tuts 1, > 1. I, i, 3 ftnj 4 > ht.ji-s I (l oi J ', S auil 9, nlork dJ *in^ block 46^ lota .. >, s '»a.i 4; 10 & .d li, Uioc-v *•>; ii> M I- 1 is !, -, S, *, 4, 10 *«•• ''J, b« SO; iotj 3 4 i l (J &»'"-ii '^: S of j, Work ^; •%» 1 iu-i block 4% property «TB lirreOy n"tiO l --i vitn.o th rty i^.j i f.-.-m ihr- ^ fl" 1F> ^.a- .* CITY i>,»pT«i'i.Li(«^ oatrw^t 0«pAituent, M.lwsiU** -. Mi* J lilE OotnmoQ Council hy -esul.n <-n ^ '"n IS59, gr;»nteU t^ie rt-qiK^t, •»! ih- pvt of propoity titUAtij'. .a bt»c^ -->, .-*i\ ;tC Ci»j of miwautLtre. lor tlie c»u>uu«c<i*i through alley la 5^*1 bJo.-t 2-* i .1 -i,j- ( •ever b^ coiu&ruuted >u ace. rdiiQee vuh tb >peclOC»UODB of the Lit/ Kni(in»-T, .JQ ale in th;* ] OvneTJ or prop«r f y ••"• a»itl illey »r« b«r»>i)y !t o tocuo»iruct «uch iewer w tli n t »emy Ja\s f-oiu d-«ttf,or»heStt<iSt • omaumotidra of iha*-UUi ' VlU *»u*« f'e a.-uue to t>-» tJOuu *ud dtiarge^i to tb ip«cii»eJot5, according to Itw. 'l.vy J. .1 i .Mi LI. m«)6->i<S. COUQC BRS8T HSR2KR, CHARJ.BL'SACK, il str »t Co .*:$/- V-

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