Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on May 31, 1936 · Page 19
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 19

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 31, 1936
Page 19
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SUNDAY, MORNING, MAY 31, 1936. THIS PtftttfA* frAtttf NEWS, FftMf>H, Texal PAGE FIVE Century Horns DICTATORS FIND IT VALUABLE AND POWERFUL By FREDERIC .T. IIASKIN WASHINGTON. May 30.—Prop- agancUl js a word which has been dinned into the ears of the American people almost incessantly lor the last 20 years. Before the .World war it was seldom heard in this country and not very much in the English-speaking world, but now it has become familiar to the point of disgust to a great many Americans. It has come to be associated fli the popular mind with a more or less insidious attempt to sow seeds of mental unrest and political disorder. It has come to be looked upon in large part as adversary and subversive. The word propaganda has become a term of opprobrium to some degree. In the year of o Presidential election, the United States is flooded .With progaganda, and the American people are extremely sensitive to propaganda of every kind. The best illustration is advertising. Enough advertising will propagandize the American people into buying anything, into seeing any show, into doing things which, when the advertising propaganda Is withdrawn, will cause them to wonder ut their gullibility. Of all American prop- Uganda probably the outstanding ''single example was Uncle Tom's Cabin, a work which had an enormous effect in precipitating the Civil war. Uncle Tom's Cabin furnishes nn excellent example of how two conflicting sets of opinion look upon propaganda. The Abolitionists of th)a North regarded the book as inspired, but the people of the Confederate South regarded it as a bitter distortion of facts. In Europe today the major countries seethe In a veritable cauldron of conflicting propaganda and, as In the World war, the various currents of propaganda represented and sought to advance general causes, the cause of the Central Powers on the one hand and of the Allied Powers on the other, today a large number of currents are directed to the upholding of the wills and policies of dictators and the political theories they represent. * Harwood Lawrence Childs, As. soqiated Professor of Politics at Princeton University, has defined propaganda as a "conscious attempt trf manage the minds of others" '» and, he adds, it "has always played 'an important role in the exercise oi sovereign power." There probably could be no better definition. Religious Propaganda Discussing propaganda. Henry Wlckham Steed t'he famous' editor of the London Times, said: "The iriost notable instance is the in- notable Instance" of Christendom, for the founders of other great religions placed the same injunction upon their disciples. Propaganda is as old as the impulse of individuals to manage the minds of others. In the days of imperial Rome, each Emperor had one or more panegyricists whose duty it was to tell the world, usually In poetical eulogy, how great the head of the state was. Pliny the Younger's panegyric on Trajan Is perhaps the most famous. In earlier Greece, it was customary to deliver panegyrics on great men but only after, their death, btit Rome laid the flowery tributes of words at the feet of the living in exactly the same fashion that the propaganda bureaus ol Mussolini, Hitler, and the press bureaus of American political parties do today. But none had the effectiveness of that Arch-Propagandist of them all, St. Paul. His Epistles to the Romans, to the Corinthians to the Epheslans, to the Colosslans to the Thessalonlans, and all the other Pauline Epistles are far anc away the most effective examples ol Austria, Hungary, Jugoslavia, Rumania, and each, has his propaganda and method oi sft ing it. There Is a substantial \dlf- ference between these pr6p*|a and those of the dictators of t many, Italy, and Russia, in t latter three countries the liadets rose to power originally on thi plea of raising up the masses of thti people to a higher control of their own destinies. The Danubian dictiji- torships are frankly royalist arijl have little to say to the commflri man save to tell him to obey. It is likely, under the circumstances, that dictatorships so based will prove more enduring than those based on constructive frauds, that is, the Germany. Italian, and Russian dictatorships rose from a fond be* lief on the part of the people that they would be liberated, and the revulsion upon the discovery that they have created absolute dlctft' tors may bring fresh revolution sooner than in the cases wheTe no such promises had been made and where a monarchists and feude! system merely is being continued as Of the 500 horns from Texas Longhorn steers, which R. L. Far- rcll, of Dallas, has prepared fur display, he believes these—7 feet, 9 inches'long—are the finest. One hundred years old and polished until they gleam, the horns will be exhibited in the Rangers Cabin at the Texas Centennial Exposition, which opens in Dallas June 6. junction of the Founder of Christianity to the Disciples—"Go ye Into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.'" This injunction, found in the Gospel According to St. Mark, XVI, 15, was religiously carried out and today the . College of the . Sacred.. Proga- ganda is'one "of 'the'major activities ol the Holy See. To be sure, Mr. Steed meant this to be the "most progaganda known, more effective even than the Sword of Islam, foi the sword is recognized as an in- strumcnt of propaganda too. The combination of political anc religious propaganda is a usua phenomena. In Germany, propaganda has become so important under the Hitler regime that a Minister of Propaganda has been created as a member of the Cabinet. A tenuous recognition of the politico- religious character of propaganda is found in the circumstance that Dr. Goebbels, the present German Minister of Propaganda is generally (albeit secretly) referred to as Wotan's Micky Maus—In other words this Minister, a man of small stature. Is called God's Mickey Mouse. State propaganda has gout- to extreme lengths in Germany where the instrument of u controlled press and every other Instrument of managing the minds of others has been brought under the domination of the dictator to the end that the minds of the subjects shall not depart from allegiance. Spread of Communists But Stale propaganda has gone no farther in Germany than in Italy where the Fascist Press Syndicate is the mouthpiece of the Fascist Party which, in turn, although including a. minority of the Italian population, supports the .dictator Signer Mussollli. Practically from the cradle, the Italian child is raisec under the Fascist propaganda, Jut^ as in Germany, with the result tha ( the hold of propaganda grows stronger each year as the older, less managed minds die off and the new ones, which have known no other management, come into their adulthood. Religious culture, every thought and deed are dominated by the state propaganda. These are particularly nationalistic propagandas. In Soviet Russia In centuries past. There Is, of course, a substantial difference between these dictatorial European propagandas and the propagandas of American political candidates, but the fact remains that there always is at the back of 'all propaganda the intent on the pftrt of some man or some party to rhanage the minds of others. Princeton University's School of Politics has made deep researches In these matters and its report, compiled and edited by Professor Childs under the title, Propaganda and Dictatorship, is a mine of factual Information for the student. Philippines Start Cotton Crops MANILA (/P) — The Philippine commonwealth bureau of plant in- dilstry, which has been selling cotton seed to farmers, says it expects n boom in this crop'this year, especially in Cebu and Bohol where the plant thrives. Home grown cotton is bought by the bureau's cotton mill and made Into cloth. It Is Cecil B. DeMille, the director- producer, but his brother is William deMillc. MORE NAMES MAY BE ADDED TO ALAMO LIST Old Letter Tells of Two Men Lost In Fight RUSK, Mny 30. (fP)—A letter, discovered by Miss Jessie Boone of Rusk, among the papers of her grandfather, William Ronrk, mny add two names to the list of llu immortals cf the Alamo. Dated Jan. 15, 1873. the letter, from I. Purdy of Mifflin, Tenn.. was found in a battered little trunk owned by Roak. a Tennessean who settled in what is now Cherokee county. After congratulations upon the result of the late struggle for Texas Independence, and expressing hope the administration of the new government would be as wise as its establishment had been glorious, Purdy made this casual reference to two mutual acquaintances: "You are aware that Doctor Reynolds fell at the Alamo. Poor fellow, no one entered Texas with more philanthropic or patriotic motives than did he. . . William W. Dowell, the doctor's companion, also fell there." Published lists of the Alamo heros seem to omit the names of Reynolds and Dowell. Another rare document in the Boone papers Is a letter from Col. Peter Ellis Bean, Tennessee soldier of fortune whose adventures have thrilled ninny Texas school -boys, writer from Jalapa, Mexico, April 9, 1844. He once was a Cherokee county neighbor of William Roark, who was one of the witnesses to his will, recorded in the Nacogciochcs county clerk's office. Miss Boone's grandfather's commissions as justice of the peace in old Nacogdoches county, an office entailing larger responsibility than the present corre.«pondlnp; position, bear the signature of. Presidents Sam Houston and Mlrabeau B., Lamar, and are in her posseession. William Roak, a surveyor for the Burnet and t)e Zavala colonies, was one of the large land owners of the Republic of Texas. Appointed as one of the commissioners to locate the Cherokee county seat, he afterward served as a member of the county's' first commissioners' court. One of his many slaves, "Aunt Eda," lives here. Her purchase papers also are among the Boone collection. ^ Children's Gas Masks Simplified MOSCOW (/Pi— orders nave been given for mass production of a special gas mask for children which, although of a simplified design, is said to be as effective as the masks issued for adults. The government aims to supply all inhabitants of the principal cities with masks within a year. An unidentified poison weed has killed numerous farm animals in Sonoma county, California. the propaganda of the Communist Party a very small minority of the Russian population, looks beyond the borders of the old holy Russia, as it was called before the Revolution. The world Is the field of the Communis'i propaganda. The Danubian dictatorships and the Danubian 'propagandas are more complicated. They too are nationalistic. There are dictators in Schneider Hatel 'Tampa's Best Address" Famous For Good Meals Always' ready to offer the finest and most mod- enn hotel service and accommodations. To the Oil Fraternity: , . . Congratulations for your splendid development in the Texas Panhandle. May the coming- decade be even greater. Texas Panhandle Centennial Oil Men's Reunion — Pampa, Texas, June 2-3-4*5 K SHELLY OIL COMPANY Tulsa, Oklahoma ; Shelly Oil Company avails itself gladly of this opportunity to extend to the citizenship of the Panhandle country, our sincere congratulations upon the Panhandle's forthcoming- celebration of the Texas Centennial and Oil Men's Reunion. We know that the occasion will measure up in every way to the Panhandle tradition of hospitality and good fellowship. The one-hundredth anniversary of the Lone Star State is an event of more than state-wide importance and the nation joins Texas in its observance. * The entire organization of Skelly Oil Company, and particularly its Panhandle divisional staffs, are proud that they have the privilege to bear an active part in the development ol' the resources of this great region. In behalf of this Company and its entire personnel, we extend to the Panhandle and its people our thanks for the courtesies extended to us throughout the years and our best wishes for the success of the present celebration. SKELLY OIL COMPANY By W. G. Skelly Its President E. W. Bisett Its Superintendent of Production Panhandle Division J. E. Carlson Its Superintendent of Natural Gasoline Manufacture Panhandle District TAGOLENE MOTOR OIL

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